Adonis Brothers: Madame DuBois’s Robots

by Void

The brothers come face-to-face with their greatest weakness. With both heroes on the very brink of defeat and drained of their super-powers, this could very well be the end for both Josh and Adam.

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“Man, I am so looking forward to lunch!”

“Me too! I’m ravenous!” Adam and Josh—known to the city folk as The Adonis Brothers—were flying high over the city, playfully skimming the scattered white and fluffy clouds. As usual, the heroic duo wore nothing but their special bright-red spandex micro-fibre briefs.

The briefs were talismanic objects which would bestow upon the wearer superhuman powers and a body to match. Each man had a lithe tight-skinned impressively muscled physique. Even the ochre crotch basket—itself the vital source of energy for the special underwear—was itself enhanced, with every tantalizing outline of the thick hefty contents bulging in plain sight for all to admire. To a gay man, a mere glimpse of these studs and in particular their bulging assets would leave the unwitting onlooker suddenly blushing, filled tip-to-toe with warmth, heart racing and on the verge of passing out from the complex of beauty and lust that assaulted his senses.

Adam heard police sirens from far below. The wailing appeared to be converging upon China town.

On the ground, our fearless heroes descended before a small crowd of awestruck bystanders.

“Please sirs, may I have your autograph?” a young man called out from the crowd. He held in his hands an inspiring poster print of the brothers hovering over the city and looking down towards their adoring fans.

Josh was the first to greet the young man. “Sure you can buddy.—Wow, that is a great shot! Who’s the photographer?”

“Gee t-t-thanks, well I a-am,” the young man stuttered and blushed before looking down at his feet embarrassed.

“I love it! Say how about a quick photo of you, me and Adam?” Josh signed the poster and handed it to his partner. Josh and Adam stood either side of the star-struck young man as he held up his camera-phone and took the photograph.

“Thanks guys!” the young man beamed. The brothers waved as they turned to find out what all the fuss was about.

The epicenter of the ruckus seemed to be located in the midst of a small restaurant. Inside, the few patrons of the restaurant were all looking toward the service counter at the back, gawking wide-eyed with expressions a mixture of shock and disgust, and maybe something else. The two police officers that had made it on scene were both stood motionless, looking in the same direction.

Looking toward the rear of the dining room, the brothers were themselves momentarily shocked at what they saw.

A man wearing a suit and tie who had all the hallmarks of being the manager of the restaurant was stood behind the counter, back to the wall, eyes rolled back, spittle hanging from one corner of his lips. Before him, back to the audience, stood some kind of humanoid form. Though it was not human. It was metallic, like polished stainless steel.

Creeping closer and to the side of the bizarre spectacle the brothers could make out a little more detail. The figure appeared to be some kind of robot. Though it had two arms, the one that was extended was terminated not by a hand, but by an animated black rubber device which looked a lot like a drain plunger. The device was pushed hard against the crotch of the manager and appeared to be skillfully massaging and sucking his genitalia—through his suit no less. The unsuspecting manager was backed hard against the wall, seemingly so lost in pleasure that he was unable to resist the onslaught of the robot.

“Well, this is new,” said Adam, “How long has he been like this?” he turned in the direction of the two cops.

“Ten minutes, give or take,” replied the older looking of the two. “One of the waitresses called us. Said it appears he has been forced to… well you know… at least once already. Whatever that thing is, it seems to know what it’s doing. To be honest, this is beyond me.”

Josh just nodded, before deciding to make himself useful and save the poor manager from his peculiar predicament. With one hand, he sent the robot sliding away. The manager’s pants were soaked and still tented. Freed from the sucker and no longer supported, his legs buckled and he folded against the wall. He muttered something like a thank you. Meanwhile, the robot tormentor stood motionless, glassy-eyed and still staring in their direction.

Just then a new voice entered the room. It was a female, “Hello boys! I see you found my little show.”

Everyone turned in the direction of the entrance. Dressed in something more appropriate of an evening last century, the older woman introduced herself, “Allow me to introduce myself. I am Madame DuBois. That there, is my robot. And you two boys have just stumbled into my trap!”

“What is the meaning of this? Explain yourself, woman!” exclaimed Josh.

“Very well,” she agreed. With that, she retrieved a small device from her side-pocket and pressed a button.

The robot which had until now been rendered motionless suddenly began to advance toward Josh. Not expecting the approach, Josh backed himself against the wall beside the manager, just in time to witness the black plunger-like device make contact with his bulging red brief and his super manhood. A small gasp of pleasure escaped his mouth as his mind scrambled to reset and take charge of the situation.

Adam meanwhile was not amused. “Turn that thing off, immediately, or I will be forced to disable it myself,” he demanded.

Just then, another identical robot entered from a side room and before Adam could react had him too cornered and pinned by his privates.

It was a sight to behold—both supermen were held captive by the very source of their power.

“Listen up everyone,” Madame DuBois commanded, “I have what I want. Unless you all want to suffer the same fate as these heroes, I suggest you all leave immediately.” There was a pause. “Now!” she growled.

The police hoisted the manager between the two of them and lead him to safety. Meanwhile the diners all made a hasty exit avoiding eye contact with Madame DuBois. There wasn’t a waitress or waiter to be seen. Our fearless heroes were trapped and alone.

“Must escape…” Adam whispered.

“Oh no! You boys are not going anywhere! If I am right, you get your powers from your manhood and those briefs. If that is the case, I think I know how to keep you both out of my way for good,” Madame continued. “You see, boys, I own this town and your heroic antics have been bad for business.”

