Jason’s big problem

by Joven

Teen athlete Jason unwittingly becomes part of a shady experiment to produce progressively larger cocks and balls that generate way too much cum. His playful and curious friends get drawn in, and when his cranky brother is roped in as well, having massive equipment becomes even more difficult.

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Part 1 Teen athlete Jason unwittingly becomes part of a shady experiment to produce progressively larger cocks and balls that generate way too much cum. His playful and curious friends get drawn in, and when his cranky brother is roped in as well, having massive equipment becomes even more difficult. (added: 1 Oct 2013)
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8 Jason’s enlarged cock garners a lot of attention in the shows, much to his dismay.
Part 9 Jason had been sure that his last doctor’s visit had ended his problems with steadily expanding cock and balls, but he couldn’t have been more wrong. (added: 9 Apr 2015)
Part 10
Part 11
Part 12
Part 13 Now that he’s got a knee-length cock and triple-size balls, Jason’s first order of business is new shorts. Unfortunately, his massive bulge attracts the attention of both a suspicious mall cop and Jason’s nosy brother, Alex. (added: 20 Jul 2016)
Part 14 Jason’s enlarged equipment causes some big problems at swim practice, but the coach and Thomas help him out. (added: 3 Aug 2016)
Part 15 After a schoolday spent struggling with his oversized and still-growing bulge in too-small shorts, Jason makes another appointment with the doctor who’s been helping him—but when he gets to the doctor’s office, Dr. Amon isn’t there and a new doctor has taken his place. (added: 19 Aug 2016)
Part 16
Part 17 Jason’s balls start growing again, and in desperation he and Kevin return to the doctor’s office. His brother Alex, who insists on tagging along so he can uncover the secret of Jason’s growth, then gains the attention of the shady Dr. Meyers. (added: 16 Sep 2016)
Part 18
Part 19
Part 20 With the crisis over and the boys back home, Alex continues being a dick while Kevin admits his own temptation to try the cock-growing drugs they stole from Meyers’s lab. (added: 9 Dec 2016)
Part 21 Jason manages to get to school with only a minor face-off with his brother—but the big show-down awaits when Ricky returns to the locker room. Fortunately, Thomas's shy admiration of his new equipment is a nice distraction. (added: 23 Dec 2016)
Part 22 Thomas goes home with Jason and Kevin, and on learning about the cock-growth pills convinces Jason to let him try one. (added: 6 Jan 2017)
Part 23 Thinking Thomas is making fun of him, Alex plots his revenge, but it backfires massively. (added: 20 Jan 2017)
Part 24 They guys are all getting along and enjoying their huge cocks and balls, even Alex. But that all changes when Jason’s mom comes home. (added: 19 May 2017)
Part 25 At Kevin’s house the boys enjoy their new equipment in privacy, but Alex sows the seeds of discord by making Jason realize he’s no longer got the biggest cock. (added: 2 Jun 2017)
Part 26
Part 27 Jason, having recovered his standing as the guy with the biggest cock, has to deal with the way the pills are affecting the others differently—including some effects for Kevin that have nothing to do with his equipment—and the way all of them are becoming too freaky to hide what’s happened to them much longer. (added: 16 Jun 2017)
Part 28
Part 29 Now indisputably too big, Jason and Thomas reluctantly go to see the only person who could possibly help them, Dr. Meyers. Naturally, things don’t go quite as planned. (added: 30 Jun 2017)
Part 30
Part 31
Part 32 Thomas and Jason get fitted for new Speedos, arousing the interest of the sales clerk—who happens to be their cock-hungry friend Brandon. Meanwhile, Alex is up to his old tricks, but this time Jason can do something about it. (added: 14 Jul 2017)
Part 33
Part 34
Part 35 Jason goes back to school, hoping to have a normal day. Brandon and Nathan have other plans. Unfortunately their private prank risks exposing everything that’s been happening to Jason and his friends. (added: 28 Jul 2017)
Part 36
Part 37 Jason waits for his mother to show up at school, conflicted over whether he’s terrified for her to see him in this condition, or relieved that the hiding is finally over. The real surprise is Alex's changed demeanor once Jason gets home. (added: 11 Aug 2017)
Part 38
Part 39 Back at school, Jason asserts his cock size superiority in the locker room, but he’s not so sure what to do about Nathan’s absence from school—presumably on account of having balls that were way too big for his liking. (added: 25 Aug 2017)
Part 40
Part 41
Part 42 Nathan and Brandon deal with the consequences of having drunk a little too much of Jason's growth-inducing seed. Meanwhile, Jason goes to see Dr. Meyers to turn his semen back to normal, not expecting the doctor having recruited an enthusiastic volunteer to help with the testing. When he returns home, Jason takes advantage of an opportunity to troll his brother and his shrunken junk. (added: 10 Nov 2017)
Part 43
Part 44
Part 45
Part 46 Things get awkward at school where Jason runs into trouble with both his swim coach and one of his teachers thanks to his unruly cock. After school he gets a chance to meet up with Daniel and find out what happened to him at the doctor’s office, and the answer isn’t what Jason is expecting. (added: 24 Nov 2017)
Part 47
Part 48
Part 49
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Part 1

Sitting in Dr. Amon’s office, Jason was waiting patiently for the Dr. to come in. A few moments later, there was a soft knock at the door, and in walked the Dr. “Hey Jason, sorry for the delay. We’re helping a lab with a drug trial, so there’s a lot going around here. Anyway, looks like you’re here for a flu shot? Easy enough, I’ll have the nurse come by and take care of that for you. You can expect to be sore for a few days, but it’s nothing to worry about. You’re mother is waiting for you in the waiting room when you’re finished.”

Dr. Amon grabbed a chart, placed it on top of the stack of charts he was already holding and began to write something. There was another knock at the door, and a woman looked in, “Dr., there’s an important call from Geneticore, can you take it?”

“Sure, I’ll be right there. Alright Jason, we’re almost done. After your shot you can go. Have a great week-end.” Dr. Amon wrote a bit more in the chart, then put the whole stack down on a desk and walked out.

Jason sat waiting, bored. Outside the room, the sounds of people walking down the hall seemed to never stop. Jason got up and began to pace around the office. He picked up the stack of charts and looked over it. The top one looked like his, with a bunch of dull medical jargon. The rest had some corporate logo on them that said Geneticore, also filled with terms Jason didn’t understand. Suddenly, someone knocked again. Startled, Jason dropped the stack of charts, which scattered on the floor. He quickly rushed to pick them up and put them back on the desk, then sat back down just as the door opened and in came the nurse.

“Hi there, I’m Jennifer. Let’s see what we’re doing today.” She walked over and picked up the top chart, and began reading. “Hmm, you’re getting Protocol 14 ? Aren’t you kind of young for that?” Jason just smiled and shrugged. “Well, I guess Geneticore is running the show. I’ll be right back.”

She stepped out of the room and returned right away with a cart holding various supplies. “OK, do me a favor and pull down the waistband of your pants some. This shot has to go into your hip.” Jennifer prepped a syringe of clear fluid, and administered the shot to Jason. She asked, “Did Dr. Amon go over the specifics with you?” He replied, “No, mamn.”

She let out a sigh, “Well, I’ll just give you an information packet with the finer details. You should have already been briefed on most of it last week. Here’s the pills they discussed, and remember, take three per day, before each meal. As the lab explained, make sure you space them out properly and don’t exceed your dosage!!” She rummaged around in the cart and grabbed a paper packet and a bottle of pills, then handed them both to Jason. “You’re all done, cya at your next appointment.”

Jason watched the nurse rush out of the room and down the hall. He thought to himself, ’What was all that stuff she was talking about? Whatever, I’m just glad to be done, I hate Dr. appointments.’ He headed for the waiting room, ready for his Labor Day weekend at his friend Kevin’s house. When he got to his mom’s car, he placed the packet of papers and the bottle in one of his bags, and they left for Kevin’s house, which was located on the beach a short distance away.


Part 2

Upon arriving, Jason’s mother told him, “Have fun this weekend. I’ll be out of town until Monday, but you and Kevin both being 18 already, I don’t see any problems. Stay out of trouble! Here comes Kevin now in fact.” Kevin walked up to the car, “Hey man, good to see you. Let me help with your bags.” Kevin and Jason grabbed his stuff out of the trunk, and waved as his mother drove away.

Kevin took all of the bags and laughed, “Hah, let me carry these for you.” Jason watched as Kevin carried the bags with ease. Kevin was on the wrestling team, and at 6’2, he looked more like a bodybuilder than a wrestler. He loved to wear skintight clothes to show off every muscle. Huge arms connected to broad shoulders and a wide chest, which went down to his narrow waist in a perfect V. Strong legs didn’t miss a step going up the stairs.

Jason on the other hand was on the swim team. Being 6’1 himself, he was still probably only half Kevin’s weight. Swimming gave him a toned body, but he was still quite thin. Watching Kevin from behind as his legs and glutes pumped going up the stairs did make him feel a bit of envy.

Putting his stuff down against a wall, Kevin said excitedly, “So my parents are also away for the holiday. We get the whole house to ourselves this weekend. Oh yeah, it’s going to be awesome! Let’s get some food and then play some x-box.” Getting one of the pills from his bag, Jason swallowed it and replied, “Alright.”

After a few hours of gaming, Jason began to feel a dull ache in his groin area. He remembered the Dr. mentioning he would be sore, so he didn’t think much of it. It did seem a bit weird to only ache in that one spot, but the shot had gone into his hip, so he figured it made sense, he guessed.

A little bit later, Kevin got a sheepish grin and said, “I’ve got a surprise! I borrowed a porno vid from a friend of mine. Let’s watch it!” Nervously, Jason agreed. Kevin put in the movie and they both watched. The movie had a weak story, but shortly into it, a girl and two guys started to undress. The girl began to massage the crotches of both guys as she began to remove their clothes. Moments later, both guys were having sex with the girl. One of the guys was very average, but the other one was well hung, probably 7.5 inches or so. Kevin pointed out, “I bet that one guys pretty jealous of his friends big dick!”

Jason was shocked to hear Kevin say that. His only comment about the porno was pointing out the guys dick size? He looked over and saw Kevin rubbing himself through his shorts. He was obviously hard. Of course, Jason was just as hard himself. Kevin suggested, “We should get ourselves off. That’s what you’re supposed to do during a porno!” Upon saying that, he pulled down his pants and began to slowly rub himself. He looked over at Jason, waiting to see if he was going to follow suit.

Jason was looking at Kevin’s dick. This was the first time seeing him naked. His penis was a nice size, probably just over six inches. Looking up, he realized Kevin was watching him eyeball his dick. Jason quickly looked towards the movie, trying to play it off. His own dick was rock hard by now, even though his balls were still aching. He looked over at Kevin again, who had his eyes closed and was slightly moaning. Not being able to resist, Jason removed his own pants and began to stroke himself. He didn’t think his dick had ever been this hard, so much it felt like it was going to explode. His balls also felt really swollen and aching.

Looking at Kevin again, he realized Kevin was now staring straight at him jerking off. Their eyes met, and they stayed that way, staring at each other as they beat off together, not saying a word. It didn’t take very long of that before both of them came almost at the same time. Lying back, Jason just sat there a moment, enjoying the feeling.

“Damn haha, my dad’s going to kill me if he sees this mess!” Jason looked up and saw Kevin was now clothed again, and trying to wipe up the cum from the carpet. ’How long had I been sitting here?’ Jason thought to himself as he began to re-dress. Kevin said, “Next time make sure we get a towel or something first, jeez! You must have shot out like a pint of cum dude, I didn’t know you had it in you! Help me before this dries.”

Looking at what he was talking about, Jason examined the floor. Kevin was right. There was a tiny spot of cum on the floor near Kevin, but there was a puddle easily three times bigger in front of Jason. What the hell? Embarrased, Jason grabbed a rag and helped clean. A few minutes of scrubbing later, the area was mostly evidence free. Once finished, Kevin said, “Alright man, we should head to bed. I want us to ride my parents jet-ski tommorow. The guest room is already setup for you.”


Part 3

The next morning when Jason awoke, the first thing he realized was that the ache in his groin hadn’t gotten any better. If anything, it was more intense. He got out of bed and went to take a leak. In the restroom, Jason realized he had a morning semi-hardon. His penis was extended and swollen like an erection, except it wasn’t really hard, at all. His nuts were still swollen too, and upon examination, they were definitely more swollen than last night. Was this some kind of allergic reaction to the flu shot or something? Whatever. He finished up and got dressed in his swim shorts in preparation of the day.

Heading to the kitchen, he found Kevin making breakfast. Taking another one of those pills, he sat down to eat. Looking out the window, Kevin saw the wind blowing over the lake and said, “The waters too rough right now to ride the jet-ski. We’ll have to do it this afternoon instead. We can just watch tv or play x-box until then.”

The morning passed mostly uneventful. The ache in his groin continued, and Jason wondered how much longer he was supposed to be sore? The inner lining of his swim shorts started to feel tighter over time, but he didn’t want to let Kevin see him adjusting himself so he just ignored it.

Around noon, Kevin got up and said, “Alright it looks good outside now, let’s head out. Let’s grab a quick sandwich then hit the jet-ski.” Standing up for the first time in hours, Jason got a bit dizzy from standing too fast. Standing also made the ache in his groin more pronounced as now it felt like his nuts were pulling on him. Why did he have to get that stupid flu shot before his holiday weekend? He went over and got one of his pills, but decided to take two instead, hoping it would do something about his soreness. He remembered something about the nurse mentioning dosage, but whatever. They both quickly ate lunch and headed outside to the jet-ski.

Putting the jet-ski in the water, they both stripped down to their shorts and got on. Kevin was driving, and Jason sat behind him and grabbed him around the waist to hold on. Jason could feel Kevin’s rock hard abs as he held on, and as he slid his arms up for a better grip, they reached the shelf of Kevin’s huge pecs. He had such an amazing body. They sped across the water, and Jason slid forward a bit for a more secure hold, and could feel his package pressing into the back of Kevin’s ass.

As they went along the water, Jason began to gyrate his hips a bit, pushing his package more firmly onto Kevin’s back, then releasing a bit before repeating it. He repositioned his arms so that instead of hugging Kevin’s stomach, he was holding on to the base of his pecs. So lost in his own little world, Jason could have died of embarrassment when he realized they were back at shore and sitting at a complete stop. Kevin was just waiting there, being still, as Jason was effectively humping his back. Jason immediately stopped, and Kevin began to laugh. He pushed Jason backwards into the water, which sent them both tumbling in.

Kevin was still laughing as he came up, “Hah, sorry man, didn’t mean to interrupt you! Help me get the jet-ski on shore.” Jason, completely red in the face, helped grab an end of the jet-ski and together they hauled it onto the beach.

Kevin, smiling like a cat, said, “Now Jason, you do realize I saw you naked last night, right? Sticking a sock in your pants doesn’t have the same effect after that!” Jason, with a confused look, looked down. Completely soaked, his swim shorts were clinging to him, outlining everything clearly. There was a major bulge in his pants, which absolutely did look like he stuck a pair of socks in there. In a panic, Jason shook his legs to unstick his shorts from his junk, which made them hang instead of cling. Kevin though, wasn’t finished.

“Hey now, come on! Take out that sock hah!” He made a grab for Jason’s crotch area, though Jason quickly dodged him. Kevin continued, grabbing towards his crotch again, still laughing. Jason began to back up, but Kevin gently tackled him. They wrestled around in the sand for a moment, but Jason was no match at all for the muscled member of the wrestling team. Kevin quickly pinned Jason on his back and held his arms down with his legs, while he grabbed the waistband of Jason’s shorts.

Jason yelled, “Hey hey, hold on, what are you doing!” Kevin replied, “This will only take a moment, I want to see if you used my socks or your own! Hah!” Kevin reached into Jason’s shorts and grabbed… a log of flesh. Shocked, Kevin’s hold loosened up, and Jason took the opportunity to wriggle out of Kevin’s grip. As he was standing up though, Kevin grabbed the leg of his shorts and pulled.

Jason’s swimshorts immediately slipped off. He stood there, his shorts around his ankles, and his penis swinging in the breeze. His cock had to now be at least 7 inches, and completely soft. His nuts were just as shocking. Still swollen, they were almost double the size they were last night, and now his scrotum was beginning to stretch to accomodate them. Jason, not knowing what to do, began to walk off, but instantly got caught up in his shorts around his ankles and tripped.

Kevin just stared, then asked, “Dude, what the fuck. No way. I saw you last night. That’s impossible. You’re bigger now soft than you were hard. What the hell.” Jason got up, untangled his shorts, and pulled them up. Sitting back down, he said, “I have no idea! I don’t know, I don’t know.”

They both just sat there on the beach in silence for a few minutes. Kevin then spoke up, “Well, let’s get inside and wash this sand off, then try to figure this out.” Jason nodded and followed him back into the house. Kevin motioned towards the shower and said Jason should go first.

In the bathroom, Jason turned on the shower, took off his shorts, got in, and examined himself in detail for the first time. He picked up his penis, which was very heavy. Kevin was right, he was now bigger soft than he ever was hard. What was going on? His nuts were in the same boat. He tried to pick them up as well, but they couldn’t both fit in one hand anymore. He was startled when he heard Kevin say “Dude…”

Jason looked up and saw Kevin standing there in the bathroom, watching him. Still in only his shorts, they were tented out with a boner. Kevin was enthralled, looking at Jason standing in the shower. Jason’s own cock began to pulse some, the beginnings of an erection beginning to happen. Immediately turning around, Jason yelled, “What the hell!”

Kevin just mumbled, “I had to see again. I just don’t believe it. Explain it to me?” Jason heard him slide open the shower door, then felt Kevin touching his shoulder. “Can I see?” Kevin’s hand slid off of Jason’s shoulder and began making it’s way towards his dick. Kevin’s other hand was slightly tugging Jason’s other shoulder, trying to turn him around.

Jason grabbed Kevin’s arm. “Hold on, wait. This is…” Jason had fantasized about Kevin multiple times in the past. Now that it was happening, he was too embarrassed about whatever was happening with his cock to accept it. Jason began to push past Kevin to get out of the shower.

Kevin held on a bit firmer and whispered, “It’s ok. It’s ok. Let me help. Don’t worry.” Jason stopped, and loosened his grip on Kevin’s arm. Kevin resumed reaching for Jason’s dick. Kevin’s strong, larger hand took hold of Jason’s penis and lightly squeezed. His other arm pulled Jason around so that he was facing Kevin. Getting down to his knees, he looked straight at Jason’s cock and began to slowly manipulate it. Jason felt a rush of blood to his cock, as it began to pulse faster and fill up. Slowly becoming engorged, it straighted and became more firm. Kevin still slowly rubbed it back and forth, while his other hand grabbed the back of Jason’s nuts.

Even Kevin’s larger hand couldn’t hold Jason’s nuts in one palm. Instead he slowly rubbed the back of his nutsack with one hand while the other stroked Jason’s penis. By now Jason was fully erect, and Kevin estimated that at full mast Jason’s dick was around 8.5 inches. Using long, slow strokes, Kevin continued to rub Jason’s dick. Jason was swooning now, eyes closed, leaning against the back wall of the shower. His cock beginning to pulse faster, Kevin sped up his strokes. Jason began to moan as Kevin went faster and faster.

When he realized Jason was on the edge, Kevin pulled on the back of Jason’s nuts. Right away, Jason began to cum. Wave after wave of cum shot from the huge dick. Some hitting Kevin’s face and broad chest, some shooting over his shoulder, it went all over. After what seemed like an eternity, Jason finally stopped shooting. His knees buckled and he collapsed along the back shower wall.

Kevin smiled and said, “At least this time we were in the shower. I can’t even imagine trying to clean up all that! It had to be at least a gallon!”


Part 4

The two boys, now dressed and sitting in the living room, tried to make sense of it all.

“So you say your nuts have been sore since yesterday? After you got a flu shot? I mean, I’m not a doctor, but I don’t think any kind of alleric reaction does THAT” Kevin said, looking towards Jason’s package. Even with a pair of briefs and baggy shorts, there was a slight mound visible between Jason’s legs. Jason nodded, “Yeah, a nurse gave me a shot in the hip, then gave me some pills and paperwork. About an hour later I started to ache down there, and it’s been a kind of dull sensation ever since.”

Kevin thought for a moment, “Well, best I can remember, a flu shot is done in the arm. Also it’s a one shot kind of thing. No pills involved. Can I see them?” Jason got up and went to get his bag. When he got back, Kevin grabbed it and opened it up. “Wow man, slow down. See them?”

“Yeah, I found it. Huh? These are prescribed to James Epton, not Jason Thomas!”

“What? Let me see.” Jason took the bottle and looked, and sure enough he was right.

Kevin now had that packet of papers the nurse had given Jason. “Hmm. Did you read these? It’s some kind of agreement by that James guy with a company called Geneticore. James is 42 years old by the way. Looks like it’s some kind of drug test for an infertility drug. Says some stuff about increasing hormone production or whatever, I don’t know. Here we go, patient instructions. Says…… Ok, the first shot is some kind of activator medicine and the pills are catalyst something or other. Man this medical junk is hard to read. ….Blah blah… something about how the pills stimulate the drug in your system. Has a warning about taking too many in a short time period. Says taking more before a pill has been metabolized fully it causes a stacking effect…”

“Hey!” Jason interrupted, “I took two pills today before lunch. The nurse did say something about don’t go over the one per meal dose. You think that has something to do with it?” Kevin paused then said, “It’s the only thing that makes sense. From what I can understand, you got this James guys’ medicine, which messes with hormones. That caused some kind of super growth spurt in your sex glands. Man, how fucking cool is that. I gotta try this!”

Before Jason could react, Kevin popped three of the pills into his mouth and swallowed. “Dude, what the hell! You don’t know if that’s safe! Last thing I need is my best friend going into a coma or something!” Kevin just smiled, “Chill out, you’ve been taking them and the only bad thing is a bigger dick. As if that’s a bad thing, hah! You should take another!”

Jason held up his hands, “Woah, are you kidding? As it is, I don’t know what the fuck I’m going to do. Did you forget I’m on the swim team? I have to wear a speedo for practice. I mean fuck, I’m just realizing, practice is Tuesday. What am I going to do? You forget I weigh like 130 pounds. An extra pound of cock in my speedo is going to be a little hard to hide.”

Rooting around in the bag some more, Kevin found Jason’s speedo and pulled it out. “Well, try it on, let’s see!” Jason just gave him a cold glare. Kevin began to jiggle the speedo, “Oh come on. You have to be the only guy on the planet who is actually unhappy they got a bigger cock! As you said, you’re going to have to do it Tuesday, you may as well be prepared!”

With a snort, Jason took the speedo and got up to head towards the restroom. “Oh come on, seriously? You’re bashful after that little shower scene 20 minutes ago? Just change here!” Jason thought to himself that Kevin sure is acting different now. While he never knew Kevin to have a girlfriend or anything, Jason certainly didn’t think Kevin was gay. Jason on the other hand, most certainly was, though he always kept that to himself. On the other hand, Kevin did just jerk him off in the shower, but Jason had attributed that to the complete shock at seeing a medical miracle. Well, whatever!

“Sure.” Jason turned around and pulled down his shorts and briefs. From behind him, Kevin whistled when he saw Jason’s cock swinging like a pendulum between his legs. Jason stepped into the speedo and pulled it up, then turned around. The speedo looked ridiculous. Between the enormous nutsack and thick penis, the speedo was pushed away from his legs in the front so that from the side you could easily see the side of Jason’s nuts. “Damnit!!” Jason yelled.

Kevin, smiling as usual, said, “Hold on, this can be salvaged. Here, just” Kevin came over and reached for Jason’s crotch. Jason reactively pulled away, then caught himself and just surrendered. Kevin reached inside the speedo and pulled Jason’s penis up and to the side. He layed his penis flat, running along the waistband of Jason’s leg on the side, then arranged the fabric up front so that it cupped and enclosed Jason’s full nutsack. He asked “Hmm, at least now you’re fully covered up, but still, it is really easy to notice. Do you have a smaller size?” Jason asked, “Huh? Smaller?” Then Kevin interrupted, “Wait, I have one! My parents never throw out old clothes, they prefer to pass them down in the family, but I don’t have any younger relatives yet. Hold on!” Kevin rushed out to the garage, then came back a few minutes later. “Here, try this. It’s my speedo from a few years ago!”

Jason stepped out of his original speedo and took Kevin’s old, smaller one. He pulled it up, then arranged his dick to run along the side again. It was much tighter, and the material was stretched thin. The good news though was that it compressed everything a lot tighter, and gave the illusion that his package was smaller than it actually was. “Well?”

“I don’t know, it’s pretty damn tight, and uncomfortable, also you can still see I’m bigger than I was last week. It will work though, I can suffer through it for an hour per week for practice, and with it squeezing me this much, I don’t look big enough to get more than a curious glance or something. Thanks”

“No problem, I’m here to help! At least you’re not on the wrestling team, those nuts could never fit into one of our cups, hah!” And with that, Kevin grabbed Jason’s package and squeezed a bit. Jason knocked his hand away, turned around, and changed back into his shorts.

“Well, whatever. I’m kind of hungry, you ready to eat?” Jason asked. Kevin said, “Sure, don’t forget your pre-meal pill!” Jason snorted again, “Yeah, right. I’m so done with those.” Kevin frowned a moment, then reached and took the bottle, “Well, if you don’t want them anymore!!” Jason went to take them back, then stopped and said, “Whatever man, I’m warning you though, you better be careful.”

“Yep!” Kevin said then went off towards the kitchen to prepare dinner, calling back to Jason as he went, “Find us something good on TV while I cook!”

A while later, dinner was finished and they both ate then cleaned up. Then they went to relax on the couch and watch TV. That evening, Jason still had the dull ache in his balls, but assumed it would pass before too much longer. After a while, Jason noticed Kevin kept glancing at him, and more specifically towards his crotch. Finally, Jason asked, “Dude, take a picture, it will last longer.” Kevin apologized and said, “Sorry man, I’m still kind of surprised at this whole situation. You said your nuts ached about an hour after taking the meds? Mine don’t ache at all…” He reached and pulled up his waistband and checked out his junk, “Nope, no change… It’s been a few hours now too.” Jason shrugged and said, “Your dick is plenty big enough anyway, you don’t need more.” Kevin countered, “Oh, been checking me out have you?” He grinned that devilish grin of his and continued, “Besides, everyone wants more! Even you too I bet, no matter what you say!”

“No way” Jason said, “I mean right now I’m what, a bit more than 8 hard? That’s still at least in the realm of standard, or at least a little above. Already I’m going to have hell to deal with wearing a speedo. More would put me into super porn star category, along with the reality of an oversized dick. Not fitting into a speedo being the least of the problems.”

Jason looked over and saw that Kevin was very hard, with his hand inside his pants. Jason asked, “What are you doing?”

“Sorry dude, all this penis talk is erotic! Can I see it again?”

“What??” This was too weird. Jason had always wanted Kevin, but never acted on it based on the fear of what it could do to their friendship. If Jason let Kevin find out he was truly gay, how would he react. He couldn’t risk it. “No way, let’s just watch TV.”

Kevin scooted over closer on the couch. “Come on, I won’t bite. Let me see.” Kevin was now right next to Jason, who was staring intently at the television. Jason almost jumped out of his skin when he felt Kevin’s hand on his crotch. Kevin smiled, “Oh, what’s this. You say no way, but your dick is stiff as a board and tells a different story. Come on now, let it out of it’s cage…”

Jason, at a loss for words, still staring at the television, suddenly felt Kevin’s breath just under his ear. Next thing he knew, Kevin was kissing the side of his neck. Being fascinated at his freakish dick was one thing, but kissing a guy? That move basically shattered the wall Jason had put up. He turned towards Kevin, grabbed him and passionately returned the kiss.

Kevin slowly pulled Jason’s pants down. Upon being released from it’s confinement, his cock sprung up like a flagpole. Kevin manuvered himself slowly between Jason’s legs, pushing them wide to get in between. He began to lick the sides of Jason’s rigid cock, up one side then down the other. While doing that, Jason grabbed the side of Kevin’s head, slowly running his fingers through his hair. “Suck it” Jason whispered. As instructed, Kevin moved to the top of the penis and slowly took it into his mouth. Jason winced due to the teeth, but Kevin quickly adjusted. Kevin slowly sucked on the end of Jason’s dick, and began to descend. He could only go down about 2/3 of the way before slightly beginning to gag.

“It’s ok…” Jason whispered, still rubbing the back of Kevin’s head. Kevin eased up, and began to go up and down along the shaft, going as far down as he was able. Jason began to grip Kevin’s head more fiercely as Kevin’s bobbing began to intensify. Jason looked down at the same time that Kevin looked up. Their eyes locked as Kevin continued to blow him. Eventually, Jason couldn’t hold back anymore. His back arched, he yelled, “Ohhhhhhhhh” and began to cum. The first few blasts went into Kevin’s mouth, but he had to quickly pull back. Continuously, blast after blast, Jason kept shooting. Finally, when his massive nuts had run dry, Jason fell back onto the couch and right away drifted off to sleep.


Part 5

Sunday morning, Jason woke up on the couch with something next to him. He looks around, and realizes Kevin is asleep with him on the couch. He begins to get up, and the movement wakes up Kevin. Kevin mumbles, “Mmmm, morning. You sleep like the dead. After the cleanup I tried to wake you to get you into bed, but you wouldn’t get up!”

Last night..? ….Shit!! The memory of last night rushed back to Jason like a tsunami. The conversation with Kevin, the kiss, the sex… Starting to panic a little again, Jason sits up and pushes off the cover. Instantly he realizes both him and Kevin are completely naked. Kevin shakes a bit and says, “Oooo, it’s cold, lay back down and share the covers!” Jason tosses him the cover and goes off to the restroom. Once there, he takes stock of the situation.

Still big as before, his dick doesn’t seem to have changed much since last night. Or did it? It’s hard to tell for sure, still having not gotten a true measurement. His nuts also seem mostly the same, though they appear to be hanging lower than previously. Whatever. He uses the restroom then heads back out. Standing right outside the door is Kevin.

“Hey there handsome!” Kevin grabs Jason’s dick and gives a playful squeeze. Jason goes “Umph” at the squeeze then heads down the hall to get dressed. Trying to play back last night over and over in his mind, he is certainly sure about something. Kevin initiated a kiss, then proceeded to suck him off. Ok, ok. Still trying to process that. Once dressed, Jason walks down the hall. Kevin calls out, “Yo Jason, in the kitchen. Breakfast is almost done!”

Jason came in and sat down, and Kevin puts a plate of eggs in front of him. Then he said, “So those pills didn’t do jack for me… I guess whatever that shot you got was an important part, which really bites. I guess I’ll just have to have all my fun through you and your big dick!” Jason almost choked on his food when Kevin said that. Kevin had his usual devilish grin as he sat there watching Jason eat. He asked, “How’s breakfast?” Jason actually found the eggs this morning to be rather bitter, which was unusual since Kevin is typically an excellent cook, though he replied, “Great, just like usual.” They finished up breakfast then headed to the living room.

“So, about last night…” Jason started, though Kevin cut in, “Yeah? Great wasn’t it? Though I’m pretty sure the carpet is now ruined, hah. I’m going to have to tell my folks we spilled some soda there or something.” Jason looked over and saw quite the stain where they were last night. There was a big spot on the floor, where apparently Kevin couldn’t clean all the way. “Kevin, I’m so sorry about that..”

“No worries man, I’d do it again in a heartbeat. Anyway, I’m just glad you’re cool with me. I was really worried you would freak out at me kissing you.”

Jason looked at him in disbelief, “Are you kidding? I’ve had a crush on you since we were kids.”

“What, no way? Same here! How is this the first time we hooked up, jeez.” Kevin came over and hugged Jason, who slid his hands under Kevin’s shirt and began to rub his tight abs. “You are so gorgeous, Kevin.” Jason moved his hands up to Kevin’s meaty pecs as they began to kiss. Kevin reached into Jason’s pants and felt his dick beginning to get hard, then suddenly pulled back, “Hold on, hold on. Plenty of time for that today, but not right now! Let’s wait a while.” That same grin…

Kevin proclaimed “I want us to do a hike today! There’s a nice trail through the woods out back I want to show you. Let’s pack some food and get ready.” A bit dissapointed, Jason sat back down. A hike could be fun he guessed, though that dull ache was back in his balls again today. Oh well, hiking should keep his mind occupied for a while.

Together they packed some lunch then went into the woods. The scenery was beautiful, and the weather perfect for hiking, but the aching in his balls was really intense today. Jason also had a tugging sensation in his nuts that was aggrevating. He told Kevin, “I didn’t really bring the proper clothing for hiking, at least not with my new ’equipment’. I’m going to have to buy a supportive jockstrap next time I go shopping. Just briefs isn’t working for me during this hike.”

Kevin looked at him and smiled, “Man, what I wouldn’t give to be able to trade with you! Big cocks have always been a fascination of mine. I still think you would be happier being bigger, you just don’t realize it!” Jason gave a “Hrmph” sound and said, “Yeah well my junk has been on my nerves this whole hike. It just feels really heavy, and that aching is back again this morning. It was almost gone when I woke up today, though it came back before we left for this hike…”

Jason stopped and thought for a moment. The pieces started to come together. The ache coming back after eating breakfast. Kevin going on and on about how he likes big dicks, enjoying it ’through me’. The bitter taste in the eggs… that mischievous grin he had, just like the one he has now… “Did you..? What the flip dude. Did you put one of those pills in my food?”

Kevin, with a look like he was caught with his hand in the cookie jar, said, “Hmm, no, I didn’t put ’one’ in your food.”

“What are you talking about? Tell me what you did, hurry up.” Kevin’s face showed guilt plain as day, “It’s just a bit of fun, come on. I crushed up three of them in my eggs and three of them in yours. I took it too, so don’t give me that look!”

“ARE YOU KIDDING? You even said yourself those pills don’t do jack for you, but do you have any idea what 3 may do to me? I mean look what happened when I took two at once? I’m going back to the house, now.” Jason turned and began walking back. Kevin quickly caught up, “Aww come on. I didn’t mean anything by it! It can’t be all bad, come on, we had fun last night!”

Jason gave him an angry look. Kevin did look somewhat upset now. He obviously expected his little prank to be better recieved. Jason was really annoyed though. Ok, sure, Kevin may have had good intentions, but.. this was over the line. Especially doing it without my knowledge or consent. “Why wouldn’t you at least ask me, discuss it with me, ANYTHING. Neither you nor I have any idea what this could mean for me. I still can’t believe it, argh..”

Having to almost sprint to keep up with the angry Jason, Kevin kept pleading his case, “I’m sorry, I really didn’t think it would upset you this much. It was just a bit of fun, have a laugh. I figured it would be a blast during sex! Think about it! Every guy dreams of a porn star cock when they see them in vids, now you get to try it, for real!” Jason wasn’t being swayed though, “Yes, most guys dream about having a big dick. Hell, I did too when I would watch pornos. During sex, sure, a big cock will be great fun like you say. Here’s the kicker though. After sex is over, I still have go deal with the fucking horsecock during every day life. I mean we’re still in high school. What am I going to do in the showers after swim practice. Oh fuck, yeah, ok, remember the little speedo issue yesterday? What the fuck am I going to do now?”

At this point, Kevin was no longer smiling, “Man I’m sorry. I didn’t really think all that through. Hey, maybe nothing will even happen. You never know, think positive! It’s been a few days since you had that shot, maybe it’s worn off. Anyway, we’re back home now, let’s check it out.”

They went into the living room again. By now it was already late afternoon. Jason’s groin had been aching like mad the whole hike. So much for Kevin’s hope that nothing would happen. There was a definite weight in his crotch area too, but he had purposefully ignored it until they got back home. No use trying to deal with it out in the woods. Anyhow, now they were back. Jason sat down, took off his shoes, and pulled down his shorts.

His briefs, which were a loose fit this morning, were pulled taunt. Skin from his nutsack was visible on either side, and the whole package pushed outward like a can of opened biscuits. The sight was almost comical. Kevin gasped slightly, and Jason, with a bit of effort, pulled down his briefs.

His cock, freed from the tight briefs, dropped straight down. His nuts as well hung down, now able to hang freely. Kevin put his hand over his mouth, and Jason lost strength in his legs and fell backwards onto the couch. He was in shock. Hanging over the edge of the couch, the massive nutsack was suspended like two big avocados. They were so big they couldn’t hang all the way over and just kind of balanced on the edge. Jason’s cock was another story. Like a long python, and it snaked over the nuts and down one side, to just kind of dangle over the edge, swaying there.

Kevin got up and came over. He reached out and took hold of the end of Jason’s dick and lifted it some, before Jason, snapping into focus from the touch, pulled back. “Are you fucking happy now?” He said. “Unbelievable.”

Kevin went into another room, then came back a moment later with a ruler. “We should at least see exactly what we’re dealing with…” he started, before Jason jumped in, “Oh WE’RE dealing with this now, are WE? I’m glad you get to help me with this somehow.” Jason snatched the ruler and sat up straight. He did his best to extend his floppy dick out next to the ruler, until finally giving up and standing up, letting his cock hang straight down. From base to tip, his limp dick was 11.8 inches long.

“Great. 11.8, soft. Isn’t the world record like 11, fully hard? What am I going to do now. My fucking nuts too man, jeez. Why did you do this.” Jason collapsed back on the sofa, seemingly worn out.

Kevin really did feel awful now. At the same time though, turned on. Here in front of him, on his couch, was his best friend, tall, thin, with a cock and nuts that looked completely too big and out of place on him, or anyone for that matter. It was extremely erotic. He grabbed the dick and licked the tip before Jason could push him away again. Jason said, “What, really? That’s what you think I need right now?” Kevin just softly said, “Neither of us know what you need yet, but for right now at least, I think this is what we both want…”

Again, Kevin grasped the long tube of flesh, and licked the head. Jason went to push him away again, but used much less force this time. Kevin could feel the cock starting to fill up. Kevin backed up, took off his shirt, and began rubbing his ripped torso, while waving his hips in a kind of strip tease. Jason had to admit, Kevin was incredibly sexy, and seeing him flaunt his stellar body like this was turning him on.

Kevin continued his dance, removing one article of clothing at a time. Once the last bit was removed, he kept rubbing his torso with one hand, while stroking himself with the other. Kevin’s cock, still barely 6.5, was rock hard. Jason, lying back on the couch, began to stroke his own monster. Jason’s cock kept pulsing, and moving more and more into an erect state, but at it’s current size, it just couldn’t get rock hard anymore, nor could it stick straight out. The weight was just too much.

Still though, his cock did get fully stiff eventually, and Kevin moved over and took hold of it. He picked up the ruler from the floor and measured it at 13.1 inches. Kevin murmured, “Mmm, I think you now hold that world record, my friend.” Kevin began to suck Jason’s cock, but couldn’t fit it into his mouth. It was simply too big around now. Instead, he began to run his lips up and down the shaft, all around. Jason asked him again, “Suck it, please, mmmmmm” and Kevin tried again, but to no success.

Jason got a look of disappointment, but Kevin just whispered “Shhh, it’s alright” and continued to lick up and down the shaft. Once the shaft was fully lubed, Kevin leaned in to kiss Jason. He then got onto the couch, and directed Jason’s mammoth pole towards his ass. He guided the tip in, and began to push down. The huge pole stretched Kevin’s tight ass like nothing he had felt before in his life. Still though, Kevin was committed to making his lover happy, and kept pushing.

Slowly, and steadily, Kevin kept taking more and more of Jason’s dick. Jason just lay back, lightly moaning, and squeezing Kevin’s firm biceps. Jason began moaning louder and tried to pull Kevin down faster, but Kevin laid his finger on Jason’s lips and said, “Shhh, slowly”. More and more, Kevin kept taking Jason. Finally, Jason was all the way in. Sitting there, impaled on Jason’s monster cock, Kevin began to slowly slide up and down. Very gently at first, but slowly gaining speed.

The thrusts were small, moving no more than a few inches up or down at a time, but it was enough. Jason took hold of Kevin’s cock during this and began to stroke him. They kept up this rhythmic motion for a while, Kevin bobbing on Jason’s pole while Jason stroked Kevin’s dick. The both of them gaining tempo as they tried to hold back as long as possible. At long last, neither could restrain themselves any longer. Almost in sync, they began to climax together. Kevin shooting all over Jason, while Jason shot into Kevin. That lasted for a time longer, until Kevin finally dismounted Jason. Kevin leaned in with a kiss and a smile and said, “Now for the tricky part…”


Part 6

After recuperating on the couch for a few minutes, Kevin got up and said, “Let me go run us a bath.” and then took off down the hall. When he was out of sight, Jason sat up and examined his genitals. Now flaccid again, his dick was thick as his wrist and as long as his forearm. His nuts didn’t ache as much now after their recent release, but were still as plump as before. Standing, Jason pulled on his briefs again. With some work, he was able to pull them up and push his dick and balls into them, though they were forced back, deeply between his legs in order to fit into the now much too small briefs. Walking like that was very uncomfortable, and Jason pulled them off in disgust.

Jason walked down the hall towards the bathroom. He was getting angry at Kevin again for what he did, but thinking about it, he realized Kevin truly didn’t mean for this to happen, and decided to forgive him. Walking into the bathroom, he sees Kevin already in the tub. Kevin calls out, “There he is! Come on in, water’s fine.”

Jason walked over and lowered himself into the water as well. He winced slightly when his dick hit the water. It seems like it’s more sensitive now. Once submerged, Jason laid into Kevin’s arms, who, being much bulkier, easily held him. Kevin reached into the water and pulled Jason’s dick high out of the water, then made the comment, “Hmm, Jason and the giant, and here’s the beanstalk!”. Kevin dropped the penis back into the water then began laughing.

Jason turned around and said, “Is everything a joke with you? This isn’t funny you know. My mom’s picking me up tommorow, and I can’t even fit into my underwear anymore now.” Kevin stopped laughing and said, “Sorry man. You can borrow my underwear. They’re a bigger size than yours and should fit. Let’s see here…” Kevin reached underwater and each hand took one of Jason’s nuts as he fondled them, as if in examination. Jason’s dick started to get firmer, but Jason pulled away, stood up, and stated, “Enough already, this isn’t your new toy.” Jason got out of the tub and began to dry off. Kevin followed suit, though unlike Jason, Kevin’s dick was standing at full attention. He said, “I was just trying to see how you would fit!” Jason just said, “Mmm Hmm.”

Both boys put on some loose PJ’s and Kevin said, “It’s been a long day. Let’s get ready for bed. You should sleep in my room with me tonight though.” Jason agreed, and they headed to his bedroom. In bed they snuggled up, while Kevin again began to fondle Jason’s crotch. Jason was exhausted though, and quickly fell asleep.

The next morning, Jason awoke next to Kevin. He slid to the edge of the bed and stood up, but then quickly screamed, “Ouch!” Kevin, now also awake from the noise, said, “Huh, what’s wrong?” Jason was holding his groin.

Jason said, “I don’t know, I stood up then there was a yank on my balls, it startled me. Kevin looked at the impressive bulge in Jason’s PJ’s as Jason pulled them down. Jason removed the pants, examined himself, and said, “What??” Hanging from his crotch, his penis looked the same as last night. Thick as an arm and just as long, it hung limply at around 11.5 or so inches. The difference though was Jason’s nuts. Last night they were huge, no doubt, but now they had more than tripled in size again. Each nut looked bigger than a jumbo baking potato, and the skin on Jason’s scrotum was stretched thin. Jason’s enormous dick almost looked normal in comparison to the nuts it was attatched to.

Jason looked up and yelled, “Did you slip me more of those pills? Wh..” Kevin instantly responded, “NO!! I swear man, I didn’t. Yesterday at breakfast was the only time!” Jason sat back down, massaging the base of his nuts. “What’s going on then? What caused this? And what am I going to do now?” Kevin said, “Let me have a look” and came over to examine Jason’s balls. He looked for a moment, then cupped them with both hands. “Uh.. your balls are slowly getting bigger man. It’s very slow, but they’re definitely expanding.”

Jason leaned forward and picked up his balls and examined them himself. Sure enough, as he was watching, they very slightly began to fill his hands even more. Jason began to panic and stood up quickly heading towards the door, but again yelped “Sonofa…” and hunched over. He turned to face Kevin and said, “I can’t even stand up straight without my nuts pulling on my groin. What if they don’t stop getting bigger, what am I going to do?” Jason almost had tears in his eyes as he sat back down on the bed with his legs spread wide.

Kevin said, “Hold on a moment” and left the room, returning shortly with some boxer briefs. He said, “Try these on for now, these are the kind with the pouch in the front. Jason grabbed the boxer briefs and pulled them up. The elastic material was a tight fit, but they at least covered his genitals. Jason stood up and it seemed they gave enough support to handle the weight. Modesty was out of the question though, as it looked like he had stuffed an entire shirt down his underwear. Jason again asked “What am I going to do? I can’t live like this”. Jason’s stomach then began to rumble and he said, “I’m starved, let’s get some food and try to think of something.”

They went into the kitchen and Kevin began to fix breakfast. Jason said, “If you even think of touching those pills…” and Kevin instantly cut in “No way man! I promise!” Jason sat down and had to adjust himself and sit with his legs spread to make room for the bulge in his pants. They finished eating and went into the den to sit down. Jason was squirming a bit, seeming to be unable to get comfortable. He said, “Feels like my nuts are being squeezed or something. I need to get these off.”

He pulled down the boxer briefs, letting his cock and balls flop free. Kevin said, “Looks like your nuts are bigger again…” Jason examined, and now even both hands couldn’t fully cup his balls. It was like two melons hanging down behind his dick, though now his nuts stretched his sac down even further than his enormous cock, almost reaching his knees. Jason began to nervously pace, though walking caused his legs to keep bumping his oversized nuts, quickly putting an end to that. Jason used both hands to pickup his nuts and walk over and sit on the couch.

“Are my balls going to keep getting bigger forever or what?”, Jason asked. Kevin came over and sat down next to him and thought for a moment, then said, “Maybe if you shot a load, it would help. You did mention last night after sex you didn’t feel as much pressure.” Jason replied “I can barely even walk right now, and you think I want sex?” Kevin said, “We need to do something man, I’m worried also. Your dick is amazing, but your nuts really are starting to get out of hand and don’t seem to be stopping. We should try.”

After saying that, Kevin reached over and began slowly stroking Jason’s limp dick. Jason grabbed Kevin’s wrist, but after looking at the concern in his eyes, released his hold. Kevin moved between Jason’s legs and continued to stroke his dick. Kevin began to lick the bottom of Jason’s balls, marvelling at how big they truly were. Slowly, blood began to fill Jason’s cock as it started to inflate. Kevin moved his mouth to the head of the dick, began to lick it then started to attempt to suck it. Kevin stretched his mouth as wide as he could, but couldn’t fit the whole cock into his mouth. Lost in the moment, Jason began pushing Kevin’s head onto his cock, and Kevin began to gag, still being unable to fit the width of the cock through his mouth.

Looking at Jason, Kevin saw the disappointment in his face. He just smiled, and began to lick all around the mammoth cock. Kevin then stood up, pulled down his pants, and stood on the couch. He leaned in, kissed Jason, and smiled. Continuing to kiss Jason, Kevin began to grind his ass against Jason’s cock. Kevin reached back, and guided the long cock at his ass and slowly mounted Jason’s cock. Slowly, inch by inch, Kevin slid down on the thick dick. Kevin had in the past used dildo’s, but nothing ever this big. Gritting his teeth, he looked at Jason and continued to smile and work his way down. Finally, his ass reached the base of the cock and rested on Jason’s massive nuts. The feeling was unreal, unimaginable bliss.

Kevin reached under him and started massaging Jason’s balls. He began to go up and down on the dick while at the same time, Jason reached over and took hold of Kevin’s stiff cock as well. Jason was stroking Kevin while his own cock was being worked. Jason was beginning to tense up from the sensation of Kevin rubbing his balls while going up and down on his cock. He could feel his nuts starting to pull in, and he started to stroke Kevin faster. Jason leaned forward and wrapped an arm around Kevin as he also began to buck his hips in motion with Kevin’s bouncing. Kevin leaned in and kissed Jason, just as he began to shoot all over Jason’s chest. Jason couldn’t take it anymore, arched his back, and began to also shoot, inside of Kevin. Kevin smiled, but soon had to pull off, but Jason just kept going. Spurt after spurt of cum kept coming from Jason’s dick. After what seemed like a few minutes, he seemed to finally finish, and collapsed backwards, entirely exhausted.


Part 7

After both boys relaxed for a while, Kevin pushed himself up and took a look at Jason’s crotch. Jason’s dick was lying there flaccid, still big as a salami, but his nuts, while still much bigger than any normal man, were back down to a more reasonable size, close to large eggs. Kevin said, “Hey it seems like it worked!” and reached over to examine more closely. Jason instead stood up and decided to have a look for himself. Standing up, his dick and nuts hung down an impressive length. His sac was definitely stretched from the ordeal, but seemed other than that just extra large nuts for a boy his size.

Kevin said, “Well, thats at least one problem handled, but we need to get cleaned up. You go ahead and shower, I’ll take care of the mess in here”. Jason nodded and went down to the bathroom. After his shower, Jason went and grabbed the boxer briefs he had earlier, and again put them on. They fit much better this time, with a big bulge, but not in the obscene category. As he went down the hall towards the den, Kevin walked up and mentioned “That’s about as clean as it’s going to get, time for my own shower. I’ll be out in a few”.

Jason waited in the den until Kevin came out. While sitting there waiting, Jason decided to examine himself again and pulled down the briefs. As he was holding his balls, he noticed that they were again, very slowly, seeming to expand. Instantly, the sense of panic came back. Kevin came walking up, cleaned and dressed from his shower and saw from Jason’s expression something was wrong. He asked, “What’s up?” and Jason said, “My nuts are getting bigger again”. Kevin’s jaw dropped, and just then they heard a beeping sound. Jason said, “That’s my cell phone” and he walked down the hall to get it from his bag.

Checking the cell, he said, “It’s a text message from my mom. She says she’s on the way to pick me up. When she got back from her trip, she had a message from Dr. Amon saying he needed to see me right away.” Kevin said, “Hey maybe your doctor can help. Wasn’t it medicine from his office that started this in the first place?”

Jason nodded, and began to get dressed. He decided on a loose pair of slacks, though they still had a noticable bulge. Kevin said, “Here, use this,” and went into his closet and pulled out a sweat shirt. He walked over and tied it around Jason’s waist, having it hang in front and cover his crotch. Jason adjusted it some and said, “This should work to cover it for now, but I can feel pressure building in my nuts again. I hope this is enough until I can get to the doctor.”

Jason texted his mom, who replied she was only a few minutes away. Jason gathered his stuff, and waited on the front porch. Kevin said, “I’ll see you at school tommorow, let me know how it goes.” Jason nodded, and got up as he saw his mother coming down the driveway. The boys were about to hug each other goodbye, but stopped themselves as Jason nodded in his mother’s direction. Instead they just smiled and shook hands as Jason walked over to get in.

The ride to the doctor’s office was uneventful, and once they arrived and checked in, a nurse immediately came out and said they were ready for Jason. As Jason got up, his Mother said she was going to run some errands and would be back to pick him up when his appointment is over. Jason nodded and went to the back, keeping the sweatshirt covering his front.

The nurse, a different one from last time, brought him to a room then left. Moments later, Dr. Amon came in. He said, “Jason, we’ve been trying to reach your mother all weekend. We believe there was a mixup at your last appointment and you may have received the wrong treatment. We want to be sure everything is ok. Since your last visit, have you been feeling all right? Also, were you given any pills on your last visit?”

Jason nodded, and took the pills from his bag and handed them to the doctor. Dr. Amon took the bottle and read it, getting a worried look on his face. He asked “This is what I was afraid of, so you did get the wrong injection and medication. Did you take these? We are unsure of what kind of reaction they may have on someone so young that may not be completely finished with puberty yet. I have to ask again, how have you been feeling?”

Jason thought about how to respond, and instead stood up, untied the sweat shirt from his waist, and began to unbutton his slacks. The doctor got a curious look on his face as he watched and noticed the now larger bulge in Jason’s pants. Jason pulled down the slacks, and revealed a much larger bulge in the briefs. Dr. Amon’s eyes got wide, as he continued to watch. Jason was going to say something, but instead just pulled off the briefs and stood there.

Dr. Amon blurted out “Woah!” and just looked at Jason’s crotch, in shock. His dick was hanging down over his balls, still elevenish inches long soft, but again it was the balls that took center stage. They had again swollen up enormous and completely stretched out his sac. After standing a moment, Jason had to sit back down on the examination bed, saying “They’re too heavy to hang unsupported, it starts to hurt.”

Dr. Amon was at a loss for words, looking in disbelief at the sight of this thin 18 year old boy with an almost twelve inch cock hanging off the side of the bed, and two balls almost as big as a football each forcing his legs apart. He began to stutter “When… how…” and then began to collect himself. He cleared his throat, then asked “When did this happen?” Jason replied “It started the morning after my last visit. I took those pills your nurse gave me, but there was a… mixup and I took a few more than I should have”. The next day, my junk just started getting bigger, and it won’t stop. What am I supposed to do??”

Dr. Amon scooted closer, and asked “May I?” and Jason nodded. Dr. Amon took hold of Jason’s penis and examined it. “Seems there are no abnormalities, lumps, or discolorations. Aside from the size for someone your age, of course. Let’s see here,” and he moved on to examining Jason’s nuts.

Using both hands, he examined first one ball then the next. Picking it up and feeling all around. Jason had to look straight ahead and focus with all his might to not pop wood from his nuts being handled like that. Dr. Amon sat back and thought for a moment, then said, “My best idea of what’s going on is that the hormone injection you mistakenly got last time interacted with your already active hormones of puberty, and then combined with the heavy overdose of the pills, sent your system into hyper drive. Your pituitary gland has been sending signals to your testicles to produce semen at a vastly accelerated rate, and at the same time, caused your sex glands to go through a kind of second puberty, again at an extremely accelerated rate. That’s the reason for your penis and testicles getting larger, but more worrying to me is that it seems your testicles are still over producing semen.”

“While examining you, I could feel your testicles swelling up from semen production. That’s what’s causing the drastic size increase in your testicles in short periods of time. I need to draw some blood and examine it to get a better idea of how to handle the situation. Here, change into this patient gown for now.” Dr. Amon took a gown from a side closet and passed it to Jason, then turned around while he changed. A moment later, Dr. Amon retrieved a syringe from a cabinet and drew some vials of blood from Jason’s arm.

“I’ll be back shortly, just wait here for a few,” the doctor said as he walked out and shut the door behind him. Jason looked around, then browsed some magazines, but ultimately decided to just lie down and wait. He must have dozed off, because later he was awoken by a knock on the door.

“Sorry it took so long,” the doctor said as he came back into the room. Jason looked at his watch, and realized almost two hours had passed. Jason sat up and swung his legs over the edge of the bed, but winced from pain. He realized he had knocked his nuts with his legs, painfully. Looking in that area, he noticed a rather large lump under the gown. The doctor closed the door behind him and placed a filled syringe on the desk, then sat down. He said, “Ok, after running some tests on the blood we drew, and speaking with some colleagues, we’ve determined that this serum should bring your hormone levels back to normal. That being said, there isn’t anything that can be done about extensive growth of your penis, although it should still function normally. After giving you this serum, your testicles should no longer continue to swell uncontrollably, and your normal sex drive will remain unaffected and healthy.”

