Digital Dan

by Bear Northman

Mick tries a virtual encounter with an ideal man, and finds it’s a lot more real than he expects.

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Mick rushed home from the sex shop, with his new purchase clung tightly under his arm. It was difficult enough to walk while sporting the erection he already had, thinking about his night ahead. By the time he was unlocking his front door, he already had a large damp patch in his underwear. He locked the door and went into his office. He hastily opened the bag and took out a medium sized box with the words “Digital Dan: Your virtual affair” written across the front. Mick took the lid off the box and inserted the CD into his computer. As the programs were loading, he quickly read through the instructions. Along with the CD, the box contained a headset, several cables with round patches attached to them, and another with an elastic ring on it. The instructions advised him to remove his clothes and attach the patches according to their specified numbers: 1 & 2—chest; 3 & 4—hands; 5 & 6—stomach; 7 & 8—buttocks; 9 & 10—lower legs. Mick did so, although he struggled to get the patches onto his butt, as he had trouble reaching all the way around. The ring, as per instructions, he placed around his still semi-hard cock and balls—pretty much like a normal cock ring. All of these cables ran to a single power pack, which he plugged into the first USB port. The headset plugged into the second.

After preparing the “stimulation patches”, and seeing the green light meaning that they were receiving power, Mick waited for the program to finish installing. It only took a few more minutes. He opened the file and was excited to see the start up screen appear, showing a muscled oily hunk lying seductively. He clicked “start new encounter” and was brought to an avatar select menu. A dialogue box popped up, advising him to make the avatar as similar to his own appearance as possible. He had to admit, the generic avatar they supplied was decently close, expect for the face. On his screen was a medium build man. He had a decently developed chest, and a slight gut. His arms lacked definition and he was covered in a thin coat of body hair. Mick made some slight changes to the body and face, and smiled as he added an extra inch onto the penis, which was standing erect, much like his own. He clicked the start button and the screen went dark, then several green dots appeared indicating that all the attachments had been connected properly. . After a moment, he was advised to don his headset. At first, he couldn’t see anything then the screen in the headset lightened to show a white room. He moved his head left and right and saw that the virtual room moved in sync. Even raising his hands caused the avatars hands to rise, and Mick flipped his hands over in the simulation. He tried making different gestures and found that the computer interpreted each one correctly. The view to his toes looked nearly identical to what he would see in real life, except with a slightly larger erection. He smiled again.

Ahead of him, a figure materialized, and he was excited to see Dan step towards him smiling.

“Hello,” Dan said casually, “I’m Dan, and I’m ready to have some fun.” A wicked grin appeared on his face. “Are you happy with how I look?” He continued.

“Yes!” Mick exclaimed out loud. The headset had a built in microphone that could pick up basic commands. He had read that in the instructions. Dan smiled and ran his hands down his naked body.

“Are you sure?” he said coyly. “If you want to change anything, just select the ‘Dan’ menu from the top of your view screen. He paused. Mick bit his lip and gave in to the temptation. He focused on the menu and saw several options. He could alter skin color, body hair, height, weight, muscle mass, ect. Mick scrolled down until he came to ‘genitals’. The number beside length read ‘9 inches’, which in Mick’s mind was a fantastic cock size... but just for fun, he changed the number to ‘12’ and clicked ‘Accept’.

Dan moaned with pleasure as his already large dick grew several inches. “That feels amazing,” he purred. Mick couldn’t wait any longer and started rubbing the boner between his legs. He could see the virtual arms pumping as they took hold of the avatars own dick.

“Mmm, that’s so hot.” Dan said lustfully, “can I do that too?”

“Yes!” Mick exclaimed with a shout and grinned as Dan gripped his own cock in his hands and started rubbing it slowly. As Dan was jerking off, Mick decided to increase the muscle mass slightly and was pleased to watch the muscles swell with each pump of the arms.

“Fuck I feel ripped.” Dan said cheerfully. Mick increased muscle mass again slightly, and Dan repeated the same generic line. Mick didn’t really care, because he was watching a muscled god jerk off a huge dick. He could feel the precum dripping down his hands and slowed the pace of rubbing his cock, as he didn’t want to cum too quickly. Dan stopped and looked up at him.

“ Is something wrong?” he asked innocently. Mick was about to say no, when he decided to be a bit wild. He opened up Dan’s genital menu and increased the cock’s girth to a 22 inch circumference. He watched with lust as Dan’s already massive dick began to widen. At first it began to thicken slightly and Dan moaned in pleasure, but soon it was too thick to masturbate using one hand, so Dan grabbed his cock with both hands and began pumping faster. With each thrust of his hands his cock continued to swell until the fingers couldn’t touch around the huge girth. Dan began panting as he thrust his hips forward pleasure the thick throbbing meat in his hands.

“This feels great,” he moaned. Mick stopped massaging his boner and paused.

“Stop,” he commanded, and Dan stopped jerking off and stood casually in front of Mick, his released cock bobbing in between his legs. It just looked so oddly proportioned, almost like a flesh colored fire hydrant. He opened up the genital menu again and increased the length to ‘25’, hitting accept once again.

“Fuck yeah!” Dan exclaimed as his penis quickly began to grow longer... 15 inches, 18 inches, 20 inches. Dan gently massaged the boner as it swelled. Mick could see veins forming on the side of the monstrous cock, pulsing with each second it continued to lengthen. The cock slowed its growth as it neared 24 inches, and Mick grabbed his own cock, smearing the thick stream of precum running down the length of his own biological shaft. The head of the cock was so near to his face, he felt he could lick it, and he could see the realistic gleam of precum of Dan’s dick too. He leaned forward and kissed the digital dick in front of him, and after a few seconds delay felt a slight tingling on his lips, simulated by the patches he had attached to his body. Dan moaned softly and asked him to do that again. He complied and gently massaged Dan’s cock head with his tongue. Dan was gently rubbing the base of his massive cock with both hands, and rocking back and forth. He looked at Mick slyly and said

“Fuck, this feels awesome, you should try! Do you want to replicate this?”

