Cutting through

by Peeda

The story of a boy, a knife and a fantasy.

4 parts 5,776 words Added Dec 2015 Updated 25 May 2016 27k views (#415) 4.8 stars (27 votes)

Part 1 The story of a boy, a knife and a fantasy. (added: 31 Dec 2015)
Part 2 Jack investigates more possibilities with the magic knife, this time involving his hot roommate’s sexy feet. (added: 3 Feb 2016)
Part 3 Jack is at it again. This time with body swap and Justin finding out! (added: 11 May 2016)
Part 4 Jack and Justin try out some of their fantasies and explore new sexy things to do with the magical knife, including becoming a boytaur. (added: 25 May 2016)
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Part 1

Jack was sitting at the table in his room eating take-out. He was all alone and didn’t know where his roommate was. Suddenly he heard a knock on the door and got up to check it out. Outside his door he found a small package addressed to him. This would be the first package he’d got since he moved in and started at college. He looked around to see if the deliverer still were there, but saw nobody. He hadn’t ordered anything and couldn’t see the name of the sender on the package, so he decided to take the package back inside to open it. He had just turned 19 last week and thought if it could be a present, but if this was a present then why didn’t it say who sent it? He sat down at the table again and started opening up the box in front of him. He was very surprised of what met his eyes. A small knife came to sight. What was this knife for, he thought. With the knife came a note. It was some kind of instructions for how to use the knife. Apparently, it was for cutting body parts. Jack hadn’t heard of a such thing before. Even though he believed in magic, how could this be true? Who had sent him this knife? It kinda turned him on thinking of the possibilities that came with such an object. Jack took out the knife from the box. It felt good in his hand, like as if it was made for him.

There were no one around, so he decided to try it out and see if it really could be ture what it said in the instructions. He sat down on the bed and thought of what could be the first thing he should cut. The first thing that came to mind was his feet. He had always had a foot fetish, and therefore it was the perfect first try. Jack put his left leg up on the right leg, so that the foot dangled out i mid air. He slowly brought the knife to his ankle and slowly pushed down with, ready to stop if it started to hurt. However, to his surprise it didn’t hurt. In fact it actually felt really nice. The blade just cut through his ankle like it was made of soft butter. When the blade was completely through, his left foot fell to the ground. With the impact of the fall to the floor he realized that he could still feel his foot.

He slowly grabbed the detached foot and brought it up to have a better look at it. The place where the knife’s blade hat cut through was now a skin-like layer covering up the flesh and bone. Without hesitation he pulled off the sock because he wanted to feel the skin of his foot and maybe do something more. The fresh sole of his own foot felt nice and warm. He instantly grew a hard on just by looking at it. Jack then slowly lifted the foot up to his mouth and felt the warmth of his toes on his lips. He kissed his foot and then put his entire big toe inside his mouth. This gave him extreme pleasure because of his foot fetish and because he could still feel his foot which was now partly in his own mouth. Jack started licking and sucking all over his foot. This was something he only could dream of doing before receiving this knife.

Jack thought that it could be fun to use his own toes as candy, so he grabbed the knife lying by his side and cut off his big toe. He was now sitting with his big toe in his hand and after a short examination he put the severed toe in his mouth. It tasted wonderful and he kept it in his mouth, maneuvering it from side to side and sucking on it for a little while before he decided to take it out and put it back on. It was only now he realized that he hadn’t even thought about reattaching body parts. Jack laid the toe on the bed next to him and found the instructions. It said that in order to reattach something you just had to line the two wanted parts up next to each other and put it back in place as if there were some kind of glue between the two body parts. Jack grabbed his foot with his left hand and the toe with his right and aligned them as if nothing had happened. When he let go of the toe, to his relief it stayed on the foot as is should. Now it was time to put back on his left foot because he wanted to try something else with the knife. He lifted the foot to his ankle and when the two cut surfaces met, the foot was reattached.

Since he found out of what the knife could do, a thought had come to his mind that he simply could not set aside. What if he cut off his own penis? Could he then use it as some sort of life like dildo and be able to easily give himself a pretty decent blowjob whenever he’d like? The thought of this made him extremely horny. His dick suddenly rose in his shorts like as if it was a large tower. Firstly, he pulled off his shorts and thereafter his boxers. Jack was now sitting butt naked on his bed, staring at his huge rock-hard cock. He grabbed the knife again and arranged it at the bottom of his dick. He slowly pushed the blade through his penis and it made a perfect cut. His manhood fell on to the bed. He then looked at the place where his dick would normally be, but there was just a skin-like layer above his balls.