Dr. Amon turned and picked up the syringe and said, “Now, one thing you may not like is this injection has to be given close to the base of your testicles. If you could, please lift up the gown.” Jason complied and pulled up the base of the gown, exposing himself. Dr. Amon gasped when he saw Jason’s groin. Jason pulled up the gown further, and gasped himself. His penis was pushed up and to the side to hang over his left leg, because there wasn’t any room anywhere else. Jason’s nuts had swollen so much, they were almost as big as a soccer ball each. He tried to re-cover himself with the gown out of embarrassment, though it was now obvious why the bulge looked so large previously.

Dr. Amon said, “Now don’t worry, we’re going to get this fixed up. Lift the gown please if you would, so I can administer this injection.” Jason again lifted the gown, and leaned back. Dr. Amon lifted up Jason’s penis and injected the serum near the base of his cock. The doctor then said, “As for the current state of your testicles, I could drain them with a needle, but that would be unpleasant, and it would probably be easier if you just relieved yourself, if you, ahem, know what I mean. This facility is also a fertility clinic, and we have rooms for sperm donors to make a deposit, so if you want, you can use the room across the hall to do your business.”

Jason silently nodded. Dr. Amon then said, “There’s more to go over, but first, we need to get this situation resolved. I’ll be back to check on you when you’re finished,” and with that, the doctor left the room. Jason began to stand up, but before getting off the bed, he was pulled back down by the weight of his balls. He tried to pick them up, but they were too big for his hands, and when he tried to cup them using his arms, they slid out from his grasp. Frustrated, he was about to call for the doctor to help, but realized what he would be asking, and was much too embarrassed to admit the problem he was having.

He reached towards the floor, and picked up his boxer briefs and pulled them up, but when they reached the base of his balls, they just wouldn’t stretch enough to fit over the mound of flesh. Getting angry now, Jason pulled them back off and decided to just force his way across the hall. He slid his legs towards the floor and then worked his balls off the edge of the bed. As they rolled off the bed, the full force of gravity almost pulled Jason to the ground, but instead he held his ground. It felt like someone was playing tug-o-war with his nuts due to the weight pulling his groin. Determined though, Jason did a kind of bow-legged waddle to the door and opened it and looked out into the hall. No one was in sight, so he quickly walked as wide legged as he could across the hall into the next room and closed the door behind him.

Thankfully, this room had a nice bed in it, so Jason waddled over and turned around and slid onto the bed, using his hands as best he could to guide his swollen sac onto the bed as well. Finally relieved that the bed was supporting the weight of his nuts, he looked around the tiny room. There wasn’t much there aside from some kind of collection tubes, a toilet, sink, and a small desk. Jason opened a drawer in the desk and saw some magazines. Looking through them, he saw various naked women, and after flipping through a few, put them back in and closed the drawer. Looking in the next drawer, he found more magazines, but this time of naked men.

He was browsing through one of the gay magazines, and rubbing his dick with the other hand, trying to get himself aroused. As he was looking through the magazine, he was noticing that none of the male models had dicks anywhere near his current size. Even the featured model, with the nickname “King Dong” looked like his fully hard cock was smaller than Jason’s current softy.

Gradually, Jason began to get hard. Now that a fix was in sight, Jason began to relax more. He thought to himself how cool it is that he seems to be hung more than porn stars. Getting into the moment, he thought back to when Kevin had said that Jason really wanted a bigger dick, even if he wouldn’t admit it. In the privacy of his own thoughts, Jason secretly agreed, that he did like having a bigger dick than Kevin. He looked down at his now rock hard dick, standing straight up, and wondered if maybe it was too big? Really though, what’s too big anyway? It did seem less swollen than earlier, and he wondered if Kevin could fit it into his mouth again.

Jason looked further down, at the lump of balls under his dick. Just seeing how huge they had become still got him jittery, but telling himself it was all about to be fixed was letting him slowly accept it. He thought about how it actually felt, lying there on the bed with probably the biggest balls on the planet. The way it felt as he ran his hands around his full sac, the feeling of fullness between his legs. Jason continued to rub his balls with one hand, while using the other to rub his cock. Feeling himself getting close, Jason leaned over and grabbed one of the largest tubes and placed it over his dick. Shortly after, he began to shoot, and quickly the tube was filling to the top. Jason tried to quickly put it down then grab another, though he got some cum on the floor.

The next tube filled up right away also. The next, and the next after that were filled from what seemed like a never ending hose of cum from his dick. Without any tubes left, Jason directed his cock at the toilet and shot the remaining cum into the bowl. Once he finally finished cumming, Jason lay back and relaxed.


Part 8

Not wanting to spend much more time in the doctor’s office, Jason gathered the gown and covered up. Crossing back across the hall, Jason was surprised to see Dr. Amon already in the exam room waiting for him. The doctor asked “Did that help? Please let me examine you.” Jason closed the door, and lifted the gown. His now mostly flaccid penis hung there like a log, slightly swaying back and forth like a pendulum. The doctor gently lifted the penis out of the way to examine Jason’s balls. Having been drained of their load, Jason’s balls were now much more manageable, again closer to the size of eggs. His sac though was very stretched and seemed too loose for the now smaller balls.

The doctor continued to examine for a moment, then shifted his focus onto Jason’s penis. Dr. Amon was running his hand along Jason’s penis differently now, not really examining, but instead more just running his hand back and forth. Jason felt blood start to flow and mortified he might bone up in front of the doctor tried to change the subject and said, “So do you think I’m ok now doctor?”

Dr. Amon apparently was brought back to attention, and realized what he was doing, and let go of Jason’s penis, which thwacked heavily as it fell. As Jason lowered the gown again, Dr. Amon just smiled and slightly shook his head, then turned to Jason and said, “Yes sir, that shot I gave you neutralized the previous serum, so now your reproductive system should be back to normal. No more swelling testicles. I do have a cream that will help tighten the skin of your scrotum to help with the stretching.” Dr. Amon pulled out a tube of cream from a drawer and passed it over. “As I mentioned, the size change of your penis is, for better or worse, a permanent change. Your testicles are probably larger now than they used to be, but their current size should be as big as they’re going to get. There may be some strangeness for you in Gym class, so let me write a note for your teacher. Another thing, I would consider it a personal favor if you kept what happened this week between us. The serum you got was not approved for use on your age group, and it could jeopardize my medical license.”

Jason just nodded, took the cream, and after it was written, the note. Dr. Amon said, “I guess that wraps it up, I’d like to see you for a followup appointment in a few days. Until next time!” and with that, he turned and left. When he was alone in the room again, Jason rubbed the cream on his sac, then got dressed and headed up front to call his mom for a ride.

The rest of the day passed without incident, and checking every hour or so, Jason didn’t notice any more swelling of his nuts. The shot must really be working he thought. As he was lying in bed that evening, he thought about Gym class and the swim team tomorrow, and wondered what was going to happen. He also realized he was supposed to have called Kevin, but forgot, and now it was too late to call. He decided he would just meet up with him during school tomorrow.

The next morning, getting ready for school, Jason was trying to decide what to wear. Standing there naked, admiring his hanging cock in the mirror, he thought about it. He wanted to hide it, but at the same time, he remembered what the doctor said about it being permanent, so he had just better get used to being hung like a mule. Jason pulled on a pair of briefs and decided to go with some running shorts. The material was loose, and while there was a bulge, it wasn’t overly noticeable.

At school, Jason’s first class was in fact Gym class, which meant swim practice. In the locker room, Jason, who was never especially popular, was easily able to hide behind a locker door as he changed into his team speedo without being seen by the other guys. Once he pulled it on though, he instantly noticed a problem. While he could hide his horsecock in loose shorts, there was absolutely no hiding it in a speedo. The speedo hugged every ridge of the huge tube of flesh, leaving almost nothing to the imagination. Starting to get nervous again, Jason quickly pulled his shorts on over the speedo. He dug around in his school bag to find that note from the doctor, then walked towards the coaches office.

Thomas, one of the other swimmers called out “Hey Jason, why aren’t you in uniform yet? We have to get started!” Jason just waved at him and continued to the coaches office. Once inside, Jason gave the coach the note. Coach read it, then got a puzzled look. He asked Jason “What’s this about? The note says there was an incident involving your genitalia, and there’s some changes? What does that even mean?” Jason was at a loss for words, but before he could begin to explain, Coach cut in and said, “I don’t care, whatever it is, as long as you can swim, it’s fine by me. Now hurry up and go get changed, you need to start practice.”

Jason left and went back to his locker. He reluctantly pulled off his shorts, now again wearing nothing but his speedo. Maybe I won’t get noticed if I stay near the back, Jason thought. Jason closed his locker, and walked towards the pool. As he came out of the locker room, Thomas turned to him and called out “About time you got here and into your uniform…..” Thomas’s speech just slowly trailed off as he looked down at Jason’s speedo. Other members of the team, curious at what had Thomas’s attention, turned and looked at Jason as well. Each of them gasped a little as they saw the bulge in Jason’s speedo.

One of the smart-ass members of the team, Ricky, called out “What the hell Jason, who are you trying to impress?” The other guys began to giggle and whisper. Jason, who was turning red as a fire engine, just stood there frozen. Ricky, who had always had a decent sized bulge in his speedo, grabbed his own bulge and continued “If you wanted to know what it’s like to have a big dick, all you had to do was ask man, but stuffing your speedo doesn’t have the same effect, ya know? Hahaha!” Ricky and the rest of the team started laughing. The Coach walked up during this, and looked at Jason and saw his crotch.

He walked over and pulled Jason back into the locker room. He said, “Now what do you think you’re doing? I don’t have time for foolishness on this team. Get that stuff out of your suit.” Jason just stammered “But, but…” The Coach though wasn’t a patient man. He grabbed Jason’s speedo and yanked it down. Out flopped Jason’s fat 11-inch soft cock in all its glory, followed by his impressive balls. Jason said, “My doctor explained about..” Coach remembered the note, and said, “What the hell, how’s that possible?” Jason just gave a blank stare. Coach backed up and said, “Well, you’re one of our fastest swimmers, I’m not going to have this weaken our team. Pull up your suit and get back out there!”

Jason pulled up his speedo, taking a moment to arrange his cock. Coach just snorted when he saw the bulge again, and motioned for Jason to get a move on. As Jason came back towards the team, Ricky began to make whistling sounds at Jason, continuing to laugh. Coach came out and yelled “Ricky, shut up and get in the pool and start your laps. All of you, get to it!” and he blew his whistle. The team turned and dived into the pool to begin their practice. Jason as well dove in.

As they were passing in the water, Ricky made a grab for Jason’s crotch, but Jason blocked it in time. Ricky snickered and continued on. After practice was done, the boys headed for the showers. Most of the boys used the large open shower area because it’s faster, but this time Jason decided he was going to use a private stall. As he was walking towards one, he heard from behind him “Hey Jason, this is what a big dick looks like, since you seem to want to know!” Jason turned around, and saw Ricky standing in the shower with some other team members. Ricky was holding the base of his limp dick, twirling it around like a helicopter. Jason estimated Ricky’s limp dick was around 6 inches. The other boys were chuckling at the display. Ricky continued, “Come on man, if you are really that desperate to look like you have a big one too, you should come over and feel this so you have an idea what a real dick feels like! I don’t get why coach let you keep your speedo stuffed likethat, I guess he felt sorry for you!”

Jason was starting to get pissed, and began to walk towards Ricky, but changed his mind and instead headed towards the private shower stalls again. Ricky called out “Hey hold on now, since you apparently want to put on a display, why try to hide now. Shower like the rest of us.” Jason felt a hand on his arm, but he pulled away. Then there were multiple people pulling him back. Various members of the swim team were pulling Jason back into the central shower area, still chuckling. Jason said, “Let me go!” though no one was listening.

Jason felt someone reaching their fingers under the waistband of his speedo, and he knocked their hand away. The boys holding him brought him under one of the showers, and Ricky walked up and placed his hand on the front of Jason’s speedo. Ricky got an odd expression on his face after feeling the bulge, but refocused his attention on Jason. He grabbed a bar of soap and ran it across Jason’s shoulders and said, “Now now, stop struggling. We’re just helping you get your shower!”

Ricky stuck his index finger under the waistband of Jason’s speedo, and Jason tried to knock his hand away as well, but the other boys had gotten a firmer hold of Jason and held him back. Ricky said, “Can’t get clean wearing this now can you!” and yanked down Jason’s speedo.

Again, Jason’s python cock flopped free to sway from his hips. 11 inches of flesh hung there for everyone to see. No one said a word. The boys holding Jason loosened their grip, as Ricky reached out and grabbed Jason’s cock and pulled, saying “This has to be fake…” Jason grabbed Ricky and pushed him back, saying “What is wrong with you?” Ricky, standing there, was quickly getting a boner looking at Jason’s dick. Hard, Ricky looked to be around 6.5 inches. Definitely a shower, not a grower.

One of the other boys snickered “Hey Ricky, what was that about a big dick? Yours hard is barely half his soft! Hah!” Laughter erupted from the boys in the shower, this time at Ricky instead. Ricky though didn’t even seem to notice, he was completely fixated on Jason’s dick. The other boys were also coming back around to focus on Jason’s meat. There were whispers of “When did that happen man?” and “Do you see his nuts? They’re just as huge!”

Jason tried to push his way past the crowd, but they weren’t done yet. Someone said, “Man you have to get it hard, how big does it really get?”

“Yeah, let us see! Get it boned up!” Jason was still trying to get through the crowd, but the attention was starting to get to him. He could feel his cock getting stiffer and starting to swell. Someone said, “Look at that thing grow, it’s like a snake. Unreal.”

Jason was starting to stop resisting. All this attention was turning him on something fierce. Jason felt someone’s hand touch his dick, and he knocked it away. Then someone from behind reached between his legs and cupped his balls, which made Jason jump and knock their hand away as well. At this point he was completely boned up, his cock sticking straight out.

“Look at that dick, it has to be 13 or more inches, wow.”

“That’s not possible, but look at that thing!” Jason tried to turn around again, but now his sword of a cock was slapping boys each time he turned. Someone grabbed his dick again, and again he had to pull away. Jason slipped and fell backwards, and was held down when he tried to get back up. “How much do those huge nuts shoot anyway?” Someone asked. “Ricky, why don’t you go find out?”

Ricky walked towards Jason, who was struggling against the boys holding him down. He reached out and placed his hand around the pole of dick pointing from Jason’s waist. The other boys were now cheering Ricky on. Jason could only watch, helpless, as Ricky placed his other hand around his dick and began to work his cock. One of the boys said, “Do you see his balls? Looks like they’re pumping up!”

Jason got worried and tried to lean forward to look for himself, but wasn’t able to get free. He felt someone else’s hands begin to fondle his balls while Ricky was working his cock. The room got quiet as Jason stopped struggling and just laid back and accepted what was happening. He tried to hold it back, but was unable to stop from beginning to cum. As soon as his dick started to shoot, the cheering started again. A blast of cum hit Ricky in the face, and more shots hit various other boys standing around. The crowd began laughing, and continuing to cheer at the same time.

Once Jason was finished, his dick started to soften. The boys released their hold, and Jason stood up. It was quite the sight, his now flaccid but still pumped dick swinging at over 12 inches. There were more quiet whistles from the boys as they looked, but Jason used the opportunity to quickly head towards the private showers to clean up.


Part 9

Stepping into a shower, Jason closed the door started to clean up. He was pissed at Ricky, but at least Jason felt some personal satisfaction at dwarfing Ricky’s cock after he made those big dick comments. Jason looked down at his cock and smiled as he continued to wash. Moving on to his balls, he was surprised to feel they still felt full, even after their recent release. Finished with his shower, Jason grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his waist and headed for his locker.

As Jason walked through the locker room, he could hear other team members whispering about him, but he just looked ahead and got his clothes from his locker. He could feel himself being watched, so he decided to keep the towel wrapped around his waist as he stepped into his briefs and pulled them up. Jason arranged his cock and balls in his briefs, which was harder than he thought it would be while still keeping himself covered up with a towel. He pulled on his shorts, then removed the towel from his waist. Finishing getting dressed, Jason felt like his briefs were tighter, though it was probably due to the awkward way he had just gotten dressed.

Jason was looking forward to seeing Kevin again, since they were in the next class together. Jason entered the classroom and saw Kevin was already there. He walked in and took his seat behind Kevin, who couldn’t wait to turn around and ask “Hey! How did it go at the Doctor’s? Was he able to help with…?” and Kevin nodded in a downward direction. Jason began to answer “Yeah, I got a shot and it fixed.. the problem.. though some didn’t change. He …” and Jason was interrupted by the bell sounding. Once the bell stopped, Jason was about to start speaking again, but the teacher called for Kevin to turn around and pay attention. Kevin just rolled his eyes and did as he was told.

Class was as boring as ever, and Jason’s mind began to wander. He started to stare at Kevin’s muscled back and shoulders. Like usual, Kevin was wearing a skin tight shirt to accentuate every muscle. Jason could feel his briefs getting tighter, so he instead tried to refocus on whatever the teacher was lecturing about before he got a boner. Once the bell rang again for class to be over, Kevin stood up and turned to Jason, who was also getting up from his desk. When Jason stood up, he saw his shorts were making a bulge, so he did his best to cover himself with a book as he rearranged his crotch to try to hide it.

Kevin had a big smile as he watched, but said, “Let’s talk more at lunch, I need to go to my next class. Cya soon!” and took off. Jason nodded and started off towards his next class as well. His other classes were just as dull, although Jason felt like he couldn’t get a comfortable position in a desk. It kept feeling like his nuts needed more room, but his horse cock was taking up all the space between his legs. It was a relief when the lunch bell finally rang.

Jason met up with Kevin and they went over to a secluded spot in the school yard to talk. Kevin said, “So tell me what happened yesterday?” Jason filled him in on what the Doctor had done, as well as what was said. Jason was going to also tell Kevin about swim practice this morning, but decided to leave that out for now. Kevin then asked “So then, that means your dick is still the same as it was yesterday, but your balls are back to normal? That’s awesome!” Jason answered “That’s what he said at least, and I thought it was nice as well, but it can be uncomfortable, having so much going on down there.” Jason pointed towards his crotch as he opened his legs a little wider.

Jason had a hefty bulge going on in his shorts, even though they were the loose fit style. Kevin grinned and started to reach towards it, but Jason pulled back and whispered “Hey we’re in the middle of the school yard!” Kevin said, “Can I come over this evening?” Jason just shrugged and Kevin said, “Alright, why don’t you ride with me to your place after school.” Jason said, “Beats taking the bus.”

The boys got up as the next class bell rang. During Jason’s next class, again he struggled in his desk, trying to find a way to sit that felt natural. Eventually Jason just sat in his desk with his legs opened wide and partially in the aisle, which gave everything enough room to not be a bother. At least the top of the desk covers my crotch, he thought to himself.

Final period was the worst, since not only could Jason still not find a comfortable position sitting in his desk, but his underwear was squeezing his junk. He sat counting the minutes until school let out. and once it did, Jason bolted to the parking lot and found Kevin. Kevin leaned over and whispered to Jason “Is that a rocket in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?” and snickered playfully as he nodded towards Jason’s bulge.

Jason said, “I’m not hard”. They got in Kevin’s car, then Kevin reached over and felt Jason’s lump. Kevin said, “I guess it isn’t, but man your underwear is way too tight. We need to get you some new ones.” Jason said, “It was fine this morning, I don’t know why it’s so tight now.” Kevin said, “It’s not a long ride to your house, let’s find out what’s up when we get there”.

When they pulled up to Jason’s place, the boys got out, and Jason took off towards his house almost at a run. Kevin followed behind as they went upstairs to Jason’s bedroom. Jason slammed the door shut and tossed his bookbag down. He then pulled down his shorts and looked at why his briefs were squeezing so much. The problem was obvious right away, his dick and balls were filling his briefs beyond the point they could reasonably stretch.

Jason pulled off his briefs, and when released from it’s prison, his cock rolled out and hung down over his balls. Jason breathed a sigh of relief, but then looked down and said, “What’s going on now? It looks like my balls got bigger again? They definitely weren’t like this earlier this morning! The Doctor said this wouldn’t happen anymore.”

Kevin said, “Hmm, it does look like your dick is bigger, but your nuts are way smaller than yesterday man.” Jason said, “Of course my nuts are smaller compared to yesterday, I told you they were massive at the Doctor’s office, I could barely walk. The Doctor helped me get them to normal though, and this morning they were still mostly normal. Th…. wait, what do you mean my dick is bigger?”

Jason reached down and grabbed his swinging limp dick and picked it up. It looked huge, but it looked huge this morning also. Was it really bigger? It was hard to say. Kevin reached into his bookbag and dug around for a moment, then produced a ruler. He said, “Here, let go for a minute”. Jason released his cock, which hung down and over his balls. Kevin reached and picked up the end of Jason’s cock and pulled it straight, then placed the ruler next to it.

“It goes a bit past the end, so I don’t have an exact measurement, but I’d say you’re about 12.4 or so, flaccid. Looks like your softy gained about an inch.” Kevin then lifted the penis higher and looked at Jason’s balls. “Your nuts are big too, but I haven’t seen them since yesterday.” Jason put his hands behind his nuts and pulled everything forward for a closer look. After a moment, he said, “I need to call the doctor, that shot didn’t work.” Jason picked up his phone and dialed. A few minutes later, he hung up and said, “The office just closed for the day, all I get is voice mail. I have to wait and call tomorrow.”

Just then, Jason heard his mother calling from downstairs to come down for dinner. Jason picked up his underwear and pulled them up, but after a moment of trying to fit them over his dick and balls, he took them back off again. Instead, he put on his shorts again without any underwear. Kevin spoke up and said, “That’s not going to work man, look,” and he pointed to Jason’s left leg. Jason looked down and saw that, without underwear to support it, the end of his cock was hanging down visible past the bottom of the shorts. Jason pulled them off as well and asked “What am I supposed to do, wear sweats in this hot weather?”

Kevin thought for a minute, then said, “Hey don’t you have some spandex workout shorts? I’ve seen you wear them before, where are they?” Jason went to his closet and pulled some out. He pulled them on, and the material was stretchy enough to hold everything in place, but the bulge was ridiculous. Jason laughed “Yeah, this is so much better. I may as well just go naked.”

Kevin said, “Hold on,” and reached over and arranged Jason’s dick so it hung on the left, while he pushed Jason’s balls towards the right side, so that everything wasn’t pushing straight outwards. He said, “Now, grab some loose shorts and wear them over it.” Jason went to the closet again and got some loose shorts and pulled them on. There was still a bulge, but with the spandex shorts underneath holding everything in place, the bulge could be mostly masked.

The boys went downstairs to dinner, and Jason tried to lean forward as he walked towards the table so his bulge wasn’t on display. Jason’s mother and brother were already seated, so Jason and Kevin took seats across from each other at the table. Jason asked if it was ok if Kevin stayed the night, and was told that it was, as long as they didn’t stay up too late.

While eating, Jason felt something between his legs, and looked under the table and saw Kevin’s foot rubbing against his crotch. He looked up and saw Kevin smiling at him across the table. Jason squirmed and knocked Kevin’s foot away, but Kevin just did it again. Kevin had slipped his foot underneath Jason’s heavy balls and was gently pushing them around. Jason was getting turned on, but again pushed Kevin’s foot away. Kevin had to stifle a chuckle, which got a curious glance from Jason’s brother.

Kevin was now rubbing his foot against Jason’s crotch again, and Jason was beginning to get a hardon. Jason knocked Kevin’s foot away again, and this time the movement got the attention of Jason’s brother, who looked down at Jason’s crotch to see what was going on. Jason also looked down, and saw the bulge his cock was making as it was slowly getting hard. He tried to play it off by repositioning himself in his seat and leaning forward in his chair. Jason’s brother, Alex, just gave him a funny look, but didn’t say anything.

Jason took his plate and stood up, quickly turning away from the table and said he was finished. He took his plate to the sink, and continued to face away from the table as he left the room and headed back upstairs to his room. He could hear Kevin excusing himself from the table and following him as he left. When they got to Jason’s room, Jason whirled around and asked Kevin “What are you trying to do, get me caught? I don’t want my mom to see me with a gigantic boner.” Kevin smiled and said, “Aww come on, that wasn’t what I was trying to do” as he reached over and grabbed Jason’s dick through his pants.

Jason was still continuing to get hard, especially with Kevin groping him. Even with the stretchy spandex shorts, there wasn’t enough room for his cock to fully bone up, and instead it was making a major tent in his shorts. Just then, they heard Alex coming up the stairs. Jason got a worried look, tried to push his boner down so it stopped making a tent in his shorts, completely unsuccessfully. The boys heard Alex call from down the hall, “Hey Jason!” as he continued to approach Jason’s room.

Freaked out, Jason reached into his pants and pulled up his hard dick. He grabbed his boner and pulled it straight up, so that it was pointing at his chest. Being angled that way, it in fact almost did reach his chest. Jason used the waistband of his shorts to hold his dick pointing straight up, and he pulled his shirt down over the front, so that his boner was laying against his stomach behind his shirt. He sat on the edge of his bed, just as Alex came into the room.

Alex said, “Hey, I was just seeing what you guys were up to” and while he was asking, his eyes were looking at Jason’s crotch. Jason, still leaning forward so his shirt hung down and covered his crotch and boner said, “We’re just hanging out, leave us alone.” Alex kept trying to get a better view of Jason’s crotch from the doorway, but was unable to, and instead just snorted and left the room.

Jason got up and closed and locked his bedroom door. Kevin came up behind him and hugged him from behind, reaching and stroking Jason’s boner at the same time. Jason turned around and pulled off his shorts and the spandex shorts under them. His dick was now fully hard, pointing straight out, and he could feel his huge, heavy nuts hitting his legs as they were released. Kevin pulled off his shirt, then reached and took off the rest of his clothes as well. Kevin took hold of his own cock and rubbed it along Jason’s hard dick. The size difference was almost comical, with Jason’s dick being more than double Kevin’s own 6 incher.

Jason softly pushed back Kevin onto the bed and started to kiss his chest. Jason worked his way down Kevin’s abs, and when Jason reached Kevin’s dick, he began to suck him. Jason kept working Kevin’s cock, taking his entire dick down his throat until he sensed Kevin was on the edge of cumming. Jason then instead leaned forward and resumed kissing Kevin’s chest. He then gently rolled Kevin over and kissed the back of his neck. Jason reached one arm around Kevin and with the other, he guided his own cock into Kevin’s ass.

Jason had to go very slow, and due to his size he could tell Kevin was having a rough time taking him. He quietly asked Kevin “Do you want me to stop?” but Kevin whispered “No, keep going.” Jason pushed in some more, and then some more, until he was all the way in, with his big balls resting on the back of Kevin’s legs. Jason hugged Kevin tightly from behind as he began to thrust back and forth. Kevin started to quietly moan from both pleasure and a little bit from pain.

Jason increased the intensity, enjoying the feeling of his balls slamming against Kevin. Jason could feel the pressure in his balls, and soon he couldn’t hold back anymore and began to cum. When he was finished, he collapsed onto the bed next to Kevin, and they both relaxed, exhausted.


Part 10

After resting for a while, Jason sat up and said, “We need to get cleaned up before someone finds us like this. It smells like sex in here.” Kevin also sat up and ran his hand along Jason’s soft cock, noticing how it arced over the balls behind it, like a snake resting on a hill. Jason got up and started walking towards his bathroom, but Kevin called out “Hey hold up a sec, turn around for me.” Jason did as he was asked, and Kevin leaned back on his elbows, smiled, and said, “Hold that pose!”

Jason smiled also, spread his legs some, put his hands behind his back, and started swaying his hips. Kevin watched as Jason’s enormous cock began to wave from left to right with the motion, and his low hanging nuts began to swing also. Jason asked “Like what you see?” and Kevin answered “Mmm hmmm”. Kevin’s smile got wider, and Jason couldn’t keep a straight face and started to laugh, which set Kevin laughing as well. Jason said, “I need a shower, you should come join me.”

Kevin got up and got into the shower with Jason. As he was soaping up and washing Jason’s groin, he said, “As much as I love it, you do need to talk with your doctor again tommorrow. You seem like you’re getting bigger again.” Jason said, “Yeah I can tell. There’s not much I can do about it tonight though. I’m going to skip school tommorrow and go. Can you give me a ride?” Kevin nodded and said, “Of course.”

When they finished their shower, Jason pulled on the spandex shorts again. They were a much tighter fit this time, and the bulge was obviously bigger. Jason sighed and said, “Well, great.” He walked over and sat up in his bed, grabbed the remote and turned on the TV. Kevin came over and sat next to him and felt the side of the bulge in Jason’s pants. Jason gently pushed his hand away and said, “I think we’ve done enough for tonight, let’s just relax for the evening.” Kevin said, “Ok” and instead cuddled up next to Jason to watch TV.

While they were watching TV Jason’s brother, Alex, came and knocked on his door, asking what they were up to. He tried to walk in, but the door was still locked. Jason yelled “Go away, mind your own business”. Alex said, “Jerk!” through the door, and stomped off down the hall. Kevin said, “That was kind of mean” but Jason replied “He’s just being nosy, like always.”

Later that evening, Jason turned off the TV and said, “Let’s go to sleep. I want to be at the doctor’s first thing in the morning, and we need to leave early anyway so my mom doesn’t know we’re skipping.” Jason stood and said, “These shorts aren’t exactly comfortable anymore. I’ll just sleep without. I doubt you’ll mind.” Kevin smiled as he looked at the gigantic bulge in the spandex. Jason pulled them down, struggling slightly to get everything out.

Once out of the shorts, his dick flopped out, almost reaching his knees. Once Jason got his balls out though, his dick was again resting on the large sack, now bigger than earlier. Jason said, “This better not get much worse” as he crawled under the covers next to Kevin. Jason turned out the lights, and a few minutes later he felt Kevin’s hand on his cock. Jason said, “Oh come on, just go to sleep” as he turned onto his side, facing away from Kevin. Kevin said, “Fine, fine. Goodnight,” and instead put his arm around Jason’s chest in a hug, and went to sleep.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Much later, Jason groggily opened his eyes and looked at his clock. It was still dark out, and he saw in the red glow on his alarm clock it was 4:42am. He wondered why he woke up so early, and closed his eyes again to go back to sleep. He began to roll onto his back to get a better position, but stopped when he felt a pulling at his groin. He reached down to feel what was going on. As he was fully waking up now, he began to realize what was happening. He pulled the covers back to look, but it was too dark in the room to see much. Jason reached over and flipped on his bedside lamp.

Squinting in the light, Jason caught his breath as his eyes came into focus. He was still lying on his side, and on the bed rested his nuts, which were now swollen up in their sack almost as big as his pillow. Jason tried to turn over again but was again held in place by their weight. Jason used his hands to help lift and move his nuts as he angled himself onto his back and sat up, with his nuts between his legs.

Now in a better position, Jason took a closer look. He looked at his dick, which was limp and hanging over his right leg and onto the bed. He lifted it, and it felt maybe heavier, maybe longer, but it was hard to say with any certainty without a ruler. Dropping his dick, he looked at his nuts. There was no doubt about them. Now in the light, with a better view, he realized his estimation of the whole sack being as big as a pillow wasn’t far off. His entire sack was extended past his knees as he sat there on the bed with his legs wide open. It looked like he had two watermelons in a flesh sack attached to his groin.

Jason started to freak out, not knowing what he should do. He grabbed the covers and covered himself again, and turned to Kevin and shook him. Kevin just groaned and said, “Huh?” Jason loudly whispered “Kevin, GET UP!” Kevin looked up, and sleepily said, “What’s wrong?” Jason replied “There’s a problem, hurry and get up.”

Kevin sat up, starting to wake up. Jason said, “I got bigger again” and Kevin, awake now, looked at the hump under the covers and said, “Let me see.” Jason hesitated, but then pulled back the covers. Kevin said, “Huh, what?” and looked in bewilderment at Jason’s enlarged nuts. Kevin asked “Is this how it was at the doctors office like you told me?” Jason shook his head and said, “No, they’re bigger.”

Kevin reached over and picked up Jason’s cock. He said, “Your dick got bigger too.” Jason looked at Kevin, not saying anything. Kevin got up and went to his bag again, coming back with his ruler. He took Jason’s cock and measured it. When finished, he said, “Yeah, it’s about 13 inches now when soft. I can tell it got thicker too, I can’t wrap my fingers completely around it anymore. Your nuts did most of the growing though.”

Jason said in a sarcastic voice “Oh really, I hadn’t noticed.” He then looked at Kevin and said, “Sorry about that, I didn’t mean to be a dick.” Kevin couldn’t help himself as he laughed at the accidental pun. He quickly stopped as he saw the worry in Jason’s eyes. Kevin said, “Hey now, don’t worry, we’re seeing the doctor today. First thing, we need to find something for you to wear to get you there. Can you stand?”

Jason leaned forward to get up from the bed, but couldn’t get leverage. He instead shifted his legs to the side of the bed and slid his balls towards the edge. Kevin said, “Let me help” but Jason just shook his head.

Jason leaned forward and stood. As his balls slid off the bed, Jason said, “Aaahhhh” and he leaned against Kevin. Jason said, “My nuts have to weigh like 20 pounds or more, I can’t do this.” Jason tried to sit back on the bed, but Kevin held him firm and said, “You can do it.” Jason looked into Kevin’s eyes, then silently nodded and stood up straight. He got a pained look on his face, but he stood there anyway.

Kevin took a few steps back and looked. Jason, who was tall and extremely thin, was standing up straight with a dick hanging from his waist like a third leg, with a nutsack behind it that was wider than both of his legs, and hung down to his knees. As strange and out of place as it looked, it was also a turnon. Kevin began to get hard standing there looking, but Jason said, “Are you going to help or just stand there?”

Kevin said, “Sorry, let’s see what you have in your closet.” Jason shuffled across the room, having to just slide his feet since his nuts were too in the way to take normal steps. Kevin was browsing through everything, and eventually said, “I know you didn’t want to wear sweats, but I don’t see a lot of other options right now.” Jason said, “Fine, get them.”

Kevin brought them over and held them in place while Jason steadied himself with a hand on Kevin’s shoulder and stepped into the sweatpants. As Kevin was pulling them up on Jason, he had to stretch the waistband wide to fit around Jason’s legs and both nuts. Jason turned and looked in a mirror, saw the bulge he was making, then said, “I can’t go out like this” and pulled the sweats off.

Kevin walked over and put both hands under Jason’s massive hanging nutsack and felt just how heavy they really were. Kevin said, “You’re too big now. I don’t think you have anything that will fit.” Jason went over and sat down on the bed, scooting far back so his nuts were on the bed as well. He said, “So now what do I do?”

Kevin thought and asked “Didn’t you mention it helped when you jacked off at the office? Maybe that would help again.” Jason didn’t say anything at first, but then said, “That may work. I’m going to need some help though.” Kevin walked over and helped Jason with his enormous nuts as he reclined against the headboard. He then placed a hand on Jason’s cock and said, “Your balls have been in the spotlight, but take look at your amazing dick. This has to be the greatest cock in history. Guys wish they could be half as big as you are. Your cock felt so good when it was inside me last night.”

Jason was starting to get hard from Kevin’s praise. His cock was steadily pumping up in Kevin’s hands, growing longer and thicker. Kevin licked the head, and held the shaft in both hands, rubbing it up and down. When Jason was fully hard, and his cock was standing straight up, Kevin crawled on top of Jason, leaning forward to kiss him, squeezing Jason’s cock between both of their chests.

Kevin realized Jason’s cock was too big at this point to fit in his ass, so instead he continued to grind his chest against the dick. Jason’s cock felt amazing as it rubbed against Kevin’s big, muscular pecs. Kevin leaned back and pushed his firm ass against Jason’s swollen nuts. He held onto Jason’s stiff cock with both hands, rubbing it while still using his ass to massage Jason’s nuts. Kevin was softly saying “so big, I love your big cock.”

Between the sight of a muscleboy sitting in his lap working his cock, and the things Kevin was saying, Jason started to feel the familiar pressure in his balls. Jason held his head back, closed his eyes, and began to cum. He could feel the explosive release of his balls as he kept shooting more cum, blast after blast. After what felt like minutes, his cock finally shot it’s final load.

Jason opened his eyes and sat up. Kevin was sitting there, with a smile on his face even though his chest was covered in cum. The sheets of Jason’s bed were soaked as well. Jason said, “I’m sorry man, I..” but Kevin interrupted and said, “It’s fine, and look, the swelling in your nuts seems to have gone down a lot.” Kevin got up and Jason leaned forward and saw that Kevin was right, even though his nuts were still huge, they weren’t massively swollen anymore.

Jason stood up, feeling the weight of his now soft cock and balls hanging from his groin. He said, “Let’s get a shower and get out of here before anyone else wakes up.” Kevin nodded and followed Jason into the shower. Afterwards, Jason got his spandex shorts again and pulled them on. They were incredibly tight, but Jason forced them on anyway. Kevin tried to protest, but Jason said, “It’s just until we get to the doctors office.” Jason then pulled the sweat pants on and saw he still displayed a very obvious bulge. He went to his closet again and grabbed a sweat shirt and again tied it around his waist to cover the bulge.

Jason pulled the sheets off his bed, rolled them up and tossed them into a laundry basket. He then said, “Ok let’s go, I want to be at the doctors office as soon as they open their doors. Kevin said, “I’ll drive” and they headed downstairs to his car.


Part 11

When the boys pulled up to the office, they noticed it wasn’t yet open. Kevin parked then looked over at Jason and saw him squirming in his seat. He asked “You doing ok?” Jason replied “I should have listened to you, this spandex is starting to hurt.” Jason reached both hands under the waistband of the sweats and spandex and tried to reposition his cock to make some room. After a few minutes of unsuccessful attempts, Jason said, “I need to take these off” and then was about to untie the drawstring of his sweats when Kevin said, “Look, they’re unlocking the doors now, let’s go in.”

They got out of the car and Kevin came around and walked in front of Jason to try to block the view to his crotch. Being the first to arrive, the lobby was thankfully empty. Jason went up to the counter and told the receptionist “I don’t have an appointment, but this is an emergency, I need to see Dr. Amon.” The receptionist gave him an amused look and said, “This isn’t a critical care facility, if you have an emergency, you should head to the ER.”

Jason was getting desperate now and sharply said, “Could you just please let Dr. Amon know I’m here? Tell him the shot he gave me two days ago didn’t work.” The receptionist was about to argue again, but instead picked up a phone relayed what Jason had said. A few moments later she hung up and said, “Dr. Amon will be with you shortly, head on back and wait in second room on the right. I’ll buzz you in.”

Jason heard a buzzing and opened the door. He saw Kevin was heading to take a seat in the lobby, so he said, “Hey, come back with me.” Kevin turned around and went through the door with Jason. They went down the hall and into the room as directed. Jason sat on the exam table and Kevin took a seat against the wall. Jason was rubbing the bulge through his pants and said, “He better hurry up, I gotta get out of these shorts.”

Almost as if on cue, Dr. Amon entered the room and closed the door. He said, “Hello again Jason, so I hear you’re having an emergency? What seems to be the problem?” The doctor looked towards Jason’s crotch, but it was still mostly covered by the shirt tied around his waist. Jason said, “My privates keep getting bigger still. That shot helped for like a day then stopped working.” Dr. Amon said, “That can’t be right, it wouldn’t just wear off like that. I’m going to need to examine your genitals, maybe your friend wants to wait outside?” He nodded towards Kevin.

Jason said, “He already knows what’s going on, I’d rather him stay.” He then stood up and untied the shirt from around his waist and pulled off his sweats, exposing the huge bulge of the spandex shorts underneath. He heard the Dr. say “Oh, hmmm”. Jason pulled on the spandex, but they were clinging to him like a second skin, stretched to their limit. While tugging on them, Jason accidentally ripped one of the seams. Not caring at this point, Jason just grabbed the tear and tugged hard. The spandex ripped open, letting his cock and balls flop out.

Jason exhaled a sigh of relief, then sat back on the exam table, having to slide back a good ways so his long cock and heavy balls didn’t hang over the edge. He spread his legs wide and said, “See what I mean?” Dr. Amon came over and took a closer look, silently thinking to himself. He began to examine Jason’s penis, lifting it and using two fingers to feel various spots along it’s length. Next he moved to the scrotum, using both hands to lift one of his balls, then the other one. He then said, “This is very unusual. The injection during your last visit should have prevented this from happening. When did you notice your testicles begin to swell?”

Jason thought about it and replied “I was fine after my last visit, the whole evening, and the next morning. It was after cumming in the shower, around 9am yesterday, that I started to feel it start. Then it started to get worse during the day, but after sex later that evening, the swelling in my balls went down, but came back even worse during the night. This morning I had sex again, and that helped the swelling again, but that was only a few hours ago, and already you can see my balls swollen this big already” and Jason nodded towards his slowly expanding scrotum.

Dr. Amon said, “That’s certainly a lot of sex for someone your age.” Jason involuntarily looked over at Kevin upon hearing that, which Dr. Amon saw. He looked at Kevin himself, and seeing the look of concern on Kevin’s face, he put the pieces together. He then leaned back in his chair and thought for a few minutes. He said, “I think I have an idea what may be going on. I need to draw a small amount of blood and run a test to confirm.” He then took a syringe and collected a vial of blood then said, “I’ll be back in a few minutes” and left the room.

When the door closed, Kevin said, “You said you came at 9am? Isn’t that your swim class? What were you talking about?” Jason scrambled to think of something fast, not wanting to add the drama of the swim team incident to his list of problems, and just said, “Uh, yeah, I jerked off in the private shower stalls…” Before Kevin could continue his questions, Dr. Amon came back into the room holding a strange tube device.

Taking a seat, he first asked “Jason, could you please change into one of our patient gowns?” Jason stood up and began to change as Dr. Amon began to explain “I’ve been working with a company helping to develop a drug to deal with infertility. The treatment, once perfected, should greatly increase sperm count in men that have lower than normal levels. You were mistakenly given one of the experimental versions of that treatment on your previous visit. The treatment is meant for older men, who have little to no natural sperm production. The effects on someone as young as you, with a fully functioning reproductive system, were never tested or even considered. On top of that, the dose you were given was one of the many slightly altered versions we use for experimentation, and even though we’ve tried to recreate the effects since then, we’ve been unable to do so.”

He continued “The injection I gave you two days ago should have neutralized the treatment, but because yours was a modified experimental version, it only slowed the results temporarily, and has since worn off. Your body seems to be stuck in an extreme semen production mode, which is causing your testicle swelling, and by side effect, the penis growth. What I’ve now confirmed with the latest test is that each time you ejaculate, your body is detecting the loss of semen, and increases the production even higher, causing the semen to replenish at a faster speed, increasing the testicle swelling. The problem is, instead of stopping production afterwards, your testicles just keep making more and more.”

He went on “Because this is uncharted territory, we don’t have a solution yet. What I’m going to have to do is collect a sample of your semen, and you won’t like this part, but we’re going to have to run tests while your hormone levels are at an extremely elevated state. This means you’re going to have to ejaculate a few more times to raise your levels to the point I can draw more blood and synthesize a cure.”

Jason thought for a moment, then said, “Didn’t you say ejaculating makes my nuts swell faster? Now you want me to do it on purpose?” Dr. Amon nodded and said, “I know it’s not an optimal solution, but I don’t know of another way to fix what’s happening. I brought this to help” and he picked up the tube thing. “This is a device we use in our study to help patients ejaculate and collect sperm samples. You place it over your erect penis, and this is the largest size we have, but it should fit you. Then you turn it on like this” he flipped a switch on the side, causing the tube to vibrate slightly. “Once you are brought to ejaculation, the tube at the end vacuums the semen through this hosing into a collection vessel.” Dr. Amon picked up some tubing and connected the end of the device to a large jar on the floor. Dr. Amon stood up to leave, saying “I’ll give you and your friend some privacy, once you have a semen sample, please push the buzzer on the wall and I’ll be back” and with that, Dr. Amon left the room.

When he was gone, Kevin walked over and said, “Man, this all sounds crazy, what are you going to do?” Jason replied “Unless I plan to find some new doctor who has no idea what’s going on, I don’t have many options aside from doing what he says.” Jason picked up the tube device, then said, “I guess I need to get hard and try this.” Kevin got a smile and said, “Now finally something I can help with!”

Kevin reached down and started rubbing Jason’s balls, while at the same time rubbing his lips along the edge of his cock. It didn’t take long for Jason to start getting hard, especially being already horny from his swollen balls. As his dick reached full erection, Kevin said, “I don’t think I could ever get tired of seeing this huge dick, it’s definitely the silver lining to this whole situation.” Jason smiled and leaned in to kiss Kevin. He said, “Help me put this on.”

The boys slid the tube over Jason’s huge dick, and even though the doctor said it was their largest size, his cock still completely filled the tube very snugly. Jason flipped the switch on the side, and then said, “Wow..” The inside of the tube was quickly vibrating and massaging every single square inch of Jason’s entire cock. Since reaching his current size, nothing had been able to stimulate his entire cock all at once like this machine was doing. It didn’t take long for him to start cumming into the tube, with each shot being instantly sucked into the jar on the floor.

After a minute or two, when his nuts were empty, he pulled off the tube and covered up in the gown. As he walked to push the buzzer he said, “I really hope this helps.” A few minutes later, Dr. Amon came back. He disconnected the jar on the floor and hooked the hose up to a fresh one. He said, “Ok, now Jason if you could, I need you to ejaculate a couple more times. If my tests were correct, you should be able to regenerate your semen very quickly, so it shouldn’t be a problem. I also recommend you use the water cooler to stay hydrated. Once you’ve ejaculated a few more times, please buzz me.” Dr. Amon picked up the jar with the semen in it and left the room.

Kevin said, “Well, want to go again?” but Jason shook his head “Not yet, he said I could shoot more often, but it’s not instant.” Jason got up and drank a few cups of water from the cooler. As he was walking back towards the exam table, Kevin could see Jason’s patient gown being pushed around by the swinging dick behind it. When Jason sat back down, he lifted the gown and took a look. Kevin walked over to look as well. Jason lifted his balls in his hands and said, “So that’s what, four times now I’ve gotten off in the past two days? Even though I just shot like 10 minutes ago, my balls already feel nearly full again.”

Jason released his balls and said, “I guess I should go again.” Jason picked up his cock and began to play with it while Kevin used both hands to fondle Jason’s swelling balls. Soon enough, Jason was hard again, and inserted his penis into the tube and switched it on. He closed his eyes as he let the tube pleasure his dick. A few minutes in the tube and Jason released another load. Kevin said, “Man that thing must work great.”

Jason got up again and drank a few more cups of water from the cooler. When he turned back around to go sit down, he saw Kevin in the chair with his rock hard dick in the tube. Unfortunately, Kevin’s 6 incher came no where near to filling the large tube, so it wouldn’t work right. Kevin got an embarrassed look on his face.

Jason said, “Oh man, I’m sorry, I’m being selfish. Just lean back and relax.” Jason removed the tube from Kevin, then gently pushed his legs apart and kneeled down between them. In doing that though, his low hanging dick and balls touched the ice cold tile floor, and Jason quickly stood back up. Jason held Kevin’s hand and pulled him towards the elevated exam table in the center of the room. Kevin sat down then laid back while Jason began to suck him off.

Jason was blowing Kevin, and in the process started to get hard again himself. While still sucking him, Jason reached under the table and slid the tube onto his own hard dick and turned it on. Jason was starting to see stars from the sensations on his own dick while he had Kevin’s dick in his mouth as well. It didn’t take long before Jason again released his load into the tube. Blowing his load made Jason temporarily weak in the knees, so he stopped blowing Kevin before he reached climax, and had to go sit in the chair for a moment.

Kevin sat up, badly needing his own release, and started to stroke his own cock. Jason said, “Hey, hold on a minute, let me do that for you.” Jason got up and walked over to the table again. Kevin smiled and let go of his cock and lay back down again. Jason resumed blowing Kevin, and he could feel himself getting hard again. As he was sucking Kevin, he could feel Kevin getting close, but he also felt himself getting even closer to shooting. Finally at the last moment, he pulled on the tube just in time as he started to shoot another load, letting the tube suck up the jizz.

Jason again got briefly lightheaded after cumming, having to sit down. Kevin sat up again, this time his dick almost pulsating, begging for release. He said, “It’s ok man, I understand, I’ve got this” and started to stroke himself again. Jason though was determined at this point. He walked over and gently held Kevin’s stroking hand and said, “One more try” as he kissed Kevin. Kevin reluctantly released his hold on his cock and started to lean back again, but Jason held him up.

Jason quietly said, “I’d like you to fuck me this time.” Kevin looked at him, then said, “Are you sure about this? Have you done it before? I’m ok man, you don’t have to do this just for me.” Jason whispered “You would be my first, and yes I’m very sure, please.” Kevin kissed him and nodded, then got up from the table. Jason bent over the table, letting his currently limp dick and rapidly filling balls hang down. He raised his ass and said, “Go slow.”

Kevin walked up and rubbed his cock along Jason’s ass. He then reached under and gave Jason’s dick a squeeze, then gently rubbed his balls. Kevin could feel Jason’s balls filling up as he held them. He started to try to get a better look, but Jason moaned “Please, Kevin, fuck me.”

Kevin focused back on what he was doing. He slowly guided his cock into Jason’s hole. As he was pushing in, he heard Jason catch his breath. Kevin said, “Just relax” and Jason said, “It hurts, is that normal?” Kevin said, “Only at first, just relax and let it happen.” As Kevin continued to push in, he said, “Just breathe”. Once he was all the way in, he held that position for a minute, letting Jason get used to it. Kevin reached under Jason again and grabbed Jason’s dick.

Kevin could feel Jason starting to get hard. Kevin began to gently thrust himself in Jason. Jason was fully hard by now, and Kevin was holding on to Jason’s big dick with both hands as he fucked Jason. Jason said, “Kevin… the tube… I need…” Kevin at first ignored Jason’s request, lost in what he was doing. Jason started to insist though, so Kevin reached down and pulled the tube onto Jason, then went back to fucking him.

Jason, having never experienced this before, and also super horny from the rapid semen buildup, started to shoot into the tube as Kevin was fucking him. Once he finished shooting, he could feel his dick get limp, but the tube being such a snug fit on his huge cock, it stayed on. Meanwhile Kevin continued to fuck Jason, starting to gain tempo. Jason continued to lay there, enjoying the sensation of Kevin inside of him. After another few minutes, he could feel himself getting hard again.

Kevin was now hugging Jason’s back, starting to pound Jason harder. Kevin could hear Jason releasing yet another load into the tube, but Kevin kept going. Soon, Kevin was right on the edge, and said, “I’m going to cum!” He pulled the tube off of Jason, pulled out, and shot his own load into the tube, which was promptly sucked into the jar.


Part 12

Exhausted, Kevin sat down in the chair again after getting dressed. Jason got up and sat on the table, though his dick was still hard. He picked up the tube and put it on, letting it drain him again. Finally, his dick went limp again. Jason relaxed onto his back, also physically exhausted.

A few minutes later, Jason sat up and said, “Guess it’s time to call the doctor. Also my mouth’s dry, I need some water.” Jason got up and adjusted the patient gown, tying the back shut, walked over and pushed the buzzer, then went to the water cooler. He drank cup after cup, seeming unable to quench his thirst. While drinking, he heard Dr. Amon come in, so he went back and sat on the exam table.

Dr. Amon asked “Were you able to ejaculate another time or two?” He then looked behind the table at the five gallon jar, which was almost filled to capacity and exclaimed “Whoa. How many times did you ejaculate?” Jason shrugged and said, “Uh, six or seven times? I’m not sure.”

Dr. Amon said, “I needed two, maybe three at the most. Your hormone levels are probably through the roof right now. Well, let me draw some blood so I can get to work.” He collected two vials of blood from Jason’s arm, then said, “Ok, I’ll be back soon, in the meantime, try to not cause anymore ejaculations, it triggers an increase in your semen production, which is already too high.” Dr. Amon went behind the table and attached the tube’s hose to an empty jar then said, “If you absolutely need release, you can still use the tube, but do your best to hold off until I’m back.”

With that, the Dr. left the room again. Kevin started snickering and said, “I think we went a little overboard.” Jason laughed and agreed. They sat there for a few minutes, waiting, then Kevin asked “So how do you feel right now?” Jason put a hand under the gown for a moment, then said, “My balls are already full again and ready to go. It’s going to be hard to wait till the doctor’s back.”

They sat waiting for a few more minutes, with Kevin absently flipping through a magazine, bored. Jason got up to get another drink of water. He walked over and drank his water, then came back. When he sat down, he pulled up his patient gown and started to examine his crotch. Kevin put down the magazine and walked over as well.

Looking at Jason’s crotch, Kevin said, “Wow man, your balls are looking pretty big.” Jason said, “Yeah, they’re really heavy too, I could feel their weight when I walked just now.” Kevin reached and lifted Jason’s balls. He could feel them pumping in his hand. He gently released and said, “The doctor wasn’t kidding about them speeding up, it took hours for them to get to that point yesterday.”

Jason stood up and lifted the gown. Kevin kneeled down and looked, saying “Your dick is so big man, I still can’t get over it. Your balls are starting to push it forward though. Hopefully the doctor finishes soon.” Jason sat back down, spreading his legs so his balls rested on the table. He covered himself with the gown then laid back, waiting. Kevin went back to his chair and again absently flipped through magazines.

After a while, Jason sat up again, saying “Now my balls are starting to get uncomfortable.” Kevin walked over again as Jason lifted the gown. Kevin said, “Jeez” when he saw Jason’s balls. They were swollen and round, each the size of a basketball. Jason started to get up from the table, though now at their current size his balls were getting in his way. He started to slide his balls to the table edge when Kevin asked “What are you doing?”

Jason said, “My mouth’s dry again, I need some water.” Kevin said, “Let me get it for you” and he went to the cooler to start filling up a cup. When he turned around though, stubborn as usual, Jason was walking with his legs spread wide over towards him. Kevin sighed and handed Jason the cup, which he drank then filled and drank a few more times. Jason then slowly made his way back to the exam table. He said, “Maybe we should buzz the doctor, I can’t wait much longer.”

Kevin agreed and went and pushed the buzzer. They waited almost 10 minutes before Jason said, “Buzz it again” which Kevin did. They waited a while more, still without anyone coming. Jason pulled up the gown again to check his nuts. His balls were still steadily getting heavier and bigger. They were now bigger than they’ve been yet, including bigger than when he woke up this morning. His legs were spread wide, but still his swollen balls were pushing them apart. Jason’s huge dick didn’t even look very big next to the balls it was attatched to.

Jason said, “I can’t wait anymore, give me that tube.” Kevin said, “Hold on, let me go find the doctor myself.” Kevin went into the hall and looked around, calling to a nurse. Jason heard the nurse telling Kevin the doctor was upstairs in his lab. Kevin came back into the room and said, “I’m going up stairs to find Dr. Amon, I’ll be right back.” He then left and closed the door behind him.

