Miracle Grow Boys (Revised)

by Bulklore

Aiden and Jack are two new soccer recruits desperate to fit into a team of hung studs at their college. They resort to mysterious pills promising growth, but in ignoring the warnings they accidentally trigger more than they can handle. An old story revised by the author under a new name.

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Part 1 Aiden and Jack are two new soccer recruits desperate to fit into a team of hung studs at their college. They resort to mysterious pills promising growth, but in ignoring the warnings they accidentally trigger more than they can handle. An old story revised by the author under a new name.
Part 2 Dex invites his study group over to spend some time with the boys. (added: 13 Jan 2024)
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Author’s Note

Miracle Grow Boys was previously posted here on Metabods under a different author's name. The author has decided to revise the stories and repost them with additional chapters and content under the username Bulklore. You can read MGB and other stories on the author's site, Bulklore.


Part 1

“Do you really think this will work?”

Aiden nudged the packet of pills with his socked toe. The label read EXPOMENTIAL and was written in a clinical font. There were warnings all around the sides and back of the box. It was just like a real pill packet, except it hadn’t come from any pharmacy on the college campus. 

“Only one way to find out,” said Jack next to him.

The two boys sat side by side on an old, sagging couch, in the house’s common area, the morning after a party. The room was a mess, with clothes strewn about, and evidence of last night covering every surface. Aiden and Jack had cleared the beer cans and pizza boxes off the coffee table. The pill packet sat there, and both boys sat back on the couch watching it. 

Aiden and Jack both boasted impressive physiques on account of their athlete status, but Aiden was taller and broader, while Jack was leaner and more defined. Aiden had a thick chest lightly fuzzed with dark hair, matching a head of soft mahogany curls. Jack kept his head in a neat buzz, and his body was smooth, dusted in a fine layer of blonde. 

Both boys were in just their underwear and socks, considering the box of pills. “So should we do it?” Jack prompted, impatient. Aiden could sometimes take forever to make decisions, and Jack was tired of him stalling all morning. Jack and Aiden had a third roommate, Tex, an honors kid in the third bedroom. He’d left early to go hang with his study group, but what if he came back? Jack didn’t want this cut short, pun intended.

“Maybe we should wait,” Aiden said. “Do a little more research.”

“You’re just being a pussy,” Jack said, punching Aiden’s bicep playfully. “Now’s our only chance and you know it. Practices are going to be every day next week, and if we keep skipping out on showers someone is going to notice again.” 

Aiden and Jack had an interesting dilemma. Neither had made the cut for the soccer team at the D1 school they attended, but the school’s Club Soccer team turned out to be plenty competitive. Aiden and Jack met that way, befriending one another early on in their freshman year, and everything was fun and games until they were approached by the assistant coach of the D1 team. Evidently, Aiden and Jack’s teamwork had people talking, and the two were recruited as walk-ons, contingent upon their performance at the upcoming summer training camp. 

A recruited walk-on offer was a dream come true for both boys, until the first practice. The practice itself went great—Aiden and Jack both received approving nods from the coaches as they attempted to integrate into the team—but after practice was when things went south. The boys went to shower up but, upon walking into the locker room, they made the horrifying discovery that the entire soccer team was hung. Aiden and Jack showered quickly, their backs turned to the steamy room so that no one could see their average cocks. They’d dashed back into their clothes and run from the sports complex, still dripping.

This happened the next day, and the next, until one of the captains—Cross—sent the boys a curt text asking them to stick around for post-practice announcements. 

Jack had declared their cock shortage an emergency, saying that once the team saw them as inadequate, it would bleed onto the field, and all chances of making the team would be lost. He wasn’t about to let something as puny has his dick cost him his chance at the big leagues, and a short time later he knocked on Aiden’s door with the biggest, goofiest grin. 

“Our problems are solved,” he had said, holding up the packet of pills. 

Aiden had been less sure. Pills? Really? He didn’t think a six-hour erection would solve their problems, but Jack told him all about how the pills were experimental enhancements. Not a temporary boner, but a permanent boost. Aiden had to admit, an extra inch or two did sound nice, right? And so he’d agreed to take the pills with Jack. But now, looking at them, he wasn’t so sure.

“Maybe size doesn’t matter,” Aiden offered.

“Fuck that,” Jack said. “We’re doing it. Now.”

Jack snatched up the packet, but then he froze. He shook it, his eyes going wide. Then he pried the packet open and tipped out the contents onto the table. Both boys leaned forward.

Almost all of the pills were gone, each of the little plastic pods punched out like a used-up pack of gum. The packet emanated a musky, fruity smell. Masculine, heady, carnal. It was faint but intoxicating, indicating the pills themselves must have been totally irresistible. 

“What the fuck—” Aiden whispered. “You bought an empty pack of pills?”

“No! This was totally full last night. I checked!” 

“Okay well, did someone else take them?”

“No…” Jack looked around the room, at all the spent beer cans. He let out a small burp, tasting that same sweet musk on the back of his throat. “I think we took them.”

Aiden was putting it together too. He flipped the packet over and read the warnings allowed. “Recommended dose is one pill. Do not ever exceed three pills. Do not take with alcohol.”

Jack was counting the punched-out pockets. He couldn’t help but crack a nervous smile when he looked at Aiden with the bad news. “We took 5.”

Aiden whistled. “Phew. That’s not so bad.”


Both boys slowly looked down at the other’s groin, and there was a long pause like they were expecting some kind of explosion. Nothing happened, and the moment ended with both Aiden and Jack busting out laughing. Clearly these pills were a fucking scam. 

“I knew it. I’m going to kill Swain, that puny fuck.”

Swain was Jack’s hook-up buddy when Aiden wasn’t around. Swaim was a science kid a few grades up from Jack’s hometown. He wasn’t puny, not at all. He hulked up in college, putting on muscle mass that had caught Jack’s eye. When it came to figuring out how to grow, Jack knew Swain would have some solutions. 

“You’re going to kill Swain?” Aiden laughed. “Oh yeah? How?”

“Suffocate him on my gigantic cock of course!” Jack jokingly grabbed his junk, then winced. He felt a little tender. Perhaps him and Aiden had gotten up to more than just drinking last night. It wouldn’t be the first time they’d hooked up. Plenty of nights had ended without scoring an invite back to a girl’s dorm, and Jack and Aiden had made no fuss about resorting to one another. The thought slowly got him hard, so he sat back on the couch, pulling a pillow into his lap.

