All kinds of jobs

by Musiker

Dale was straight before his transformation, but his transformation included becoming pansexual. It's time, with Max's help, for Dale to be introduced to gay sex.

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It was our first day as beast-folk, and though we had only been awake for about eight hours, I was wiped out. Master said it’s normal for beast-folk to be exhausted right after they wake up from their transformation. We had just finished a meal called “bedtime snack”, which Miss Amy, our nutritionist, told us would always be fed to us right after the park closed for the night. There was tons of incredibly delicious food, and although I was starving, eating just felt like a chore because I was so tired. But Miss Amy stood there to make sure I ate every last bite, including the embarrassingly large amount that fell out of my dog bowl onto the tall counter it was resting on because I was so clumsy with my new face.

I wasn’t allowed to use utensils or even my hands, which bothered me a lot less than it would have when I was still human. It was fun getting to stick my muzzle right into my food bowl, but it was frustrating that bits of gravy-covered chicken, yams, and broccoli kept slopping over the sides. I didn’t realize eating with your face required the coordination that it does!

Dale kept snickering at me through his feed bag. I kinda flipped him off because his food stayed neatly contained and strapped to his friggin’ face. He could just lean forward and rest it on the counter and suck his food out of the bag like he’d been doing it all his life. Not only that, since his hands were free he could send me irritating messages on the tablet computer Master had given him. We still hadn’t learned to talk properly with our new mouths, so we were to temporarily use the tablets for communication.

DALE> Dude u got an eating disorder its supposed to go in ur mouth

DALE> u gonna finish that? Like someday?

DALE> Nice one Lassie dinner looks gud on ur chest

DALE> u eating or barfing? I cant tell

Ugh, he went on and on like that, even after I started growling in anger. Finally I had licked all the spillage off the counter and my body and Miss Amy was satisfied. She explained that “washing the dishes”, meaning my bowl and Dale’s bag, would be her job, but cleaning the counter and floor (okay, yes, my food really went flying) would be our job. Dale did help me, even though it was pretty much all my mess, and that made me a little less mad. Nevertheless, I was still fuming as we each went to our privacy rooms.

We each have a room that is carefully not referred to as our bedroom, even though that’s pretty much all that is in there. Each privacy room has a huge bed, like, bigger than a king-size bed, and one tiny bedside table. Anything else that a typical bedroom would have, like clothing storage for example, is out in the main habitat area. Master had explained to us that we’re only allowed to be in the privacy rooms under specific conditions: for sleeping or sex when the park isn’t open, for sex with a keeper or staff member whenever they ask, or for brief periods during the day when we really need a break from being on view. The entrance to each is an archway with a curtain, rather than a door. The entrance to Dale’s privacy room is decorated to look like a stable, and mine is decorated to look like a gigantic dog house. Our names are painted over the archways in our signature colors: candy apple red for me and a bright blue-violet for Dale.

Earlier I had been over the moon about all that, but now I was just angry and tired. I stomped into my room (not easy to do when you don’t wear shoes) and flung the entrance curtain closed, not bothering to help Dale make the trip. He was having a real hard time getting used to walking on hooves, but at that moment I thought it served him right. It was probably five whole minutes before I heard his curtain open and close.

DALE> Max?

I didn’t reply.

DALE> Max. I’m sorry. I know eating is harder for you like walking is harder for me. I shouldn’t have been an ass hole about it.

Fine, if he was going to apologize…

MAX> It’s okay. I’m sorry for storming off

DALE> Night Lassie


DALE> OK OK sorry

DALE> I mean it though Max. Have a good night man

MAX> yeah u 2

I quickly discovered that sleeping flat on my back was not very comfortable unless I turned my butt to the side so I didn’t squash my tail. And sleeping on my front proved to be tricky because my muzzle was so big. Lying on my side worked pretty well, but I had to stack three pillows under my head because my shoulders were so ridiculously broad that my head was, like, a foot above the mattress. Fortunately my privacy room was well-stocked with pillows. I stuffed several under my head and wiggled around trying to get comfortable.