Jason, being unable to do much, just laid back down and waited. He could feel the intense pressure in his balls. His scrotum was being stretched so tight it was painful, not being able to keep up with the swelling of his nuts. Jason waited a few more minutes, still with no one coming. He decided he couldn’t wait anymore and was going to use that tube to relieve the pressure. He looked around and saw it lying on a table near the wall.

He started to get up to go get it, but when he tried to slide his nuts, they didn’t budge. Jason tried again, using both hands to try to get under one of his balls and move it, but all he managed to do was push the soft flesh around some and cause some pain by pushing on his nut. He then tried to slide backwards on the table, but all that did was yank at the base of his balls, not moving them either.

Now Jason was starting to panic, realizing he was immobilized by his heavy, swollen nuts, and being alone in the room. He decided to just jerk off without the tube, not caring if he sprayed cum all over the floor. He grabbed his limp penis and started to jerk it, but the adrenaline from his panic was making it hard to get an erection, which only made him more worried.

Just then, Kevin came back into the room and closed the door. He looked at Jason’s face, then rushed over to the table and hugged him and said, “Hey, hey, calm down. I’m here. I talked to the doctor. He compared your latest blood work and thinks he knows why the last shot didn’t work. He’s mixing up a modified one and said he’ll be here in just a few minutes.” Kevin kissed Jason’s forehead and waited with him.

Only a few minutes later, Dr. Amon came in. He saw the current state of Jason’s nuts and said, “I didn’t realize the swelling could get so severe, I’m sorry it took so long. With this injection though” and he removed the cap from a syringe as he was speaking “you should be back to normal. I found the problem with the last serum and fixed it.” Dr. Amon swabbed a spot at the base of Jason’s scrotum and injected him with the syringe.

He then stepped back and said, “That should take effect almost immediately.” The doctor placed a hand against Jason’s balls and felt around. He said, “It feels like it’s already started working, your testicles no longer feel like they’re pumping up. All that we need to do now is empty them.” He went to a drawer and got a pill, then filled a cup of water and handed it to Jason, saying “Here, this will help.”

Jason took it, swallowed the pill, then asked “What was that?” Dr. Amon said, “It’s a very fast acting, short term pill that helps with an erection. I would imagine in your current state, it would be challenging to become aroused.” Jason could already see his penis starting to pump up. Dr. Amon said, “The pill will wear off in about 20 minutes, I’ll leave you boys alone for few, I’ll be back shortly” and he walked out.

Jason was starting to bone up quickly now, his dick extending to it’s full length. Kevin said, “I bet you’ll be glad when this is all over.” He went over and brought the tube to Jason, who slid it over his hard dick. It didn’t take long for him to start cumming into the tube. Jason exhaled in relief as he felt the pressure in his balls diminish. Kevin stood there watching for several minutes as Jason continued to shoot semen into the tube, while Jason’s balls steadily reduced in size as they were emptying.

After a while, Jason’s cock finally shot it’s last bit of semen, and stopped. Jason sat up and pulled off the tube. His cock was still hard from the pill he took, but he was instead focused on his nuts. They had dramatically reduced in size, though they were still very large when you compared them to just about any other guy. Jason stood up, inspecting himself. The skin of his scrotum was very stretched, giving him a very low-hanging set of balls, but their size was manageable now. Jason had a big smile on his face as he turned to Kevin, though the quick turn caused his still hard dick to slap against Kevin’s leg.

Kevin was also smiling, and said, “I’m so glad it worked! And look, it seems like your dick isn’t quite as swollen anymore either!” Kevin demonstrated by kneeling down and taking Jason’s hard dick into his mouth. Jason’s dick was still just as long, and Kevin couldn’t get more than about half down his throat, but at least now it wasn’t being so heavily pumped with blood that he couldn’t fit it in his mouth.

Kevin was so happy to be able to suck Jason again that he almost didn’t hear the doctor knock on the door and start to enter. Jason quickly pulled Kevin off his cock and sat down, trying to hide his boner with the gown, while Kevin sped over to the chair and sat down. Dr. Amon came into the room and asked “How are you doing?”

Jason, with his flagpole of a cock poking up behind his gown, realized he wasn’t fooling anyone trying to hide it, and instead said, “I think it worked.” Dr. Amon came over to examine him and lifted the gown, seeing Jason’s erect penis for the first time. He said, “Your erection should be going down any moment now. As I told you before, there isn’t much I’m able to do about the new size of your penis. I realize it can be cumbersome being so large, especially at your age. The important thing is that everything seems to still be working right. It’s too bad we were unable to reproduce these results in further tests, a lot could be done with a controlled way to increase penis size.” He then just shook his head, and moved his examination to Jason’s balls.

After a quick examination, Dr. Amon said, “It really is rather amazing just how elastic a scrotum can be. Still though, I should apply some skin tightening cream to help.” He got some from a drawer and rubbed it into Jason’s scrotum. By now, Jason’s erection had gone down, and his heavy cock was hanging next to his balls. Dr. Amon sat back and took in the sight of Jason’s impressive package one final time, then stood and said, “We should be all done here, you can get dressed now. No charge for today’s visit, you can head out when you’re ready. If you have any more problems, please call my office immediately.” and with that, Dr. Amon left.

Jason stood up and got his torn spandex shorts from the floor. Realizing they were now useless, he tossed them in the trash and pulled on his shirt and sweats without any underwear. Kevin said, “We need to get you some new clothes. Let’s head over to the mall.” Jason said, “Sounds good to me, let’s get out of here.”


Part 13

By the time Jason and Kevin arrived at the local mall, it was early afternoon. As they were walking to the entrance, Jason said, “It will be nice to get out of these sweat pants, it’s too hot today.”

“First stop is definitely a clothing store,” Kevin agreed. When they got inside, they went into one of the department stores.

The boys headed towards the underwear section first. While browsing the shelves, Kevin picked up something and walked over to Jason with a smile. He handed it over to Jason and said, “How about this, hmm?” Jason looked at what Kevin had given him, and laughed. It was a pack of skimpy bikini briefs.

“I think I may be past the point of ever fitting in something like this again,” Jason said, and both of them started to laugh. Jason put the pack back on the shelf and said, “I need something that’s loose, but still provides support.”

They continued to browse until Kevin spoke up and said, “These should work. It’s boxer briefs, but they have extra room in the front.” Jason examined them, and they did have a roomy basket. Next they started to browse for some shorts. Kevin found some and held them up to Jason and said, “These would look great on you.”

Jason saw they were his size, and did look good, but he replied, “Yeah, those are nice, but way too tight.”

“You aren’t going to be able to wear baggy clothes for the rest of your life,” Kevin insisted. “These shorts are totally you, give them a try.”

Jason gave in and took them from Kevin. “Fine, fine, you win,” he said. “I’m gonna check out and change, then we should get some food.” He then went up to the checkout counter to pay. Jason asked the clerk if it was ok to change into his new clothes now and wear them out. The clerk said that was fine and directed Jason to the changing rooms. Both boys headed to the changing area, then Kevin waited while Jason went inside.

Once in the changing room, Jason took off his sweats and stuck them into his bags. Standing there with no pants, Jason looked into the mirror. He was still impressed with the image of his reflection as he stood there, with his huge cock hanging down almost to his knees. He reached behind his cock and cupped his balls, feeling with relief that they had not swollen any since leaving the doctor’s, even though they were still well over than triple their size from a week ago.

Jason unwrapped and pulled on his new boxer briefs. The pouch had looked very roomy, but that was before it had an oversized cock filling it out. He then put on the new shorts and looked in the mirror. He liked the style of the shorts, but because they were a tight fitting style, and the bulge of his cock was in plain view. Jason was about to take them back off when Kevin walked into the booth with him.

“Dude, what are you doing?” Jason said. “What if someone sees you!”

Kevin laughed and said, “No one’s around, and wow, man, those look amazing.”

“Yeah, amazing,” Jason said, “if I like putting my dick on display! I need to swap them for a bigger size.”

“Oh come on, you’re exaggerating,” Kevin argued. “No one can see much unless they’re staring at your crotch. In which case, be proud of what you’ve got! Just try them out for a while, you look too good to change now.”

Jason thought for a moment. “I’ll try them,” he said, “but as soon as someone says anything, I’m changing.”

Kevin laughed. “What would someone say? ‘Excuse me, sir, but did you notice your dick is too big for those shorts?’“ At James’s affronted look he said, “Oh come on, I’m kidding, just kidding! Let’s go eat.” Jason sighed, but went along with Kevin towards the store front.

As Jason was walking out, the store clerk looked up, then looked right at Jason’s crotch as he was walking towards the door. Jason, noticing the look, gave a bashful smile, and was about to turn around and go back to the dressing room, but Kevin quickly pulled Jason out the store, calling to the clerk “Thanks for the help!” as they left.

As they were walking through the mall towards the food court, Jason felt like everyone had their eyes on his crotch as he was walking past. He tried to pull his shirt down further, but his shirt was a tight fit also, so that didn’t work. “Everyone’s staring at me,” Jason whispered to Kevin. “These shorts were a bad idea!”

“You’re being self-conscious,” Kevin replied soothingly. “We’ve walked past a ton of people, and I don’t think a single one of them has even noticed us. No one’s staring at you, you need to relax some.”

They got to the food court, which was very crowded. “I’m going to go get in line to order us some food,” Kevin said. “Try to find us an empty table, but don’t get lost in this crowd!” Kevin walked into the crowd to get in line, and Jason started wandering the food court looking for an empty spot. After a few minutes of unsuccessful searching, Jason felt someone tapping on his shoulder.

Turning around, Jason saw that it was a mall security guard. “Excuse me sir,” the guard said, “but I’m going to need you to come with me.”

“Is something wrong?” Jason asked, but the guard didn’t answer, instead demanding again for Jason to follow. “I need to find my friend first,” Jason said, and was about to go look for Kevin.

But the security guard held onto Jason’s arm and said, “This can’t wait, you need to come with me now,” and he began to pull Jason with him. Jason was about to pull his arm away, but decided he didn’t want to make a scene and instead let the guard lead him through the crowd.

They walked down the hall for a few minutes, then the guard turned off and led Jason through an employees-only door, then into a small office. The guard told him to take a seat. Jason remained standing. “What’s this about?” he asked.

“Do you know why you’re here?” the guard asked in return. Jason just gave him a blank stare, not answering.

After a moment, the guard spoke again. “We received a report of suspected shoplifting,” he said. “Now I’m willing to let you off with a warning, but you need to give me what you took.”

Jason was now confused. “What in the world are you talking about?” he asked. “I didn’t steal anything.” The guard stood there and crossed his arms, waiting.

After a minute of that, the guard said, “I’ve been doing this job for a long time and seen many teen wanna-be thieves. All of you think if you put something down the front of your pants, no one’s going to catch you. Now, I’m starting to lose my patience, give me what you stole, or I’m going to have to have to make this official.” The guard held out his hand, and looked straight at Jason’s crotch.

Jason was now speechless, and totally getting red in the face. He put his hands in front of his crotch to hide his bulge, realizing it probably just made him look even more guilty. “I.. uh.. I didn’t steal anything,” he stammered. “It’s just... uh.. my..” The guard wasn’t amused and began tapping his foot.

Jason’s embarrassment was slowly turning to anger. He stopped trying to cover his crotch, folded his arms, and said, “You can’t keep me here. Get out of my way.” Jason tried to leave, but the guard didn’t budge, blocking the doorway. Jason tried to push his way past, but instead the guard grabbed his arm and spun Jason around, twisting his arm behind his back and pinning him against the table. “Hey! You can’t do this,” Jason yelled. “What are you...?”

“You had a chance for the easy way,” the guard said, and Jason felt the guard putting his wrist into handcuffs. The guard then turned Jason around and handcuffed him to the table.

Jason continued to protest. “I told you I didn’t steal anything. Let me go!”

The guard stepped back and looked at Jason. Jason, with his arms handcuffed to a table behind him, was forced to lean back, putting the huge bulge in his shorts in full display. The guard pointed to Jason’s bulge. “Sure you didn’t,” he scoffed. “Then do you care to explain what that is?”

Jason began to struggle against the handcuffs. “You’re not even a cop,” he said. “Let me go.” Jason jerked his hips, knocking away the guard’s hand and causing his package to bounce somewhat.

“Fine, I’ve had enough of this,” the guard said. “We can have this turned into a police matter if that’s what you want.” The guard quickly walked over, grabbed the waistband of Jason’s shorts, and yanked them down.

Upon being released, Jason’s dick hung down all thirteen inches over his heavy balls. The dumbstruck guard looked at the shorts on the ground and realized there was nothing else concealed inside of them. Looking back at the cock on display, the guard didn’t say anything.

Jason started to struggle again, which made his cock start to swing and slap against his legs. “Believe me now?!” he yelled, red-faced. “You going to let me go or just stare all day?”

The guard just started to say, “That...”

The door to the office opened and another man walked in. “Are you still dealing with that shoplifter?” the newcomer demanded. “What’s the holdup?” The man looked up and saw Jason, handcuffed to the table with his shorts around his ankles and his cock swinging between his legs.

“It wasn’t stolen property in his pants,” the guard said, “just... that.” Both men just watched Jason as he struggled in the handcuffs while his cock was jiggling around between his legs. A moment later, the man regained his composure and walked out of the office, telling the guard to follow. They didn’t fully close the door behind them, so Jason could partially hear their conversation. The man was chewing out the guard, talking about putting the mall at risk of a lawsuit. After some more arguing Jason couldn’t make out, they both came back into the room.

The older man was apologizing, saying it was a big mistake, and said they want to give Jason a gift card to the mall for his troubles. The guard came over and pulled up Jason’s shorts, though just pulling them up without positioning Jason’s monster cock wasn’t enough, and his dick hung down out of the leg opening. Blushing, the guard started to grab Jason’s dick to push it back into the shorts.

“Do you mind?” Jason yelled, stopping him. “Wow..” The guard paused, then instead walked behind Jason and unlocked the handcuffs.

Jason turned around and adjusted himself so that his cock and nuts were fully inside his pants and covered. Looking at his junk in the bright light of the office instead of the dimly lit changing room, he realized his cock really did make quite a bulge in these shorts. He faced the two men and was about to say something, but instead just snatched the gift card out of the older man’s hand and stormed out of the office, slamming the door behind him.

When Jason got back to the food court, he found Kevin. “Hey! Where were you?” Kevin asked. “I’ve been looking for you for a while.”

“Long story,” Jason said. “I just want to get home. Let’s head out.”

Kevin gave him a confused look, but said sure.

When the boys pulled up to Jason’s house, Jason said, “I should go in alone so if my mom finds out I wasn’t at school, she doesn’t think we were off skipping together.”

Kevin nodded. “Aww, well, I guess I’ll see ya tomorrow!” and then he drove off. Jason waved then walked inside his house.

As Jason was walking through the living room towards the stairs to go up to his room, his brother called out to him. “Where were you today?” he asked Jason. “I know you weren’t at school.”

Jason turned and saw his brother lounging on the couch watching TV. “Why don’t you mind your own business for once?” he said. Alex was just staring at Jason without a response, which was unusual for him. Jason then realized he was standing there in the same tight shorts from the mall, and quickly turned and went up the stairs.

Jason went into his room and closed the door. He then went to his dresser and pulled out another pair of much baggier shorts and tossed them onto his bed. He took a look at himself in a mirror and admired how he looked, then just smiled and took off the tight fitting shorts, leaving only the boxer briefs. Jason turned to walk towards his bed and realized that standing in the doorway was his brother. Damnit! He had forgotten to lock his bedroom door.

“What the hell’s going on with you?” Alex asked. “This is the second time now you look like you have a pillow stuffed down your pants.” Jason tried to cover his bulge, though of course he couldn’t hide anything. He just shouted at Alex to get out.

Alex got an angry look. “Fine,” he said. “I’m going to tell mom when she gets home.” He started to walk away.

“Wait!” Jason said. “Hold on, you can’t tell her anything.”

“Oh? Why shouldn’t I?”

“It’s not what you think” Janson answered. “I just … got bigger recently, and if you tell her she’s going to freak out and think somethings wrong.”

“No one just ‘gets bigger’ like that,” Alex said. “You really think I believe that’s real?”

Jason frowned at him. “Close the door,” he said. Alex, his curiosity getting the better of him, came inside the room and closed the door. “You can’t say anything about this,” Jason warned him.

Alex laughed. “Say anything about what, how you’re the biggest weirdo?”

With a sigh Jason pulled down his boxerbriefs, letting his junk hang out. “Oh come on,” Alex groused, and before Jason could stop him, he had reached out and grabbed Jason’s cock and gave a hard tug.

Jason gave a yelp. “Ouch! Why did you do that?” He punched Alex in the arm. Alex quickly let go of Jason’s cock, which drooped back down over the hefty balls. Jason pulled up his boxerbriefs, still bulging huge.

Alex looked up and said, “I didn’t think... I mean.. what the fuck? That’s for real? How did that happen?”

“Does it matter how it happened?” Jason sighed. “I had a late growth spurt.”

Jason went over and sat on the bed, with his bulge forcing him to keep his legs open. Alex said, “Uh huh” and started to giggle.

Jason stood up and said, “Ok, shows over.”

“Hey hey sorry,” Alex said. “So what are you going to do now?”

Jason looked at him. “What do you mean?” he askerd. “I’m going to get ready for dinner, then get ready for bed.”

“Well I mean, what’s it like?” Alex asked. “Does everything still work? Can you like, get hard and stuff?”

“Think you can get any more personal?” Jason replied. “To answer you, yes, I still get hard. Enough questions, I need to get dressed, time for you to go.”

Alex wasn’t done, though. “Does it get much bigger when hard? Get it hard for me, I want to see.”

Jason started to push Alex towards the door. “Are you kidding? Absolutely not. Now leave me be, I have to get dressed before mom gets home.”

Alex gave up for now and walked out, but turned around as he was leaving. “Oh, I almost forgot,” he said. “A package was express shipped over for you, it’s on the counter down the hall.” Jason nodded and said thanks as he closed the door, locking it this time.

After putting on a pair of baggy shorts, Jason went out and got the package. Opening it up back in his room, he found a letter from Dr. Amon’s office and what looked like a small water bottle. The letter said that based on further study of Jason’s bloodwork, it was important that he drink the medicine in the bottle provided. The letter also says he needs to come in for a follow-up appointment soon. Jason examined the bottle and saw it had a bar code and serial number, but that was it. He figured “doctor knows best,” and took a sip. The liquid didn’t have much of a taste aside from a slight hint of lemon flavor. He downed the rest of the bottle in one go set it aside.

That evening at the dinner table, Jason’s mother asked him how his day went. Jason just gave a generic “Fine” in response.

“Wasn’t today a really BIG day for you Jason?” Alex piped up.

Jason scowled at Alex. “Not really.”

Alex kept it up, smiling and saying, “You might wanna go easy on dinner there, I think you’ve put on some extra weight.”

Alex started to laugh, and their mother said, “Alex, what are you talking about?”

“Ignore him, he’s just being a little prick,” Jason said.

Alex laughed again. “Oh, so I’m the little prick, then what’s that make you, the biggest dick?” Alex continued to laugh as their mother told them both to watch their language. Jason excused himself from the table and was walking away as Alex, still laughing, called out, “Come on, don’t run away, I know you have more balls than that!” Annoyed, Jason went upstairs.

Later, Alex came into Jason’s room, and Jason gave him an evil look. “Come on, I was just joking around,” he said. “Mom has no idea, don’t worry.”

“You keep that up and she’s going to figure out something’s going on. Can you please just drop it when she’s around?”

“Yeah, sure. So when did you get bigger? It has to be recent.”

“Yes it was recent,” Jason replied. “Why are you so interested, anyway? It’s kind of weird.”

“Give me a break,” Alex said. “My brother is suddenly hung like a whale and you expect me to pretend to not notice? I’ve seen you naked a few weeks ago, bro, and you were smaller than me at the time. People don’t suddenly triple their cock size just out of the blue. You did something, tell me what you did.”

Jason was starting to lose his patience. “What, you mean like, did I use your penis pump or something? Yeah, I know you have one hidden under your bed. News flash, those things don’t work.”

To his dismay, Jason could feel himself starting to involuntarily get hard from all this talk about his dick. Alex could see the tent starting to form in Jason’s shorts, so he kept going. “You may know about my penis pump, but I know you have those gay magazines hidden behind your dresser. Have you compared yourself to them? Any of the guys in them bigger than you? I bet none are. Maybe you could be the cover boy for one of them.”

Jason couldn’t believe Alex knew about his magazines, but more importantly, he felt his cock continuing to get harder, and it was starting to be uncomfortable in his shorts. He grabbed a pillow and put it on his lap. “That’s enough, get out.”

“Want me to leave and keep my mouth shut?” Alex persisted. “Then let me see it hard.” Jason wanted to keep arguing, but his python cock had nowhere to grow in his shorts, and things were becoming extremely uncomfortable. In desperation he moved the pillow and pulled down his shorts. No longer constrained, Jason’s cock finished stiffening up, now sticking out from Jason’s groin like a flagpole. Jason used his thumb to push his cock forward, then released, causing it to slam back against his chest.

“Holy shit,” Alex said. “And your nuts too, look how big they are... what the hell man. Can you suck yourself?”

Jason just sat there for a moment, his hard dick lightly throbbing. “Happy now?” he said at last, ignoring Alex’s questions. “Seen enough? Now leave so I can deal with this.” Alex started to argue but Jason cut him off. “We had a deal,” he said. “You agreed to leave if you saw it hard, and now you have.” Jason could see Alex had his own tent in his pants. Jason thought to himself the tent in Alex’s shorts was a nice size. Maybe he really had been bigger than Jason... once upon a time. Jason could see Alex starting to put his hand inside his own pants, but Jason quickly kicked him off the bed.

Alex got to his feet hurriedly. “What was that for?”


Alex finally gave in and walked out. He went into his own room and shut the door. Jason had a good idea what Alex was about to go do. Jason got up and locked his own bedroom door, his hard cock swinging back and forth with each step. Jason got back on his bed, thinking about what Alex had asked him. He hadn’t attempted to suck himself, so he leaned forward and gave it a try.

He realized it was a lot easier than he had expected. He could only get the head and a few inches in his mouth, but that was plenty. Jason used one hand to stroke the remainder of his dick and the other to play with his big balls, all the while continuing to suck his own cock. Jason could feel himself getting close to the edge, but he kept sucking. Soon, Jason could feel his balls start to pump and he shot a load of cum into his own mouth. Not wanting to stop sucking himself, Jason just swallowed it and kept going. Soon, Jason climaxed again and once again swallowed it, but he didn’t let up. The cycle continued a few more times until finally, Jason was empty.

Jason lay back in his bed, feeling his cock start to soften. ‘That was incredible’ he thought to himself. Jason sat back up and looked at his now limp dick. He was really starting to like being so big. The image of his huge cock lying on top of his full ballsack still kind of blew his mind. He lay back down and for once, Jason was looking forward to school tommorow.


Part 14

Jason woke to the sound of someone loudly knocking on his bedroom door. Still groggy, Jason realized he forgot to set his alarm clock before bed last night. Jason heard his mother calling from the hall. “Jason, you know I don’t like locked doors in my house,” she told him. “Open this door right now. You’re going to be late for school.”

Jason sat up in bed and saw his bedsheets tented up and realized his dick was hard as a rock with morning wood. The knocking on his door continued as his mother kept demanding he unlock the door. Jason scrambled around looking for something to cover himself. He tried to pull on some underwear but that was a lost cause with his dick in its current state. Jason tried to push his cock down, but it was like trying to push a tree. Out of ideas, Jason yanked the quilt from his bed and wrapped up in it, hoping that by leaning forward it would mask his cock.

Jason went to the door and unlocked it, opening it slightly. His mother immediately pushed the door all the way open and walked in. “What are you doing still in bed?” she asked. “You know today’s a school day.” She saw Jason standing there, bare-chested and wrapped in a quilt, and decided to turn around.

“Sorry mom, my alarm didn’t go off,” Jason answered. “I can still get to school on time, but I need to hurry!”

“See that you’re not late,” his mother said, and walked off.

Jason closed the door and dropped the quilt. He put a hand on his cock, surprised how incredibly hard he was. His dick was so engorged he couldn’t even close his hand completely around it. “I’m definitely going to have to deal with this first,” Jason mumbled to himself. He went to his bathroom and stepped into the shower. Using both hands, Jason stroked his dick, and with him being so horny, it didn’t take long for him to shoot. After a minute or so of cumming, Jason sighed in relief as his cock started to soften. Once the last of his jizz was down the drain, he got out and dried off.

Back in his bedroom, Jason went to his closet to find something to wear. He smiled as he passed his mirror, seeing his cock looking as big as ever as it hung down his thigh. He decided to wear briefs today, even though it was a struggle to get everything to fit inside. He posed again in the mirror, rubbing his hand over the bulge in his briefs, enjoying how they felt stretched. He slipped on a tight fitting shirt and now he was browsing the pants in his closet when he looked down and saw the shorts from the mall near his feet. Jason paused for a moment and thought about it. “You know what, why not,” he said, making his decision, and pulled them on. The shorts were tight, and the material hugged everything. Jason shut his closet door before he could see himself in his mirror and change his mind.

He slipped on some shoes, grabbed his keys, and briskly walked down the hall. As he was going down the stairs, Alex was coming up at the same time. Looking up from below and seeing Jason, Alex said, “Dude, are you going…” but Jason cut him off.

“Late, gotta run!” He pushed his way past Alex and hurried out the door. Jason sped to school, barely making it in time before first classes began.

Running towards gym class, Jason walked in just as final bell rang. When he walked into the room, the conversations quieted down as everyone watched him walk to his desk and take a seat. Coach came in and took attendance, then told the team to change into their swim uniform and get ready for practice, returning to his office afterwards. Jason wasted no time and as soon as coach was out of the room, he bolted to the locker room to change.

Jason was unlocking the combination on his locker when Thomas walked up to his own locker, which was next to Jason’s. “Hey man, where were you yesterday?” Thomas asked.

“I had an appointment,” Jason replied. “Did you miss me?”

Jason could see Thomas get red in the face. “Hah.. was just curious,” he stammered.

Jason smiled, and started to undress. Thomas turned away to quickly change into his speedo, the way he always does. Jason could see that Thomas was trying to act busy in his locker as he kept stealing a glance at him while he was changing. Jason decided to have some fun. When Jason was down to just his briefs, he squeezed his hips together and feigned a stretch, really pushing his crotch forward. Next he pulled off his briefs and then started rummaging around his own locker, just letting his exposed dick hang out for Thomas to see.

He could hear Thomas catch his breath, and Jason smiled and decided to take his little game a step further. Jason turned away from Thomas, spread his legs wide, and bent over towards the ground in a mock stretching motion. Jason could only imagine the image Thomas was seeing from behind him with his huge balls hanging down between his legs. Jason stood back up, then very quickly spun towards Thomas, causing his hose of a cock to whip around, hitting Thomas in the leg. Acting casual, Jason asked, “So did I miss anything important yesterday?”

Thomas, who had very obviously been staring, got even redder in the face and tried to play it off and act like he was busy in his locker. He started, looking up. “Uh, not really.”

Jason decided to stop fooling around, since he had always liked Thomas. He reached into his locker and got his speedo and pulled it up. Jason was trying to squeeze everything into the pouch of the speedo, but wasn’t having much luck. Now the joke was on him, as he realized his dick and balls were bigger than they were two days ago, and just weren’t going to fit. Jason was stretching the fabric as far as possible, but his big balls left no room for his long cock in the pouch. Try as he might, his dick kept falling out of the side to hang down his leg.

Jason noticed that Thomas was again watching his little problem, so he turned away to face his locker and kept trying to get everything to fit. Jason heard the coach walking up and gruffly asked what was the hold up. “Nothing,” Thomas said, and scampered off.

Now the coach was behind Jason, asking, “Why aren’t you in the pool yet?” Jason frantically kept trying to squeeze his dick into his speedo when he felt the coach grab him by the shoulder and turn him around. “Are you deaf?”

Now facing the coach, Jason said, “My speedo...” and he looked down. Also looking down, the coach saw the speedo only partially covering Jason’s nuts with his dick hanging out of the bottom.

Coach stepped back and thought for a moment. “What the fuck is going on with you” Coach sputtered. “The other day you give me a doctor’s note saying you have a genital condition, and now today your penis is even bigger. Explain. You have cancer or something?”

Jason struggled to find an answer. “It’s not cancer,” he said. “It’s something with hormones…” Coach took another look at Jason’s useless speedo, then reached out with both hands and ripped the waistband, pulling it off of him. Jason’s nuts and dick fell down, bouncing slightly against his leg. Embarrassed, Jason tried to cover himself, only able to cover about half of his dick with his hands. “This is getting out of hand,” Coach said. “Wait here.”

He went into his office then came back, holding another speedo. The coach tossed it to Jason. “Put it on.” Jason picked it up and noticed it was a few sizes too big for his waist. He was about to argue, but saw the look on coaches face, so instead did as he was told. Jason stepped into the speedo and pulled it up, though he had to hold it up because it was much too loose for his tiny waist. Jason was shocked when he suddenly felt the coach roughly grab his hanging dick and pushed it into the pouch of the speedo along with his balls. The coach then grabbed the side of the waistband and pulled it tight, fastening it with a safety pin.

The coach then stepped back and said “There, problem solved. Now get out there and join your teammates.” Jason looked down and saw that even though the waistband was pulled tight thanks to the safety pin, the front formed a roomy pouch around his big package. The downside was that because it was such a big speedo, it didn’t compress his package at all. The result was almost funny with how big it looked. Jason started to argue. “Coach, I can’t wear...”

The coach had heard enough. “I’m not going to say it again,” he said. “Get out there or you’re off the team.”

Jason bowed his head and walked out of the locker room into the pool area. Jason could feel his entire package bouncing and jiggling with every step. Thomas was waiting right outside the door, and when Jason came out, he asked, “Is everything ok?”

Jason, still embarrassed at his situation, didn’t make eye contact and just mumbled, “Not really.”

Thomas, seeing the ridiculously overfilled speedo Jason was wearing, tried to cheer Jason up. “I need a partner for relay practice, you up for it?”

Jason gave a quick “Sure” and walked to the pool.

Walking towards the pool, Jason saw Ricky swimming towards the edge. “Hey Jason, nice suit, you carrying a bowling ball in that thing?” Ricky called out. “Hah! You know, speedos are supposed to reduce traction in the water, but it looks like yours is more of an anchor! I feel bad for your partner since you look like you’re just going to sink! Haha.” Some of the other guys quietly laughed as well.

“Give it a rest Ricky,” Thomas cut in. “Jealous that your dick doesn’t compare?”

“Like I’d want a freak horsecock anyway, and besides I’m still way bigger than you, Little Thomas,” Ricky said, and then he swam off.

Jason looked at Thomas and said, “Thanks man.”

“No sweat, let’s practice!” Thomas just replied. They both jumped into the pool. Jason thought it really was kind of awkward trying to swim with the massive package floating around between his legs, but he made the best of it. The two boys practiced a few rounds of relay swimming, then got out of the pool for diving practice.

Once out of the water, Jason saw that soaking wet, instead of being just a big pouch, the speedo clung to everything. Jason tried to adjust it, but it was no use. He wanted to get this practice over as soon as possible. Thomas got in line for the diving board, and Jason got in line behind him. Jason stood with his legs apart, hoping his suit would drip dry somewhat so as to not be so revealing before his turn on the board.

From behind him, he heard Ricky say, “You may be in the wrong area, the three legged race is at the track.” Jason just ignored him. “You know,” Ricky continued, “you really shouldn’t be allowed in public like that.” Jason just kept ignoring him. “Have nothing to say? Think you’re better than everyone because your dick’s bigger?”

Suddenly, Jason felt a sharp pain from the back of his nuts, and he fell to the ground. Thomas turned around, saw Jason on the ground holding his nuts, and saw Ricky laughing, and realized what had happened. Thomas flew at Ricky, knocking him to the ground. Jason heard a whistle blowing multiple times as the coach ran up. Coach grabbed Thomas and Ricky and pulled them apart. “Ricky kicked Jason in the balls!!” Thomas was yelling.

“I saw what happened,” Coach said. “Ricky, you’re suspended. Get out of here. Now.”

Thomas helped Jason up. Jason was still holding his balls through his speedo, not fully recovered yet. “Jason, go take a rest on the bench,” Coach said. “Thomas, back in line.” Jason happily complied, walking over and taking a seat on the bench. He sat on the edge so that his package hung over the side, suspended in air. He realized how vulgar it must look with his massive junk just hanging off the bench, but at this point, he didn’t care. Having bigger balls meant better sex, but as he now knows, it also means getting hit there hurts far more.

Once everyone was done with their dive, Thomas came over to check on Jason. “Man that had to hurt,” he said. “How you doing?”

“Still a little sore, but I’ll live,” Jason said. “I’ll be glad to be back in regular clothes.” Jason got up and walked to the locker room. He grabbed a towel and headed for the showers. Glad to finally get out of the speedo, Jason took it off, then stepped into the shower. He saw Thomas get into the shower next to his which was a little surprising since usually Thomas kept to himself during showers.

Looking over, Jason got a first look at Thomas naked and realized Thomas’s dick really was smaller than most guys. All of a sudden, Jason felt horribly guilty about the way he was showing off before class. Trying to be friendly, Jason said, “Thanks for earlier. That was kind of awesome of you to jump in like that.”

Thomas beamed. “No problem! Besides, Ricky’s gone, hopefully for good. That guy’s such an ass.” Jason smiled and agreed. A moment later, Thomas said, “Like, I don’t want to be creepy or anything, but there’s been all kind of talk among the guys about your... recent growth… lots of wild speculation. No one knows what’s really up. Mind if I ask?”

Jason didn’t want to risk gossip about him and Kevin by telling the whole truth. Instead, he decided to go with a white lie. “It’s a rare genetic condition,” he said. “It can cause sudden growth spurts.” Jason realized that sounded a little thin, but too late now.

“I’ve heard of people getting unusually tall and stuff, but nothing like that,” Thomas said. “So do you know when the growth stops?”

Jason looked at Thomas. “What do you mean?”

“Well you got huge over the weekend it seemed like, and now your stuff is bigger today than it was Tuesday,” Thomas said. “I mean.. not that I was looking or anything, I mean, I just...” Thomas was once again getting red in the face. “Like.. what I’m trying to say is, what do you do if it keeps going?” Jason looked down at his limp dick and balls. He put his hand behind his nuts and pulled his whole package forward for a better look. Thomas was right, his junk did feel bigger.

Jason wasn’t sure what to say. “Uh...”

Thomas realized it was a sensitive topic and changed the subject. “Hey at least you got an awesome condition instead of something mundane!” Thomas saw Jason was busy looking down at himself with a concerned look, so he decided to just drop it. Thomas got out of the shower and headed for his locker.

Jason didn’t even notice Thomas leave. He was still playing back what Thomas asked in his head. When does the growth stop... Jason had thought it already stopped. There was no doubt though. His dick was a little longer today, and his balls felt heavier. The shower water suddenly cut off, and Jason knew the bell was going to sound any minute. He hurried to his locker and dried off. Thomas was already gone, and Jason quickly started to dress. Putting on his briefs then his shorts, his bulge was once again on display. Jason put his hand over his bulge, feeling the heavy mound of flesh underneath. How did he ever think it was a good idea to come to school dressed like this. He heard the first bell signaling class change. Quickly Jason pulled on his shirt and shoes and headed to his next class.


Part 15

Jason was nearly at a run as he raced through the halls, not giving anyone a chance for a good look. He got to his class and walked in, noticing Kevin was already there. Kevin smiled, got up, and walked over to Jason. “Hey man, glad to see you,” he said, and then in a quieter voice, “I see you like the shorts I picked out, but they might be just a little much for school!” Jason grimaced and said, “Tell me about it, I don’t know what I was thinking.” As they were walking to their seats, Kevin whispered, “Still think they look amazing!”

As Jason was sitting in class listening to the teacher lecture, he kept slipping his hand into his shorts trying to adjust his package. In addition to being so revealing, the shorts were tight as well. Every few minutes Jason felt like he had to readjust everything. Once or twice he was caught with his hand in his pants by one of the students across the aisle, but Jason didn’t care much anymore.

Jason was glad when the bell rang. He jumped out of his seat and headed for the restroom. He heard Kevin calling behind him, “Hey, wait!”, but he kept going. In the restroom, he went to the end stall and was closing the door, but someone held it back before he could close it. Kevin came around the door and walked into the stall with Jason and locked the door behind them.

“What are you doing?” Jason whispered.

“What’s wrong?” Kevin whispered back. “I can tell something’s up.” Jason nodded his head downwards. They both looked down and saw the bulge in Jason’s shorts. Kevin smiled, cupped his hand over the bulge and whispered, “I know, great isn’t it.”

Jason pushed his hand away and started to unbutton his shorts and said, “Can you be serious?” Once his shorts were unbuttoned, Jason pulled his dick out and breathed a sigh of relief as he let it hang free. He felt Kevin’s hand on his dick. Jason looked down at his cock in Kevin’s hand and saw that not only had his cock gotten longer, it was thicker as well. “My dick’s bigger,” Jason whispered.

Kevin nodded and said, “Yes indeed.”

Jason pushed away Kevin’s hand. “No, I mean since yesterday.”

“Hmm, it does feel thicker.”

They heard a bell sound signaling next class was about to start. “Let’s talk about it at lunch break,” Kevin said. “Only one class to go.”

Jason put his dick back in his pants and buttoned up his shorts. He put his hand on the front of his bulge and sighed. “This won’t work,” he said. “I’m not sitting through another hour with everything squished like this.” Kevin reached down and grabbed both sides of Jason’s shorts. He pulled them down a little, a few inches on Jason’s waist. The resulting extra room gave Jason’s growing dick the space it needed, and even reduced the bulge some. “That feels a lot better,” Jason said, “but I can’t wear shorts this low. I mean, you can see the top of my pubes. I look like a go-go boy.”

Kevin shrugged. “It’s that or discomfort,” he said. “Pick your poison.” He left the stall and headed to his next class. Jason looked at his shorts and started to pull them back up. He realized his dick had already settled into the extra space, so he decided to just leave it alone. Luckily his next class was only a few doors down the hall. Jason went in and took his seat as fast as possible.

With his shorts pulled so low, he was at least comfortable sitting down. Jason saw as one of the students further down the aisle turned around in his desk, looking at him. Jason just gave a smile and tried to close his legs, but that squeezed his balls, so he had to sit there with his legs spread, giving the student a front row seat to his full package. The guy just kept staring, well past the point of being rude. Jason didn’t have a lot of options though, without drawing even more attention to himself. Finally, the teacher started talking and called for him to face forward. The guy turned around, took one last look over his shoulder at Jason, then focused on the teacher.

About halfway through the class, Jason could feel the fullness in his shorts. He looked down at his lap and saw that even with being pulled down further on his hips for extra room, his shorts were stretched to the max again. Jason could feel his balls pushing against his shorts. Worried that he might be getting an erection, Jason tried to think of anything he could to get his mind off of his dick. He started to nervously tap his feet on the floor. The noise doing that made started to get students to turn and look his way, so he stopped and instead began to pinch his leg, hoping the pain would help. It must have helped, because even though the fullness in his shorts continued, he wasn’t getting an erection.

The class seemed to last forever, but thankfully, Jason didn’t get a boner. When the bell rang, Jason waited until most of the students had left then he headed for the door. Before leaving, he heard the teacher call him over to her desk. Worried, Jason kind of sidestepped to the desk, keeping his front angled away. When he got to the desk, he was grateful the desk was high enough that he could hide his bulge under the edge. “Is everything all right, Jason?” the teacher asked him. “You seemed distracted during the lesson.”

“I’ve not been feeling well, but I’m okay,” Jason said.

The teacher saw the top of Jason’s shorts and noticed how low he was wearing them. “I hope you feel better,” she said. “That said, you do know the school dress code. Pants can’t be worn that low. Please pull them up.”

“Yes ma’am,” Jason said, and he pulled his shorts. Pulling at his shorts just squeezed his package, since there wasn’t any spare room to go any higher. Jason pulled again hard as he could, which raised his shorts slightly while seriously squeezing his junk. Jason then smiled and turned and left the room.

As soon as he was in the hall, he let his shorts slide back to where they were, low on his hips. Jason saw the front of his shorts and wondered how the buttons weren’t popping off from the strain. Jason headed for the school yard to find Kevin. Walking through the hall, he realized students were looking at him since the bulge in his pants was hard to miss. He didn’t stop long enough to give anyone a chance to say anything and brushed his way past the crowd. Once in the yard he found Kevin and approached him. Kevin met him part way. “How’s it going?” he asked.

“Feels like my dick’s trying to get hard, but there’s no room in my shorts,” Jason said.

Kevin looked down/ “Looks like you’re going to break out of your new shorts at any moment, and we can’t have that. Follow me, the wrestling team locker room is empty until afternoon.” Kevin walked towards one of the school buildings with Jason right behind. Once they got to the wrestling locker room, Jason noticed it was much smaller than the swim team’s locker room.

Jason followed Kevin to the back of the room behind a wall of lockers. “Go ahead, let it out.” Jason unbuttoned his shorts and pulled them down, letting out his cock and balls. Jason gave a loud groan of relief. He felt Kevin grabbing hold of his cock. “Oohh, looking good,” Kevin said. and then he put the head into his mouth. It felt so good, especially after being squeezed all morning, that Jason just went along with it. He felt his cock start to fill, getting hard. Kevin pulled back and started using his hands to stroke Jason’s thickening cock. “Do you like that? Want me to keep going?”

Jason leaned back against the lockers. “Yes, keep going!” he said, as his cock got fully hard.

Kevin started to suck it again. Kevin opened as wide as he could and sucked part of the cock before he started to choke slightly. Kevin backed off. “Mmm.. you’re so big,” he said. “Look how big you are.” Kevin went back to sucking the pole of cock, only able to keep it in his mouth for a short time before having to back off for air. “Ohh, I love this big, growing cock,” Kevin kept saying. “Tastes so good.”

Jason couldn’t hold out any longer, and knew he was about to blow. He tried to pull Kevin off, but he wouldn’t let up. Jason leaned back and came into Kevin’s mouth. Kevin didn’t even slow down, just swallowed and kept sucking. When Jason was finally finished, Kevin stood up and kissed Jason. “Feel better now?” he asked with a smile. Jason was weak after his latest release and simply nodded.

Jason squeezed his softening cock back into his shorts and started to zip them up. He was having trouble getting the zipper up over the bulge. With another hard tug, he got the zipper closed, but at the same time, ripped one of the seams. He looked at Kevin. “My dick’s still getting bigger.”

Kevin, in a more serious tone, replied, “I noticed, kinda hard not to.”

“I’m gonna ditch school and go to the doctor again,” Jason said. “I can’t stay here like this.”

Kevin went over to his locker and pulled out one of his wrestling shorts, tossing it to Jason. “If I keep giving you my pants, I’m gonna have to start charging!” Jason nodded his thanks, pulled off his ripped shorts, and put on the ones Kevin gave him. Jason couldn’t tell which was more ridiculous, the speedo from this morning or these stretch shorts. At least, Jason thought, these were the most comfortable things he’s worn yet, even though you could see his cock running down his leg behind the material.

“You can get to the student parking lot through that side door,” Kevin said. “Call me when you get home.” Jason nodded, gave Kevin a kiss goodbye, then headed for his car.


Part 16

At the doctor’s office, Jason told the receptionist he needed to see Dr. Amon. The receptionist said he needed an appointment, but after pulling his chart, told him he had an “open” appointment scheduled for any time he wanted. She told Jason to go back to the second exam room.

Jason walked to the room and took a seat on the bed. He reclined, spreading his legs, enjoying the freedom these pants gave his junk. Jason even rubbed the pile of flesh in front of him, amused at how it looked in the pants. A few minutes later he heard a knock on the door and a young guy came in, looking barely older than Jason himself.

Jason, who had been expecting Dr. Amon, quickly sat up and tried to close his legs unsuccessfully, so instead leaned forward to try to minimize what the guy could see. “Where’s Dr. Amon?”

The young guy closed the door behind him. “My name is Dr. Meyers,” he said. “I’m a medical student. Dr. Amon is currently out of the office and I’m helping with his practice while he’s away.” The doctor saw Jason trying to mask the bulge in his pants and went on, “There’s no need to be shy. I’ve been working with Dr. Amon since the start of your case and I’m up to date on everything.”

The doctor took a seat on a rolling stool and slid up the bed. “Now, do you mind if I examine you? Could you remove your pants for me?”

Jason didn’t budge. “Uh, isn’t there someone more experienced available?”

Dr. Meyers, not losing his polite smile, said, “I assure you, I’m fully qualified. I’ve been working with Dr. Amon on the Geneticore project. No one else in this office knows more about it than me, except Dr. Amon.”

Jason reluctantly nodded and pulled down his pants and stood in front of the doctor. Standing there with everything hanging down, Jason could see that his cock now hung to his knees, which was slightly longer than this morning. Jason was shocked with how forward this doctor was as he casually reached out and started to feel Jason’s dick. The doctor squeezed it in various places, then to Jason’s surprise, he pulled out a tape measure and started to measure Jason’s limp dick. He first wrapped the tape measure around and took a measure of how thick, then he measured it from base to tip. Jason was unable to see what the measurements were, and he wasn’t about to ask either.

The doctor wrote down some notes in the chart, then he moved on to Jason’s balls. While feeling Jason’s balls, he asked, “I shipped over a bottle of medicine yesterday, did you receive it?”

“Yes,” Jason replied.

“Did you drink it? If so, at what time?”

“I did, around 5pm.” The doctor nodded and continued doing something with Jason’s balls. The handling of his privates was starting to get his dick excited, and it wasn’t helping that this young doctor guy happened to be good looking as well.

Jason said a silent prayer in thanks when a moment later the doctor finished and went back to writing in the chart. After writing some more, Dr. Meyers reached into his labcoat pocket and pulled out a bottle and handed it to Jason. He could see it was the same kind of bottle from yesterday, filled with clear liquid. “Could you please drink that for me?”

“What is this stuff anyway?” Jason asked.

“It’s part of your treatment. It’s important that you take it.” Jason drank it down and tossed the empty bottle into the trash.

The doctor then reached into another pocket and pulled out a paper packet. He ripped it open and held it out to Jason, who opened his hand and felt a pill fall into it from the packet. “I need to check one more thing,” the doctor said. “Do you mind taking that?”

Jason swallowed the pill. “And what was that one?” he asked after it was down.

“It will give you a temporary erection.”

Jason involuntarily covered his still exposed penis. “What? Why?”

“It’s needed for a thorough exam,” the doctor said. “Don’t worry, it should only last a few minutes at most.” Jason could already feel his dick pumping up. With nothing else to really do, Jason sat back down on the bed with his big balls resting on the sheets. He watched as his dick continued to fill and started to point upwards. His dick felt so hard it actually hurt a little. He saw the doctor roll up on his stool and take hold of his dick. The doctor brought out the tape measure again and measured it first around, then lengthwise. He then went back to the chart, making notes.

Jason sat there a moment, his dick pointing up almost to his chin, waiting. “Is that it?” he asked.

The doctor looked up and said, “Yes, the erection should subside any minute now.” He went back to writing something. Jason wondered what kind of test just needs to know how big a cock is. Sure enough, a minute or so later Jason felt the pressure in his dick start to lessen. In another minute, his cock was back to hanging off the exam bed. Tired of being exposed in front of this guy, Jason pulled on his shorts.

After a few more minutes of writing, the doctor told him he would be right back and left the room. Almost right away he returned holding a clipboard and a container with two of those clear liquid bottles. He took out one and handed it to Jason. “I think another dose is needed.”

Jason took the bottle, hesitated a moment, then drank it down. The doctor then gave him the clipboard which had some papers on it and a pen. “I need to get your signature at the bottom of this form,” he said. Jason signed, then handed back the clipboard while also taking the other bottle from the doctor. “I need you to drink this last dose in about an hour,” the doctor told him. “I would like to see you tomorrow if possible. Any questions?”

Jason looked at him in disbelief. “Huh? What kind of appointment is this? You didn’t even ask me what’s wrong.”

The doctor smiled. “Is something wrong? What’s the matter?”

Jason pointed at the big bulge in his stretch pants. “Uh, hello?” he said incredulously.

The doctor patiently said, “Hmm?”

Jason realized he was going to be forced to say it out loud. “Uh, my dick is getting bigger. It’s too big now.”

The doctor smiled wider. “Now that’s not something you hear a young man say very often,” he said. “Tell you what. Take that next dose in an hour, get some rest, and come in tomorrow. Let’s see if it helped, okay?” Jason was at a loss for words, and just nodded. The doctor smiled and walked out.

Jason sat on the bed, thinking to himself that this new guy wasn’t any help at all. He looked down and saw the bulge in his pants. “Great, this did a lot of good,” he muttered. Jason got up and left the exam room, heading for his car.


Part 17

Pulling up to his house, Jason was glad to see no one was home. He went inside and walked up to his room. Noticing that it had been about an hour, he drank down the last of the stuff the doctor gave him and tossed the bottle. Next he went down to the kitchen to make some food. Considering he didn’t have time for breakfast, and left school before lunch, he was extremely hungry. He made a sandwich and a big glass of milk. Once he was done, he decided he was still hungry, and made one more sandwich and ate it. After cleaning up, he went back upstairs to his room.

Jason walked over to his bed, then pulled off his pants and sat down. He was looking at his cock, laid out on the bed like a big firehose. He reached over behind his dresser and pulled out one of his porn magazines. Jason was having fun flipping through the pages, holding the magazine next to his cock, smiling that his soft dick outmatched every hard porn model. In the privacy of his own thoughts, he enjoyed the feel of his huge cock in his hands. He was starting to get tired, and thought he probably ate too much earlier. Jason decided to just take a quick nap.

Later, Jason heard his brother calling him, which woke him up. Jason, still in a haze, looked at his clock and saw it was already late into the evening. His brother was still knocking and calling to him, so he screamed, “WHAT?”

Alex opened the door and walked in, followed by Kevin. “Kevin’s here to see you,” Alex shouted. “Why are you already in bed? Get up!” Alex grabbed the end of Jason’s quilt and yanked it off the bed. Jason sat up and was about to yell at his brother, but before he could, Alex loudly exclaimed, “Dude, what the fuck??” Somewhat surprised, Jason looked at him curiously. He could see Kevin behind his brother rushing to close his bedroom door, then silently standing next to Alex, staring at him. Both of them had their eyes glued to his crotch.

Jason looked down, realizing he was still naked from before his nap. He then noticed what had caught the attention of both Kevin and his brother. His big cock was drooped across his leg, looking as big as usual, but between his legs resting on the bed were his balls. Jason could see that his nuts had grown much bigger while he was sleeping. Each of his balls was easily the size of a large tangerine. “Son of a bitch!” Jason yelled in frustration. “Why’s this keep happening!?”

In response to his outburst, Jason heard his mother calling from downstairs asking what was going on. Jason loudly called out, “Nothing’s going on!” He heard her call back for everyone to keep it down.

“If you don’t want me to go tell her about this, then you better tell me how you keep making yourself bigger,” Alex said.

Jason laughed at that comment in spite of what was going on. “You think I’m doing this?” he scoffed. “Like I want my dick to keep getting bigger until it drags on the ground or something?”

Alex folded his arms. “Then what’s the deal?” he said gruffly. “Don’t play games and act like you have no idea.”

Jason remained silent, so Alex turned and walked towards the door. “Wait!” Jason said. “Okay, look. I was given some kind of hormone pills by accident at the doctors, then Kevin tricked me into taking a bunch more, and this is what happened.”

Kevin, suddenly looking ashamed, said, “Uh, well, I...”

Alex cut him off, asking, “Really? Where are those pills now?”

“I gave them back to the doctor,” Jason answered. “He had said he fixed me and this wouldn’t happen again. I need to call him.” Jason reached and took his cellphone from his nightstand and made a call. “The office is closed,” he sighed. “It’s sending me to an answering service.” Jason then left a message on the voicemail saying he needed to see the doctor right away. Tossing his cellphone onto the bed next to him, he looked and saw that both Alex and Kevin were still staring at him, but mostly at his crotch. Jason realized he was still sitting on his bed completely naked.

Jason tried to cover himself with his quilt, but saw his quilt was still on the ground across the room near his brother’s feet. Irritated, he looked at his audience and said, “Do you mind?”

Kevin turned away, but his brother kept staring and asked, “So you mean, you had some pills that made your dick bigger, and you just gave them back? Are you stupid?”

Jason gave his brother a foul look, then started to get out of bed. Carefully sliding his balls towards the side of the bed in order to not knock them around too much, he stood up. Jason could feel the familiar tug as the heavy weight of his dick and balls pulled at his groin.

Bending down, Jason picked up the stretch shorts he had on earlier and stepped in to them. Pulling them up, Jason had to pull the waistband wide to fit them over his melon sized balls. He then forced his cock into the shorts, running it along one of his legs so it would fit. Alex began to chuckle. “That looks ridiculous,” he said. Jason ignored him, but he knew his brother was right. It looked like he had stuffed an entire pillow into his shorts due to how huge of a bulge he was sporting.

Kevin turned back around and asked, “Was the doctor not able to help when you saw him today?”

“Dr. Amon wasn’t around,” Jason answered. “I had to see some jerk med student. He gave me some medicine which was supposed to help, but he obviously has no idea what he’s doing. I mean, look at this, there’s no way at all I can hide anything.” Jason motioned towards the enormous bulge in the shorts.

“Maybe it would help if we...” Kevin said. He then caught himself and stopped his sentence as he looked over at Alex.

Alex looked over at Kevin, then burst out, “What, are you two fucking each other or something?”

Kevin couldn’t help but immediately get red in the face, but Jason instead got mad and yelled, “Get the fuck out of my room!” Just then, Jason’s cellphone rang, interrupting any response Alex was about to make. Jason walked over to his bed, his enormous package jiggling around with each step. He answered the phone, then hung up shortly afterwards.

“What’s up?” Kevin asked

“That was the answering service,” Jason said. “They said I can come in for an emergency appointment right now, but I need to go to their lab.”

“I’ll give you a ride,” Kevin said. “It may be hard to drive in your current... condition.”

“I’m gonna go too,” Alex chimed in .

Jason turned towards him, frowning. “Yeah right, piss off.”

“Look, if you want me to keep quiet about all this, then I’m going,” Alex countered. “Otherwise let’s go show Mom your family jewels... or should I say boulders?” He then began to snicker at his own joke.

“You’re such an ass,” Jason said. “Whatever, let’s go.”

“Uh, are you.. I mean..” Kevin spoke up, and nodded towards Jason’s crotch. Jason looked down and realized how obscene the bulge at his crotch looked. Thinking for a moment, he then went over to his closet and dug around. Stepping back, Jason pulled out a long rain coat. Putting it on, it seemed out of place to wear on a clear summer evening, but at least Jason could pull the front closed and hide his bulge.

“Now let’s go,” he said. “Be quiet so Mom doesn’t hear us leave.” The boys headed out to Kevin’s car and drove off.


