Caleb finally grows up

By Joven 
4 parts
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Part 1

Dr. Ryan went to his desk and picked up a chart, then said, “Jody, is my next patient ready?”

One of the nurses said, “Yes, Dr. Ryan, the patient is waiting for you in exam room B, it’s a young man recovering from a recent overdose.”

Ryan nodded, then started to read the chart. The patient was a 19-year-old teen boy named Caleb who was diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency at an early age. Looking over his records, Ryan saw that Caleb was perfectly healthy, other than the usual growth hormone deficiency symptoms, such as his height and size. The chart said that Caleb was barely five feet tall and only weighed 96 pounds.

Flipping to the latest page of the chart, Ryan read about why Caleb was here today. According to the chart, Caleb had gotten hold of some steroids and tried to self-medicate, but ended up overdosing which caused a seizure. After a brief stay in the hospital he was sent to this clinic for a follow-up exam. Dr. Ryan walked over to exam room B and knocked on the door, then went inside.

Sitting on the exam table was one of the cutest boys Ryan had ever seen. The boy had shoulder length blond hair and deep green eyes. He had a very small frame, and he seemed to have some good muscle tone, like he worked out a lot, but the signs of growth hormone deficiency were obvious. Although Caleb had the tight body of an athlete, he didn’t have much muscle mass and was very thin, not to mention how short he was.

Ryan smiled and said, “Hello there, I’m Dr. Ryan, and you must be Caleb? Nice to meet you.” The boy briefly nodded, but didn’t say anything. Ryan sat on a stool and said, “It says here in your chart that you had a seizure after taking steroids?”

Caleb averted his eyes and said, “Yeah.”

“Well, steroids have some serious side effects and can be extremely dangerous if not used properly,” Ryan said calmly. “Besides, because you have growth hormone deficiency, steroids won’t do much for you anyway.”

Caleb finally looked him in the eyes. “I’m tired of being so small!”

Ryan nodded. “I understand,” he said, “but Caleb, was there something else you took?”

Caleb looked nervous. “Umm…”

“You see, while steroids do have a lot of side effects, seizures aren’t one of them,” Ryan continued. “So I ask again, did you take anything else?”

Caleb blushed, then said “Uh, well… this stuff that I got from the internet…” Caleb then stared at the ground and whispered, “It was supposed to… you know… make me bigger… down there…”

Ryan suddenly realized what he meant and said, “Oh, I see. You should never take medications from unreliable sources on the internet. Who knows what it might have contained…”

Caleb then looked him in the eyes again and retorted defiantly, “Then what am I supposed to do, stay small forever?”

“Now now, no need to get upset,” Ryan very calmly said. “Based on what you took, I’ll need to exam you, thoroughly. Please remove your clothing.”

Caleb hesitated, then he slowly took off his clothes.

Now that Caleb was sitting on the exam table naked, Ryan slid his stool closer and started to examine him. When Ryan began to examine Caleb’s genitals he saw that like the rest of him, they were undersized. Caleb’s flaccid penis was only about an inch and a half long and his testicles were like two small grapes.

“Doctor… is there anything you can do to help?” Caleb said.

Hearing the desperation in Caleb’s voice made Ryan feel for him. He was about to say that nothing could be done, but seeing the hope in Caleb’s eyes made Ryan pause and think. After a few minutes, Ryan said, “Well… normally for someone of your age, there won’t be much success with hormone therapy because your bones have mostly finished growing. There is something we could try that might help slightly with your…” and Ryan nodded downward towards Caleb’s lap.

Caleb looked down at his crotch, then he looked up and said, “Yes! Please!”

Ryan sighed, then said, “All right, but there’s no guarantee that it will work. Wait here for a moment.” Ryan walked over to the medicine supply closet. After finding what he was looking for Ryan went back and said, “We can give this a try,” and he took out a syringe and filled it from a vial. After giving Caleb the injection in his hip he picked up a bottle of lotion and handed it to Caleb. “Once per day you should apply this cream to your genitals,” he explained. “That cream, along with the injection, should stimulate your body to resume its growth. Maybe. Like I said, there’s no guarantee it will work.”

Caleb grabbed the bottle from Ryan and said, “Thanks doc!”

Ryan nodded. “I’d like to see you again in one week.”

Caleb smiled and said, “Sure!”, and then he got up and left the room.

Ryan sighed, wondering if he’d made the right choice by giving that treatment to someone so young.

