Aiden and Andrew

by JB

 Two roommates have some fun, inside and out.

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Aiden slumped into the subway seat and leaned his head against the wall. He’d had a long day at work and was looking forward to relaxing the rest of the day away. Getting off at his stop he headed to his apartment and went up to his suite on the third floor. Putting his key in the lock Aiden entered into the high-ceiling open room he shared with his roommate, Andrew.

And there he was, standing completely naked in all his glory like he normally was when he was at home. Hearing the door open Andrew turned to greet Aiden as he shut the door behind him.

“Hey buddy, how was work?” Andrew asked.

Throwing his keys onto a counter Aiden turned his gaze upon his clothed deprived friend, appreciating as always his god-like visage.

His light brown hair coming close to his deep green eyes, his strong jawline covered in a five o’clock shadow. His broad shoulders and thick biceps, his round pecs covered in a light coating of hair leading down to a thin line between his sculpted abs, widening into a thick happy trail that turned into a well-groomed patch of hair just above his groin. And whew, what lay in-between his muscular thighs what a sight he never tired of. A thick five-inch soft dick nestled between two massive low hanging balls.

Not saying a word Aiden walked towards Andrew his eyes fixed on his midsection, got down on his knees in front of him and buried his face into his crotch.

“Wow, rough day, huh?” Andrew said, grinning down at his roommate.

Aiden looked up at him with a half-smile. “You could say that, yeah,” he said, then turned his attention back to what was in front of him. Opening his mouth, he licked from the base of Andrew’s sack up to the base of his now semi-hard cock, then took all of his friend’s thick meat into his warm wet mouth.

Moving in with Andrew was one of the best things that happened to Aiden since moving to the city. They were best buds with all the added benefits, being completely open to each other sexually. They both deeply cared for each other, though not to a totally romantic point… yet. Lately they had seemed to be more intimate in their personal relationship with each other, but for now, they were playing the part of a couple of chill FWB buddies.

Andrew’s grin widened as Aiden swallowed his swelling cock. “Mmm, you sure know how to take out your frustrations.”

Reaching down he gently ran a hand through Aiden’s hair, sliding it to the back of his head and guiding his eager mouth further down his throbbing dick. Aiden had plenty of practice working on his friend’s 8-inch member, and he now took it down his throat like a pro, sliding all the way down its impressive length burying his nose into Andrew’s trimmed pubes.

“Ahh fuck yeah dude, just like that,” Andrew said, cradling Aiden’s head in his arms as he took all he could down his throat. Aiden flexed his throat around the thick rod, eliciting a shiver of pleasure from Andrew. Pulling slowly off, He slowly rolled the large round balls with one hand and stroked Andrew’s now fully erect dick in the other. Aiden looked up into Andrew’s face, seeing his eyes half-lidded and a smirk on his lips. Reaching down Andrew pulled Aiden up onto his feet.

“C’mere, sexy!” he rumbled. He planted his lips on Aiden’s, pulling him into his arms caressing the back of his head with one hand and sliding the other down to squeeze Aiden’s firm ass.

After a short passionate making-out session, Andrew pulled away. “You should take these off,” he said with a wink, tugging at Aiden’s clothes.

Agreeing, Aiden quickly stripped until he matched his roomie’s attire, then stood back in front of him.

“Damn dude, your gym time sure has been paying off!” Andrew said, admiring his friend’s physique. When the two had first met Aiden had definitely had some muscle to him, but since moving in together he had bulked up thanks to the encouragement from Andrew.

Aiden had curly dirty blonde hair, light blue eyes, with narrower shoulders than Andrew’s, but still had large biceps. His chest was round as well but shaved and leading down to a less defined abdomen. He had a deep cut Apollo’s belt leading down to an erect 7-inch dick.

Reaching down Andrew wrapped a thick hand around Aiden’s penis and led him towards the largest piece of furniture in the room, a bed that was around 20 feet long. They both hopped up unto the bed and were immediately in each other’s arms kissing and grinding their hard bodies against each other. After a few minutes, Aiden worked his way back down Andrew’s torso, stuffing his massive cock down his throat again, drawing out deep moans from Andrew’s chest.