Part 18

Once they got to the lab, Jason wondered if anyone was there. The building’s lights were off and there was only a few cars in the parking lot. As the boys were walking towards the lab, Jason could see that the licence plate on one of the cars said MEYERS. “Oh great, it’s that med student again,” Jason said with a groan.

“He probably has at least some idea about what to do,” Kevin said. Jason just gave a snort.

When they got to the front door, Jason saw that inside the lights were on. Entering the lobby, there was no one in the waiting area, or at the receptionist’s desk. Looking around, Jason didn’t see anyone and wondered what he should do. Moments later, a door opened and in walked Meyers along with one more heavily built man.

“Hello again, Jason,” Meyers said. “I see you brought guests, may I ask their names?”

“This is my friend, Kevin, and my brother, Alex,” Jason replied.

“Your brother?” Meyers said. “Hmm... I see. Well, I was told you had an emergency? What seems to be the problem?”

Jason opened the raincoat, displaying the bulge in his shorts. “That medicine you gave me didn’t do jack. Look at this!”

Meyers seemed unfazed. “Let’s get you to an examination room,” he calmly replied. Meyers then turned towards Alex and said, “Alex, would you mind answering some questions? It could help.”

“Uh... huh? Sure, I guess.” Alex said.

Meyers turned and whispered something to the man with him, then told Alex, “My assistant will help with getting some background information, as well as any paperwork that’s needed. Jason, this way please.”

Meyers walked towards the hallway, with Jason following behind. Kevin was following as well, when Meyers said, “I’ll be needing to do a full body exam. Maybe your friend should wait out here, for privacy?”

Jason cut him off. “It’s fine, I want him to come.”

Meyers paused for a moment, then said, “As you wish, but he needs to sign a release form.”

“Hey, wait, I want to go back too,” Alex called out.

Jason turned and snapped, “Can you just finish the paperwork first? Jeez.”

Alex gave an annoyed “Whatever” then took a seat in one of the chairs.

Meyers went to the desk and handed a clipboard with some papers to Kevin. Kevin quickly scribbled his name on a few lines then handed it back. Satisfied, Meyers said, “This way” and exited the lobby.

Following Meyers, Jason and Kevin were lead to a spacious room. Inside was a large couch, a double bed, various chairs, and some cabinets. The room almost resembled a living room more so than a doctor’s office. “Please have a seat,” Meyers said, and motioned towards the couch. Jason walked over and sat down, while Kevin sat in one of the chairs. Meyers went to a cabinet and pulled out a clipboard and a hospital robe, then sat in a rolling chair and slid up near the couch. “Could you please remove your clothes?” he said. “You can put this on afterwards,” he added, and he held out the robe. Jason took the robe, then removed his raincoat and shoes.

Meyers was patiently sitting, staring right at Jason. “Uh, some privacy?” Jason said.

Meyers smiled and said, “Of course” and then spun around in his chair, facing away. Jason then removed his shirt, and pulled down the shorts. Relieved to let his balls out of the tight stretch pants, Jason kicked off the shorts and pulled on the robe. Sitting back down on the couch, he said, “Okay, I’m ready.”

Meyers spun back to face Jason and said, “I now need to examine your genitals. Could you lift the robe?” Jason sighed and lifted the bottom of the robe, exposing his crotch. In his current position on the couch, his huge balls could barely fit without slipping off the edge. His cock was another story, and was hanging over the edge of the couch, lightly swinging back and forth. Meyers reached out and lifted Jason’s dick, feeling it with both hands. Jason could feel that next Meyers was lightly extending his dick straight outwards, almost like he was pulling a piece of thick rope. Next, Meyers reached into a pocket of his lab coat and withdrew a tape measure.

Annoyed that once again, Meyers was measuring the length of his cock, Jason looked over at Kevin. Kevin was silently watching, with a curious look on his face. Jason quickly jerked himself backwards onto the couch, pulling his dick out of Meyers’s hands.

“Is that really necessary?” he said. “How about you fix it instead?”

Meyers, with seemingly endless patience, said, “It’s important to record all information. May I continue?” Not really knowing what else to say, Jason just nodded. Meyers then lifted Jason’s cock and gently placed it over one of his legs. Jason could feel that now Meyers was touching his balls, lifting them, rubbing them, etc. After a few minutes of that, Meyers rolled back in his chair and started to write on a clipboard.

A few more minutes later, while still writing, Meyers said, “There seems to be about a 190% increase in testicular size since your last visit. There seems to have only been about a 6% increase in penis size.”

“Oh, is that all?” Jason replied sarcastically. “I was worried it may have been more!”

Meyers looked up from the clipboard and quietly said, “Hmm?”

Jason just grunted. “Nevermind, can you fix it?” he said.

Meyers stood up. “I’ll need to give you an injection,” he said. “Is that all right?” Jason just shrugged.

Meyers turned and left the room. When he was out and the door was closed, Kevin said, “That guy’s weird.”

Jason almost laughed. “Hah! You think? I’ll be glad when we’re done here.”

It wasn’t long before the boys heard Meyers entering the room again. Walking over, Jason could see he was holding a fairly large syringe.

“Do you really need to use a needle that big?” Jason asked.

“This is going to be a much larger dose, so I’ll have to administer the medicine through a shot near your hip,” Meyers answered. “Could you lean to the side for me?” Jason wasn’t a big fan of needles, but was willing to do anything if it would help, so he lifted his robe and leaned to his right side. Meyers walked over, used an alcohol swab to clean the area on his hip, then gave him the injection. It took over a minute for the entire syringe to be injected. Once finished, Meyers took a step back.

“The medicine should begin to work very quickly,” Meyers said. “I’ll be back to check on you shortly.” He then stood up and walked out of the room, closing the door behind him.

Once he was out, Kevin slid his chair closer to the couch. “Man that was a big shot,” he said. “Did it hurt?” Jason just looked at him. “Yeah nevermind, dumb question. How do you feel?”

Jason rubbed his hand over the bulge under his robe. “I don’t know, the same I guess.” Kevin just nodded.

The boys sat in a kind of awkward silence for a few minutes, not really knowing what to say. “I wonder what Alex is up to,” Kevin said after a while. “Think he’s still filling out paperwork?”

Jason just shrugged “Who cares, at least he isn’t here to annoy us.”

“Aww, cut him some slack,” Kevin said. “He just found out his brother is hung bigger than probably anyone on the planet. I think any brother would be at least somewhat jealous!”

“He wouldn’t even know if he wasn’t such a nosy little shit,” Jason groused.

Kevin smiled “I don’t know about that,” he said. “What you’re packing is hard to hide!” Kevin slid his chair closer, then slowly put his hand underneath Jason’s hospital robe. Jason could feel Kevin’s hand on his dick, slowly massaging his limp cock. Jason smiled and leaned forward, giving Kevin a slow kiss. Kevin then put his other hand under the robe, sliding it underneath Jason’s ballsack. Jason could feel that Kevin was attempting to cup one of his balls, but was having trouble fitting it in his hand.

Jason continued to kiss Kevin, but now Kevin was using both hands to try to lift his balls up, and it was starting to become distracting. Jason tried to subtly push Kevin’s hands away from his balls without offending him, but in the process Kevin accidentally squeezed one of his nuts, causing Jason to involuntarily jerk backwards. “I’m sorry!” Kevin said, mortified. “Are you okay?”

Jason nodded. “Yeah, I’m fine, don’t worry about it.”

“Man I’m so sorry. It’s just that your balls are so big...”

In truth, Jason’s ball was still sore from being squeezed, so he lifted the robe to take a look. As the robe was lifted, Kevin said, “Woah, no wonder!” With the robe out of the way, Jason could now see that his nuts had gotten bigger, now closer to bowling balls instead of melons. Jason stood up from the couch, grimacing as the sudden movement jerked his huge balls. With his legs spread and the robe held up, Jason looked at his pendulous nuts hanging between his thighs. They were definitely bigger and heavier than when he arrived.

“What the fuck is this?” Jason said

“Ummm...” Kevin said, staring.

Jason started to storm towards the door, but stopped moving right away as his legs were knocking his balls around. Instead, he did a slow shuffle, taking care to minimize bumping his nuts. Once at the door, Jason pulled it... and it didn’t move. Fiercely twisting the handle, he realized it was locked shut. Jason started to bang on the door, yelling, “Heyyyyyy, MEYERS!”

Continuing to bang the door with no answer, Jason then felt Kevin’s hand on his shoulder. “Hey, calm down, don’t hurt yourself,” Kevin said. Jason looked at Kevin, and Kevin could see that Jason was in a panic.

Not knowing what else to do, Kevin hugged Jason. “Don’t worry,” he said, “we’ll figure something out.” Kevin could see that Jason was starting to hyperventilate, so he went on, “Let’s go sit down and think of what to do, okay?” Jason stopped banging on the door and nodded, letting Kevin slowly lead him back to the couch. Once there, he carefully sat down, making sure to ease his balls onto the couch. Kevin looked at Jason sitting there, with his massive nuts barely able to fit between his legs. Even his dick, hanging off to the side, looked somewhat bigger.

“I think the doctor made a mistake or something,” Kevin said. “His treatment isn’t working...”

Jason was starting to calm down from his panic, and instead anger was setting in. “That guy’s a fucking quack. I’ll bet he did this on purpose! I took the medicine he gave me and this started, now he gave me more and it’s worse! Do the math!”

“Uh, why would he do that?” Kevin said.

“Because he’s batshit insane?” Jason replied. “Who knows!”

Kevin scooted his chair forward and put a hand on Jason’s leg. “We’ll figure...” he started to say, then he realized he was just repeating himself. He also realized that he had absolutely no idea what to do. Kevin looked down, and could see that Jason’s balls were very slowly sliding towards the edge of the couch. Looking closer, Kevin saw that they weren’t actually sliding, but instead Jason’s balls were still growing larger right before his eyes. Kevin placed a hand on the edge of Jason’s nuts and lightly pushed, in a crazy, but useless attempt to stop them from continuing to get bigger.

Jason looked down. “What are you doing?” he said. Leaning forward, Jason now also saw that his balls were still slowly growing. Jason leaned as far forward as he could, wrapping both arms around his expanding nutsack. With a bit of work, he got his arms around his balls. Then he tried to hold them back in a kind of bear hug. Jason’s attempt to stop his balls from growing had about the same effect that Kevin had, which was no effect at all. Jason could feel his balls continuing to fill and expand while he kept trying to uselessly hold them back.

It wasn’t long until his balls had grown to the point that they forced his arms apart. Realizing his efforts were in vain, Jason let go of his balls. After being released, his swollen nutsack slid off the edge of the couch, coming to rest upon the floor. Jason looked over at Kevin, but Kevin was just as clueless about what to do as Jason. Leaning forward, Jason watched as his nuts continued to force his legs open even wider. Each nut was now about as large as a beachball, or maybe larger.

In spite of what was going on, Jason felt his dick getting hard. Jason was still hunched forward looking at his balls when he could feel his hard dick bumping against his chest. Switching his attention from his balls to his cock, Jason stared at his flesh pole lightly pulsing in front of him. He put a hand on his cock, surprised at how hard it was considering it’s size. He liked the feeling of his dick in his hand, so Jason took hold of his cock with his other hand, lightly stroking it. His dick was so hard, and felt so good. Not really thinking about it, Jason bent forward and started to suck himself. As soon as his lips touched the head of his dick, it sent waves of pleasure through his entire body.

Kevin watched what was going on, at a loss for words. He was glad that Jason now seemed totally calm, but still... “Hey, Jason... maybe now’s not the best time for that?” Kevin said.

Ignoring him, Jason continued to suck himself. Kevin came over and sat on the couch next to Jason and whispered, “Meyers could walk in at any second, what if he sees you?”

Jason stopped sucking himself and looked at Kevin. In a swift motion, Jason reached between Kevin’s legs and grabbed his crotch through his pants. “I want you to fuck me!” he breathed.

Kevin was shocked. “Huh?”

Jason was roughly rubbing Kevin’s dick through his pants. “I need you,” he said. “I want you to fuck me!” Kevin tried to think of a rational argument to make, but Jason’s handling of his dick was starting to get him hard. Kevin opened his mouth to argue again, but Jason leaned in and kissed him instead, cutting off whatever he was going to say. “Come on, I need you to fuck me!” Jason repeated.

Kevin was rock hard by now, his dick straining from within his pants. Even though he knew it was probably the wrong thing to do, he said, “Okay.”

Jason nodded in the direction of the bed across the room. “Help me up,” he said. Kevin stood up and moved in front of Jason. Reaching out, Kevin took each of Jason’s hands in his own and together they pulled him from the couch. Jason had to hold onto Kevin for balance due to the current size of his balls. While standing, his nutsack hung down almost to his ankles, but the true problem was how big around his balls were. It was like he had a huge beanbag chair coming out of his crotch. Leaning heavily on Kevin, the boys slowly shambled across the room to the bed.

Once there, they were presented with their next problem. Jason’s balls were much too big for him to just crawl into the bed. Jason turned around, then sat on the edge of the bed. “Help me lift.” Kevin knelt down and put his arms under Jason’s nutsack. They gave a count of three, then together Jason pulled himself backwards onto the bed while Kevin lifted from below his nuts. It took a couple of tries, but they managed to get his balls up onto the bed. Even through the physical exertion, Jason was still rock hard.

Now that he was on the bed, Jason crawled around, bending forward, laying across the top of his own balls. Jason leaned into his own balls even further, lifting his ass into the air. “I’m ready!” Kevin wasn’t sure what he should do. He was very concerned about how extremely large Jason’s balls had grown, even though Jason himself was acting as if he didn’t even care anymore. Kevin could see that Jason was lightly rocking against his balls, bent over them on the bed almost like he was laying on a yoga ball. Jason turned to look behind him. “Come on, what are you waiting for?” he said.

Kevin reached down and put a hand over his own crotch. He felt his erection through his pants, surprised at how hard he was. If he stopped himself from thinking about the future consequences of what was going on, he did find Jason’s tremendous nuts really hot in an exotic kind of way. Pulling off his shorts, Kevin climbed onto the bed behind Jason. “Try to relax..” Kevin whispered, coming up close. Then he gently pushed his cock into Jason. Once he was all the way in, Kevin leaned forward, resting his muscular chest against Jason’s back. As Kevin began to thrust, he could hear Jason quietly moaning in pleasure.

Really getting into it, Kevin began to thrust harder against Jason’s ass. Looking at the huge pillowy nutsack underneath them both was a big turn-on for Kevin. He leaned forward, reaching out his arms around Jason and placing his hands on both sides of Jason’s balls. While being fucked, Jason took his own cock into his hand and stroked himself. Kevin continued to fuck Jason with increasing intensity, causing the force of their sex to push Jason’s torso forward, squeezing his dick in between his torso and nutsack.

Jason’s moans continued while he sporadically said, “Yes.. yes.. yes..” Jason raised up and leaned back, reaching behind him and pulling Kevin close. Partially turning Jason’s head, Kevin kissed him over his shoulder as he kept fucking him. Jason’s dick, no longer being compressed against his nutsack, stood out straight from his crotch. Kevin reached an arm around Jason’s chest, pressing his body against his own. While being fucked, Jason started to rapidly stroke his own dick. Now in a kneeling position with his huge balls spread before him, Jason leaned back into Kevin while he stroked himself.

Before long, Jason could feel his massive balls begin to tighten up, and then like a geyser, he began to cum. His dick was shooting cum clear across the room, splashing against the wall. He could tell that Kevin was also cumming at the same time, but Jason entirely focused on his own orgasm. Jason arched his back, holding onto his dick with both hands as it unleashed blast after blast of cum. As he continued to shoot, Jason could feel the force of his orgasm beginning to diminish. Instead of shooting all the way to the wall, his dick was now just squirting cum a few feet forward onto the floor. Jason didn’t care and made no effort to hold himself back. Finally, after his dick had released the last of the cum, Jason collapsed backwards into Kevin’s arms, completely worn out. Kevin put an arm around Jason’s shoulder, hugging him, and said, “Feeling better now?”


Part 19

Jason and Kevin rested together on the bed, regaining their strength. Eventually, Jason decided he couldn’t just lay there forever, and sat up. Kevin sat up as well, and both of them took a look around them. One of the walls in the room had cum oozing down, and there were large cum puddles all over the floor. Jason looked down at his crotch, examining his junk. His balls were significantly reduced in size after shooting the gallons of cum, but they were still very large. They were now closer to the size of watermelons, and really heavy for their size.

Getting up from the bed, Jason stood up straight, looking down at himself. While standing, his thick dick hung down just above his knees, similar to the size it had been for a while now. His nuts, though, in their currently empty state, hung just past his dick to about the middle of his kneecaps. Despite his balls being empty, his whole sack was hefty and round. Jason stood straight again and looked towards Kevin. “Do you see this? I’m never going to be able to wear pants again.”

Kevin tried to remain positive. “I think it’s going to work out,” he said. “Earlier your balls were so big they were almost dragging on the ground, and now they’re only the size of watermelons.” Kevin realized right away what he had said, but it was too late.

Jason became very annoyed. “Oh, great!” he yelled. “So my nuts are only as big as watermelons, I mean look!” and he reached behind his hanging balls and pushed them forward to illustrate. “No one’s going to notice these or anything.”

Kevin opened his mouth to try to apologize, but Jason calmed down quickly. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to freak out on you man, it’s not your fault. It’s that fucking Meyers!”

Kevin just nodded. Jason looked around, then walked over towards a sink, taking care to minimize the amount he knocked around his balls as he walked. Once there, he used a towel and some soap to clean up, wiping away the splashes of cum on himself. Kevin joined him at the sink, also cleaning himself.

Once finished, Kevin walked over and got himself dressed again. Jason picked up the hospital robe and slipped it on, grateful that it was able to fully cover himself. The boys sat down on the couch to discuss their situation. “We need to get out of here and get in touch with Dr. Amon,” Jason said. “I’ve known Dr. Amon my whole life, and I don’t think he knows what’s going on.”

“We have to get out of this room first,” Kevin added. “That door’s sealed tight.”

Jason nodded. “Next time Meyers comes in, we need to get out before the doors are locked again,” he said. Kevin agreed.

Not having a whole lot else to do, the boys sat idle, waiting for Meyers. After a while, they finally heard the door opening. Jason and Kevin looked at each other and nodded. Meyers came into the room, followed by another man. Kevin darted forward very quickly, which surprised even Jason. Kevin lunged towards Meyers in an attempt to tackle him, but almost as if he was expecting it, the heavily muscled man with Meyers stepped in front and grabbed Kevin. Jason stood watching in surprise, unsure what to do.

Changing his attention to the man holding him, Kevin began to struggle. His experience on the wrestling team was coming in handy as he started to gain the upper hand. The other man though looked like a world class bodybuilder, incredibly built, and was slowly overpowering Kevin. Before long, Kevin lost the struggle, and was pinned down by the man. Regaining his senses, Jason rushed over to help. The fast movement was slamming his nuts around against his legs, but he was only focused on helping his friend. Seemingly out of nowhere, another heavyset man stepped into the room, blocking Jason’s path. The new arrival grabbed Jason, and unlike Kevin, Jason had no wrestling experience and quickly lost the struggle.

“There’s really no need for all this ruckus,” Meyers said calmly. He reached into a pocket and pulled out a syringe, moving towards Kevin.

“Stop! What are you doing?!” Jason called out, but Meyers ignored him. While being pinned down, Kevin was unable to do anything to stop it, and Meyers injected something into his arm. Right away, Kevin’s struggling slowed, then stopped entirely. Jason saw that Kevin looked like he had fallen asleep. “What did you do to him?” he yelled at Meyers.

“No need to worry, it’s only a sedative,” Meyers said, and then he pointed to the couch in the room. Jason felt the man holding him lift him and carry him to the couch, forcing him to sit. Jason struggled slightly, but the man held him firmly in place. “You asshole!” Jason called out. “I’m going to have you arrested!”

Meyers cracked a slight smile. “For what?” he said. “Both you and your friend signed the consent forms for testing. All of this is perfectly legal.” Jason didn’t know what he was talking about, but then he remembered signing a bunch of forms at the earlier office visit that he didn’t bother to read. He also remembered when they first arrived that Kevin signed some stuff as well.

Trying a different tactic, Jason said, “You can’t keep us here. Let us go.”

Meyers was done arguing, and instead walked forward and said, “I need to examine you, please remain still.” Meyers reached towards the robe covering Jason’s crotch, but Jason kicked his arm, knocking him away. Immediately, both of the men with Meyers took hold of Jason and pinned his arms down and pulled his legs apart. Jason tried to fight them, but it was like trying to struggle against an oak tree. Unable to do anything to stop it, Jason watched as Meyers lifted the bottom of the robe and started to examine his genitals.

From his position pinned down on the couch, Jason couldn’t see exactly what Meyers was doing. He could feel him grasping and prodding his dick and balls all over the place. After he had spent a long time poking and prodding at his crotch, Meyers stood up and motioned to his helpers to let go. Jason sat up on the couch, quickly pulling the robe down over his genitals to cover himself. He thought about trying to fight again, but realized he had no chance to win in a struggle against these brutes. “Why are you doing this?” Jason asked angrily.

Meyers looked up from the clipboard he was writing on with a confused look on his face. “Is that a real question?” he responded. “Why? Can you imagine the market value of a drug that can actually increase genital size? How many people would give their entire life savings for just a small size increase. Now imagine if we could promise increases of whatever the customer desires. Except so far none of our drug trials are working. There’s something very unique in your DNA that is the key to making this work, and we need to figure out what that is.”

Jason didn’t know how to respond. “You’re insane,” he said.

Meyers ignored the comment and went back to writing on his clipboard. Then, he took a look around the room. Looking at the puddles of cum and the general mess in the bed area, “Let’s move to a cleaner room,” Meyers said.

Jason didn’t budge, but soon felt one of the big men begin to grab hold. Jason squirmed out of his grasp and said, “Whatever, I’m coming.” The other man reached down and easily lifted Kevin, who was still asleep. Meyers walked out, motioning for Jason to follow. Jason slowly followed, feeling his huge dick and balls bouncing around under the robe with every step.

Meyers lead them to another room, and motioned for the man carrying Kevin to go in first. The big man went through the door, and gently placed Kevin onto a couch in the room. Still in the hall outside, Jason heard someone asking, “What’s going on with Kevin?” Jason recognized the sound of his brother’s voice. Jason started to enter the room to meet with his brother, but the heavy man was exiting the room, blocking the door in the process. Once the man was out of the way, Jason went in, looking for his brother.

Standing in the room, still dressed the same as when they had arrived, was Alex. “Alex! Where have you been?” Jason said. As he was talking, Jason heard the door closing behind him. Turning around, Jason could see that Meyers and his goons had left them alone in the room. Currently more concerned with his brother, he turned back to Alex, waiting for a response.

Alex instead asked again, “What’s wrong with Kevin?” Jason went over and knelt down next to Kevin on the couch, checking on him. Jason gently shook Kevin, calling his name. Kevin sleepily groaned, but didn’t respond otherwise. Jason called out to him with more force, which was gradually waking him up. After a few more shakes, Kevin opened his eyes and looked around.

Jason hugged him and said, “Are you okay?”

Kevin sat up and said, “Yeah, I just have a headache.”

Alex was tired of being ignored. “Will you answer me, what the fuck is going on with you two?” he demanded loudly.

Jason turned his attention to his brother and asked again, “Where were you for the past hour?”

“I was talking to your doctor friend for a long time, he had a million questions,” Alex responded.

“My doctor FRIEND?!” Jason cut in

Alex just kept talking. “Yeah, he asked a bunch of questions about family history and that kind of crap. When I told him about how we’re fraternal twins, he got really excited.”

“Yeah, and by the way,” Alex continued, “He told me about the drug test you signed up for. About how it makes your dick bigger. I knew it was something like that! You’re such an asshole for trying to keep it a secret. Well, Meyers let me sign up for it too.”

Jason stared at his brother in disbelief. “You believed that maniac? He’s full of shit! I didn’t sign up for anything! If he tries to give you any kind of drug, you better not let him if you know what’s good for you!”

Alex stepped back and smirked. “I figured you would say something like that, worried that you won’t be the only one with a horse cock. Well, he already gave me the shot and pills before you came in.”

Jason couldn’t believe his ears. “You fucking moron,” he said. “Do you not remember why we had to come here in the first place?”

“Yeah, I remember,” Alex said. “You said Kevin got you to overdose on the pills. You took like what, ten or something? That’s probably what made your balls swell up like water balloons. Well I only took the dose the doctor gave me, three pills.”

Jason’s relief at seeing his brother had passed, and he was reminded how much of a jackass his brother could be sometimes. Turning his attention to Kevin, he asked again if he was alright. Kevin nodded, quietly listening to what was going on between the two brothers. Alex resumed his own questions. “So what’s going on? Why was Kevin unconscious? Did they figure out what was wrong with your balls?”

Jason looked at his brother, and in his frustration, he lifted the front of his robe and said, “See for yourself.”

Alex saw his brother’s cock and balls. “Huh? What the hell?” he said. “Your fucking nuts are bigger than when we got here. How are you even walking around with those things?”

Jason pulled the robe down again, covering himself. “Why are you such an asshole?”

“Sorry, but I mean, fuck dude, your balls are enormous,” Alex replied. “Didn’t Meyers know what to do?”

Jason carefully sat down. “I told you Meyers is the one who caused this. He isn’t interested in helping at all.” Kevin reached over and took Jason’s hand, comforting him. In response, Jason leaned in and gave Kevin a deep kiss.

Alex watched and said, “Oh come on, don’t be gay.”

Jason looked at him, then said, “Fuck off. Besides, you seem to be enjoying it anyway.” Alex gave him a puzzled look, but then followed Jason’s gaze down to his own crotch, noticing that there was a tented bulge in his shorts.

Alex tried to pull his shorts straight. “Yeah right, I’m not hard dumbass, it’s just a fold in my pants.” After tugging on the edge of his shorts, Alex could see that the bulge in his pants wasn’t going away. Reaching down and trying to press the bulge flat, Alex pushed on it, then instead started to pat his crotch. Next, he slid his hand under the waistband of his shorts, digging around in the pouch of his underwear. Jason and Kevin, while watching the display, saw Alex get a surprised look on his face. Alex then looked over, saw his brother and Kevin staring at him as he was fondling himself, so he quickly pulled his hand out and went to sit down on another couch.

“What’s up?” Jason asked him.

Alex gave a curt response. “Nothing, mind your business.”

Irritated, Jason turned to Kevin. “Any ideas on how we can get out? Those guys are really strong.”

Kevin thought for a moment then said, “If we can maybe surprise....” but Kevin was distracted by Alex across the room. Jason turned to see what Kevin was looking at, and saw his brother squirming around on the couch. Alex kept partially standing and pulling on the bottom of his shorts, then sitting again. He repeated that a few times before noticing he was being watched. He sat back down, pushing his legs together.”What?” he asked.

With a sigh, Jason turned back to Kevin. “I think now that there’s three of us, we could...” But now Jason was also getting distracted by his brother, who was once again constantly fidgeting around on the couch, making a bunch of noise. “Can you please sit fucking still?” Jason called out. “What are you doing?”

Alex had his hands in his lap. “Why do you give a shit what I’m doing?” he said. “Talk to your boyfriend.” Alex went back to squirming around on the couch. Then Alex stood up from the couch, and when he did, Jason could clearly see the head of a cock hang out of one of the leg openings in Alex’s shorts. The surprising thing was that Alex was wearing knee length shorts. Alex reached into his pants, adjusting himself, then sat back down, once again trying to adjust his shorts.

“Alex, the fuck, was that your cock?” Jason called out. Curious, Kevin looked over at Alex as well.

Alex was once again sitting, pressing his legs together, with his hands covering his lap. “Uh, what do you mean?” he said.

“Fuck that, don’t play dumb,” Jason snapped back. “I know what I saw.”

Alex opened his mouth to answer, but no words came out. Trying a different approach, Alex said angrily, “Quit trying to see my dick, bunch of fags.” Knowing his brother his entire life, Jason recognized Alex’s tough guy routine, and knew his brother was trying to deflect. Jason stood up and walked over near Alex.

Once there, Jason said, “What’s going on?” Now that he was closer, Jason could see an obvious bulge in his brother’s pants that he wasn’t able to hide with his hands.

Alex was quiet for a moment, then said, “I don’t know,. I think that shit the doctor gave me is working. How long does it last?”

“I don’t know,” Jason said. “I’m not some kind of expert despite what you may think. Let me see.”

Alex gave him a sharp look. “I told you I’m not going to show you my dick, quit asking. Go away!”

Losing his patience, Jason gave up and went back to sit next to Kevin. “You think he’s okay?” Kevin whispered.

“I don’t know,” Jason quietly answered. “He’s being an ass like usual.”

Both boys looked over at Alex again, who defiantly stared back. “Uh, do you see...?” Kevin whispered.

“Uh huh,” Jason quietly replied. Even from across the room, they could now see a large mound forming in Alex’s shorts. His hands were doing nothing to cover it any longer.

Jason patiently sat watching Alex, while Alex looked around, acting like he was the only person in the room. Jason saw Alex starting to rub the side of the bulge, and Jason knew all too well how uncomfortable it can be when your package is too big for your pants. A few more minutes of that, Alex finally burst out with, “Man fuck, when does this stuff stop?”

“Hmm, what’s that?” Jason casually said.

Kevin nudged him and whispered, “Come on man, you can see he’s in pain but too proud to admit it.”

“Fine...” Jason mumbled, then got up and walked over to his brother.

Standing over his brother again, Jason was surprised by what he saw. The bulge in Alex’s shorts was now so full that his jean shorts looked ready to burst at any second. “Alex you stubborn little shit,” Jason said. “You’re going lose circulation soon, take those shorts off.”

Alex spent a moment acting like his brother wasn’t there, but while rubbing his hand across the extremely tight bulge in his shorts, he gave in and said, “Whatever.” Alex pulled at the button on the waistband, but his bulge was so full, and the jean shorts stretched so tight, he couldn’t get it to move at all. Jason reached down to help, but he had the same problem. The shorts were way too full by this point.

Alex was now struggling fiercely with the button fastening his shorts, without success. “It really hurts, I need to get this off...” he said. Kevin walked up and gave a try, but it wouldn’t come loose. Jason had an idea and started to rummage around in the cabinets along the wall. He could hear Alex saying, “Come on! Get these off!” Finding what he was looking for, Jason walked back over. Bending down, Kevin could see that Jason had found some gauze scissors. Starting from the leg opening, Jason carefully cut away the shorts.

Once the last snip had been made, the waistband popped free. Underneath, Jason could see that the underwear Alex was wearing was also incredibly full, but they were more stretchy than the jean shorts. Alex was leaned back on the couch, relieved to have his crotch no longer constricted. Jason used the scissors and made a few more cuts, this time cutting away Alex’s underwear. Realizing what was happening, but too slow to stop it, Alex sat up and said, “Hey, wait!” Too late, the last snip was made, and the underwear popped open, releasing Alex’s bulge.

In a huff, Alex hissed, “What the fuck, I asked you to help get my shorts off, not try to grab my cock. Back off!” Jason stood up and took a step back. Next to him, Kevin gave a small whistle. Alex was still glaring up at both boys, and he covered his crotch with his hands by reflex. Now, without the shorts or underwear, Alex’s hand felt his cock for the first time. Looking down, Alex gave a surprised, “Woah.”

All three boys saw that Alex’s cock looked huge. A thick tube of flesh lying across his lap and very long even soft. Jason wondered if maybe his brother’s cock was even bigger than his own. Alex reached down and grabbed hold of his dick, pulling it up, feeling it. He then got up from the couch, dropping his cock to let it hang, then he shook his hips, swinging his cock around. “This.. is... AWESOME!” he crowed.

Jason just gave a dismissive snort, but Kevin took a step forward, kneeling down slightly to get a closer look. “Alex, that’s incredible,” he said.

Alex took a step back from Kevin, put a hand over his crotch even though it barely covered half of his dick. “Hey, back up fag, don’t get any ideas,” he said.

Kevin was shocked, quickly backing away. “Sorry, I wasn’t...”

But Jason jumped forward, shoving his brother backwards. “What’s your problem? Don’t be such a fucking tool.” Alex regained his balance, and moved forward to get in his brothers face. As he moved forward, Jason went to shove him again, but this time Alex caught his arm and tried to shove back. Both brothers tried to grab the other, and they ended up trying to each wrestle the other one to the ground.

Fighting with each other, Alex had Jason’s left arm pinned behind his back, but Jason had his right arm wrapped around Alex’s neck. As they struggled, Jason was able to twist free and work his way behind his brother, grabbing tightly, though they both ended up falling to the ground, still wrestling each other. Kevin was on the sidelines, saying, “Guys, guys, stop!” but neither brother paid him any attention. As they were rolling around on the ground, Jason managed to get on top of Alex, pinning him down on his back. Jason had one leg pinning down Alex’s left arm, while he used both of his arms to pin Alex’s right. In that position, Jason was sitting on Alex’s chest, holding him down. Jason’s hospital robe had been pulled open in the struggle, and currently his huge nutsack was resting square on Alex’s chest, while his floppy cock had landed right against Alex’s chin.

Alex struggled, but was securely pinned. “Move!” he yelled. “Get your fucking nuts off my chest! Get off me!” Jason leaned in, driving home the point that he had won their fight, then he loosened up and got off his brother, releasing him from the pin hold. Once free, Alex furiously rubbed his chest and chin where Jason’s cock and balls had been. Kevin moved over to Jason, asking him, “Are you okay?” Jason nodded, saying he was fine, then he did his best to cover himself again with the patient robe he was wearing.

Alex stood up, and Kevin also asked him if he was okay. “Yeah, whatever,” Alex said.

Standing there, with his big cock hanging out in the open, Alex moved and picked up his underwear. Upon inspection, he saw that they were ruined thanks to being cut clean in half from the scissors. He turned back towards the other boys, causing his cock to swing against his leg in the process. Alex looked down at himself, not used to having a huge tube of dick hanging from his crotch. He reached down and rubbed his cock, still in disbelief how big he had become. Jason could see his brother’s dick starting to pulse lightly, in the beginnings of an erection. Alex could feel he was starting to bone up, so he quickly stopped touching his cock. Looking up, Alex saw that both of the boys were just standing there, staring at him touching himself.

Embarrassed, Alex said, “Would you two quit staring? Jeez.” Alex went over and sat down, pulling his cock onto his lap and trying to cover it with his shirt, since he had no pants. Jason and Kevin took a seat on the other couch.

Not long afterwards, they heard the room door opening, and in walked Meyers followed by the two men from earlier. Kevin tensed up and was about to stand, but Jason gently grabbed his arm and whispered, “Hold on, don’t do anything, I have an idea.”

Meyers walked over to Alex, ignoring the other two boys. He then said, “Hello Alex, I need to examine you.”

Alex looked over and saw the other boys watching what was going on. “Uh, here?” he said to Meyers. “Can we go to a different room?”

Meyers shook his head. “I’m afraid we need to hurry,” he said. “The medicine only has a short active period.”

Alex nodded and moved his hands away from his crotch. Meyers sat on a rolling chair and began to examine Alex’s dick, then his balls. Jason could see that Alex’s balls seemed entirely normal, and in fact looked very small when compared to the huge dick above them. “The latest formula was a success,” Meyers quietly said. “Growth has been isolated to the penis.” Meyers then took out a tape measure, placing it along Alex’s cock. Once finished measuring, Meyers began writing on a clipboard.

Jason was surprised when he heard his brother ask, “So how big am I?”

Without looking up, Meyers responded, “Flaccid penis length: 13.7 inches.” Alex got a huge smile upon hearing the news.

Next, Meyers took out a bottle of pills, shaking two into his hand, and held them out to Alex. “Please take these,” he said.

“What’s that for?” Alex asked. “I don’t really want to get any bigger.”

Jason stood up and called out, “Don’t take anything from him!”

Meyers ignored Jason. “It’s part of the treatment,” he said. “It’s important that you take these.”

Jason walked over, standing next to Meyers. One of the big men in the room began walking forward, expecting trouble. Alex thought for a moment, then took the pills and swallowed them in one motion.

Jason bumped into Meyers, pushing his way past him to come stand next to his brother. “Why did you do that?” he said. “You don’t know what it’s going to do!” Alex just shrugged his shoulders.

“Thank you, I’ll be back to check in soon,” Meyers said. With that, he turned and walked out, followed by the other men. Once they were gone, Jason walked back and sat down next to Kevin. Careful to conceal what he was doing, he showed Kevin what he had hidden in his hand. Jason was holding two syringes.

“What’s that?” Kevin said.

“I took them from his pocket,” Jason whispered. “It’s the sedative they used to knock you out earlier.” Jason slid the syringes in between the cushions of the couch to conceal them.

“What are you two whispering about?” Alex called out from across the room. The boys ignored him, which annoyed Alex. He got up and walked over, saying, “Are you two talking about me or something? You heard what the doctor said, right? Almost fourteen inches, bitches!” Alex grabbed the base of his cock and twirled it around, causing it to flop heavily. He continued his taunting. “Bet I’m even bigger than you now, Jason. How about you, Kevin? How big’s your dick? Is it anything like this?”

“Uh.. not really..” Kevin said.

“Go away,” Jason said. “You’ll see, it’s not as great as you think having such a big dick.”

Alex just laughed. “Hah, yeah right. Kevin sure seems to like what he sees!”

Both Jason and Kevin looked down, noticing that Kevin had a full on boner tenting out his shorts. Kevin blushed, covering his crotch with his hands. Alex kept it up. “Hey Kevin, want to compare? Come on, you’ve seen mine, let me see yours. You’ve got what, six, seven inches?”

Alex moved right in front of Kevin while he was sitting on the couch. Alex pushed his hips forward, letting his huge dick dangle right in front of Kevin’s face. “I’ll bet you like mine more than my brother’s. I know I’m bigger than he is.” Kevin was really embarrassed, but still stared right at the huge cock in front of him. Jason, on the other hand, was becoming enraged. He reached over, grabbed hold of Alex’s meat log, and roughly yanked it to the side. Alex screamed in pain, but Jason didn’t care and didn’t let go. Still roughly holding Alex’s cock, Jason stood up and said, “Get your fucking dick out of his face.”

Jason squeezed the cock even harder, making Alex yell out loudly. Alex was slapping Jason’s arm, saying, “Let go! Let go!”

Jason gave a final hard squeeze of Alex’s cock, then released. Alex quickly rushed away, bending over gently massaging his cock once he was a safe distance away. Alex then stood up and yelled out, “You little bitch! How’d you like if it I came over there and kicked you in your big buffalo balls?”

Jason stared at him. “Give it a try and see what happens.”

Kevin, always the peacemaker, said, “It’s okay, don’t worry about it, I’m fine.”

Jason, still angry, said, “No, it isn’t. He thinks he’s hot shit now, but he’s not!”

Alex strolled around the room, but still keeping his distance from the boys. “Whatever man,” he said. “Admit it, you’re just mad you don’t have the biggest cock in the room anymore.” Alex ran a hand along his hanging dick. Alex’s cock looked like it was starting to bone up, as it was slowly expanding.

Jason sat down next to Kevin, putting an arm around his shoulder. He saw that Kevin still had a boner under his shorts in spite of Alex’s taunting. Jason put his hand on Kevin’s crotch. “Ignore him,” he said. “I think your dick is perfect just the way it is.”

Kevin smiled weakly. “Yeah, right,” he said. “It’s nothing when compared to you two.”

Jason was so mad at his brother for making Kevin feel bad about his dick size. Wanting to make Kevin feel better, he said, “That’s bullshit. I love your cock.” Jason continued to rub Kevin’s crotch, and he crawled over and knelt down on the ground in between Kevin’s legs. Reaching down and unbuttoning Kevin’s shorts, he pulled out Kevin’s hard dick.

“Woah, what are you doing!” Kevin said. “Your brother’s right there...”

But Jason said, “Fuck him!” and he bent in and started sucking Kevin. Kevin was about to say something else, but once Jason started to work on his cock, he changed his mind, putting his hand on the back of Jason’s head, enjoying the blowjob.

From behind him, Jason heard Alex yell, “What the fuck are you doing?? Really? I can’t believe you’re doing that, wow.”

Jason ignored him, and kept blowing Kevin. Jason continued slowly sucking Kevin, bringing him close to climax, but not going all the way, letting him enjoy the feelings. Jason was enjoying the act of pleasing his boyfriend, slowly rubbing his own dick at the same time. He heard Alex talking in the background, but he completely tuned him out. Kevin was pushing on the back of Jason’s head as he blew him, urging him to go faster.

Jason was starting to speed up, ready to let Kevin cum. His brother yelling from behind him was starting to become a real distraction though. Right as he could feel Kevin was about to blow, he felt Alex tugging his shoulder from behind. Unable to continue to ignore him, Jason pulled off of Kevin’s cock and stood up, very angry, screaming, “WHAT?!?”

Now facing his brother, Jason was surprised that Alex had a look of concern, not disgust, which confused him. “I can’t make it stop!” Alex said weakly.

Still confused, Jason just looked at his brother. Alex then looked down and said, “Look!” Jason looked down, and suddenly understood what his brother meant. Alex’s dick was still pulsing like it was filling up for an erection. Except that it looked to be completely flaccid. The cock hanging from Alex’s crotch was almost twice as big around compared to just a little while ago. It was much longer as well, now hanging down slightly past his knees. The dick on his brother was totally unreal, bigger than even the biggest size queen had ever imagined.

Sitting on the couch, his rock-hard dick in his hand, Kevin was looking at the absurd cock on Alex. Alex didn’t even say anything, instead too focused on himself. “What do I do??” he said helplessly.

Jason had no idea, and knelt down, reaching out to try to take a better look at the dick. Alex jerked back. “What are you doing? Don’t touch my dick!”

Jason stood back up, looking at his brother. “Do you want my help or not?” he asked.

Alex hesitated a moment, then said, “Whatever, do something!”

Jason again knelt down, this time putting his hands behind Alex’s dick. Jason couldn’t get over how thick it was. His brother’s cock in his hands was as thick as a two-liter bottle. Gently pulling the dick forward, Jason marvelled at how heavy it was. Jason sat there, just staring at the monstrous cock hanging in front of him. Impatient, Alex said, “Well?”

Jason let go of the dick, watching it swing back to bump against Alex’s knee. Jason stood back up. “I don’t know,” he said. “I told you not to take those pills.”

“Yeah, saying I told you so is real helpful,” Alex said angrily. “How am I supposed to live with a two-foot cock? I’ll never be able to have sex again!”

“Your dick isn’t two feet long,” Jason replied. “I’d guess it’s more like sixteen inches or so. Besides, I’ll bet there are plenty of guys out who could take a dick like that.”

Alex had a deep scowl on his face. “Really? Now you’re making jokes? Thanks a lot.”

Jason shrugged and sat back down next to Kevin. “Not long ago you were happy to brag that you had the biggest dick. Well, you win, your dick is the biggest, congratulations.”

By reflex, Alex stood with his legs apart, placing his hands on his hips, and prepared to argue. Taking that pose caused his enormous dick to dangle between his legs, showing off how massive it truly was. Jason and Kevin took a look at Alex standing there with his dick so big it was almost comical, and they both started to chuckle. Caught by surprise by their response, Alex’s mind went blank before he could say what he was about to say. Realizing how he must look standing there in that pose, he stood back up straight and instead said, “Fuck you guys!” and then walked over to have a seat on the other couch.

Kevin felt bad and whispered to Jason, “That was mean of us, we should apologize.”

“Did you forget how he was acting earlier?” Jason whispered back. “He shouldn’t act like a jerk if he doesn’t want to be treated like one in return.”

Kevin changed the subject, whispering, “Still though, you saw the size of his cock. How’s he going to manage with something like that?”

Jason shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know,” he said. “It’s not like there’s anything we can do about it.” Jason looked over at Alex and could see that Alex’s dick was extended out, and slowly rising. Alex was pushing down against his cock, but it continued to rise anyway.

Soon, Alex’s enormous cock was standing straight up from his crotch in a full erection. Jason wondered how a dick that big could even get hard, but there it was, sticking straight up like a pole from his brother’s groin. It looked like in its erect state, Alex’s dick hadn’t really gotten much longer, and only a bit thicker. Alex still seemed to be trying to push his cock down to get rid of his boner, but all he was managing to do was wave it around.

Curious, Jason got up and walked over. Seeing him approach, Alex said, “What do you want?” Ignoring him, Jason walked up, looking down at his brother’s situation.

“I’m surprised you can get that thing so hard,” Jason said.

“It’s not like I can help it,” Alex replied. “Why are you over here, you trying to get a feel on my cock again? Go away!”

Fed up with his brother’s attitude, he said, “I’m done trying to help you, deal with it yourself,” and he walked off, taking a seat next to Kevin again. Looking over, Jason could see Alex had a hand on either side of his big boner, feeling his size.

“It’s amazing how big his dick is,” Kevin whispered to Jason. “Do you think he would care if I got a closer look?”

Jason sighed. “Yeah, I think he’d mind.”

Kevin quietly sat and watched Alex as he was sitting there, trying to manage his boner which didn’t seem to be going away. The boys sat there in silence, Kevin watching Alex, Jason looking at a wall with his arms crossed, and Alex beginning to attempt to get himself off.

A few more minutes of that, and Jason heard Alex calling him. Jason ignored him, but Kevin nudged his arm, saying, “You should see what he wants.” Jason shrugged, but Kevin nudged him again.

With a sigh, Jason got up and walked over. “What?”

Alex, with his erection still at full power, said in a low voice, “This boner won’t go away.”

“Yeah, I noticed,” Jason carelessly said.

“I think I need to get off…” Alex said, still speaking in a hushed tone. “Earlier, when you said guys can take a dick this big... do you think... maybe Kevin would let me…?”

Jason couldn’t believe what he was hearing and immediately cut in. “Are you kidding me? Like... I don’t even... NO! Did you really just ask that? Not in a million years. Get yourself off, Kevin’s not going near that thing.”

Jason stormed away, sitting next to Kevin again. “What did he want?” Kevin asked him.

“You don’t want to know,” Jason said dismissively.

Now curious, Kevin kept prying. “Come on, what did he say?”

Jason was annoyed and blabbed out, “He wants to fuck you with his moose cock.”

Kevin was shocked and said, “Huh? Really? I don’t know if...”

Jason cut him off, saying, “Forget about it, it’s not gonna happen!” Not wanting to upset Jason, Kevin let it drop, though he did take another glance over at Alex’s enormous dick, still rock hard and sticking out.

Wanting to get rid of the unwieldly huge boner he had, Alex gave in and started to stroke himself, trying to ignore the fact that he had an audience watching him. Because his dick was so long and thick, he could only get his hands on a small portion of his cock at a time, which was making it difficult to pleasure himself. Across the room, Kevin was guiltily enjoying the show, stroking his own regular sized dick as he watched. Jason could see that Kevin was turned on watching his brother, which he didn’t like at all. Jason realized he was probably being insecure, but he asked Kevin anyway, “Why are you still staring at him? You don’t actually prefer his dick do you?”

Kevin quickly let go of his own cock and looked at Jason sheepishly. “Don’t be silly, of course not! Your big cock is the only one I want.” Kevin put his hand under Jason’s robe, sliding it up his leg. Kevin’s hand soon reached Jason’s balls, which were still huge. “We’ve been distracted by your brother, but what about you?” Kevin said. Kevin lightly rubbed one of Jason’s balls and said, “Any more changes down here?”

Jason reached under his robe, putting his hands under his nutsack, feeling it. Then he decided to just pull up the robe instead. Both boys saw that Jason’s nuts were still the size of watermelons, but otherwise hadn’t gotten any bigger than that. His cock was the same as it had been for a few days, about a foot long or so.

Jason ran a hand along one of his balls, then said, “This is such bullshit. Even if we do get out of here, what then? You see these nuts? There’s no possible way in the world I could hide them. My dumbass brother can at least hide his cock down the leg of long pants or something. Why did Meyers make my balls get so big?”

Kevin was about to say how he thought Jason’s balls were really hot, but he realized that was selfish of him, and remained quiet. “Do you think maybe cumming again would help?” Kevin asked.

Jason shook his head. “I don’t think so,” he said. “I’m pretty sure I had nothing left the last time I came.”

Jason was startled when he suddenly heard, “Aaahhhh…!” He looked over, and saw that his brother had finally made himself cum. Alex’s dick shot a load of cum straight upwards, going so far as to hit the ceiling of the room. He shot a couple more times, then seemed to be finished. Jason figured it made sense, considering Alex’s balls hadn’t grown at all. Letting go of his cock, which seemed to already be going soft, Alex reclined on the couch.

“I’ll bet he sure feels better now,” Kevin said offhandedly.

Jason saw that Kevin was once again eyeballing his brother’s cock, which now was hanging off the couch, suspended in the air. Even though the last thing in the world he wanted was for his own cock to be bigger than it already was, he still had a moment of jealousy that his dick wasn’t as big as his brother’s, especially since Kevin obviously liked it, no matter what he said.

Alex got up and walked over, his knees knocking around his cock as he walked. When he came near, he said, “Do we plan to just sit around waiting?”

Jason shrugged and answered, “You have a better idea?”

Alex didn’t answer, instead he walked over to the door, trying to open it without success. Coming back over, he said, “Where’s Meyers? He needs to fix my dick.”

Jason laughed at that. “Trusting Meyers is what got you here in the first place. It’s your own fault your dick is bigger than anyone wants.”

The last comment got under Alex’s skin. “Fuck you, you’re one to talk,” he said. “I see how you can barely even walk with those beanbag balls between your legs. For that matter, I know of at least one person who wants my big dick.” Alex looked at Kevin, who was absently stroking his own hard cock as he was looking at Alex’s dick. Seeing that they had noticed him, Kevin once again let go of his cock, trying to cover his erection with his shirt, looking away. Alex kept going. “It’s alright Kevin, I don’t mind anymore. Bet you’ve never seen a dick this big. Want to see what it feels like?” Alex wiggled his hips, causing his huge cock to flop around near his knees.

Kevin looked over at Alex’s cock, seeing how beautiful it was, thinking that the extreme thickness was perfectly proportional for its length. Alex had invited him to reach out and touch it, and Kevin wanted nothing more than to feel such a wonderful cock with his own hands. He was having an internal struggle with himself about whether he should give in to his desire and go for it, or refuse out of respect for Jason’s feelings. Luckily, Jason made the choice for him.

Jason stood up, pushing Alex back. “I told you, he’s not interested in your dick, quit asking.”

Alex reached down, picking up his dick from the base. “I’m not so sure about that,” he tainted.

Before their confrontation could escalate further, they heard the sound of the door opening. Jason quickly whispered to Alex, “Go along with it.”

Alex, confused, said, “Huh?” but Jason had already gone over to sit next to Kevin again.

Unsure what Jason meant, Alex remained standing where he was, his dick once again hanging freely down his leg. Meyers walked up, followed by the two brutish men as usual. Approaching Alex, he looked him over, seeing his enormous dick on display. “The trial seems to be a success,” he said. “I’ll need to take an exact measurement.”

“Fuck that, this isn’t what I agreed to,” Alex said “You need to do something about my cock.”

“Yes, of course,” Meyers replied, “but first allow me to examine you.”

Alex hesitated, but then said, “Fine.”

Meyers pulled out a tape measure, placing it against the base of Alex’s dick, then took measurements. Meyers began writing on a clipboard, and Alex said, “Well?”

“15.6 inches,” Meyers responded. “Impressive.”

“Huh?” Alex said. “It’s definitely longer than that.”

Meyers simply replied, “I assure you my measurement was accurate.”

But Alex cut in with, “What the fuck ever, it’s still more than I agreed to!”

Meyers made some more notes on his clipboard, then took out two bottles of pills from his pocket. “Thanks to our testing,” he said, “we’ve been able to adjust our formula to isolate growth to specific regions, and more importantly, we’ve discovered the exact protein that you and your brother produce, which was the key to the whole thing. In short, our product should now work on anyone.” Meyers opened a bottle and shook out two pills into his hand, then closed it again. “I need you to take these for the final part of our testing.”

Alex’s face went pale. “Wait, what?” he said. “You want me to take more of that shit?” He involuntarily reached down and grabbed his dick as if to protect it. “No way man! I won’t do it!”

“The contract you signed gives me the option to extend the trial until we go to market,” Meyers calmly stated. “Now, please take these.” Alex took a step back, though he could see both of the other men walking towards him. Once they were almost next to him, Alex saw both his brother and Kevin walking up behind them. Alex was surprised to see Jason and Kevin each had a syringe in their hand, and in a blur of motion, they each plunged a needle into the neck of the men.

Both men turned around, grabbing the boys. Alex stood there in shock, watching as they struggled. Meyers, flustered for the first time, rushed over and tried to help the man wrestling with Kevin. In the commotion, Meyers was knocked away, tripping in the process. Only a few moments later, both of the men began to lose the struggle, and then shortly afterwards they simply fell asleep.

Jason got up first, followed by Kevin. “Damnit, why did that take so long?” Jason said.

“You see how big these guys are?” Kevin said. “We’re lucky that was enough sedative at all. We need to hurry and get out of here before they wake up!”

Jason looked and saw Meyers lying on the ground. He walked over, checking his pulse. “Uh, is he—?” Kevin asked.

“He’s fine,” Jason said. “I think he hit his head on that chair when he fell, he’s just unconscious.” Jason stood and said, “Let’s go!”

Finally over his shellshock, Alex said “why did you do that?”

“What?” Jason said flatly.

“Look at yourself. Look at me!” Alex said.

Jason looked down, seeing that the robe he had been wearing had completely torn away during the struggle. He was standing there naked, his own footlong dick pushed forward by his watermelon sized balls. His brother looked just as obscene, his fifteen inch soft dick dangling past his knees. “I know, but would you rather stay here?” Jason said. “We can figure it out later, we have to leave, now!”

Jason and Kevin headed for the door. Alex stood there a moment, then decided to follow them. As they were leaving, Jason said, “Hold on a sec,” and then he rushed back in, ignoring the fact that moving so fast was banging his nuts around. He knelt down next to the still unconscious Meyers, looking around. After a brief search, he saw the two pill bottles that Meyers had been holding. He grabbed them both, as well as the two loose pills that had fallen, then quickly rejoined the other boys, saying, “Okay, let’s get out of here.”

They made their way through the building, which seemed to be otherwise empty. Once they got to the parking lot, they were glad it was the middle of the night and pitch black outside. Jason reached down, doing his best to steady his balls as he ran across the dark parking lot towards Kevin’s car. All of them loaded up, and quickly sped away.


Part 20

There wasn’t much talking on the ride to Jason’s house. When they pulled up, Kevin parked the car and took a look around. At this time of night, the street was empty and dark with only a street lamp down the road for lighting. Jason looked out of the window at his house, then said “The house is dark, Mom should be in bed.”

From the backseat, Alex said, “You expect us to walk across the yard naked like this?”

Kevin got out of the car and said, “Hold on,” then went around back. He popped the trunk, then came back holding some towels. “Here, these may not be clean, but you can use them to cover up.”