Jack then picked up his dick from the bed to have a better look at it. The soft skin felt like it normally would, but there were something ecstatic about holding the penis out in mid air without it being attached to anything. He then lifted it up to his mouth and gave it a lick. It was the best feeling. Jack loved to both give and receive blowjobs and now he was able to do it at the same time and even to himself. He then put the tip into his mouth and closed his lips around it. Pushing his dick into his mouth made him moan. He pushed and pulled the dick back and forward making his day even more perfect. After a while, he got another idea. He stopped the blowjob and directed his penis down to his butthole. If giving and receiving a blowjob by himself at the same time felt this good, then how good would it feel to fuck and be fucked by himself at the same time?

He pushed the tip to his anus and went for it, using his dick as if it was a dildo. Pushing and pulling it back and forth, fucking himself with his own huge rock-hard dick. This too gave him extreme pleasure. After a while he couldn’t hold it back anymore. He could feel his cum shoot out of his dick inside his ass hole. The feeling was amazing, he thought. When his orgasm was over he pulled out his dick and put it to his mouth. He licked the cum off his dick and the taste was amazing. He’d always liked the taste of cum and his own cum wasn’t a disappointment! When he’d finished cleaning his dick with his mouth and tongue, he decided that it was time to take a break from the detachment. He put down his dick to where there now only was soft skin. The penis instantly reattached, making his body complete again. He put away the knife to a secure place. Jack got up and walked outside his room to go to class, satisfied with what he’d just experienced.


Part 2

Later that day Jack got back into his room. Lying on his own bed he found his straight roommate Justin sleeping. This gave Jack a funny and exciting thought. Jack had always thought that Justin had the hottest feet he’d ever seen, and now he might had the chance to take a closer look at them. Jack closed the door behind him quietly. He walked to his drawer, where he’d hidden the knife. He retrieved the knife and walked silently to the side of his roommate’s bed. He made sure that Justin was sound asleep by poking him and saying his name a couple of times. Jack crouched at the end of the bed where Justin’s feet hanged dangling off the end of the bed. Justin was wearing socks from which Jack could smell something arousing. He slowly and carefully started pulling Justin’s socks off by lifting the feet. They felt heavy, all dead out.

It didn’t take long before his hot roommate’s naked soles were showing. The sight of this was making Jack lust after more. Jack pulled out the knife and brought it to Justin’s right ankle. He pushed the blade through Justin’s ankle and it went right through without any blood dripping out. The foot fell from the end of the bed, but Jack managed to catch it right before it hit the floor. The warm sensation of his roommate’s hot foot in his hand made Jack insanely aroused. Jack made sure that Justin was still asleep. He then lifted the beautifully molded foot to his mouth. After taking a sniff, he licked the sole from top to bottom. The sole tasted better than he could ever imagine.

Jack then suddenly got a crazy and curious thought. What would happen if he tried to attach his own foot on Justin’s ankle? He wanted to try this and pulled therefore his sock off of his right foot and brought the blade to his ankle and pushed. The knife made a clean cut and he felt the impact of his foot falling to the floor. Jack grabbed his foot and put it next to the stump of his roommate’s leg. He slowly pushed it closer to the cut ankle. When the foot and ankle touched each other, Jack had a weird sensation at his own stump. It was as if he didn’t have a foot any longer. He had no sensation of his foot, sitting on his roommate’s ankle, and couldn’t move it either.

Jack then wondered if Justin could still move and feel his foot lying on the floor. Jack grabbed the foot and started tickling it slowly. This apparently had no impact on his sleeping roommate. He then pinched the sole of the foot, and when he realized that this too had no impact, he brought the foot again to his mouth, but this time biting it really hard, so that he would be sure that Justin would wake up if he could feel the foot. Still there were no reaction. Justin had too lost the sensation and ability to move his own foot. Justin then suddenly turned over on the bed. And while doing this moving the toes of Jack’s foot. Justin had apparently got the sensation and ability to move the newly attached Jack-foot. Jack had therefore a hot, detached and “dead” foot in his hand which he could do anything to without anybody noticing.

