Growing pains

by Anonymous

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Soon after I graduated from college I was living in some apartments in the city near where I had a job. They were great. Swimming pool, weight room, sauna, hot and cold running girls. Life couldn't get much better. The only problem I had was that I was thin as a rail and had a smallish dick.

Now I can't complain about the skinny part, for my body fat count was low enough that what muscle I did have showed. But the other seemed to be a major problem. My dick fully erect was only about 4 and half inches! I'll never forget my first time with a woman, when she reached down to feel me hard she asked me where the rest of it was! I was so embarrassed I couldn't get a hard on after that at all.

After I had begun to make some money I went to some doctors to see what they could do to make me bigger. None of them offered much hope, even with some of the new procedures.

One day I saw in the paper an ad that said there was experimental program that was to see if men's penis's be enlarged without surgery! I cut this out and went down the very next day!

When I got there I was a bit dismayed. It was in a bad part of town and even inside the building wasn't very nice like I would think a medical clinic would be. But I was desperate and wanted to try anything at this point. My hand being my sex partner was getting old!

When I went in there wasn't anyone around. I called out and then went in behind the counter. Finally this guy in a dirty white coat came out to the back eating a donut. I told him why I was here in answer to his ad. He was all of sudden interested and took me back right away. He said I was the first one that had come into the building, though he had seen a number of men pull up and drive away. “I guess the looks of this place scared them off” he said.

I asked what did he have that would work for me. He said, “I was at the University in research for the last 20 years, my primary focus has been on cell regeneration, the aging process, and the decline of men's sexual response. About a year ago when I was about to break out with a major discovery they cut off my funds and told me I wasn't welcome anymore. No one else was interested so I came down here and opened a clinic that pays my bills and allows me a little to continue my research. That slowed me down, but now I know I have an answer.”

“What about penis enlargement? I asked.

“Well that is just part of what I am looking for. I am working to help men grow larger penis' and to live much longer than they do now. What I can offer you is a larger dick and a longer life that is sexually active!”

He told me to go into the examination room and remove my clothes and he would be in a minute. I did as I was told and when he came in he stared at my limp little dick.

“Boy, I see why you came in. You have a little boy's dick in a man's body. I think I can really help you!”

I asked him how many other human tests had he conducted, to which he replied, “None, you're the first.”

I was a bit nervous about that but figured what the heck, I don't think he'll try and kill me.

About that time he turned around with a hypodermic filled with a green solution. He told me that one shot was all I would need. He asked me to turn around and bend over and gave me the shot in the hip.

I could feel it go in. It felt hot and soon was running all over my body. Then I noticed something happening to me. I was sweating and panting a bit I was so hot and then my dick started getting hard. I don't mean a little bit hard, I mean hard, hard. I had never felt anything like it before. It was so hard it hurt! Then little by little I saw my dick begin to get longer. It was soon five inches, then five and half, six inches, six and half, seven inches, seven and a half, eight inches, eight and half, nine inches and then it stopped! Not only had it grown longer but thicker as well. It had measured about 2 inches around before, now it was six!

Then I noticed something else, I was still real hot, sweating up a storm. I took a drink of water and then noticed something in the mirror. My chest, which had been flat with pancake pecs now, looked a bit bigger. My pecs were beginning to stand out a bit . Then I noticed my shoulders looked a bit bigger. Then my arms began to balloon out. I flexed an arm muscle and nearly fell down. What before had been a barely discernable knot, was now the size of a golf ball. A few minutes later I flexed again and it was the size of a tennis ball. My delts were really getting meaty as was my chest. I noticed my formally skinny legs were growing as well. My quads were getting some real definition and my calf muscles began to take on a diamond shape.

I flexed my arms again and now my arms looked like I had softballs under the skin. I kept on growing for a few minutes more and then stopped.

I went over and weighed myself. I had weighed in at around 140lbs before, now I was around 195lbs! 50lbs of pure muscle. My dick was hard as a rock again and I began to play with myself as I was so horny seeking my new body. In a few minutes I started spraying cum all over the room. Some of it landed on the Doc who was laughing and dancing when he saw my change.

Then an amazing thing happened. Doc stopped laughing and noticed that the cum that had landed on him was clinging to him and disappearing under his skin. He was amazed and tried to wipe it off…it wouldn't come off, but continued its progress. In a few minutes I noticed he had a huge hard on and then he started to grow. Not as much as me but soon his shirt and pants could no longer contain him as he split out of his clothes! In a few minutes he too was jerking off and shot all over the place even on me!

Once again the growth started, first in my dick, which was now around 11 inches and then my muscles grew again. When I weighed myself I was now about 210 lbs. of solid muscle and dick!