Aiden rocked onto his feet, phone in hand. “I’ll let Tex know it’s all clear to come back. Not a word to him about this, okay? He’s a science kid too, remember? I don’t want Swain on our asses if this gets out.”

Jack shrugged. “Judging by my hangover, it’s entirely possible Tex already knows everything. Heck, maybe he was the one who took all the pills.”

“Hah,” Aiden yawned, lifting his big arms up over his head to stretch. “Yeah, and I’m sure that’s why we haven’t seen him. He’s off in the library or something, sucking on his own brand-new massive cock.”

Now Jack was rock hard, but it wasn’t just Aiden’s crass joke. It was Aiden himself. The boy looked…bigger. His shoulders were broader, his biceps rounder. All his muscles looked pumped up, in fact, like he’d just wrapped up a tough workout. But all morning all they’d done was sat and played video games. And then Jack’s eyes landed on the thing that was the most different: Aiden’s cock. It was curled in his tight white underwear, but it looked…

Jack sat up. Aiden’s arms were still up as he stretched, twisting back and forth. Jack scooted closer, caught him by the hips, and leaned in. 

The same sweet musk wafted from Aiden’s bulge. Jack wasn’t usually so forward, but something about it pulled his nose right into the tight fabric containing Aiden’s cock, and he inhaled. Before Aiden could protest, Jack’s tongue sank into the taught fabric, and the smaller guy let out a moan. Aiden’s protests died away, but the sudden pressure made him aware of something. Weren’t his briefs awfully tight? It was like they’d shrunk several sizes. Or he’d grown. 

Aiden hooked his thumbs into his taught waistband and pulled down, dragging the damp cotton past Jack’s panting tongue. 

Fuck. Both boys swore at the same time. 

Aiden had always had a nice cock. It wasn’t massive, but the shape was ‘pretty’ according to his many conquests. It was the thickness, and the way it swelled towards the top, then ended in a perfectly soft, mushroom tip. Proportionally thick. A slight upward curve. The ‘pretty’ comments always annoyed Aiden because he thought it was a comment about his inadequate size. Now he got it, though. It might have been because his cock, growing hard in Jack’s hands, had somehow gone from six inches to eight. 

No, eight and a half. 

The boys briefly locked eyes, both of them grinning. Clearly something had worked after all. Jack guided Aiden’s perfect, hung cock into his mouth and started to gently suck. Aiden let out a sigh. Maybe it was the growth, but he felt incredibly sensitive. Jack’s head—always masterful—felt better than ever. Despite the new awkwardness of maneuvering with his new cock, he began to pump his hips forward, grinning at the gratifying noises of Jack’s throat opening up to let more and more of him in. Aiden idly grabbed Jack’s neck, reveling in the wet, sloppy noises as Jack attempted to deepthroat him. “You’ll have to get use to this,” Aiden breathed. “But you’re already doing so good, Jack. You were made to suck fat cocks, weren’t you?”

Jack gave a lustful moan. Aiden pushed even deeper, forgetting himself, until Jack’s hands gave a worried squeeze on Aiden’s thighs. Aiden froze, glancing down at Jack, who’s lips were buried in his soft pubes. Gradually Jack slid Aiden’s cock from his throat. Inch after inch appeared, shiny with spit. Inch after inch after inch, until with a pop Aiden’s cock finally was free. Jack gasped for air as it wagged side to side, a string of spit still connecting it to Jack’s reddened lips. 

“It grew,” Jack spat. “I felt it. In my throat.” 

Aiden believed him, because as he’d pulled out, he felt a mounting terror as more and more cock just kept coming. The cock that wagged before him was, by his estimate, at least an inch longer. Maybe even two. Was he really verging on eleven inches of cock. 

Suddenly, Aiden was sitting down on the couch, his fat, hung cock sticking straight up as Jack pushed his legs wide to get between them. Jack produced a measuring tape with a bashful grin. “What? I wanted to be ready to test the results.” He lined it up and, sure enough, Aiden was eleven inches. 

Jack whistled. “Looks like it was worth it taking all those pills,” he said. Aiden felt a smidge of worry. He’d wanted to gain just two inches, maybe three. But five? It was bordering on two big. Still, he couldn’t deny it was unbelievably hot to watch Jack resume slurping up and down his massive cock. He let his head roll back as he experienced Jack’s expert cock sucking until, only a few minutes later, Jack’s pace began to slow dramatically. With a gasp Jack finally pulled off and said, “Dude, you’re still growing.”

“What?” Aiden sat up. “What? No. Fuck. No way!” But he did look even bigger, didn’t he? Jack was beyond amused. “Aiden the horse,” he moaned as his slid his lips up Aiden’s cock, following a new, prominent vein. “Aiden the stallion.”

“Shut…up,” Aiden whispered, blushing, but it was too hot. He tried to hold back, but another flush of pleasure went through him, causing his cock to swell even more. He realized with a pang of panic that it was this—the pleasure—that was keeping him growing. “Jack—” he tried to speak up, but Jack was already back to sucking him. “Jack…wait…you’re going to make me too big—”

Could he even still fit into his jock at this size?

Jack could hear Aiden, but the words weren’t registering. This whole time he had been in total bliss feeling Aiden gradually growing in his mouth and throat. His mind was completely focused on shoving as much of this massive cock into himself as possible even as it became harder and harder. Jack supposed at some point he physically wouldn’t be able to do it, but every time he thought this, he tasted the precum oozing out of Aiden and, as if it were magic, Jack’s mouth seemed to open a little wider. The precum had a distinct taste, too. Salty, but cut with the same sweet musk as the pills. As Jack felt Aiden’s cock slide snuggly back into his throat—almost all eleven inches of it—he wondered if perhaps the pills bestowed more than one type of transformation. 

“Jack—fuck, oh my god, Jack, hold on….” Aiden was nearly begging for a break, not because he wanted it but because he wasn’t sure how they’d get his cock out of Jack’s mouth if it grew any bigger. Jack didn’t seem uncomfortable in the slightest, though. How was that possible? How was any of this possible?

Then the worst possible thing happened. Both boys froze, cutting off their moans just in time as the door to their apartment swooshed open. They hadn’t even heard the key! Yet Tex was shuffling inside, about to catch them. 

Aiden was quick. He grabbed a pillow, grabbed a blanket, and messily tossed them together to hide Jack between his legs. Jack couldn’t protest—Aiden’s cock was still lodged in his throat. All Jack could do was breath through his nose and listen. 

“Sup,” Tex called. His footsteps traveled over to the kitchen. There came the sounds of fridge being open, and a soda being cracked. Aiden rapidly adjusted the makeshift hiding spot for Jack. It helped if Aiden put his feet up on the coffee table, creating a small tent, but this only drove his cock a bit further down Jack’s throat.

