A man of growing proportions

by crazywolf82

Jacob’s cock starts to grow just as he meets a sweet guy named Kyle who seems very interested in him.

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The Beginning Jacob’s cock starts to grow just as he meets a sweet guy named Kyle who seems very interested in him. (added: 3 Oct 2014)
The Next Morning
That Evening
And Getting Bigger
That Evening
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The Beginning

Jacob kicked a pebble as he walked across the campus. The rock bounced for a good seven feet before rolling to a stop just shy of the edge of the sidewalk, almost falling into the street. With a sigh he kept walking, not interested enough to chase the rock across the sidewalk to give it another kick. Ordinarily he wouldn’t even be walking. However, the shuttle that usually travelled from one end of the campus to the other and into the surrounding town (for the students who had apartments) was shut down for repairs today.

“It had to happen on the hottest day of summer so far too, didn’t it?” Jacob thought grumpily. He eagerly anticipated reaching his apartment a few blocks off of campus where the air conditioning awaited him. A cool beer wouldn’t do any harm either. He quickened his pace, wanting to get out of the scalding air.

Jacob, a 5’11” 21 year old with decent musculature and jet black hair over a tanned Caucasian skin tone, was one of the few students who was staying for the summer intersession at his university. One of his grades hadn’t been quite as high as he would have liked, so he was retaking the course. However, since he didn’t want to retake it amidst another full semester’s worth of lectures and labs, he had subdued himself to the monotony that could only be described as a summer course.

“It’s not all that bad though,” he thought. “The campus is almost empty. It’s almost peaceful compared to the usual crowd.” It was also nice to not have to deal with the drama of his roommates. His two best buddies who he shared the apartment with had fled the school setting, retreating to the beaches of their hometowns to bask in the sun. It wasn’t that he didn’t want them around. He missed them a lot. It’s just that there were certain things that rubbed him the wrong way about his two straight roommates.

Jacob smiled as he thought back to when he had first told Kurt and Jonas about his homosexuality.

“Yes!” Jonas had crowed in exuberance, almost jumping for joy. “I told you he’d come out before the end of the year. You owe me ten bucks!” He clapped Kurt on the back. Kurt frowned, clearly annoyed with the rowdy Jonas, but then he pulled his face back into a smile. He started to say something supportive but was interrupted as Jonas practically tackled Jacob.

“We always knew you were a queen,” he said. “You act pretty straight but we know you too well. Awesome!”

Jacob had gasped out. “Jonas! I’m not one of your other football friends. Be careful when you tackle me like that.”

“Oops. My bad,” Jonas said, but he was still grinning as he helped Jacob up, clearly not repentant.

Jacob had been happy that his two roommates were so supportive of him. But it was nice to have the alone time, especially when Jonas was otherwise involved.

As he rounded the bend that marked the end of the campus and the last two blocks to the empty and cool apartment Jacob had a weird feeling he was being watched. He turned around to look for the source of the intuition and he locked eyes with a sandy haired man of about the same age as Jacob himself. The man stood at 6’1”, wearing jeans and a short sleeve polo. He smiled and waved at Jacob, seeming to be friendly enough. Jacob waved back. He had seen this guy a few times before. They had been in Organic Chemistry together last semester, although Jacob had sat in the back while the sandy haired guy (Kyle was his name as Jacob recalled) had sat in the front of the lecture hall. Kyle had a lean build, still well muscled, but more stretched out to accommodate his height.

He was cute too! Jacob felt a stirring in the crotch of his jeans. It had been over twenty-four hours since he had last taken care of himself. Not wanting Kyle to notice the tent forming against his zipper, he awkwardly turned to hide it. He wasn’t even sure if Kyle was gay. No way was Jacob that lucky. But Kyle grinned wider, seeming to chuckle to himself and continued walking in the direction he had been heading.

Jacob stood there blushing, still awkwardly trying to hide the now somewhat prominent bulge in his pants from any stray eyes on the unusually quiet street. He started walking again, even more quickly now. The sudden stimulation of his hormones had caught him off guard and he was feeling the urge to give his manhood some much needed attention. He stealthily adjusted himself so the head was tucked under the waistband of his briefs and hurried back to the privacy of his apartment.

As soon as Jacob walked in the door he threw his keys onto the counter and went straight into his study to his computer, not even pausing to lower the blinds when he was this horny. He booted up the laptop and drummed his fingers on the desk. While he waited for the machine to wheeze to life he thought about Kyle. His already hard cock gave a small jerk of impatience. Jacob stripped off his shirt and jeans, sitting back down in his desk chair in his dark blue briefs. He rubbed the straining member through the very tight fabric. He always bought a size too small because he liked the tightness of it. A decent size stain was already forming as his seven-inch member oozed precum. The thought of Kyle was making him hornier by the minute.

His computer chimed as the startup routine finished. Jacob quickly clicked on the Internet icon, typing in the web address of his favorite porn site. Gently he pulled his fully erect penis free of its constraints and rubbed it vigorously. Videos of men undressing and mating each other filled the screen but Jacob’s thoughts kept returning to one sandy haired face in particular. Eventually he stopped trying to focus on the screen and let his thoughts linger on Kyle. Kyle’s angular face, Kyle’s defined muscles … Kyle’s crotch. He imagined grabbing that crotch, feeling the large member underneath the clothes. When he thought of this, Jacob’s own cock gave a quick jump of pure pleasure. It was the most wonderful thing he had ever experienced. He pumped his cock harder, imagining his hands slowly pulling down Kyle’s jeans and briefs and then rubbing his face all over the taller man’s endowment, finally taking it in his mouth and starting to suck.

