Gym of 1000 studs

by LorneLyon

Somewhere there is a special gym, a gym that will allow you to overcome your problems and give you something in return. One day Tobias is on the run for his bullies when he discovers the Gym of 1000 studs. He decides to go in and ends up changing his life.

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Part 1: Home Somewhere there is a special gym, a gym that will allow you to overcome your problems and give you something in return. One day Tobias is on the run for his bullies when he discovers the Gym of 1000 studs. He decides to go in and ends up changing his life. (added: 7 Mar 2020)
Part 2: Spain
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Part 1: Home

Tobias threw his backpack against the wall and smashed it to. Dammit, why do they always have to go for him? Those stupid upperclassmen. He threw himself on the bed and screamed in his kitchen. He wished he could just push them right into the ground. Ever since they gained their muscles on their growth spurts they were on his back. Laughing at him because he was skinny and all. He didn’t even know why they did it.

He stepped out of bed and turned his computer on. He logged to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Nothing special. He looked to his door, making sure it was closed.

He logged into his browser in hidden mode going to a locked folder. Since a couple of weeks back he was member of a forum that discussed the hot world of beefy men. At first it was all the same, and most posts look like each other. But a couple of days ago a guy had posted something unusual. He talked about a new gym that had popped up on the square in front of his university dorm.

After that post, other people started to claim they had seen the gym to. Most say they didn’t go near it, because they saw strange things there and they felt uneasy. Others say they would go looking but couldn’t go in because it was closed. Those people also said the gym disappeared just as quick as it appeared, not even leaving the grass flat. A few people promise they would go but then are never heard of again, not even in private massages.

Tobias did a check on the last massages. The gym seems to be appeared near the Eiffel Tower. One poster even made a picture. Tobias pulled on his jacket. Maybe it was time to find it on his own and sort things out once and for all.

He walked down to the street and within a minute he could see the tower. According to the picture it would have been more to the south. But just as he wanted to walk over a street he could hear them.

‘Hey Pipsqueak! Come here!’

Tobias turned his head and could see them, the two who made his life a living hell. Standing in the crowd who didn’t hear them calling.

They step onto the street and start charging toward him.

‘Yeah right’, Tobias thought. He turned himself and disappeared into an alley leading away from them.

‘Stop! I have already chased you long enough!’ Franklin said while they start running.

The chasing did took a lot of time—the bullies’ cardio endurance had clearly grown since the last time and Tobias was almost at the end of his breath when he was able to lose them for a couple of seconds. He leaned against the wall and looked around, he was in an alley with a couple of doors. He could still see the tower but he didn’t knew in which part of town he was now.

‘Where is he?’ He could suddenly hear the voices of the two from the other side.

‘Shit!’ he thought. ‘Not now!’

He looked around and picked up a rock. He quickly pushed open a door and hid inside. When he could see the shadows of the two he threw the rock toward a wall.

‘There he is!’

Tobias was finally able to let out his breath when he couldn’t feel the bumping footsteps anymore. He looked up and notice he had entered a door that lead to the sewers of Paris. He looked to a map next to the door. The place where the gym should be wasn’t far and since he didn’t want to run into the bullies anytime soon he decided he would go through the sewers to avoid them. He walked over the golden stones and ended at a door that was just two corners away.

The gym looked pretty weird. It wasn’t just a gym. It more looked like an old-fashioned mansion, big and impressive. High windows like eyes looked down onto Tobias. A crow screamed as Tobias stepped closer. A blow of wind rang the bell at the top of the roof.

Suddenly, everything around Tobias seemed weird. The trees lining the path were pitch black. He started to walk to the front door. The stone stairs leading to it seemed cracked, and some pieces had broken off. When he reached the wooden doors he could see a pretty unique handle: Two hands were sticking out of the wood.

A sentence was carved in the door: ‘Only those with strength can pull us open.’

