Four-legged sex drive

by Josh Dugan

The force of fourleggedness is with Eric and his friends.

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Eric's sex drive had more than doubled since he became four-legged. He was intensely restless as his fourlegged body seemed to burn endlessly with new reservoirs of come deep within his huge pair of male sex organs, come that desperately needed to be released in sex.

He was able quell the restlessness somewhat by running and working out, which helped expend some of his enormous sexual energy. But the running and workouts only increased his sex drive as it made his four legs more muscular, and made his torso, shoulders and arms eye-poppingly beautiful.

No one was more aware of this than he; he was in awe of his new physique, and couldn't see himself and his four legs in the mirror without rousing his hind penis and his frontal penis to aching urgency. Night after night and morning after morning he would burn with that sweet, hot, turbulent irritating urgency as it roiled the reservoirs of hot come deep within his twin male guys, crowding each other, hot and so needing to come, in the heat of his quadruped body.

He would lie spent, his four beautiful legs piled all over each other and his muscular body drenched with sweat from the effort, after fucking himself in the ass with his hind penis while beating off and sucking his front penis.

He would feel so good that he could feel the hind penis, still hot and exhausted in his ass, rouse itself again to ram stiff and hot inside him, and his front penis would stiffen again from the pressure and the pleasure, until he had to beat and suck it again. He sweated anew, his hind legs driving themselves againt his ass and his front legs as he pummelled himself. Again needing to come in the worst way Eric beat himself off and sucked himself in front while he fucked himself in back.

It was ironic that the relief of having sex with his four-legged friends only served to raise his sex drive and theirs, because not only were they beautiful as they grappled with and savored each other and shot each other full of each other's come, but they stayed beautiful in each other's minds all the time. They stayed agonizingly beautiful in each other's minds long after they had made love, even beautiful in each other's minds while they were alone and away from each other.

Eric couldn't even speak to any of them on the phone without becoming paralyzed with his two huge hardons, and nor could they speak to him or each other without urgently needing to come.

It was this need for relief mixed with the joy of imminent release they saw in each others' eyes when they met, rescuing each other, loving each other for rescuing each other one more time from the overpoweringly sweet aching between their four legs.

They would be arriving soon, Eric thought, aroused at the mental picture of his beautiful four-legged friends laughing, smiling and hugging as they walked their four legs through the door, kicking the shoes and sandals from their four feet, bone-hard already as they ached to undress each other.

Eric came, hungrily sucking himself in front as his hind legs maneuvered themselves to get his hind penis into his ass. He kept coming from his front penis as he sucked it and beat if off, and he came from his hind penis as it, too, shot its load. Wad after hot wad of his hind load filled his ass as his huge hind penis came, and Eric swallowed wad after wad of his front load from his huge front penis. He couldn't stop coming. His four-legged friends were so beautiful in his mind, and his four-legged body exploded with come at the thought of them.

He lay exhausted and spent, his four muscular legs lying all over each other, his heart pounding and his massive shoulders heaving as he caught his breath. They would be here any minute. He heard their laughter in the hall, and the knock on the door immediately aroused his hot, aching cocks as he gathered his four legs to greet them.

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