Aiden worked up and down the thick shaft, reaching his hands around and explored the huge globes of muscle that was Andrew’s thick fat ass. His fingers found their way to Andrew’s tight hole, and gently prodded one into it, getting a shaky, breathy, moan in response. Pulling himself off Andrew, Aiden looked up. “How’s my stress relief treating you?” he said with a grin.

“Amazing as always dude, but now it’s my turn,” Andrew said, pushing Aiden down on his back and pulling his legs up and buried his face into Aiden’s tight round ass. He sucked in his breath sharply as Andrew’s tongue found its way to his hole, lapping at it and then plunging it in deep.

“Ahhhh fuuuuck…” Aiden cried out as Andrew continued to sloppily rim his ass. This only encouraged Andrew who dug his face deeper, swiveling his head back and forth, his scruffy chin tickling Aiden’s ass cheeks like sandpaper. The taste of Aiden and his musky man scent drove Andrew crazy, he could never get enough of his roomie’s tasty hot ass. His stomach let out a growl. He grinned… damn, he sure was hungry.

“Mmm, ah… Fuck, Andrew, I can’t take it any longer. Give it to me!” Aiden pleaded.

“Your wish is my command, buddy,” Andrew said, reluctantly leaving Aiden’s ass and leaning over the side to find some lube stashed under the bed. Fully plastering his throbbing cock and Aiden’s hungry hole, Andrew flipped Aiden over onto his stomach and straddled him. He guided himself slowly into Aiden, letting him adjust to his wide girth. Aiden let out a whimper of pleasure as he was slowly impaled by Andrew. Once he was balls deep in his friend, Andrew leaned down and wrapped his arms around him and kissed his neck as he slowly started to slide in and out of Aiden.

“God damn bro, you’re so tight!” Andrew whispered as he planted a wet kiss into Aiden’s ear.

His only response was a long deep sigh that ended in a whimper. Andrew straightened back up and gradually increased his thrusting as he looked down, watching as he slid out of Aiden up to his tip, then plunged back in until their balls slapped against each other. As he worked his thrusting up to a steady rhythm, he ran his hands up and down Aiden’s muscled back, feeling them tense as he continued his fucking. He slid up to his shoulders and down his arms gripping his biceps. Aiden instinctually flexed.

“Mmm yeah, buddy, flex for me.”

It didn’t take too long with Andrew’s increased speed and admiration of his friend’s body that he felt his balls tense up close to his body and let loose a torrent of cum deep into Aiden’s gut. Andrew went down on all fours from his spasms until he finally collapsed on top of Aiden, his softening dick still deep inside of him. After a few moments of them both panting, Andrew lifted himself off Aiden. “Flip over, buddy,” Andrew said.

Aiden obediently did as he was told, his dick still as hard as a rock and pointing up in the air. Andrew grinned at the sight and grabbed the lube again, this time fingering it into his own ass and onto Aiden’s throbbing member. Straddling his torso, Andrew guided Aiden to his hole and slowly lowered himself down till he was sitting on Aiden’s thighs, clenching his teeth as his swollen dick head slid past his prostate.

Aiden looked down his body with bleary eyes, his face muddled with pleasure as Andrew rode his stiff cock, Andrew’s own floppy member and sack slapping against his lower stomach. As Andrew increased his speed it pushed Aiden to near unconsciousness from the amazing feeling coming from manhood. As before, it wasn’t long before he curled forward letting out an involuntarily scream of pleasure as he shot his load up Andrew’s colon. Andrew wrapped his arm around Aiden as he convulsed with his orgasm, pulling him close to his chest and gently kissing the side of his head.

They both collapsed side by side, their balls drained deep into each other, breathing heavily.

“Holy shit…” whispered Aiden.

“You’re telling me!” Andrew said turning his head to look at him.

They both broke into huge grins as Aiden rolled over on top of Andrew, their foreheads pressed together. After a minute he lifted his head, looking Andrew in the eyes. “Well?”

“Okay, fine…” Andrew laughed and closed his eyes, his body tensing up.

Beneath Aiden, Andrew’s body began to swell, expanding in size. Not just his muscles but his whole body began growing proportionally to itself. Aiden fell onto Andrew as he quickly grew larger until Andrew fit the size of the bed they were laying on. He laid sprawled on Andrew’s stomach and chest enjoying the warmth of his body and the dull thud of his heartbeat.