“Where’s Jack?” Tex asked after a moment. “Gym? Drills? Whatever you jocks do on a day off?”

“Uhhh,” Aiden was clearly at a loss for words. Jack gulped, inadvertently massaging Aiden’s still hard cock, and Aiden tensed all over. “I don’t know where Jack is,” Aiden lied stiffly. “I just woke up. Must have dozed off.”

“You jocks have it easy,” Tex sighed. “The STEM kids have to work twice as hard in the summer programs.” As Tex launched into his usual speech, Jack slowly slid Aiden’s cock from his mouth, but instantly he got a face full of the precum he had neglected to swallow in the last few minutes. It quickly soaked the blanket, and Aiden tried to adjust his pillow. 

“Meanwhile you jocks do jack shit,” Tex was saying between sips of soda. “Working out, playing games, taking naps, probably circle jerking, and—hey, what’s that smell?”

It was the musk again. The intoxicating odor was already in the air. Aiden’s hands were quick, diving beneath the blanket to grab Jack’s jaw. Then before Jack could resist, his mouth was snuggly capped over Aiden’s bulbous cockhead. Like a faucet, it unleashed another gush of precum, but this time Jack swallowed every drop. 

“Dunno,” Aiden said to Tex, a rattle of pleasure in his tone. “I’ll get to cleaning up soon though, don’t worry. It’s probably a spilled drink somewhere. Sorry.”

“It’s cool. Last night was a mess. I barely got up this morning, and I forgot like three things on my way out. Speaking of, is my laptop over there?”

Aiden’s eyes darted to a bulky laptop stuffed into the far side of the sectional. He didn’t dare confirm its location. Just the feeling of Jack squirming under the blanket was causing him to precum again. And was Jack…sucking him again? Fuck, it would be just like Jack to take this moment to be devilish, knowing it would push Aiden’s buttons. And it worked. Obediently, Aiden went rock hard and his cock gushed even more precum. Jack was ready, lapping it up. 

“Do you see it?” Tex called as he started to move around the room, throwing aside blanket and pillows on the big recliners. Aiden couldn’t move. He was afraid if he opened his mouth, he’d moan. Jack was barely moving, yet his tongue was dragging every drop of precum from Aiden’s balls. It was more than that, though. Aiden realized with terror that he was about to finally cum. Jack sensed it too, becoming bolder, using his hands to gently squeeze Aiden’s sensitive new inches. It would take only a few more seconds…

“Ah, there it is,” Tex finally said. He turned the corner on the couch. He was a nice-looking guy, a bit shorter than Jack, with a cuddly bulk to him that was partly muscle from his time on swim team. He had faint freckles and round glasses he constantly cleaned with his shirt. 

Tex grabbed the laptop, then glanced at Aiden. “You okay man?”

Aiden nodded. He was about to blow. He clamped one hand onto the back of Jack’s neck, keeping him still, but it might already be too late. That’s why Aiden’s other hand was digging into the pillow in his lap. 

“You look…hot,” Tex said, then sniffed. He shook his head. “Like, temperature. Did you just work out? You’re looking swole, man. Or...more swoler than usual. What’ve you been eating?”

“Just some new supplements,” Aiden barely managed to say. His orgasm crested, and he felt another wave of pleasure all over as his body seemed to drain an immense load down into Jack’s waiting throat. But, unlike every single orgasm Aiden had ever had, this one didn’t end in a few seconds. It carried on through the moment, only getting more intense. 

Miraculously, Aiden didn’t make a sound. He didn’t even break eye-contact with Tex.

“Cool,” Tex eventually shrugged. “Save some for Jack. I know how you guys like to compete.” With another sniff, he headed for the door. Then he was gone

Aiden threw the blanket aside, expecting Jack to come up gasping for air, but Jack stayed between his legs, lips sucking on Aiden’s cockhead, his eyes barely opened like he was in daze. After Aiden got over the shock of seeing his cock even bigger somehow, he realized it wasn’t the only thing that had grown. Jack was buffer, like he’d been pumped up. And…

Aiden leaned forward and gently pried his cock from Jack’s lips, causing spurts of precum to dribble down into his pubes. Jack leaned back, out of breath, and Aiden whistled. 

“Dude, your belly…”

Jack blinked out of his daze and looked down. His abs were gone. Instead, a soft, swollen belly had formed. As if by explanation, Jack whipped his mouth with the back of his hand and said, “Sorry, it’s just…your precum. It was so good, I couldn’t help myself…” 

“That’s precum?” Aiden’s jaw dropped. “I thought I was cumming, but then it didn’t stop. It only got more intense, like I was about to cum even harder…”

Jack was still regaining his breath as his poked his new belly. “If that was just precum, I can’t wait to see what your loads are like.”

“Jack…you’re not serious…”

Jack’s eyes flashed up to Aiden’s. He was totally serious. 

Aiden scoffed. “We have to stop. I mean, look at you, man. You’re turning into a cum balloon. And look at me. My cock is already way too big. There’s no way it will fit inside your mouth now.”

That was true. Aiden’s cock lay heavily on the couch between his thick thighs. A small, sticky puddle was forming at the tip, soaking into the upholstery. 

“I can take it,” Jack moaned. “I have to take it.”

“Jack, there’s no way.” 

Jack wasn’t as clueless as Aiden thought. While he’d been swallowing Aiden’s pre-load, a theory had formed in his head. Now he wanted to test it out. Ignoring Aiden’s protests, Jack reached into the bigger boy’s lap and gently hoisted his new, monster cock upright. Automatically it dribbled a generous glob of precum. Jack grinned as he got on top of Aiden, like he was going to ride him. They’d done this a dozen times at least, but Aiden’s new size and Jack’s new belly made it feel brand new. Clumsily, Jack stripped off his underwear. Had he grown, too? He didn’t care. He had something else to focus on as he gently aligned Aiden’s monstrous cock with his hole. 

“Jack. Come on,” Aiden said, wide-eyed. He was breathing hard despite sitting perfectly still while Jack worked. “You can’t be serious.”

“When I was blowing you,” Jack said as he reached around and dragged Aiden’s spurting cockhead to the correct position. “I felt the muscles in my face loosening up. My whole jaw felt like warm rubber.” 

Aiden’s cock let out another gush. Jack moaned as the warm, slick substance absorbed into the sensitive skin of his hole. 

“I think,” Jack said. “The formula has a few more enhancements than what’s on the box.”