I lay there for a very long while with my eyes closed, but a feeling that had been bothering me slightly at first was growing stronger, until it was all I could think about. I felt empty. Partly I was feeling bad that I had been so pissed at Dale, but this hollow feeling was more intense and went far deeper than just that. It was probably the dog in me, but I felt lost without anybody else around, like I needed a “pack”. Even telling myself Dale was next door wasn’t helping, and of course all the keepers were at home. By the time I’d been in bed for an hour or so, the loneliness was oppressive, agonizing. I found myself choking down the urge to howl. I heard the diffident little chime sound that told me I had a message. I grabbed for my tablet like it was a lifeline.

DALE> Are you there?

MAX> ya

DALE> Can I come over? Please?

MAX> yes

I was starting to notice that he typed whole words more often when he was being serious. I also wondered if he had been standing outside my curtain because he was there by my bed as soon as I hit “send”. He looked down at me with a sort of longing expression on his face.

DALE> I know it’s stupid but I feel lonely. Like, so lonely it physically hurts.

MAX> I know what you mean. I feel like I need a pack to be with.

DALE> I feel like I need a herd.

DALE> Can I lay down next to you?

DALE> Please?

Instead of typing an answer I patted the bed next to me and tossed him some pillows. I scooted over and laid on my right side, so that I was facing away from him. He laid down behind me and thrashed around with the pillows and blanket for a while. I grabbed my tail to keep it from getting in the way. Then, as if it was the most natural thing in the world, Dale put his arm over my side with his hand on my abs and tucked his extra-long chin on my shoulder. I noticed he had taken off his wrist brace from when he hurt himself earlier. He thoughtfully curled up his legs so his hooves were as far away from me as he could get them.

Immediately the oppressive feeling lifted. The dog in me had his packmate.

Then the human in me realized what had just happened. My best friend had come into my bed and we were spooning! This had been the beginning of many sexual fantasies for as long as we had been rooming together as humans. But I had never thought it could possibly happen in reality because although I was bisexual, he was straight. He was always totally cool whether I brought girls or guys home with me; the next day, though, he would thoroughly debrief me about my time with the girls, but only showed polite interest in whether I enjoyed my time with the guys.

My heart beat sped up. I went from zero to rock-hard in 0.5 seconds.

I was pretty sure Dale wasn’t trying to initiate sex…yes, pretty sure… Still, even before our transformations, Master had gently but firmly informed him that he would be expected to perform all kinds of sex, including gay sex, and had suggested that I act as his tutor. Dale had indicated that he was nervous about the idea, but not against it in any way, and Master had said he was satisfied.

We talked about it once after that, while we were still human, and he explained that his nervousness sprung from not having a clue about the mechanics of gay sex and just generally not knowing what to expect. He does have a real need to feel adept at anything he does, and trying new things that are far out of his comfort zone are genuinely scary for him. I tried to reassure him that once he started being attracted to both males and females it would mostly come naturally, and suggested he might try watching some gay porn. He seemed skeptical, and I suspect he never did any of that particular homework.

So…was this an invitation to start his first lesson? I just didn’t think so. He had really seemed to just need a friend nearby. But God, he was torturing me! I had lusted after him as a handsome, bodybuilding human, and now he was this mega-sex-god of horsey muscle lusciousness that had been giving me boners since before he woke up on that gurney and he just wanted to cuddle!

I lay there for maybe an hour trying and failing to fall asleep. I honestly was enjoying the feel of his arm on my side and his chin on my shoulder, but eventually I admitted to myself that I was just too horny to sleep. I wasn’t going to get any sleep until I took matters into my own hand, as it were. As gently as I could, I slipped myself out from Dale’s embrace. He made a kind of nickering sound and looked up. I swallowed hard to make sure I wouldn’t drool and spoke as clearly as I could around my oversized tongue.