Jack hopped to his own bed on his one attached foot with Justin’s right foot in his hand. Now it was time to have some fun with the foot that he’d dreamt of. Lying on his bed he licked all over the foot. After a while he couldn’t resist. Knowing that his roommate lied in the other end of the room, he pulled out his dick and started jerking it off. After a short while he was ready to shoot his cum. He put the severed foot right under his cock and shot a huge load over his roommate’s foot. When he finished off he licked the cum off the foot and swallowed it all.

After this another crazy and curious thought came to him. How would it feel to have Justin’s foot on his own leg? He just had to try it when he had the chance. Jack lifted his leg. He then put the foot right next to his cut ankle and put them together. The cut disappeared and the foot was now glued to his ankle. He felt a sudden sensation come back to “his” foot when the two body parts met each other. He tried to move his toes and as a result Justin’s foot started moving at his command. It was a funny feeling, having control of someone else’s foot. Jack put his, or at least one of them was his own, feet on the floor and stood up. He had no difficult with this. He looked down and saw something funny. His right foot, Justin’s, was much bigger than his left, his own. Jack tried to walk and that was a bit more difficult than just standing. The difference in size made it a bit hard and it was definitely something he would have to get used to.

After walking a bit around he realised what time it was, and remembered that he and his roommate had soccer practice in about 20 minutes. He decided that it would be best to switch back his and Justin’s foot since he didn’t want Justin to find out about the blade and what he had done yet. Jack then realised that he didn’t know how to separate two body parts that didn’t belong together. He thought about it and decided to look in the instructions. When he found them, he could read that he would have to draw a line across the cutting line with the back of the blade, so that it would form a cross. Doing this Justin’s foot separated from his ankle. Jack then hopped to Justin’s bed with one foot attached and did the same with his own foot on Justin’s ankle. Jack reattached his own foot to his own ankle and reattached Justin’s foot to his ankle. Everything was now back in place. Jack woke up Justin, told him that it was time to go to soccer practice and left the room.


Part 3

Later that day, Jack went out to a party and he had a lot of fun including a bit of alcohol. When it was getting late he went home to his room. When he got home, Justin was already asleep. This gave yet again another opportunity to explore what else he could do with the knife. He grabbed the knife from its hiding place. He then walked to Justin's bed and thought about what to do. Suddenly an exciting thought came to his mind. He wanted to see if he could attach his head on Justin's neck, and by that controlling his hot roommate's entire body. Jack yet again made sure that Justin was sound asleep. When he was sure, Jack grabbed the knife and directed it to Justin's neck. He hadn't tried cutting anything this big and important before and got a little excited at the thought. Cutting an outer body part such as a foot was something, but to separate a head from its body was something much different. Jack slowly pushed the blade through Justin's neck to make sure it was even possible without damaging Justin. When he realised it was all fine, he pushed in all the way through. Justin kept sleeping on which was just to Jack's satisfaction.

To be able to put his own head on Justin's body, he would have to remove Justin's head from above his body. He carefully put his hands under the pillow and lifted it with the head on top of it. He lifted it over to his own bed and placed it there. The he grabbed the knife again and put it next to his neck. With one hand under his jaw and the other on the knife he pressed the blade through his neck and he suddenly felt a lot of weight on the hand under his jaw. He lifted it a bit up and his head started moving up. It was a funny feeling, having his head separated from his body. He put his head down on the nightstand and walked out in the middle of the room so that he could watch his own headless body. It was harder to walk, since he didn't have eyes on his body instead he now had eyes sitting on the nightstand. When he was out in the middle of the room, he turned around and his eyes on the nightstand could see his whole body from elsewhere. He actually thought that he had a pretty decent-looking body. It was a funny sight to see his body without a head.