Andrew smiled down at his friend ran his huge hand down Aiden’s back. “How’s your stress now, little dude?” he asked with a smirk.

“Pretty much nonexistent!” Aiden grinned back.

A small laugh shook Aiden as Andrew’s hand found its way to his ass, and a dick sized finger slowly slid into him. Aiden looked up and let out a moan which was quickly silenced as Andrew slid a thumb into his mouth, his other fingers gently wrapping around his head.

“Fuck you’re so hot little man,” Andrew whispered as he let go of his friend.

Aiden breathed heavy as he slumped back onto Andrew’s chest, a half smile of his face.

They laid there contently for a while, eyes closed, Andrew slowly running his hand up and down Aiden’s body.

Aiden slowly sat up, his legs straddling Andrew’s torso. He glanced at a clock on the wall—almost 6 pm.

“What do you want to do tonight?” he asked.

Andrew propped himself up on an elbow, glancing out a window at the setting sun. “I dunno,” he said. “I was thinking about hitting up the gym this evening.”

“Ughh,” Aiden groaned. The gym was the furthest thing on his mind after his day at work.

Andrew smiled fondly at his roomie. “What, not feeling it today?” he teased, reaching out a hand to poke Aiden playfully on the chest.

“Hella no!” Aiden said, trying to batt Andrew’s huge finger away.

“Well…” Andrew started. “You could still come with me and still relax, you know.” he suggested with a sly grin on his face.

A faint smile touched Aiden’s lips. “Oh, getting hungry are we?”

The answer came as a low rumble below Aiden’s feet. His smile turned into a broad grin.

“Fine.” Aiden sighed. “Why not. I’ll just be doing nothing here anyway.”

Andrew grinned. “You’re the best little man!” he said, reaching out and ruffling Aiden’s hair. Aiden wrestled with the giant hand, to little avail, and tumbled off Andrew onto the bed.

Andrew rolled off the bed, standing up to his full height and stretched, his hands easily touching the ceiling of their apartment. He looked down at Aiden. “You ready?” he asked.

“Ready as I’ll ever be” was the answer.

Andrew smiled as he knelt down and carefully wrapped his hands around Aiden, gently lifting him up to eye level. “See you soon buddy…”

He said as he opened his mouth, which seemed to stretch wider than it ought to. Tilting his head back he raised Aiden up over his head, and head first started to lower Aiden into his gaping maw. Andrew’s lips closed loosely over Aiden’s shoulders as he slid further into Andrew’s mouth. Andrew savored the tasted of Aiden’s sweaty chest and abs as they slid over his tongue, feeling his head start to poke down the back of his throat. A gentle swallow pulled Aiden even further into Andrew’s mouth, Aiden felt Andrew’s lips slide over his ass and stiffening dick. When Andrew felt Aiden’s dick on his tongue, he stopped and slid his tongue down the dick to his balls, then wrapped around and through Aiden’s legs and dug deep into his ass. Andrew felt Aiden’s whole body shiver at the contact.

“Holy shit, Andrewwww…” come the muffled reaction from inside his throat.

Grinning, Andrew stopped playing with him, though he could have done it forever. He tilted his head even further back and with another swallow pulled Aiden’s hairy legs and feet fully into his mouth. For a second, Aiden was suspended half in Andrew’s mouth and throat, then with one final hard swallow Aiden slid down Andrew’s throat towards his hungry stomach.

Hands on his abs Andrew looked down as his belly expanded as Aiden entered his stomach, curling into the fetal position. Andrew sat heavily down on the side of the bed, clutching his gut as he slowly accustomed to Aiden’s weight inside him. “Fuck,” Andrew whispered. Feeling someone slide into his stomach was an incredible feeling he’d never tire of. “You okay in there buddy?”

He asked as he slowly began to rub his bulging belly. A muffled affirmative came from his gut. With a grin, Andrew stood up, and patting is gut headed for his closet.

The first time Andrew had convinced Aiden to let him swallow him was a terrifying yet somehow exhilarating experience. But now, it was incredibly relaxing for him. It was borderline hot inside Andrew, kind of like a hot tub. It was also extremely cozy, his stomach walls were soft, and being suspended in his guts meant any position was comfortable.