“Gonnna t-taakkkke a ssshhhit,” I whispered. He grunted and put his head back on the pillows.

I slipped out into the habitat and noticed that there were dim night light strips running along the wall about a foot above the ground. Following the lights would take me along the exact path from the privacy rooms and living area to the latrine area.

The latrine was a long strip of lush grass set up to look like a cartoony suburban street with a fake mailbox and a very realistic artificial tree. There was a ridiculously large fake fire hydrant at each end, one of which was plumbed and opened out so we could use it as a bidet. It also had a little spout for hand washing and even an attachment for enemas, which Mister Jason assured me I would be using regularly to prepare myself for his enjoyment. I was kinda looking forward to that.

I actually did have to crap, so I squatted over the grass. I had been sleeping naked, so I conveniently didn’t have any pyjamas to pull down. Master had shown us where our clothing was stored, in a couple of chests placed against the wall by our living area. It was mostly custom-made compression shorts, tanks, and shirts, for training and performing. He said during our free time we could wear whatever we liked, pointing out that “nothing” was certainly an option. Dale and I had decided to spend the rest of the day nude.

Once I finished relieving myself, I washed up, then flipped up the flag on the fake mailbox. This would signal to Dale that he should watch his step on the grass, and to the keepers that there was a mess to clean up. Dale and I had been told firmly that we were never to try to clean our own crap off of the grass. Apparently our vet, Dr. Quanh, would be sending our stools out for testing periodically, plus we weren’t allowed to touch the scooper or sanitizing chemicals.

As I turned around from the mailbox to get ready to masturbate, I nearly ran headlong into Dale. Unfortunately for me, I had not gotten used to him in his current body, so for a moment I only saw a 7-foot-tall, shadowy wall of muscle confronting me in the dark. I freaked out and barked three whole times before I realized who it was. Never having heard my loud, booming bark, Dale gave a startled whinny.

We each stood there for a breath, then broke into laughter at the same time. Dale’s laugh was higher pitched and definitely horsey. Mine was deep and gravelly.

“Ah-ha-ha-I’m ssso-o-o ss-sorrrry!” he chortled.

“You’rrrrre a shcary b-bassshtarrrrrd!” I gasped.

Our laughter slowed down to the occasional chuckle. As Dale laughed I was noticing his abs dancing in the dim light, and the contour of his gorgeously bulky deltoid muscles bouncing up and down. I had been hoping to distract myself from Dale’s hotness, but here he was in all his naked glory, and here I was, my aching dick pointing eagerly right at him. He looked down at it. We paused, frozen, facing one another. Both of us were breathing hard.

Slowly, slowly, his hand began to reach toward my cock. I watched it, not even daring to think about where this was going. His fingers were an inch away from their target.

“C-Cannn I?” he whispered. He looked up into my eyes. It was hard to see in the dim light, but I thought he looked scared.

“Yeah,” I nodded. Short sentences were much easier.

He ran just one fingertip delicately along my dick, from tip to base. I shuddered. Oh shit, that was intense! His finger traced its way back to the pointy tip. He went to move his hand away but I grabbed it with both of my hands. Slowly, remembering it was hard for him to balance on his hooves, I half-pulled, half-supported him over to the wall where the “sex cabinet” was. It had a selection of large and super-size dildos and butt plugs that had made Dale look a little wild-eyed when Master had opened it to show us earlier, and also lube in a pump bottle. I pumped some lube into my hand, then smeared it on his palm. He snorted a little at this but didn’t pull away.

I gently guided his hand back to my dick and wrapped his fingers around it. Just to make sure there was no misunderstanding, I moved it back and forth a couple of times like a fleshlight. He got the idea and started pumping. It felt so intensely good my knees almost crumpled. Since it seemed we were starting Dale’s education now, I sidled around until I could get my lube-smeared hand on his pole. I started jacking him off and got some very similar reactions from him. His knees actually did shake a little when I first started and he was making a sound that was somewhere between a moan and a nicker.