Jacob’s cock gave another throb, another, and then with a wave of pleasure unlike anything he had ever experienced before, his cock exploded with a spurt of cum that was so strong that it hit Jacob in the chin. But Jacob barely noticed. He was in ecstasy. Every nerve in his body tingled with the pleasure of the climax as his cock deposited more of its seed all over Jacob’s chest. Jacob moved his hand up and started rubbing it on his chest and abs. The hot, sticky ooze smeared out over his body as the pleasure slowly subsided.

“Holy shit!” Jacob panted, too exhausted to move. He let his head fall back in the chair, still rubbing the semen over his chest. A haze slowly drifted down on him, pulling him under into unconsciousness. Jacob fell into the deepest sleep he had ever had.

Outside on the sidewalk, just as the sun had set and plunged the street into dusk, a sandy haired man tossed a bottle into the trash. A bottle that had previously been filled with a golden colored liquid which he had sneaked into Jacob’s coffee earlier that morning in the cafe. A bottle that read “Hormonal and Size Enhancement for Men. Great for men who want to get as big as possible! Warning, use minimum dosage.” A bottle that was now completely empty, all of its contents used. The sandy haired man smiled as he looked up at the window.

“Sleep well Jacob. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day. For both of us.” Kyle’s smile widened as he turned away from his crush’s house and walked off down the street.


The Next Morning

When Jacob awoke, the first thing he noticed was the smell. There was a pungent sweetness to the air. The smell was strong but not unpleasant. He smiled, trying to remember the dream he had had. It had seemed so real, but the details were slipping from his mind. Something to do with the color of sand. He slowly opened his eyes. It didn’t take him long to discover the source of the scent. His body was covered in a sticky white substance, dried onto his torso. A flood of realization hit him as he remembered the previous evening. He had slept throughout the entire night in his desk chair, covered in his own seed, lulled to sleep by the haze of pleasure that had enveloped him. With a groan, Jacob heaved himself out of the chair.

What time was it? A momentary panic enveloped him before he remembered that it was Saturday. No classes and he had the whole weekend off from work. With a sigh of relief and contentment, Jacob headed to the shower. He lathered himself up with soap and started scrubbing down his body. He slowly washed the sticky, white cum off of his front and moved down to his waist. Then with a start, Jacob realized that something was very different.

Jacob gazed down in awe at his own member. Despite the torrent of water coming out of the shower head, his member stood at full attention. Not only that but it was a full inch longer, now at 8 inches, and it had grown in thickness as well. He put his hand under it, testing the weight to make sure it wasn’t just a trick of the steam. But no, his cock was definitely bigger. He smiled to himself. Well, that was strange but he wasn’t going to argue.

Jacob got out of the shower and toweled himself off. He rubbed absentmindedly at his cock as he ate a bowl of cereal. Feeling like some fresh air would do him good, Jacob pulled on a clean pair of briefs and jeans and a tank top before walking out the door. He stepped out onto the street and looked around. The revelation of his increased size had put an extra bounce into his step and he was in a very good mood. He decided to head onto campus for his walk to take advantage of the peace and quiet. As he entered the campus, he almost ran into someone as he rounded the corner of a building.

“Sorry, sorry,” the man had said as a pile of books tumbled out of his hands. Jacob bent down to help retrieve the books and as he grabbed the last one and started to straighten up his head almost collided with the crotch of the other man who had already straightened up with his pile. For a second, all that Jacob could do was stare, even though he knew it was impolite. The man was obviously hard and the bulge was enormous. It must have been just as long as Jacob’s own newly endowed cock. Slowly, Jacob shook off the stunned feeling and continued straightening up.

“Thanks,” said the man, taking the pile of books. “Your name is Jacob right?” Jacob could only stare in amazement. It was Kyle. The golden light of the scorching sun glistened off of the taller man’s hair. He stood there, smiling at Jacob who stared back before finally shaking himself out of it.

“Yeah,” he said, not caring how lame the response was. He reached out to shake the hand that Kyle had extended, the pile of books tucked under his other arm. “Nice to meet you,” he added. Kyle smiled at him. His teeth were perfectly white.

“I’m really sorry about that,” Jacob said, gesturing to the books. Kyle shrugged.

“It’s no big. But if you really feel that guilty about it you could walk to the library with me to leave them in the book drop?” Kyle laughed as he said this. Jacob swallowed.

“Really? I mean, yeah sure! No problem.”

The two of them started walking across the campus, making idle conversation. They talked about the weather, how hot it was, why they were each here for the summer. Kyle, as it turned out was taking extra courses to get more credits.

“Funny that I should run into you again today when I just saw you yesterday too,” Kyle said as they reached the library and tossed the books gently down the slot.

“Yeah,” Jacob blushed, wondering if Kyle had noticed his erection the previous evening. The fast downward glance toward the crotch of Jacob’s jeans and back to his face was answer enough. Kyle had seen everything yesterday. Jacob blushed even deeper.

“What’s up?” Kyle said, looking concerned.

“It’s just … nothing. Never mind.”

Kyle studied his face for a second before saying, “You’re wondering what I’m thinking of you for what happened yesterday.” It wasn’t phrased as a question.