Part 2

Ryan walked into the exam room and saw Caleb sitting there waiting for him, then he said, “Hello, Caleb, did you have a good week?”

Caleb nodded. “Yep, I sure did!”

Ryan smiled and said, “Good, good. Go ahead and undress and have a seat on the table so I can examine you.”

Caleb took off his clothes and sat back down. Ryan walked closer and when he looked down he saw that Caleb’s genitals had visibly increased in size. Ryan had to hold back a gasp because he didn’t really think it was going to work, but looking down he saw that Caleb’s penis had grown probably two inches and his testicles had almost doubled in size.

Even though they had greatly increased in size, Caleb’s genitals were still undersized for someone his age. Trying to maintain a professional attitude, Ryan slowly began to examine Caleb. As he was gently checking on his penis, Ryan said, “Have you been applying the lotion once a day?”

Caleb nodded and said, “Yes, every night like you told me.” When Ryan finished his exam he started to write something in the chart, then Caleb said, “I’m ready for the shot.”

Ryan looked up. “Hmm?”

“The shot, like last time,” Caleb responded. “I’m ready for another one.”

“The medication only needs to be given once,” Ryan said. “It should still be in your system.”

“What would happen if you gave me another one?” Caleb asked.

Ryan thought for a moment, then said, “Well, I guess it would raise the potency of the medicine, but it’s not documented because it’s only supposed to be given once.”

“But if you gave me another one, it would help, right?” Caleb said in a soft voice. “Can you please?”

Having such a cute boy almost begging him for help was too much for Ryan to handle, so against his better judgment he said, “I guess one more probably won’t hurt… you are still below average for your age… all right, wait here.”

Ryan went to the medicine cabinet and withdrew another dose, then he walked over and injected the syringe into Caleb’s hip. When he was finished, Ryan said, “I want to see you again in one week.”

Caleb nodded and said, “Thanks again!” and he got up and left the room.

Week 3:

When Ryan entered the exam room and saw Caleb waiting for him, he couldn’t help but smile. Ryan had been looking forward to seeing the cute boy all week, but he wanted to maintain a professional attitude so he hid his smile and said, “Welcome back Caleb, how have you been doing?”

“I’m great, and I’m ready for my exam!” Caleb said, then jumped off the exam table and started to undress without even being asked.

As soon as Caleb pulled down his pants Ryan got a look at Caleb’s crotch and he couldn’t help but say, “Oh my!”

Caleb sat back down on the exam table and spread his legs wide with a big smile on his face. “I’m ready!” he said.

Ryan walked closer and saw that Caleb’s genitals had greatly grown during the past week. Caleb’s penis had gained a lot of thickness, and now it was laying across the top of his balls, probably six or seven inches long while still soft. Caleb’s balls were especially impressive because they had seemed to triple in size, each one the size of a large egg… maybe even bigger.

Seeing that Ryan was staring and not doing anything, Caleb said, “That stuff you gave me is working pretty good, huh?”

Ryan finally regained his composure and said, “Oh… yes, you’ve made significant progress.”

Caleb opened his legs wider and pushed his hips forward, making his package slide closer on the exam table, then he said, “You going to examine me?”

Ryan pulled his stool closer and sat down, then he gently reached out and touched Caleb’s penis to check it. Ryan was doing his best to remain professional as he grasped and felt along the shaft of the thick penis in his hands. Caleb then used his other hand to carefully slide it underneath Caleb’s heavy nutsack, still surprised at how large and heavy Caleb’s balls had grown in such a short time. Ryan felt Caleb’s penis start to throb as it began to slowly get hard.

Ryan let go, then looked up at Caleb and said, “Don’t worry, that’s a perfectly natural reaction, no reason to be embarrassed.”

Caleb shook his head and said, “I’m not embarrassed… I really like how it feels when you touch me.”

“Caleb, it’s not proper,” Ryan said. “We can resume the exam after your erection has gone down.”

Caleb put a hand against his rock-hard cock and said, “Doctor, it’s not going to go away on its own.”

Staring at such a huge, throbbing cock right in front of him was causing Ryan to breathe faster. The sight of such a big cock on a tiny guy like Caleb was so hot, especially because Caleb’s cock was obviously even bigger than his own at this point. Caleb then said, “Doctor, how about you give me the next shot, I’m ready.”

Ryan shook his head. “No, you’ve already reached an above average size. Any further treatment would be irresponsible and dangerous.”