I had never participated in a mutual hand job, but it’s not like the technique was much more complex than masturbating. We built up the pace, gasping and shuddering and moaning, until finally we came. I came first, with what could only be described as a howl. My cum sprayed against the wall a couple times, then continued to ooze out through Dale’s fingers. I must have tightened my grip or something because Dale came with an ear-splitting neigh a few seconds after I finished. This time his knees really did give and he barely caught himself by grabbing on to my shoulder with the hand that had been jacking me off, slathering my shoulder and back with lube and cum in the process. Meanwhile he was hosing down the wall and floor with his own spunk. His neighs got softer and became wheezes and gasps.

After waiting a moment to catch my breath, I eased Dale down onto the floor so I could go in search of something to clean up. I cleaned the floor and wall with a wet towel, then Dale and I cleaned each other up as well as possible with a couple more. I realized that, although I was still beyond thrilled over my new body, dried cum in my fur was going to be a down side. Oh well, we got bathed at least twice a day, according to Master, so I’d just have to deal with it. Certainly it was likely that getting cum in my fur was going to be a frequent occurrence in my new life.

Helping Dale back to bed, it finally occurred to me that he had made the journey over to the latrine area on his own. He must have wanted to see me pretty badly! I was relieved and flattered that I was having at least some of the same effect on him that he had on me. We got back to bed and picked up our tablets.

DALE> Thanks man. That was awesome.

MAX> It was. I’m glad u came out to see me.

DALE> Dude I luv ur bark

MAX> Shut up

DALE> No seriously, you have the most awesome bark. Ur all, woof woof woof and not yip yip yip

I laughed. We just lay there for a minute or two.

DALE> I like your laugh too. It’s

There was an even longer pause, long enough that I wondered if he’d hit “send” by mistake.

DALE> It’s sexy

MAX> Dude r u flirting?

DALE> Nah bro I’d never do lovey stuff like that

DALE> Now put ur screen away so I can spoon with u

I laughed and cheerfully complied. He once again settled his muzzle on my shoulder and laid his arm around me. My last thought before drifting off to sleep was, “He thinks my laugh is sexy!”

The next day, Dale and I both woke up with severe cases of morning wood. We staggered out to the latrine to take a pee and on the way managed to rack up a number of injuries, thanks to the fact that we were still unfamiliar with our oversized bodies. I stubbed my toe and clipped my shin against the extremely sturdy bed frame. Dale hit his hock on the bed and slammed his thigh into the bedside table—I’m not even sure how he managed that. My shoulder and Dale’s elbow both collided with the archway to my privacy room. I tried to help Dale with his balance, but in the process both of us knocked into each other at least five times, with the final collision sending us both flat on our butts. The rubberized floor was a blessing and a curse: it cushioned our fall a bit, but I could tell that the soft surface was also making it harder for Dale to keep stable on his hooves.

The sheer ridiculousness of the situation sent us both into a giggling fit. We must have looked like idiotic drunkards. After a good laugh we just gave up and crawled to the latrine. Finding a spot well away from last night’s crap, we both knelt at the edge of the grass and pissed.

Now, when I was a human, getting pummeled by random furniture and a seven-foot-tall horse-muscle-man would have been more than enough to make my morning wood go down. But my doggy dick was apparently made of sterner stuff. It was still so achingly stiff that it took forever to finish peeing. Dale had the same problem.

Once we finally finished I caught Dale looking at me with this kind of desperate look. He looked down at my dick, then at his own, then his eyes flicked up to mine and back to my cock. I got the idea. I stood up.

“C-cccome ‘ere,” I drooled. Dale stared at my chest where the drool fell. He looked like he was in a trance. His dick twitched. His tail gave a little toss to the side. He started to breathe hard. I took the few steps to stand next to him and swallowed hard to keep from spewing more spit.