Tobias looked surprised; it was a strength test. But if some of the forum members couldn’t do it, could he? It was better than nothing and he would be able to tell something. He placed his hands in the wooden ones, impressed how perfectly smooth they have been. As soon as his hands were land in the wooden ones they closed around his. Their grip was so tight he was unable to pull free, and they started to press. Tobias didn’t try to moan in pain as his hands almost being pressed to pulp. He tried to concentrate, since it didn’t look like the door would open in this way. Tobias was able to look to the sentence again and suddenly got an idea. Strength would open the door. So he did something he thought he should now be unable to do, since he could hear his bones crack. He put his feet steady on the stones and start to pull the hands. First it was hell, the pain tearing through his body, but suddenly the doors gave in. At the same time the grip around his hands start to loosen. Tobias kept pulling the hands till the door was completely open. He knew it was done when the hands completely released him.

He shook his hands a minute or two before he entered the building.

Meanwhile, unnoticed by Tobias, the broken pieces of the white stairs raised up and float to their place, making it complete again. There weren’t even any lines that suggest the stair was broken in the first place.

The area Tobias entered was… strange. It looked like a combination between a cozy lounge room, including a fireplace, and a reception area. Tobias could see someone sitting on the couch. It was… a man, he though. But it was a huge man, seven feet easily. He only wore brown pants and a green bow tie. His muscles were… insane. Totally divine, like a professional bodybuilder with a brown tan, making it look like he hit the sun regularly. He had short red hair and the start of a beard. His jawline seemed sharp enough to cut bread. When Tobias entered the room he looked up from the his book.

‘Good afternoon Tobias. I’m glad you could make it.’ The man’s voice had a thick accent, completing the picture of a hot Irish man. ‘My name is Simon. I’m sure you have a lot of question, but they will be answered when the time is there. The gym is open to use. Our staff is at your service. If you will excuse me now, I have to finish me book.’


Part 2: Spain

Tobias stared Simon while he flipped a page. It would be for the best if he left the guy alone for now, he decided. Maybe he could find someone else to help him with the burning pain in his hands. He passed the reception and his eyes got caught by something shiny on the desk. He looked to it and could see a gym members card. Surprisingly the card was in Tobias’ name, showing his most recent school picture. He took the card, being one hundred percent sure he had never seen the card before, but since his picture and his name has been on it, it was his, right?

He put the card in his pocket and walked further into the building. He now stood in a hallway with three doors and a staircase to the first floor. The first door had a sign: ‘Director.’ One of those hotel signs with ‘Don’t disturb’ was hung on the knob. The second door was a strange one: it had a glass window Tobias was unable to see through, since its glass was stained. A sign announced it was ‘Sammy’s room’. The third door lead to a weightlifting room. Tobias could see different kinds of weightlifting machines and some old-fashioned free weights.

Tobias could hear something grunting and enter the room. He walked deeper into the room until he could see a pair of tree trunk legs sticking out from under a machine. Tobias could hear some wrenches tightening bolts.

‘Euh…. hello?’ Tobias asked to the legs.

The man came from under the machine. Tobias could see he used one of those rolling planks.

For the second time in a couple of minutes he struggled to close his jaw so he didn’t drop it. The man who did the repairs was such a stud as well. Just like the Irish man, he was quite muscled up. But he had more of a round and beefy look. His arms where as thick as a couple of basket balls. The other parts of his body were quite impressive as well: he had a nice six pack, a good chest, and great legs, but it was the biceps that almost dared you to ignore them. Aside from some black boxers the guy only wore a pair of copper-rimmed glasses that looked like they came right from a steampunk movie. He pushed the glasses to his forehead and smiled to Tobias.

‘Good day. I didn’t knew we had visitors. My name is Sammy. I’m the technical guy of the Gym of One Thousand Studs.’

‘The what?’

‘We can talk about that later. I can actually use some help. You see, my job here is to make the training devices. And now I’ve learned that someone came up with a new pectoral training process a couple of years ago.’

‘So? Aren’t you going to get it?’