“Yeah,” Jacob admitted, feeling a deep wave of shame. To his astonishment, Kyle started laughing. Jacob turned to look at him as he got control of himself, giving Jacob the same big smile from earlier.

“Don’t worry, I’m not judging you. You’re far too cute for that.”

Jacob’s heart felt like it had frozen, and then it kicked into high gear. “What?!”

Now Kyle’s face showed concern. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be so forward. But, I mean, you are … you know … cute.”

“No, no. It’s fine,” Jacob backpedaled. “It’s just that, I didn’t expect you to say that. I mean I didn’t know you were … um …”

“Gay?” Kyle grinned again.

“Yeah.” The two of them stared at each other, before awkwardly bursting out into laughter. A couple of girls walking across the quad in the opposite direction stared at them.

The two of them continued talking as they sat down on the quad, which was soon deserted, everyone else taking shelter from the heat indoors. The sun moved from just above the eastern horizon to almost directly above them. It was starting to get hot again. The two unconsciously started moving closer to one another.

Suddenly, Kyle looked into Jacob’s eyes and asked, “Do you mind if I try something? If you get uncomfortable you can tell me to stop and I will.”

Jacob’s heart kicked back into high gear. He had a feeling he knew what was coming and he was scared. Not scared because he was nervous but scared because he knew he wanted it like he had never wanted anything else. “Okay,” he whispered.

Kyle held eye contact, getting closer and closer before gently placing his lips against Jacob’s own. Jacob could feel Kyle’s hot breath entering his mouth as their lips moved slowly together, the moist feeling driving Jacob crazy. Kyle’s body pressed softly against his own. Jacob could feel his member hardening in his briefs, growing to its full eight inches in several seconds.

Kyle broke out of the kiss and chuckled, having felt Jacob’s manhood nudging at his defined stomach through Jacob’s pants. “Someone’s happy.” Jacob joined Kyle in his laughing, all nervousness forgotten in the heat of the moment and his passion. He put his hand around the back of Kyle’s neck and pulled him forward into another kiss, this one fiercer, more passionate. Jacob pushed his mouth against Kyle’s and Kyle pushed back. Jacob felt Kyle’s warm tongue enter between his lips and he started gently suckling on it. His erection continued growing. If he hadn’t been in such frenzy he might have noticed it earlier. Now, it was growing uncomfortably tight inside the extra small briefs. The discomfort slowly brought him out of his lust and, regretfully, Jacob broke off the kiss for the moment.

“Perhaps we should head back to my apartment,” Jacob suggested. “Once we get there, we can … maybe … you know?” Kyle flashed that brilliant smile and was up on his feet holding his hand down to Jacob. Jacob took it and pulled himself up. Then looking down, he froze in shock. His bulge was huge! What had easily been eight inches this morning must be at least nine or ten now, maybe longer judging by the size of the tent in his pants. But the word tent hardly applied anymore unless you were referring to a circus tent. The whole front of his pants bulged outward, the furthest point out ending at the crotch zipper. And it was still growing!

Jacob knew that they were standing right out in the open but he couldn’t make himself move. The zipper groaned from the stretching, sliding down just a little bit to reveal a small flash of Jacob’s deep green briefs. Jacob felt a sudden surge of pressure and groaned in discomfort. Then Kyle was there, rubbing his hand on the huge bulge in his pants, as though soothing it. He whispered to Jacob “Don’t fight it. It will be easier if you just accept it. You know you wanted this.” And listening to Kyle say it in his ear, Jacob knew it was true. He wanted this. He let go of the distress of the situation. He let go of the knowledge that he was standing outside where people might be watching. He let go of any restraint from the sudden surge of passion he was experiencing. He was truly living in the moment.

He reached out and grabbed Kyle with both hands, one around the waist and the other on the neck, pulling the man closer and wrenching his mouth down to Jacob’s own. For the third time they kissed, Jacob the leader, moving his mouth open and closed, feeling Kyle’s movements mirror his own. Jacob constricted his arms around Kyle, pulling him into a tight embrace, snuggly but not squeezing too hard. Jacob rubbed his body and his hugely enlarged crotch against Kyle’s own. The big member throbbed through the tightened fabric against Kyle’s own bulge. The bigger member let forth with another surge of growth, finally overpowering the zipper. With a sharp riiiiiiiiiip the zipper surrendered its fight with Jacob’s cock.

Jacob now stood with what looked like a foot-long, dark green snake shoving its way out of the now destroyed crotch of his jeans. It was as thick as his fist. Even as the cock kept growing the button of Jacob’s jeans also surrendered, popping off and lodging itself between the grinding bodies of Jacob and Kyle. Freed from the confines of the jeans the cock now shoved against the cloth of the briefs. The seams were already starting to show signs of losing the fight.

Kyle separated his mouth from his partner’s, moving his attention slowly across Jacob’s left cheek, lightly brushing his lips across the skin, until he was nibbling Jacob’s ear. Jacob moaned in pleasure as he felt the heat of Jacob’s breathing and his swollen cock rubbing against the taut fabric of his underwear. He felt his balls growing too, swelling to catch up with the enlarged penis. They were starting to resemble apples in size, their lower parts pushing out of the leg holes of his briefs. Jacob shifted to get more comfortable, wrapping his arms around his lover’s chest to clutch his back and pull him closer. As he did this, his loosened pants fell loosely around his ankles. He was now standing there in the open with nothing but a tank top and hugely distended briefs.