Aiden’s eyes darted to the box next to him on the couch. Shit! Was it there when Tex was poking around? His mind quickly turned back to Jack as, with a low moan, both boys felt a sudden easing of Jack’s ass. Aiden’s cockhead was slipping inside. 

“Wait, Jack!” Aiden begged. This was too much. The nerves in his new cock were blazing, and he felt the same pleasant growth start to kick in. But Jack wasn’t listening. He was moaning and talking at the same time. 

“What I can’t figure out…” Jack let out a low moan. His eyes were squeezed shut; his hands gripped the back of the couch on either side of Aiden’s head. “Is what triggered your growth, but not mine.”

Aiden was gritting his teeth, trying to focus on anything other than his hot, jock fuck buddy gradually taking a cock head the size of a pool ball up the ass. The pressure increased on Aiden’s cock, sucking him further in, and he let out a defeated moan.

“It feels too good. Fuck, Jack, I think I’m growing again!”

Jack’s eyes flew open. Bingo. That was the missing piece. He’d have to explain it all to Aiden after, but for now…he had some growing himself to do. He inched down further, feeling even more of Aiden’s precum soak his hole, and sure enough his theory proved true. His hole stretched more and more until there was a pleasant relief as Aiden’s cockhead sank into him. 

“Fuck. Jack. You’re doing it!” Aiden was breathing heavily. Jack was beyond words as he eased himself up, off Aiden’s cock, so he could take the head again. And again. And again, until quite suddenly Jack realized he was taking several inches beneath it, too. The feeling of fullness was addictive, and Jack craved even more. His legs burned with the effort of staying in a semi-crouch and he longed to just sink into Aiden’s lap, but Aiden was right. Even now, Jack could feel the boy gently swelling within him. 

And as for Jack…

“Jack. Look!

Jack looked down at himself for the first time in minutes. His muscles looked magnified to him, and his bloated belly had gone down considerably. He now had a clear view of his own cock which, while no match for Aiden’s, had jumped from five inches to nine.

“Mooooore,” Jack moaned as he resumed fucking himself.

Aiden was momentarily stunned by what he was seeing, but then snapped out of it. Clearly there was a connection between pleasure and growth, here, and if Jack wanted more, Jack would get more. A lot more. Aiden wrapped his powerful arms around Jack’s waist and with a quick, practiced maneuver, Jack was on his back atop the solid wooden coffee table. Aiden knelt on the carpet, between Jack’s legs. In the past, they’d had to dislodge for this feat, but now? Aiden had made the move without having to remove even the last four inches of his cock from Jack.

“Fuck,” Jack breathed. 

Aiden grinned. The fear of being too big felt remote now. What he wanted, even more than his own huge cock, was to see this jock below him beef up. 

“You want this?” Aiden asked gruffly, pumping his hips forward, making Jack feel the stretch as his hole finally attempted the thickest part of Aiden’s cock. 

“Fuck Aiden, that’s so big. Give me a second—”

Aiden grabbed for Jack’s cock, pleased to see how much precum was already there to use a lube as he jacked Jack off. Jack’s protests turned into moans, and his hole loosened up. Aiden leaned forward, as much as Jack’s hole would let him, until he felt himself sink a few more inches in. Like clockwork, Jack’s cock plumped up in his hand, gaining nearly an inch. 

“Goooood boy,” Aiden praised. “Looks like you’re a grower after all, Jack. The boys on the team are going to piss themselves when they see us.”

“More,” Jack begged.

Aiden obliged, letting the last few inches of his massive cock enter Jack. It was incredibly tight and hot, but in time the precum worked its magic and Jack’s hole eased into a much more accommodating elasticity. Aiden grinned, watching the smaller jock squirm below him, probably feeling his organs pushed around by the foot of dick buried in him. Aiden had one more idea, though. 

“You think you can take a little more?” Aiden whispered, leaning over Jack, grinding his hips forward. Jack whimpered against Aiden’s lips. What Jack felt was beyond lust. He felt a hunger, a craving he had sensed in himself all his life. Now, as he felt his friend’s cock slowly pump his guts full of precum, and in turn felt his own body slowly pump bigger, there was only one answer to the question of growth: “Yes, sir.”

“Good, because you just got big enough to do this.”

Jack felt lips on the tip of his cock, yet Aiden was still fucking him. How? He cracked an eye open and gasped. Aiden didn’t have to pull out, because Jack’s own cock was a pillar of beautifully carved marble thrusting from his soft blonde pubes. How big had he started? Five inches. And now? 

Aiden felt Jack gasp, and he made a show of keeping Jack’s cockhead in his mouth as he wrapped first one hand around Jack’s cock, then another atop it. Then the first hand rose up and did the same, showing Jack his cock now required three of Aiden’s large hands to handle. 

It was all too much. Just like Aiden, Jack felt his orgasm ambush him, but instead of cresting and ending, the pleasure just kept pooling at the base of his cock. His balls felt tight between his legs, wedged between him and Aiden’s abs. They unleashed a flood of cum into Aiden’s mouth, catching the bigger guy by surprise, resulting in a splash washing onto Jack’s chest. Aiden didn’t stay surprised long, though, and quickly he caught the rest in several mouthfuls. Jack squirmed and moaned, but his eyes never left the sigh of Aiden’s throat gulping down the load. Jack knew what that meant. He suspected Aiden did, too. 

“You asked for this,” Aiden said as he finally finished drinking Jack’s load. He smiled big, his lips slick with cum. It even oozed from the slight gap Jack knew was between Aiden’s sharp, wolf-like incisor and the tooth next to it. A boyish quirk that complimented Aiden’s dimples. It turned Jack on unbelievably. 

“Here it comes,” Aiden moaned, a hand returning to his own swollen belly. 

Both boys felt the sudden tightness slow their fucking as a wave of growth rushed up Aiden’s cock. Aiden moaned, head back, powering through the resistance as Jack’s body stretched to take him. How big was he getting? Aiden glanced down, pleased to see his girth now surpassed anything he knew Jack had ever taken. And Jack had taken a lot of cocks. Sometimes two at once. But none of them were this big, Aiden thought as he pushed all the way in, watching the trace of his massive meat flutter through the sweaty skin of Jack’s abs. No one was this big. 