‘That’s kind of hard. Because the country it was invented in was Spain, and I’m kinda stuck here.’

‘How can I help with that? I don’t think I can afford a ticket.’

‘That would be useless. Because the guy who invented the machine didn’t get any investments and ended up tearing up and burning up the blueprints.’

‘Well… how do you want me to help, then?’

‘I have a portal here to the time the inventor did have his blueprint. If you can convince him to give you a copy, I can use those to recreate the machine.’

Tobias looked to the guy with one eyebrow raised. ‘Did you breathe in to much protein powder or something?’

‘Come with me.’

Sammy took Tobias to the mirror wall behind him. Tobias could see one of them was covered with a brown bed sheet. Sammy took it off and however Tobias was still skeptical, he was amazed by what he saw.

There was another mirror behind the sheet. The wooden frame was decorated with metal bulls and at the top Tobias could see a row of Spanish flags. The strangest thing was that the middle of the mirror was gone. It was replaced with a heavy looking, golden lock that looked like it had just broken through the mirror from the inside. The keyhole was shaped like a bull too. Sammy showed Tobias a bull-shaped key.

‘If you use this key to unlock the portal it will send you to Spain, 15 years ago. From there you have to find the way yourself.’

Tobias still looked to Sammy in disbelief. ‘Well, even if I would like to help you there is a problem.’

Tobias showed Sammy his hands, that still were a little red. ‘Your front door almost broke my hand bones and I doubt I can hold anything more than a piece of plastic with these.’

‘Oh, that’s strange. I will look into it. I think they are broken or something. Here…’

Sammy took a couple of bandages and wrapped those around Tobias’ hands. He could feel something warm going through his hands and when he bent his finger they didn’t hurt anymore. It was amazing, though with his hands wrapped Tobias now more looked like an MMA fighter.

‘These will heal your hands in the next couple of hours. And they support your hands while they heal. Now, ready to enjoy the sun?’

Tobias took the key from Sammy and point it at the lock, the key start to move and got out of his hand to press himself in the keyhole. The red eyes of the lock started to grow and the bullhead-shaped lock made some very realistic lowing. The lock disappeared in a puff of white smoke; the mirror repaired itself and started to glow, casting some sparkles as it did so. Tobias could see a small street with colorful houses and happy flag banners. Tobias took a deep breath and walked through the portal. It felt good, like a soft curtain. The feeling quickly drifted away as Tobias could feel the Spanish sun on his skin.

When he looked up, Tobias could indeed see the street. The flags happily flutter in the wind and Tobias actually didn’t want to do anything but sit down and gulping down a big glass of sangria. But he had a mission. The portal behind him was still open and even if it was the middle of the day, Tobias doubt anyone would be able to walk through.

He started to stroll down the street, wondering where in Spain he was and where he could find the inventor of the pec machine. Even if the whole story was still something you would read in a sci-fi story, his situation did had some pros after all.

When he exited the street he was surprised. He stood at a big square, the fountain spurting water and the smell of roasted beef hitting his nose. He could see an old clock tower—a clock tower he knew. He now recognized more things, like the party banner and the iron bull at a restaurant. This village was where he was born. Actually, he spent the first few years of his childhood around here. How was that possible?

He could hear a door and looked to the right, just as the cook of the restaurant came out to check on the meat. Tobias hid himself in the alley while he watched. He did remember the cook—he was always a friendly and fine-looking man, his skin touched by the sun. His thick, beefy arms sticking out of his jacket and his tight muscle gut sticking out proudly. Tobias remembered the kids around the village always loved the guy because he shared free samples with them. The parents keeping an eye out but it was before the time people would immediately call pedo. The cook bending over and tasted a piece.

‘Oh yes, that is some fine meat.’

‘Indeed’, Tobias thought. He bit his lip while he could see the beefy gut jiggle in the sun.

