by Alex Rif

James finds the superhero costume his stepson had ordered from a strange website for Halloween, and decides to try it on.

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Part 1 James finds the superhero costume his stepson had ordered from a strange website for Halloween, and decides to try it on.
Part 2
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Part 1

Adam, who was a 20-year-old young man, decided to look for a costume for the next cosplay event. He spent its summer holiday with his stepfather just like every year since the death of his mother (he was the stepfather since he has never known his real, biological father), and one of his hobbies was going to the comics and manga convention and for that he chose carefully what would be the most suitable costume to wear.

“This website looks new,” he thought while surfing through the website he had just discovered: zentaisecondhand dot com.

Adam was medium size, fit with brown hair.

On the website, various costumes may be purchased: cop, vampire, super-hero. For some of them, it was indicated if the costume was new or second-hand and whether the size of each costume was adjustable to fit all morphologies.

“It looks so strange… but with this price, why not buy one?”

Adam clicked on the Superhero sSection. Even if his body was not really the best for that type of costume, Adam thought it would be a good occasion to seriously begin to work-out this autumn. A lot of superhero costumes could be bought which had names that were unknown to him: one of which had caught his attention; it was called Massive. It was one blue spandex bodysuit; the upper part was sleeveless and it had a V-neck. It also consisted of gold-colored boots, briefs, a belt and a gold-colored mask. The superhero character was a muscular man with just the letter M on the belt.

With only two clicks, the costume was bought. “A zentai spandex can have an effect,” he thought without really trying to be convincing.

Two weeks later, the package arrived at the house of his stepfather. It was Friday and Adam came to visit his father that day.

James found the package in by the front door without any inscription other than just the family name on it.

“I don’t remember ordering anything. Adam didn’t say anything about it,” James thought.

He laid down its bag and its jacket. James was smaller than Adam with black hair and a Mediterranean type. He worked in a police station but more in the administrative part. He went to the kitchen, with the package and opened it. The costume was neatly folded; James touched it then caressed it. “The fabric is very soft and… Nice and warm! And oh it smells… So masculine,” he said quietly.

He looked at the costume as if he was hypnotized and he kept on rubbing his hand over it and smelled it over and over inside the box. Suddenly, the phone rang. It was one of his fellow police officers. While he spoke, he kept his eyes on the package. Once the conversation ended, he grabbed the package, lifted the costume up and unfolded it. The light of the room seemed to be slightly changed, as the costume reflected a shadow light. A slight electric shock passes through his body and the costume smelled of the musk odor.

“A costume for Halloween… My body will never match Adam’s body…” he moaned. “What kind of superhero it is… ‘M’ like Megaman?” he asked himself, looking carefully at the letter ‘M’ on the belt.

He hesitated for a moment, and then he looked at the clock on the wall.

“Well, maybe I’m no longer young enough to wear it, but… If Adam sees me, he will not stop bothering me over this!”

He quickly went to the bedroom with the costume, the belt, the boots and the mask.

At the same time, Adam opened the door. He went into the kitchen and once he was there he saw the open package on the table. He saw a note inside it: “Be careful, for the effects are permanent and random…”

“Ah, the costume! Where is it? Did Dad take it…?”

His heart was beating quickly. He laid down his bag and coat and reached discreetly the first floor, thinking if his father would dare to even put it on.

The door was slightly opened; enough to see his father taking off his shirt. Adam could see his dad’s torso a little bit with coated fat around his belt, nice legs (due to his regular running) but with chicken arms. He felt uncomfortable while spying on his stepfather. Of course, he was gay and he loved looking at men but he was his stepfather, that’s all. He recognized the costume, the belt and the briefs which were on the bed. He saw his stepfather hesitating to take off his briefs, touching in the same time the costume spread on the bed. He finally chose to take them off and Adam did not avoid looking at the private parts of James.

James begins to slip on the costume. First one leg and then the other. The blue light from the costume reflected in the mirror. It was quite weird for Adam to watch this scene: his stepfather pulling on the costume which was definitely too large for him. He finished by pulling up the zipper in the back. Then he gently caressing the costume, like messaging it. He turned back and took the mask to put on his head, pulling up the brief and the belt and the boot.