Doc and I cleaned up astonished at what happened to us. Doc was saying, “I don't believe this, it shouldn't have happened this way!”

I was a bit upset, not at the results. Have a super muscular body and a 11 inch dick wasn't something to sneeze at. What worried me was what else might happen that Doc hadn't figured on?

Doc said not to worry, but I was a bit. Then we decided to go out and show off our new bodies!

We went and found some old clothes stored in the back. This place had been a mission where old clothes were given to the poor and some were left behind. We really looked great in these old wrinkled, torn, clothes. But we had to wear something and nothing I had come in fit anymore. Doc's clothes had been shredded from his sudden growth and he nothing as well.

We went out and got into my car, or rather fit ourselves in. Muscle takes up lots of room.

We went to a discount store and got some tank tops and swim suits and went on down to the beach.

It was summer and the crowds were out. We went out and set up our towels and took off our tanks and began to get some sun. We really looked a bit strange, all that muscle and no tan. What happened amazed us. The formula must have been at work for we got tan in just a few minutes in the sun! When that happened people began to really notice us.

Girls came over and talked and felt our muscles. Guys came by and stared and asked where we worked out! It was great. Before no one paid me any attention and I wasn't sure exactly what to do.

After about an hour these two guys came by who were pretty buff. We had the size advantage, but they were hard all over.

They invited us over to their place for a drink which we accepted.

When we got to their place we all sat down in the living room and began to talk. I only had on a swim suit that left nothing to the imagination. When I sat in the chair and slouched a bit everything began to stick out. Before I never had to worry about that as I had nothing in my pants, but now with a dick that measured 8 inches soft, I really had a package showing!

One of the guys, Jeff couldn't take his eyes off it. Sam his friend tried in vain to appear not to notice. Then when Doc sat down, the same thing happened. He now had a seven inch soft dick and it really showed through as well.

The guys both were beside themselves. Here we were, two guys looking like bodybuilders with these huge bulges in our pants. I notice both had begun to get hard ons.

With their tight bodies they really looked huge in their swim suits! Then Doc and I began to get hard ons. This was a problem as the suits we had barely contained us soft, now my 11 inches were beginning to peak out of the waist of the suit! Doc was having the same problem. In a few minutes Sam and Jeff were on the floor in front of us looking at our monsters. They couldn't believe it.

Then Sam reached out and touched me, oh what bliss! I had never been so sensitive in my life. Remember we had just shot off our loads a couple of hours before and now I felt so horny I could pop! Jeff was doing the same to Doc who looked like he was quickly losing it as well.

I'd never had a sexual encounter with a man before (barely with the ladies, remember 4.5 inches isn't all that pleasing) and was a bit nervous until Sam put his mouth on my monster dick and began to suck me off. I felt my head rising and rising and rising…I felt I was going out of my head with feelings of ecstasy Up and up I went till I finally let go of my load as he pumped my dick with his mouth. I shot and shot and shot. When I finally came down, I looked over at Doc who had experienced the same thing.

When I focused on Sam and Jeff I noticed something was going on with them, their dicks were growing bigger and their bodies were starting to transform. They didn't get near as big as Doc and I, but were very muscular and had much bigger tools. Later when we measured Jeff he was up to 9.5 inches and Sam at 9. They were beside themselves.

Not wanted to let a favor go by unrewarded I went down on Sam sucking him off. Doing everything he had done with me till he finally let go a load in my mouth. Doc had returned the favor to Jeff. Both Doc and I had a small growth spurt, only putting an extra 1/4 inch on the dick and some more muscle on the body.

That began an afternoon of sex and sex and more sex. Finally after about 4 hours we all felt satisfied.

All of us experienced a bit more growth, though by the end of the afternoon it wasn't even noticeable. Doc figured that as the formula was in the body for while it wasn't as potent in ones cum any longer.

Well, the change was permanent. I discovered I could go both ways and now even the girls liked me with my huge 12.5 inch dick…and hard muscled body.

Doc has been secretly selling the formula for fantastic prices to bodybuilders and making a killing.

One day after our change Doc had an idea. What if we found a couple of youngsters, around 16 or 17 and find out what happens to them?

“I'm not sure about that Doc, we could get into some real trouble from that.” I said.

But Doc was determined and one day I saw him and a couple of guys going into the lab. I was a bit worried as the law tends to frown on experimentation on minors. Doc didn't seem to mind bending the law when he wanted to, but this could be real trouble.