Ready to be back in his own home, Jason took one of the towels and wrapped it around his waist. His balls made a big lump in front of the towel, but at least he was covered. Getting out of the car, he swiftly walked to his front door, grateful it was so dark outside. Looking behind him, he saw Kevin and his brother also crossing the yard. The towel wrapped around Alex only went down to about his knees, which left part of his cock still visible as it hung down past the bottom. Shaking his head, Jason bent down and took out the spare key from its hiding place, then went inside, followed by the others. Quietly, so as not to wake their mother, the boys crept upstairs, followed by Kevin.

When they came to Alex’s room, Alex turned to his brother. “Well, we’re home. Now what?”

“Now you go to bed,” Jason told him.

“So—business as usual? Act like everything is normal?” Alex snapped back. “Have you looked down recently?” Jason involuntarily looked down and saw the large bulge his nuts were making in the towel wrapped around his waist.

Before he could respond, Kevin said, “His balls are swollen with cum, but we’ve been able to get them down to a more normal size after an orgasm. That may work again.”

“Uh, yeah ok, whatever,” Alex said. “What about me though?”

Jason and Kevin looked at him quietly, then Jason said, “Huh?”

“What do you mean ‘huh’?” Alex angrily replied. “I’m talking about THIS!” and he grabbed his monster cock through the towel, pulling it forward.

“I know,” Jason said. “I mean... I need time to think. For now, just go to bed, okay?”

Without a word, Alex spun around and stomped into his room, slamming the door behind him. Jason jumped at the sound, then carefully listened to see if the noise had woken their mother. After a minute, he figured it hadn’t, so he and Kevin went to his room.

Jason walked over to his desk and set down the pill bottles he was still holding from the lab, then took a seat on his bed, spread his legs and pulled away the towel. Scooting back a bit so his nuts were fully on the bed, Jason rubbed them. “You really think cumming again will help reduce the size of these things?” he asked Kevin.

Kevin cracked a big smile. “I know how we can find out!”

Walking over to Jason, Kevin knelt down and reached out to take hold of Jason’s soft cock. “You’re insatiable, you know that?” Jason whispered with a smile.

“Only for you...” Kevin responded, and he gently rubbed Jason’s cock, which was already starting to stiffen. Once it was boned, Kevin began to blow Jason, who’s cock was always sensitive and ready for sex. It only took a few minutes of Kevin’s blowjob before Jason felt himself shoot into Kevin’s mouth. Quickly, Kevin pulled back and grabbed the towel, doing his best to use it to soak up the cum. After over a minute of cumming into the towel, Jason could feel that his nuts were truly empty, and his orgasm stopped.

Leaning forward, Jason inspected his nuts. His nutsack was loose and stretched, but his nuts were now ‘only’ as big as large apples, but it was a far cry better than the bloated watermelon size they were ten minutes ago. Jason had a huge grin as he looked at Kevin. Kevin smiled back, then stood up, still holding the towel which was completely soaked in cum. Thinking for a moment, Kevin simply walked over to the trash can and threw in the whole towel.

Walking back over, Kevin said, “Man, I’m glad that worked!”

Jason had a hand under his nuts, feeling them. “Well, these are still huge,” he muttered. “But I guess it could be worse.”

“They’re only a little bit bigger than yesterday,” Kevin said. “I don’t think anyone will notice.”

Jason laughed. “Maybe you’re just getting used to my junk, but I still have a foot-long dick and huge balls. I don’t think it’s possible to not notice.”

“Hey, look on the bright side,” Kevin said. “Alex is going to have even more trouble than you trying to conceal what he’s packing now.”

Jason frowned, and Kevin realized what he had just said, then stammered, “Oh, wow that was cruel of me to say. I...”

“It’s fine,” Jason cut in, “I know what you meant. I should go check on him though.” Kevin nodded silently. Jason walked over and grabbed some boxer briefs and put them on. His still large balls and especially his dick made a big bulge in front, but they fit decently enough.

Creeping down the hall, Jason quietly went to his brother’s room and opened the door. Shocked at what he saw once he was inside, Jason let out a small gasp. Alex was sitting on his bed, his massive cock fully boned and pointing straight outwards. Alex was furiously stroking his cock, while at the same time trying to get the head into his mouth, but it was unable to fit due to its size while hard. Alex had to settle for licking his cock and sucking on the head.

Noticing his brother standing there watching, Alex yelled out, “What the hell!?” and he grabbed the sheet of his bed, throwing it over his hard cock. Alex tried to push his cock down under the sheet, but it ignored his efforts and kept poking up, making a huge tent under the sheet. Realizing there was no point in what he was doing, Alex turned his attention back to his brother and asked, “What are you doing in here?”

“I wanted to check on how you were doing,” Jason answered him. While Jason was talking, Alex looked down and noticed the bulge in his brother’s boxer briefs, which was obviously significantly smaller than the last time he had seen it. “Dude, how did you get your nuts back to a normal size?”

Jason absently rubbed his hand over his bulge. “This is hardly ‘normal’ size,” he said, “but Kevin was right, they were overloaded with cum from that stuff Meyers gave me.”

“So what, did Kevin suck out all your cum for you?” Alex replied in a sarcastic voice. “Bet he loved that, didn’t he?” Jason’s concern for his brother instantly went out the window after that comment, and rather than get into a fight with him, Jason turned around and walked out. As he was leaving, Alex called out, “Wait, what about....” but Jason was already out the door.

Going back into his own room, Jason heard Kevin ask “How’s he doing?”

“His giant prick fits his personality perfectly,” Jason snapped back.

“Oh?” Kevin said. “What happened?”

Jason shook his head, dismissing the question with a simple “Nevermind” and then he said, “What do you have there?” Jason could see that Kevin was holding the two pill bottles from the lab.

Kevin held them up. “I was just curious about these. The label doesn’t have anything but a number, P7240 for this one and T3600 for the other. I was thinking, based on what Meyers had said, this P probably stands for penis, and the T for testicles, right? You remember before we left Meyers said he figured it out and these would work on anyone?”

Jason reached out and took the bottles from Kevin. “Yeah, I remember,” he said. “I also remember that Meyers is off his rocker... I wouldn’t trust anything that came out of his mouth.”

Kevin reached out to take the bottles back, but Jason pulled away. “I want to try one,” Kevin said.

Jason shook his head. “No way!”

Kevin frowned and said, “Huh? What do you mean? Come on, let me have that.”

Jason backed away from the bed, still holding the bottles. “No way man,” he argued. “You’ve seen the havoc this stuff has caused.”

“I’ve seen that now you have an amazing package thanks to that stuff,” Kevin replied. “Why did you take them with you if you didn’t plan to use it?”

“I took them just to spite Meyers,” Jason answered, “not so I could put my boyfriend at risk for who knows what to happen!”

Kevin stood up. “It’s my decision, I’m willing to take that risk. Let me try one?”

Jason tried another approach. “I’ve told you a few times already, I don’t care about the size of your junk. Isn’t that enough?”

Kevin blushed. “You may not care, but I certainly do,” he said. “I’ve always dreamed about my cock being bigger, and now that dream can come true!”

“Tomorrow’s the last day of school before the weekend,” Jason argued. “How about we wait until then to decide, okay?”

With a sigh of defeat, Kevin said, “Fine, whatever,” and then he pulled off his shirt and crawled into bed. Jason put the bottles into a drawer in his nightstand, then got into bed alongside Kevin. Jason reached out and put hand on Kevin’s shoulder, but Kevin shook him off and said, “It’s late, go to sleep.” Knowing Kevin was annoyed, Jason let it drop for now and laid on his back. Reaching under the covers, Jason gently felt his own package, wondering to himself if maybe his desire to have the bigger cock had anything to do with the argument earlier...


Part 21

Jason woke to the sound of his alarm clock. Rolling out of bed, he picked up a pillow and threw it at Kevin and said, “Time to get up!” Kevin groaned and turned over, staying in bed. Jason went to his closet and rummaged around. He found a pair of stretchy boxer shorts and put them on. His package made the usual large bulge, but Jason had an idea. Next he pulled from his closet a pair of track pants. They were loose and light, but most importantly, they had full length legs, and the material was a kind of polyester that was soft and billowed in the breeze. Wearing these, he only displayed the slightest of bulges.

After grabbing a tight shirt and putting on his shoes, Jason went down the hall to check on his brother. As usual, Jason went in without knocking, which startled his brother. He could see that Alex had on one of his usual underwear briefs, except that his cock was hanging out one of the legs. Alex was trying to pull his cock in and force it into the briefs, but there was no way it was going to fit. Remembering a similar problem he had experienced, though not on such a grand scale, Jason said, “That’s never going to work. You can’t wear underwear like that anymore.” Unhappy about it, but realizing his brother was right, Alex took off the underwear.

“This is the only kind of underwear I wear,” Alex said. “Do you have something better I can use?”

Jason looked at his brother standing there, his ultra thick cock hanging so low... “I don’t have anything that will contain that beast,” Jason said. “You’re going to have to go without any underwear.”

“No way, then it’s going to hang out of my shorts.”

Jason snickered and said, “What? Did you really think you could still wear shorts? This is what I meant when I said a big dick isn’t as great as you think.”

Alex flashed him an angry look, then went to his dresser and pulled out a long pair of jeans. Stepping into them, Alex pulled them up until his dick was hanging over the top. Jason took a step forward, saying, “Let me help” but Alex backed away.

“Are you still trying to get a feel on my dick? Damn dude, back off.”

Jason crossed his arms and said, “Whatever.” Alex took hold of his massive dick, gently easing the head into the pants down his right leg. Jason could see it was a tight fit trying to force that log of cock into the pants at the same time as his leg, but eventually Alex got it all in. Buttoning the pants, Alex took a look at himself. Jason had to hold back a laugh as he watched.

The outline of Alex’s monster dick was visible, pressed against the leg of his jeans. Taking a few steps around, Alex was forced to do a kind of awkward gait since his dick was preventing him from bending his right knee. “This is ridiculous,” Alex said. “I can’t go out like this.”

“It’s fine, just work on trying to look normal when you’re walking around,” Jason said. “The good news is no one’s going to assume that’s actually your cock running down your leg, it’s way too big. Let people use their imagination about what it could be. I do recommend you go out and buy some much bigger pants after school, though.”

“What about track practice?” Alex exclaimed. “How do I run on the track like this?”

Jason shook his head, saying, “Uh, that’s one class I recommend you try to skip today.”

Alex’s frown deepened. “What about you?”

Jason blew him off. “Don’t be late,” he said, and he left, returning to his own room.

Once there, Jason saw Kevin still asleep in the bed. He went over and yanked the covers away. “Kevin!” he yelled. “Get up or you’re going to be late!”

Groaning again, Kevin slowly got up. “I’m fine, I get ready really fast in the mornings.” He then went to the bathroom.

Looking at the time, Jason grabbed his bag. “I’m going to go, I’ll see you at school.” Hearing Kevin flush the toilet, Jason thought about it, then before Kevin came back into the room, he rushed over and grabbed both of the pill bottles, sticking them into his bag. Next he brushed his way past his brother as he was going down the stairs, still getting used to walking with his huge dick. Once out the door and into his car, Jason drove to school.

Jason made it to school a few minutes before classes started. He decided to head to the swim team locker room early to get changed. When he got to his locker, he was surprised to find Thomas already there, changing.

As he walked up, Thomas called out, “Hey, Jason, good morning!” Jason smiled and greeted him. Opening his locker, Jason took off his shirt and shoes. He noticed that Thomas was already changed into his swimsuit, but he was still lingering. Jason knew exactly what Thomas was waiting for. He thought that if Thomas really wanted to get a look, what can be the harm in that. Jason pulled down his pants, then took his time folding them, letting Thomas see his bulge in his underwear. Then, he pulled off the boxer briefs, once again taking his time in folding them and slowly placing them into his locker.

Jason’s nice, big dick hung down, hanging past his balls even with their increased size. Thomas was full on staring, and Jason kept his focus in his locker, pretending like he didn’t notice he was being watched. Jason then took out the oversized speedo that coach had given him yesterday. Jason stepped into it, slowly pulling it up. Once he had it up, like before, the waist was too wide for Jason’s narrow hips.

He turned towards Thomas and said, “Mind giving me a hand?”

Thomas looked flustered and said, “Uh—huh? With what?”

“My old suit wouldn’t fit right due to... I needed more room,” Jason told him. “Coach gave me this suit, but it’s a few sizes too big. Can you pull it tight for me and secure it with this safety pin?” Jason held out a safety pin to Thomas, who cautiously took it. Thomas was standing there, unsure what to do. “Here,” Jason directed him, “kneel down and when I pull it tight, clip that on.” Thomas slowly knelt right in front of Jason’s crotch. Jason then reached into the pouch of his speedo and started to arrange his cock and balls. With Thomas’s face inches away from his crotch, Jason pulled his balls forward in the pouch, then took his dick and tried his best to put the head under his balls. Then, with his package compressed as best he could, Jason pulled the band of the speedo tight. “Okay,” he said, “put that safety pin on so it stays tight like this.”

Thomas gently clipped on the safety pin, then slowly slid his hand along the waistband towards the front, in the direction of Jason’s crotch. Jason remained silent, watching. When Thomas’s hand had almost reached the bulge of his speedo, he heard from across the room, “Isn’t this nice? Little Thomas giving Jason a handjob.”

Thomas blushed and quickly stood up. “I was just helping him...”

Jason turned towards Ricky, which caused his package to bounce around in his overfilled speedo. “I see you’re looking as freakish as ever,” Ricky told Jason.

“Weren’t you suspended?” Jason replied.

Ricky laughed. “Nah, I got a few days of detention, but that’s it.”

Hearing that, Jason got angry and started to approach Ricky, but Thomas grabbed his arm. “Hold on, he’s just trying to get you in trouble too. Ignore him.” Jason hesitated, then turned and walked out of the locker room. As he was leaving, he heard Ricky laughing and making jokes about his package to the other boys, and it took all of his willpower to not turn around.

At the pool, Jason walked up next to Thomas and said, “Want to partner up for relay practice?” Thomas nodded enthusiastically. Coach came out and blew his whistle, telling everyone to get in for twenty minutes of freestyle practice. Jason jumped in, followed by the rest of the swim team.

Thomas swam up to Jason. “Jason, I don’t really see you around town much. What do you do on the weekends?”

“Nothing much,” Jason told him. “Mostly I hang out with my friend Kevin.”

“Kevin from the wrestling team?” Thomas asked him. Jason nodded, “Ah, I’ve seen him a few times,” Thomas said. “He’s really built. Err.. uh...”

Jason laughed. “Hah, yes, yes he is. You should see him with his shirt off. His pecs are out of this world.”

Thomas blushed lightly. “Oh?” he asked. “Do you see him without his shirt often?”

Jason knew that he was flirting a little with Thomas, but he could tell Thomas was having fun. “Yeah,” he answered, “on the weekends I try to keep him out of a shirt as often as possible!”

Thomas blushed deeper this time and turned away, and Jason said, “Hey, why don’t you come hang out with us this weekend? I’m sure Kevin would love it, and I’d like your company too!”

Thomas looked at Jason, unsure if he had heard correctly. He then said, “I.. I’d love to!”

Jason smiled. “Great, it’s a date!” Thomas blushed again and smiled, then Jason said, “Well, let’s get some swim practice in.”

The boys made a few laps around the pool, when suddenly Jason felt a sharp tug at the waistband of his speedo. Next he could feel his speedo loosening up, and he realized the safety pin that held it on had snapped off. Jason heard laughter behind him, and after turning around he saw Ricky a few feet away laughing. Realizing what happened, Jason pushed himself forward in the pool, grabbing Ricky in the process. The two of them wrestled around in the water, splashing everywhere. Jason could hear the coach blowing his whistle, and soon some of the other swim team members pulled them apart.

Coach was screaming at them to both get out of the pool right this instant. Calmer now, Jason obeyed and was about to swim over to the ladder when he saw that most of the boys were snickering and pointing at him. Jason then realized why. Without the safety pin to hold it tight, his speedo had slipped off in his scuffle with Ricky, which left his long dick and huge balls floating around freely for all to see. Jason looked around and saw his speedo floating a few yards off, but then someone grabbed it and pulled it under. “Give me back my suit!” Jason called out, but he didn’t see who exactly had taken it.

Frustrated, and with the coach still yelling at him to get out of the pool, Jason had no choice but to swim to the ladder naked. Climbing out, Jason could feel his cock dripping and slapping against his knees. Jason heard a mixture of laughter and cheering at him from the other boys in the pool, but the Coach wasn’t smiling. Seeing Jason standing there with his jumbo package out for everyone to see, Coach yelled at him, “What kind of stunt are you trying to pull here? Where’s your suit?”

Jason pointed at Ricky. “He started it, he...” but Coach cut him off.

“I’m tired of the trouble between you two,” he growled. “I don’t care who started it. The next time either of you cause a problem, you’re both off the team.” Jason knew better than to argue back, so he silently continued to listen as the coach continued. “Both of you, go shower and get dressed. As for the rest of you—” he added as he turned towards the rest of the team, “shut up with that laughing. Matter of fact, all of you, out of the pool, practice is over.”

Jason went over and wrapped a towel around his waist, then headed into the showers. Jason saw that Thomas was rushing into the showers as well, taking the spot next to him. Jason smiled and said, “So for this weekend, do you have a car? Need directions to my place?”

Thomas sighed and said, “No, I ride the bus.”

“Why don’t you ride with me after school then?” Jason told him. “Think your folks will mind?”

Thomas was distracted, looking down at Jason’s cock again. After a moment of silence, he realized Jason was waiting on a response. Looking back up, Thomas said, “Oh, it’s fine, they won’t mind.”

Jason liked the attention Thomas was giving his cock as much as Thomas was enjoying looking, but now the other members of the team were starting to come into the showers. Thomas turned towards the wall, doing his best to cover himself while he showered. Jason heard Brandon, one of his teammates, saying, “Hey Jason, real talk, what happened with your dong?”

Jason casually turned to face him, letting the water from the shower run down his torso and drip off his cock as it hung down to his knees, and innocently said, “Hmm? What do you mean?”

Nathan, another of his teammates, laughed and said ,”Come on, you know what he means!”

Jason put his hand down and gently nudged his cock, causing it to sway back and forth. “Why do you ask?” Jason was getting turned on from showing off his dick, and could feel it starting to fill up, though he was trying his best to not get hard. The result was a plumped up semi which made his soft cock look even bigger.

“Come on bro, spill the beans,” Brandon said to him. “Why did your cock get super porn sized?”

Nathan laughed. “As if, there’s no one even in porn who’s that big. Just look at that thing!” Nathan, Brandon, and a few more of the guys walked closer for a better look. Jason went back to his shower, ignoring their questions but happily showing off, letting everyone get a look at his dick.

“I think it’s even bigger now than it was a few days ago,” Brandon said.

“Yeah man, we saw it hard last time, and now it’s the same size, but he’s soft!” Nathan agreed. “Even his balls are bigger, do you see what I mean? What’s the deal?”

Jason shrugged. “Late growth spurt?”

The boys laughed at that. “Yeah, right,” they scoffed.

From the shower room entrance Jason heard someone say, “What are you guys doing, all gathered around him talking about his dick like a bunch of fags?”

Jason saw that Ricky had come into the shower room, still wrapped in a towel. The group of boys that had been admiring Jason broke up and went back to their own showers, and Jason said to Ricky, “What’s your problem?”

“What’s my problem?” Ricky said. “You, that’s what. You keep walking around showboating that freak of nature between your legs. No one wants to see that.”

Nathan jumped into the conversation and said, “Yo Ricky, did you forget that you helped give him a handjob last time you were in here?”

Ricky turned to Nathan and said, “Fuck you, I didn’t believe his cock was real, that’s all.”

Nathan laughed again. “As if, you were having as much fun as the rest of us,” he said. “Not even twenty minutes ago, you were the one who yanked off his speedo in the pool. Maybe you just wanted another look?”

Jason saw that Brandon was creeping up behind Ricky, and then he reached out and yanked the towel from around his waist. Now standing there exposed, everyone saw that Ricky’s own cock was rock hard. Ricky tried to take back the towel from Brandon. Brandon just taunted him with it. “Looky here, what has you so excited?” he teased. “Maybe you like seeing his donkey dick more than the rest of us?”

While watching Ricky try to grab back his towel from Brandon, Jason heard the bell sound, which meant it was about time to change classes. “See you after school,” Jason told Thomas. “Meet me in the parking lot, okay?” Thomas nodded, sneaking one last look at Jason’s crotch before they both went into the locker room, ignoring what was happening with Ricky and Brandon. Rushing to get dressed, Jason worked to push his package back into his underwear, which was a challenge with his cock still slightly pumped up from the showers earlier. Getting everything inside, Jason ran a hand over his bulge, winked at Thomas, then rushed to his next class.


Part 22

Jason saw Kevin was already in his seat when he got to class, so Jason went and sat next to him and whispered, “I invited a friend from the swim team to hang out with us this weekend, that alright with you?”

Kevin smiled and said, “Of course. Does he know about your... you know?”

Jason chuckled. “Like I said, he’s on the swim team with me. It’s impossible to not notice.”

“Yeah, good point,” Kevin told him. “You’re going to be the talk of the school when everyone gets to see you perform at the next swimming competition.”

Jason had forgotten about the swimming event coming up. So far, the only people who saw his new size were the few guys on the swimming team. At the competition, the whole school would see his enormous bulging speedo, as well as the students from the school they were competing against. Jason felt a wave of anxiety come over him as he thought about standing there on the diving board in a speedo with everyone staring. Jason was snapped out of his thoughts when the teacher called for them to pay attention, class was starting.

Once class was over, Jason told Kevin to meet up with him after school. The rest of Jason’s classes were as boring as usual, and he was glad once the final bell rang. Going to the parking lot, Jason met up with Kevin and Thomas. Jason introduced the two of them to each other, then asked Kevin to follow them back to his house. Jason got into his car with Thomas, and they drove off.

On the ride, Thomas asked Jason, “You and Kevin... you’ve been friends for long?”

Jason nodded. “Yeah, we’ve been friends forever, though now we’re more than friends.”

Thomas realized what he meant, and gave a small grin. “Oh, that’s cool.”

“What about you?” Jason asked him. “There anyone special?”

Thomas blushed and said, “Nah, not really.”

Arriving home, Jason got out of the car, followed by Thomas, and then they saw Kevin pulling up right behind them. “Well, this is my place,” Jason said. “My mom usually doesn’t get home until extremely late, so it will be just us, and my brother.”

“Did you see Alex at school today?” Kevin said. “I didn’t.”

Jason shook his head. “I didn’t see him either, but we don’t have any of the same classes. He takes the bus, so he won’t be home for a while.”

The boys went inside, and in the living room sitting on the couch watching TV, was Alex. “What are you doing home so early?” Jason asked him.

Alex turned around and said, “I skipped school, I couldn’t go with... who’s that?”

Alex was looking at Thomas, who said, “Hi, I’m Thomas, Jason’s friend.” Thomas was staring at Alex’s crotch as he sat on the couch. Jason saw that Alex had apparently ditched his jeans and changed into a pair of shorts, and had somehow managed to get his monster cock inside. The result was a massive bulge in the front of the shorts, resting between his legs on the couch.

“What are you staring at?” Alex snapped.

Thomas quickly turned away. “Uh, nothing!” he muttered.

“You can’t keep skipping school,” Jason told Alex. “What’s your plan, to sit on the couch and watch TV forever?”

“I can’t believe you think I’m going to go around like everything’s normal,” Alex said. “You aren’t as big as me. You can still fit into your clothes.”

Hearing that, Thomas turned back around and was staring at Alex’s crotch again. “Why don’t you mind your business?” Alex yelled at him. “What’s with your friend, Jason?”

“Whatever,” Jason said. “Come on guys, let’s go to my room.” Jason went upstairs to his room, followed by Kevin and Thomas.

Once inside Jason’s room, Thomas said, “That’s your brother? He’s... is he really bigger than you?”

Jason didn’t like to be outdone by his brother, so he said, “His dick is only slightly bigger than mine, but I’ve got the bigger balls.”

“Oh,” Thomas said.

Kevin laughed at Jason. “Listen to you. I’d almost say you were jealous of Alex.”

“What?” Jason said, shaking his head. “No, he asked, that’s all.”

“Both you and your brother…” Thomas began, then started again: “You said at swim class you had a growth spurt. Did the same thing happen to Alex?”

Kevin laughed and said, “Is that what he told you?”

Jason shook his head. “Well, that wasn’t exactly true. It’s a long story, but the short version is that both me and my brother got bigger from a drug we took.”

“Oh yeah,” Kevin chimed in, “now where did you put those...” and he went to Jason’s backpack and started digging around.

“Hey, what are you doing?” Jason said, but a moment later Kevin found the pill bottles and pulled them out.

Holding them up, Kevin said, “This is the stuff he’s talking about.”

“You have more of the stuff?” Thomas said.

“Yep, and he’s trying to keep it all for himself!” Kevin answered.

Jason reached out to take the bottles back, but Kevin pulled them away. “That’s not how it is, and you know it,” Jason said.

“So you mean, those pills can make your dick bigger?” Thomas asked.

“Balls too,” Kevin said. “At least that’s what we think.”

Jason quickly grabbed again and took the pill bottles back from Kevin. “Exactly, we think but we really have no idea what could happen.”

“Can I try it?” Thomas said.

“Yeah, you said wait until the weekend,” Kevin joined in. “Well, it’s the weekend!”

With the pressure from both boys, Jason finally gave in. “Fine, but don’t blame me if anything bad happens.”

Kevin smiled and yanked off his shorts. “What are you doing?” Thomas gasped.

“Trust me, you want to do the same,” Kevin said. “No sense in possibly ruining your clothes.”

Thomas shook his head and said, “I’d rather not.”

“Come on, don’t be shy,” Kevin told him. “We’re all friends here. If your pants ripped, I don’t think you could fit in any of ours, your waist is much too small,” he teased Thomas.

“It’s going to make me so big I rip my pants?” Thomas asked. “Maybe I shouldn’t...”

“Naw, I don’t think so,” Kevin told him. “It’s just a precaution. Come on, don’t let me try it alone!”

Thomas hesitated, but then reluctantly pulled off his shorts. Standing there without his pants, Kevin saw that Thomas’s soft cock was only around two inches long, which explained why he didn’t want to undress. Kevin looked at his own soft four incher, then said to Jason, “Well, I’m ready.”

Jason sat on his bed, then said, “Have a seat” to the other boys.

“You should make your guests feel comfortable!” Kevin said. “Don’t let us be the only ones with our cocks out. Off with your pants!”

“I’m not taking the pill!” Jason told him.

“Of course not,” Kevin said, “but still, don’t make us the only ones sitting here exposed!”

Jason sighed and went along with it, pulling off his pants and briefs, letting his huge dick and balls flop out. Sitting back on the bed, Jason opened the bottle labeled P7240 and took out two pills. “Last chance to change your mind?” he said.

Kevin shook his head and said, “No way, hand it over.”

Thomas was looking at Jason’s package again, and said “Yeah, I still want to try it.”

Jason finally gave each boy one of the pills. Kevin instantly swallowed his, while Thomas looked it over a few times, then carefully placed it into his mouth before also swallowing. A moment later, Thomas said, “I’m not sure it worked.”

Kevin laughed. “Jeez man, give it some time.”

Thomas went back to staring at Jason’s big cock, which was causing his own tiny dick to get hard. Kevin saw him staring, so he reached out and put his hand under Jason’s dick, lifting it off the bed.

“Can you believe this thing?” Kevin said to Thomas. “If we get even half this big, we’re going to be the biggest in the school. Except for Jason and his brother, of course.”

Jason pulled his cock out of Kevin’s hand, causing it to flop onto the bed. “It’s not as great as you think,” he said.

“I’ve always been really small,” Thomas spoke up, “and everyone teases me for it. I think anything would be better than this,” and he pointed to his cock, which had barely gotten any bigger even fully hard.

Just then, Jason heard his bedroom door opening, and in walked his brother. “How many times have I told you to knock before coming into my room?!” Jason yelled at him.

Alex saw the three boys sitting on Jason’s bed, all without pants. “The fuck’s going on in here? Is this a circle jerk or something?”

Realizing how it must look, Jason said, “Get out, mind your business!”

“Why, so you can...” Alex started, but then he was interrupted by Thomas shouting out “It’s working!”

Curious, Alex looked over at what Thomas was worked up about. Thomas had his legs spread wide, and his hands on his thighs. He was pushing his groin forward for a better view, and as all three boys watched, they could see Thomas’s tiny cock seemed to be slowly getting longer. Amazed at what they were seeing all of the boys quietly watched as Thomas’s little dick slowly got longer and longer. As it got longer, it slowly started to get thicker as well, while Thomas remained perfectly still, not wanting to do anything to disrupt what was happening to him.

Breaking the silence, Kevin spoke up and said “Hey, mine too!” Changing their attention over to Kevin, the boys saw the same thing happening with his cock. His four incher looked closer to six at this point, and was getting thicker.

Looking back and forth at the two growing cocks, Alex asked, “What did you guys do?” Everyone ignored him, still focused on the growth that was happening.

“I think mine’s stopping...” Kevin said. His hard cock looked to be just past seven inches. Kevin grabbed his dick and said, “Hmm, it’s bigger, but I was already six’ish. This isn’t much different.”

“What are you talking about?” Jason said. “You’re definitely bigger than before!”

“Yeah,” Kevin said, “but I mean, look at him...” and he nodded towards Thomas.

The boys shifted their attention to Thomas, who had apparently been so wrapped up in his own growth he hadn’t even been listening. Thomas’s dick was still growing, and looked to have already passed the seven inch mark a while ago. “See what I mean?” Kevin said, but no one answered, still watching Thomas’s dick go. Another minute or so, and Thomas’s cock seemed to slow down, and finally stop growing.

Thomas was beside himself, and was using both hands to feel his new dick, which looked to be at least eight inches long, maybe even nine. Kevin felt his own cock, then said, “It didn’t work right for me, give me another one of those pills.”

Alex, who had been forgotten in the excitement, spoke up and said, “What are you talking about, what pills?”

“The ones Jason took from the lab,” Kevin answered. “You know, the growth pills.”

Alex looked around and saw the pill bottles Kevin was talking about. Jason was holding one, while the other was resting on the bed.

“You mean... those are the... and you took them?!” Alex said.

“Yeah, we tried one each,” Kevin said. “So anyway, give me another!”

Jason was still surprised at what he had just witnessed, then when Kevin asked him again, he finally answered, “Huh, err, no! I told you these things are unpredictable. Just look at what just happened! One pill made you bigger, but one pill made Thomas more than quadruple in size. What if another made you as big as Alex, or even worse?”

Alex got a pained look on his face. “I’m right here, you asshole. I’m glad you like making jokes about my dick!” Then he turned and stormed out. Jason felt really bad about what he said, so he got up from the bed and went to follow his brother. As he left, he grabbed both pill bottles so neither of his horny friends got any ideas.

Jason followed Alex into his bedroom. “Look, I didn’t mean it like that,” he said. “I just don’t want them to end up—”

Alex cut him off. “What, end up like me? You know, it hasn’t been easy dealing with this tree trunk of a cock today. I’ll bet if you were this big you wouldn’t be making jokes.”

“That’s... nevermind, here, take these,” Jason said. and he handed Alex both of the pill bottles. “Do me a favor and hide those. I don’t want them getting any ideas and trying to take more of those pills, okay?”

Alex took the bottles, looking down at them then back at his brother. Jason then said, “I have to get back in there, give me some time, we’ll talk later.” With that, Jason left and went back to his own room.

Walking back in, Jason saw both of the boys on the bed were checking out Thomas’s dick, which was significantly increased in size from the tiny cock he had earlier. Jason walked over to the bed, feeling his own huge meat bouncing around as he walked since he still wasn’t wearing pants. Sitting on the bed near the other boys, Jason took a good look at their cocks. Kevin’s dick was a nice size, but only seemed slightly above average. Some of the guys on the swim team were bigger than him, though Jason wasn’t about to tell Kevin that.

Looking over at Thomas, he was once again surprised at just how much bigger he had grown. It was hard to believe that a few minutes ago, this thin boy had barely two inches. Now the cock poking out from Thomas’s crotch looked huge. Jason saw Kevin bend over the side of his bed, and grabbed the ruler from his nightstand. Placing the ruler along his own cock, Kevin said, “I’m 7.2 inches. That’s barely an improvement... Hey let me check yours,” and Kevin crawled forward towards Thomas.

Happy to listen, Thomas leaned back, letting his cock stick straight up. Kevin put the ruler alongside the shaft, then said, “Damn man, you’re 9.4 inches long, unbelievable.”

Thomas had a big grin. “This is so cool! What about you, Jason? You’re way bigger than us, want to measure?”

Jason waved his hand and said, “No need, I already know, I’m around thirteen inches or so.”

Thomas had a look of shock. “Woah, that’s huge!”

Jason shrugged, and Kevin said “Yeah, yeah, everyone’s huge... except me. You know, Alex is almost sixteen inches, which you could probably guess from his bulge you saw earlier.”

Thomas got a look of shock all over again. “What?! Sixteen inches?? That’s crazy!”

Jason nodded toward Thomas’s cock. “Yeah, well, you’re not so bad yourself.”

Thomas smiled and felt his dick again, saying, “Yeah this is great. I can’t wait until the guys see this. They all used to tease me for being so small. Now they’re the small ones!”

Jason laughed. Thomas looked over at Jason’s huge cock laying on the bed, then started to reach out to touch it, but stopped and looked at Jason. Jason just leaned back, giving him full access, and said, “Go ahead.”

Thomas eagerly reached out with both hands, finally getting to feel Jason’s huge cock. Thomas scooted forward on the bed, and pulled Jason’s cock along side his own to compare. Even though Thomas was hard, and Jason was still soft, Jason’s soft cock was much bigger both in length and thickness. “Oohhh.. you’re so much bigger...” Thomas said, and then Thomas slid his hands underneath Jason’s dick and felt his balls. Jason’s balls were too big for Thomas to fit into his hands. “Your nuts are so big, even bigger than apples, and they’re really heavy!”

Thomas pulled his hands away, then felt his own balls, which were unchanged, still the size of small acorns. Thomas looked over at Kevin, then said to Jason, “Your balls are huge, but ours are still tiny, how come they didn’t get bigger?”

Jason also looked at Kevin, noticing that his balls were also the same size as before.

“That other bottle had the stuff to make our nuts bigger,” Kevin said. “Where did you put those bottles anyway? We need the other pill.”

Jason shook his head. “They’re put away for now. Give it some time before we do anything else, okay?”

“Whatever, this is bullshit,” Kevin grumbled. “I’m tired of always being the smallest.”

Jason sighed, and Thomas said, “You look plenty good to me! You have more muscles than both of us combined, too!” Kevin smiled at that comment, and Thomas asked, “Can you do a double bicep pose?”

Kevin stood up and pulled off his shirt, glad to show off his physique. Kevin flexed, causing his eight-pack to pop, and his thick, meaty pecs were so developed it caused his nipples to actually point downwards. Kevin stretched out his arms, then went into a double bicep pose as requested. His biceps looked like bowling balls on his arms, and the whole image was stunning. Thomas got up and walked over, putting his hand on one of Kevin’s pecs, feeling it. Then he slid his hand towards the center, and was able to partially slide his hand in the crevasse between the massive pecs. Thomas’s cock was at full hardon again from his admiration of Kevin’s muscles.

“You like what you see?” Kevin asked him, and Thomas just nodded. Kevin gently pushed Thomas backwards onto the bed, then he knelt down and took Thomas’s big cock into his mouth, sucking it. Thomas had never felt anything like that, and especially not with a dick as big and sensitive as his new cock. Kevin sucked on Thomas’s cock for barely twenty seconds when he felt Thomas orgasm into his mouth. It only took a few shots before Thomas’s tiny balls were empty, and Kevin pulled off.

Thomas was blushing. “I’m sorry! I.. I had never..”

Jason laid a hand on his shoulder. “That was your first time?”

Thomas nodded and said, “Yeah, I didn’t mean too, so fast...”

Kevin cut him off. “You were fine, calm down,” he said. “I’m sure there’s going to be a lot more of that in the future, don’t worry.”

Thomas was still blushing, but he said, “What about you..? Want me to..?”

Kevin smiled. “It’s all right, you don’t have to worry about it.”

Thomas shook his head. “But I want to,” he said. “I just.. don’t know how.”

Jason laughed, but then stopped himself before he made Thomas uncomfortable. “It’s more natural than you might think,” he told Thomas. “Give it a try.”

Kevin leaned back on the bed, opening his legs towards Thomas, who eagerly crawled forward and put his mouth around Kevin’s cock.

As Thomas began hungrily sucking, Jason told him, “Ease up, there’s no rush.” Thomas obeyed, slowing down as he sucked on Kevin’s dick. Jason was getting turned on while watching, and felt his own dick getting hard. Kevin reached over and took hold of Jason’s dick as he was being sucked, slowly stroking it, though Jason could tell Kevin’s attention was mostly on the blowjob he was receiving.

Thomas continued to blow Kevin, and after a while, Kevin grunted. “I’m gonna——” and tried to pull Thomas off. Thomas held on and sucked even harder, pushing Kevin to orgasm, and as Kevin came, Thomas swallowed it all.

After he was finished, Kevin collapsed backwards onto the bed, and Thomas then crawled over to Jason and grabbed his hard cock. Thomas leaned in and started to suck on Jason’s dick, but he was struggling with the much, much larger cock. Jason was amused at first, but Thomas was such a small guy that he could barely fit his mouth around Jason’s enormous dick, and soon he started to gag from his efforts. Kevin gently pushed him off and said, “Hey there, I think you’re going to have to work your way up to something as big as that...”

After one final try, Thomas realized Kevin was right, and he backed off. Kevin, who was now used to Jason’s big dick, opened his mouth wide and started to blow him. While Kevin was blowing him, Jason could feel Thomas’s hands around the base of his cock, stroking his shaft and playing with his balls at the same time. The sensation of both guys working on his junk felt incredible, and after only a few more minutes of that, he had his own orgasm. Once he was done, all three boys relaxed on the bed, enjoying the feeling of release.


Part 23

After a while of resting, Jason sat up from the bed. “You guys feel like playing some video games?” he asked.

Kevin and Thomas also sat up and said, “Yeah, sounds fun.” Jason walked over and got his briefs, pulling them on, and having to struggle as usual to get his whole package inside the front pouch. While working on his own package, Jason looked over and saw that Kevin got into his clothes without a problem, since his junk was only slightly bigger than before.

Jason then saw that Thomas was standing up, but instead of getting dressed, he was waving his hips around, letting his enlarged cock swing back and forth. Jason laughed. “Come on, Thomas,” he said. “There’s plenty of time for that later, get dressed.” Thomas made one more swing of his cock, then bent over to pull on his own briefs. His briefs went on without a problem, though his cock made a very visible bulge in the front, since his briefs were intended for his old two-incher. Next, he pulled on his shorts, which were very tight and clung to every line of the bulge his dick was making.

Jason was surprised when instead of trying to smooth out the bulge, Thomas seemed to be pulling his shorts even tighter, making his bulge even more pronounced. Thomas was obviously extremely proud of his new bulge, and was doing his best to show it off. Jason looked and saw that Kevin had a frown as he watched. Figuring maybe Kevin was jealous, Jason tried to deflect their attention by saying, “Let’s go, I have a fun racing game we can all play!” He walked out towards the stairs.

The boys followed him down the stairs and into the living room. When they got there, Jason saw that Alex was again stretched out on the couch watching TV. “Hey Alex, we want to play some video games,” Jason told him. “Let us use the TV for a while.”

Alex blew him off. “No, I’m using it, go away.”

Jason got annoyed and was about to march over and turn on the video games anyway, but Kevin said, “We can play the racing game with four players, can’t we? Why don’t you join us Alex? It should be fun!”

Jason waited to hear his response, and after a moment, Alex said, “Yeah, fine, I’ll play too.” Jason sighed, but figured it was less drama this way, so he passed out a controller to each boy, then turned on the game. Jason took a seat on the end of the couch, with Kevin next to him, followed by Thomas, and Alex on the other end. The boys played a few rounds of the racing game, and during the game, Thomas kept glancing over at the very large bulge at Alex’s crotch.

During one of the video game races, Thomas’s car went off the road, so everyone looked over to see what was up. Once again, Thomas was focused on Alex’s crotch instead of watching the screen, and this time Alex saw him staring. “What’s your deal?” Alex yelled at him. “Quit staring, focus on the game.” Thomas looked away, back towards the TV screen, and they resumed playing. A few minutes later, Alex jumped off the couch and yelled, “The fuck man, did you just grab my cock?”

“I just wanted to feel it,” Thomas casually answered. “They said you’re sixteen inches? Can I see it?”

Jason groaned and stood up. “Thomas, no, wait, he’s not—”

But Alex broke in furiously, “I can’t believe this. Not only does this creep grab my dick, but apparently you and your fuck buddies have nothing better to do than sit around gossiping about my cock!” With that, Alex walked out, going upstairs towards his room.

Jason saw that Thomas’s face was pale, and he looked very upset. “I’m sorry,” he said. “I didn’t...”

“It’s ok, Alex is... moody to say the least,” Kevin told him. “And his dick is kind of a sensitive subject.”

Jason laughed in spite of the situation and said, “Yeah, but I can’t believe you actually grabbed his package, hah.” Thomas didn’t think it was funny, and just stared at the ground, embarrassed. “I’ll go talk to him,” Jason said. “Give me a few.” He left the room and went upstairs.

Walking up to Alex’s door, Jason knocked a few times. He was surprised to hear Alex calmly say, “Come in.”

Walking inside, Jason immediately began, “Alex, look, he didn’t mean anything by it. I talked to him, he won’t try anything like that again.”

“It’s okay, I overreacted<‘ Alex politely answered him. “Don’t worry about it.”

Jason wasn’t expecting this, since Alex typically stayed mad for a long time. Not too sure how to respond, Jason said, “Uh.. that’s good to hear. You want to come back down and play some more games?”

“Yeah, sure,” Alex said, and walked out towards the stairs.

Jason thought it was really weird of him to get over it so fast, but he wasn’t going to argue. They both went back into the living room, and when they entered, Thomas started saying, “Hey, I’m sorry, I...”

But Alex waved his hand and said, “Forget about it. I’m going to get some juice, anyone else want some?”

Thomas looked over towards Kevin, relieved that Alex didn’t seem to be mad. He then said, “Yeah, sure,” and Kevin said, “No thanks.”

Alex then looked at Jason. “How about you?” he asked.

Jason, still curious about Alex being so forgiving said, “Yeah, why not.”

Jason sat back on the couch, and a few moments later, Alex came back and gave Jason and Thomas a glass of juice, then sat down. Jason took a few sips then put his cup on the coffee table. Thomas drank his in a single gulp. “Thirsty?” Jason said. “You can have the rest of mine if you want.” Thomas thanked him then took Jason’s juice and drank it too.

“Wait a minute,” Alex said, but Thomas had already finished. Alex stood up and took the empty cups, then he went into the kitchen with the dishes.

While he was out of the room, Kevin said, “He’s over it, just like that, huh?”

“Guess so,” Jason shrugged.

They heard Alex coming back, so they sat back down on the couch and grabbed their game controllers. Before sitting down, Alex said to Thomas, “I never answered your question. Yes, it’s true that my cock is really that big.” While he was speaking, Alex ran his hand along the huge bulge in his shorts, pushing it around, making it jiggle while he talked.

“You guys laugh about my dick,” Alex went on, “but until you’ve dealt with a cock this big, you don’t have any idea what it’s like.” Alex was still fondling his big bulge in front of Thomas, showing off his size through his shorts.

Jason saw a bulge forming in Thomas’s own shorts as he started to get hard. “We get it, Alex,” he told his brother. “He said he was sorry, leave him alone.”

“You still want to know what a sixteen inch dick feels like?” Alex told him. “Maybe you’ll get your chance.”

Jason stood up. “Okay, Alex, that’s enough, drop it!”

Alex shrugged and sat down, picking up his game controller. “Well, let’s play,” he said.

Jason sat back down as well, and they started playing the video game again. After a few rounds, Alex whispered something to Thomas that Jason couldn’t hear, but Thomas just laughed at whatever was said. A few minutes later, Jason saw Alex whispering to Thomas again, and Thomas just giggled.

Kevin noticed too, but he looked back at Jason and shrugged. After the next game round, Jason saw them whispering again, with Thomas smiling. His curiosity getting the better of him, Jason called out, “What are you two whispering about?”

Thomas was going to answer, but Alex said, “Nothing, don’t worry about it.”

Jason sighed, then focused on the game again. Moments later, Jason heard Thomas loudly giggle. Paranoid that they were talking about him, Jason said, “Okay, enough, what’s so funny?”

Thomas smiled and said, “It’s nothing. Alex was just mentioning that he thought I had an impressive bulge.”

Jason wasn’t expecting to hear that, and said, “Huh?” Thomas giggled again, and ran his hand along the bulge at his crotch. “He’s just fucking with you,” Jason said. “Alex isn’t into that.”

Thomas seemed annoyed at that comment, and he stood up, frowning down at Jason. “What do you mean by that? I think it looks great!” Thomas had a hand on his thigh, pushing his bulge forward for all to see. Jason couldn’t deny that he did have an amazing looking bulge, and it looked very full and heavy.

Seeing Thomas standing there, showing off, Jason could feel his own pants tightening. Trying to avoid getting a boner in front of his brother, Jason said, “I just meant, of course it looks great... never mind, go ahead and sit back down.”

“So you like having a big dick, huh?” Alex said. “Why don’t you show off your bulge some more?”

Jason was shocked to hear Alex talking like that, and said, “Alex, what are you doing? Leave him alone.”

Thomas was having too much fun to sit back down, and instead he started to slowly wave his hips, seductively making his large package bounce up and down. Surprised that Alex was the one who started this, Jason looked over and saw that he was quietly watching with a smile.

Even though he tried to fight it, Jason could feel his own package continue to get tighter in his shorts as he watched Thomas rubbing his bulge in front of them. As Jason continued to watch, he could swear that Thomas’s bulge was hanging lower and lower in his shorts as he was waving his hips around. Jason thought that was weird, since his cock should be pushing the shorts outwards as it got harder, not making them droop lower.

Jason looked at Kevin, but Kevin was focused on watching Thomas, obviously liking what he was seeing. Jason’s own bulge was feeling very tight, and Jason really wanted to pull off his shorts to give his package some more room, but he wasn’t about to do that with his brother sitting a few feet away. Looking back at Thomas, Jason was surprised to see that Thomas’s bulge was now so big that it was pulling the waistband of his shorts down low enough that everyone could see his pubes and the base of his cock.

“Thomas, enough!” Jason called out. “You’re being indecent, sit down and stop that!” Finally listening, Thomas stopped waving his hips around and reached his hand down and put it under his bulge. Jason could see that there was no question, Thomas’s bulge was almost twice as big as when he started, since now his hand barely covered one side of it. Thomas’s shorts looked like they were full to the point of bursting, but he sat back down on the couch like he was told.

Jason was still turned on by the whole ordeal, and felt the pressure in his crotch continue to rise. Jason tried to spread out his legs to give his package more room, but his leg was bumping into Kevin’s leg next to him. Trying to get his mind off of his own package, Jason picked up the video game controller and went back to playing.

Jason soon noticed that no one else was playing, so he looked over and saw both Kevin and Alex were instead looking at Thomas. Jason also looked at Thomas and saw that the bulge at his crotch was now immense, and as he was watching, Jason heard a ripping sound as one of the seams of Thomas’s shorts ripped open. Jason got off the couch and walked over, and as he stood, he felt a tug as the weight of his own crotch pulled heavily at his groin. Jason looked down at saw that he was making a significant bulge of his own, with his shorts barely able to contain it. Jason looked and saw that Alex was smiling as he was watching Thomas, and suddenly he knew.

“Alex!” Jason yelled. “That juice.. did you..?” Alex looked over and shrugged his shoulders, but didn’t answer.

Jason stomped over and glared at him. “This isn’t a game, what did you do?”

Alex shrugged again. “He wanted to feel a big dick, so instead of grabbing mine, why not let him have his own. As for you, maybe after you see what I’ve been going through, you will stop making fun of me.”

“What do you mean?” Jason asked.

Alex reached into a pocket and pulled out a pill bottle and said, “I just put a few of these in the juice, though I didn’t expect this greedy little bugger to drink almost all of it by himself.”

Jason snatched the bottle out of his hand. “No one was making fun of you!” Looking at the bottle, Jason saw the T3600 label. He then threw the bottle at Alex, which bounced off the side of his head.

“Ouch! That hurt!” Alex yelled.

But Jason yelled back, “You dumbass, those were the pills for testicles, not penis. How many did you put in the juice?”

Alex, still rubbing his head where the bottle had hit him, shrugged and said, “Uh, a few, a handful? I don’t know.”

Jason couldn’t believe what he was hearing, though it was obvious from what was going on that it was true. Thomas’s shorts had completely ripped open at this point, and Jason could see that his balls were huge, and still growing. Jason’s own balls were being squeezed in his shorts, but it felt like they had stopped getting bigger. Thomas was another story, and his balls just kept on going. Thomas’s thin legs were forced wide apart as his nutsack expanded.

Jason wanted to yell at Alex, but it wouldn’t do much good right now, so instead he watched Thomas. Jason thought that Thomas would be freaking out by this point, but instead Thomas was bent forward over his balls and smiling, trying to get a better look as they continued to grow. From the corner of his eye, Jason could see that Kevin had slid his hand into his pants and was obviously rubbing his own cock as he watched. Jason knew that Kevin had a thing for huge balls, but this was really too much.

It seemed like the growth of Thomas’s balls had finally come to a stop. Jason looked over Thomas and was reminded of the situation he was in not all that long ago in the lab, when his own balls had grown to mammoth proportions. Thomas’s balls seemed to now be as big as his were at the time, though with Thomas being such a small guy, Jason wondered if his balls weighed more than the rest of his body at this point. Jason reached out and pushed his brother. “See what you did? Proud of yourself!?”

“It was only supposed to add a few inches to his cock, not cause... that,” Alex softly said.

Jason was so mad, he was about to punch his brother, but Thomas said, “It’s okay, really.”

Jason turned back to Thomas and said, “Dude, I know what you’re going through. Right now, your hormones are all messed up, and you aren’t thinking clearly. Trust me, it’s most definitely not okay.”

Thomas was leaned forward, rubbing the enormous mound of flesh between his legs. “But this feels so good...”

“Dude, you probably can’t even walk right now!” Jason told him.

Thomas gave him a curious look, then tried to stand up. With his legs forced so far apart, and the size of his nutsack in front of him, Thomas couldn’t even get up off he couch. After another try, Thomas gave up and leaned back. “Yeah, maybe you’re right.”

Kevin spoke up. “When that medicine made your balls get huge, it always helped a lot after you orgasmed a few times. Should help him too, yeah?”

Jason nodded. “I sure hope so, but look at the time. My mom could be coming home at any moment. We have to get up to my room.”

“Yeah, you’re right,” Kevin said, “but how’s he going to..?”

Jason reached out and took Thomas’s hands. “Here, work with me, stand up.” With Jason pulling his arms for leverage, they worked together and got Thomas to his feet. Standing, his balls were so huge they stretched all the way to the ground, which was probably a good thing that the floor supported their weight, instead of pulling at his crotch. Standing there, Thomas tried to take a step, but couldn’t get his legs past his balls. Trying another tactic, Thomas took a step backwards, pulling his nutsack with him. Doing so made his heavy nuts to drag along the carpet, which painfully was causing brushburn.

Thomas looked at Jason and said, “Uh...”

But Jason had an idea. “Wait a sec,” he said, heading over to a hall closet and grabbing a sheet. Walking back, Jason spread it in front of Thomas’s sack and told Kevin “Help me get this underneath.” Working with Kevin, the boys slid the sheet under Thomas’s balls, and then the two of them stood, and using the sheet as a kind of sling, they lifted. Jason was surprised at how incredibly heavy Thomas’s nuts were, and even with Kevin’s help, it was a struggle to lift them using the sling. Straining, Jason said, “Thomas, hurry, work with us. Go towards the stairs.”

With the two boys carrying most of the weight of his balls, Thomas slowly shuffled towards the stairs, awkwardly trying to walk while tethered to his massive balls. Once they reached the stairs, Thomas turned backwards, then backed onto the first step. Jason and Kevin then lifted, trying to raise the sling with his balls higher, but were struggling from the weight. Jason then turned and called out to his brother. “Alex, come give us a hand.”

Alex shook his head. “As if! I’m not touching his nuts.”

“Damnit Alex, you caused this!” Jason yelled at him. “Get over here and help!”

Alex hesitated, then with a sigh, walked over, taking a spot in the middle. Reaching underneath Thomas’s balls, Alex helped lift, and between the four of them working together, they slowly ascended the stairs. Once they made it to the top, they let go, out of breath. Resting only momentarily, they once again worked together and got Thomas into Jason’s bedroom, and then with a lot of effort, they all helped to get him onto the bed.

As soon as they let go, Alex ran out of the room, slamming the door behind him. Kevin looked at Jason, who said, “Whatever, let him go.”

“Aww, I didn’t want it to stop,” Thomas said. “It feels so good when you guys hold my balls.”

Jason reached out and laid a hand on Thomas’s shoulder. “That may be so, but we really have to start trying to empty your nuts. Your balls being so extremely stretched out and full for too long may cause permanent changes.”

Jason slid his hand towards the crotch of Thomas, intending to start stroking his cock. Jason soon realized that they may have another problem. Feeling around Thomas’s groin, Jason could see that because his nutsack had grown so enormous, the mass of flesh at his groin had almost entirely swallowed up his cock. “Kevin, give me a hand,” Jason said, and Kevin went around to the other side and tried to help. After some more trying, they realized it was hopeless. The best they could do was get to the head of Thomas’s cock. The rest of it was covered by the flesh of his nutsack.

“What do we do now?” Jason said. “We have to get him off to drain his balls!”

“Yeah,” Kevin said, “but his cock is too small for us to get to because of his balls.”

“Too small?” Jason said. “He’s fucking nine inches!”

Kevin shook his head. “Nine inches isn’t so much compared to nuts the size of a couch. You’re going to need to make his cock bigger so we can get him off.”

Jason looked at Kevin and said, “Huh... what?”

“One of those pills,” Kevin flatly said.

Jason shook his head and said, “Are you crazy? That’s your idea?”

“Yeah, I know what I’m saying,” Kevin said. “Do you have a better idea? You want to just leave him like this? We have to get his nuts down to a smaller size, and fast.”

“Yeah, do it!” Thomas joined in. “Give me one!”

Jason looked at him and said, “You’re horny out of your mind right now and don’t realize what you’re asking.”

Thomas tried to put on a serious face. “Yeah, I do. I have to jack off to empty my balls, so they go down in size, but can’t until my dick is bigger. Right? So, let’s do it!” and before he finished his little speech he couldn’t help but giggle. Jason looked over at Kevin, who didn’t say anything. Jason couldn’t think of any other ideas, though he knew they had to do something, and soon.

With a huff, Jason walked out to find his brother. Going downstairs, Jason looked around, but didn’t see Alex. He did see the pill bottle he had thrown at Alex earlier laying on the floor, so Jason went and picked it up. Going back upstairs, Jason went into Alex’s room and saw him reclining on his bed, listening to music with some headphones.

