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 Ethan Ericson bites the bullet and decides to post his pics online in the hopes he’ll get some tips on how to go from bony to built. The responses to his post aren’t quite what he expected.

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This was it. No more putting it off. Today was the day Ethan Ericson would post his picture on the Gains4Gays subforum.

For the last few weeks, Ethan had been lurking quietly, reading each new post as they rolled in. Especially the progress posts where gay guys of all ages and backgrounds posted incredible before and after photos along with details of their training and diet regimens. In return they would receive showers of encouragement and praise from the sub’s membership, along with at least a handful of come-ons. For Ethan’s part, while he took plenty of inspiration from the drool worthy photos, he had trouble interpreting all the nutrition and workout jargon that these guys were using to turn their befores into their afters. Put plainly, he needed their help.

That was why today was the day. He had planned it all out: he had weighed himself and taken a mirror selfie in his underwear before his morning shower to show his body in its most neutral state. He’d signed up for an account so he could post instead of just lurking. He’d drafted and re-drafted the text of his post in his notes app. All that was left to do was hit send. Perhaps he’d read it back just one more time first.

Hi everyone, I’m a newbie looking for help getting started on my gaining journey. I know I need to eat more and work out, but I get overwhelmed by all the information people post on here, especially all of the acronyms. I don’t know anything about diet or fitness. Any suggestions for a true beginner? See my ‘before’ photo for reference. Current stats are 5’9” and 110 lbs at 24 yrs old. BF% maybe 15% but I’m not sure I calculated it right. Thanks for your help!

Ethan looked at the thumbnail of the photo he was including with his post. Even at its reduced size, his jutting hip bones and clavicles looked painfully sharp in the harsh bathroom lighting. His face matched with his pointed chin, thin lips and hollow cheeks. Even his eyes looked noticeably sunken in the thumbnail. He looked like crap, but Ethan knew he needed to present an honest image if he wanted good advice. With a sigh, he hit send, then stuffed his phone in his pocket and tried not to think about the fact he’d just posted a picture of himself in his underwear on a public forum.

The subway car was mostly empty when Ethan stepped on 15 minutes later. He worked at the outskirts of the city so he was going the opposite direction from most commuters and rarely had to search for an open seat. Today there were only two other people in the train car: a forty something woman in all beige with oversized sunglasses, and a cute, well-built guy about Ethan’s age with a gym bag on his lap. Ethan took a seat opposite gym-bag-guy, thinking he’d be nice to look at for the next 45 minutes. He mirrored his co-commuter and placed his backpack on his lap. Unlike the other man, whose broad chest and shoulders emerged proudly over his gym bag, Ethan’s backpack fully obscured his body. Only his head could be seen sticking out above it and his bony fingers holding it in place. At least he was hidden.

Twenty one minutes into his commute, the subway car filled with sunlight signaling that the train had surfaced above ground, and more importantly that cell service had been restored. The three occupants took out their phones in unison. Ethan was surprised to see a notification on his phone screen. Someone had already responded to his post! He tapped through to read the new message.

TheBigGuy99: Dude, impressive progress! What’s your daily calorie intake? It’s gotta be at least 3500.

Ethan frowned in confusion. What did this guy mean by great progress? He clearly had none to show. Maybe he meant that in order to get impressive progress he needed to take in that much fuel? Ethan typed out a response.

EEthePoet: Not sure I understand, but yeah I was hoping someone could tell me how much I need to eat. You think 3500 calories a day is right?

Reply sent, Ethan swiped his pudgy thumb across the screen to look at his initial post again. There it was, his before and after photos taken one year apart in the same bathroom. Where before he was all skin and bones, this morning’s after photo had no bones on display. Formless, flabby skin was all he had to show for a year of eating nearly double his prior intake. At least the bones were no longer visible, but it was a far cry from the magazine-cover-worthy after photos he’d been salivating over all week. He read back his reply.

EEthePoet: Yeah I’ve been doing 3500 minimum, and I go over pretty often. I’ve gotten the calorie intake part down but now I’m just fat. I need help with eating healthy and beginner exercises. Got any advice?

Ethan looked over at the man sitting opposite him, envious of the way imposing chest hung above his gym bag while his trim waist stayed hidden. Ethan shifted his bag to try and hide the way his stomach spilled out around it.

A vibration in his hand alerted Ethan to another response to his post.

JIMfromtheGYM: Wow, major #gains! Keep it up! What’s your current training routine? My guess is something like PHUL, though maybe you’re on to something more advanced. I wish the guys at my gym were as hot as you. Maybe you could stop by sometime and give me some tips ;)

Ethan re-read this response in frustration. Was this Jim guy mocking him? He’d clearly said in his initial post that he was a total beginner and didn’t know what acronyms like PHUL meant. He knew he didn’t look like the kind of guy anyone would want gym tips from, and that sarcastic wink was just uncalled for. He quickly typed out his reply.

EEthePoet: No need to make fun of me. I’m just looking for help.