Except maybe Jack, who’s cock had quickly caught up to Aiden throughout the rigorous, supersized fucking. Jack watched it, his eyes hungry for every inch as his dick rapidly grew towards his own chin. In another few minutes, he’d be able to lick it himself. In fact…

In time with Aiden’s pounding, Jack grabbed onto his own cock and started to jack himself off. By craning his neck ever so slightly Jack could bring his lips to his own cockhead, and the precum flowed like warm syrup. Aiden growled with pleasure. This turned him on incredibly. He felt himself edging towards an orgasm again, but it was different this time. Harsher. Brighter. Ten times more erotic. He couldn’t slow down until he reached it. 

“Yeah boy, suck yourself off,” Aiden growled. Jack’s eyes fluttered shut as he lapped at his own donkey dick. 

“I said suck,” Aiden commanded. He reached around Jack’s neck with one hand, forcing the boy’s head down onto his own cock much like he’d done to Jack earlier, with Tex. 

“You’re going to swell up again,” Aiden said, zoning in on Jack’s eyes as they widened with realizing. “Your tight little jock belly is going to balloon, with your cum, and then mine. And it’s going to make you grow and grow. You wanted a big dick? Well guess what. You’re going to have the biggest.” 

Jack’s orgasm snuck up on him this time. He realized he was coming as a salty flood shot from his cock, right down his own throat. All he could do was open wide and take it as Aiden kept him locked in their current position. Jack felt his belly go tight, then the same pleasant elasticity took over as he gradually began to swell around the middle. 

The sight was Aiden’s final straw. He hit his own orgasm head on, feeling every inch of himself vibrate with pleasure as he let loose into Jack’s ass. Somewhere beneath him, his ballooning balls pumped a massive load up into Jack, filling him from the other end. The result was the same, however: Jack’s body inflated with the cum, especially around the jock’s former six-pack. 

“Fuck,” Aiden breathed, watching with delight and horror as his friend was transformed beneath him. Aiden was still cumming, the flood from his balls barely letting up. Jack’s eyes locked with his again and Aiden relished the mix of panic and pleasure as Jack felt himself being grown from the inside. 

Aiden had not allowed Jack to stop sucking himself, but the rapidly bloating belly on Jack solved that problem. It dragged Jack’s cock out of his own mouth, and Jack sucked in several breaths of fresh air before finally saying: “Fuck.”

Aiden was breathing heavy too. “Fuck,” he agreed, gingerly placing his hands on Jack’s new gut. The last load had been absorbed fairly fast, but this was a lot more than the last load. Aiden grinned, imagining Jack trying to get into his little soccer uniform with his belly fat with cum, and his cock hanging down to his knees. 

“Stop grinning at me,” Jack huffed. “Don’t laugh. This is your fault you know. Now pull out of me slowly.”

Jack winced, expecting it to be painful, but before he knew he felt Aiden slide from his hole. No pain whatso ever. Only a deep emptiness and a craving to have it filled up again. 

Aiden starred at the cock in his hands, slick with his own cum. He was softening now, so it was hard to tell where he’d ended up length wise, but even soft his cock swayed between his legs a good eight inches, slapping against his thighs. How on earth had Jack’s hole managed this? To Aiden’s delight, Jack’s hole had only leaked a few drops of cum before puckering up, giving no sign it had just swallowed something so fat. 

Jack’s own cock softened too. Like Aiden, it still looked way too big on him, but at least it was manageable. Both boys sat there for a few minutes, contemplating what had just happened. Finally, Jack sat up and placed a hand on his belly as it sloshed. 

“Want to go another round?”

Aiden gawked at him. “I don’t think you could fit another drop of cum in you if you tried.”

Jack rolled his eyes and gestured at the TV where their video game was still paused. “The game, numbskull.” 

It was the perfect transition to smooth over the strangeness of what had just happened to them. Neither was quite ready to talk about what had just happened, or what it meant for soccer summer training. For now, it just felt good to flop back onto the couch, pick up their controllers, a resume their game. It was as if things were back to normal. Of course they had to spread their legs a bit more, but that was normal too now, wasn’t it? It seemed like they were bound to stay big, so they might as well get used to it. 


Part 2

It had only been a few hours since Aiden and Jack had undergone the most erotic, transformative experience of their lives, yet here they sat on the same couch, playing the same video game, with the same glassy-eyed expression on their faces as they watched things explode on the TV screen. Occasionally they’d catch a whiff of that musky, fruity scent—no doubt drifting off their pumped-up muscles still sticky with sweat and dried cum—but they’d only twitch their noses, adjust themselves upon the sagging cushions, and keep mashing away at their controller buttons. The events of the morning had turned fuzzy in the post-sex haze, and it was as if nothing had changed at all. 

Of course, a lot had changed. Both boys had bulked up considerably. Aiden’s chest had widened, his pecs curving down slightly in a way he’d never been able to achieve with his decline bench press. And Jack was more muscular too, though it was hard to tell beneath a new, cute softness rounding out his features thanks to all the cum Aiden had pumped into him. For now, both of their cocks could remain tightly curled in their undies, but occasionally they’d catch a whiff of the morning’s sex. Their cocks would twitch, and deep down they both could feel the inevitability of one day outgrowing underwear they used to dream about filling out only a day ago. How big were they going to get? Could they ever go back? Did they even want to? These questions and more would rise up, but the boys mashed them down like they mashed the buttons, focusing on their game. For now they were content to ignore that things between and within them had been changed forever. By a packet of tiny, strange pills. 

No one should expect them to be too serious about these repercussions. They’re just dumb jocks, right?

What finally shook the two studs from their post-growth stupor was a sound they rarely noticed—the front door unlocking—combined with the vague sense that the last time they had heard that noise, hadn’t they reacted with panic? Both boys looked at each other, perhaps aware that they should be panicking now, too, right? Then they both looked down at the other, and the realization of what they had done—and failed to hide—crashed into them. They tossed down their controllers and sprang into motion, but it was too late to rush to their rooms. Dex was already entering the house. 

Even worse, he was carrying multiple bags of groceries in his arms, and yelling, “We’ve got guests!” 

Aiden was faster to react, but his new muscles were a little unwieldy. He managed to find a nearby shirt but when he tugged it on, the seams along one shoulder ripped. Fuck. Jack was slower, but smarter. As Aiden fought with the too-tight shirt, Jack found a roomy zip up flung over the back of the couch—Aiden’s no doubt—and he pulled it on. It was tight in all the weirdest places, mostly his chest and his stomach. He snatched up a blanket to cover his lower half. 

By now more voices joined Dex’s as a few other guys entered the house, and it was only a matter of seconds before someone happened to glance over and see Aiden sitting there with nothing on except for a shirt that was clearly too small, and briefs that appeared to be shrink-wrapped around an uncomfortably tight bulge. Aiden instinctively clapped his hands over his bulge, but Jack came through with the save. He scooted over like he was making room for their guests, when in actuality he was getting close enough to toss the blanket over Aiden’s legs too, barely covering them both just as Dex flopped onto the sectional. 