At that second, those briefs lost their own battle. With a shredding sound, they joined the pants on the ground. His now unrestrained cock and balls gave a new leap of growth as though their new freedom was the opening of floodgates. Jacob’s cock started visibly elongating and swelling, his balls stretched tight and filled with semen. The member was now reaching a foot and a half and still growing, two softballs dangling below it. The shining sun felt good on the now exposed flesh. The cock nudged impatiently into Kyle’s stomach, who reached his hands down and started running them up and down its length. Both hands didn’t even fit all the way around it anymore.

Kyle brought his mouth back to Jacob’s, kissing him in earnest. Their bodies moved together, undulating and bending as the cock continued growing and pulsing in Jacob’s pleasure. Jacob reached down with one hand and undid Kyle’s belt and fly, slipping his hand down into the waistband of his underwear as he let Kyle’s pants join his own shredded clothes on the ground. He moved his hand around inside until he could grip one of the firm butt cheeks, giving it a gentle squeeze and letting his finger run up and down Kyle’s crack. Kyle let out a moan of pleasure as he repositioned Jacob’s now massive cock in between his own legs and tightening them around it, allowing it to press up into his own crotch. Hands now free, he reached one up to caress Jacob’s chest, fingering the right nipple while the other hand circled around and clutched at the left shoulder blade.

Kyle started slowly moving his whole body back and forth, never breaking out of the kiss, his legs and crotch riding the now two-foot-long penis. It was still growing, faster and faster, the rate of growth increasing. Jacob’s nutsack now hung halfway down his thighs, almost forcing them apart with their size. The cock, invigorated by Kyle’s rubbing and bucking, surged forward faster than ever, gaining another half of a foot in seconds and another soon after. The weight was getting too much for Jacob’s body to support, so he slowly pulled Kyle and himself down into a kneeling position, still kissing, Kyle still moving forward and back, slowly dry humping Jacob and his cock. The cock settled itself onto the grass, reaching all the way back in between Kyle’s legs and growing in girth, now matching the diameter of a basketball. Kyle slowly lowered his buttocks onto the swollen member, gently putting his weight on it until he was sitting on it completely. He then resumed his bucking motions while Jacob’s hands started fingering Kyle’s anus, lightly pushing against the entrance, causing more pleasurable moans from its owner.

Kyle let his lips drag slowly down across Jacob’s chin, kissing his way down his chest and onto Jacob’s abdomen. The penis gave a throb under him, forcing his lips harder into Jacob’s stomach. The swollen member continued crawling forward across the grass, four feet long and still going, now two thirds of Kyle’s own height. Kyle brought his hands down and rested them on the two giant testicles, caressing them slowly and massaging them as his lips left Jacob’s abs and continued down onto the groin before finally reaching the join between the torso and the massive member. At this point the penis, still resting on the grass, increased in girth so much that Kyle’s knees were lifted right off of the ground.

Now resting his full weight on the member Kyle started brushing it with his lips, letting his tongue drag across the fleshy membrane, kissing it and licking it as he wrapped his legs around the swelling manhood. They could barely make it around. Kyle brought his hands down to grip the sides of the penis and then he started dry humping it, moving his arms and legs up and down seductively while his whole body rocked back and forth. Jacob let out a gasp as overwhelming pleasure seized his senses, making him almost go limp, his balls growing so large against the cock that his legs were getting pushed back and he was resting his own weight on the sacks, lightly bouncing on them as his lover bucked, rocked, and swayed.

Kyle’s own cock throbbed, pulsing through his tight briefs against the huge cock. The two rocked and moaned together, their tempo increasing and the groans of pleasure growing louder and more insistent. With another throb, Kyle’s cock jumped as the humping slid the briefs down, releasing Kyle’s own member. Jacob ran his hands over Kyle’s back as he leaned over his lover, gripping his shoulders as his cock gave its biggest throb yet and spewed out a gallon of precum. A loud “Aaaah!” of pleasure escaped his mouth as the pleasure doubled, rivaling his orgasm of last night. Another throb and spurt of pre, the intensity of the pleasure getting stronger and Jacob could not think clearly. He started humping the ground as best as he could with all of his weight resting on his own cock while Kyle humped it from above. Another throb as his now 5’8” cock gave a surge of pleasure so intense that Jacob could not hold back another small yelp.

The sound of Jacob’s pleasure drove Kyle over the edge. With a loud moan of his own, Kyle’s cock exploded into orgasm, sending tremors wracking down his body and into Jacob’s cock, the seed that it spurted out lubricating the humping he was giving to the huge member. With Kyle’s orgasm and the vibrating of his body and the soft squelching of the seed assisted humping, Jacob’s cock reached its own climax. It was pleasure beyond anything Jacob had ever imagined possible, even after last night. “Aaaaaaaaghhhhhhh! Oooooh Goooooooood!” His whole body shook, spasming, bouncing Kyle up and down as he rode out the orgasm. Every nerve in his body, every cell was a live wire, sending deep surges of pleasure so intense it was almost painful to every part of his body. His cock sprayed out cum like a fire hose, releasing tens of gallons a second, flooding the quad with the creamy, hot seed. The orgasm lasted for a full four minutes, Jacob jerking in pleasure and gripping tight to Kyle’s shoulders as his lover moved up and down with the pulsing cock. After the last few gallons of cum spurted out in a few straggling spurts, and the pleasure slowly subsided Jacob was so exhausted that he collapsed onto his cock that was now as long as his lover was tall, falling across Kyle’s shoulders as they both fell deeply asleep.