Caleb frowned and said, “Awww, but I’m barely bigger than Jerry from the gym.”

Ryan was still fascinated by the size of Caleb’s cock, so he was barely paying attention and said, “Huh?”

“Yeah, I mean, Jerry is like 6-foot-2 or something, but now my willy is bigger than his,” Caleb continued. “You should have seen his face in the shower yesterday.”

Caleb put a finger on the tip of his hard cock and pushed it forward, then let go, causing it to swing back and smack against his tight abs. “Like I said doc, it’s not going to go away by itself, you may as well finish your exam.”

“Yes… I guess I should…” Ryan said, and he reached out and took hold of Caleb’s thick shaft.

Feeling the large cock in his hands, Ryan figured that Caleb’s hard cock had to be every bit of ten inches long, which was almost unheard of among anyone. Yet here was this tiny guy that weighed less than a hundred pounds with this huge dick and heavy balls sitting right in front of him. Ryan slowly slid his hand down the length of the shaft, then he slid it back up. Caleb closed his eyes with a smile, obviously enjoying the attention Ryan was giving him.

Ryan knew he should stop, but he kept stroking the big cock in his hands anyway because it was the biggest he had ever seen in person. Ryan was in a daze as he kept stroking Caleb’s hard cock, but when it suddenly shot a thick load of cum, hitting him on the shoulder of his lab coat, he was snapped back to reality. “Sorry doc,” Caleb said. “I couldn’t help myself.”

Ryan stood up and said, “Oh, uh, no, it’s fine… it’s… excuse me…” and hurried out of the room.

Going to the bathroom, Ryan took off his lab coat and rolled it up so no one would realize what just happened. After washing up in the sink Ryan went back to the exam room to apologize, but Caleb was nowhere to be found. Ryan shook his head, then went to the supply closet to get another lab coat. Ryan saw that the closet door was slightly ajar, and when he opened it he saw that someone had rummaged through the medicine supplies. It didn’t take long before Ryan realized that the only thing missing was a single vial of medicine…

Part 3

Ryan had tried to call Caleb multiple times during the week, but the number always went direct to voicemail. Ryan even tried to visit the address on file, but that turned out to be the address to a grocery store where no one had heard of Caleb. He considered contacting the police and making a robbery report, but he decided against that. After a week with still no word from Caleb, Ryan started to assume that was the last he was going to see of him.

While he was doing some paperwork in the lobby before closing the clinic for the weekend, Ryan heard the front door open. Looking up, Ryan saw Caleb walk through the door. Ryan was glad to see him, but right away his eyes drifted downward. Caleb was the same as always, super cute, tiny five-foot-tall guy, but now he was wearing a pair of shorts that looked like he had rolled up a shirt and stuffed it down the crotch. Each step Caleb took was causing that big bulge in his shorts to bounce around. Caleb raised his hand to wave and said, “Hey doc!”

Ryan looked and saw that his nurse Jody was staring at Caleb curiously. Ryan then jumped up from his desk and said, “Uh, Caleb… go to the exam room!”

Caleb nodded and said, “All right doc” and he walked past as Ryan stared. The shifting bulge in Caleb’s pants was obviously much too heavy to be something like a rolled up shirt.

Ryan turned to Jody and said, “That’s all for today, Jody, you can go home.”

“Doctor, do you want my help with the exam?” Jody said.

Ryan quickly shook his head and said, “No! I mean… no thank you, I’ll see you next week.”

Ryan then rushed to the exam room and closed the door. Turning around, he saw Caleb sitting there on the exam table with his legs open wide, probably because there wasn’t any spare room otherwise with that huge bulge in his pants between his thighs. Caleb spoke up and said, “Doc… about last week… I kind of borrowed some medicine, but I can pay for it, I promise!”

“That’s not the point!” Ryan said. “That medicine needs to be administered in a very controlled dosage or it can cause…” and Ryan couldn’t help but stare at the mesmerizing bulge between Caleb’s legs.

Caleb said, “Oh, well I feel fine.” Seeing that Ryan was still staring at his crotch, Caleb put a hand on his bulge and rubbed it, then added, “I guess you want to give me my exam, huh?”

“I uh… do need to make sure…” Ryan said. “I mean, yes… I should do an exam.” Caleb nodded, then he stood up and started to unbutton his shorts. Caleb’s shorts were obviously straining with so much packed inside, and as soon as he unbuttoned them the waistband flung open. Caleb then slowly lowered his shorts and briefs, allowing his package to escape from the tight confines of the fabric.