“Good to see you both are hard at work,” Dex said, amused. He picked up Jack’s forgotten game controller. “I hope you don’t mind that I brought study group back here. I tried to text but no one responded.” 

“It’s cool, we were just deep in this game,” Jack said. Under the blanket he gave Aiden a squeeze at the knee. 

“Yeah,” Aiden coughed. “Sorry, we were…super deep.” 

“I can tell,” Dex said, keeping his eyes on the screen. He sounded sarcastic, but didn’t he always? Jack wondered what he knew. Sometimes Dex hinted at knowing Aiden and Jack hooked up, but they’d never outright talked about it. Chances are Dex had heard plenty though, through the walls, on the nights Aiden and Jack had resorted to fucking around when they’d both struck out with girls. Dex seemed cool with it, if not a little wounded by the exclusion. 

A few others joined them around the TV. Aiden and Jack tried to act natural, but how could they? It felt inevitable that one of these guys would eventually look too close at the soccer studs and notice something was up. Firstly, they were sharing a blanket. Secondly, both Aiden and Jack were hyper-aware of how the other had changed. Aiden was stuffed into the corner of the couch, making him look even bigger somehow. And Jack’s gut full of cum was still prominent, poking out below the hoodie. He hadn’t realized it yet, but Aiden could see it had started to disperse through Jack’s usually lean body, affording him a chubbiness in the cheeks and chin. 

Finally, it was Martin—a cute nerd with freckles, glasses, and an endless wardrobe of button-ups—who made a comment. “You boys are looking bigger. Is it bulking season already?”

Jack could feel the eyes of everyone looking at him and he hugged the pillow tighter to his middle. Every small movement caused his guts to churn, his belly to slosh and groan. He desperately hoped his body would absorb the cum, not knowing that it would in only a few more moments, leading to unwieldy growth elsewhere. 

“But I thought you jocks bulked in the off-season?” Martin asked. “I tutor for a bunch of the guys on the teams and it’s always kinda funny when suddenly the guys all get a little fat in the winter.”

Jack shrugged. “Micro-bulk,” he offered. “Same,” Aiden said. A few boys glanced between them, now noticing the differences all at once. “Looks more like a macro-bulk to me,” Dex said. 

“Don’t you guys have studying to do?” Jack shot back.

“We’ll get to it, but I can’t look at another chemical reaction or I’m going to go cross-eyed,” Dex whined. For the next twenty minutes, the study group took over the video games, talked about their professors, and occasionally dipped into conversations about experiments that neither Jack or Aiden cared to follow. 

Jack and Aiden, meanwhile, were in their own kind of hell. Under the tiny blanket, Jack’s thigh was flush with Aiden’s, never letting them forget the super-sized fucking they’d given themselves over to mere hours ago. Both were looking at the screens and occasionally chiming into the conversations when appropriate, but their minds were locked between their legs, focusing on the new tightness arresting both of their cocks. It was impossible not to slowly get hard as the seconds ticked by, and it was also therefore impossible to not think about what getting hard meant. How big were their boners? There was no way to check and so their imaginations ran wild, pumping even more blood into their already engorged rods. Each knew the other was thinking the same thing as they tried to shift on the cushions in vain. Neither had ever been this hung, and they had no idea growing this big might mean re-learning how to sit. And this blanket was looking mighty tiny, too.

The whole situation was impossible, but at the same time hot. Aiden couldn’t help but stretch, letting his hand fall to the back of the couch where his knuckles grazed Jack’s neck. Something about the tension and the discomfort was a little enjoyable, though he couldn’t be sure if this was just a remnant notion from the version of himself he’d become earlier when he’d held Jack down onto his cock under this very blanket while Dex nearly discovered them. The same version of himself that had also taken control of Jack and forced the smaller guy to suck himself off while getting his ass pounded. Aiden liked that version of himself. Absently, his hand gently wrapped over the nape of Jack’s neck, giving it a promising squeeze.

Jack, meanwhile, was not so at ease, and for good reason. Something was happening in him. He had felt a trickle of it for the last few hours, but suddenly the dam was breaking, and his whole body was flooding in that same, familiar pleasure. The pleasure that meant growth. But why? Jack’s mind raced to figure out how it was possible when he and Aiden were just sitting here shooting the shit with these nerds. Did Aiden feel it too? Clearly not, Jack thought, so what was going on? 

Jack was a jock, but he wasn’t dumb. He realized that while Aiden had simply endured the pump-up from the pills, Jack had been the one who took load after load, to the point of his body visibly inflating with cum. And now that cum was quickly being metabolized by the new, state-of-the-art, body-morphing growth serum that saturated his system. 

“Your turn, Jack!” Dex said, tossing him the controller. Jack didn’t even try to catch it as he fought down a wave of pleasure. The controller tumbled to the ground. Jack slowly leaned forward to pick it up, but this was a mistake. The maneuver put pressure on his still swollen belly, and a pulse of pleasure squeezed down into his lower half. 

He moaned. 

“What…” Dex started to ask, but Aiden let out a mighty cough, saying, “Damn, I’m sore too, Jack, but you make it sound like you’re into these masochistic workouts coach has got us on.”

Jack rolled with it. “Sorry, my hamstrings have just never been tighter. If I reach any further I’ll never sit back up. Dex, take my turn for me.”

Dex lifted an eyebrow. He was now looking right at Jack’s middle as Jack sat back. The pillow had fallen away, revealing Jack’s cute, rounded middle. Luckily, Dex’d phone pulled his attention away and after checking the screen he announced, “Pizza is here!”

The group shot up out of their lounging postures and raced for the kitchen. Aiden and Jack locked eyes, then shot up too, except they dashed right past the kitchen and into Jack’s room. The second the door shut, they both started talking. 

“Thank god,” Aiden said, “I was about to get hard hearing you moan like that. You sounded like such a little bitch—”

But Jack was pleading, almost beyond words. “Aiden, something isn’t right. Something is—” and he let out another moan. He’d dragged the blanket with him but he dropped it away now, and Aiden gasped. 

Jack had the look of a jock who was severely over-eaten for months. While his belly was still prominent, his hips and thighs had thickened too. Even his chest was puffier. Most shocking, however, was the bulge jutting from his hips. His cock had started the day at around five inches hard, then ballooned up to over a foot while fucking. He was certain it had leveled out at a soft five after he’d cum, but now? It raged in the puny sack of his underwear, pulsing with his heartbeat, already soaking the fabric with precum that tickled all of Aiden’s senses. 