“What are you doing, just acting like there’s nothing wrong?” Jason yelled at him.

Alex took off the headphones and said, “What else should I be doing?”

“Whatever,” Jason said, “give me back those pills I gave you earlier.”

“Why?” Alex said.

“You fucker, don’t even get me started,” Jason yelled back. “Give them to me!”

Alex shrugged, then reached into a drawer of his nightstand and threw the bottle at Jason. Catching it midair, Jason left without another word and went back to his room. Walking in, Jason saw Thomas laying on his bed, his balls so huge that he couldn’t even see past them, and knew he had to hurry. Taking out a single pill, Jason walked over to him. “Thomas, we don’t know what this will do,” he said. “Are you sure about this?”

“Yes, yes, give me!” Thomas said.

Still unable to think of an alternative, Jason handed Thomas the pill, who swallowed it right away. Thomas leaned forward, trying to get a look at his crotch, along with Jason and Kevin. All three of them silently stared, waiting for something to happen. Like waiting for a pot of water to boil, they were getting impatient, waiting for something to happen. Jason began to tap his foot, waiting, but eventually, they saw something.

Slowly, Thomas’s dick was lengthening, and getting thicker. As they watched, it was starting to poke out past the flesh of his balls, and soon, his cock was poking up plenty for them to get to. “How big do you think his cock is now?” Kevin asked.

Jason shrugged, then reached out and put his hand on Thomas’s engorged cock, but Thomas pushed his hand away. Jason went back to try to stroke Thomas’s dick, but again Thomas pushed his hand off. “What’s up?” Jason said.

“Hold on, before you do that, I really want to see Alex’s cock,” Thomas said.

Jason’s jaw dropped, and he said “...huh?”

“Ever since I saw him on the couch when we first got here tonight, I’ve been thinking about him, and that really big bulge he has<“ Thomas answered. “Could you, please, ask him to let me see?”

Kevin laughed. “You really don’t know my brother,” Jason said. “He would never go for that.”

“Even though he did... this?” Thomas persisted. “Come on, I don’t think he’ll mind.”

Jason took a step back and said, “Here, if you just want to see a big cock, take a look,” and Jason yanked off his shorts, letting his own thirteen inch dick drop down for show. Jason’s dick couldn’t hang down the way it normally did, because behind them, Jason’s own nuts were bigger than jumbo coconuts. Jason had been so wrapped up in dealing with Thomas, he had entirely forgotten that he had drank some of the juice that Alex spiked as well, making his own nuts plump up, but not nearly to the extent of Thomas.

Deciding to deal with it later, Jason focused back on Thomas. He walked forward, took hold of his huge cock, and dropped it onto the bed. “Here you go,” Jason said.

Thomas smiled, reaching out and rubbing his hand along Jason’s cock, but said, “Yeah, yours is incredible, but I’ve been seeing it every day at gym class. I really want to see Alex’s... please?”

Kevin snickered again, but Jason was losing his patience. “Fine, whatever, I’ll ask,” he said. Jason quickly walked out and stormed into his brothers room.

Alex sat up on his bed. “The fuck dude, where’s your pants?” Jason looked down and saw he was still naked from the waist down, his huge cock flopping and his swollen balls hanging heavily in their sack. Redirecting, Jason said, “You need to come to my room and show Thomas your dick.”

That comment caught Alex by surprise, and it took him a moment to process. “Come again?”

“You heard me, come on,” Jason said.

Alex laughed. “As if, I’m not showing that perv my cock. What is he, nuts?”

Alex began laughing at his own stupid joke, but Jason didn’t think he was funny. “No, he’s horned out of his mind thanks to what YOU did<“ Jason yelled. “Now you’re going to help us fix it. Either you come help, or I’m going to get Kevin to hold you down and we will force feed you those pills. Think your cock is too big now, wait and see what happens.”

Alex’s face went white. “You wouldn’t!”

Jason walked out. “You coming?” he called back over his shoulder. He could hear Alex getting up from his bed behind him and following him out of the room. Going back into his own room, followed by Alex, Jason held out his arm, motioning for Alex to go over to Thomas.

Alex walked up, folded his arms. “What do you want?”

Thomas gave a smile then quietly said, “I’ve been thinking about you all night. Your... could I see.. you said it was really huge. I just want to see...” and Thomas looked down at the large bulge in Alex’s shorts. Alex looked over at Jason, then at Kevin, and then with reluctance, he hooked a finger under the waistband of his shorts, and yanked them off.

Alex’s dick, which had been coiled up in the pouch of his shorts, dropped down like a huge rope, hanging down his leg. All sixteen inches of his cock were on display, with the head hanging even past his knees. “Wow! You’re amazing!” Thomas loudly exclaimed. “It’s even better than I imagined! I think you’re even bigger than your brother.”

“What do you mean you think?” Alex said. “Of course I’m bigger. What, did he try to say he was bigger or something?”

“No, it’s just,” Thomas said, “he’s so big, I didn’t think anyone else...”

Alex grabbed his cock and held it up. “Yeah right, I’ve got him beat, easily.” Alex talking about his cock was causing it to start to bone up, but instead of trying to hide it, Alex said, “You want to see something really impressive? Watch this!” and Alex started to massage his cock, helping it along as he got harder.

Jason and Kevin were still standing across the room, in disbelief at what was happening, but silently watching like flies on the wall. Alex was caught up in Thomas’s admiration, and didn’t pay them any attention. Alex’s cock finished getting hard, and even though it couldn’t get any bigger when hard, it was still very firm and stuck out from his groin like a tree. Alex waved his cock around. “How do you like this? Ever seen anything like it before?”

“Never... can I feel it?” Thomas said. Alex took a step backwards, not expecting that, but then he paused. Ever since his cock had grown, Alex has been horny, with no one to help. On top of that, he’s been hearing his brother have sex multiple times a day, while he’s been struggling to pleasure himself, which wasn’t easy to do solo with such a huge dick. Unsure about what to do, Alex then said, “Sure.”

Thomas reached an arm out, but obviously couldn’t get up from the bed with his balls still gargantuan sized. Alex realized, and took a few steps forward, bringing his hard cock into Thomas’s reach. Thomas used both hands to grab the shaft, feeling it. Alex sucked in his breath at the touch, but he liked how his cock felt as Thomas was rubbing it. Alex walked a few steps closer, giving Thomas access to more of his dick.

Thomas was using both hands to rub up and down Alex’s enormous cock, and without even asking, he leaned forward and licked part of the shaft. At the feel of his tongue, Alex jumped and almost pulled away, but he was way too into it at this point, and instead he put a hand on the back of Thomas’s head and started to guide him as he put his mouth on the shaft and continued licking.

Thomas was still twisting his torso on the bed to do all of this, so he put an arm around Alex’s waist and gently pulled him. Getting the idea, Alex climbed onto the bed and sat in Thomas’s lap, with his huge cock in-between them. Now in a much better position, Thomas used both hands to guide Alex’s dick towards him, and he leaned forward to lick around the head. Thomas tried a few times to put the whole cock into his mouth, but Alex was too large for his tiny mouth.

Alex had never felt such pleasure in his cock before, and as Thomas continued to suck on the head, he leaned backwards, which caused Thomas’s own hard dick, which was now much larger than before, to poke him in the back. Alex reached behind him and grabbed the shaft of Alex’s cock and started to stroke it at the same time as Thomas was stroking his. As Alex was stroking Thomas, he suddenly felt a warm splash on his back.

Alex knew that Thomas had just cum on him, but he wasn’t about to do anything that might cause Thomas to stop sucking on his huge cock, so he ignored it. Thomas bucked his hips, poking his still hard cock into Alex’s back. Surprised that Thomas was still hard, Alex got the idea and knew Thomas wanted him to keep stroking his cock. Reaching behind him again, Alex went back to jerking off Thomas.

Barely a few moments later, Alex felt another warm splash as Thomas came again. Not stopping this time, Alex kept stroking Thomas’s dick, which seemed just as hard as ever. Another splash of cum hit Alex on the back, and now he could feel it running down his side. Orgasming seemed to invigorate Thomas, who kept sucking Alex’s dick with even more passion. The pleasure in his own cock was reaching it’s peak, and Alex could feel that he was going to cum as well soon.

Trying to let these sensations last as long as possible, Alex did his best to hold back on his own orgasm. Instead, he stroked Thomas faster, hoping that maybe making him orgasm might get him to slow down, letting the experience last longer. Alex felt more shots of cum, and it seemed like now Thomas’s dick was just shooting cum constantly, but Alex kept stroking, milking him for every last drop.

Alex kept it up, holding himself back as long as possible as Thomas continued to shoot a seemingly endless supply of cum against his back. Finally, after what seemed like forever, Alex let himself orgasm, shooting a blast of cum straight up into the air. Unlike Thomas, Alex’s orgasm only lasted a few seconds, and after a few final shots, he was done and collapsed forward into Thomas’s arms.

Alex just laid there, looking into Thomas’s eyes, not saying anything, while Thomas did the same. He then heard a clapping sound. Curious, Alex looked over and saw his brother and Kevin standing off to the side, staring at him. Jason was slowly clapping. “Well done, when I asked you to help, I never expected you to go so far above and beyond...”

Alex had forgotten about the other boys when he had been caught up in the moment, and now seeing them standing there, Alex leaped up from the bed. Still covered in cum, Alex immediately slipped and fell to the floor, then stood up, putting a hand over his crotch trying to cover himself, which did nothing to hide his massive cock. “Wait, it’s not what you think!”


Part 24

Jason gave Alex a strange look, then said, “Oh, and what is it that I’m thinking?”

Alex looked around, trying to think of something to say. “Uh... it was your idea!” he exclaimed. “You made me come in here and pull my dick out!”

Thomas reached over and grabbed Alex’s big python cock. “And what an incredible dick it is...”

Alex knocked his hand away. “Hey, cut it out.”

“Oh will you stop acting that way, Alex,” Jason said. “Quit being so insecure about your dick. None of us have made fun of you, and if anything, we’re all impressed by your cock. So try to lighten up, okay?” Alex looked at Jason, but didn’t respond. Then, he slowly moved his hand away from his crotch, letting his cock hang freely. Glad that Alex seemed to be alright for now, Jason turned his attention to Thomas.

Thomas was still laying on the bed, in a pool of his own cum. As Jason had figured, the release of gallons of cum from Thomas’s balls had reduced their size by an extreme amount. They looked to be just below the size of watermelons, and Jason assumed that with a few more orgasms, they would empty even more. At least, that was his hope.

Thomas was checking himself out when Kevin walked up. “You see,” Kevin said, “that worked out alright in the end.”

Jason took another look at Thomas, then quietly whispered to Kevin, “Dude, you do see his package, right?”

Kevin looked over at Thomas’s crotch along with everyone else in the room. Thomas’s huge balls were resting on the bed between his legs in their stretched sack, still easily the biggest balls of anyone in the room, Jason’s current condition included. Thomas wasn’t paying his balls any attention though, since he was busy feeling his cock.

Thomas’s dick, now soft after his recent orgasms, looked enormous, maybe as big as Alex’s cock. Jason was regretting his decision to give Thomas a second dose of the growth pills, but Thomas seemed thrilled with the situation. Getting up from the bed, Thomas stumbled briefly. “Ooohhh, my junk is still really heavy...” he said. The other boys didn’t respond—everyone was taking in the sight of Thomas’s package.

Leaning forward for a look, Thomas spread his legs to give his low hanging nuts more room, then put his hands on his nutsack and pushed it around, making the entire mass swing back and forth. A few more swings and Thomas’s swinging package almost made him lose his balance from the weight and momentum. Thomas laughed then stood up straight, turning towards Alex. “Hey Alex, check it out!” he crowed. “Do you see my cock?!”

“Yeah, it’s hard to miss” Alex said.

“How big do you think I am?” Thomas asked him. “Am I as big as you?”

Alex shrugged, then Thomas reached down and picked up his own dick. “Yours hangs down all the way to your knees, but mine...” Thomas let go of his cock, but instead of hanging all the way down, it could only lay across the top of his tremendous nutsack.

Thomas turned towards Jason and Kevin. “What do you guys think? Whose dick is bigger?”

“Uh...” Kevin responded.

Alex wiped a glob of cum off his arm and said, “Whatever, I’m going to take a shower,” and started to walk out.

“Hey, take Thomas with you,” Jason called to him. “Help him get cleaned up. And he still needs to cum some more.”

Alex looked back, frowning. “Huh, what? No.”

Jason pointed at Thomas, who was absently rubbing his still swollen, watermelon sized balls. “You caused this,” he said, in as loud, stern voice, “now help him fix it. Thomas, go with him, we need to clean up the mess you two made.”

Alex turned and walked out without saying another word, followed by Thomas, who slowly tried to walk without slamming his nuts around too much.

When they were out of the room, Kevin said, “Well, Thomas seems to be in good spirits, all things considered.”

“He’s naive, and probably still horny,” Jason said. “I don’t think the whole situation has sunk in with him yet. Here, help me get the sheets off my bed and try to clean up some of this... mess.” With Kevin’s help, the two boys changed out the sheets on Jason’s bed and did their best to clean up the pools of cum on the floor. When they were finished, his room still heavily smelled like sex, but most of the mess was cleaned up.

Kevin walked up behind Jason, embracing him in a hug. Kevin then slowly slid his hands down towards Jason’s crotch, putting his hands under Jason’s still swollen, coconut sized nuts. “How about you?” he asked. “Need some help with these big boys?” Jason turned around to face Kevin, then gently pushed him to his knees. Now eye level with Jason’s crotch, Kevin reached out and massaged Jason’s balls, then started to suck his cock at the same time. Jason began to thrust his waist back and forth, facefucking Kevin as he was blowing him.

After so long with his balls being swollen, Jason was ready to cum, and it didn’t take long with Kevin’s sucking to cause him to orgasm. Almost right away Jason felt the pressure in his balls go down as he let his nuts empty their load. After his dick stopped shooting, Jason pulled out of Kevin’s mouth, then knelt down and kissed him. “Thanks for that,” he said. “You’re the best.”

Kevin smiled then reached down and cupped Jason’s balls, feeling them. Jason took a look also, and heard Kevin say, “Looks like you’re back to your usual size.”

Jason reached down and had a feel on his balls. “No, they’re not the same. Look, you see? They don’t even fit in my hand anymore.”

Kevin saw what Jason meant. “I guess” he shrugged. “There’s always some permanent growth, but it’s not too much this time.”

Jason shook his head. “Dude, any more growth at all is too much,” he said. “I should knock my brother senseless for what he did. I trusted him to hold onto those pills and instead he slipped some to me and Thomas.”

Kevin absently reached down and felt his own package. “Yeah, like usual,” he grumbled, “everyone gets bigger except me.”

Jason didn’t want to get into that same argument with Kevin, so he pretended to not hear. Walking across his room, Jason picked up his briefs and shorts, putting them on. Now wearing his pants again, Jason could see the larger bulge his nuts were causing. Before he could think much more about it, his bedroom door opened and his brother and Thomas walked back in.

Alex was wearing shorts again, with his enormous cock somehow forced into them, making a large bulge. Thomas was wrapped in a towel. “You have something he can wear?” ASlex asked.

Jason nodded and went to his dresser, took out a pair of boxer briefs and tossed them to Thomas. Thomas pulled off the towel he had wrapped around his waist, exposing his package as he bent over to pickup the briefs. Jason took a look and said, “Hey wait a minute, your balls are still huge! I think you need to cum some more.”

Thomas looked down at himself and put a hand under his balls, which were still as big as coconuts. “Alex helped me in the shower,” he said. “Now they’re a lot smaller than before.”

Kevin gave a laugh and said, “I don’t think your nuts and small should ever be in the same sentence. Those stones are massive dude.”

“Trust me, he came as much as he’s going to,” Alex spoke up. “There’s nothing left in his balls, that’s just how they are now.”

Thomas gave a big grin. “I think he’s right,” he said. “Pretty cool huh? My dick’s so much bigger now too, though Alex still has me beat by about an inch. We compared in the shower, and he...”

Alex cut him off. “Dude, shut up!”

Thomas snickered, but stopped talking. Letting go of his package, Thomas resumed pulling on the boxer briefs Jason had given him. With some work, Thomas pushed his enormous balls into the pouch of the briefs, though everyone could see that his balls had the pouch filled and stretched to the max. Thomas then grabbed his big hose of a cock and tried to push it into the briefs as well, but there just wasn’t enough room.

Thomas giggled and let his cock go, causing it to heavily thud against his leg, then put a hand over his balls in the bulging briefs. “Maybe one of you could give me a hand?” he said.

Kevin took a step forward, and then everyone heard someone call out from downstairs. “Jason, Alex, I’m home.”

“Oh shit, my mom’s home!” Jason said quietly. Jason glanced at his brother, then down at himself, seeing how they both had an obvious bulge showing in their pants. Then he looked at Thomas, who was standing there with a goofy smile on his face, his coconut sized balls looking ready to burst out of the briefs any moment, and more than foot of thick cock hanging down over his waistband.

Jason heard his mother calling again, which was starting to put him into a panic. He yelled out, “Hold on!” then said to Kevin, “Is anyone home at your place?”

Kevin shook his head and answered, “Nope, you know my folks, they go out every chance possible. They’re in the city for the weekend.”

“Okay,” Jason said. “Uh, hurry, get him dressed, I’m going to go talk to my mom, then we need to go.” Before waiting on a response, Jason darted out of the room and down the stairs.

Jason found his mother in the kitchen, putting away some groceries. Walking up to the kitchen island, Jason used the counter to block the view below his waist and said “Hey mom!” which caused his mother to jump and turn around.

“Jason, you startled me! Don’t sneak up like that.”

“Sorry,” Jason said. “I have some friends over, but we’re going to go stay at Kevin’s tonight. I’ll call you later.”

“I’m going to make dinner,” his mother said. “You boys need something to eat before you go.”

Jason shook his head. “We already ate, and we need to get going. You don’t want us out driving when it’s late, do you?”

“Oh alright, be sure to call me...” Jason’s mother said, but Jason was already halfway back up the stairs before she could finish her sentence.

Going back into his room, Jason saw Thomas sitting on his bed wearing a long pair of pants, his legs spread, with a bulge that looked like a shirt rolled up and stuffed into his crotch. Thomas stood up, which made his huge bulge hang down, pulling the waistband of the ill-fitting pants down enough to show the base of his cock. Jason saw that Thomas’s cock was still hanging over the top of the briefs underneath, and looked as if it was just loosely stuffed into one of the pant legs.

Jason turned to Kevin. “He can’t go out like that!”

Kevin shrugged his shoulders and said, “What do you want me to do? Your clothes are too small for what he’s packing.”

Jason couldn’t really argue the point, so instead he went over and grabbed his schoolbag and handed it to Thomas. “Here,” he said, “hold this in front of you, for cover.” Thomas did as he was told, then Jason said, “Come on, let’s go.... where’s Alex?”

“In his room, I think,” Kevin answered.

Jason gave loud exhale, then went down the hall to Alex’s room, knocking once and going in without waiting for a response. Alex was reclined in a chair, his feet on his desk, playing on his computer. “What are you doing?” Jason said. “Come on, we’re going to Kevin’s.”

Alex didn’t even turn around, instead simply faintly raising his hand and making a dismissive motion, and said “No thanks.”

“What?” Jason snapped at him. “Don’t be an idiot, come on!”

“I don’t feel like it,” Alex said back.

Jason was getting annoyed. “Mom’s home! She’s going to see... that!” and he pointed at Alex’s bulging crotch, then continued, “I mean fuck, you don’t even try to hide it!”

Alex turned his chair slowly to face Jason, then as if to mock him, he grabbed his cock through his shorts and gave a big squeeze. “What do you expect me to do with this?” he said. “What’s your plan? Go to Kevin’s for the weekend, and then... what? I don’t think this is going anywhere.” He gave his dick another squeeze.

Jason heard movement behind him, and he turned to see Thomas walking in, his giant bulge bouncing around with each step. Alex looked at Thomas, then said to Jason, “Oh, give me a break, you’re complaining about me about showing a bulge while he’s walking around looking like that?”

Thomas looked down at himself and blushed, but made no attempt to cover anything. Thomas then said to Alex, “You almost ready to go?”

“Go?” Alex asked. “I’m not going anywhere.”

Thomas looked at Jason, who was standing there with his arms crossed. Thomas then said to Alex, “Why’s that? I thought you wanted to hang out with us?”

“Why’s it matter?” Alex sarcastically replied. “Aren’t you pissed that I’m the reason for your current situation?” Thomas looked confused for a moment, then Alex nodded towards his crotch, and Thomas looked down at himself.

“Oh, you mean this?” Thomas said, and he put a hand under his package, lifting it slightly. “This is probably the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me! My balls are so big now, and they feel so good. My cock... it’s just... so...” and Thomas reached a hand into the front of his pants and was about to pull out his dick.

“Okay, yeah, whatever,” Alex said. “I get it.”

Thomas pulled his hand out of his pants, then walked closer to Alex and said, “Yeah, I know you get it, your cock is even bigger...” and he put his hand over Alex’s bulge.

Alex immediately pushed his hand away and jumped up out of his chair. “Dude, what are you doing?”

Thomas just giggled, and Jason said, “Okay, enough is enough, we’re leaving.”

“Fine, BYE!” Alex quickly said and sat back down.

Jason gave a grunt and turned to leave. “Come on, don’t be like that!” Thomas said. “You’d rather stay here alone? Come with us.”

Jason, at the door, turned back for a final look. Alex looked at Jason, then at Thomas, then down at Thomas’s bulging crotch, then finally said, “...... whatever, I’ll go.” Thomas gave a quick cheer as they went back to Jason’s room.


Part 25

The three boys walked in and saw that Kevin had just finished putting some clothes into a bag for them. “Ready?” Jason said, and everyone nodded. Taking the schoolbag, Thomas held it in front of him to cover his impossible to hide bulge, while Alex tied a sweatshirt around his waist, and Jason, who had the ‘smallest’ bulge of the three only had to lean forward to mask his. Lucky for them, Jason’s mother had already gone to her room when they came downstairs, so they made it outside without incident. “I’ll meet you there,” Jason told Kevin, and Kevin got into his car while Jason got into his own, with Alex and Thomas getting in the back seat.

During the ride to Kevin’s house, Jason heard Thomas frequently giggling in the back seat, but he couldn’t see what was going on back there while he was driving. A few times he heard Alex quickly shifting around in the seat, and once or twice Alex whispered “Quit it!”, so Jason had a pretty good idea what was happening. Once they pulled up to Kevin’s house, Alex got out of the car before it even came to a complete stop, and Thomas soon followed. Once parked, Jason got out and saw Kevin walking over.

“Okay, we’re here, and now?” Alex said.

“Let’s go inside before a neighbor sees us,” Kevin suggested. Inside the house, Kevin then said to Thomas, “Okay, you’re going to need something to wear. Those pants look ridiculous on you.” Thomas paused a moment, then slid his thumb under the waistband of the pants and pulled them off, along with the boxer-briefs. Thomas let out a sigh as his heavy cock flopped down and his coconut sized balls hung low in their sack.

Everyone quietly stared at Thomas as he stood there. The sight was beyond belief, as the short, slender Thomas stood with fourteen-ish inches of thick cock hanging to his knees, to say nothing of his much too big balls. “Just look at him,” Kevin said. “Fuck man, he’s so big. I don’t know that anything’s going to fit that package.” Thomas smiled, and everyone could see Thomas’s cock start to twitch gently as it started to get hard. Thomas obviously wasn’t shy about his new equipment, and being the center of attention was giving him a stiffy.

The boys watched as Thomas’s cock continued to rise, slowly filling up and pointing straight outwards. It seemed to defy the laws of gravity, something so big standing up and out like that, but there it was. Once his cock reached full mast, Thomas slightly turned his hips, making his pole swing back and forth, then he reached out with both hands and took hold. “You guys going to make me stand here naked all by myself?” he said. “Someone should help me with this...”

Jason hesitated, but Kevin seemed all to happy to yank off his shirt and shorts, his own seven incher already hard. Kevin turned to Jason and said, “No one’s home, there’s nothing to worry about.” Jason wasn’t as carefree as the other two boys about stripping at the drop of a hat, but looking at Thomas’s incredible cock was making his own dick hard, so without anymore thinking, Jason pulled off his clothes, letting his thirteen incher free to get hard.

Kevin reached out and took hold of Thomas’s cock with both hands, slowly stroking it. Thomas, though, was looking at Alex, and said, “Come join us!”

Alex folded his arms. “What, you mean come roll around on the floor with a bunch of guys?” he scoffed. “Is this why you wanted us to come here?” Even though Alex was trying to act completely uninterested, it was clear that his own big cock was getting hard as it started to make a large tent in his shorts.

Kevin slid his hands further down Thomas’s shaft, reaching under and rubbing his huge balls, which made Thomas lean back and sigh in bliss as Jason started to lick around the head of his dick. Alex continued standing there watching, trying to act like he hadn’t a care in the world, though by now his cock was starting to push its way out of one of the legs in his shorts. Alex made another weak argument about how he wasn’t interested, though by now the other three boys were so into what they were doing, no one was paying him any attention.

After a few more minutes of watching the boys going to town on Thomas’s cock, Alex finally decided to pull off his shorts, releasing his mammoth cock. Taking a few steps forward, he let Thomas reach over and grab his hard dick. The feeling of Thomas’s comparatively small hands on his dick felt great, and he didn’t resist at all as Thomas pulled him closer and immediately began to suck it. Alex leaned back against a wall as Thomas continued to eagerly suck on as much of his cock as was possible to fit into his mouth, while Jason and Kevin took turns sucking Thomas’s cock.

Before too much longer, Alex felt himself orgasm, followed shortly afterwards by Thomas. Jason and Kevin then moved on to sucking each other at the same time, with both boys reaching orgasm soon afterwards. All of the boys, satisfied for the moment, lazily relaxed on the floor.

Alex was the first to speak. “See what I mean?” he said. The other boys looked at him, not sure what he was talking about. “About Thomas, his nuts,” Alex continued. “I told you, cumming doesn’t reduce their size anymore than what they are now.” Everyone looked down between Thomas’s legs, at his enormous, still coconut sized nuts resting on the floor, with his now soft cock lying across his sack.

Thomas, now after having orgasmed multiple times, was no longer ultra horny, so he calmly looked down at himself. Thomas lifted his huge cock and laid it across his leg to the side, then he felt his nutsack, gently rolling his balls around on the floor, feeling himself. Thomas then stood, letting his huge package hang down between his legs, feeling the weight. Feeling himself a few more times, Thomas then sat back down, carefully resting his hefty balls on the ground between his legs, and once again pushing his cock to the side.

Thomas looked at Jason and asked, “What do you think coach is going to say about this?”

Alex laughed. “That’s your only concern? What your swim coach will say?”

Thomas felt himself again, then said, “Well, coach won’t let anyone swim unless they’re in their team speedo. He gave you a bigger size, didn’t he, Jason? Maybe he has one for me too.”

Alex laughed again. “Oh come on,” he said. “Your dick is way bigger than Jason’s, but those bowling ball nuts of yours are just... fitting into a speedo, yeah right.”

Jason, however, took excerption to Alex’s comment. “What do you mean he’s way bigger than me? He’s about the same.”

Alex snickered and said, “What, you jealous or something? Bet you didn’t expect to have the smallest cock ever again, eh?”

Alex knew just how to push his brother’s buttons, and Jason, with his competitive streak, grabbed his cock. “He’s only slightly bigger, if that,” he said defensively.

Alex stood, then said, “Ok, stand up, both of you.” Jason and Thomas stood up. “Okay, here... stand chest to chest.” Jason didn’t move, but Thomas happily walked up and pushed his chest into Jason’s. Alex then knelt down, and reached between their legs, pulling both Jason and Thomas’s cocks together. Looking down, everyone saw that Thomas’s soft cock hung down easily an inch and a half, maybe more, past the end of Jason’s cock.

Alex then put a hand under Thomas’s huge bull balls, and put his other hand under Jason’s plum sized nuts. “Okay, so not only is his cock much bigger,” Alex announced, “his nuts are about four times bigger than yours, if not more.” Then, Alex pushed Thomas to the side, then Alex pushed his own chest up against his brother’s. Reaching between their legs, he pulled their cocks together, and looked down. Alex’s titanic cock hung down a full three inches past Jason’s dick.

Jason pushed Alex away. “So, see what I mean?” Alex said, grinning. “Your cock’s the smallest.”

Alex had Jason worked up, and Jason reached down, roughly grabbing his soft foot long cock. “My cock’s not the smallest!!” he protested. “I’m still way bigger than Kevin!” Immediately Jason realized what he said, and he turned to look at Kevin, who was still sitting on the floor. Kevin was blushing deeply, and self consciously trying to cover his soft six incher. Jason walked over, knelt down, but Kevin gently pushed Jason away as he stood up. “Yeah, okay,” Kevin said meekly, and then he bent over, picking up his clothes and his schoolbag, then started walking away.

“Hey, wait, where are you going?” Jason said.

Kevin didn’t turn around, and simply said, “I’m going to get cleaned up,” as he headed into a bathroom.

Jason turned back to Alex, who was putting his clothes back on, slowly forcing his long cock into his shorts. “See what you did now?” Jason said.

Alex shrugged. “I didn’t say a word about Kevin, that was all you.”

“Yeah, but it was because... oh fuck it, whatever.” Jason replied. He bent down to get his clothes and put them back on. Looking over, he saw Thomas was slowly pulling on his briefs, but Jason said, “Thomas, hold on, those are too small, let’s get you something from Kevin’s room.” Thomas nodded and kicked off the briefs.

Jason pointed and said, “Down the hall, on the right.” Thomas turned and walked down the hall, having to walk with his legs spread wide so as to not knock around his giant package too much. Jason followed, and he heard Alex walking along behind him. Once in Kevin’s room, Jason went through his dresser and got a large pair of briefs, then went to Thomas. “Here,” he said, “let’s try these.”

Jason helped Thomas put on the briefs, which were multiple sizes too big in the waist, but with all the extra room, they were able to get his giant balls and cock into the pouch. The waistband was still much too loose, so Jason said, “Here, hold this a sec” and then he went to Kevin’s desk. Finding a safety pin, Jason went back and used the same concept that coach had used to help him into a speedo, and he pulled the waistband tight and hooked it with a safety pin.

Stepping back, Jason looked and saw that Thomas’s full package was inside the briefs, though between his huge balls and long cock, the bulge stuck out from his crotch like a basketball. Jason then found a pair of beach shorts and handed them to Thomas, who pulled them up, then pulled the drawstring tight so they stayed on. Looking him over, Jason saw that Thomas still had a huge, unmistakeable bulge in the shorts, but at least it wasn’t quite as revealing and obscene as he looked in only the briefs.

Thomas reached down, feeling his bulge. “This should work,” he said. “I’m gonna need to get some more clothes like this I suppose.”

Jason nodded, then he heard Alex say, “You plan to walk around school like that?”

Before Thomas could answer, Jason said, “Dude, leave him alone!”

But Thomas smiled, pushed his package, making it bounce slightly. “Definitely!” he said. “The guys at swim practice have been talking about Jason all week, so I can’t wait until Monday to hear what they say when they see me, since I’m even bigger!”

Hearing that really got on Jason’s nerves, even though Thomas didn’t intend it that way. Jason knew he was right, which is what was really on his mind. All week, Jason had been the center of attention, envied by everyone on the team for his huge cock. Once they saw Thomas’s much bigger cock and monster balls, he knew he’s going to be old news.

Jason forced himself to stop his thoughts before he got himself upset with Thomas for no good reason. “Let’s go wait for Kevin in the living room,” Jason said to his brother and Thomas. Walking out and down the hall, Jason turned and looked behind him, seeing both boys following. Jason briefly glanced at their crotches, seeing Thomas’s huge bulge bounce with every step, and even his brother’s bulge was jiggling around as he walked. Looking forward again, Jason reached down and felt his own crotch, very aware that his own bulge wasn’t on the same level as theirs.


Part 26

When the boys got to the living room, Jason flipped on the TV. “Kevin’s been in there for a long time,” he said. “I’m going to check on him, I’ll be back.” Alex shrugged, and both of them sat on the couch to wait. Jason went down the hall to the bathroom, and as he typically did, Jason knocked, then walked right in before waiting for a response.

He heard Kevin yelling, “Wait, don’t come in!” but Jason was already inside. Looking over, Jason saw Kevin sitting on the edge of the tub, naked, and fully hard. Jason was very familiar with Kevin’s cock by now, so right away he noticed it looked at least an inch longer than usual. Jason barely paid attention to Kevin’s cock, because looking further down, he saw Kevin’s nuts hanging down between his legs, and they were as big as miniature pumpkins.

Jason noticed two pill bottles on the sink, which he quickly snatched up and examined. Reading the familiar P7240 and T3600 labels. “What the hell?” Jason said. “Did you steal these from my house?” Kevin simply shrugged his shoulders. “And you took more?” Jason asked. “Fuck it, obviously you did. How many?” Kevin looked down at himself, then said “Just one of each, but look, I don’t understand why my dick won’t get any bigger than this? Those pills aren’t working right.”

Looking Kevin over, Jason said, “I think your nuts tell a different story.”

At the mention of his nuts, Kevin smiled, patting his balls and saying, “Yeah, but you know how it is, I haven’t came yet, so they’re all filled up right now. I was going to jack off before coming back out, but you just barged in here...”

“Sorry for interrupting your private party,” Jason said sarcastically.

Kevin shook his head. “It’s not like that,” he said, “I just wanted to be big too, like Alex or Thomas.” Jason had another surge of jealousy after Kevin mentioned Thomas’s and his brother’s big cocks, but not a word about his own.

Jason knelt in front of Kevin, reached out and started to stroke his hard dick. “So you want a bigger dick... like Thomas? Or do you want to be as big as Alex? Bigger? Maybe you just want to be bigger than me...?”

Kevin was having trouble responding, feeling overwhelmed with pleasure as Jason was stroking his sensitive cock, but said, “No... that’s.... ooohhh.. but you see... I didn’t get bigger... not working...”

Jason stroked Kevin faster. “Not working you say? You are bigger now. I’d say eight inches, at least.”

“But... oohhh… that’s like half... Alex...” Kevin tried to argue, then he stopped and closed his eyes, enjoying what was going on. Jason was now rubbing Kevin’s hyperinflated nutsack, which he knew was currently ultra sensitive.

Another minute of that and Jason stood up, yanked off his shorts, releasing his own hard cock. Jason gently pulled Kevin to his feet, causing him to stumble slightly, not used to the extreme weight of his swollen balls pulling on his groin while standing. Jason then grabbed Kevin’s shoulder and turned him around, bending him over the edge of the bathtub. With one hand on Kevin’s back to hold him, Jason used his other to guide his huge cock into Kevin’s ass.

Kevin gave a pleasurable sigh as Jason pushed his cock deep inside of him, the motion of Jason’s thrusting causing Kevin’s balls to swing back and forth between his legs while he was bent over the tub. Jason leaned over Kevin and said, “Like that, do you? Feel good?”

Kevin could only moan, “Uh huh... yes...”

Jason continued to gently fuck Kevin’s ass. “You sure about that?” he said. “Maybe I should go get Alex, since you prefer cocks on the larger size?”

“No... don’t stop... yours... good too...didn’t mean... sorry...” Kevin replied.

While still thrusting into Kevin’s ass, Jason used one hand to quietly reach into a pill bottle and grab one of the pills, which he then popped into his mouth and swallowed. Jason then reached around Kevin’s torso and pulled him up, and pushed him up against the wall, still fucking him. Jason whispered into Kevin’s ear, “It’s okay, I know you like big dicks, no need to apologize. I’m going to give you exactly what you want.”

Jason started to fuck Kevin’s ass faster and harder, with each thrust making Kevin’s full balls swing and knock against the wall in front of him. The slight amount of pain mixed with the intense pleasure of being fucked had left Kevin speechless, and all he could do was moan each time Jason forced his way into his ass.

Jason was now breathing heavily from the exertion of fucking Kevin with all his might. Jason could sense Kevin was getting close to orgasm, and he felt his cock getting tighter in Kevin’s ass as he pushed in deeper with each thrust. He hugged Kevin tightly from behind as his dick continued to pound him. Kevin’s moaning was getting louder, and he could feel Jason’s big cock stretching his ass more and more.

Jason showed no signs of slowing down even though it was getting more difficult to force his cock into Kevin. Soon, Kevin’s moans began to turn into grunts. “Jason.. too much.. too tight...” he warned.

But Jason kept going. “You wanted this,” he told him. “You like my big cock, don’t you?”

Kevin could feel Jason’s dick filling his ass more than anything he had felt in his life. Even though it was starting to become more pain than pleasure, Kevin said, “I do... just.. too big..!”

By now Jason was struggling to continue fucking Kevin, since his cock could barely fit in Kevin’s ass anymore. With a few more forceful thrusts, Jason finally pulled out and let himself shoot all over Kevin’s back. Feeling relief, Kevin also started to cum, shooting blast after blast, letting his swollen balls empty themselves.

Once he had stopped cumming, Jason dropped down onto the floor, leaning against the wall. Kevin took over a minute of constant cumming until he was finished, then he let himself gently fall backwards into Jason’s lap, relaxing in his arms. After a few moments of rest, Jason reached down into Kevin’s lap and gently touched Kevin’s balls. “I guess these are empty now, eh?” he said.

Kevin felt himself, picking up his egg sized nuts and said, “Damnit, why did they go back to being so small?”

“I’ve told you, you’re not small,” Jason told him.

“I just wanted a longer dick and some bigger balls, like you or Thomas,” Kevin replied. “I mean look, even my dick hardly got any bigger!” Kevin pulled his cock forward, showing maybe seven inches of limp dick. Jason didn’t respond, instead he simply kissed the back of Kevin’s neck.

Kevin started to stand up, saying, “I’m going to take another of those pills.”

“Hold on now...” Jason said, but once Kevin was up, he turned around to face Jason, then yelled, “Holy fuck dude!”

Jason didn’t know what he was yelling about, but now that Kevin wasn’t lying in his lap anymore, Jason got a look at his own crotch, and he knew what had Kevin’s attention.

Jason leapt to his feet, making his soft cock flop around. Once standing, Jason bent forward for a look and couldn’t believe his eyes. His soft cock was hanging down well past his knees, and looked thicker around than a soda can. “How..?” Kevin asked “Did you take more of those pills?”

Jason looked back up, and said weakly, “Uh... just one... you wanted... I mean, Alex was bigger...”

Kevin shook his head and said, “Yeah, well, that’s certainly not the case anymore. You have Alex beat, like.... fuck man, that’s insane.” Jason reached down and picked up the shaft of his cock, still not believing how incredibly huge it was.

Both boys were startled when suddenly they heard a banging on the bathroom door, and from outside Alex’s voice yelling, “What are you two doing in there? Hurry up and come out!” Jason let go of his cock, looked at Kevin, then looked down at himself, wondering how to handle this situation.


Part 27

The pounding on the bathroom door continued, with Alex still shouting. Jason turned back towards Kevin and stared, but all Kevin did was shrug his shoulders. There was more banging, with Alex yelling, “Did you two die in there? Say something.”

After another minute of Jason ignoring the knocking, Kevin said quietly, “We’re going to have to go out eventually...”

Jason took a look at his pants on the floor, then down at his titanic cock, and decided to not even bother. Stomping over to the door, Jason flung it open and yelled at his brother, “You can be annoying as fuck sometimes, you know that?”

Alex took a step back, not expecting Jason to answer the door completely naked. Looking down, Alex saw Jason’s cock. “What is that!?”

Jason sneered. “What, it’s not obvious?” he replied.

“Of course it is,” Alex snapped back. “You took more of those pill. I mean, what kind of a hypocrite are you? Getting all preachy because of what happened with Thomas, and then this.”

“You tricked me and Thomas before,” Jason said. “It’s not the same. Besides—”

“I heard my name,” Thomas called from the other room. Jason herd him walking toeward them. “Did you guys call me?”

Coming around the corner, Thomas gave a yelp when he saw Jason. “Ohh wow, dude, look at you!”

By reflex, Jason looked down at himself, seeing his dick hanging down almost to his ankles, then said, “Uh... yeah.”

Thomas moved closer and said, “Can I touch it?”

Jason gently but firmly pushed Thomas away. “Not now,” he said.

Thomas made a pouting face and took a step backwards. “Where’s Kevin?” he asked.

“Oh, um” Jason said, and turned around, looking into the bathroom. He saw Kevin sitting on the tub’s edge. Jason pointed over his shoulder and said, “In there.”

Thomas went into the bathroom. “Hey, you got bigger too!”

Kevin grunted and said, “Yeah, barely...” and put his hand over his package, as if to cover it up.

Jason felt his brother shove him from behind. “So what, you and him were in there popping those pills?” Alex protested. “Not going to be happy until your cock is dragging on the ground, is that it?”

Jason turned back towards Alex. “You don’t know what you’re talking about,” he said. “It wasn’t like that.”

Alex laughed, and pointed at Jason’s dick as it hung heavy from his crotch. “Oh yeah? Then what about that?” Alex bent over and slapped his brother’s dong, making it swing around.

Jason pushed Alex away. “Yeah right, you’re one to talk! I’m not much bigger than you, you know.”

Alex laughed loudly at that. “You better check again. Yeah, I’m big, but you’ve gone into whale territory. How many of those did you take anyway?”

“Just one of the penis pills,” Jason quietly replied. “Kevin took one of each.”

Alex looked past his brother to Kevin, checking out his package. “Huh?” he responded. “I thought you said Kevin took some too? He’s still the same size.”

“It doesn’t work the same on everyone...” Jason whispered to Alex. Jason quickly looked over his shoulder, and saw that thankfully Kevin was busy talking to Thomas, so he hadn’t overheard what they were saying.

“Whatever,” Alex said. “So you were worried about someone seeing my bulge, now look at yourself. That’s impossible to hide, you know.” Jason looked down at himself, putting his hand against the base of his cock, still hardly believing how huge he had grown.

Jason turned back towards Kevin, about to ask him something, when he saw Thomas starting to open one of the pill bottles. Rushing over, Jason snatched the bottle from Thomas’s hand. “What are you doing!?” he yelled.

Thomas frowned. “Kevin told me you guys were taking more, so I wanted some too.”

Jason held the bottle high over his head, out of Thomas’s reach. “No!” he said.

Thomas tried to jump and grab the bottle, but it was too high. Giving up, Thomas made that pouty face again. “Come on, I just wanted one of each!”

Jason looked at him and said, “Huh? What do you mean?”

Jason then looked at Kevin, but Kevin just shrugged and said, “He already took one of the others.” Jason looked and saw the other bottle on the sink’s edge, so he grabbed that one as well. Looking at it, he saw the T3600 label, then said to Kevin, “Wait, you mean he took another of these, and you didn’t stop him?!”

Kevin shrugged again. “I told him he didn’t need it, but he can make his own decisions.”

From behind him, Jason heard Alex laugh and say, “Damn Thomas, you’re as looney as my brother. You already had bowling ball nuts, and you took a pill to make them even bigger?”

Thomas made another grab for the penis pills in Jason’s hand. “I wanted to take one of each, but he won’t give it...”

“Oh, so that makes it better,” Alex snorted. “You wanted both your dick and your balls to get freakish big, I see.”

Thomas finally gave up trying to snatch the bottle from Jason and said, “Just a little bigger, like it did for Kevin. I want to be big like you.”

Alex chuckled. “Yeah, whatever,” he said. “I had nothing to do with it this time,” he told Jason, “so don’t look at me for helping him with his nuts. Look...” Alex nodded, and all of the boys looked at Thomas’s crotch, and saw that his normally large bulge was even bigger, and stretching his pants to the limit.

Kevin got up and said, “Hey, take those off, you’re going to rip out of them soon.”

Thomas grabbed the waistband of the pants and pulled down, but his swelling balls were too big to fit through the waist. Kevin walked over, and with help Thomas was able to force the pants off, releasing his package. The boys saw that Thomas’s previously coconut sized balls were rapidly swelling, up to watermelon sized now and still going. “See what you did again?” Jason said angrily.

Thomas just smiled. “Yeah, but it feels so good...”

Kevin grabbed Thomas’s arm and pulled. “Come with me, hurry,” he said. Thomas went along, having to shuffle as his balls kept filling up and getting bigger. Kevin brought Thomas to the backdoor.

“Where are you going?” Jason called out.

“The pool in the backyard, come on,” Kevin said.

Jason walked towards the backdoor, and on the he way, he stopped at the hall linen closet and stashed both of the pill bottles behind some towels, then followed the two into the backyard to Kevin’s pool.

They reached the edge of the pool just as Thomas’s growing balls were reaching the point that he wouldn’t be able to walk around. Kevin tried to help Thomas into the water, but trying to work around the now garbage bag sized nuts between his legs was awkward, and they both ended up toppling over the edge into the water. Surfacing, both of them were laughing and splashing at each other. Jason walked over to the pools edge, and looking into the water, he couldn’t make out much beneath the rippling waves as they splashed around, though he could see a massive pink mass near Thomas’s legs. Across the pool, Jason saw Alex casually walking over and lounging on one of the beach chairs at the pools edge, watching the boys in the pool.

Kevin came over to the side of the pool where Jason was standing, then reached up and with both hands he grabbed hold of Jason’s mammoth dick and tugged, causing Jason to tumble into the water with them. Getting his footing again, Jason stood up in the water and splashed at Kevin. “The hell man, why’d you do that?” he yelled.

Kevin laughed and just splashed some water back at Jason.

Jason started to walk towards the steps of the pool, but Kevin dived down and swam between his legs, grabbing Jason’s long cock in the process, pulling it like a leash, forcing Jason back into the pool. Jason tried to struggle again, so Kevin instead went underwater, then grabbed Jason under the legs and lifted him entirely in his arms, carrying him. Jason yelled more, but Kevin wouldn’t let him go. Finally, Jason said, “Okay, okay, let me down, I’ll stay in!”

Kevin then easily tossed him back into the water near Thomas. Standing again, Jason looked over at Thomas, who was laughing at the whole scene, his enormous sack floating under the surface in front of him. Jason ducked underwater, taking a better look at Thomas’s balls, then came back up. “Fuck man,” he said, “Kevin had the right idea to get you into the pool. You taking so many of those pills in such a short time... even after you cum and empty those nuts, you’re going to be massive.”

Thomas was happy at the idea. “You think so?” he said. “My balls feel so full and heavy, I want to stay like this forever!”

Jason shook his head. “Yeah, well, that’s not going to happen. Let’s get those things emptied.” Jason looked over at Kevin, who was standing near him. Jason did a double take at Kevin, then said, “Kevin... what’s up with you?” Kevin gave Jason a curious look, but Jason swam closer, then reached out and rubbed one of Kevin’s pecs.

“You’ve always had huge muscles,” Jason said, “but your chest seems... bigger? Your shoulders look broader too. See, look,” he added, and Jason rubbed his hand to the underside of one of Kevin’s pecs, which were big enough for Jason to slide his hand almost entirely underneath.

Kevin joined Jason in rubbing his pecs, and feeling them himself, he said, “Hmm, yeah, feels like I’m pumped up, like after a hard workout. Carrying you wasn’t much of a effort though.”

Jason was sure now that Kevin’s pecs were bigger, and after some more rubbing by them both, Kevin swam over to the edge of the pool and pulled himself out. Turning back towards the pool, Kevin looked down at himself, and Jason said, “Shit man, you’re RIPPED! How?”

The boys saw that Kevin’s usual sixpack abs were now more of an eightpack, and when he bent his arms, his biceps were flexed out like softballs under his skin. Kevin’s pecs were the biggest change though, with his chest swelled up so much that Kevin couldn’t even see his feet without leaning forward.

Kevin looked at the boys in the pool, and asked, “How?”

Jason shrugged. “Who the fuck knows. Those pills screw with your hormones, and it looks like it pumped up your muscles or something.”

Kevin reached down, feeling his crotch, then felt disappointment when he realized his cock hadn’t changed at all. “Looking good there, Kevin!” Thomas called out.

Kevin looked over at Thomas, still standing in the water with his full nuts. Kevin then flexed his chest and dived into the pool. Swimming up behind Thomas, Kevin said to him, “You like these muscles, do you?”

“Uh, huh,” Thomas said, and reached down behind him, grabbing Kevin’s cock and pushing it against his own ass. “I want you to fuck me, and let me feel those huge pecs during...” That was all Kevin needed to hear, and he gladly pushed his now hard cock into Thomas’s tiny ass, then he leaned in, hugging Thomas from behind, pushing his big pecs into Thomas’s back as he was thrusting his cock into Thomas.

Jason watched the scene, as tiny Thomas was almost lifted by the now even bigger Kevin as he fucked his ass. The only thing keeping Thomas from being fully lifted was his swollen balls anchoring him down. Jason felt his own giant cock starting to get hard, and not wanting to be left out, he walked over in front of Thomas, then pulled his dick up out of the water, pointing it at Thomas’s face.

Thomas grabbed onto Jason’s big dick with both hands, pulling it closer. Jason took another step forward, but his legs were bumping into Thomas’s balls, preventing him from getting any closer. It was a good thing Jason’s cock was now so long, so that Thomas could suck on the head from that distance. Jason watched Kevin fucking Thomas from behind, impressed by the sight of how wide Kevin’s shoulders were looking, especially in contrast to the very narrow frame of Thomas in front of him.

Kevin kept thrusting into Thomas, getting more into it, and soon Kevin wrapped his arms around Thomas, then stood up straight, completely lifting Thomas up from the water while fucking him. The force of being lifted so quickly made Thomas’s balls swing forward, slamming into Jason’s chest, knocking him backwards in the pool. Jason took a few more steps back, watching as Kevin easily carried Thomas while fucking him, causing Thomas’s giant balls to splash around near the waters surface. Jason thought that Kevin seemed taller as well, and between his new height, broader shoulders, and huge pecs, he looked like a giant holding a child as he fucked Thomas. That is, a child with beanbag chair sized nuts bouncing around and a huge cock pointing straight up.

Kevin used one hand to reach around and took hold of Thomas’s hard dick, stroking it for him. Before too much longer, Thomas reached down and put both hands against the top of his nuts, started to moan, and then his dick began to shoot blasts of cum up into the air. Jason saw that soon Kevin’s eyes closed, and he let himself fall backwards into the pool, obviously also reaching orgasm. Back to being partially submerged, Jason watched as the water turned milky white as Thomas kept shooting buckets of cum into the pool. Jason swam over to the steps and climbed out of the pool, letting Kevin and Thomas do their thing.

Jason walked over and took a seat in one of the lounge chairs near Alex, his own cock rapidly losing its hardon. “What, you’re not going to finish jerking off?” Alex said to him.

Jason shrugged and said, “I don’t know, not right now,” and then he picked up his tree trunk of a cock, resting it on the chair as he reclined back.

Alex leaned in closer, then tentatively reached over and used one finger to poke Jason’s dick. Jason looked down, then knocked away his hand. “What are you doing? Stop that.”

Alex backed off again, saying, “Sorry, I still just can’t believe how big that thing is.”

Jason shrugged, then looked over and saw that Kevin and Thomas were getting out of the pool. He leaned back in the chair and closed his eyes, thinking about his latest change. He had what he wanted, he was the guy with the biggest dick of all. Now, he wondered what he was going to do with it.


Part 28

Jason, lost in his thoughts, felt a hand on his shoulder shaking him. Opening his eyes, he saw Kevin standing over him. “Well, do you?” Kevin was saying.

“Huh?” Jason asked.

“I’m going to make us something to eat, do you want anything?” Kevin repeated.

“Oh, yeah, sure,” Jason answered, and then he sat up straight in his chair. Looking behind Kevin, he saw Thomas standing there, and looking down, Jason saw Thomas’s balls, which were still around the size of watermelons.

Jason looked back at Kevin, then said opened his mouth to say something, but had no words. Kevin glanced back at Thomas, then said to Jason, “Yeah, I know. I mean, I don’t, that is... yeah.” Jason looked again at Thomas, seeing how his fourteen inch soft dick resting on top of his balls didn’t even seem so large when compared to them. Thomas’s balls were hanging down just past his knees, but it was how big around they were and how much they filled his nutsack that gave them their size. Jason was shocked Thomas was even walking around.

“Come on guys, let’s go inside,” Kevin said, and then he turned to walk off. Watching Kevin from behind, Jason couldn’t help but be impressed by how broad his shoulders looked now, with his muscular legs brushing together as he walked away. Thomas turned to follow, but Jason could see that Thomas was having difficulty walking because of his nuts. Thomas tried to take steps, but his balls were so big around that his legs couldn’t get past his sack, so instead of had to just shuffle forward, letting his legs bump his nutsack forward with each step.

Jason jumped up from the chair, feeling his own cock slam against his legs from the movement, then he went over and put his arm around Thomas’s shoulder. “Here, let me help,” he said. Thomas leaned forward, and with Jason help supporting his weight, he was able to take bigger steps, and together they headed for the house.

As they were walking, Thomas said, “I didn’t think another of those pills was going to make me get this big... are my balls going to stay this big forever?”

Jason feared that the answer was yes, but instead he said, “I don’t know. You see, this is why I didn’t want you to take anymore of those damned pills!”

From behind them, Jason heard Alex say, “Yeah, give him the ‘I told you so’ speech, that’s going to help.”

“That’s not what I meant!” Jason said back. “I just don’t want anyone taking any more!”

Alex sped up his walking and went in front of the other two boys. “Yeah,” he said, “you don’t have to worry about me acting a fool like the rest of you. You’ve got Kevin looking like a jacked up Mr. Olympia, you with your dick nearly touching the ground, and ‘ball boy’ here with his nuts as big as the entire rest of his body. You really think I’m going to take that stuff and end up like the rest of you? As if.”

“Fuck you, dude,” Jason told his brother. “Your dong’s well past normal too! What, sixteen inches was it?”

Alex put a hand over the hefty bulge in his shorts, quickly squeezed it, then replied, “What, you’re really going to compare me to that thing hanging against your legs? Maybe I’ll get into making porn videos or something. What are you going to do, breed horses? Wait, that won’t work, your cock is multiple times bigger than a horse cock. Hey, look on the bright side, at least you can still walk around, which is more than can be said for the world’s biggest cum factory here.”

Jason didn’t have any idea how to respond to the verbal lashing Alex was giving out. Jason heard a sniffle, and looked at Thomas’s face and saw he was on the verge of crying. “What the fuck?” Jason challenged his brother. “Where’s this coming from? Why are you being such an asshole all of a sudden?”

Alex looked at them both, was about to say something, but changed his mind and instead said, “I... I don’t know... fuck it... I’m sorry... damn it!” Then Alex turned and stomped off without saying anything else.

Once Alex was out of hearing range, Thomas asked Jason, “Is he mad at us for something?”

Jason shrugged. “Who knows,” he said. “He’s in one of his moods for some reason, but I don’t know why. Let’s go inside.” Together, the two boys went into the house.

“Hey guys, where have you been?” Kevin called out from the kitchen. “Food’s almost ready.”