He hit send and set his phone down on his leg. Just then, Ethan felt the uncanny sensation of someone’s eyes on him. He looked up to see gym-bag-guy eyeing him, a curious smirk on his face. Ethan smirked back. He was getting used to this kind of attention ever since he’d started seriously hitting the gym a year ago. He’d started with a basic recommended routine from the beginners wiki and then moved on to the intermediate program that balanced power and hypertrophy for both his upper and low body. That had been good for a while, but he’d found he already needed to make changes to keep himself challenged and continue to see progress in the mirror. Hopefully this Jim guy found his advice for modifications to the standard routine helpful.

Ethan’s phone vibrated on his leg. The responses were really coming in now.

JIMfromtheGYM: Nice, thanks for the tips. They definitely worked well for you, you’ve got excellent symmetry, really nice proportions. You’re clearly not skipping any muscle groups.

UrLocalGay: **swoons** why don’t you come up and see me sometime!

Ronald_79: 110 lbs to 215 lbs in just a year, and that’s AFTER a cutting cycle! Congratulations, you look fantastic, shredded as hell.

Ethan smiled. He sent a quick thanks to Jim and typed up a response to Ronald.

EEthePoet: Thanks man, not sure where those numbers are from though. I’d love to hit 215 one day but realistically that would take years.

Ethan sent the message before moving his bag off his lap. It didn’t matter where he put his backpack, a big guy like him took up space no matter what. Besides, the subway car was pretty empty. It was just him, the woman with the big sunglasses, and the cute guy across from him who was openly staring at his body. Ethan made a mental note that it was probably time to get some bigger shirts again, especially if we wanted to bulk up from 215 to 250 like he’d told Ronald he would. Even now he could feel the fabric stretching around his arms and chest. He didn’t blame the other guy for staring. Ethan winked at gym-bag-guy, who blushed and looked bashfully down at his phone. Ethan followed suit and continued testing the messages that were pouring in.

Ronald_79: Good luck with your bulking cycle, don’t forget to post pics!

UrLocalGay: Fuck Me Sideways thassa MAN!

Mod_Silver: careful Clarence.

UrLocalGay: lol don’t worry I’ll be good

ManFanFelipe: People forget but it’s amazing what working out and eating right does for a guy’s face. The word for you now is “chiseled”, and it’s very handsome on you. And you said no fillers or injections or anything, your lips are just like that huh. I bet just based on headshot alone you’d have guys lining up.

Ethan sent Felipe a winky face in response, and went back to reading the new responses.

UrLocalGay: Okay NOW fuck me sideways AND upsidedown

Mod_Silver: a message from UrLocalGay has been deleted by the moderator

Mod_Silver: I warned you Clarence

UrLocalGay: ugh fine -_-

Straphanger97: Agreeing with everyone else, you look amazing. Congrats on a beautiful transformation. I’m impressed, you even wore the same boxer briefs in both photos! Maybe it’s the lighting but I couldn’t help noticing some differences there too. That’s some hefty vpl, not to mention the extra large eggs you’ve got. How many times a day do they need emptying? It can’t be less than 5.

This message made Ethan raise an eyebrow. He’d thought his after photo, while definitely posed to make himself look as big and sexy as possible, had actually been careful to avoid any lewd lines in his bathing suit area. And the idea that his junk had grown just wasn’t true, let alone possible.

EEthePoet: thanks for the compliments, but I think that might be some wishful thinking. I’m not aware of any workouts that target those muscles haha

Ethan adjusted his position, shifting his hips forward and stretching his thighs apart. He made another mental note that he needed bigger pants to go with his bigger shirts. It was time to accept that his pet snake was always at peak attention these days and it needed space to breathe. As it was he could see its clear outline against his thigh reaching halfway to his knee. He felt it twitch. It had been almost two hours since his last release. He needed to take care of it soon.

Ethan was distracted from the pressing issue by another alert from his phone.

UrLocalGay: can you drop ur OF link?

UrLocalGay: mods pls don’t delete I’m allowed to ask, besides I just KNOW his vids are good

Mod_Silver: you’re fine Clarence, but please be careful

Ethan chuckled quietly to himself. This Clarence guy had guts. Ethan would have to disappoint him though, he’d thought about selling nudes but never worked up the courage to follow through.

EEthePoet: sorry guys, no link to drop. Maybe one day!

As the train approached the terminal station, Ethan rose to wait for the doors to open. He decided he’d take care of himself in the train station bathroom rather than waiting to get to the office. Fortunately he knew from experience that the stalls were big enough to comfortably accommodate him. Maybe he’d film the session to post on his OnlyFans. He felt his dick twitch at the thought of flexing, stroking and caressing himself for the camera, his brawny frame filling the bathroom stall. The tug at his crotch pulled the fabric of his pants tighter against his muscular ass. The train couldn’t arrive soon enough.

The doors finally opened and Ethan made a bee-line for the bathroom. As he opened the bathroom door, he again felt that familiar sensation of eyes on his body. He turned to see gym-bag-guy standing behind him. His bag was slung across his body, the strap cutting across his chest and accentuating the deep cleft between his meaty pecs. His biceps bulged as he gripped the strap tightly. His eyes darted up and down Ethan’s body before coming to rest on his eyes.

Ethan returned his gaze with a smile.

“You coming?”


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