“You won’t get away with this,” stuttered Josh.

The two men were beside themselves and almost entirely unable to think. Madame’s robots were expertly working their super-cocks through their whisker-thin red micro-fibre briefs. Both cocks were leaking like a faucet. Their steely rods stood at full length having been skillfully suckered and massaged to hardness by the robot’s unrelenting grasp. Their briefs pulled away from their groin at the elastic, no longer able to contend with their super-masculine erections. In profile, hefty ball-sack churned visibly in the gaps as the garments continued to be tent outward beyond reasonable limit, while their veiny members pulsed and twitched, and throbbed still harder, becoming visibly red and unusually swollen.

Josh lost the battle first. Despite his superpowers and his iron will, the feeling of the soft talismanic briefs still protectively clinging around his manhood, his own pulsing musculature and powerful throbbing cock, and the unrelenting insane pleasure of wet microfibre being skillfully massaged around the head of his penis was too much. His thick heavily muscled form felt light and giddy, levitating slightly feet no longer touching the ground, free and yet trapped—all his energy was converging on his crotch. He wanted this. His will had broken. Yes! He wanted to cum! He felt incredible and so powerful!

His hips thrust involuntarily as he intoned his impending ecstatic release. “Arrgahahhhhh!”

Feet suddenly heavy on the floor, thick ropes of super man-juice pumped rhythmically into his brief and into the relentless black sucker of the robot. Yet it did not release. Much to his horror, the robot continued to assault his now increasingly mortal package. Skillfully it continued to massage his tool, using the thick cream of his first orgasm as lubricant which only made the squeezing, sucking, massaging all the more effective.

Ordinarily an orgasm would not drain the heroes of so much energy. But the orgasms that racked both men were no ordinary orgasms. They were both still wearing the super briefs and consequently, their first forced ejaculations were many times more intense and more draining than usual.

Madame DuBois began to laugh an evil, manical laughter.

Both men felt the torment of the relentless pleasure as they were undone by the very source of their powers. Both men felt the increasing heaviness of their own weight as the last of their superpowers ebbed away into their now soaking briefs, and as their testes could no longer spare the energy to the supernatural briefs, they felt their torsos begin to loosen and soften, and gradually loose definition.

Adam felt his consciousness dwindling. He and his partner had been unceremoniously assaulted and were on the verge of oblivion. He must do something, he thought. Even without his superpowers, he was still a man. Mustering all his will and attention, Adam managed to slowly raise both arms and with all his might he shoved against the robot. Inch by inch, the robot was slowly pried from his aching throbbing erection. Sensing the disconnect, it went to sleep.

Weak and groggy, Adam managed to prise free his partner from the grasp of the other robot.

The police, who had been watching from outside saw their opportunity and lunged at Madame DuBois. Before she could use the remote control, she was cuffed and lead away, “Noooo! This is not how it should end! They were mine! Nooo! Let go of me you pig!” Her bellowing protests were ignored.

Unable to fly, and nearly unable to think even, Josh and Adam wondered how they were going to escape this mess. They were vulnerable for the first time in a long while.

“Thanks Nathan,” Adam and Josh smiled affectionately at the burly fireman who had kindly offered the heroic duo a lift home and helped keep their cum-soaked brief-clad bodies away from the public and the press. It was not their finest hour.

“Would you like to have dinner with us?—It’s the least we could do…”

“Oh I wouldn’t want to impose,” Nathan ventured politely.

“No trouble at all. Pizza okay? I doubt either of us can be bothered cooking right now.” Adam looked over at Josh, who was slumped in his chair like a man who had just run a marathon.

“Sure! Sounds great,” Nathan smiled.

While Nathan ordered the food, Josh and Adam took a shower. The boys seldom removed their briefs and even now, soaked in semi-dry cum they wore the silky smooth garments. The fabric was so light it was pleasantly cool to the touch, except where it contacted the hot bulging and pulsing skin beneath. As the water flowed across their tired torsos and gently washed through their briefs, they enjoyed the sensation of the sublime fabric still protectively hugging and caressing their manhood. Despite having been temporarily drained of their powers, just knowing what they alone were privileged to wear often was enough to make both men hard in their briefs. Even now, the fabric tingled slightly. Bit by bit, they could feel it reacting to their testosterone, causing their muscles to flex and throb, slowly getting a sexual high on the immanent return of their superhuman strength and masculinity. Adam shuddered, intoxicated with his own masculine energy as the water continued to massage his steadily growing super-crotch.

As the three men ate, talked and rested, the testes of the heroic duo began to slowly churn and inflate. The food was nutritious. It was Nathan, however, who first noticed the changes.

He interrupted himself in mid-sentence to say, “… Uhmm… Josh, are you growing?” Indeed, both men had started to regain much of their previous size.

Josh looked himself over, “Looks like it. I’m feeling a whole lot better too!”

Nathan was taken aback. The men had since shared their secret with him, yet it was different seeing the truth unfold right before his eyes. He liked what he saw though. It was making him hard.

Nathan was sandwiched between Adam and Josh when he shuddered to climax. Both heroes were still wearing their special briefs. The briefs allowed Adam’s hard tool to skewer the fireman, whilst they formed an open-sheath around the fireman’s hot dick as it came into Josh’s arse.

It was a night all three men would remember and the brothers knew they had made a new friend.


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