Can’t help growing you

by BRK

Texting with his unseen lover is always hot and heavy, especially the way he takes his descriptions so literally.

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My big dick gets hard whenever his username pops up on my IM friends window. And it isn’t just because his username was canthelpgrowingyou.

No, the real ache in my boner comes from anticipation born of knowing that he really, really can’t.

To be fair, he warned me about it when I first chatted him up a few weeks ago. “If I cum while we’re talking, you’ll end up getting bigger,” he typed partway into our chat as things were heating up. “Sorry, thought you should know.” He sounded almost chagrined.

“Sounds awesome. All over?” I replied back with a smile. I figured he was role-playing, and my dick had already jumped to completely hard without my even realizing it. I caressed the shaft distractedly with my free hand.

“No, that’s the thing, I can’t control it,” read the reply. “I just make growth happen somewhere whenever I blow a load with someone. It’s different places on your body each time!”

My cock surged a bit against my fingers as they lightly traced its hard length. This was hot. And him not being in control in this scenario suited me. I kind of like being in control.

“Well, there’s something you don’t know about me,” I typed rapidly. “I can do things to other people too.”

“Like what?”

I thought about how to phrase this to intrigue my new buddy. “I can redirect other people’s abilities,” I sent back. “It’s so amazing! I finally met someone who actually needs what I can do!”

There was a moment’s pause. I went ahead and grasped my cock fully with my left hand. The scenario was already really turning me on. After a couple seconds he still hadn’t replied, and I was wondering if he wasn’t into the way that I was, in a sense, already “redirecting” his “ability.”

Then came the reply: “I’m so turned on by that.”

I smiled as I started stroking myself in earnest. “I know you are. Just tell me when you’re going to blast, dude,” I typed. “I’ll point it wherever you want.”

“No,” came the quick response. “Where *you* want.” I knew if we had been face to face, acting this out in real life, he’d be panting. Maybe he was panting. The idea of a growth ability that he couldn’t control but that I could was turning both our cranks like nobody’s business.

My dick was leaking and shivering, feeling thick and heavy in my hand. I was already close! I licked my lips and stroked harder. “In that case I’ll tell you now,” I typed. “In fact I’ll tell you when to come too, so there’s no confusion. You’re hard now, right?”

“Fuck yeah.”

“Really, really hard.”

“Sooo hard.” The textual reply somehow conveyed a whimper.

“You need to cum soon.”

“Actually I do,” came the surprised, instant response. “Dude. I never say this because I hate not knowing what I’ll do to other people. But I need it. Dude—make me cum!”

His intensity was egging on my own arousal. I love being on the edge almost as much as blasting my load, and I was right on the edge, my whole tight body hot with pulsing blood, as if I were hard all over. “In a minute, dude. I want you writhing with the need to cum. So you’ll cum like you’ve never cum before.”

“Dude!! I gotta cum so bad! Make me cum!”

His pleadings went straight to my groin and somehow shoved my arousal almost to the edge of endurance. “I will,” I sent back, barely able to type. My fingers were blunt instruments are hard to control. I wanted to just pound the keyboard keys with my adamantine dick. “You’ll cum when I give you the command to use your ability. You understand?”

“Yes!! Please dude, I need to blow so bad, it’s never felt like this!”

“Your orgasm is going to be such a huge explosion, bigger than you’ve ever had.”

“Oh yeah, I can feel it building up. You have no idea.”

“I know exactly, mine is going to be just like it.” I wasn’t exaggerating by much.

“Duude,” came the strained reply.

“And the intensity of your orgasm will make the growth twice as much as it’s ever been.” I couldn’t hold back much longer—I was deep inside my vision of what was about to happen.


“Get ready,” I typed with shaking hands, as if instructing my own hyper-tense body. I was ready. Beyond ready. “Now!! GROW YOUR OWN COCK DUDE!”

“Shiiiit!!!” came the response, but I was barely conscious of it—I was blasting a fountain of cum straight up from my superhard cock. A volley of hot cum spattered against my cheek, and three more splashed across my tight, bare chest. I gasped, feeling as I came and came again like impossible levels of orgasm were being wrenched out of my hot, twisted groin and pounded out my thick, rigid cock.

I collapsed back against my padded desk chair, suddenly sweaty and sated. I wasn’t up to typing anything for a few moments, or even cleaning the cum off my face, and it seemed from the matching silence like my new buddy was in a similar state. I paid attention to my breathing and tried to school it into measured, deep breaths, but my heart was still racing. My hair seemed to be tickling the back of my neck for some reason, but I didn’t pay any attention to it.

Finally I mustered some strength and leaned forward to type, “That was awesome.”

After a long moment came a stark reply: just the word “Dude.”

I stared at the word, amused. My cock was still rock hard, pointing straight up at my face as if it wanted to spit on it again, though I my aching balls were telling my not to let that happen before they had a chance to recover. “I know, right?”

“I don’t think you do know,” came his response.

I was really curious now. He must have had a cumfest as intense as mine if he was this—awed. “What do you mean?” I probed. “Did you cum a lot?”

“Like a fucking firehose,” he replied. I grinned, imagining what it would be like if he really had, literally. “But—my thing. The growing. I’d never done it to myself before. Usually it’s only a little bit, and I never know where—your hair grows out a bit, that happens a lot for some reason, even if there’s other changes too. Or maybe your calves get a touch larger, or your arms get longer, that happened once. But usually it’s pretty minor…”

“And this time?” I urged. I was surprised to realize that if he kept talking like this pretty soon I would be ready for round two.

“Dude, my boner is like—fifty percent bigger!!” After a moment cane the addition, “And it wasn’t that small before.”

“Awesome,” I said aloud, then went ahead and typed it. My own boner clenched and jumped in glee at the fantasy. “That’s amazingly hot.”

“Yeah, but—dude, next time, don’t grow my cock any more, okay? It’s kind of almost … too big now.”

There was only one possible response to that, and I typed it slowly and with lascivious relish: “No promises.”

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