After watching for a while he couldn't resist any longer. He grabbed his own head and directed it down on the bed next to Justin's cut neck. He got down on his knees by the side of the bed and pushed his head to the stump of Justin's neck. With closed eyes Jack could hear something hit the floor. He opened his eyes realizing that he was still on the bed. He tried to move his hands and with great joy finding out that he was now moving Justin's hands. He got up in a sitting position and look down on the floor. There his own body laid dead without any movement. Jack punched the shoulder of his own body and couldn't feel anything. The body was in fact completely motionless and actually dead. Nothing was now in control of it. Jack then pushed aside the blanket and revealed his hot roommate's body with his head on top. Jack ran "his" hands over the body and loved the warm sensation. He then couldn't wait any longer. He'd wanted to touch Justin's dick ever since they met, but hadn't had a chance. Now the possibility presented itself and without any hesitation he pulled down his boxers revealing a long and thick dick witch from all the arousing touches were now as hard as rock. He grabbed the dick and started jerking it off.

Jack then remembered something. He'd seen Justin being quite flexible in gym class and wanted to try it out and see what he could do. The first thing he wanted to try out was to do a split. Jack got to his feet and jumped over his own body. After making sure that everything was okay with Justin's head lying on the pillow on his bed, he spread his legs and going slowly deeper and deeper. Without any trouble he got into a full split right in the middle of his room. Wanting to try something else he got to his feet and sat down on the bed. He then put his right foot on top of his left thigh and his left foot on top of his right thigh. He was now sitting in the famous lotus pose and it was really comfortable. But this wasn't enough. Jack got out of the lotus pose and lifted his left leg up to his head. With his foot right in front on his face he couldn't resist giving it a lick or two. He then lifted the leg above his head and placed it on his shoulder. He then did the same with his right leg and was now sitting with both of his feet behind his head. Jack hadn't thought of this before, but was curious to know whether Justin could suck his own dick since he was that flexible. He pushed his head towards his crouch, and with ease put Justin's big dick in his mouth. This was his first time sucking Justin's dick, but he definitely liked it even though it kinda was his own dick.

Suddenly he heard something coming over from his bed. He heard muttering coming from Justin's head and looked over to see if Justin were awake. To his surprise Justin's head was moving and after a bit of muttering, Justin opened his eyes. At first he didn't realise anything wrong, but after a bit his eyes went wide open with a hint of desperation. Jack didn't know what to say. He could only imagine how it would feel like to wake up and suddenly realise that you didn't have a body any longer, and that you therefore couldn't move and that your roommate was now in control of your body. Justin opened his mouth, but nothing came out at first. Then he said: "What on earth are you doing, and why can't I move my body?"

Jack thought a little about what to say and then said: "Well to answer your first question I would have to answer your second question first… Well the reason as to why you can't move your body is simply because you've been detached from it and my head is now connected to your neck!"

"WHAT??? You are joking, right?" Justin said surprised. That wasn't the answer he was thinking of getting.

Jack then explained it all from the very beginning starting with how he got the knife and started exploring the possibilities with such a knife. He left out the parts about him doing stuff to Justin's body while he was asleep, and just said that tonight he wanted to try on another body if it was even possible. When Jack finished telling him about this, Justin had a weird smile on his face. He then said: "That's actually pretty hot. I like how you're thinking. And my body looks good on you! It's actually kind off a weird feeling not having a body. I'd like to try something.." Jack was surprised by this reaction. He thought that Justin would freak out and demand him to return his body instantly. He maybe even thought that Justin wanted a new roommate after this, since he thought that he was straight. But now he wasn't so sure. Jack then said: "What are you thinking of?"

"Well.. I mean, you look really hot with my body attached, and I want to try something." Justin replied. "Could you maybe cut the ass off of your body there, and attach it to the bottom of my head. And then maybe fuck me please?"

Jack sat with his mouth open. He was not expecting anything like that. But it was a really hot idea and Jack answered with an enthusiastic "YES!" He grabbed the blade and turned over his body on the floor so that his ass was now showing. He directed the knife to his ass and made a circular cut around his asshole. He then pulled out his detached body part and walked over to his bed where Justin's head laid. He picked up Justin's head and gave him a smile. He then attached the two parts together and he now had a fuck-head. A head for fucking and it actually had a fuck hole.

Justin then said: "Fuck me now please!" Jack doesn't hesitate. He lifted Justin down to his or rather Justin's own dick and placed Justins face upwards with his asshole placed towards his dick. Jack pushed his dick inside the asshole and started fucking Justin. Justin seemed to like it and moaned loudly. Jack liked it too and kept fucking him until he was about to blow. "I gonna cum!" Jack moaned and shot a load of cum inside the asshole.

