Lucid dreams

by Bear Northman

Ever had a dream so erotic you wish it was real? I did once.

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I’ve been suffering from insomnia recently, and my doctor prescribed me with some sleeping tablets so that I could feel more rested. I picked up the prescription, went home, and went about my usual evening routine. Before bed, I took a tablet and read for an hour or so. When I felt my eyelids getting heavy, I closed my book, turned off the light and lay down. I remember staring at the ceiling, praying that the pill would work, and eventually I closed my eyes and let darkness envelop me.

I remember there being a green glow and feeling like I was trying to walk through water. I moved towards the green light and eventually sauntered into a lush green forest. As I walked through the dense foliage, the only sounds I could hear was the echo of my footsteps and the swish of my pyjamas. Eventually, I came to a sunlit clearing and in the center of this clearing were hundreds of mushrooms. I walked towards them and found that they were a dark shade of blue. I have never seen a blue mushroom before, so I was curious and examined them closer. The mushrooms formed a perfect circle. The outer ring of the circle had mushrooms that were wide and flat. The mushrooms in the next ring were a bit less flat, and the next ring less flat than the previous. I followed each consecutive ring until I came to the central mushroom, it was tall and narrow, widening only slightly at the base. To be honest, it looked rather phallic, and a devious realisation spring to my mind. I cautiously looked around to see if anyone was watching, but the forest remained empty. I went to take off my pyjama pants, but found they had already disappeared. I smirked and bit my lip, slowly lowering myself onto the phallic fungi. Surprisingly, my ass was already lubed up, and the mushroom slid slowly between my butt cheeks. With little effort I pushed it into my hole and slid as far down as I could. I began to gently rock up and down on the mushroom and I felt my cock hardening with arousal. The other mushrooms seemed to be enjoying the show because, although they weren’t moving, I swore I could hear quiet applause on the wind. I started to pant as I bounced a bit faster on my mushroom dildo, and as I did the clapping became louder and louder until it wasn’t clapping any more, it had merged into the clopping of hooves. I slowed my revelry as a centaur majestically strode into the clearing.

The centaur was large, with the torso of a burly man and the body of a chestnut brown horse. As he trotted towards me, I could see his belly jiggle and his muscular arms flex. He toward over me, still crouched on the mushroom, and his chest heaved up and down, as if with exertion. His massive chest was covered in thick brown hair, which ran down his belly and met up with the hair slightly below his navel. He said something, but the words echoed, and I couldn’t make them out. His face was stern, and I thought he might be reprimanding me for my sexual act. I tried to ask him to repeat himself, but it just came out as a murmur. Suddenly, the centaur reared up, and a took a step back in alarm. But it was only at that time that I noticed the ginormous erection pressed up against his horse belly. I smiled and knelt on the ground, allowing him to slowly trot closer.

I crawled between his front legs and nuzzled the tip of his engorged horse cock with my nose. I was delighted to instantly be rewarded with a sticky smear of precum across my lips. I licked them and found that it tasted like cinnamon. I tried to wrap my lips around his cock, but found I could only fit the tip of the head in my mouth. I sucked on the tip and gulped down more of the sweet sticky liquid it created.

The centaur to a deep breath, stretched his hands outwards and yelled “Grab life” in a beautiful deep baritone. I was mesmerized for a second, but I felt I understood what he wanted, for before my eyes hung the largest balls I had ever seen. They were hanging at the base of his horse cock, swinging gently from side to side, but also swelling larger my the second. I needed to reach them, but there was so much shaft in the way. I made the decision to try my best and began to swallow more of the centaurs engorged dick in order to reach his nuts. Inch by inch I swallowed his cock with my hands outstretched towards his furry balls. With sheer determination I managed to swallow enough of his manhood that I was able to graze the sides of his testicles. He shouted with pleasure, but that caused his cock to swell further too. I thought I was going to choke, but I kept going, straining to grasp his enormous nuts. Finally, I was able to cup them in my hands, literally, one per hand. It was like holding two melons. I began to gently massage them, and I knew he was enjoying it. His enormous cock continued to pour a steady stream of his sweet juices into me, and I felt like I was being filled up with his precum. My own hard cock bobbed gently with pleasure and dripped my own precum onto the ground below us.