Suddenly, he laughed loudly and Adam smiled: the picture of his stepfather was pretty comic: he looked more like a disco man than a superhero. The sleeveless V-neck shirt highlighted his hairless torso and the absence of his biceps.

A few second later, James hung on the mirror sharply. Adam could see his stepfather gritting his teeth like he was suffering while the other hand was on the crotch. The part of his body exposed to the air, was covered by sweat. A sharp light seemed to appear in this region and Adam could see the fabric stretched. Not only in the groin region but as well on the leg until the fabric highlighted the presence of the two big legs. Adam was close to enter in the room to help James when the latter stretched his arm up, crying “Ohhh yesss, that’s so goooddd”.

Adam believed he was hallucinating when the pictures of his stepfather faltering, like he was metamorphosing. He could see now giant abs, the chest growth and his biceps inflating while the neck of James had doubled. “Oh hell, yess!” then a lighting emerged for the body, lighting up briefly the entire room.

When Adam opened his yes, a powerful man was standing in the middle of the room, looking at the mirror. It was a super-improved version of his stepfather, covered by hard muscle from the bottom to the top. The costume with the V-neck shirt highlighted a massive hairy chest. The biceps were like two large balloons. The legs were huge and the veins of the quadriceps could be seen clearly. When the huge man walked over the mirror, Adam was amazed by the definition of the back, the V-deltoid was indescribable, the ass was replaced by two nice balloons and even the yellow brief couldn’t hide the furrow formed by the muscle which went down until his feet. This impression of extra virility was reinforced by the strong musk of man which can be smelled so strong that Adam felt a bit sick and hid with difficulty his excitement. His stepfather kept on admiring himself in the mirror, while massaging his crotch trough the briefs.

It was time for Adam to go down in the kitchen, too choked to think. Maybe he was going to wake up?

In the kitchen, he could hear a deep moan coming from the room of his stepfather. “Time to enjoy,” thought Adam, feeling a little jealous.

A few minutes later, James came into the kitchen. He wears a large sweat and jogging pants, not enough to cover his new morphology and again, the odor of strong man filled entirely the room.

“Hey dad, how are you? Come back from the gym? It seems you gained a lot of mass, didn’t you?

“Probably,” answered James, blushing. “With this colleague we’ll try a new program in the gym…”

His father was so closed, the pictures of his dad transformed of a hyper man too intense that Adam goes directly to the room.

“Adam, wait…”

The night, both tried to act like usual. His dad seemed to improve difficulty to contain his strength, breaking dishes and glasses.

“Dad, are you all right??

“Yes, yes, I should go to the bed early today…”

This night, Adam did not manage to sleep. He tried to forget when he saw today but he kept on masturbating, the felling was too strong. He decided to go to pee when he passed in front of the door of the room of his stepfather. He heard the slow breath of the latter. Too curious, he opened carefully the door. The light of full moon enabled to distinguish partially the form in the room. His father was laying down on the bed, his huge morphology was clearly visible.

“Maybe, I could take back the costume.”

He noticed that his father still wore it, the shadow light reflecting on the body suit expanded by all the muscle. Adam’s penis was erected and stretched the spandex so hard, that at any moment it could crack the costume. However, the belt and the brief were put on the chair. Adam came near to the latter. As soon as he touched the brief, a sensation like electrocution traversed its body. He felt at this moment like he was splitting into two or the presence of something inside him. He decided to go out quick of the room before awakening his dad.


Part 2

It has been two months now since James morphed into a huge muscle man. All the newspapers and TV didn’t stop talking about the presence of a superhero in the city, called “Massive”. Adam was impressed how quick his father used his new abilities, not too strange knowing his character and the fact he worked at the police station. When Adam came back in his stepdad’s house, on Friday, he had decided to talk to him about the fact he found a parcel with a costume and he knew what happened to his dad.

He found him sitting on the couch, gazing into the infinity. He wore his police uniform. Adam compared its image to a muscle man in a cop suit as the bear guys in some porn movies. He tried to get this image out of his head.

“Hey dad, how are you?”

“Ah, Adam good and you? How was university?”