"I can taste it in my mouth! My mouth is apparently connected to my asshole." Justin said eagerly and continued: "You taste good!" Jack thanked and pulled his dick out of the asshole. He laid down Justin on the bed and cleaned his dick off. He then took the knife and separated Justin's head from his asshole. After doing this he reattached the asshole to its original place. Justin was now again just a head.

Getting a bit bored with not being able to move he asked: "Could I maybe try on your body?"

"Yeah sure!" Jack replied and put Justin's head on the dead body on the floor's neck. Justin then stood up and walked a bit around. He thought it was awesome to have control of somebody else's body and put his hand down his pants to feel his dick. "Whoa Jack! You have a nice long dick!" he said. Jack thought it was funny to watch his entire body walking around with somebody else's head on top.

Jack then said: "Are you up for another round? Seeing you with my body, and thinking about fucking you with my body makes me kinda horny for a second round!" Justin smiled and nodded enthusiastically. They both got onto Justin's bed and started making out with each other. After a short while Jack got down to Justin's crotch, where his own dick was, and started sucking it. Justin then lifted up Jack's legs and Jack's cumhole was now showing. He inserted his dick inside Jack's asshole and fucked him really hard. They both moaned loudly, and didn't care if anyone heard them. When Justin couldn't hold it back any longer he pulled out and shot his cum all over Jack's stomach. Jack then started jerking off and he too came of his stomach. Jack and Justin then cleaned themselves. Justin then said: "Do you maybe want to stay like this for the rest of the night and maybe tomorrow too?"

"Hell yeah I want to. Your body is awesome!" They both went to bed and fell asleep, now for the first time without their own bodies.


Part 4

Jack woke up the next morning with a smile on his face. He had an amazing night with his roommate's body attached. Jack got out of bed and ate some breakfast. Even though it wasn't his body, he still felt hungry. Justin woke up shortly thereafter and ate some breakfast too. When they finished eating, they both got dressed, in each other's clothes since their body sizes weren't the same. Jack helped Justin out by picking some clothes and Justin helped Jack.

It was then time for school, but before heading to class they both wrapped a scarf around their neck, since the cutting line was still visible. In class Jack didn't listen very carefully because he was too busy looking, moving and exploring Justin's body. Nobody else noticed anything different, which was very good. When class was over they both went for a run. They talked about how they both wanted their bodies to stay in shape. Running wasn't very different. They just had to think about their new slightly changed body sizes.

When they got back to their dormitory they both went to the showers. Nobody else was around and they undressed. They couldn't have taken a bath if someone else was in there because then their cutting lines on their necks would be visible. They decided to shower together, since they thought it would be awesome. They were in the showers for quite a while, and when they got out they were steaming hot because of the warm water. They dried themselves off and got dressed again. Thereafter they went back to their room.

When they sat down Jack wanted to ask Justin a question. He'd thought of something during class that he wanted to try out. Jack then said: "I wanna try something if you're up to it. I want to see what happens if I attach your head to my body, while my head is still attached." Justin replied with a smirk: "Oh well then we must try it!" Jack was happy with that answer and went to pick up the knife. He lifted it to Justin's neck and cut through it yet again. Justin's head fell right off and Jack caught it. He then cut his own neck at the bottom and then reattached it on his right shoulder by cutting off the top of his shoulder. He then lifted Justin's head to his left shoulder and attached it.

Jack didn't feel anything different at first. But then suddenly both of his arms lifted up without him doing anything. Justin then said: "Whoa! I can move your body! This is amazing!" Jack turned his head to his left and saw Justin's head. Justin looked back at him and smiled. They then kissed, which lasted for a long time, since they were so close to each other they could do it whenever they wanted to. They broke off their kiss and tried to walk. It was hard when they both wanted to do it because they were kinda fighting over the control of the body.

Jack then had another idea. He grabbed the knife and forced his body over to Justin's body. He then cut Justin's dick off and also cut some of his skin off besides his own dick. Jack then attached Justin's dick besides his own dick. The newly attached dick hardened up really fast and was soon as hard as his own dick. Jack and Justin then grabbed Jack's dick with their left arm and Justin's dick with their right arm and started jerking them off. They both moaned and thought that this was an awesome feeling. It was as if the pleasure of a jerk off was giving double pleasure, which made sense since it was two cocks.