Suddenly, the centaur backed away. His face was flush, and he was panting. I think layer of sweat covered his torso. He clenched his eyes shut tightly and yelled and I knew he was hitting his climax, I shielded my eyes to keep them from being covered in jizz, but no explosion came. When I looked around the centaur was gone, and the forest was becoming dark. I looked around for him, but couldn’t see him anywhere. I turned back to the mushrooms and found that the central one was no longer a fungus, but a fat throbbing cock. Still greedy and lustful, I wrapped my lips around the dick and began to feverishly suck on it. Around me the other mushrooms began to transform into penises of all shapes and sizes. As I sucked on one, I reached out and grabbed the closest one and began to stroke it. It seemed to swell further with delight, so I began to rub my body against as many of the dicks as I could.

Each of them responded similarly, swelling with pleasure when I rubbed against them. I got up and slid back onto the one I had just been sucking so that I was able to see them grow. What had once been a sea of normal sized dicks grown out of the ground was now becoming an array of monster cocks. Many were easily over twenty inches long now, and I could see the veins throbbing on many of them. The girth of the one I was sitting on was also increasing, and I could feel it elongating in my ass. I took a deep breath and relaxed, allowing the penis to grow inside me. I was amazed to find that my own hard dick began to grow too! I’m usually about four inches long, but as the cock in my ass grew, so did my own member. It throbbed past six inches, eight inches… ten. I looked around in amazement and began to gently stroke it. It was becoming thicker too, and soon my hands could barely reach around it. The forest of dicks grew up around me, towering over my head, each one easily 40 or 50 inches long. I was drooling with lust and I could feel my own cock engorging to meet their length… 14 inches… 15. The towering cocks around me blocked out all the remaining light and just as I was about to orgasm, darkness surrounded me.

I was floating again, this time surrounded by a wave of purple haze, wafting around me. I looked around, but saw no giant dicks; except my own. My huge cock now hung between my legs, fifteen inches, and flaccid. I reached down and stroked down the length of my shaft. All around me echoed a downward progression of notes, like a deep harp playing. I moved my hand from the tip back up to the base and the notes played in reverse. Gently tapping my soft dick midway along its length produced a few notes and the colours of the mist around me began to shift to a vibrant orange. I began to play beautiful melody using my penis, tickling the tip for low rumbling notes and caressing the base for a higher melody. The sensation of touching my monster cock to produce this symphony excited me and I began to get harder. I continued to gently stroke the length of the cock as it swelled and lengthened, reaching twenty inches and continuing to grow. The pleasure coursed through my whole body and the notes began to get higher. I grabbed the ginormous monster in front of me with both hands and found that they barely reached all the way around. I frantically stroked the hardening shaft and the notes surged around me like a chaotic seizure of sound. My hands would no longer touch, and the rock-hard cock bobbed in front of my eyes, with its swollen head sitting just in front of my mouth. I rubbed my dick faster as the high siren on music continued faster and faster. All around me the colours glowed brighter and brighter, the vibrant shades became too much, and I had to close my eyes. I could feel the ecstasy building up inside me and I arched back to get the much-anticipated release, only to find a cold sensation across my back.

I opened my eyes and found that I was looking up into a clear blue sky. I was cold. I sat up and looked around. My penis was back to its usual normal size, but I was now sitting in a pile of snow. I stood and found that I was on top of a beautiful mountain and all around me were the gorgeous peaks of other mountains. The sunlight was just starting to peak over one far in the distance and the beautiful rays danced across the icy surfaces around me. I turned to see the centaur standing some ways off. He smiled and waved to me.

“How far will you go?” he called out. I ran over to him to ask him what he meant, but he just signalled to the vista before us with one hand. The other hand gently held a soft human penis nestled in the fur of the navel, just where the man and horse parts met each other. He sighed and released a stream of liquid into the snow in front of him, colouring it yellow. He grinned and laughed heartily. I smiled back at him. Not to be outdone, I held my own dick and released a stream of hot piss into the snow in front of me, managing to get my stream a bit further than where his landed. The centaur grunted and grinned, crouching slightly on his haunches, I peered back to see his enormous horse cock hardening and with another grunt shot a heavy stream of piss several yards away. I scowled at him and began to piss again, the stream barely made it further than my first attempt, but I would not be deterred. I flexed my muscles and enjoyed the feeling of release as the stream of urine intensified. The centaur laughed heartily and gave my ass a good-natured pat. This contact was arousing, and I found my dick began to get hard. As it hardened, I felt more of the pleasurable release and I watched as my stream of piss shot further across the snow.