That Evening

Jacob awoke to the sound of running water and a feeling of pressure on his legs. He was laying flat on his back in bed. He felt a strong sense of déjà vu as he once again struggled to remember the dream that he had had during the night. Sighing at the memory and smiling in bliss at the wonderful dream, he opened his eyes … and then shut them. He opened them again, blinking in confusion at the unfamiliar surroundings. He was in an apartment, but it wasn’t his own. Jacob sat up, feeling strange and unwieldy. Then he looked down and gasped. His cock stretched out before him, running down and off over the edge of the bed, hanging off of it. His balls were absolutely huge, lying on his lap, which explained the heavy feeling on his legs. Jacob blinked, half imagining that the sight before him would change when his eyes opened again. But the gargantuan member was still there. Too absorbed in fascination with his own massive cock, he hadn’t even noticed that the sound of the water had stopped. A laughing voice jerked him out of his rapture.

“Finally awake?”

Kyle stood leaning against the bedroom doorway, wrapped in a towel, his sandy hair dripping wet. He walked over and sat on the edge of the bed next to Jacob, running his hand over Jacob’s bare thighs, abdomen, and cock.

“It wasn’t a dream?” Jacob asked, hardly daring to believe it.

“If it were a dream, would you be able to feel this?” Kyle tickled Jacob’s stomach and Jacob squirmed, laughing out loud. Kyle joined him laughing and leaned to give Jacob a soft and sweet kiss on the lips before standing up and loosing the towel onto the floor. Jacob hardly wanted to question the bliss of the moment, but he had to ask.

“What am I going to do? I love this but I can hardly go out in public like this. I may not be the most noticeable person in the world but I am sure that this,” he waved down at the huge cock, “is going to get some stares.”

Kyle chuckled as he walked over to a cabinet in the corner of the room and bent down to get something out of it. Jacob’s cock gave a small twitch as Kyle’s bare ass was presented to him in all its glory. Kyle got a box out of the bottom shelf and brought it back over to the bed. He handed two bottles to Jacob, who looked at them. One of the bottles was filled with gold liquid and read “Hormonal and Size Enhancement for Men. Great for men who want to get as big as possible!” The other bottle was filled with a deep red liquid and read “Hormonal and Size Enhancement Antidote. For when things get a little too crazy and a return to square one is necessary.”

“I created these in Chemistry lab a while ago on the sly. Got my uncle to copy the formula and produce a bunch of both of them. When we want to have a little fun, take the gold one and when we need to be a bit more … subtle, take the red one and things should go back to normal.” Kyle smiled. “So, you ready to tackle the world together babe?”

Jacob pretended to think for a minute. “Well, I guess we could do that. Ooooooor, for now we could do this!” And Jacob lunged with the gold bottle, pushing it up against Kyle’s lips and placing the other hand behind his neck, tilting his head back to pour the liquid down into Kyle’s mouth. Kyle struggled in surprise for a second before hungrily gulping down the entire bottle of formula. When the bottle was empty Kyle laughed and Jacob joined him. Kyle grabbed Jacob around his chest and they collapsed down onto the bed, kissing passionately.

“It’s going to be an interesting night,” Jacob thought. “It’s going to be an interesting life,” he amended and then he gave himself over to his instincts, kissing his love as he slowly started feeling a warm and growing member pushing against his stomach.


And Getting Bigger

Jacob cursed under his breath as he struggled with the keys to the house.

“Our house,” he thought to himself. It was an idea that was taking some getting used to. Within two months of graduation, he and Kyle had moved in together. Kyle had gotten himself a nice job working for his uncle’s pharmaceutical company, while Jacob had started working as an employee of the Environmental Protection Agency, helping to restore natural habitats in areas that had been damaged by clear-cutting in the region. He was currently investigating potential fertilizers to accelerate growth. It had been a rough few weeks, with little progress. However, the money that they had both started making had allowed them to buy their new home, a modest but comfortable two story house with 2 bedrooms (only one of which they used, while the other was for guests), a kitchen, living room, and two bathrooms.

Of course, it hadn’t only been the jobs that had scored them this place to call their own. They also had to thank a certain concoction that Kyle had brewed up the last summer. When Kyle and Jacob had decided that this wonderful hormonal and size enhancement elixir should be shared with the world, Kyle had brought it to his uncle’s company to be mass produced. It had caught on like wildfire and now it could be found on the bed stands of innumerable couples. It was particularly popular among college students as it turned out. The tidy sum that Kyle earned from making his invention public had practically ensured that they would have at least the next ten years easy.

Jacob finally managed to convince the finicky keys to turn in the lock and opened the door. The air was rich with the aroma of dinner being cooked. Jacob smiled as he closed the door behind him. Kyle was such a showoff. Not only was he handsome and smart, but he could cook like a pro too! Jacob followed the scent to the kitchen. Kyle stood there with his back to the door watching the oven with his iPod headphones in his ears. He hadn’t noticed Jacob coming in. Jacob stole up behind him and wound his arms around the taller man’s waist and stomach, feeling the toned abs beneath the tank-top shirt. Kyle jumped before laughing.

“Welcome home,” he said, turning his head around so he could kiss Jacob.