“C-cccommme onnnn,“ I insisted. I offered him a hand up. He took my hand and stood up on his hooves, more confidently than earlier. I gestured to his wrist, which he had sprained the day before and raised my eyebrows. He shrugged and shook his head; then, to further drive his point home, he shook his hand around to show it didn’t hurt. Wow, that was quick healing!

I reached over to help him walk, but he shook his head no. Apparently he was ready to try on his own. I turned and walked slowly over to the gym area. I had a plan to make an old fantasy come true. I looked back to see how he was faring; he was definitely making better progress on those hooves of his.

Turning back to watch where I was going, I clonked my head on one of the squat racks. Dale whinnied in delight. I growled out something that was supposed to be “fuck” but had about ten extra consonants, not to mention a cup of spit. With Dale still snorting in hilarity, we reached one of our two incline benches. Imagine a narrow, padded, armless chair with a very tall back, tilted backward so that you’re midway between sitting and lying down. I patted the bench, delighted to notice it was upsized for our massive bodies, plus it had a gap in the butt area for our tails to fit through.

Dale took a seat with a slight frown of confusion. I didn’t give him long to wonder what was going on. I crouched down next to him and licked his cock like it was the world’s longest popsicle. His dick was easily a foot long, but I had a muzzle instead of a human face. And finally—finally!—I had found something useful to do with my enormous, slobbery tongue!

I had given plenty of blow jobs as a human, but Dale’s cock was really interesting. The head was blunter around the tip, and the tip was angled. I wondered if I might have trouble with my gag reflex. I licked up and down his shaft, then around and around the tip, then in a sort of three-dimensional figure-8 kind of pattern. I had that thing thoroughly lubed in no time flat. I thought we had cleaned up really well the night before, but I tasted cum and what I assumed to be the lube we used. On top of that, I was smelling Dale’s powerful scent from his crotch and I was really liking it. It smelled both confident and friendly, you know? Well…probably you don’t know; you’re not a dog. Sorry.

Dale seemed to want something to cling to for this lesson, but pretty much the only thing within easy reach was the bar. So he grabbed onto that like he was going to actually do some lifting and held on. For a second I imagined his hands were tied to the bar which…well…was part of a favorite fantasy I had secretly enjoyed when we were human roommates. He wasn’t making any sound other than open-mouthed breathing and was staring straight up with wild eyes. I decided to see how much of him I could take before I started gagging.

Maneuvering around so that I was between his legs, I got my head directly over his pole and relaxed my throat. I slowly pushed my face down, and down, and down, until my nose bumped into his pelvis. No gagging, no eyes watering, just as smooth as could be. I was elated. Master had given me the throat of a world-champion blow-job… giver… person! This body just got better and better! I heard a very low-pitched nicker from Dale that sort of morphed into a moan of pleasure. Since he seemed to be enjoying himself, I decided I deserved some fun too. I put my hands on his midsection, stroking my hands up and down and enjoying the feel of his coat stretched over those cobblestone abs.

As I started to pump my head up and down on his tool, part of my mind started to really think about what was going on here. I was a dog-man-muscle-slave-beast giving a blow job to his formerly straight horse-man-muscle-slave-beast roommate, who was showing increasing signs that he might actually be attracted to me. Just thinking about the fact that this was my life now—my actual fucking life—was so hot I was almost cumming spontaneously.

Meanwhile Dale had let go of the bar. Instead, he grabbed hold of my floppy ears and started to thrust his hips up, face fucking me. I had been enjoying taking charge, but this was fun too! I was also relieved that Dale was getting into it. With each thrust Dale was making an animal-like grunting sound that was so erotic I was desperate to jack off. But I had plans and was determined to wait.