The cook got back inside. Tobias remembered the restaurant wouldn’t open for a couple of hours. But maybe he could ask him where to find the inventor. He didn’t remember there being one in the village. He walked to the front door and tried the knob—open, to his surprise. He walked inside and could hear the voice of the cook. He was in a backroom only used when the whole place was full. He walked there and could peek inside. His eyes grew wide what he saw the hot scene in the room.

The red curtains were closed, so give the room a dim red light. A laptop was open on the table, showing a porn movie about a dad fucking his son who just turned 20. The cook lay on the couch, quietly jerking himself off while he used his other hand to pinch his thick, brown nipple. Tobias could hear him moan.

‘Oh yes… you’re so lucky to have a lovely father fucking you. Can you feel his thick cock filling you?’

The cook lifted one of his own heavy pecs and gave it a couple of licks. ‘If you’re done you can come here to work my dad-pecs, boy,’ he said.

Tobias noticed his boner was wooding up. Seeing this colossal bear-papi jerking himself and moaning about a son to please him made him very hot. Maybe he could use it to his advantage. He started to unbuckle his pants and put them on a chair next to the door. Then he got off his shirt and took out a bottle of massage oil. He put some on his hairless chest and abs and spread it to give it a nice shine. He now only wore his tight posing speedo. He walked to the door and swung it open

The cook was so surprised he almost fall off his couch when he saw Tobias.

‘Wh…who are you?’ He asked.

Tobias walked to him and gave him a soft kiss on his cheek. ‘I’m your Hijo, papi. Here to make you feel good.’

Tobias softly brushed the thick amount of hair that was packed on his daddy’s gut. He lowered himself and took a handfull of pec before he start to lick the nipple.

‘Hijooooooh?’ the bear dad asked. ‘But… who…?’

‘Consider me a traveler, and this your lucky day.’ Tobias softly rubbed his cheek on the belly. ‘Just tell me what you want me to do. That all.’

‘You… really…?’

‘Just tell me, papi.’

‘Okay, Hijo… why don’t you start to suck this old bear?’

Tobias traveled further down, making sure he kept rubbing the thick and heavy gut. His cock was great, not to short and just thick enough to feel his mouth but not choke on it. He took the head in his mouth and gather more and more of the thick member in his mouth. He could feel the power of his papi above him. He made sure to keep rubbing the gut, not knowing he was even into a thing like that. But he was like a huge plush toy, Tobias knew he wouldn’t hurt him. The dad was already lost in the way his hijo kept sucking his cock. He took the opportunity of having to free hands to pinch his two fat nipples. This was even better than in the video. He moaned and suddenly whispered, ‘Your daddy is very happy Hijo… Please go on.’ He grunted when he could feel Tobias going deeper.

After some minutes Tobias could feel the heavy balls slapping on his chin. His head was clouded but it felt oh so good. He could hear papi’s breath going more out of control knowing it was almost time. He could feel the hands of the bear on his head.

‘Boy…. please….. I’m…’

Tobias kept sucking the thick cock, he wanted the cum in his mouth, tasting it. He put both his hands on the bear’s gut and kept rubbing it, making the bear growl even more and he could taste the salty pre cum on his tongue. He tried to look up to the face but his view was blocked, he could barely even see the meaty hands still turning the nipples. He kept sucking and now took the heavy balls in his other hand. They were almost burning his skin from the boiling seed. He started to massage them to make the bear growling and grunting even more.

‘H…hijo… I…I… uuuuuuuuugh!’

The moment the bear growled Tobias could feel the thick, salty cream running in his mouth, it filled all the space that was left and after drinking down three or four mouthfuls he pulled of the big cock, which was still erupting. Tobias closed his eyes when the steamy hot cum hit his face and hair. It was like a hot shower with the thick drops running over his face. After the last drop leaked out Tobias wrapped his mouth around the cock again to sucked and licked the last drops.

He could feel the arms of the big bear wrapping around him and pulling him higher. He wrapped him closer and took a paper towel to clean Tobias’ face. Then he gave a quick, but deep kiss.

‘That was great Hijo. I thank you for taking the time to pleasure a fat bear like me.’