I went into the lab and saw Doc and the boys talking. Doc was showing off his muscles and the boys were real interested in what he was doing. I came in and sat down, Doc saw me and called me on over. I got up and was introduced to Rick and Perry. They were two good looking boys, nothing special about either. Doc told them that I was the first to use the formula. The boys almost in unison said, “Let's see your muscles, will you show us?”

So I took off my shirt and began to flex. After using the formula and working out daily I had really developed an awesome physique. My arms now measured at 22”, chest was 51, waist a tight wash board 34”. My traps and lats were enormous, my back a solid sheet of muscle. The boys were transfixed. Though the Doc was big, he hadn't worked out and gotten so much harder than the formula alone could do.

They both began to ask the Doc if they could have some of the formula. I know he wanted to shoot them up right then and there but knew that wasn't a good idea. Doc looked over at me questioning. Finally I said, “Doc we need to ask there parents before we do anything.”

The boys both looked dejected, but agreed to ask. The next day they were back saying it was alright with their parents. Doc was about to shoot them up, when I said, I thought we need to speak to them ourselves. Rich was only 16 and Perry was almost 17.

That night we went over and spoke to both sets of parents who were very supportive of their boys getting stonger and more muscular. After looking me over they did ask if they would get that big. I told them we just didn't know. I had had some real growth and had continued to work out and enhanced the growth I had from the formula. We'd just have to see.

We got their written permission and the next day we met with Rick and Perry at the lab where Doc had them strip down and measured them. Flexed Rick had 13 inch arms, 35” chest, his waist was a skinny 28”, his quads measured 16 inches and calves were at 14”. Perry had 12.5” arms, 34” chest, waist 30, quads were 15, calves, 13. Both boys were fairly skinny.

Doc gave them their shot in the hip and we waited. Nothing seemed to be happening. My change happened just a few minutes after the shot, and we had already waited about 30 minutes. Neither boy felt the burning that I had felt when injected. They really looked disapointed, but not nearly as much as Doc.

They put their clothes back on and were leaving when Rick stopped and said, “Boy is it hot!” Perry said, “Yeah, I'm sweating all over.” Then it started. First in their dicks, remember this was supposed to be for penis enlargement. They both got hard-ons so hard they were grunting it hurt so much. They were hurting to much to be embarissed.

In a few minutes that growth stopped and they were really sweating now. Their clothes were soaked in sweat. Then they started growing. Rick's shirt started getting real tight in the chest and arms, soon his buttons were flying off as his chest expanded! In another couple of minutes his long sleeve shirt was straining on his biceps, he flexed his muscle and his shirt exploded off his arms as his muscle was growing.

Perry was following suit right behind Rick. He had on a golf shirt that stretched and stretched till it could stretch no more. The arm bands split first and then the back of the shirt ripped out as his chest and back grew huge. In a few minutes their jeans began to split at the seams and tore as their quads grew.

When the growing was done Rick and Perry looked exhausted. Sweat running down every part of their now exposed bodies, their clothes in shreds.

Doc took them in and we were all amazed. Rick now had 16.5” arms, 43” chest, his waist had remained the same size, but the fat was gone and in its place were bricks of muscle. His quads were now 20” and his calves 15.5” Perry was remarkable as he had been the smaller of the two boys now had 17” arms, a 45 inch chest, his waist was now 29 with striated wash board muscles. His legs were amazing at 21”, calves at 17”. His traps and lats were amazing as well.

One other thing that had grown were their man meat. Both boys had been a normal 6” when erect when they came, they now were around 9”. This was one measurement that Doc hadn't done as they were minors, we discovered this after the fact.

After such growth and now naked due to have no clothes to fit them both were sprouting woodies. After seeing each others bodies and flexing, they began to jack off looking at each other. Soon they shot off hitting each other with the spunk. The same thing that had happened Doc began again. The cum stuck to them and began to disappear under the skin. In a few minutes their growth spurt began again. Each added an inch or so their fantastic bodies.

Doc found some clothes for them then we all went down to a Walmart where we found them some clothes to wear. Their folks would have to really buy them a new wardrobe.

We sent them on home, but in a couple of days they came back bringing some friends who had experienced a rather startling discover, give the boys a blowjob, and they will grow too. We had told the boys about this, but they didn't bother to tell their friends, who after seeing their new bodies couldn't keep their hands off them. What had happened was this:

Rick and Perry had gone home that night to the amazement of their parents, who couldn't believe these were the same boys who had left home that morning. The next day they had gone down the school where they met up with a couple of buddies they had run around with. They couldn't believe the change that happened in the two friends and went home with them after school. They had gone over to Ricks as his folks were home. The boys had stripped down and were flexing their muscles when they noticed the other two had their little hard-ons in their pants. They too got turned on by this and began to get hard themselves. When their friends saw their now 10 inch dicks they were beside themselves. One of them, a guy named Jeremy reached over and grabbed Rick's dick, saying, “This can't be real”

He soon discovered it was and after playing with it discovered how strong Rick was for he pulled his head down right in front and said, “SUCK IT”. So he did. Fred who was with Jeremy got down in front of Perry and did the same. Soon both were shooting all down their throats a load of cum.