Ryan stared in disbelief as more and more of Caleb’s cock was revealed as he pulled down his pants. Once Caleb’s shorts were past his knees he let them go, allowing his shorts to drop all the way to the ground, then he stood up straight, giving Ryan get a good look. Ryan was stunned as he looked at Caleb’s cock. The thick log of meat was hanging halfway down Caleb’s leg with the head of his soft dick just brushing the top of his knee. The head of Caleb’s cock may have actually gone past his knee, except it was being pushed forward and forced to arc over the fat bulk of his nutsack, which looked like a bag holding two coconuts.

Caleb stood there a few more moments, letting Ryan stare, then he got back on the exam table, scooting backwards until his huge balls were pulled onto the table, but still allowing half of his cock to hang over the table’s edge. Caleb then sat patiently, waiting for Ryan. Ryan eventually said, “Caleb… what did you do?!”

Caleb gently put his hand on his shaft and said, “I’m getting pretty big, huh? The guys at the gym really love seeing my progress. Every day at the gym they can’t wait to see how much more I’ve grown when I take a shower. Especially Jerry. At first, I think he was jealous when mine grew bigger than his, but now he just wants me to fuck him with my huge cock. Like, who would have thought Jerry the jock was such a bottom, but he can’t get enough of my big dick.”

Ryan was still awestruck at Caleb’s impossibly huge size. “But Caleb… your penis, and your testicles, they’re…”

Caleb slid both hands underneath his huge nuts and lifted his sack. “Yeah, I know, I do kind of wish my balls hadn’t gotten so big because they’re like always in the way now, you know? Any time I walk around without pants on they keep banging against my legs and stuff, and they’re like, so heavy all the time. It’s been getting real hard trying to squeeze them into underwear too.”

Caleb saw that Ryan was now looking at his cock, which was still hanging over the edge of the exam table like a thick snake. Caleb gently let go of his nuts, then he reached down and grabbed his shaft and pulled his cock onto his lap. “I never imagined you would help me get so big doc, and I really do appreciate it. I measure it every day now. Know how big it was this morning?” Ryan just shook his head, so Caleb went on, “I’m up to eleven inches when it’s totally soft like this, but that was like ten hours ago. I bet I’m eleven and a quarter by now, but that’s not the best part. When I get hard, I’m just shy of fourteen inches! Oh… you know, I bet I’ve reached the whole fourteen by now… want to check?” and Caleb gave Ryan a sly grin.

The huge cock in Caleb’s hands was already starting to throb as it began to get harder. Ryan watched as Caleb’s dick went from huge to even bigger as it got fully hard, then Caleb grabbed hold with both hands and said, “Check this out!” Caleb leaned forward and opened his mouth wide, then he pushed the head of his hard cock into his own mouth along with a few inches of his shaft. Caleb sucked himself a few times, then he pulled it back out and said, “Pretty cool, huh? Wish I was more flexible because that’s all I can do, but it feels sooooo good. Some of the other guys at the gym help out when I’m feeling really horny… but doc… you’re the one I’ve been thinking about all week…”

“Huh, what?” Ryan said.

Caleb used his hand to cause his hard fourteen inches to wave around in the air some, then he said, “I can tell you want to,” and Caleb nodded his head towards Ryan’s crotch. Ryan looked down and realized his own six incher was rock hard and making a tiny bulge in his pants. Caleb gently stroked his cock once, then he used one hand to pat one of his balls and said, “I haven’t gotten off since last night and it feels like my balls are going to explode from the load I’ve been building up all day. Please doc… I need your help,” and Caleb pushed his cock, causing it to wave around again.

Even though he knew he shouldn’t, Ryan couldn’t help himself. He knelt down in front of the exam table, then he took hold of Caleb’s enormous dick with both hands and shoved it into his mouth. Caleb grabbed the back of his head and pulled hard, forcing even more of his long cock down Ryan’s throat. Ryan started to gag from the size, but Caleb held his head tight, forcing Ryan to swallow most of the cock even if it was almost choking him. Caleb started to buck his hips, sliding his cock back and forth in Ryan’s mouth.

Ryan did his best to relax and began to breathe through his nose, which started to help him deal with fourteen inches of thick cock rammed down his throat. Caleb pushed harder, trying to force as much of his big shaft into Ryan’s mouth as he could, and now that he was starting to get used to the size, Ryan eagerly sucked on the thick dick. Ryan reached out and used both hands to begin massaging and rubbing on Caleb’s heavy nuts as he sucked, which caused Caleb to purr in pleasure, obviously enjoying it.