The centaur joined me, and together we shot steady streams of urine across the field of white in front of us, until our arcs of liquid fell off the end of the mountain. We both smiled and moved to the edge. My cock was rock hard and shooting out a steady stream of hot liquid down the mountain side. The centaur began to massage my ass with his free hand, and I could feel a tingle as my already rock-hard cock lengthened further. He continued to rub my ass until suddenly, his finger squeezed between my ass cheeks and into my waiting hole. In a heartbeat, my cock surged several inches larger and a burst of urine shot across the void to the next mountain over, colouring the snow yellow. I gave a loud whoop and looked over to find that both of the centaurs already large dicks were growing too. His horse cock was so large it was resting on the ground between his front legs, producing a waterfall of hot piss into the valley below. Together we continued to turn the white landscape a golden yellow. The piss was unending, and the feeling of release was glorious! I threw my hands back and continued to watch as my cock engorged on this immense pleasure, growing more and more with each second. The burly centaur was casually running his fingers through his hairy chest and was moaning as he did so. He seemed to be in as much ecstasy as I was. He backed up a few paces, his ginormous horse cock dragging along the snowy ground.

“Ride my cock!” He shouted heartily. I was both excited and terrified, as both of his monster members would split me in two! He galloped towards me, and his human dick slid in between my spread legs so that I was riding it, literally, like a saddle. Together we soared above the landscape below, still spraying golden showers over it. The wind swept against my body, and chilled me. My nipples became hard and I shivered slightly. The centaur wrapped his muscular arms around and gently kissed me neck. “How far will you go?” he whispered again. His arms were warming me, and I knew the answer now. I would go all the way, any way and any where with him. His hands rubbed my stomach, the shaft of my cock, my swelling nipples, any skin they could reach. I gasped as waves of pleasure surged across my body. I stopped pissing as a new sense of pressure rose. I was becoming more aroused than I ever dreamed possible. This sky could not contain the amount of cum I wanted to shoot from my thick dick. I turned to look back at him and he was starring at me. His eyes were stunning pools of amber, and his beard looked soft and inviting. He neared, and I breathed in his heavy musk. My lips parted, and we kissed. I could feel his tongue in my mouth and I moaned as our passion grew. His mouth seemed to cover me and even my throbbing cock, bobbing in the wind, felt like it was engulphed in this beast’s being. I closed my eyes and focusses on that feeling. Having his mouth kissing mine and also running up and down my sticky cock. He was everywhere, and the feeling of ecstasy could no longer me contained. The world of white became brighter and brighter and I could feel myself shooting my load into this shining void. I yelled with pleasure, but heard no sound.

The white became less blurry, and I blinked several times to see sunlight filtering in my bedroom window. Outside, birds chirped happily. Everything felt damp and sticky, I tried to move, but found that I was pinned down. I looked down across the cum-covered chest and belly to find a mass of dark hair over my crotch. The hair moved, and the dreary eyes of my room-mate Ritchie peered back at me. He went to talk, but realised, my semi-hard boner was still in his mouth. He lifted his head and shrugged.

“Dude, I don’t know what happened to you last night, but it was crazy!” he mumbled. “I heard a bunch of noise from your room, and thought your were in trouble, so I peeked in to check, and…” He paused and open his eyes wide in disbelief. “Dude, you were shooting huge loads of cum everywhere. Like, every few minutes! It was insane!”

I looked at him blankly. “And?” I asked.

He grinned mischievously, “It’s such a pity to waste all that perfectly good semen.”

“All night?” I asked.

“Fuck, yeah!” he said, as he watched my semi get harder again.

“Fuck,” I said jovially, “You must have had a hell of a time sleeping… I got something you can take for that!”

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