Mick was confused, but curious, and very clearly stated “Yes”, so that the microphone could understand him. No sooner had he said that, and he felt a tingling in his crotch. He looked down to see his own avatars penis becoming longer and thicker. He laughed as he reached out to grab the swelling meat between his legs. He was surprised to find that the patches even simulated this response, as his hands tingled with contact of an imaginary penis no man could actually have. He slowly began to stroke as much of the length as he could reach, and watched as his own throbbing boner rubbed up against Dan’s. Dan was grinning ear to ear, and more cum was leaking from the tip of his digital cock. Dan leaned forward and lustfully began licking the throbbing head of Mick’s now gigantic cock. Mick shivered as the sensation was transmitted into his own throbbing dick. He thrust his hips forward and watched as Dan enclosed his mouth around as much of his cock as it could handle. As he pulled away, Mick watched as a long string a precum stretched from between Dan’s mouth and the tip of Mick’s cock.

Mick excitedly opened the user menu and began to make further alterations to his avatar, expanding the muscles all over his body to goliath proportions and felt a sense of glee as these changes took effect. His chest ballooned outwards, his biceps bulged and developed throbbing veins, his legs became swollen and toned, and his butt became smooth and curvaceous. He almost drooled at his own avatars image. It looked nothing like a normal human, but this was his fantasy, and he could be a muscle-bound titan if he wanted to. He flexed his newly muscled arms and ran his hand along his abs and then behind to his plump ass.

Dan cleared his throat. “Are you bored with me?” he asked sadly. “Shall we switch it up?”

“Sure!” Mick said, squeezing the muscles around his chest, and gently brushing his erect nipples. He moaned as the feeling tingled through his own body. Focusing again on Dan, he found the hung hunk down on all fours, his swollen nuts resting gently on the floor, lounging across his erect penis. His rear was position up in the air, and he had a look of pleading desperation on his face. Mick smiled and nodded, attempting to maneuver his huge dick into position, but quickly finding that it would not fit anywhere near the hole. He put his hands on his hips and thought for a second. Then, Mick opened up Dan’s menu and dramatically increased the size of his bottom, proportionally increasing his asshole at the same time. He hit accept, and lustfully watched as Dan’s rear end grew larger and larger.

“You gave me the ass of an elephant!” Dan said in mock shock.

“It’s to go with your matching cock!” Mick replied.

Now, Dan had a gaping hole that needed to be filled, and Mick was all too happy to oblige. His digital dick was leaking a puddle of precum onto the white virtual floor, and he let the substance run down the shaft of his erect penis, lubricating the thick throbbing cock. He placed the tip of his dick into Dan’s ass, and forcefully pushed it in a little. Dan moaned and panted as his own dick began to leak a large amount of precum onto the floor.

“More!” Dan pleaded! “Fuck me harder!”

Mick nodded and pushed even more of his dick into the avatar, whining with pleasure as he felt the sensation of every inch reach the sphincter. He lustfully pushed more in and roared in ecstasy as the base of his dick touched Dan’s butt cheeks. He began to slowly thrust back and forth, his own giant balls bouncing against Dan’s.

“You’re so hot! Fuck me you stud!” Dan yelled! Mick thrust faster.

“You wanna see how hot this is? We can change the camera angle?” Dan purred between thrusts.

“Yes.” Mick commanded.

Suddenly, he was having an out of body experience! He was watching himself fuck the over-sized ass of Dan. Dan was grinning and licking the head of his large dick, which continued to leak onto the floor. Mick figured Dan looked like a black hole, as there was no way such a giant cock could have fit in to the muscular avatar. He must be enjoying himself though, as precum was dripping out of Dan’s ass, and onto the floor, onto his balls, and even onto Mick’s balls. Fuck, this was his ultimate fantasy! If only people could see him now.

Jared knocked on Mick’s door for the fourth time. Where was he? Mick had promised he’d do drinks later tonight, and it was unlike him to miss a beer! Jared was becoming concerned about his friend, and decided to peek in. He grabbed the spare key from under the mat and opened the door slowly. He could see that the light was on in Mick’s office and could hear moaning coming from the room.

‘Great,’ he thought, ‘he’s blowing me off for porn!’. Jared decided to embarrass Mick, and to catch him jerking off. ‘It could be good blackmail material in the future’, he thought. He snuck to the office door and pulled out his phone. With his camera ready, he rushed into the room and snapped a picture before gasping and dropping his phone. Before him stood Mick... he thought. It was the most massive giant of a man he’d ever seen. He stood at least seven feet high, and was surrounded by huge swelling muscles. The man was grunting furiously, and rubbing a ginormous 25 inch dick furiously. The floor was a lake of precum as the dick pumped it out by the gallon. Jared was so turned on, he subconsciously began rubbing his own hardening penis.

“Fuck, Mick! You beast!” he mumbled with a smile. He made his way around the moaning behemoth, admiring the bulging muscles, the toned back and round ass. The chair that Mick had been sitting in had long broken, and he appeared to be kneeling on the floor now. His generous ass was begging to be touched. Jared was so horny, he took out his own throbbing dick and lubed it up with some of the liquid pooling on the floor.

“It’s bonding time, buddy”, he said under his breath; a devilish smile crossing his face. He straddled in behind Mick and gently slipped his dick between the bigger man’s waiting ass cheeks. He probed the hole and found it to be fairly tight, so he thrust his hips quickly forward.



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