After a few minutes, Ryan felt the large balls in his hand start to draw up tight in their sack, then moments later Caleb moaned and started to orgasm. Ryan tried to pull back, but Caleb held him in place with surprising force for such a small guy, which means Ryan had no choice but to swallow Caleb’s load. When Caleb’s orgasm eventually finished he slowly began to pull his long cock out of Ryan’s mouth.

When Caleb’s cock was all the way out Ryan gasped and caught his breath, then Caleb casually got back onto the exam table and said, “Thanks doc, now I’m ready for my exam!”

Part 4

Caleb watched with amusement as the doctor blushed, obviously embarrassed at what had just happened, even though he clearly enjoyed it. Caleb had been having so much fun lately watching people’s reaction to his new size. The best had been Jerry, who went from completely ignoring him, to making fun of him, to being curious about his growth, and then to eventually being completely dominated by his new cock, practically begging for it when he went to the gym, all in the span of one month.

Marcus was another one that Caleb had been having fun showing off with. He and his roommate were friendly, but didn’t really socialize that often. They were only roommates because neither could afford the rent on their own. Caleb knew that Marcus was straight, and at first, even when he would walk around the apartment naked when his cock was up to seven inches soft, Marcus didn’t even pay attention. Now that his softie was a thick swinging eleven inches with a pair of coconuts hanging in their sack, Marcus couldn’t help but stare when Caleb walked around naked, though Marcus still has never mentioned a word about Caleb’s growth, and Caleb was still acting like nothing at all was out of the ordinary.

Caleb focused back to the present and looked at the doctor, yet another person that was mesmerized by his size. After a few minutes, Caleb was starting to get impatient and said, “Uh, doc… about my exam?”

Doctor Ryan finally shook his head and came to his senses and said, “Caleb, I’m sorry… I should not have done that!”

Caleb shrugged. “Why not? I thought you were great, doc.”

Ryan shook his head and said, “That’s not the point… you’re my patient!”

Caleb winked and said, “I won’t tell if you don’t.”

Shaking his head again, Ryan decided to change the subject. “Caleb… about your genitals… I don’t even know where to begin! First of all, I should have never given you a second dose of the hormone treatment, but then you went and stole the medicine! Did you take more of it? Well, never mind, obviously you did… but how much?!”

Caleb shrugged and said, “I don’t know, I gave myself a shot after our visit last week, then I did another shot Monday evening, or maybe Tuesday? I don’t remember which.”

Ryan’s jaw dropped. “That’s quite the overdose! Do you know how risky to your health that can be?”

Caleb smiled and glanced down at his crotch, then he said, “Two words, doc: Worth it.”

Ryan looked down at Caleb’s oversized crotch, then said, “Even with such an overdose, the kind of extreme results you’ve obtained are completely unheard of. At most you should have gained an inch, maybe two, but somehow you’ve grown into…”

Caleb then finished the sentence with, “A stud?”

Ryan frowned. “This isn’t a joke, Caleb. I’m concerned about you!”

Caleb reached down and rubbed one of his heavy balls. “Don’t worry doc. As you saw, everything is working just fine.”

Ryan crossed his arms and said, “Caleb, I must demand that you return the medicine you stole. I don’t want to have to involve the authorities…”

Caleb sighed and said, “Yeah fine, whatever, I’ll bring it back.” Caleb thought the doctor would have been impressed that he had grown so much, but instead Doc Ryan was being such a buzzkill, so Caleb was ready to leave. Caleb hopped up from the exam table, wincing slightly as his heavy balls slammed against his thigh, then he started to carefully pull up his briefs and start the process of forcing his package into the tight fabric.

“Wait, what are you doing?” Ryan said.

While still getting dressed Caleb said, “Sorry doc, I just remembered I’m meeting someone so I’ve gotta run. Yeah, yeah, I’ll bring your medicine back, don’t blow a gasket.” Once Caleb got both of his nuts tucked into his briefs he took hold of the head of his cock and guided it inside the pouch, then forced the rest of his soft shaft inside and quickly buttoned his shorts to hold everything in place.

As Caleb was walking out he heard Ryan say, “Wait, I never got to do your exam…” but Caleb just waved and left the clinic.

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