After a bit Justin thought of something. He grabbed the knife and walked over to his own headless, dickless body. He then cut straight through the abdomen of his own body right above his navel. He then made a small cut over Jack's butt on his borrowed body. Jack didn't do anything to stop this and just looked around curiously, waiting to see what Justin had in mind. After doing so Justin lifted his own lower part and placed the cut part where he had made the cut over his or Jacks butt and attached the legs there.

He suddenly gained a new feeling. He could feel and move the new legs. It was a funny feeling, since he, and Jack, now had control over 4 legs. Justin tried to walk, but quickly fell because he'd never tried walking with 4 legs and it was very different. On the floor Jack had a funny idea. He firstly directed Justin's legs into a lotus pose and thereafter he directed his own legs into the same pose. They were now sitting on the floor in a double lotus pose. It actually looked pretty cool! Jack then felt a lust for the feet pointing up at him from the lotus poses, and he stretched his and Justin's legs out. He then grabbed both Justin's and his own right feet and lifted the legs up to his and Justin's head. They started sucking and licking them which made their two dicks slip out pre-cum.

They then put back down their legs. Since this was just an experiment, they reattached themselves back to normal, detaching Justin's legs, his dick and his head and neck and putting them back in the right places. But right when Jack was about to reattach Justin's head, Justin said: "There's something I'd like to try out. It's actually been a dream of mine to try it out. Can you cut off my feet and attach them to my neck? I'd be a footboy then, which I think is really sexy and cool!" He still hadn't had a connection to his body since he'd been on Jack's neck, so he couldn't move his own body. Jack replied: "Ohh yeah! Sure! You're right. It does sound really sexy!"

Jack then took the knife and cut off Justin's feet from his "dead" body. He placed the feet standing up next to each other on the bed and put down Justin's head on top of them. Justin then lost control of Jack's body and only gained control over his feet. He couldn't walk, but he could hop and wriggle his toes. Jack then said: "Ohh how sexy a footboy you are! I've gotta have those feet!" And with that he grabbed Justin by his ankles and lifted Justin's feet to his own mouth. He gave both feet a lick from bottom to top and when he reached the toes, he put them inside his mouth, sucking on them like it was a lollipop with his favourite flavour!

But this isn't enough, Jack thought. He firstly put down Justin and then grabbed the knife once more and walked over to Justin's "dead" body. He then cut off Justin's dick one more time. He also turned over his body and cut off his butt hole. Jack then attached Justin's dick right under Justin, the footboy's chin and his butt hole on the back of his neck. Now he was complete. Jack grabbed him again by his ancles and this time he gave him a blowjob by spreading the feet, but still having Justin's feet on both sides of his face. Jack thought that it couldn't get any better. Having his hot roommate's dick in his mouth while having his feet by his face.

He sucked for quite a while, hearing Justin moan from the pleasure. Jack then turned Justin around and started fucking the footboy. The feet dangled back and forth in sync with Jack's dick going in and out of Justin's butt hole. Jack felt like he was a giant fucking a small human. He couldn't stop himself and came with a moan inside the footboy's neck. Justin could yet again taste the cum and he enjoyed the taste. Jack cleaned himself and Justin, and he then rebuilt Justin back to his normal self. Both boys couldn't stop smiling. One of their biggest and maybe even unimaginable dreams had just come true. They agreed that this wasn't going to be a one-time thing. They wanted to do something similar soon again.

4 parts 5,776 words Added Dec 2015 Updated 25 May 2016 27k views (#415) 4.8 stars (27 votes)

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Click bate by Dream Big Andy didn’t remember ordering this weird butt and cock pleasuring equipment, but, hey, it looked like it might be fun to play with… 26 parts 23k words Added Nov 2020 Updated 5 Mar 2022 29k views 4.9 stars (35 votes) •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Hyper Cock•Self-suck•Other Mental Changes•Increased Libido•Transformation•A.I.-Controlled Change•Dildos/Toys•Merging•Set during the Pandemic •M/M•M/M/M/...

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