Tobias softly stroke the bulging gut. ‘I think it looks amazing, and some would agree. Don’t worry, in like ten years you can have your way.’

‘How would you know?

‘That doesn’t matter. But I have to go and continue my travels.’

‘Will I ever see you back?’

‘Probably not. I hate to leave you here.’

‘Can I offer you a meal at least?’

‘Okay, but don’t make it too much effort.’

While the cook made a meal Tobias took the time to clean up, close the laptop and open the lower half of the window to let out the air.

He walked back to the outside tables as he could see the cook standing outside. He had dressed a table and presented a light salad with iron bull roasted beef.

‘Please enjoy this meal as sign of my gatitude to you.’

‘Many thanks.’

While Tobias eat the chef stay controlling the iron bull meat. ‘Maybe you can help me with something else.’

‘Tell me, dear Hijo.’

‘Is there, like, an inventor around these streets?’

‘Inventor? Euh… not that I know.’

‘Not someone who likes to put things together or make blueprints?’

‘Hmm, if you put it that way. We have a shopkeeper who’s always dragging iron and metal around. Maybe you can visit him.’

‘Where can I find him?’

‘If you cross the square you will recognize the house, believe me.’

‘Many thanks. I would like if you keep our meeting for yourself. Keep it our secret.’

The chef wrapped his arms around Tobias, putting his meaty hands on the butts.

‘Hmm, I wish I could have a piece of this. But I will keep it a secret. I wish you the best, Hijo.’

‘Thank you, Papi.’

After Tobias left the restaurant he looked to the sky. Some plushy clouds were passing over. But he had better keep going. Just as he wanted to enter the street the chef pointed him to, he could hear voices. He quickly turned toward the newsstand, acting like he was looking at some newspapers. He recognized the voices.

‘Come on! Otherwise we’ll miss it.’

Tobias found it hard to not turn. His younger self was running behind him. He knew he couldn’t say anything to himself, even if he was here through some weird magic.

‘Relax, Toby… We wouldn’t miss anything if we slowed down.’

Tobias’s heart just dropped like a cold stone. He recognized the second voice too. He quickly turned his head and recognized the boy with the one white lock of hair. Franklin. One of the two who was now the reason he was here in the first place. He saw the two kids running toward the street he knew was heading to a candy store. He was confused. Not only because he and Franklin seemed to know each other before, but also by the fact he didn’t remember it. He clearly remembered almost everything from the years in Spain… so why now this weird scene with Franklin? He felt dizzy suddenly and had to hold himself against the wall. What was happening? He could see flashes of his memories… pre school, Christmas, bull racing, tomato throwing. All things from those years and however he remembered the things clearly, he had the feeling of something missing. Like a piece of a picture he couldn’t find. A buzzing feeling started to get in his belly and arms.

After a moment the feelings passed. He felt better, good enough to go on. He walked down the street and suddenly he knew what the chef meant. The house stood out like crazy—it had a weird Victorian steampunk style, and when Tobias knocked on the door he could hear a voice from some kind of gramophone speaker next to it.

‘What?!’ the voice of the inventor barked. It sounded angry.

‘Euh. Sir, I understood you had some blueprints for a pecs working machine.’

‘What? Oh, that thing. Are you here to laugh at me for those nutheads not recognize my great development?!’

‘No, I was sent because my friend asked if he could have a copy of the print.’

‘A copy? Whatever. He might as well have the originals. I’m coming down.’

After a couple of minutes the cog-shaped door knob turned and a skinny guy with heavy eye bags opened the door. He looked angry and pushed a bunch of rolls in Tobias’ arms.

‘Here, have the cursed things.’

Before he could close the door Tobias had some kind of brainwave. He put his foot in between.

‘Wait… euh… why don’t you visit the restaurant on the square sometime? The owner is really friendly.’

‘Like I have the money.’

‘Maybe just for company. I think he can use some too.’

‘All right, I will try. Which one is it?’