“Nothing like it,” Jacob said, smiling and giving Kyle another kiss. “Especially when Martha Stewart has been privately tutoring you behind my back,” he jokingly teased. “Do you have any idea how good that smells?”

“Hmm. Perhaps. Maybe it’s part of my secret plan to butter you up for tonight.” Kyle winked and chuckled, turning his head back to check on the chicken.

“Hah! You say that like it’s something you actually need to work at to accomplish!” Jacob gave Kyle’s stomach a quick teasing squeeze before releasing his lover and walking to the cabinet to retrieve the dinner dishes.

Once the table was set and the plates were filled the young couple sat down to eat. Kyle had made chicken parmesan and a new porta bella mushroom recipe. When he had finished eating Jacob leaned back in his chair, sighing in contentment.

“That was amazing Kyle!” He smiled across the small table at his lover. “So what exactly are you buttering me up for? That meal was good enough to earn you two months-worth of sex in just tonight.” Jacob laughed at his own teasing. When there wasn’t a response right away he looked a little closer at Kyle. Was he…… blushing? That was unusual as Kyle wasn’t typically the shy type. “What? What is it?”

“Well…… I kind of wondered if you wanted to try something a bit…. newer… tonight?”

“Of course I do. I’m always willing to try something new for you.” Jacob felt his heart rate rise in excitement and nervousness. It wasn’t like Kyle to be so vague and he was quite curious as to what was causing this behavior.

“Well, I know that we had agreed that we couldn’t have ‘traditional sex’ with each other while we use the growth enhancer….. but….”

Jacob felt a sudden surge of worry over where this was going. It wasn’t that he was unwilling to try new things in bed. In fact he really enjoyed experimenting with different sexual experiences, especially if it gave him a chance to pleasure his boyfriend. But Kyle’s invention increased cock size to such an extreme degree that it made sex through either anal or oral methods quite difficult if not impossible.

Kyle could see the doubt beginning to show on Jacob’s face and rushed to intercept the sentence he could see forming in Jacob’s mind.

“I know, I know. We agreed to that because it was for our own safety and health. But I have been working in the lab a lot lately and I found a way to modify the formula so that it may have solved the problem.”

Jacob’s accelerated heart rate started going even faster as he listened. Could it be that they could make this work?

“It’s the same general principal as the cock growth with the rest of the entire body. Except the growth factor is removed, giving only the effect of the stretchy skin which allowed the growth in the last formula. Theoretically, this would mean that when the formula is administered to the person on the receiving end of the sex, their entire body would be able to stretch to accommodate the girth, leaving them unharmed.” Kyle smiled proudly.

Jacob was not fooled however. “‘Theoretically?’” He asked.

“Well, I was kind of hoping that you would be willing to test it out with me. We would be the first test subjects,” Kyle said, the hope unmistakable in his voice. Jacob sat back in his chair, thinking about it. Kyle, seeing his opportunity, continued his convincing.

“We don’t have to go all the way through with it. I just want to try it and see if it works and if not, then no worries, we can stop.” He flashed his best and most convincing smile. Jacob laughed.

“Alright, alright, we can try it. But we are stopping at the first sign that anything is going wrong. Agreed?”

“Yes!! Agreed!” They both laughed as they got up, making their way around the table to each other so they could share a kiss.


That Evening

They both sat on the edge of the bed, holding the bottles. The cold liquid on the inside was causing condensation on the glass.

“Remember,” Jacob said, “If anything goes wrong, tell me and we are going to stop.”

“Got it!” Kyle said before downing his bottle of emerald green liquid that was supposed to work the magic and make all of this possible.

Jacob gave a small smirk at his eager lover before lifting his own bottle of gold enhancement liquid to his lips and swallowing the whole bottle’s contents. Kyle took the bottle out of Jacob’s hands, placing it on the nightstand alongside his own, before locking his lips in a kiss with Jacob. He slowly ran his hand up Jacob’s chest, pulling the shirt up with it. Jacob took the shirt the rest of the way off, while Kyle started negotiating with the button and fly of his jeans. As the pants came off Kyle smirked deviously at Jacob.

“You’re such a natural at this. You’ve already started growing, Mister Giant.” Kyle laughed at his own teasing. Jacob growled playfully, placing his hands on Kyle’s chest and pushing him down onto his back, yanking off the taller, sandy haired man’s pants and briefs before straddling his stomach. He allowed his hands to linger as they slowly pushed their way up his abs under his shirt, lifting it up until his fingers could play with Kyle’s nipples while he leaned down for a kiss. Jacob slowly moved his lips over Kyle’s mouth, breathing into it and sucking seductively on the lower lip. He could feel Kyle smile as he kissed his lover. He broke the kiss and pulled the shirt the rest of the way off. The only piece of clothing between the two of them now was Jacob’s briefs. The cock inside of them was straining at the fabric, its head poking out of the top of them, aching for release. The prominent outlines of the expanding balls below it filled out the fabric.

Kyle reached his hands into the leg holes of the underwear and fondled the balls with his hands as Jacob leaned down to kiss Kyle’s neck. Kyle gave a satisfied chuckle when he heard Jacob give a small gasp from the attention as his cock swelled to a foot long, pushing further out the top of the briefs before weighing them down and flopping onto Kyle’s stomach and against his chest.