“Don’t….take it out…” Aiden said, barely holding himself back. 

Jack was overcome by another wave of pressure. “I…I can’t stop!” His back arched, his body shaking all over, and with a thick snap the waistband on his briefs finally gave out, ripping forward and unleashing Jack’s cock into the space between the two shocked boys. It was nearly the size from before, twelves inches of hard cock swaying heavily back and forth, but Aiden could tell right away how uncomfortable it must feel. Jack’s cock trembled with pressure, pulsing visibly, and the head was a deep, burning scarlet. 

The head of Jack’s cock was also beginning to weep fat tears of precum. They slid down Jack’s shaft, leading Aiden’s eyes to two enormous balls he first mistook as Jack’s thighs. They wrestled against one another as they fought for space in Jack’s stretched sack. The seam between them was deep, and they must have been heavy because Jack’s knees were beginning to shake. If Aiden had to guess, each of Jack’s balls had grown to the size of a football. Before their eyes, the massive balls swelled even further.

“Aiden. Help me. What the fuck do I do?” 

“Bathroom,” Aiden commanded. “Now.” 

Aiden kept a lookout as Jack made the small, awkward waddle into the shared bathroom. Once Jack was inside and the door was closed, Aiden ducked back into his room to find the roomiest shirt he had and some stretch shorts. He poked his head back into the kitchen to confirm all the nerds were unaware of what was happening a few short feet away, and once he was satisfied that they were completely focused on their pizza and video games, he dashed into the bathroom as well. 

The shower was running and the room was already steamy. The remnants of Jack’s ruined undies lay on the bathmat. Gently Aiden pulled back the shower curtain. 

The tub wasn’t tiny—a perk of athlete housing—yet somehow Jack seemed to fill it. Water rained down on him where he sat. His muscular thighs were pushed right up to the edges to make room for his balls, each filling one of Jack’s palms as he urgently massaged them. Jack’s cock was back to over a foot, and that meant that it was arching up, up, up, and to the exact point where the velvety cock head could rest snuggly against his own lips. Jack’s eyes were half-closed with relief as his tongue slathered itself against his own cock head, but upon seeing Aiden Jack was overcome with guilt. He knew this was how he’d gotten so out of control in the first place, but once the growing started he wasn’t sure he could stop himself. Could Aiden blame him?

Aiden crossed his arms, putting on his best dad face. “Let’s get you sorted, then,” he grinned. 

“Sorted?” Jack laughed, momentarily distracted from his cock, and it was enough to give Aiden the chance he needed to hop right into the tub—clothes and all—and scoop his friend up onto his feet. 

“Aiden, your clothes!”

“Shhh. Quiet. The others are just outside.” The shower quickly soaked Aiden’s too-tight shirt and too-tight briefs, revealing every crack and crevice in his beautiful musculature. Jack moaned just looking, but Aiden stifled the moan with one of his big hands placed snugly over Jack’s mouth. 

“It’s like freshman year, when our coaches used to tell us we couldn’t nut before a big tournament,” Aiden said as he slid Jack in front of him. He was careful to make sure Jack’s cock was aimed towards the tiles over the drain as he whispered in the boy’s ear. Aiden had a deep voice, and he knew the gravely rumble of it turned people on. He tapped into that now as he pressed the firm pillow his pecs into Jack’s shoulders. “Remember how horny we’d get? How we’d feel totally crazy leading up to, and during, the games?” 

Aiden still had Jack’s mouth cupped in his hand, so Jack could only nod. Aiden slid his other hand around the soft swell of Jack’s cum-fattened hips, gently racking over Jack’s pubes until he could feel the base of Jack’s cock. Shit, Aiden thought. Jack was even thicker than before. Luckily Aiden was a big boy. His hand still fit comfortably around Jack’s girth as he kept talking. 

“And after the game, we couldn’t even wait to get home, and we’d jack off in one of our cars? Right in the parking lot after everyone left, before we headed to the post-game party. Remember that?”

Jack nodded. Just a tiny nod. He was trying to keep all the strength in his knees as Aiden’s grip on his cock tightened, then gradually turned into a slick, pumping motion. Instantly Jack felt a gush of precum push up his cock, splashing onto the tiles of the shower. 

“And after we jacked off,” Aiden was saying, “We’d feel such a powerful relief, but also a regret, right?” 

Jack squeezed his eyes shut as Aiden coaxed him into a constant stream of precum. He could feel himself dribbling like a faucet. He was embarrassed and turned on at the same time by the way his body was becoming this new, sex-hungry animal.

“Don’t close your eyes. Look.” 

Jack cracked an eye. Aiden gently turned Jack’s head sideways. The shower curtain wasn’t fully closed, affording both boys a view into the fogged mirror. It was big, spanning the opposite wall, and though the curtain hid most of what was happening in the shower, Jack could clearly see most of his torso and at least the last eight inches of his cock. His cockhead was fat, shiny, and the same deep red, but seeing it now he realized the gurgle and splash he’d been hearing wasn’t just the water collecting in the tub. It was him, and his precum, and Aiden’s masterful hand wrapping him in a prolonged, rising climax. 

“Can I tell you a secret?” Aiden whispered. “I know we laughed about how gross it was that we had that ritual of jacking off together, and how we said it was just because the no-nut rule made us crazy. But I never felt that way.”

Jack’s jaw was fastened shut. His moans were lost as he watched, hypnotized by what was happening in the foggy reflection. In time with Aiden’s squeezing, the softness of Jack’s body was trembling, pulling inward, and hardening into beautiful, new muscle mass. All over, he could feel the cum that had absorbed into him being processed into muscle, the excess being milked out of him one pump at a time. He could feel Aiden’s own cock curving against his his ass, and he suspected the red-hot slickness he felt on the back of his thighs was Aiden’s own contribution to the pool of precum quickly gathering beneath them.

“What did you feel?” Jack managed to ask. 

“Never regret,” Aiden answered immediately. “Because in the minutes after cumming, all I could think about was the next build up, and once again getting to watch the way your whole body flexed the next time you let me edge you until you let loose one of your epic loads.” 

That did it for Jack. His balls tingled, finally breaching through the sense of tight discomfort and into a feeling of unstoppable, pressurized bliss. Both boys felt the change. Both boys felt Jack’s entire body shudder as his heavy, aching balls squeezed up, causing Jack to turn and gasp into Aiden’s jaw. There was a beat of stillness, then it was Aiden’s turn to gasp as a fat wad ballooned at the base of Jack’s cock. 