While Dale enjoyed using my throat, I explored more of his body by feel. Letting my hands wander, I discovered the cliffs of his pecs, his vast thighs, and (definitely my favorite) his powerful ass. It was odd how relaxed I felt with Dale slamming his rod down my throat. Whenever I gave blow jobs as a human, breathing was always kind of tricky, but now I was able to get my timing perfect and take extra big breaths through my extra large nose. I felt like I was made to give blow jobs. I mentally laughed at myself for thinking that. I had literally been made to give blow jobs! I was starting to get real curious about what it would be like to take Dale’s horse dick up my ass, given that it must have been made for sex too.

That’s when Dale blew his load into my throat. I swallowed, and swallowed, and swallowed. Damn, those balls made a lot of spunk!

I stood up and straddled him, leaning forward with my hands on his pecs. He looked at me, panting, and tossed his mane out of his eyes.

“Fffffuuuuuuuuuuckkkk,” he sighed, grinning up at me. I grinned back.

“Arrrrre yyyyouuu rrread-dyyy?” I growled with what I hoped was a sexy tone. His expression grew determined.

“Yaa-ha-haa,” he quietly nickered. I could see this was difficult for him, so I tried to be as reassuring as I could, given my limited speech skills. I patted his chest a couple times and stepped away so we could trade places. He got up without any help from me and knelt down while I reclined on the bench.

Dale sat and looked at my dick for a moment the way a general would contemplate a battlefield. Then, gathering his resolve, he opened his mouth and began to lick my cock. I was already impressed. His long, flexible tongue was able to swirl and wrap around my dick in a way human tongues would never be able to. I reached down to fondle my balls while he worked, but as soon as he saw my hand there he gently pushed it out of the way so he could knead them instead. For a reluctant first-timer he was doing pretty damn well. But that was just like Dale. If he was going to do something, he was going to do it right.

Then he did something I had never had anyone do to me before. He took my tool into his mouth and wrapped his tongue completely around it for about two-thirds of its length, then squeezed it all the way around like he was giving my dick a tongue-hug. I was surprised at how big and flexible his tongue was, but I was astounded by its strength. Then, he took a deep breath and without changing the pressure around my cock, slowly pushed his face farther and farther down so that my cock’s head penetrated deeper and deeper down his throat. It was a strange but totally delightful sensation. Normally with a blow job, I feel pleasure from various parts of my dick, but Dale was stimulating every single nerve ending at once.

I was thrilled to notice he wasn’t gagging or showing the slightest discomfort. Apparently Master had given Dale the same gifts that he gave me.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get better, Dale began to pull his head back the other way. Somehow, and I have no idea how, he managed to generate vacuum-strength suction with just his tongue. His lips were closed, but he didn’t seem to need their help that much. As my long, thick pole began to emerge from his throat and his Hoover-strength tongue progressed along its length, it made a loud sucking noise that was surprisingly erotic.

Then. He did it again. Still with his tongue squeezing all the way around my dick. Just…took me into his throat and came back up, again with that loud sucking noise that just made the whole experience hotter. And then he did it again.

In about 30 seconds Dale had managed to work me into an absolute frenzy. I was vaguely aware that I was writhing around on the bench and making an entertaining variety of noises from low, rumbling growls to frantic yips to poorly-articulated cuss words. Drool was flowing copiously down my jaw; it had saturated my chest fur, and was running in little rivulets through the creases in my abs. I could not have cared less.

It felt so good not to give a shit. I had already felt disorientation and surprise and delight because of my transformation, but right then, with my doggie dick in the mouth of my Clydesdale lover, was the first time I truly accepted that I wasn’t human any longer. That human rules didn’t have to apply to me any more. I could drool all over myself and eat with my face and bark like a fucking dog because I was a fucking dog!

And…oh…oh, holy shit, I was cumming!

Uuuhhh!…Ffffuuuuhhuuu…hhhuuuloooooooooo!“ I howled. Like a fucking dog! Yeah!