At his closet, Andrew stopped, closed his eyes and felt all his muscles tense up again. Slowly, he began to shrink back to his normal size. Conveniently anything inside him also shrunk with him. Grinning, He looked at himself in a mirror. Something about a muscular body with his large pecs and distended gut was an incredible turn on for him. Added to the fact that the inside him was his best friend, content and happy.

Andrew grabbed a tight jockstrap and stuffed his junk into it, having someone inside him always left him at half chub no matter what situation he was in. Whenever Aiden moved it sent shivers of pleasure deep through his core, which in chain always caused his dick to throb. He pulled on some gym shorts and shoes, threw on a shirt that would accommodate his expanded belly, grabbed his gym bag and headed off out the door.

At the gym, Andrew mainly focused his routine on his upper body, since bending at the waist proved difficult and uncomfortable for his passenger inside, plus having the extra weight made his workout more challenging.

The facility was relatively empty, but he Andrew still got some looks from passers-by at his odd shape. One man, in particular, kept staring at him with what seemed like genuine puzzlement. Andrew caught the man staring several times, who would always instantly avert his gaze elsewhere when they made eye contact. “Damn, he’s pretty cute,” Andrew thought to himself. The man had longer jet black hair, pale complexion, and was totally jacked from what Andrew could see. He also had a lot of body hair on the top of his exposed chest, which was an instant turn on for Andrew.

As he neared the end of his workout, he rubbed his belly and quietly said with a smirk, “Shit, little man, have you put on weight? You seem heavier than normal.”

The only response that came was a sudden kick from his insides, a blow that made him nearly double over. Chuckling, he gave an apology rub to his gut. “Kidding…”

Deciding he’d had enough, Andrew made his way to the showers, making sure his exit was noticed by his dark-haired admirer. At his locker, he began to strip, till he was only in his jockstrap when he heard someone else enter the locker room. Turning, he saw that it was the same man. Andrew gave him a friendly smile and head nod but noticed that his gaze was fixed on his gut. Grinning, he turned to get his body wash, and when he looked back the man had walked over to his side.

“Hey man…” the stranger began. “I don’t mean to be creepy or rude… but what have you been loading up on to get a gut that huge?!”

Andrew grinned and answered, “Oh, it’s just my roommate.” He gave his stomach a rub.

“Y-your what?” the man stammered.

His grin widening, Andrew repeated, “Yeah man, my roommate!”

Then pulled off his jockstrap, his semi-hard dick springing into view, then walked past him towards the showers.

The man turned to look even more confused, staring after Andrew’s ass as it disappeared around the corner, the sound of running water soon following after. The man shook his head. “He can’t be serious,” he murmured to himself. Quickly the man stripped and followed him to the showers.

Andrew had lathered up and was enjoying the hot water when suddenly a voice from his side said, “No, but really, what’s your diet?”

Turning, he saw the man beside him, and for the first time got a good look at him.

Broad shouldered, massive biceps, large round pecs with pink nipples covered with fur, with more leading down his muscular abdomen, and a large bush surrounding a large soft uncut cock nestled between a hairy sack.

His mouth watering, Andrew tore his gaze from the man’s beastly body and answered, “I told you man, it’s my roommate. I ate my roommate.” He finished the sentence with a half smile.

“You… yo-you ate your roommate…?” the man stammered, absentmindedly turning on the shower he was standing under.

Andrew couldn’t help but watch the water run down his torso, causing his body hair to flatten and stick to his muscles.

“Yeah man, gobbled him up! He loves it in there.” Andrew said, rubbing his gut, now with a full grin on his face.

“No way…” the man said, a little stunned.

“Feel for yourself!” Andrew invited, rubbing his belling again, giving the man a warm smile.

Cautiously the man reached out a hand and placed it on Andrew’s swollen gut.

“Hey Aiden,” Andrew said, “turn around for me, will ya?”

Aiden shifted his position in Andrew, and a look of something of a mix of interested shock and horror came over the man’s face. “But… but.. how?”

Andrew shut off his shower and said with a smirk, “If you want, you could come to our place and I could show you. I’ve always wanted to try to fit two in there!”


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