Jason helped Thomas over to a chair at the kitchen table, but when he tried to sit down, his nuts were way too big and hung over the edge. Having his big balls suspended over the edge of the chair like that was uncomfortable, so Thomas got back up and shuffled over to the couch, sat down, and with both arms, pulled his nutsack up onto his lap to rest. Jason then went into the kitchen and whispered to Kevin, “What are we going to do about Thomas?”

Kevin glanced at Thomas in the den, and saw that Thomas was absently rubbing the huge mound of flesh on his lap. Kevin then looked down at Jason, nodding to his cock hanging there like a third leg and said, “You’re in the same situation, you know.”

Jason felt his dick, then said, “It’s not the same... but anyway, what do we do?”

Kevin shrugged, which caused his enormous pecs to bounce forcefully. Jason reached out and felt one of Kevin’s pecs. “Fuck, even you dude,” he said. “You’re definitely taller now, and I’d say your chest is bigger than any bodybuilder ever.”

Kevin smiled and flexed his chest, showing off. “Yeah, I know. All those years of working out, and I never dreamed I’d have pecs like these. Here, feel how heavy they are.” Kevin took Jason’s hand, placing it under his right pec.

Jason slid his entire hand underneath Kevin’s flexed pec, feeling the weight, then said, “Yeah...”

Jason was startled when Thomas suddenly called out from the den, “What are you guys doing?”

Jason looked over and saw Thomas was starting to get up, so he called back, “Nothing, we’re coming with the food.”

Hearing that, Thomas sat back on the couch again. Kevin went over to the counter and grabbed the tray of sandwiches he had prepared, and they both went into the den, setting up a TV tray so they could all eat at the couch.

“So where did Alex go?” Kevin asked.

Jason shrugged. “He’s in a mood, I don’t know. Probably in the garage or something.”

Kevin shrugged as well, and they ate without anymore talking. Once the food was gone, Kevin got up and put away the TV trays. Looking around, Kevin saw Thomas was again rubbing his nutsack, and then he looked at Jason, sitting on the couch with his cock hanging off the edge all the way until the head was resting on the floor. “Well, how about first thing we all get dressed?” Kevin said. “No point in us sitting around naked like this.”

Jason looked over at Thomas, having doubts about what, if anything would fit him, but he got up and went over to help Thomas up from the couch. They then went into Kevin’s room and watched as Kevin pulled a shirt from his closet. Putting his arms into the sleeves, Kevin then pulled the shirt over his head, and when pulling it down, it immediately ripped. Laughing, Kevin toss it aside and took another from his closet, this time a looser tee-shirt. Once again, as he tried to pull it over his wide shoulders, it ripped.

Kevin didn’t laugh this time, and instead he tossed it and rummaged around, until he found a gym shirt made of a stretchy material. Pulling that one over his head, he forced it down his torso, managing to at least get it on. The boys saw that the shirt was clinging to every single muscle on Kevin’s chest and shoulders. His pecs were protruding over his abs.

“Wow,” Thomas said. “I think you have the biggest chest of anyone, man or woman!”

Kevin frowned. “That’s not funny...”

“Oh, sorry,” Thomas immediately said. “I meant it looks good, that’s all!”

Kevin gave a grunt, then found some shorts, pulling them on. He had some difficulty getting them up his thick thighs, but once past his thighs they fit his waist the same as before. Kevin reached down and cupped his crotch, which displayed a slight bulge, but only slightly. Shaking his head, he then went and tossed a shirt to Jason and Thomas, and they both put it on. Next, Kevin dug around for a while, and eventually he located some large sweat pants.

Walking to Thomas, he said, “Here, these may work,” and he helped Thomas step into the pants. Pulling them up, he barely got the waistband to Thomas’s knees before the band of the pants were bumping against the bottom of Thomas’s nuts. Kevin pulled hard on the waistband, stretching it to the absolute limit, but even then, it couldn’t stretch enough to fit Thomas’s balls into the pants. With a sigh, Kevin helped Thomas step back out of the sweats.

Turning to Jason, Kevin tossed them over and said, “Here, you try.”

Jason grabbed the sweats and stepped inside, pulling them up, with his cock hanging out over the top. Once the sweats were pulled up to the underside of the base of Jason’s cock, he grabbed his shaft and pulled it into the sweats, having to force his dick down one of the legs. That was too uncomfortable, as his dick was too thick, so the sweats were squeezing his cock too tight with it forced down a leg. Not to mention he could barely move his own leg with his cock forced in there with it.

Taking the sweats back off, Jason looked at Thomas as he stood there, still without pants, then at himself. “Uh, those are the biggest I have,” Kevin said. “If those won’t work... nothing I have will.”

Jason roughly threw the sweats across the room in frustration. “Who fucking cares,” he said. “Even if they fit, what then? How do we live day to day with junk of this size?”

Kevin looked over at Thomas, who was carefully sliding his nuts onto the bed so he could sit, obviously tired from standing with their weight weighing him down. Then looking at Jason’s cock, Kevin said, “Well, uh... I was thinking...”

Jason stared, waiting for Kevin to continue, but Kevin kept quiet, so Jason said, “Well, what?” Kevin began to talk, then stopped himself. “Come on, out with it, what?” Jason yelled at him.

Kevin looked at him, then finally he said, “I was just thinking... you know, I’m pretty sure this kind of thing has never happened to anyone, so no one really knows about it. No one except Dr. Meyers... he was the one who made those pills. Maybe he—”

But Jason cut him off and yelled, “Fuck that guy! This is all his fault!”

Kevin shook his head. “Yeah, yeah, I know, but still... we have to take at least some responsibility... we got carried away and kept taking more of those pills. We can’t really blame it all on Meyers—”

“No!” Jason cut in again. “If he hadn’t... it’s his... you know!”

Kevin raised his hands and waved them, saying, “Okay, calm down, calm down. So I mean, let’s look at our options. Eventually, you and Thomas have to go home, and there’s no hiding that from your Mother, and Thomas—”

Thomas cut in at that and said, “Uh, no, I can’t go home like this...” and he put his hand against the giant mound of his nuts to make his point.

“Yeah, I can understand that,” Kevin continued. “So, that leaves...?”

Jason tried to think of an argument, but looking at Thomas sitting on the bed, barely even able to walk with his enlarged balls, Jason instead said, “What makes you think Meyers can do anything for us? Even if he can, why would he? Did you forget we knocked his ass out and stole his pills last time we were there? I mean, he fucking locked us in and everything!”

Kevin shrugged again. “I know, I know. I just can’t think of anything else...”

Jason scrambled to think of some kind of argument as he reached down to feel his dick again. His hand brushing against his cock caused it to sway back and forth, and in the process he could feel the tip of his dick rubbing against the carpet of the floor while he was standing there. Looking at his cock one final time, Jason decided that there was just no way he could deal with living with a cock of this size “Whatever. Where’s my cell phone... I’ll try calling.”


Part 29

Jason hung up the phone, and right away Kevin asked, “What did he say?”

“That wasn’t him, just someone that works in his office,” Jason said. “They said I can come in right now. They’re going to call him.”

“Just like that?” Kevin said. “No mention of when we were there last time?”

Jason shrugged and replied, “I don’t know, like I said, that was just someone from the office. I kind of doubt Meyers told everyone what was going on last time...”

Kevin nodded and asked, “So, we’re all going, then?”

Jason shook his head. “No, I want you to stay here. You just have a few bigger muscles, but nothing that’s worth risking you going back. I want you here so that if me and Thomas aren’t back soon, you can do something about it.” Kevin frowned, but nodded in agreement. Jason turned to Thomas and said, “You ready?” Thomas got up, letting his heavy balls roll off the bed in the process. Jason sighed as he noticed the weight of Thomas’s balls was making it difficult for him to walk.

Jason walked over to help support Thomas, but Thomas shooed him away. “No, it’s okay, I’ve got it.” Thomas walked a few steps, adjusting to the weight of his balls, and started to head down the hall.

“Hey, hold on,” Kevin called out, and then grabbed a sheet from his bed, wrapping it around Thomas’s waist. “Here, at least this will cover you up,” he said. Jason did the same, grabbing another sheet and wrapping it around his own waist, covering his cock.

Once that was handled, the boys went down the hall to the den. Walking in, they saw Alex sitting on the couch. “We’re going back to Meyers’s office to see if he can do anything about... us. You want to go, to see if he can do something about your penis?”

Alex looked at them, then grabbed his crotch as if to shield it. “You’ve got to be kidding me!” he exclaimed. “No way am I going back there! You better not either.”

“Yeah, well, we don’t have much of a choice,” Jason said.

Not in the mood to argue, Jason turned and walked out towards his car, followed by Thomas. Once they were inside, Kevin walked to the window and said, “Call me as soon as you know something.” Jason nodded, then started up the car and drove off to Meyers’s office.

Once they arrived, Jason turned to Thomas. “You ready to do this?” he asked. Thomas just nodded, and they both got out and walked inside. The boys were surprised to see Dr. Meyers himself already standing in the lobby waiting for them. Jason noticed a cut on Meyer’s forehead that was not quite healed yet, and he wondered if it was a terrible idea to come back here.

Jason wasn’t sure what he expected to happen, so he was surprised when Meyers greeted them with his usual calm, polite tone. “Hello again, Jason. Who’s your friend?”


Meyers nodded. “I see, and what about your brother, and your friend Kevin?”

“Not here,” Jason answered. “And they’re going to call the police if you try anything funny!”

Meyers had no reaction at all. “Please follow me,” he said. The boys trailed after Meyers into one of the side rooms, and then the doctor turned to them. “So then, you decided to return because...?” Jason looked at Thomas, then he nodded and unwrapped the sheet from around his waist, exposing his giant cock which was hanging down to his ankles. Thomas did the same, letting Meyers see his own fourteen inches of dick and huge nuts.

“My my, how did that happen?” Meyers mused, staring at the oversized equipment.

“Those pills you made did this!” Jason snapped at him.

Meyers shook his head and answered, “Jason, the medication was intended to be used in a controlled environment. If you had avoided the unpleasantness of your previous visit, then... well, let’s just say you wouldn’t be in your current situation.”

Jason shrugged and said, “Whatever, can you fix us or not?”

Meyers thought for a moment. “We’ve been working around the clock with the information we’ve uncovered so far,” he said. “I think we can do something for you, if you agree to some testing.” Jason looked at Thomas, then back at Meyers and just nodded. “Excellent, please you two have a seat,” Meyers said, and he pointed at a couch. Both boys went over and sat down, with Thomas taking care to not bang his nuts too much.

Meyers turned and left the room, returning only moments later with a few things held in his arms. Walking to a table, he put everything down, then walked over and said, “Thomas, was it? May I examine you?” Thomas nodded, and Meyers walked over, kneeling on front of Thomas. Reaching out, he started pressing all over on Thomas’s giant balls, and then soon moved on to holding and touching Thomas’s fourteen inches of soft cock. “Well, well, you’re certainly big, aren’t you?” Meyers said.

Thomas just giggled, and Jason saw that Thomas’s dick was pumping up, getting hard. Obviously Thomas still got turned on from showing off his package, no matter how big it was. Meyers then stood up and went to the table, returning with a large tube contraption and a syringe. “First, I’ll need to give you an injection,” Meyers said. “This is going to cause your testicles to constrict. Based on your currently above-average size, you may feel some slight discomfort in your groin, but I assure you it will only be temporary. During this procedure, I’ll be placing your penis into this tube, which will collect any ejaculate during the process. Are you ready?”

Thomas shrugged, so Meyers gave him the injection in his arm, then he slid the tube over Thomas’s now hard cock, securing it with some straps. Jason continued to watch as Meyers said, “I know this is challenging with your current size, but can you please stand?” Thomas did as directed and slowly got up from the couch, letting his balls slide off the couch again. As usual, once the full weight of his balls was pulling on his groin, Thomas slightly leaned forward, struggling to hold their weight. His hard cock was pointing straight out inside of the tube.

Thomas stood there, looking confused about what he was expected to do, but then he said, “Oh, I feel... oohhh...” and he reached down, putting a hand on his nutsack. Thomas then put his other arm around his balls. Thomas bent over, and looked like he was trying to get both arms around his nutsack and pick up his balls, but they were just too big for his tiny arms. “It feels... my balls... you’re squeezing them!” Thomas said. Jason was watching, and saw that Meyers actually wasn’t touching Thomas at all, but Thomas kept saying, “Stop... let go, that hurts! Stop squeezing my nuts!”

Jason stood up and took a few steps forward, saying, “Hey, what did you do to him?”

Meyers looked at Jason and said, “His discomfort will pass soon. Although...” and Meyers gently reached out and took hold of the tube with Thomas’s cock in it, then said, “Hmm, he’s not releasing...”

Jason watched Thomas as he kept trying to get a hold of his too big balls. “Too tight, stop squeezing!” Thomas moaned.

Jason saw Thomas’s balls were still the same size as they’d been. “What did you do?!” he demanded. “He’s in pain!”

Meyers let go of the tube and walked to the table. He then return holding a cylinder looking device. “I think he’s going to need additional stimulation,” he said. Jason watched Meyers walk around behind Thomas, though Thomas was so caught up in what was happening to his balls he completely ignored Meyers. Jason was shocked to watch as Meyers knelt down, then in one quick motion, he shoved the cylinder into Thomas’s exposed ass. Still watching, clueless about what was going on, Jason saw Meyers turn a knob on the end of the cylinder, then he started moving it around in Thomas’s ass.

Thomas grunted, then threw back his head and moaned “Ooohhhhhhhhhh” and almost right away, Jason saw Thomas’s cock start to cum into the tube. Meyers continued using the cylinder on Thomas’s ass, while Thomas kept shooting. Thomas must have gotten weak in the knees, because soon afterwards, he collapsed backwards into Meyers, who struggled to hold him up. “Jason, if you could help....” Meyers suggested.

Jason rushed over, putting his arms under Thomas’s and held him up. Thomas was just moaning, seemingly in pleasure. With Jason holding up Thomas, Meyers went back to sliding the cylinder in and out of Thomas’s ass, while Thomas continued cumming into the tube. Jason held Thomas up for a while longer, though his arms were starting to get tired. “How long does this take?” Jason asked, but Meyers didn’t answer. A few more minutes later, Meyers pulled the cylinder out and stood up. Walking around to Thomas’s front, he knelt down and unstrapped the tube from Thomas’s cock, taking care to not spill any of the cum inside.

Jason, while still holding Thomas, walked to the couch, then half placed, half dropped Thomas onto the couch. Taking a step back, Jason looked down and saw that while Thomas’s cock was still hanging down probably the same fourteen-ish inches, his balls were now “only” about the size of oranges. Jason asked Thomas how he felt, but Thomas was just lying on the couch, his eyes half closed, relaxing. Jason then turned to Meyers, and saw that Meyers was pouring the cum from the tube into a large container. “Hey, it worked!” Jason said.

Meyers politely nodded and said, “Of course it did.”

Jason then picked up his titanic cock and released. “Okay, what about me now?” he asked.

“Yes, well,” Meyers said, “the penis is more difficult to work with. I’d like to do a few tests on you first, if that’s all right?”

Jason nodded. “Yeah, whatever, just do it quickly.”

Meyers gave him his trademark impish smile. “Yes, yes, of course. I’ll be back shortly. Thomas, would you come with me?”

Thomas got up, but Jason said, “Where’s he going?”

“To the showers, then to get dressed,” Meyers answered. “Thomas won’t be gone long.” Thomas looked to Jason for instructions, so Jason nodded, then watched as Thomas walked over to Meyers. Meyers picked up the container that was holding the cum from Thomas’s orgasm, then he walked out, with Thomas following.

Jason took a seat on the couch to wait, hoping that the doctor would hurry back.


Part 30

While waiting for Meyers to return, Jason absently rubbed his ankle-length cock, wondering how the doctor was going to help reduce his size. Jason then realized he hadn’t even thought about the specifics. He definitely needed his dick to reduce in size from its currently mammoth proportions, but by how much? Was Meyers going to reduce his cock down to only twelve inches? Less? What if he ended up with his old six inches, or worse, what if it reduced even further?

Jason stood up, suddenly very worried. Was he really okay with ending up smaller than Alex once again? Smaller than Thomas? What if his dick finished even smaller than Kevin? Jason was now regretting his decision to come here, and started to wonder if he should call the whole thing off. So his dick was as big as one of his legs—so what? What’s the big deal anyway? Sure, it would be awkward when his mother found out, but he could just blame it on a rare medical condition or something. Obviously he could never swim for the team again, but just imagine the guys reactions when he went into the locker room next practice. They would surround him, checking him out, wanting to touch his giant cock. Maybe coach could order a custom speedo, something specifically made to hold his dick. They can’t really kick him off the team because of a medical condition, could they? Wouldn’t that be discrimination or something...

Jason was snapped out of his thoughts when he heard his name being called. Jason turned and saw Meyers standing next to him, so he said, “Oh, I didn’t hear you...”

Meyers smiled. “It’s okay. Are you ready?”

Jason took a step back and said, “Wait, hold on, let’s talk about this before we start. You can make my cock more like a normal cock, yeah? How big’s it going to be afterwards?”

“We’re not ready for that procedure yet,” Meyers said calmly. “This is just a test, remember?”

“Oh, yeah,” Jason said. “What kind of test?”

“We need to measure your levels before beginning treatment,” Meyers said. “This room isn’t set up for that, so let’s move down the hall.” Jason followed Meyers as he walked out, then they both went into a large room a few doors down. Looking around, Jason saw that the room was large, but there wasn’t much inside except for what looked like a large, flat surface standing upright and attached to a pole in the middle of the room. There was also some various medical supplies on tables against the wall.

Jason saw some men walk in dressed in white coats, then Meyers walked over to the device in the middle of the room. “Jason, please come over here,” he said. Walking closer, Jason could see that the flat thing was a thin mattress, with various straps, but the whole thing was standing up vertically. “Jason, could you please stand with your back against this? You’ll need to be secured for this next test, for your own safety.”

Jason wasn’t too sure what was going on, but he did as asked, and went over and turned around, leaning back against the standing mattress. Some of the other men then walked over and started to attach the straps to Jason’s wrists and feet, but Jason yanked away. “Whoa, hold on, you want to tie me down?” he asked, upset.

Meyers shook his head and answered, “No, but it’s important that you remain in a fixed position during this, so this is for your own protection. If you please?”

Jason glanced down at his dick, and decided he didn’t have a lot of choices, so he leaned back again, letting the men strap him onto the mattress while he was still standing up straight. The men pulled Jason’s legs apart into a wide stance before strapping them in, and his arms they left resting against his sides before strapping them in as well. Another strap was placed across his chest, then pulled tight. Once they were finished, Jason wiggled some, but quickly realized he couldn’t really move at all.

Jason then heard the door to the room opening, and then multiple men in lab coats began to walk into the room taking up positions around the rooms edge, watching. Jason squirmed, but still couldn’t move. “Hey, who are they?” he asked.

“Members of the Geneticore staff,” Meyers said. “We have a full team dedicated to this project. In all our years of research, we’ve never made more breakthroughs than in the last week, and it’s all thanks to you.” Meyers then bent down and placed a measuring tape along Jason’s cock, then made some notes on a tablet. While Meyers was doing that, Jason felt a pinprick on his arm, so he looked and saw that one of the men had placed an IV in his right arm.

Meyers then took a few steps back, then turned to face the crowd of men watching and announced, “This is Subject A, the original source of the new formulas. Subject A’s unique hormone levels magnified the effects of P7240 and T3600 far beyond any of our trials have ever managed. Using Subject A’s DNA as a template, we’ve been able to obtain similar results in other subjects through our latest formula, as seen with Subject D.”

Meyers then turned back to face Jason and continued his speech. “The formula generates a large surge in activity of the reproductive system,” he said, “which causes the body to adapt to these changes. For a demonstration...” Meyers nodded to one of the men standing near Jason, and shortly afterwards Jason felt a cool liquid going into his arm through the IV.

Jason looked around, and saw that everyone was quietly watching him, including Meyers. Moments later, Jason began to feel a tingling in his groin, and looking down, Jason saw that his cock was slowly gaining length. Jason tugged hard at the straps restraining him, but they held firm and he couldn’t move his arms or legs. “What are you doing?!” Jason yelled out, but no one answered. Jason then felt a chill as the tip of his penis touched the cold tile floor. His worst fears had come to pass, and now his cock was so big it hung all the way to the ground. Jason squirmed some more, but still couldn’t get out of the straps. The movement was causing the tip of his dick to rub on the ground, which didn’t feel very good.

Meyers saw that and waved to someone, and Jason then heard a quiet grinding, and suddenly the entire device he was strapped to began to raise into the air, taking the strapped-in Jason with it. Jason was now suspended in air, strapped to the device, but at least his cock wasn’t touching the ground anymore, and instead was slightly swaying around mid-air. Meyers spoke to the crowd. “That was with 2 CC’s of P7240,” he told them, “which as you can see causes dramatic results, even in such small doses.”

One of the watching men asked, “Doctor, at such a size, are there any internal changes to the penis? Does it still function?”

“Functionality remains fully intact,” Meyers replied, “with the only potential problems being a question of logistics. Here, see for yourselves.” Jason helplessly watched as a few of the men walked over and reached out to feel and touch his huge cock as it hung there on display. “Impressive, Doctor,” one of the men said. “But penetration must be out of the question?”

“In a subject as far along as Subject A, penetration may be difficult,” Meyers admitted. “But sexual activity can still be enjoyed in other ways.” Jason then felt something else going into his arm through the IV, and seconds later he felt his dick filling up, getting hard. Even as it got hard, Jason saw that his dick could only hang downwards while it was hard, much too heavy to lift and point straight out on its own. The men went back to feeling up his now hard cock, whispering among themselves.

One of the men reached up and took Jason’s balls into his hands, feeling them. “Doctor, have you had the same success with T3600?” he asked.

Meyers smiled and said, “The T3600 formula has an even more profound interaction. Please, step back, let me show you.” Meyers walked over and spoke with another man, then the man went to Jason’s IV and injected something. Right away, Jason felt the stiffness in his cock diminish as his erection went away, letting his soft cock lazily hang again, which was a relief.

Jason’s relief was short lived, as once his cock was fully soft again, he felt more liquid injected through his IV. Jason already knew what was coming, and sure enough, he soon felt the familiar churning in his balls as they went into hyperdrive filling up with cum. Jason had to fight back the urge to cry as he stared down at his crotch, watching his balls pump up to the size of coconuts, then watermelons, then pumpkins before slowing down and stopping their growth. The combined weight of his bigger dick and now massive balls was very uncomfortable with him suspended in the air like he was. “Do something,” Jason pleaded. “It’s too heavy!”

Meyers completely ignored him, and instead spoke to the men watching. “As shown, the testicles rapidly respond to the formula, multiplying semen production many times over while adjusting to the increased demand for storage capacity.”

“Yes, Doctor,” one of the men said, “but are there any practical uses? I don’t see the market value in this specific formula.”

Meyers shook his head to disagree. “The physical changes are only a side effect. The true value is in the sensory magnification. The testicles only increase to such a size to hold the one time buildup of semen, but once sexual activity is begun, the experience is unlike anything a customer will ever feel.”

The man nodded. “I see, and how about levels? Will a greater dose result in greater stimulation? There’s money to be made if a customer keeps wanting more.”

Meyers smiled and said, “Of course, take a look” and then he nodded to someone.

“Don’t! Stop!” Jason cried out, but he already knew his requests were falling on deaf ears. Jason felt another dose go through his IV, and his balls began to pump up even huger yet again. Jason fiercely tried to pull his arm out of the strap, desperately wanting to reach out and masturbate, but it was no use.

Jason’s balls got bigger, now each nut was bigger than a beanbag chair, and as their weight constantly increased, the pull at Jason’s groin was immense as he hung suspended in the air. “Let me down, I can’t... too heavy!” Jason yelled.

One of the men standing in the crowd actually seemed concerned, and said, “Doctor, is this safe?”

Meyers nodded. “Yes, Subject A may have some mild discomfort, but the muscles of the groin are surprisingly resilient. The risk is minimal.” The other man nodded and continued watching.

Jason felt his balls again slow, then stop growing. Looking down, he saw that his nuts were hanging so far down his legs they went past his feet, and would have been resting on the ground if he wasn’t lifted into the air currently. Jason heard one of the men ask, “So then if a customer were to purchase enough formula to reach this advanced state, what could they do about it?”

“A good observation,” Meyers said. “We must strongly advise clients that the product should only be used with a partner, and never while solo. Here, watch.” Meyers waved, and then Jason felt a shake, and suddenly the device he was strapped to began to lower.

Jason let out a loud sigh of relief as he was lowered enough for his balls to rest on the ground, taking the weight off of his crotch. Once Jason’s feet reached the ground, two of the men walked over and began to unlatch the straps holding Jason down. Once Jason was fully unstrapped, the device that had been holding him was lifted and taken away. Released, Jason tried to back away, but his balls and cock were so big and heavy they didn’t budge at all. Jason reached down and put an arm against his nuts, trying to slide them, but still no movement whatsoever. He heard one of the men comment, “Hmm, completely immobilized.”

Jason wasn’t even paying attention to the men watching him anymore, and instead he reached out and grabbed his dick, pulling it closer and up to his chest. His cock was so big and floppy that he was having a hard time just handling it on his own, and it kept dropping out of his hands because of the weight and size. “As shown, obtaining solo relief in this condition is challenging, if not impossible,” Meyers noted. “This is why we must caution our clients to only use the formula with two or more present.”

“What about after?” another man asked. “Are there any lasting effects?”

“Again, it’s best if we show instead of explain,” Meyers said.

The door to the room opened, and Thomas, still naked, was escorted in by two orderlies. Thomas looked at Jason standing in the middle of the room, with his extremely large balls resting on the ground in front of him and his cock just as big. “Wow, what did you guys do to him?” he asked.

Meyers ignored his question, and instead addressed the crowd. “This is Subject D,” he explained. “Previously, Subject D has used both formulas, then experienced climax multiple times, As shown, you can see an example of after effects.”

One of the men next to Thomas reached down and grabbed Thomas’s fourteen inch cock and held it up for display. Thomas smacked his hand away, causing him to drop Thomas’s cock, but the point had already been made. The crowd began to loudly whisper to each other, and Thomas heard various things said like “Incredible” and “Easily corner the market”. One of the men said to Meyers, “Very good, Doctor, but what about someone at the stage of Subject A?”

Meyers nodded, then turned to Thomas and said, “Thomas, would you like to have sex with Jason?”

Thomas blushed deeply, looking around at the entire crowd staring at him. “Uh, heh heh, no... not with everyone watching...” he muttered.

Meyers nodded, then waved at someone. Thomas then felt a jab as he was injected in the ass cheek by a syringe from behind. Thomas jumped and said, “Hey, that hurt! What was that?” Jason, still stuck in the middle of the room, watch and saw that Thomas’s cock was starting to get hard. The room got quiet as they watched, but Thomas tried to cover himself with his hands. Thomas’s ordinary-sized hands barely covered a third of his cock as it was getting hard, and soon it was standing straight outwards, rock solid.

Jason also was shocked to see that Thomas’s orange sized balls looked to be getting bigger as well. One of the men said, “Doctor, is he—?”

“That was only half of a CC,” Meyers responded, “but as shown, even a small dose can have the desired results.” Thomas stopped bothering to try to cover up his boner, and instead he cupped his balls as they were slowly growing. Thomas’s balls pumped up to about softball sized, but that’s where they slowed and stopped growing. Thomas was lightly rubbing his balls and cock, when Meyers asked again, “Thomas, are you sure you don’t want to have sex with Jason?”

Thomas looked over at Jason, then he rubbed his cock a few more times, and without answering, he walked over, his thick cock bobbing with each step. Jason’s mind was on only one thing right now, and that was the need for sexual release of any kind. As soon as Thomas was in range, Jason reached out and grabbed Thomas’s hard dick, pulling him close. In a sexual frenzy, Jason easily picked up the small-statured Thomas and he laid Thomas on his back right on top of his massive nutsack. Jason then bent down and eagerly began to suck Thomas’s cock. Thomas loved the feeling, and he stretched his arms wide to either side of the nutsack he was laying on top of.

He hungrily sucked on the dick in front of him with all of his might. Jason felt Thomas pushing him away, but Jason held on tight, sucking even harder. Thomas then suddenly twisted his tiny form, yanking his cock out of Jason’s mouth as he rolled off of the balls. Jason tried to grab Thomas again, desperate for the cock in his mouth, but Thomas instead walked up behind Jason, and in one swift motion, he shoved his lubed up cock deep into Jason’s ass.

Jason moaned, loving the sensation, so he let himself collapse forward over his own balls, letting them prop up his ass, giving Thomas full access. Thomas climbed up on Jason’s back, fucking Jason’s ass like his life depended on it. Jason felt like the pressure in his balls was increasing with every single thrust of Thomas. The pressure in his balls became too much, and Jason could feel himself cumming, his dick shooting cum all over the tile floor. Thomas didn’t slow down, instead he actually sped up, pounding Jason even harder. Jason felt blast after blast of cum shooting from his dick, but he didn’t want it to end.

From the side of the room, Meyers informed the group, “Now, we get to see the results of the test.”


Part 31

Jason’s vision was slowly beginning to clear after his recent almost ten minute orgasm. He felt Thomas laying on top of his back, so Jason reached down to steady himself and started to push himself up from the floor. Looking down, Jason saw that his cock was soft, but was still the same extreme size. Checking out his balls, Jason was relieved to see they had been emptied and were about jumbo watermelon sized now. Jason looked up and saw Meyers walking over, so he quickly took a step backwards, but in the process tripped over Thomas who was laying down behind him.

Jason roughly fell backwards across Thomas’s lap, with his nutsack landing on Thomas’s chest. Jason scrambled to get back to his feet, while Thomas was trying to push off Jason’s nuts so he could breathe. Jason got back up, and started to back away from Meyers, causing the end of his dick to drag along the floor. “Leave me alone, get away!” Jason said.

Meyers raised his hands trying to disarm the situation. “Jason, calm down,” he said. “The testing is complete, and now it’s time to do something about your situation, as we discussed.”

Jason looked around, and oddly enough, all of the men that were watching had left, leaving only Meyers and three of his assistants. “Where did everyone go?” Jason said.

“The staff has gone to discuss the results,” Meyers answered. “They aren’t needed for the next part.” Jason stopped backing up, curious at the situation. Thomas got to his feet, then walked over to stand near Jason. Jason pointed down at his crotch. “Look at this shit! You were supposed to help me and instead you made me even bigger! My dick’s dragging on the mother fucking ground it’s so huge. I’ll never have sex again! Fuck it, I can’t do anything except sit around with my giant fucking cock! Even my nuts, you see this? I can’t even stand much longer because I’m getting tired of carrying them around!”

“Jason, I’ve explained to you, we’re going to help,” Meyers calmly said. “Please, if you could come over here...” and Meyers went to the side of the room. “Thomas, we only have one device in this room, but we have the next room setup for you, if you would go with my associate?”

“What do you mean?” Thomas said. Meyers just pointed, and one of the men gently took Thomas by the arm and brought him out of the room. Jason then looked at Meyers, not moving.

“Jason,” Meyers said, “we’re going to need this device to help you, so please let me assist you.” Jason slowly took a step forward, unsure if he should or not. Looking down at his cock laying on the floor in front of him, Jason decided he had few choices, and started to walk over to Meyers. Jason awkwardly took a step or two forward, but between his legs knocking around his balls, and his dick sliding uncomfortably along the floor, he stopped, trying to determine a better way to get around. Jason then saw the two men walk over and together they both picked up and lifted Jason’s huge cock, holding it for him so he could walk easier. Jason thought this whole situation was bizarre as he shuffled forward, having his cock held up for him as he moved like he was the King of Egypt or something.

As he approached Meyers, Jason saw that he was standing near one of those large plastic tubes, and as he got closer, the men holding his cock slowly and carefully slid his dick into the tube, then motioned for Jason to take a few more steps forward. Jason did as directed, and once he was all the way up, the base of the tube was up against the root of his cock, and the men strapped it around his waist, holding it in position. Jason’s balls were still hanging down heavily underneath, but to his surprise, one of the men slide a footstool underneath his nutsack, which took the strain off of his groin as it held their weight.

“Okay, now what?” Jason said.

“We’ve developed a compound which will suppress the elevated hormone levels from the previous formula, while at the same time will cause the cells of your genitals to constrict and compress<“ Meyers explained. “You’ve seen the process with your friend Thomas earlier. Unfortunately, because you were exposed to such a high dosage, with such extreme expansion of the genitals, we’re going to need to use this device as well. It’s similar to a vacuum tube, but instead of pulling air out of the tube, the tube increased pressure inside of the tube, greatly increasing the compression process. Are you ready?”

“Wait, hold on, you said it’s going to... what, squish my cock or something?” Jason said.

Meyers smiled and said, “Not exactly, but... something like that.”

“Well, uh.... how... I mean... you know...?”

Meyers looked at him, confused. “Hmm?”

Jason blushed, then came right out and said it. “I mean... how much? How big will I be after...?”

Meyers smiled and said, “Oh, I see. Well, because you’ve been so helpful, we’re going to let you make that decision on your own. Here... take this dial,” and Meyers handed Jason a tiny remote with a dial attached. “You turn this dial to the right, and it enables the machine, when you feel that you’ve had enough, simply turn the dial the other way.”

“That’s it?” Jason said.

“Almost, you also need to take the medication. Here, swallow this,” and Meyers handed Jason a small capsule, which he swallowed easily. “Okay then, the medication takes about five minutes to begin working. You should feel a sensation in your genitals once the process has begun. As I explained, the medication alone will only give a partial reduction, so once you feel it start, use the dial to enhance the process. I’ll leave you to it. When you’re satisfied, push the buzzer here on your left.” Then Meyers walked out along with his assistants.

Jason stood alone in the room, feeling kind of silly as he looked at his huge cock inside of the clear tube, while his nuts rested on a stool underneath him. Bored, Jason began tapping his foot, waiting. Jason looked around the room, just now noticing that the gallons and gallons of cum that he had shot earlier seemed to have already been cleaned out, probably while he was in a post-orgasm daze. Jason then wondered what was up with Thomas, why did they take him out too? He sure would like to have someone to talk to instead of standing here alone with his dick stuck in a tube like an idiot.

Still not feeling anything, Jason was about to unstrap himself from the tube, when he finally began to feel a tingling in his cock. It was slight at first, but then the feeling got stronger, so Jason quickly took the dial and turned it all the way to the right. There was a whirring sound, and right away Jason felt extreme, intense pressure on his cock, so much that it was too painful to endure, so he quickly turned the dial back to the left, which disabled the pressure. Then, he slowly turned the dial to the right, a single notch at a time, which cause the pressure in the tube to increase gradually. Once he was about three notches from the max, Jason decided that was about as much pressure as he could endure, so he left it there.

Looking down, he could see that inside of the tube, his cock looked like it was slowly going from erection to flaccid, except he knew he wasn’t hard. Instead, the medication along with the pressure of the tube was forcing his cock to compress like the doctor said, and Jason watched as very slowly his cock continued to reduce in size very slightly, little by little. Jason then looked to one side of the tube, then the other, and he was surprised to see small measurement markers along the tube, with inches and centimeters marked out.

Looking closer, Jason saw that the head of his soft cock was currently around the 18-inch marker. Jason wonder just how big his dick really was before he started this thing, if after reducing so much it was still 18 inches long. Watching closely, he saw his dick retract down to the 17 inch marker, then it slowly pull in closer down to the 16-inch marker. Jason thought to himself that’s about the same as Alex’s cock. Jason quickly considered stopping there, but looking at the still hugely thick dick in the tube, he thought, eh... 16 is still too much, so he left the dial alone, watching as his dick continued to reduce. The head was now sliding past the 15 inch marker, approaching the 14 inch marker. Jason then knew that was about Thomas’s size, and thinking about it, Thomas seemed to get along just fine with a 14-inch cock. The only problems Thomas had was when his balls ballooned up to monster size.

Making his decision, Jason decided that was enough, but he then saw that while he was thinking his dick was continuing to reduce, so he quickly yanked the dial all the way to the left, shutting off the pressure in the tube. Looking, he saw that because of his delay, his cock head had slid just under the 14-inch marker. He wanted to stay just very slightly bigger than where he ended up, but he was still about an inch bigger than before he took the latest pill with Kevin in the bathroom.

Looking down past his cock, Jason saw his balls resting on the stool, still the size of watermelons, unchanged. Jason reached over and pushed the buzzer, then waited. Moments later, Meyers walked back in with one of his assistants. “All finished?” he asked.

“Yeah, but what about my balls?” Jason said.

“Yes, but we can’t use the same vacuum tube for the testicles, as they are much more sensitive to pressure,” Meyers answered. “Here, let’s get that off you for now.”

Meyers assistant came over and started to unstrap the connectors on the tube, and then carefully he slid it off of Jason’s cock. Released from the tube, his dick flopped out and rested on top of Jason’s still swollen nuts. Meyers reached out and took Jason’s now fourteen incher in his hands. “Hmm, you said you were finished?” Meyers asked. “This is still significantly above the average penis size...?”

Jason blushed deeply, but said, “Oh, heh, yeah... it’s okay... let’s leave it like that...”

Meyers smiled, but let go of Jason’s dick. “If that’s what you want,” he said.

Meyers then took a different capsule and handed it to Jason. “This one will help with your testicles, if you’re ready,” he said.

Jason picked up the capsule, but didn’t take it. “What about the dial?”

“This is a different process,” Meyers said. “The pill will be enough to give the reductions you need.”

Jason pressed the issue. “But how much? What if it’s too much?”

Meyers seemed stumped, not having an answer, but after thinking, he said “Well... hmm... maybe...? We could... yes, that should work.”

“Huh?” Jason asked.

Meyers then said, “Sorry, but instead of the capsule, we could do an IV drip, giving a slow, but steady dosage of the medication, then it could be stopped on demand. We’ve never tried it that way, but if you’re willing...?”

Jason nodded his head enthusiastically. “Yeah, sounds good, do that.”

Meyers nodded, then grabbed a vial from a cabinet, and pulled over a stand with an IV. Meyers then placed an IV needle right near the base of Jason’s balls, then hung a bag of liquid from a pole.

Meyers then took a much smaller tube off a table and placed it over Jason’s dick. “To collect the ejaculate,” he said, “please hold this here.”

Jason held the tube in place, then Meyers adjusted the valve on the IV, and right away Jason felt a squeezing in his balls. “Oh... that’s... it hurts, is that right...?” Jason moaned. He saw his balls churning as the squeezing feelings continued, and then he felt his dick start to shoot cum into the tube. Jason watched as he saw his jumbo watermelon balls slowly constrict and reduce in size as his dick kept releasing the cum they were holding.

His nuts went down to pumpkin sized, then large coconut sized, then down to about the size of soccer balls, then football sized. Jason was watching, and after a few more moments of size reduction, Jason said, “Okay, okay, okay, that’s good, stop!”

Meyers closed the valve on the IV, then approached Jason to look. “Jason, I recommend we continue with the procedure,” Meyers said.

Jason slid the tube off his dick, handing it to Meyers, then stood up. “No, no, I’m good.”

Meyers took the tube of cum, placing it into a refrigerator, then said, “Jason, your penis and testicles are still far beyond what they should be for a young man your age. We can help you return to a more manageable size.”

Jason reached down, cupping his balls, which were just above the size of large navel oranges, then said, “Nah, don’t worry about it. Uh, so are we done here?”

Meyers shook his head, but dropped his argument. “If that’s your decision,” he replied. “Here, we have some clothing for you, though we weren’t expecting to need so much extra room in the crotch after we were finished...”

Jason took the clothes Meyers was holding, then he stepped into the briefs, pulling them up. His fourteen incher and huge orange sized balls made a giant bulge, but Jason was gleefully happy that at least he could fit into clothes again. Jason then pulled on the shorts, which also showed off a large, obvious bulge. Pulling on a shirt next, Jason asked, “So uh, where’s Thomas?”

“He’s right in the next room,” Meyers said. “We can go see him now if you’d like. Before we go, here, let me give you these.” Meyers handed Jason two pill bottles, then said, “This is the medication that will constrict the genitals, reducing growth. I’d strongly urge you to reconsider your decision and take at least one more of each.”

Jason nodded, taking the pills. “Uh, yeah, I’ll think about it.” He followed Meyers as they walked out to go find Thomas.

Walking in the next room, Jason saw that Thomas was just about to get dressed himself. Looking at Thomas’s crotch, Jason was shocked to see that Thomas’s normally fourteen-inch cock had apparently been reduced to something like maybe nine inches, and his balls were down to egg-sized. Thomas pulled on the clothes he was given, then said to Jason, “Did these jerks do the same thing to you? They made my junk smaller!”

Jason reached down and put his hand over his protruding bulge, not wanting Thomas to see just yet. “Uh, yeah... so, we’re going to go, you ready?”

Thomas stomped through the door, not even looking at Jason’s crotch, obviously still too worked up about his own having been reduced. Jason took one final look around, then quickly followed Thomas out to the parking lot.


Part 32

Jason and Thomas got into Jason’s car, then took off down the highway. While driving, Jason glanced over at Thomas and saw that Thomas had his hand inside his shorts feeling himself.

“So,” Jason asked him, “what happened when you went into the other room?”

“I went in and some guy wanted me to put my cock into a tube,” Thomas answered. “That sounded like fun, so I did it, then he gave me some pills, which I took. Then I started to cum for no reason, and my junk started feeling really tight for a few minutes. Then that guy took off the tube, and it made my dick and balls smaller! Why’d he have to go and do something like that?”

“Uh, well… that kind of is the reason we went there in the first place, remember?” Jason said.

Thomas frowned. “I know, but that first guy helped with my balls and made them a good size. I didn’t know they were going to do it twice, now I’m back to a baby cock!”

Jason laughed and said, “I wouldn’t worry dude, I saw you… you’re still plenty big.”

Thomas looked over at Jason’s lap, seeing the very profound bulge in Jason’s shorts from his fourteen-inch cock and jumbo orange-sized balls. Thomas reached across and slid his hand into Jason’s shorts, grabbing his cock, feeling it. Caught by surprise at that, Jason jumped, causing the car to swerve off the road a bit before he regained control.

Jason reached down and yanked Thomas’s hand out of his pants. “Dude, I’m trying to drive here!”

“How come you’re still so big?” Thomas asked him.

Jason scrambled to think of something to say, then he decided to lie and replied, “They said, uh, because I was so huge before… this was the best they could do… yeah, that’s what they said.”

Thomas continued to eyeball the large bulge at Jason’s crotch with jealousy, but he didn’t say anything else. A few more miles down the road, they reached Kevin’s house again and went inside.

As soon as they went into the front door, Kevin rushed over. “You’re back!” he said. “I was worried and was about to call someone if you were gone much longer. Hey, it looks like it worked though, yeah?” Kevin walked over to Thomas and looked him over. “So they were able to make your balls a lot smaller then, hmm?”

“You don’t have to rub it in, you know!” Thomas yelled, and then he walked off towards the den.

Kevin looked at Jason and asked, “What’s with him?”

Jason shook his head. “I guess he was having a bit too much fun at his old size. He’s still really huge, especially for his height, but I think he’s more like nine-ish or something instead of almost fifteen inches, and he’s not too happy about that.”

Kevin smiled and sai,d “Oh yeah? How about you then?” and Kevin rushed over and grabbed Jason’s bulge, lightly squeezing it. “Shit man, you’re still huge, huh?”

Jason grabbed Kevin’s hand and pulled it away. “Uh, yeah… not as big as Alex though… where is he anyway?”

“Oh, that’s right,” Kevin said. “Alex wanted to leave right after you two left. I gave him a ride home, then came back here to wait for you both.”

“Oh?” Jason said. “Well, whatever.”

Jason and Kevin went down the hall towards the den to find Thomas, and on the way, Jason stopped at the hall closet, reaching behind the towels. Not finding anything, Jason felt around some more, then pulled the entire shelf of towels out of the closet. “Err, what are you doing?” Kevin said.

Jason looked at Kevin and said, “Where are they?” Kevin gave him a blank look, so Jason said, “The pill bottles! Where are they?”

Kevin shrugged. “How should I know?” he said. “You never told me what you did with them after I went to the pool with Thomas.”

Jason thought about it, then realized Alex probably saw him putting them in the closet. “Fuck! Alex took them.”

“Ahh, well, you know how he is, I don’t think he’s going to take any… right?” Kevin said.

“I don’t know… whatever,” Jason said. “It’s been a really long day, I just want to get some sleep.”

“Yeah, sounds good,” Kevin said, then he yelled ,”Hey Thomas, you need some sheets for the couch?”

“Sure,” Thomas called back, so Kevin took some sheets and pillows from the closet and brought them to Thomas, then he and Jason went together to his room to turn in for the night.

The next morning, Jason woke to see that he was alone in the bed. Getting up, he got dressed in the same plain white shorts he had been given at the medical office, then went to find Kevin. Jason found Kevin in the kitchen scrambling some eggs, wearing the same tightly stretched shirt from before. Looking over, he saw Thomas sitting at the kitchen table, waiting for the food. Jason walked over to the stove near Kevin and said, “Smells good, think I could get some too?”

Kevin laughed. “Of course, you really think this entire pan was just for me and Thomas?”

Jason smiled and grabbed hold onto one of Kevin’s meaty pecs and said, “Oh, I don’t know, you look like you might have quite an appetite, big boy!”

Kevin laughed, then said, “Yeah, speaking of, I don’t think any of my other shirts will fit anymore. I’m going to have to pickup some new clothes.”

Jason sat at the table. “You know,” he said, “I still have that gift card to the mall. How about we go after breakfast?”

Kevin nodded and said, “Good idea.”

“You in?” Jason said to Thomas. Thomas happily nodded yes. Kevin brought over the food, and they quickly ate. Afterwards, everyone loaded up in Kevin’s car and they drove over to the mall.

Walking inside, Kevin began to head towards one of the large clothing chains, but Jason said, “Hey, Kevin, hold up. While you’re grabbing some shirts, I’m going to take Thomas over to the Swimmer’s Lagoon store, see if they have a suit that’s going to fit… you know.”

Kevin smiled and said, “Ok, meet up in the food court, half an hour?” Jason nodded, then he walked off with Thomas while Kevin went to find some new shirts.

Jason walked into the swimming store first, followed by Thomas. Looking around, Jason was glad to see the store seemed mostly empty of customers. From the side, he heard someone saying, “Hello there, welcome to Swimmer’s Lagoon, can I help you find anything… Oh, hey Jason… and Thomas, what’s up?” Jason looked and saw that Brandon, from his school swim team, was standing there in an employee’s outfit.

“I had forgot you worked here on the weekends, Brandon,” Jason said. “How’s it going?”

“Slow day,” Brandon said. “So, what are ya looking for?”

Thomas spoke up and said, “I need a new suit for swim class. Where’s the speedos?”

“Right this way,” Brandon said. “Here, you wear a small, right, Thomas? This should fit,” and he handed Thomas a speedo.

Thomas looked at it, then put his hand inside the pouch of the speedo and said, “Uh… I need bigger.”

“I’ve been working here a few years now bro, I’m pretty good at matching sizes,” Brandon said to him. “That’s your waist size, definitely.”

“That’s not what he means,” Jason spoke up. “He needs that waist size, but what he wants is more room, you know… up front?”

“Oh, yeah,” Brandon said, and then he lowered his voice almost to a whisper, saying, “We carry almost everything you can imagine for swimmers, including padded speedos. If you’re looking for something to give yourself a bulge, we have some on the rack over here…”

Jason snickered. “No, that’s… well, you’re going to see at class anyway. Where’s the changing rooms?”

“In the back, follow me,” Brandon said, and he walked off, followed by Thomas and Jason.

At the changing room, Thomas walked in, and Jason said, “Hey, come in with us, you should see something.”

Brandon made a curious face and said, “You didn’t take anything to try on.”

“Just come see,” Jason said again, and then he walked into the room with Thomas, holding the door open. Brandon walked in also, so Jason closed the door and said, “Thomas, show him.”

Thomas gladly yanked off his shorts and briefs, letting his cock flop out into the open. “Oh fuck me dude, what the heck?” Brandon said. Thomas giggled, and Brandon knelt down to get a closer look, then he reached up to touch it, but stopped beforehand. “Uh, can I?” he asked.

Thomas nodded, and Jason said, “We need you to help find something suitable to wear, so check whatever you need.”

Brandon reached over and grabbed Thomas’s dick, feeling all nine inches, letting it fill his hand. He then reached under and cupped Thomas’s balls, feeling their size. “Dude, you’ve always been… well you know… not this big!” Brandon then said. “How?”

Instead of answering, Jason said, “So, you see what we mean now about bigger up front. Have anything that will work?”

Brandon was still feeling Thomas’s cock, then said, “Well, his waist is size small, which is pretty much only speedos designed for kids. None of those have much of a pouch size, because like… yeah, no one’s this big in that waist size. You would have to order from our custom department.”

“Wait, you take custom orders here?” Jason said. “How long’s that take?”

“Two to five business days,” Brandon said. “But if you pay a $10 rush fee, you can have it ready same day.”

“Oh damn!” Jason said. “In that case, I need one made too! Here, what size should I order…” and Jason also yanked down his shorts and briefs, letting his fourteen-inch flaccid cock flop out, resting on top of his balls.

Brandon dropped Thomas’s cock, then reached out and grabbed Jason’s. “Dude!! You’re even bigger than before!! How big are you going to get?!”

Jason smiled and said, “If you only knew…”

Brandon was eagerly rubbing and feeling Jason’s huge cock, but Jason said, “Uh, so Brandon… do you need to get measurements or something for the custom speedos?”

Brandon reluctantly let go of Jason’s cock. “Yeah… hold on,” he said, and he pulled out a tape measure, turning back towards Thomas. He took a few measurements around Thomas’s waist, then he measured how big around his balls were, then the width of his cock, then the length, writing down all of the info on a notebook.

Next, Brandon took the same measurements of Jason’s waist, his balls, the width of his cock, then the length, writing it all down. “So, with the rush fee,” Brandon then said, “the speedos can be ready this afternoon… after lunch…” Brandon was still holding Jason’s cock with his left hand, and he slowly slid it up the shaft, then back down again. “Hey Thomas,” he said, “the book on the front counter has the designs we have available. How about you go find one you like. I need to take a few more measurements on Jason.”

Thomas pulled up his shorts. “Okay, I’ll be right back,” he said, and he left to go up front.

Once Thomas was out of the room, Brandon went back to Jason’s cock, rubbing it and saying “You’re so big that it’s going to take a very special pouch up front in the speedo to hold all of this…” The handling of his dick was starting to get Jason hard, but he didn’t fight it, instead he just let it happen.

Brandon took hold with his other hand too, as Jason’s cock boned up. Soon Jason’s cock was pointing straight outward, aimed right at Brandon’s face as he was kneeling. With his cock still in Brandon’s hands, Jason said, “Well, are you going to just hold it all day, or are you going to do something with it?” Brandon considered that all of the invitation he needed, and he eagerly bent forward and took Jason’s cock deep into his throat. Jason reached out, putting his hand at the back of Brandon’s head, running his fingers through his hair as Brandon sucked him off.

“You like that, do you?” Jason said. “Yeah, I know you do. Go on, put the whole thing in your mouth,” and with that Jason pushed his dick deeper into Brandon’s mouth, causing him to gag. Jason really wanted to get his entire cock in, but Brandon didn’t seem very experienced in deep throating, only able to go about halfway down the shaft. “Yeah, keep sucking,” Jason then said. “Go on, feel my heavy balls, make sure you know how big they are when you order my speedo.”

Brandon reached up and took one of Jason’s balls in each of his hands, gently massaging them while he sucked on the cock. “Yeah, feel those big boys, see how heavy they are?” Jason told him. “Better get ready, you’re about to get a taste…” Jason could feel himself about to blow, so he grabbed on tight to Brandon’s head and started to shoot into his mouth. Brandon pulled back, beginning to choke, but Jason held firm, keeping his cock in Brandon’s mouth. Brandon then had no choice but to swallow the load of cum in his mouth, and continue swallowing with each shot from Jason’s cock. Jason’s huge balls kept pumping loads into Brandon’s mouth, which he swallowed one after the other. Once Jason’s balls were finally empty, he released his hold on Brandon, letting him pull off his cock and lean back against the wall.

Brandon wiped his mouth, then put a hand over his stomach. “Damn man, how the hell do you cum so much?”

Jason smiled and cupped his big balls and said, “You see these, eh? That’s how.”

Brandon got up, rubbed his stomach again. “Well, guess I’m not having lunch today…”

Jason laughed, pulled up his shorts, then said, “So, about our speedos, you said this afternoon, so what, three hours?”

Brandon nodded. “Yeah, I’m going to have the fabric guy get it going right now. Come back around this afternoon and they should be ready.”

Jason thanked him, then walked up front and scanned his gift card. Thomas was still flipping through the catalogue, but Jason said, “Come on, Thomas, let’s go find Kevin. Brandon can pick a design for us if you haven’t settled on anything yet.”

“But, wait, what if I don’t like it…?” Thomas said, but Jason grabbed his arm and they walked out of the store towards the food court.


Part 33

Walking through the food court, it didn’t take Jason long to spot Kevin, since he was easily the biggest guy in the crowd. Walking over with Thomas, Jason said to him, “Hey there, looking good, but I thought you would have gone with something maybe looser?”

Kevin flexed his chest and said, “Why would I want to cover this up? I got some new shirts that fit better, but none of that loose t-shirt stuff.” Jason looked over Kevin’s chest, marvelling at how much his pecs were filling out the shirt, causing it to stretch over every curve, and even showing little bumps where his nipples were pointing downwards.

Jason just smiled. “Yeah, I like it. You ready to eat?”

“I already got us some food, baked chicken alright?” Kevin said.

Jason and Thomas both said that was fine, and they sat down, eating their lunch.

“We ordered some stuff from the swim store,” Jason said when they were done, “but it’s not going to be ready for a few hours. Want to catch a movie while we wait?” Kevin agreed, and the boys went over to the theatre, choosing one of the new action flicks that was playing.

While they were sitting in the movie, the star of the picture had taken off his shirt, showcasing his well defined abs and muscular chest. “That guy’s got nothing on you,” Jason whispered to Kevin. “Bet your pecs are twice as big as his. Maybe they should have cast you as the starring role!” Kevin chuckled, then reached over and slid his hand into Jason’s crotch, rubbing his package. Jason laughed, but pulled his hand away, whispering, “Hey, not in here!” A man in the row in front of them turned around in his seat and loudly said “SHHH!” Jason nodded, then got quiet. Kevin giggled again, but went back to watching the film.

Once the show was over, Jason checked the time on his cellphone. “I think the trunks should be ready now, let’s go over to Swimmer’s Lagoon,” he said. Jason walked ahead, followed by Thomas and Kevin.

Walking into the store Jason saw Brandon wave him over to the front counter. When he approached, Brandon said, “Your speedos are here! Want to go in the back, let me help you try it on…?” Brandon’s speech trailed off as he watched Kevin walking up. “Kevin…?!” Brandon then said. “Wow man, you’re fucking built!”

Kevin smiled and gave his pecs a little bounce. “So, Jason tells me you helped him order a new speedo?”