As I finished squirting cum into Dale’s mouth several moments later, I sat up a little on the bench and gazed proudly at him. Given that I knew he had been very anxious about sucking on a guy’s dick a few minutes ago, I was astonished at how expertly he had brought me to orgasm. He gave me this cocky sideways grin that told me exactly what he was thinking: he was good, and he knew it.

“Wow, you guys! That was quite a show!” Miss Maya called to us from the feeding counter. She and Mister Glenn had apparently brought us our breakfast and calmly started to set it out as if two enormous muscle-beasts weren’t noisily copulating a few yards away.

“Yeah, Dale, congratulations! I know this was a big step for you!” Mister Glenn added. Dale stood up, looking a bit nonplussed. Realizing we needed our tablets so we could talk to our keepers, I trotted back to my privacy room.

Of course, I managed to slam my huge boulder shoulder into the squat rack and my privacy room’s archway. And then I scraped the base of the feeding counter with the toe claws of my left foot, which hurt more than I would have thought. That made me yelp. Somehow I managed to type a message between collisions.

MAX> Miss! Sir! How come you didn’t tell us you were here?

“There was no reason to interrupt, unless you had kept going for a really long time,” Miss Maya explained. “Remember, we see that sort of thing many times a day. It’s just not a big deal around here. Plus, you boys are really hot!” She winked.

Mister Glenn had been spooning a hot mash from an insulated container into Dale’s feed bag. It steamed the tiniest bit as he beckoned for Dale to come over and have it strapped on. Dale could have held it in his hands, but Master wanted us to behave according to our animal halves as much as possible, so that we would be used to it once we were officially exhibits on public display. That would be in 29 more days.

I could smell that Dale was getting the same meal as last night, only with blueberries and blackberries instead of apples and pears. Miss Maya was pouring my food into my bowl. I smelled bacon and eggs with rice, and felt discouraged because of how tricky that was going to be to get into my mouth. But it turns out that scrambled egg, crumbled bacon, and cooked rice stick to my tongue really well! So eating went better that morning.

“Don’t take too long, boys,” Mister Glenn urged. “Miss Gail’s going to be here in about 30 minutes to start your speech therapy. Make sure you clean the feeding area, and do you know where to put your dirty dishes?”

DALE> Yes sir

MAX> Yes sir

“Good boys.”

“Oh, and don’t forget to brush your teeth,” Miss Maya cautioned. “We don’t want you to have stinky breath for Miss Gail.”

We both knew that, but slaves don’t argue. Funny how certain human things, like brushing teeth, hadn’t changed for us.

MAX> Yes miss

DALE> Yes miss

They took themselves off to their next task, leaving us to eat.

MAX> BTW you are fucking amazing!!!! Holy shit that blow job was insane!!

DALE> Thanks man

MAX> How is your wrist? I saw you took off the brace.

DALE> No pain. I think Master gave us super fast healing cuz it should still be sprained but it’s not

MAX> If we have some free time, u wanna do some lifting? I’m dying to try out this gym!!!

DALE> Me 2 but let’s see what the keepers say

JASON> Save ur energy boys. Mike n me gonna put u thru ur paces b4 dinner

We glanced at each other ruefully. It was easy to forget how public our conversations were. I looked away quickly; I was starting to feel some odd and powerful urges when I looked at Dale, and I didn’t want to spook him when he was making such good progress. Then I realized Dale was typing, and that I’d better answer Mister Jason before I got in trouble for disrespect.

DALE> Yes sir

MAX> Thank you sir

We both got back to the urgent business of stuffing our faces. As I dipped my tongue into my breakfast and drew a load of food into my mouth, I thought about the full and satisfying day ahead: learning to talk, acrobatics training, lifting, lots and lots of eating, two bath times, and (I fervently hoped) another round of cock sucking with Dale. My tail started to wag while I leaned down for another mouthful of food.


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