“Let’s get these off you shall we?” Kyle said, not waiting for an answer as he started pulling the briefs the rest of the way off, leaving them both naked on the bed. Jacob sat upright on the bed with his back against the headrest, his foot long and growing cock waving in the air as if with a life of its own while his tennis ball sized nuts sat on his thighs. He watched as Kyle started lubing up his butthole, gasping at the feeling when his lover poured some of the lube onto his engorged member. He moaned while Kyle stroked the meat, spreading the lubricant up and down the shaft and over the head. Kyle’s finger strayed on the sensitive tip, teasing Jacob’s cum slit for a second before he slid one finger down into it. Jacob moaned in pleasure and jerked, his cock surging forward in growth as if to swallow the finger. Kyle chuckled as he slowly pulled it out. He crawled forward, and straddled Jacob, resting his butt on the base of Jacob’s abs so that the now foot and a half cock was riding up in his crack. He gave Jacob a quick kiss on the lips and winked before he lifted himself up in the air and placed his ass as if he was sitting perched on top of the large organ.

“You ready?” Kyle asked. Jacob took a deep breath and let it out slowly before nodding. Kyle slowly let his weight down onto the member. The penis pushed against the opening of Kyle’s sphincter, making the man gasp as he felt himself being pushed open to accommodate it. He nodded to Jacob to show that he was still alright before lowering himself even more, allowing more of the enlarged head into his ass. Jacob gave a spasm of pleasure, feeling his sensitive cock head being squeezed tightly as it spread open his lover’s ass. His whole body jerked as his cock gave another surge of growth, plunging itself up into Kyle’s ass. Kyle cried out in pleasure, not hurt in the least by the sudden intrusion as the whole cock head was pushed the rest of the way into his sphincter. The formula was working. He could feel the lining of his ass spreading far beyond its usual capacity, staying stretchy enough to still hug the cock tightly. He wanted more, and he wanted it fast. Jacob gasped as Kyle pulled his own legs out from under him, letting himself slide down the cock until he had hilted the huge member inside of himself.

Jacob was hit by a wave of pleasure so intense that he couldn’t summon up the words to berate his lover for being reckless. It was ecstasy. All rational thought was driven out of his mind as his primal urges took over. He began to buck, rocking back and forth, up and down into his mate. Kyle got his knees under him in a kneeling position and started moving himself up and down along the shaft, gripping Jacob around the chest and under his arms, both caressing and using the extra leverage to push himself down harder. He could feel it growing inside him, spreading his ass apart as it increased in girth and length. He could feel it creeping up inside him as he plunged himself down onto it, over and over again. It must be two feet long inside of him by now, and he could feel it pressing against the sides of his man passage. For a minute he was distracted by the feeling of something pressing up against his feet before he realized that it was Jacob’s growing balls. He wriggled his feet, using his toes to massage the orbs while he continued thrusting himself up and down.

Jacob moaned with pleasure at the attention his member was receiving. He reached forward with his hands to grab Kyle around the hips, lifting him up and pulling to slam him down onto his cock each time. He continued thrusting up with his dick every time Kyle’s ass came down on him. He closed his eyes and moaned in pleasure, before saying the words he knew his lover wanted to hear.

“Ohhhhh. More Kyle! Harder. Make me bigger than ever before!”

For a brief second, Kyle slowed down as the words registered with him. Then he grinned before pulling himself forward so that he was lying on Jacob’s stomach, the now three foot cock still embedded deep inside him, up to inside his chest now. He kissed Jacob long and hard, feeling the cock expand in him, before reaching to the bedside drawer, opening it and pulling out another bottle of gold liquid. He put his hand behind the neck of his lover, whose eyes were still closed in pleasure, and put the bottle against his lips. Jacob swallowed the whole bottle in seconds and gasped as the double dosage took immediate effect. His cock surged forward so quickly that it swung itself back upright, pulling Kyle with is so that he was momentarily swaying in the air, mounted on the swelling cock.

As Kyle looked down, he could now see the outline of the cock in his stomach and chest, pushing against his skin so that his body shape now looked more like a huge cock than that of his usually well-muscled physique. Still it kept growing and growing. His body started to expand and widen as the girth of the cock stretched him out. He resumed pumping himself up and down on the giant cock that was quickly approaching four and a half feet. He was getting pulled higher, off of his knees, so he positioned each foot on top of either of the massive balls and started pushing up and down from a semi-standing position. Jacob grabbed the base of his bulging cock with one hand, wrapping his arm around it and moving it up and down around the base while his lover pumped himself up and down its length.

The cock hit five feet long and Kyle was in ecstasy. His own cock started pulsing and gyrating in the air, waving wildly from where it was connected to Kyle’s hugely distended torso while he pushed up and down over the massive cock. The shaft of Jacob’s cock had to be at least greater than the diameter of a basketball now and it was still growing. Just as this thought entered Kyle’s head, he felt a huge pulse run up the length of it into his ass, making him gasp and moan in pleasure as the cock surged forward again, easily gaining another foot to become nearly as tall as he was, completely lifting his feet off of the now medicine ball sized nuts. He was completely in the air and at the mercy of his lover’s cock. He placed his feet against the sides and started using them to push and pull himself, up and down, off and on, faster and faster. He increased the tempo as another pulse shot up the cock. Another surge of growth, another foot and a half into the air and still gaining. He wrapped his arm around the cock-head mushroom shape that his chest had become and started massaging it, squeezing it through his skin.