“Nice,” he said noncommittally. “I’d like to talk to you about something.”

Adams sat close to him, sniffing the musk odor emitting from the tight shirt of James and with the pecs pushing the buttons.

“Dad, as I told you earlier, I had ordered a costume for the next cosplay convention. You have already said me you did not receive, but it was wrong. I know it. I know that you are Massive!”

By saying these last words, Adam grabbed James’s black uniform shirt and opened it, which exposed what was underneath.

His dad had not time to react, lowered his eyes and looked the hand of his son put on his chest covered by the blue spandex. He touched it gently.

“Sorry Adam, I lied to you. But understand these last months were difficult.” Then, he began to cry. Adams did not know what to reply.

“Sorry. Yes, I took it, Yes I changed a lot.”

He began to tell his son how he lived these two past months. He told him about his new work as a superhero and how he handled it in the office.

“Do you remember Dave? The Chief of the patrol division. I always had a good relationship with him. He was the first whose behavior changed when he noticed my body’s changes. He was like ensorcelled when he was close to me. He proposed several time to go out and he was not the only. Most of the woman and men I know changed the way they talk to me. I am always horny. I have to try to contain myself.” He swallowed. “Sometimes, it was like I struggled against the power I obtained, I do not know how to do…”

“Dad, you are amazing, everybody is grateful for you did. I will not hide you I am a bit jealous but I am okay now. Stop struggling and accept that you’re Massive,” Adam said.

Then Adam took the hand of James and brought him in front of the mirror.

“Look at you, Dad, what are you seeing?”

“A man, a bit lost, afraid of what he could begin.”

“I am seeing me a muscle man, with a gold heart, powerful and so confident.” When his father looked in the mirror it was like he was not there, his eyes looking at the infinity.

“Repeat after me, Dad: I am a huge muscle man, I fight crime, I am confident and free to act like I want!”

“I am a huge muscle man, I fight crime, I am confident and free to act like I want!”

Adam took the shirt off, then the pants, exposing the body suit. The gold brief and the belt seemed sparkling. His dad did not react, kept on repeating the phrases like he was hypnotize by what he was looking at. Then, Adam caressed Massive’s back, feeling the warm generating by the body. The texture of the spandex was really smooth and warm. He put his hand on the abs then the pecs, worshiping the body. He rubbed the stone-like biceps then go down until brief.

Once touched the latter, he felt again the electricity, put his nose on it. He got suddenly an intuition. He grabbed the brief and tried to slip it off the legs. He asked his father to raise one leg and another. He kept the briefs and the belt in his hand and stepped back. His father was now posing in the mirror like he was enjoying being what he was. Adam could see clearly a growth of the body of his father like the transformation was being completed. Without hesitating, and before his father went out of this new attitude, Adams took off his shirt and shorts, then his white briefs. He pulled on the gold brief with the belt. The effect was immediate; a huge burst of electricity passed through its groin, making him shout. His father then turned back and was a bit petrified. Thousand lightening encircled his son, and the epicenter was located on the crotch. All Adam’s muscles were contracted.

Adam felt again the presence in his head. He was now paralyzed. He remembered what he said to his father and repeated the same phrase: “I am a huge muscle man, I fight the crime, I am confident and free to act like I want!” He decided to let go; to accept this massive burst of power crossed its body. He felt a warm sensation wrapped his legs, then his upper body, the hormone acted like a firework. A few seconds later, he opened the eyes, the lightening was decreasing and what he saw in the mirror overwhelmed him: a gold costume similar to the costume of his father covered his body.

What an amazing body! It was the body of bodybuilder-lumberjack, huge V deltoid, massive pecs and legs and 6 perfect pack abs. Massive walked toward him, still a little bit massive and tall that the new power man.

“I should call you Massive Jr.,” he said with a smile. Then he took the head of his son between his hands. Both looked in each other’s eyes. Like the costume, they become complementary; they felt inside their mutual power, their urge to keep on transcending themselves.

It was just the beginning.



MassiveMassiveMassive Jr.

Massive and Massive Jr.
Art by Mindsweeper (Click to enlarge)

2 parts 2,851 words Added Feb 2016 39k views (#214) 3.7 stars (17 votes)

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