Becoming the adult store hunk

by LeMapp

A young man happens on a way to temporarily become the hot guy he was just lusting after in the adult goodies store.

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It was Thursday afternoon and I left the office early. I had completed my work, or at least what I wanted to do that day. Wandering around downtown and spotted one of the adult bookstores. I decided that would be a wonderful way to spend the afternoon.

When I entered I saw the young hunk at the counter in his tight muscle shirt and blue jeans. He had muscles in all the right places. We smiled at each other and I pretended to look at some of the videos.

After a while I came over to the counter and stalled trying to think of what to say. The young hunk asked, “Looking for a cock ring?”

I really wasn't but I said yes anyway. The hunk went through a short sales pitch about types and sizes. Most of his talk I ignored, I was more focused on his magnificent body. I guess I was too wrapped up but I came to realizing that I had purchased a heavy metal cock ring. The hunk announced that his shift was coming to an end and he was waiting for his relief to arrive. He looked toward to the room behind the counter as if he heard something. He smiled at me, turned around and went inside the back room.

I made my way around to the side door for the back room and wait for the hunk to exit. I was going to ask if he wanted to get some coffee or something. I noticed the door was not closed all the way, so I stepped forward to look through the crack.

I was surprised to see that the room looked more like a cheap bedroom that a storage room. There was a small bed, closet and mirror. The naked hunk stood with his back to me. He was pulling at the back of his head. Soon the hair spilt open to reveal that the hunk had been wearing a mask. Long graying hair appeared. The hunk tossed the mask to the floor. Then he peeled off his muscle shirt and pulled at his back. After a few moments his dark tan skin spilt to show a lighter skin underneath. The hunk worked his out of the body mask. There stood an older man in black nylon underwear.

Someone at the counter rang the bell. The older man yelled out that he would be right there. He quickly grabbed a long sleeve flannel shirt and khaki pants. Without picking up the body mask he left for the counter.

I was amazed at the body mask and I knew that I had to act quickly. Since the door was not locked I entered the room and grabbed the body mask, facemask and all of the clothes. I did notice a closet that appeared to be overstuffed with body masks. Once I was outside of the room I shoved everything inside my shoulder bag.

I wandered through the store some more and then slowly left the front entrance. Once I was outside I really wanted to try on the masks. Then I remembered the conference center at the downtown library. My company held a few off site meetings there. It was rarely used, so the large restrooms would be empty.

I made my way to the library. The guard at the door searched through my bag but didn't say a word about the masks or the extra clothes. I sense that his day was coming to an end and he just was going through the motions. Inside the library I had to go the third floor and then all the way through reference to the back wall. I had thought that I was poor planning for the conference center but today it was perfect for me.

I reached the bathroom and found that I was completely alone. I went to one of the stall and quickly undressed. Then I began to slide on the body mask. I thought it would be a struggle much like trying to put on a wetsuit, but the inside adjusted and glided over my skin. It felt like it was sucking me deep inside. It only took moments and my complete body was covered in the deep tan muscles. My cock was soft but it was easily six inches. I stroked myself and it was like I could feel it directly. I slipped on the facemask to complete the full package.

I'm usually very modest. I wanted to go and see myself in the full-length mirrors near the sinks. I thought about how I looked now and decided that being buck-naked was perfect for this body. I slowly left the stall and saw no one around. I got my confidence and walked over to the mirror.

My reflection was amazing. I was the muscle hunk from the store. I ran my hand over my smooth hard body. I stroked my cock to full attention. It was great seeing my thick 10” rod. I wanted to go out and play. I knew that I could easily get any man that I wanted.

I went back to the stall to put on the hunk's clothes. I heard the bathroom door open, so I was no longer alone. A few seconds later, someone knocked on the stall door. Then a voice, “Peter, this is Stan. I saw you on the camera. You are looking hot. It is not Saturday afternoon but I'm available now for a quickie. I saw that you are up for it.”

I had to quickly decide how far I wanted to go being someone else. There was now someone who knew me. I opened the stall door and looked at Stan. He was about the same age as the hunk but more of an average build. He forced his way in and locked me in a tight kiss. He quickly undressed both of us. He wanted to get off now! Soon we were both on the floor in a 69 position. Stan knew how to suck my cock to perfection. He bought me to edge several times before he finally let me thick cum down his throat. I tried my best and Stan awarded me with a large load that I swallowed.

Stan kissed me, dressed and left. I laid there for a few moment and then I got dressed. I found the cock ring and decided to try it on. It was a struggle but I got my hose and balls through the heavy metal. The bugle in my jeans was now obscene. I made my way through the library knowing that people were staring at me. I enjoyed the show I was putting on. Once outside I decided to go the gay bathhouse. I was going to bury this huge man pole deep inside some muscular ass.

Added Apr 2003 26k views (#426) 4.4 stars (9 votes) 1,173 words

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