‘The one with the giant iron bull. Thanks.’

When the door closed Tobias quickly rushed back to the portal.

‘How did it go?’ Sammy asked when Tobias stepped back.

‘Good. He gave me the original blueprints. But I gave him something back.’

Sammy took the rolls and spread them on the floor. ‘Yes, yes. This is what I needed. Great detail.’

He looked up and saw the puzzled look on Tobias’ face. ‘Something wrong, buddy?’

‘Well, the place you send me to was one I recognized. It was my childhood village.’

Sammy stood straight and wrapped his arms around Tobias. ‘You seem worried. Want to tell me?’

Tobias took his time telling Sammy what he had seen and why it affected him so much.

‘I see. You know, this gym isn’t the most ordinary one.’

‘You don’t say.’

‘I can’t tell you all, but this gym is infused with some kind of power. Call it destiny, but it always opens the right doors. Oh wait, I still need to give you something. Where is your members card?’

Tobias took the card out of his pocket and turned it. He could see four empty circles. Sammy took a stamp from the machine and press it on the first circle. The ink had a nice purple shine.

Suddenly, Tobias could feel a heat building up his stomach. He had to sit down on the press bench. He wiped his forehead with a towel Sammy gave him. He could feel the heat spread through his body. Then, it started.

Tobias could feel how his muscles gain mass. He could see how his biceps pack on hard trained flesh just at the second. The grew bigger and more divine, as he watches a speed up video. The shirt he was wearing tighten around his arms. At the same time his pants gave some cracking sound, but his legs didn’t grow so much they ripped. His chest blew up too, the start of a set of beautiful hard pecs showing up. Their lines were clear under the fabric. Tobias couldn’t help but give his arms a flex, which ripped right through his sleeves.

Suddenly, he could feel two hands by his neck. Sammy stood behind him and placed his strong hands on Tobias’ shoulder, given it some tight squeezes. ‘Nice shoulders. I guess you will be well gifted.’

‘G…gifted? B-but I don’t want…’

One of Sammy’s hands glide down to Tobias’s pecs. He now looked like a gym member who has trained regularly. Divine muscles for a gym enthusiast. Sammy give his Tobias’s pecs a tight squeeze.

‘I know,’ he whispered. ‘But don’t worry. This body won’t overtake you. Your thoughts are what controls it. As long as you don’t let your muscles overpower your mind, it will all be okay.’

Sammy give a friendly pinch at Tobias’ nipples, which were so hard it was clearly showed in his now tight and painted-on looking shirt. Sammy gave a lick in Tobias’ neck while Tobias took the opportunity of having a pair of thick, beefy arms so close by giving them a long lick and nuzzle.

‘You like that?’ Sammy whispered. ‘Not all muscular guys are bad. We have a good time, right?’

Sammie’s hand disappeared under Tobias’s shirt, softly and friendly rubbing his new-forming six-pack.

‘Maybe I was too quick,’ Tobias whispered back, still enjoying the hot arms around him. ‘To push away all gym men.’

‘That’s a very good thing to think.’ Sammy took a second to turn his fondling into a tight, brother-like hug. ‘And I may know just the person who can help you with those thoughts.’

‘I… don’t know if I want to go away.’ Tobias said softly. Making him realize he actually liked the attention from a man he would have walked by that morning. Would it maybe…

But his though were interrupt when Sammy took his warm arms off. ‘My part of your training is done. Don’t worry, you will see me back. But you should go.’ Sammy gave Tobias a last kiss in his neck before he escorted him to the door.

‘If you go upstairs you can find the room of our medium Chris. He can help you with your thoughts.’

‘A medium?’

‘Yes, a strong body needs a strong mind. You can trust him. Good luck.’

Sammy closed the door and Tobias walked to the black staircase. He turned himself to catch a last glimpse. But the door was totally gone like there never had been one, leaving only a white wall behind.

2 parts 5,277 words Added Mar 2020 5,659 views 4.3 stars (3 votes)

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