“Ooooooohhhhhh.” Jacob moaned as he jerked helplessly, his motor skills rendered completely useless by sensory overload from the pleasure. He went completely limp. Kyle started flexing individual muscles as he thrust himself up and down, gaining speed as his own cock jerked and twitched in euphoria. The cock inside of him twitched again, swelling to eight feet long and two feet across. Kyle felt tight as his skin was stretched around the gargantuan member, and still it stretched, his body becoming cylindrical around the shaft except for two lumps that made up his ass, his cock sticking out in front, the mushroom shape of Jacob’s cockhead in his chest, and Kyle’s own head, legs, and arms that were sticking out. He continued thrusting the growing member, as it pulsed again, and again, gaining feet in length and girth, forcing him outward in shape as he kept thrusting. He felt something hot and gooey erupt inside of him as Jacob gave forth a spurt of precum. The gallon and a half of it slid down inside him before settling into his stomach, unable to make it past the seal that his sphincter had made around the shaft. The bed groaned under the strain of so much weight on it.

Kyle pumped himself up and down faster still, now moving over the cock at a nonstop speed. His own cock quivered and shot a glob of pre down onto Jacob’s face. Another pulse as the cock reached ten feet long and just under three feet in girth with balls that had reached their owner’s feet and were slowly eclipsing them from view. Another glob of pre shot into Kyle. As the heat of the seed spread throughout Kyle’s body and settled into his stomach, Kyle could feel himself getting close. He put all his force into pulling down with his feet in one final slam. His cock exploded in complete pleasure as the cum shot out of it down onto Jacob. He went completely limp on the massive cock as it twitched, once, twice, a giant bulge making its way up the mass. Somewhere beneath him Jacob screamed in pleasure.

“Ohhhhhhh Goooooood! Fuuuuuuuuuuck!”

The giant bulge working its way up Jacob’s cock reached the cock head. Jacob could feel it explode out of him, as pure euphoria danced in every cell of his body. The pleasure was so intense that it was all he could feel. He couldn’t see or hear anything. In that moment he became one with his cock and all he could feel was pleasure.

As Kyle felt the cock explode inside of him, he saw his chest suddenly balloon out, swelling to six feet in girth as gallons upon gallons of cum became trapped inside of him. The mass made its way down to his stomach, ballooning him up and filling him with hot seed from the inside as his shape grew wider than ever around the middle. His body became spherical as the seed kept pumping into him, filling him with warmth. Some of it leaked out of his sphincter and dripped down the cock as his increasingly stretching body struggled to grow fast enough to contain all of the cum. The pleasure of being filled so completely with his lover’s hot seed drove him over and he came again, shooting out into the air, hitting the wall and Jacob’s face with the force of his orgasm. At the same time that his second orgasm faded, he felt the flow of cum inside of him start to slow. He looked down at himself and smiled, pushing his plumped up arms down into the squishy ball that his torso had become and then removing them, watching it bounce back outward when he pulled them away. He smiled in perfect contentment, never having dreamed that anything so amazing could be possible. He heard a moan from somewhere under him as Jacob slowly started to regain his senses.

“Kyle?” The stunned voice said. At least it sounded stunned. It was impossible for Kyle to see Jacob’s face over his own ballooned torso.

“The one and only,” he replied smugly.

“Oh man!” Jacob said. “Did I do that to you?”

Kyle felt the cock being pulled down slowly as Jacob tried to lower its mass, aided by the slowly softening (but still massive) member. Once he was low enough to grab the headrest of the bed, Kyle gripped it as Jacob pulled the cock down and out of his mate. It slid out without any problem at all, the ass sealing tightly as it left, keeping all of the cum contained inside. Kyle collapsed his spherical form onto Jacob, feeling his lover’s hands caressing the perfect curves and pressing into the sides, squeezing and releasing. Kyle sighed in pleasure.

“You’re sure the antidote can fix this?” Jacob asked, as he slowly pushed his hand again into Kyle’s body, feeling the resistance against it as he pushed it in, while his own cock softened to the point of laying its ten foot length down to hang off the edge of the bed.

“Haha. Of course I’m sure, I’m the one who made it remember?” They both laughed at his feigned pompousness, while Jacob slowly and playfully rolled Kyle back and forth. Kyle smiled at his boyfriend’s amusement and said, “For now though I think I’ll stay like this. I rather like it.”

“Good, because I’m rather fascinated with you like this myself,” Jacob smirked up at his cum-ball boyfriend.

Suddenly, a creaking noise grabbed both of their attention. The bed that had been struggling with the weight for so long finally gave up the fight as the two foot-legs buckled. Ball-Kyle rolled down the bed with the sudden gravity as Jacob, still clinging to his spherical boyfriend, went rolling with him. The pair fell off of the bed with Jacob sprawled spread eagle on top of Kyle’s round chest, his gargantuan cock and balls hanging down and counterbalancing perfectly to keep him on top. The two stunned boyfriends stared at each other’s faces for five seconds before bursting out laughing.

“Looks……like…..we’re going to….. need…… a new bed!” Kyle gasped out between spasms of laughter.

“Yup….. looks…… like it!” Jacob answered.

It was a while before either of them could stop laughing. When Jacob managed to subdue himself he stared lovingly at Kyle while his partner struggled to keep his laughter under control. When their gazes met, they looked into each other’s eyes and hearts, before sharing a long and passionate kiss.

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