“What…what’s happening to me…” Jack pleaded, helpless in Aiden’s hands. 

The knot swelled bigger, and bigger, bucking under Aiden’s grip, fighting its way up the length of Jack’s cock. Aiden understood. Jack’s load was due to be massive, and sometimes a massive load needed help. Aiden grinned into the soaked hairs of Jack’s neck as he brought his other hand around so that both could wrap over Jack’s shaft. Jack’s cock was as thick as a wine bottle now, but the knot double the girth where it caused the veined skin to bulge.

“I got you,” Aiden whispered. In a timing Aiden had learned from the many time he’d taken advantage of Jack’s horny, stupefied state, Aiden gently coaxed until Jack let out a small, assenting whimper. Then Aiden got rougher, fully palming the knot and forcing it towards the tip, knowing Jack needed that final brutishness to fully give in. 

Which Jack was about to, when suddenly the bathroom door opened. 

“Jack? Aiden?” It was Dex. Of course it was Dex. “I don’t know which one of you is taking forever to shower but I’ve got to piss. I’ll be quick, okay?” 

Aiden and Jack froze. Jack was practically floating in the force of Aiden’s grip around his cock as the unstoppable orgasm reached the tip. Jack’s mouth was open, no doubt another moan ready to unleash, so it was up to Aiden to save them. He released a hand to cover Jack’s mouth but, at the last possible second he grabbed onto the very tip of Jack’s cock, snuggly corking the flow of precum right before it unleashed into an orgasm Aiden was confident they couldn’t hide. 

“Answer him,” Aiden whispered into Jack’s ear. Aiden felt the flutter of Jack’s orgasm against his palm. He just clamped down harder as jizz began to squirt between his knuckles, halting the onslaught. Jack trembled, mouth open but silent. Aiden squeezed harder, now with the hand that had remained on the bottom of Jack’s cock. The inches between—and there were many inches—began to gradually bulge, inflating like Jack’s belly had inflated, matching the mass of the knot. The load, it seemed, was trapped. 

“It’s me,” Jack choked out. “It’s Jack.”

“Mind if I take a piss?” Dex asked, not waiting for an answer as he flipped up the toilet seat. Aiden could clearly see their roommates back in the mirror. It would take the smallest of glances from Dex to see what was happening in the shower, but the boy kept his eyes locked on the toilet bowl as he whistled. Then he proceeded to take the longest piss ever. Jack was convinced of this as the pressure in his cock quickly solidified into agonizing, scorching pleasure. His dick was growing again, horrifically engorged on a build up of pressure and cum, reaching a girth that not even Aiden could hold onto. Aiden held on tight, though, his grip unwavering, giving the orgasm nowhere to go. The pleasure buried itself backwards into Jack, centering in his groin but radiating outward. He felt his flesh quivering against Aiden’s soaked shirt. He felt his muscles relish the bath of pheromones, cum, and growth serum. 

Aiden, for his part, was entirely shocked by his own ingenuity. He hadn’t meant to trap Jack in this perpetual state of ecstasy. He simply knew that once Jack unloaded, there was no way to stop it, and the best place to do so was into the drain. Still, feeling the boy’s balls brushing the underside of his knuckles, Aiden had his doubts about the plumbing’s ability to handle what was about to be forced into it. Still, better the plumping than Jack’s stomach, right? The thought gave Aiden a rueful flutter in his own guts. He had like watching Jack’s suck himself off. But, as the one momentarily in charge, he knew better than to let Jack do it again. And if he was being honest, he liked this too. This, he thought in the long, drawn-out purgatory of Dex’s piss break, was pretty hot, too. 

Dex flushed, took his sweet fucking time washing his hands, and even spared a moment to check his teeth. Then, before leaving, he halted. 

“Want us to save you some pizza?” 

“No thanks,” Jack said through gritted teeth. “I’m still pretty full.”

Nice, Aiden thought, nuzzling the back of Jack’s neck as he tightened his grip on the smaller guy, all as if to say, you ready?

The moment the door clicked shut, Aiden loosened his grip. Just a little. Just enough. Jack thought there would be a lead up, a warning, but no. All Jack had time to do was widen his stance and flatten his hands against the slick, shower wall. Then he was cumming, but not just cumming. Cum wasn’t this thick, this milky, this hot, or this heavy. It felt like a surge of pure power was shooting through him, and it looked like it, too. His veiny, monstrous cock seized upwards, but Aiden’s powerful hands barely kept it pointing down to prevent the jet of cum from hitting the ceiling. Instead it quickly coated the corner of the shower, then splashed into the tub, shoving away the suds and water and rapidly accumulating into an inch of spunk, then two inches, then three. The boys’ feet were drowning in the stuff and still Jack had not let up. He couldn’t, even if he tried, which he didn’t. Aiden wouldn’t let him. 

“Yeah that’s right Jacky. Cum for me. I want every last drop out of you,” Aiden was growling in Jack’s ear, his words barely audible as the bathroom filled with the slick sound of Aiden’s large hands pumping the length of Jack’s monstrous dick. The shower continued to rain down drops into the gloopy mix of the tub. Jack shivered and bucked in Aiden’s grip, forcing Aiden to squeeze even tighter, his gruff voice melting into its own sort of pleading. “Fuck yeah, Jack. You’re a fucking fountain man. A firehose. And you’re getting fucking jacked too, man. Look at yourself, dude.”

Jack managed a glance, and it was true. The ejaculation was rapidly milking his body of the pent up loads, morphing him back into the soccer stud he was. Except…bigger. Broader. Heavier. This was the final push he needed to squeeze the final few pints of jizz from his dripping, fat cock. 

For a few minutes, both boys just breathed in the heady mix of steam and spunk. Then a trickling sound alerted them to the fact that the tub was overflowing. Quickly Aiden slapped off the water, and both boys looked down. They stood shin-deep in a milky substance. It was impossible to tell how much was water and how much was from Jack, until of course they moved. The viscosity answered for them. 

“What….do we do?” Aiden mumbled. He wasn’t in a thinking mood. All of this had gotten him hard again, but there was no chance he was even glancing at his own boner. There simply wasn’t anywhere else to unload if things got out of hand. Which they would. 

A bubble gurgled up, breaking the thick, glue-like surface. Somewhere deep in the tub, the drain slowly began to chug away the evidence of the boys’ latest super-grown catastrophe. 

“We wait,” Jack said definitively. 

“And we lock the door,” Aiden answered.

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