The boys left, but soon discovered that they too began to grow. They ran back to Rick's house their clothes soon in shreds. Now they were on our door post. Both had amazing bodies.

This was part of the trouble I had been worried about. What do you do with two muscle boys who didn't have the maturity to know when and where to do somethings, like having sex with someone? Their hormones had really been revved up by the Doc's formula and they were after sexual release anyway they could find it.

I was glad that the boys brought them over to Doc's place because it gave us a chance to talk it out. We weren't real sure what to do as Jeremy and Fred were now obviously bigger than your normal 15 year old! How do you explain to a parent that his son sucked the dick of a boy who had been genetically enhanced and he had grown 17” arms and a 41” chest, not to mention a dick that wouldn't quit!

The boys seemed to be real cool about it and said their parents wouldn't mind a bit. In fact it seems that both the boy's dad's worked out together at a local gym and were pretty big themselves.

We went over to the boys homes and the parents were understanding, in fact the two dad's had obvious hard ons from seeing their formally skinny boys with muscles almost as big as theirs. Ted and Frank in fact wanted to know if they could get a shot of the formula as well.

To keep from being sued we agreed and Doc went back to the lab and returned soon with the formula and a couple of syringes. Each got their shots, again their dicks got huge and harder. In fact they seemed to grow more than anyone else I had seen on the formula. Ted started to grunt and groan and grabbed his crotch in pain he was getting so hard. Then he stripped off his shorts and began to pump it! In a minute Frank was doing the same! Then both shot out of their now 11” dicks! Cum went everywhere!

Then they both started to grow. Both were already big men so the growth didn't look as impressive as it had on me, Doc and the boys, but soon they both were flexing 21” hard as rock Biceps, their shoulders became striated with strong muscle. Their chest grew as did their pecs to look like mountains, their waist tightened up into very impressive bricks of muscle, their legs and butts got very muscular.

That night when they went to bed they had sex with their wives who grew very hard and muscular as well. They didn't look like a man (thankfully) but had great hard breasts, strong arms, narrow muscular washboard stomachs and smooth hard legs.

But things were not settled about the boys. What could we do with them. We didn't want this to get out of control. Without developing self control we could have muscle kids everywhere!

They finnally agreed to control themselves and come to us if they needed sex. That was good for them and real good for us as they began to come by just about everyday!

But the story continues as more folks hear of the formula….

Part 5

One day I was over at Docs working out. I had found the gym to sometimes be a hard place to workout with guys hitting on me and others asking me to flex all the time. We heard a knock on the door and there standing there were two guys who were short and fat. In fact they were so fat it was hanging over their belts till you couldn't see the belts any longer!

They said they had heard about what Doc had developed and wanted to take the formula. Cost was no object they said. Doc and I agreed to take them on.

We went to the back room where Doc had them strip. I t was incredible how much fat a person can put on. It was really disgusting. Doc weighed them and didn't even bother to measure them as they were just so big and fat. Both were huffing and puffing just walking the few steps into the back!

Doc did take some pictures.

Then he gave them their shots.

Both got hard ons that were hard to see because of the fat, but they both said they had never felt anything like it! Then they really began to sweat! And they sweated and sweated and sweated! Soon water was running on the floor as well as a milky stinky fluid. Then it it got worse and worse. I had never smelled anything so bad in my life. Doc said, “It's the fat running off them!”

We finnally had to leave the room! Then in about an hour both came out, we didn't recognize them. They were skinny, with flesh haning on them. Then the formula kicked in again! The loose flesh started to tighten up on them and muscle began to form. The got hard ons again and began to cum as this was happening! They weren't near as muscular as others had been, but then no one had been as out of shape as they had.

Both now had 15” arms, 32” waist, 39” chest, their whole shape had changed.

Doc told them to come back in a couple of weeks and he'd give them another shot for more size if they wanted it.

They were beside themselves as to the change! One said he hadn't seen his feet for years!

They came back a week later bulging with muscle! We asked what had happened.

They said when they got home they were so turned on they got down on each other. They sucked each other off and then had a growth spurt! They had done this all week and had put on 4” of muscle all over their bodies, even their waist had tightened!

So the formula was good for the skinny small dicked, the normal, the young, and now for the fat…what was next?


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