“Oh, no, it wasn’t like that…” Brandon stammered. “I mean… I had to take the measurements…”

Kevin gave him a curious look. “What are you babbling about?” he asked. “Well, let’s see it!”

“Oh, uh, yeah here they are!” Brandon said. He reached under the counter and took out two speedos, placing them on the counter. He then handed one to Thomas, a tiny yellow speedo with an expanded front pouch. Next he handed one to Jason, an off-white speedo with a narrow waistband and small leg holes, but with a very large basket style pouch up front. “My manager thought I was fooling around when I ordered these,” Brandon said, “but after showing him the receipts, he went ahead and made them anyway.”

“I like mine!” Thomas said.

“Uh, did you really need to get mine in white?” Jason said. “It’s going to make people think I’m intentionally showing off. Maybe something in dark blue?”

Kevin laughed and gave him a friendly shove. “I think just putting on a speedo at all means you’re showing off. You really think there’s any avoiding that?”

Jason frowned, then put his hand inside of the front pouch of the speedo. “Did this need to be so loose?” he asked. “Shouldn’t the material be more constricting, to hold everything in place?”

“Well… I wanted to make sure you had enough room to be comfortable…” Brandon blushed. “You know… if you wanted some help trying it on…?”

Jason saw the eager look in Brandon’s eyes, giving away what he had in mind for the back room. “That’s all right, I’m sure it’s fine,” Jason said. “I’ll see you later Brandon!” Jason then walked out of the store before Brandon could say anything else.

Kevin and Thomas followed. “Well then, we finished here?” Thomas asked. Jason nodded, and the boys went to the car.

On the way back, Jason said, “Thomas, you want us to give you a lift to your house and drop you off?”

“Yeah, I probably should get home,” Thomas said. “I didn’t bring a change of clothes or anything when I left with you from school.”

“Sure thing,” Kevin said. “Give me directions to your place.”

Thomas did so, and when they got there he got out and said, “My family doesn’t like me going out on Sundays, so I guess I’ll see you guys at school then?”

Jason nodded, and waved as Thomas went up to his house. Then, Kevin drove them both back to his place.

Getting out of the car, Kevin walked over and grabbed Jason in a bear hug. “How about we go up to my room, and you can show me your new speedo?” and as he said that, Kevin was sliding his hand towards Jason’s crotch.

Jason wasn’t much in the mood for more sex after his romp with Brandon earlier, so he squirmed out of Kevin’s grasp and said, “I really need to be getting back home. Maybe next time, okay?”

“Oh?” Kevin said. “Uh, yeah, ok… call me tomorrow?”

Jason nodded and said, “Yep!” and then he got into his own car and drove home.

Going upstairs to his room, Jason put down his bags, then pulled off his pants and underwear. Walking over to his mirror, Jason stepped into his new speedo and pulled it up. Grabbing his big cock and balls, Jason pushed them into the front pouch, then pulled the waistband all the way up. He could feel that the legs and waist were a snug fit, just right for a speedo. Looking at the front though, his huge package was hanging out there for everyone to see as if he were wearing a thong instead of a speedo. Jason reached under his bulge, feeling it, then realizing that the speedo definitely was designed with a thong pouch in front to hold his junk, putting the whole package out there on display.

Jason turned to the side, looking at himself in the mirror from a few different angles. He had to admit, the speedo showed off his basket wonderfully, and it was incredibly hot to see the big bulge bouncing around as he moved. Jason just worried the whole thing was just too obscene to go out in public dressed like this. Jason then heard a banging on his wall, which he ignored. Jason bent his knees, taking a position like he was about to dive off a diving board. He felt his package hanging between his legs like a big bag of meat, swinging slightly. Standing back up straight, Jason just knew the guys on the team were going to give him shit about this, but he also kind of liked how it really showed how undeniably big his dick was.

Jason heard the banging on his wall again, so he yelled, “Alex, cut it out!” Once again, he heard banging on his wall, coming from Alex’s room. Annoyed, Jason stomped down the hall to Alex’s room and barged in, yelling, “What’s the deal, why are you hitting the wall?”

Jason saw Alex in his bed underneath the covers, and Alex said, “Where have you been all damn day?”

“I’ve been out,” Jason answered. “Why do you care?”

“Shut the door!” Alex said.

Jason kicked the door behind him, causing it to slam shut, then said, “Okay, what do you want?”

“I need your help,” Alex said to him. “See?”

Jason looked at him, not getting what he meant, but then his eyes drifted lower, and he saw that underneath the covers, there was something big pushing them up. “Uh, what is that?” Jason said.

Alex looked downwards then said, “Come on, you know…”

Jason walked up and yanked the covers, pulling them off the bed. On the bed, between Alex’s legs, his cock and balls were both huge, close to the size Jason had been at the doctor’s office earlier.

“The fuck, man?” Jason yelled.

“Shh!” Alex said. “Keep your voice down! Don’t judge me… you did the same thing!”

Jason thought, then said, “The pills, you stole them! Then took some too I guess.. but why? You’ve done nothing but complain about your cock being too big, and make fun of the rest of us for the same thing. Why did you take more?”

“I don’t know!” Alex replied. “You were bigger! I just… I know, it’s stupid, does it really matter? What do I do?”

Jason looked over at Alex’s enormous balls and said, “Uh, you know how they work. Did you cum since taking the stuff?”

Alex shook his head. “No, I haven’t even been out of my bed since last night, it’s too heavy, and I can’t jerk myself off like this either. I need help!”

“What?” Jason said. “You mean you’ve been laying there like that since last night?”

Alex nodded, which made Jason feel somewhat sympathetic for his brother. “Well, okay, first thing is you need to orgasm to empty your balls, but they’re obviously extremely loaded right now,” Jason then said. “Unless you want to hose down your entire bedroom, we need to get you to the bathroom tub.”

“I’ve tried, but they’re too heavy, I can’t move!” Alex said.

“I can help,” Jason said. “We should be able to do it with both of us working together.”

Next, Jason went over and picked up a large sheet, then walking to the bed, Jason started to slide it underneath his brother’s inflated nutsack. Then, once Alex’s balls were fully on the sheet, Jason said, “Okay, on three, help me slide them off the bed. One, two… three!” and then with Jason pulling the sheet and Alex pushing, they were able to slide his balls to the ground, still on the sheet. Then, using the sheet as a sling, both boys grabbed an end and together they lifted Alex’s balls.

Jason strained and said, “Mother fucker, your nuts are heavy… hurry, let’s go.” With Alex shuffling forward and both boys holding the weight of his balls, they made it to the door, but then his sack banged the door edges, too wide to fit through. The boys let go of the sheet, letting Alex’s balls come to rest on the floor. Out of breath, Jason said, “How many of the pills did you take?”

“One of the dick pills,” Alex said, “and three of the pills for balls.”

“Three?!” Jason said.

“I had never taken any of them before!” Alex replied. “It shouldn’t have made them this big!”

Jason shook his head. “Okay, turn sideways, we’re going to slide through the doorway, I’ll drag the sheet, here, help me…” and with some effort, they got Alex through the door, then down the hall into the bathroom. Once inside, both boys collapsed onto the floor, out of breath.

Alex then sat up, holding onto his balls for support as he stood. “Okay, now what?”

“Now you need to orgasm,” Jason said. “See how big your dick is, though,” and Jason nodded to Alex’s giant cock, which was reaching all the way to the ground and then some.

“Yeah, and?” Alex said.

“Take it from me, I should know,” Jason said. “You’re not going to be able to jerk that thing off with it so big. The only other way I know to cause an orgasm….”

Jason nodded towards Alex’s ass, then Alex looked behind him, then realized what he meant. “Wait, what? No!”

“No?” Jason said. “Okay then, so I guess you’re just gonna hang out here for a while, right? Guess I’ll be going…”

Alex looked at his package resting on the ground in front of him, then said, “No, hold on! Okay, fine!” Then Alex looked down at Jason’s speedo, checking out the big pouch in front, and said “Uh, you look like you’re still really huge… I don’t think I can take that much… I’ve never before… you know.”

Jason looked down at his own package. “What? Oh, dude! I’m not going to fuck you! Come on!” “Okay where’s Thomas? Kevin?” Alex blushed.

“Uh… they’re not here…” Jason said.

“Well then, what the hell?” Alex yelled. “You can’t leave me like this!”

“Hold on, I’ll be right back” Jason said, and he walked out.

“Don’t go!” Alex called after him.

Walking to his bedroom, Jason went deep into his closet and pulled out a dildo he had hidden under an old coat. Walking back to the bathroom, Jason said, “Here, we can use this.”

Alex saw what he was holding and said, “Dude, that’s… nevermind, yeah, okay, do something!”

Jason walked behind his brother and said, “Your first time, huh?” Alex nodded, and Jason said, “Okay, just relax,” and then he lubed up the dildo and pushed it into Alex’s ass.

“Wait, stop, that hurts!” Alex said.

“You’re all tense,” Jason told him. “I told you, just relax!”

Alex seemed to relax some, so Jason slowly pushed the dildo deeper, causing Alex to moan. “Hold on, go slower!”

Jason stopped, leaving it as it was for the moment, as he walked over and grabbed the end of Alex’s giant cock, hanging it over the edge of the bathtub. Aiming Alex’s cockhead down into the tub, he then went back behind him and took hold of the dildo, slowly sliding it in and out.

Alex moaned softly. “Ahh.. feels… feels good… you can go faster…”

Jason smiled and said, “I thought you might like this,” and he started to use more force while sliding the dildo in and out of Alex’s ass. Jason used his other hand to reach up and massage Alex’s balls while he was using the dildo.

Soon, Alex said, “It’s… I’m gonna…” and then Jason could hear the splashes of cum in the tub as Alex began to shoot. Jason knew what to expect, and he continued to work on Alex’s ass while he patiently waited for Alex to finish orgasming, which was going to take a few minutes.

Once Alex was finally finished cumming, Jason pulled out the dildo, and Alex sat down, leaning against a wall. Looking at his balls, he saw that they had gone down in size a lot, but were still really big, and his cock hadn’t changed at all. “Uh, that helped, but now what?” Alex said.

“First, give me the pills you stole,” Jason said.

Alex frowned and said, “Uh… the bottles are over there, in the trash near the sink…”

Jason walked over and saw both of the pill bottles in the trash can, and reaching in to pick them up, he felt they were both empty. “Where are they?” Jason said. “There’s no way you took both whole bottles!”

Alex didn’t make eye contact and instead said, “Uh, after I took some, I flushed the rest down the toilet…”

“You WHAT?” Jason screamed.

“I wanted… that is… I wanted to get bigger, and didn’t want you to then try to take more and get bigger than me yet again…” Alex said.

“The fuck man, why would you do that??” Jason said to him.

Alex got defensive and said, “Dude, look at those speedos you’re wearing. You mean you still wanted to get bigger than that? You’re freaking hung already!”

“That’s not the point,” Jason said. “You had no right to throw them out, or steal them in the first place!”

Alex tried to change the subject, so he stood up, then took a few steps, making his dick drag on the ground as he walked. “So, what can I do about this?”

“You’re lucky that I went to the doctor last night,” Jason told him. “He sent me home with some stuff to help, which should work on you too. Hold on, let me get it.”

Jason went to his room and took the pills Meyers had given him from his bag. He took out two each of the reduction pills, then he thought about it, then took out an extra of the penis pill. Grabbing a bottle of water from his desk, Jason broke open the five capsules and poured the contents into the bottle. Going back to the bathroom, Jason handed his brother the bottle and said, “Here, drink this.”

Alex took it, but said, “This is just a bottle of water.”

Jason shook his head. “I put the medicine in,” he said. “Do you want it or not?”

Alex took off the cap and guzzled down the whole bottle. He looked at Jason and said, “Now what?”

“Takes a few minutes to work,” Jason told him. “Trust me, you’ll feel it.”

The boys sat in silence, then a few minutes later Alex said, “Oh… it’s working…. ow, should it hurt?”

“A bit,” Jason answered. “It’s not too bad. Here, go stand by the tub.”

Alex walked over, not sure why, but then he said, “Ahh, it’s squeezing my nuts!” then a shot of cum came out of his cock. Alex aimed his dick into the tub, letting the next few blasts of cum shoot inside. Jason watched as he saw Alex’s balls constrict, squeezing out every drop of cum as they pulled up closer to his body.

Alex’s cock was also slowly pulling in closer to his body, getting smaller. Jason continued to watch, still somewhat fascinated to watch the process, as he saw Alex’s cock continue to pull in, losing size rapidly. A few more minutes, and a bunch more blasts of cum, Alex stood up straight, taking a step back. Jason saw that the medicine had worn off, and after the past few days, he barely recognized his brother’s package. Alex looked down and felt himself. “The fuck man, why did this happen?”

Alex was holding his limp cock, but as Jason could see, Alex’s soft dick looked like it was barely four inches long, and his balls resembled two grapes hanging loosely in their sack. Alex felt his small cock a few more times. “I haven’t been this little since I was a kid. Why’d my cock get so small?”

Jason lied, saying, “I don’t know, maybe the medicine worked too well? Maybe if you hadn’t flushed the pills, something could be done…”

Alex frowned and said, “Oh you must think this is so funny, sitting there with your big dick. At least mine’s normal!” and with that, Alex stormed out of the bathroom, going to his bedroom. Jason reached down and felt his own fourteen inch cock, giving a smug smile, happy that he was the bigger brother again. Jason then felt a moment of guilt, thinking maybe he shouldn’t have given Alex three of the reduction pills, but after thinking about how Alex had bragged about his dick a day or so ago, shoving it in his face, Jason didn’t feel quite so guilty anymore.

Walking back to his own bedroom, Jason couldn’t stop smiling, happy about the way things were turning out.


Part 34

Back in his room, Jason took off his speedo, putting it in his bag for school. Getting in bed, he gave a final squeeze of appreciation to his package, then went to sleep.

The next day, Jason was woken up by the sound of his mother calling him from downstairs. Rubbing his eyes, Jason got out of bed and looked at the clock. He was surprised to see he had seriously overslept, and it was already afternoon. “Guess the lack of sleep the past few days really caught up with me,” Jason said to himself. Hearing his mother call him again, Jason yelled, “All right, I’m coming, hold your horses!” Jason grabbed a pair of briefs, squeezing his package into them, then he found some loose jeans, putting them on along with a shirt. Walking downstairs, he found his mom in the kitchen and said, “What?”

“There’s someone at the front door for you,” His mother said.

“Oh? Why didn’t you let them in?” Jason said.

“I don’t know him,” His mother said. “I don’t let strangers into my house!”

Jason shrugged, then went to the front door to see who it was. Opening the door, he was surprised to see Brandon standing there. “Oh, hi Brandon, what’s up?” Jason said.

“Hey, I was just hanging out, and was curious what you were up to.” Brandon said. “Is… is Kevin here?”

“No, just me,” Jason said. The boys then stared at each other awkwardly for a moment, then Jason said, “Uh, you want to come in?”

Brandon happily nodded. “Sure!” Brandon walked in, closing the door behind him.

Jason went over to the stairs and called out, “Mom, I have a friend over, we’re going up to my room.” Both boys went upstairs and into Jason’s room, closing the door. Jason then sat on his bed. “So uh, how’s it going?” he said. “I didn’t know you knew where I lived.”

“Oh, I… your number was listed, and it had your address,” Brandon said.

“Ahh, I see. So…?” Jason said.

“Uh, the speedo I had made for you, did you try it on yet?” Brandon said.

“Yeah, you had the waist and leg measurements perfect, but I think you left it kind of loose in the front.” Jason said.

“Oh? How about you show me?” Brandon said.

Jason shook his head. “Nah, don’t worry about it, it’s good enough.”

“No, I insist!” Brandon continued. “I take pride in my store’s craftsmanship. If it’s not entirely perfect, I need to know why!”

“Uh, it’s not that big of a deal,” Jason said, “but if you really want to see it, sure.” Jason went to his schoolbag and fished out the speedo, handing it to Brandon, then he said, “You see, here, in the pouch. See how loose it is, everything kind of flops around when I walk.”

“I see, well that is, I need to see it in action,” Brandon told him. “Put it on!”

“Okay,” Jason said, then he started to walk out.

“Hey where are you going?” Brandon said.

“To change, that’s what you wanted I thought?” Jason said.

“I thought you would…. err, yes, nevermind. I’ll be waiting,” Brandon said.

Jason went into the bathroom, pulled off his pants and underwear, then put on the speedo. Seeing that his shirt was hanging down partially over his speedo, he took that off too, then walked back into his room wearing only the speedo. When he back walked in, Brandon said, “Oh wow, that looks… great!”

“Yeah, it fits good,” Jason said, “but see, watch,” and he took a few steps back and forth, causing the big pouch in front to swing around with each step. “See, the front is designed almost like one of those sock thong pouch things,” Jason said. “Everything just bounces around, nothing’s held in place.”

“Ahh, I thought you would have wanted the extra room because you’re… for comfort,” Brandon said.

Jason reached down and adjusted himself. “Well, it is really comfortable, that’s for sure. I just thought, maybe it would hold things in place a bit better.”

Brandon stood up, then said, “So you were thinking something like… this?” and Brandon pulled off his shorts, exposing a speedo underneath. Jason saw that it was a different style of speedo than Brandon usually wore at swim practice, with this one having a pouch in the front as well, but much more controlled and tighter than the kind Jason was wearing.

Jason also noticed that the pouch in the front of Brandon’s speedos seemed more full than usual. Two years of swimming together on the team, Jason was very familiar with every team members package, since checking out the guys was one of his favorite hobbies.

“Is that, uh, one of those padded speedos you were telling Thomas about?” Jason said. “You know, for support or something…”

“Nope! Here, see for yourself,” Brandon said, and he quickly grabbed Jason’s hand and put it over the bulge at his speedo. Jason pulled his hand away, but not before he got a feel. Definitely no padding there, that was all cock and balls.

“Oh, okay, that’s just not your usual style…” Jason said.

Brandon smiled, and Jason continued to stare at the bulge in Brandon’s speedo, getting more curious by the second. There were a few guys on the swim team who were packing, but Brandon was always very average down below, but the bulge in his speedos now looked really full. Brandon put a hand against the side of his bulge. “So you want something more like this, that holds everything from moving around, is that right?”

Jason nodded. “Uh huh.”

Brandon walked over and reached out to Jason’s crotch, putting his hand under his meat filled pouch, then he lifted slightly, pushing Jason’s balls higher. “If this was pulled tighter, here,” Brandon said, “then…” and he grabbed Jason’s entire cock through the fabric of the speedo, giving it a squeeze and pushing the cock around. “We could draw it in here…” and then he pulled the edge tight. “Then it would hold everything here…”

“But you know, if we did that…” Brandon then continued, “it’s going to be harder for everyone to see what a big, thick, hung cock you have…” and then Brandon slid his hand inside the pouch of Jason’s speedos, cupping his balls. “And these heavy, full balls wouldn’t get to hang down up front, with lots of room for them to make that thick, delicious cream…”

Jason had been trying to avoid getting hard, but hearing Brandon talk about his package like that was too much of a turn-on, and soon his dick was stretching the front of the speedo to the max. Brandon gently pulled down the waistband of the speedo, sliding it to the floor. “See, this design has plenty of room for your giant, strong dick to stretch out. Wouldn’t you like some help with that?”

Jason was totally boned up now, and now matter what his original plans were, he now put his hand on Brandon’s head, guiding his mouth to his cock. Jason felt a moment of guilt, thinking about Kevin, but Brandon had learned from last time and was now even better at giving head. Jason took a step back, falling backwards onto his bed, letting Brandon crawl up between his legs to suck greedily on his dick. Jason closed his eyes, getting lightheaded from the blowjob. From the way Brandon was going down on his cock, he could swear he was now a world class experienced dicksucker, and no one had been able to take his huge cock as deep as Brandon was currently going.

Brandon reached up and took hold of Jason’s nuts and squeezed, rougher than Jason would have liked since it was causing him more pain than pleasure. “Mmmm… come on,” Brandon mumbled with cock in his mouth, and soon Jason could feel himself about to blow. He tried to pull Brandon away, but Brandon held on tight, sucking his dick. Jason stopped trying to push him off and instead he just leaned back and let himself go. He felt himself cumming into Brandon’s mouth while Brandon swallowed up every single spurt. Once Jason’s orgasm was starting to slow down, he felt one final squeeze on his balls, which caused him to squeal, but the pressure sent one final large blast of cum out of his cock, which Brandon swallowed right up.

Finally backing off, Brandon licked his lips, then wiped his mouth. Rubbing his stomach, he said, “I think that was even more than last time… incredible.” Brandon stood up and said, “So, I guess you want to keep the speedo without changes?”

Jason, still lying on the bed exhausted, said, “Yeah….”

Brandon smiled. “Glad to hear it. I’ll be seeing you around,” he said, and then he put on his pants and walked out. Jason just continued to lay in his bed, thinking about what just happened.


Part 35

After a while, Jason decided to get up from the bed, then he looked around for some shorts and a tee-shirt to put on. Seeing his speedo lying on the floor, he went over and put it back into his schoolbag for tomorrow. Looking out the window, Jason saw it was already starting to get dark. “Man, wasted the whole day…” he mumbled, then he went downstairs to get something to eat.

He saw his mother in the kitchen and said, “Hey mom, anything to eat?”

“I just finished making lasagna,” she told him. “Go ahead and fix yourself a plate.”

While Jason was scooping some onto his plate, he heard someone behind him. “Nice shorts Jason, those new?”

Jason turned and saw Alex standing there, then suddenly he realized what he was trying to do, so Jason shoved a hand into his pocket, trying to mask the bulge at his crotch. He saw his mother looking at the shorts, then she said, “I do like those, Jason, when did you buy them?”

Alex giggled, and Jason struggled to balance the plate of food with one hand while the other was in his pocket covering himself. “Uh, recently… I’m gonna go sit down…” he said, and he turned to go sit at the table, quickly scooting his chair up close to hide his crotch. Alex sat across from him, but Jason was making it a point to ignore him while he ate. Once the food was finished, Jason got up and put away his dishes then said, “I’m going upstairs to use my computer, see you later.” His mother waved as he left.

Jason went into his room, then he heard Alex coming in after him. Jason turned and said, “So you’re acting like your old self again, is that it? Piss off.”

“It was a joke, calm down,” Alex said.

Jason stood there, arms crossed, waiting for Alex to leave. Alex looked down at Jason’s bulging crotch, then said, “What, you want to jerk off or something? Fine, play with yourself all night for all I care,” and then he stomped out, slamming the door behind him.

Jason shook his head, then walked over and sat at his computer. He wasn’t really in the mood for video games, and didn’t have any homework. Jason then got an idea, so he went and got his cellphone, then he pulled down his pants and underwear, then sat in his chair with his legs closed, forcing his entire package of large balls and long cock to be pushed forward on display. Jason then used his cellphone to snap a picture of his exposed basket. Next, he logged on to one of the chatroom programs he liked to use and updated his profile picture to the snapshot of his package. Then he went into one of the adult chatrooms.

Jason typed a greeting, but then some of the other people in the chatroom started typing things like “FAKE” and “Photoshopped” and “Unrealistic Morph, try again”. Jason ignored them, and instead tried to start up a conversation with someone he had chatted with in the past. As soon as he went into a private chat his new profile picture displayed on screen, his chat partner said, “I don’t want to chat with someone who’s not being honest” and then Jason saw a BLOCKED message pop up. “It’s not fake, you dipshits!” Jason yelled at his computer screen. He signed off and mumbled, “I hate the internet…”

Not having much else to do, Jason relaxed in bed watching TV until he eventually fell asleep late in the evening. Next morning, he woke up to his alarm clock. Getting up from bed, Jason decided on a baggy pair of pants to wear to school, not much in the mood for showing off today. Grabbing the rest of his stuff, he picked up his schoolbag and headed to his car, then drove to school. Like usual, Jason arrived at school only moments before the first bell rang, so he headed over to gym class for swim practice.

Walking into the locker room, Jason saw that Thomas was already there. “Hey, Jason!” Thomas called out. “Did you bring your new suit?” Jason nodded, then watched as Thomas yanked off his clothes and pulled out his bright yellow speedo, then pulled it up. Thomas grabbed his nine incher and arranged it in the pouch, then moved around his balls some, finally pulling out his hand once finished.

Jason was now getting a look at Thomas in his new suit for the first time. “Dude, that speedo’s pushing your whole package up and out,” he said. “Flatten it down or something!”

Thomas shook his head. “I can’t,” he said. “That’s just how it’s made. The elastic pushes everything forward.”

“Damnit, Brandon…” Jason mumbled under his breath.

Jason then took out his speedo, stepping into it and pulling it up, forcing his oversized package into the front pouch before pulling the waistband all the way. Letting go, his entire package flopped heavily down in the fabric pouch, slightly bouncing as it fell. “Oh wow, that really shows off your goods!” Thomas said.

Jason blushed, but there wasn’t much to be done about it. Jason heard from behind someone saying, “See, didn’t I tell you?” Turning around, Jason saw Brandon and Nathan walking over.

Nathan looked at Jason and Thomas. “Fuck dude, you weren’t lying,” he said. “Thomas, is that for real?”

Thomas beamed a smile and roughly grabbed his own bulge, pulling it forward. “Yep! Want to feel?”

Nathan raised his hands and said, “No, dude, back up… and you Jason, what the hell, you’re bigger every time I see you.”

Jason blushed and said, “Uh… yeah…” Jason looked down at Nathan’s crotch, and saw the usual bulge. Nathan was one of the team members who was packing a nice six incher or so, and as a shower more than a grower, it always made a decent sized bulge. Jason then looked over at Brandon’s speedo, then blinked a few times.

Brandon was sporting a bulge in his speedo that was very nearly the size of Thomas’s bulge. Jason knew without a doubt that Brandon had no where near that much below the waist, but before he said anything he heard Ricky from the other side of the room. “Thomas, what did you do, stick a sock in your pants to try to look freaky like your buddy Jason?” Ricky called out. “Oh jeez, you too Brandon? Is this whole team turning out to be a bunch of fags?”

Thomas took a few steps towards Ricky and thrust his hips forward, making his bulge even more obvious than it already was. “Nope! You wanna feel it, if you don’t believe me?”

Ricky walked up and roughly grabbed Thomas’s bulge, which made Thomas yell, “Hey, watch my nuts, that hurt!”

Ricky wasn’t listening and he slipped a finger under the waistband of Thomas’s speedo and pulled, exposing Thomas’s basket. Ricky saw Thomas’s cock coiled up front of the speedo’s pouch, with his plump nuts packed inside, enhancing the bulge.

Ricky stared for a moment, then he reached his hand into the speedo and touched Thomas’s cock, confirming that it was real. “You must really like that cock huh Ricky?” Brandon teased him. “How’s it feel?”

Ricky yanked his hand back and let go of the waistband, letting it snap back to Thomas’s waist. Before anyone could say more, they heard the bell ring, signaling class was starting. Ricky turned and walked out.

Jason turned to Brandon and said, “Uh, Brandon, what’s with—”

Brandon cut him off. “We need to get to roll call,” he said. “Coach is in faculty meetings today so we have a substitute, and he’s supposedly a pain in the ass. Let’s go before we’re late.” He went outside to the pool.

Jason followed, then got in line for roll call. The sub went down the line taking attendance, and when he got to Jason, he looked down, saw the obscenely large bulge in Jason’s speedo. “Jason, is it?” he said with a frown. “Don’t think you can pull these kinds of pranks today because I’m a sub. Take that out of your suit right now.”

Jason sighed, about to explain his situation yet again, but instead Ricky said, “He has a mutated freak dick, see, look,” and Jason felt Ricky yank down his speedo, exposing the top half of his shaft and part of his nutsack.

Jason scrambled to pull his suit back up, but the substitute had seen all he needed to see. “Ricky! Get back in line! Jason… uh… yes, I see… I’m marking you present… next…”

Next in line was Thomas, and Jason couldn’t believe it when he saw Thomas reach and pull his own speedo down, showing the substitute his huge, flaccid cock. “See, mine’s real too!”

The sub was now getting extremely red in the face. “That’s not necessary, please put your suit back on!” Next the sub came to Brandon, but this time he didn’t dwell on the bulge in Brandon’s speedo at all, and just said, “Brandon.. present… next…”

Once roll call was done, the team was dismissed to get into the pool and practice. Thomas dived in and was “accidentally” brushing his crotch up against members of the team as he swam around, having fun. Jason was about to jump in the pool as well when he heard Brandon say, “Jason, come over here for a minute.”

Jason saw Brandon standing near the locker room door, so he walked over and said, “What’s up?”

Brandon went inside and said, “Come in, hurry before the sub sees you.”

Jason was curious, but he followed Brandon into the locker room, then continued following as Brandon went into one of the side storage rooms. Walking in, Jason saw that Nathan was in the room as well, waiting for them. “Uh, okay, what’s up?” Jason said.

“We want you to show us your cock!” Brandon said.

Jason smiled, then gently patted the bulge in his speedo and said, “You see it, don’t you? This suit doesn’t leave much to the imagination.”

“Yeah, but take it out for us,” Brandon said.

“I’m sure you’re going to get an eye full during showers after class, but we need to get back out to the pool before the sub notices we’re not there,” Jason told them. He started to leave, but Brandon grabbed his arm. “Wait,” he said, “just, come on, pull out your dick.”

Jason yanked his arm away. “I told you, not right now,” he said, and he turned to leave again.

Jason was surprised when he felt Brandon roughly grab him again. “Help me, hold him!” He then felt Nathan also grabbing one of his arms, pulling him back into the room. Jason pulled away, but he had never been especially strong physically, so the two boys easily held him in place. Jason felt one of them tying his wrists with a rope, so he said, “The fuck are you two doing?” then he yelled “HEEEYYYYmmmpph” but one of them put a piece of tape over his mouth, silencing him. Jason started to kick at them, so they both grabbed his legs and tied them with rope as well.

Nathan then stood up, looked at Jason lying there tied up and said to Brandon, “What the fuck are we doing, man, we’re going to get in so much trouble.”

“It wasn’t supposed to go like this, but you saw, he wouldn’t cooperate!” Brandon said. He then reached out and pulled down Jason’s speedo, letting his big cock flop out to rest over his full balls.

Nathan looked at Jason’s exposed crotch and said, “Mother fucker he’s huge…”

Jason then saw Brandon pulling off his own speedo, and out flopped what looked to be around eight inches of soft cock over jumbo egg sized balls, which is more than Brandon had ever had in the past.

“Like I told you,” Brandon said to Nathan. “If you want it too, this is the only way, so don’t bitch out now.” Brandon then reached over and cupped Jason’s balls, massaging them. Brandon also took hold of Jason’s cock and slowly stroked it while rubbing his balls. Jason squirmed around, but even as he tried to fight it, his dick had a mind of its own and started to get hard. Brandon bent over, taking Jason’s cock into his mouth, sucking it a few times, which sped up his boner and soon Jason was fully erect.

Backing off, Brandon said to Nathan, “Go ahead, try it.”

Nathan shook his head then took a step back. “I’m not about to suck a guy’s cock for this,” he said. “You mean there’s no other way?”

Brandon shook his head. “It’s something to do with his cum. You saw Thomas, how big his dick got, yeah? See this too,” and Brandon gave his own cock a squeeze. He continued, “so if you want a few more inches to impress your girlfriend, you need to get over yourself and suck.” Jason tried to say through the tape “N.t c.m, Thom..s .ills….” but he couldn’t make sensible speech with the tape covering his mouth.

Brandon and Nathan were ignoring what he was trying to say, then Nathan bent forward, closed his eyes, opened his mouth, and put the tip of Jason’s dick in his mouth. Nathan sucked once or twice, then Jason felt a few drops of precum leak from his cock, which made Nathan pull back and spit across the room, then he started coughing. Brandon slapped Nathan’s arm and said, “What the fuck man, don’t waste it. If you’re too much of a pussy then move aside, I’ll take it all.”

Brandon bent in and took nearly all of Jason’s cock down his throat, sucking hard. Nathan watched as Jason squirmed as he was being sucked, but soon the feelings of pleasure were overwhelming and all Jason did was lean back, letting it happen. Brandon knew what Jason liked, and so he reached out and started to massage Jason’s balls while he sucked, and before long, Jason’s balls tightened up and he started to shoot, which Brandon gulped down. After only a few seconds of orgasming, Nathan roughly shoved Brandon aside and said “Move over” and then Nathan put Jason’s cock into his mouth.

Jason’s cock kept shooting, this time into Nathan’s mouth. Nathan was gagging and struggling on the cock, but he was forcing himself to swallow the loads of cum as Jason kept filling up his mouth. Jason had built up an especially large load this morning, and he continued to shoot into Nathan’s mouth for almost a minute. Brandon then started to push at Nathan. “Move over, let me get some more,” Brandon said, but Nathan held his place, continuing to drink deeply as Jason’s dick shot more down his throat. After about three minutes, Jason’s balls seemed to be empty, and he stopped cumming.

Nathan backed off of Jason’s cock and let himself collapse backwards. He was holding his stomach. “I think I’m going to be sick…”

Brandon kicked his leg. “You better not be, after you drank almost all of it!”

Brandon then knelt over and gently pulled the tape off of Jason’s mouth and said, “Jason… before you get mad….”

Jason ignored him and said, “You fucking idiots! Thomas didn’t get bigger because he drank my cum! He got bigger because….” Jason decided to not tell them everything and instead said, “It’s none of your business, but it surely wasn’t anything stupid like drinking cum!”

Nathan, still holding his stomach, said, “What? I drank all that… for nothing?”

Brandon cut in and said, “Look, see” and he held his clearly enlarged cock and continued, “After that day at the swim store, almost as soon as you left, my cock got like an inch bigger, and my balls got fuller. Then, at your house, after… when I was driving home, I got another two and a half inches on my cock, and my balls got this big, see?” He put a hand under his nuts and continued, “Both times, after drinking your cum, I got bigger just a few minutes later.”

Jason still thought he was lying, but hearing that had him concerned. “You better untie me!” Jason said. Brandon hurried to untie the ropes around his wrist and feet. Jason rubbed his arms, then stood up and said, “That’s not how it works, you dumbass.”

Jason looked at Nathan, who was still clutching his gut, then Nathan said, “How much cum was that, dude? Your nuts are big, but how did you cum so much…. not possible.”

Jason bent down and picked up his own speedo, putting it back on, then was about to walk out, but looking down at Nathan, he saw the bulge in Nathan’s speedo slightly moving. Jason was curious, so he waited, watching. While Nathan was still holding his stomach, his crotch was definitely getting bigger.

Brandon pointed and said, “See, see! I told you!” Jason was confused, but he couldn’t deny what he was watching. Nathan stopped holding his cum-filled stomach and instead he put a hand over his speedo, feeling himself get bigger. The three boys watched as Nathan’s crotch kept filling out, expanding his speedo. Soon, they saw one of Nathan’s balls force it’s way out of the speedo as they got bigger, while the other one was caught under the fabric.

Because of the expanding balls, Nathan’s speedo ripped at the seam, tearing open. His cock flopped out, looking to be about seven inches soft, while his nuts filled out to coconut sized. Another few minutes, and the growth at Nathan’s crotch came to a stop, with his dick still around seven, and his balls about the size of two footballs. Nathan stood and felt his crotch, then said, “What the hell is this?”

“I told you, I told you,” Brandon said. “Jason’s cum makes you bigger!”

“You said it would make my dick bigger!” Nathan said.

“It did, didn’t it?” Brandon replied.

“By like an inch, yeah, but look at my balls, they’re huge!” Nathan said. “You didn’t say anything about that!”

“Well, Jason usually doesn’t cum as much as he did…” Brandon told him.

Jason then cut in to their bickering and said, “You two dumbasses better keep quiet about this, unless you want me going to the principal about what happened in here.”

Brandon nodded. “Yeah, sure, our secret.”

Nathan stood up and said, “I won’t say anything.” Then Nathan reached down and touched his football sized nuts and asked, “What about me? My balls, you see this? They’re…”

“Deal with it,” Jason said flatly as he headed out of the storage room. Walking back towards the pool, Jason wondered what was going on. Why did his cum seem to have an effect like the growth pills?


Part 36

As Jason was walking through the locker-room, he saw that the guys from the team were starting to come inside and were making their way towards the showers. “Hey where have you been?” Thomas called to Jason.

“Doesn’t matter,” Jason told him. “Did the substitute notice I wasn’t in the pool?”

Thomas shook his head. “Nah I don’t think so, he spent most of class in Coach’s office.”

Jason leaned in and whispered to Thomas, “Hey, don’t say anything about the pills and stuff, okay?”

Thomas smiled and whispered back, “Oh, I wasn’t going to. Let the rest of the guys wonder, it’s more fun that way!”

Jason and Thomas went into the shower room with the rest of the team. Thomas right away yanked off his speedo, then began to casually walk around the room, acting like he was trying to decide which shower stall to use. The other guys on the team were watching and whispering among themselves. “Hey Thomas, how did your dong get bigger?” one of the guys said. “You had a three inch pecker last week!”

“It just started growing! You want to feel?” Thomas answered. The guy blushed and shook his head no.

Another member of the team called out, “Hey look, Jason got bigger again!”

The boys in the shower room all turned to look at Jason, who had just taken off his speedo, letting his fourteen inches droop down between his legs. Jason wasn’t in the mood to show off, so he turned away, though he couldn’t stop the guys from getting a look at his hanging balls and the back of his cock as they hung between his legs. Thomas walked over and stood in front of Jason, blocking the view, forcing himself back into the center of attention.

“If any of you are curious, and want to feel…” Thomas said to the room, but most of the guys were distracted by Brandon and Nathan walking into the shower room. Nathan had a towel wrapped around his waist, and Brandon was back in his speedo, showing a nice bulge.

One of the guys said, “You too, huh Brandon? How are you guys doing that?”

Brandon smiled and took off his speedo, letting his eight inches hang out for the team to see. “Look at him, he got huge too!” someone said. Nathan started to head back to a private stall, still wrapped in a towel, but Brandon, being the prankster that he was, yanked the towel off of Nathan’s waist, exposing his crotch and huge balls.

Nathan whipped around and said, “What the fuck dude, give that back!” but everyone had already seen Nathan’s balls. Jason looked, and he was sure that Nathan’s balls had gotten even bigger since he saw him a few minutes ago. They looked just under soccer-ball sized and were banging around heavily as Nathan tried to snatch back the towel from Brandon. “You see that? Look at Nathan!” one of the boys said, and someone else said, “That’s not possible… he wasn’t like that when class started!”

Ricky then left the shower room, and soon he came back with the substitute teacher following. Ricky pointed and said, “There, see?” The sub looked over and saw Nathan trying to pull the towel away from Brandon, with Nathan’s swollen balls knocking around between his thighs as he struggled.

The sub’s mouth hung open as he watched, unsure of how to handle what he was seeing. Once he regained his composure, the sub called out, “Nathan! Come over here right now, err, that is, come into the coach’s office. Jason, you too… Thomas, you as well.” The sub then turned and went into the office to wait.

“Huh, what’d I do?” Jason said. Nathan tried once more to grab the towel from Brandon, but Brandon dodged him. Giving up, Nathan stomped off starting to walk towards the coach’s office, his nuts bobbing around with each step. Jason caught up with Nathan and whispered, “Remember dude, you better not say anything about my cum doing that or I’m going to tell him what you and Brandon did to me, got it?”

Nathan gave a grunt and said, “Yeah, yeah, I heard you the first time. Why didn’t he call Brandon to his office with us?”

Jason shrugged. “I don’t know, maybe he thinks Brandon’s dick was always that size?”

Nathan snorted. “Yeah, right, he wishes.”

Thomas skipped over and said, “What you guys talking about?”

“Nothing,” Jason said, “just keep quiet if he says anything about your size.” The boys then went into the coach’s office, and at the direction of the substitute, they all took a seat on the bench along the wall.

The sub said “Okay boys, I’ve been working with both high school and college gym classes for a long time, and I’ve taken some courses in sports medicine. I’ve seen the occasional teen or young man who was well endowed, and a few years back there was even a student who was so… well anyway. The chances of three boys in the same class, and even then… Jason, you’re…”

Jason looked down, seeing how over half of his cock was hanging over the edge of the bench he was sitting on, swinging in the air like a pendulum. Jason reached down and pulled his cock up, then scooted back some on the bench, and tried to rest his dick on the bench, though it then ended up sliding over the edge again moments later.

The sub then moved over to Nathan and said, “Nathan… did you receive an injury during class? A blow to the testicles can cause intense swelling in rare cases. Your testicles… that’s very recent.”

Nathan put his hands over his huge balls. “Uh… no… they just…” and then Nathan glanced at Jason, then continued, “I don’t know, they just.. got bigger?”

“That’s not possible,” the sub said. “Let me check you for injury,” and the sub then knelt down, reaching out to slide a hand under Nathan’s nutsack.

Nathan grabbed his hand and jumped up from the bench. “Whoa dude, don’t try to feel my balls!”

“As I said, I’ve taken courses in sports medicine,” the sub told him. “Think of me as a nurse. I need to check you for injury. That has to be the cause…”

Nathan crossed his arms, then closed his eyes, trying to ignore everyone in the room as the substitute leaned in and once again started to rub around Nathan’s huge balls, examining them. After a few minutes, the sub stood up and said, “There’s no swelling… it’s just… your testicles… they’re really that big…”

“Check me, check me!” Thomas called out from the bench, and he spread his legs wide. The sub, still stunned, bent over and started to examine Thomas’s egg sized balls. As the sub was handling Thomas’s balls, Jason saw that Thomas’s nine inch cock started to throb, then began to get hard.

Thomas put a hand on his cock as it continued to get hard and said, “Can you check this too?”

The sub jumped up, backing away, deeply red in the face. “None of this is possible. I’m calling your parents!”

Jason jumped up from the bench, making his cock whip around from the sudden movement. “Wait, no, hold on, don’t do that! Here, you can do whatever you want! Look, want to see me get hard?”

Jason was flustered, scrambling for an idea to get the sub’s attention, but the sub was keeping his eyes averted as he dialed, then said, “Yes, I need the number for Jason’s mother.”

Jason slumped back down onto the bench and sighed, not at all looking forward to what he knew was sure to be an awkward conversation very soon.


Part 37

Jason sat on the bench, awaiting the inevitable. The substitute had brought Jason and Thomas their speedos, which they were again wearing, but he didn’t allow them to get back into their school clothes yet. Nathan’s speedo had been ripped, not that his balls would have fit into it anyway, so he was sitting on the bench with a towel wrapped around his waist, covering the large bulge between his legs. Jason felt a sense of dread as he waited for their parents to arrive, though at the same time he was almost relieved this was happening. Jason was tired of the stress of trying to hide his size from everyone.

Jason saw an older lady walking into the office, and then the sub went over, speaking to her. The woman got a shocked expression on her face, and then she walked over to Nathan and said, “Nathan, are you alright? What happened?”

Nathan, still not looking up from the ground, stood and headed for the door. “Can we just leave?” he asked. Jason could see the outline of Nathan’s balls swinging around underneath the towel as he walked. Nathan’s mother then rushed out, following him down the hall.

Next, Jason saw a large man walking in and speak to the coach while out of hearing range. “That’s my dad,” Thomas whispered to Jason. Jason then saw the man walk over and stare down at Thomas, looking at the big bulge in his yellow speedos. Jason saw that for once, Thomas looked unhappy instead of his usual cheerful self.

“You want to tell me what the fuck is going on here, son?” the man yelled at Thomas. “You trying to embarrass me, parading around in something like that?”

Thomas looked downwards and mumbled, “No sir…” Jason saw the man roughly grab Thomas’s arm and yank him to his feet. Thomas’s heavy bulge bounced slightly, and was still being pushed up and outward by the speedo’s design, very clearly showing off his package.

“You want to explain yourself?” the man yelled again. “What is that?”

“Sir, I’ve examined your son,” the sub cut in. “There has to be some underlying medical…”

But Thomas’s dad interrupted and said, “Boy, cover that up. We’re leaving, now.” Thomas went to a shelf and grabbed a towel, wrapping it around his waist to cover his speedo bulge, then walked out behind his father. Jason wondered what was happening with Nathan and Thomas, but seeing his mother walking in to the office brought his attention back to his own situation.

His mother spoke to the substitute for a few minutes, then they both walked over to Jason. He knew there was no way to really hide his bulge, especially in the very revealing speedo he was wearing, so Jason didn’t even bother trying. Sitting there on the bench, Jason spread his legs slightly, letting the pouch holding his huge cock and balls hang down in full view of everyone, ready to get this over with.

Jason’s mother saw the impossibly huge bulge at Jason’s crotch. “Oh my heavens!” she said. She put her hand over her mouth, shocked at what she saw.

Jason folded his arms, not saying anything. “How… when did this happen?” his mother said.

Jason shrugged. “A few days ago.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Uh, it’s not something I really want to discuss with my mother,” Jason answered.

“Ma’am, something has caused your son’s genitalia to increase in size far beyond… well more than I’ve ever heard of, that’s for sure,” the substitute said. “It’s not just your son though. Two more of his classmates are in a similar condition.”

“So then, it’s some kind of epidemic or infection that caused…?” Jason’s mother asked.

“Honestly, this is something I’ve never seen before, so I can’t answer that,” the sub replied. “That’s why you were called, it’s up to you what you want to do.”

“I am 18 years old, you know!” Jason said from the bench. “I don’t need my hand held.”

His mother’s voice got stern and she said, “Jason, don’t you try to take that tone with me. Come with me, let’s go.” Jason sighed as he stood up, doing as he was told. As he stood, his heavy package drooped down in the fabric pouch, slightly pulling down his speedo, outlining the curves of his balls and shaft of his cock. His mother gasped and said “Jason! Where did you get that suit?”

“A friend had it made for me,” Jason said.

“It’s… why would you wear something like that!”

“Uh, can’t you tell?” Jason said sarcastically. “Nothing else fits.”

His mother looked embarrassed at that comment, and the sub said, “Ma’am, I would suggest he see a specialist to try and find the cause of what’s happened.”

Jason’s mother nodded and thanked the sub, then walked out, motioning Jason to follow. “Hold on, let me get my clothes,” Jason said, and he then ran to the locker room, put on his shirt and pants, then followed his mother to the parking lot.

“We’re going to see Dr. Amon right now,” Jason’s mother said to him.

“He’s out of town,” Jason said, and then he got an idea. “Dr. Meyers is covering for him while he’s gone. We can go see him if you want.”

“Then that’s who we’re going to see,” she said. “Come on.”

“I can’t leave my car here,” Jason told her. “How about you follow me there?” His mother nodded, so Jason got into his car and drove off, with his mother following behind in her car. While driving, Jason got out his cellphone and dialed Meyers office. Jason then told the receptionist who he was and that he needed to speak to Meyers immediately. To his surprise, she agreed and then a few moments Meyers got on the line.

“I’m on my way over there, and my mother’s coming too,” Jason said. “She saw me… I need you to cover for me! Act like you never saw me before, then do some bullshit examination and make up some story for her, I don’t care what. You better not tell her anything about the other guys, or what really happened if you want me to keep quiet about all this.” Jason then hung up before waiting on a response.

Arriving at the office, Jason parked his car, then walked into the building with his mother. His mother rushed over to the front desk. “I need to see someone right away, it’s an emergency,” she announced loudly, adding, “There’s something wrong with my son’s penis!”

Mom!” Jason said. “Jeez, keep it down!”

Jason then saw Meyers walking over. He introduced himself then told them to follow him back. Jason’s mother began to go as well, but Jason said, “Mom, wait out here. I don’t want you watching if he has to examine… you know.”

His mother nodded. “Okay, but have him call me back as soon as the examination is finished!” Jason nodded and walked back with Meyers while his mother took a seat in the waiting room.

Once in the exam room, Jason said, “Okay, you have to tell her something, I don’t know, but make it sound believable.”

“Jason, you know we have the capability to reduce your penis and testicle size,” Meyers said.

“No! Don’t tell her that either, damn it!” Jason said. “Just say…. fuck I don’t know, your the medical type, think of something.”

“Let me at least examine you first,” Meyers then said.

“Whatever,” Jason said, and pulled down his pants and speedo.

Meyers began to examine Jason’s package, and while he was doing so, Jason thought for a moment, considering if he should say anything, then decided he should. “Uh, something else… I think maybe… this sounds weird but… I think my cum made some other guys grow… I don’t know…”

Meyers immediately focused on Jason. “Oh? That’s very interesting. I’ll need to take a blood and semen sample.”

Jason shrugged, so Meyers drew some blood from his arm, then used another needle and went towards Jason’s balls, but Jason said, “Whoa there, what are you doing?”

“This is a micro needle,” Meyers told him. “You shouldn’t feel a thing.” Jason was skeptical, but he nodded, so Meyers stuck the needle into one of Jason’s balls. Jason felt only the smallest of pinpricks, and moments later Meyers was finished.

Walking out of the room, Meyers said, “Please wait a few moments.” Jason leaned back on the exam table, absently rubbing on groin, waiting for Meyers to return. After rather a while, Meyers came back in and said, “Jason, I have some troubling news. After some tests, we’ve discovered that you still have trace amounts of the P7240 and T3600 formula in your semen. This is a completely unforeseen complication that no one could have predicted. What this means is that if someone were to ingest your semen, they could absorb small amounts of the formula, triggering growth.”

“So uh, you mean…” Jason said, frowning.

“For now,” Meyers continued, “I would recommend you avoid all sexual encounters. We’re going to need some time to research this further and determine a course of action.”

“Uh, yeah, whatever,” Jason told him, “but my mother’s here right now, you need to tell her some kind of story.”

Meyers went over to an intercom and buzzed it, asking for Jason’s mother to be sent back. Jason quickly pulled up his pants just before she walked into the room.

Meyers greeted her and said, “I’ve examined Jason, and he appears to be in perfect health. As to the state of his genitals, what seems to have happened is that his body released additional puberty hormones, which trigger growth in the sexual organs. It’s a very rare occurrence, but not unheard of in the medical community.”

“But Doctor, it’s not just him,” his mother said. “I was told there were two other boys with the same condition!”

Meyers looked at Jason, then said, “Er.. yes… well, you see… there can be environmental catalysts that may induce the condition. All three boys may have been exposed to whatever was the cause.”

“Well, they are all in the same class… but what about now?” Jason’s mother said. “How do you fix it?”

“There’s nothing to fix!” Jason cut in.

“As I mentioned,” Meyers continued, with an eye on Jason, “Jason’s health is excellent, and there’s nothing else to be done. Aside from the increased size, everything is normal.”

His mother shook her head. “But. he’s so…” she trailed off.

Jason jumped off the table and loudly said, “Gosh! So we’re done here, right?”

Meyers nodded. “Yes, I believe so.”

“So, you see?” Jason said to his mother. “I’m fine, everything’s okay. Don’t worry, it’s going to be alright.” He checked his phone and added, “Okay, well, school’s about to end for the day, so no point going back there. I’m going home, so …see you later, okay?”

Jason’s mother just nodded, still trying to process the news. Jason waved and walked out to his car. He breathed a sigh of relief, glad that he no longer had to worry about his mother discovering his new size. Even better, Alex couldn’t use that to hold over his head anymore. Getting in his car, Jason drove home.


Part 38

Jason decided to stop and get some food at a burger joint on the way home. When he finally did pull up to his house, he saw that Alex’s car was already in the driveway. When he went inside, he saw Alex at the table having an after school snack. “Where’ve you been?” Alex asked him.

Jason figured he may as well tell him so he said, “Some substitute teacher at school freaked out about my cock size, so he called mom. She then made me go see a doctor, and that’s where I’ve been.”

“Wait, you mean mom saw your junk?” Alex said. “She knows?”

Jason bent down and pulled off his pants, then his shirt. Standing there dressed only in his revealing, bulging speedo, Jason said, “Yep, she knows everything. I don’t have to keep trying to hide anymore.” Jason twisted his hips slightly, making his package jiggle while Alex watched. Jason then slowly walked into the kitchen. “Any good snacks in here?” Taking out some beef jerky, Jason then leaned against the pantry door, using one hand to eat the jerky while his other slowly scratched his balls through the speedo while Alex watched the whole thing.

“Have you seen my new speedo yet?” he asked Alex, who sat staring at him. “A friend made it for me. See how well it holds everything up front without squeezing?” Jason ran his hand over the pouch holding his junk again, really showing off his size to Alex.

Suddenly Alex jumped up from his chair and shoved it back under the table, then without a word he stomped off up the stairs and slammed the door to his room. Jason felt a little guilty, but only a little. Finishing up his snack, he went up to his room as well.

In his room, Jason took off his speedo, putting it back into his schoolbag, then he pulled on some loose briefs and shorts. Hearing his phone ring, Jason answered it. “Hey Kevin, what’s up?”

Kevin sounded irritated. “You won’t believe what happened. I got suspended from the wrestling team! One of the guys said I was taking steroids, and the wrestling coach actually believed that bullshit! Now I’m suspended until they get back the results from a drug test.”

“Well, can you really blame them? I’ll bet your chest is now bigger than two of the guys combined! Don’t worry, once the test results come in, they’ll see you’re clean and it’ll be fine.”

“How about I come over there,” Kevin said. “I know something long and hard that can cheer me up real nice…”

Jason laughed but said, “Not tonight, I went to see Meyers today…. long story, but he said my cum has some of that medicine stuff in it still and it will make guys grow.”

“What?” Kevin said. “I definitely want to come over then!”

“Not tonight… at least wait until I hear back from Meyers, okay? Hey, I’m getting another call, let’s talk later!” and with that Jason hung up the phone and put it back on the charger, since there was no other caller.

Looking around his room, Jason noticed he really needed to clean up since he had clothes all over the floor, his bed was unmade, and the whole room just looked a mess. After some minor tidying up, Jason went to lay in his bed, turning on the TV to watch.

Jason then heard a soft knock on his door, so he called out, “Come in.” Alex then walked into the room, and Jason said, “Since when do you knock first?”

Alex shrugged, then came and sat on the bed next to Jason. “What are you up to?” he asked.

Jason shrugged and said, “I don’t know, nothing really. Watching TV.”

“Can I watch it with you?” Alex asked. Jason shrugged again, and was surprised when Alex crawled up onto the bed and lay down right next to him.

Jason flipped through a few channels, then Alex said, “Hey, how about you put on one of those adult movies?”

“All of the stuff I have is gay movies,” Jason told him.

“Yeah, I know that,” Alex told him. “Put one in.”

“Huh? You mean you want to watch a gay movie, with me?” Jason asked him.

Alex gave a smile and said, “Sure, why not. Come on, put something on.” Jason didn’t see any reason why he shouldn’t, so he went to his hidden DVD collection and put one in, then went back to lay on the bed and pushed play.

A guy appeared on screen, with another guy slowly taking his clothes off. Once the guy on screen was naked, they saw his hard dick was around seven inches. “I thought these gay movies all had guys with big dicks?” Alex said.

“Dude, he is big,” Jason told him. “The biggest you’re going to see in a movie is maybe nine inches. Anything bigger tends to be corny stuff with prosthetics.”

“Ahh, I see…” Alex said.

They continued to watch the movie, and Jason felt Alex’s hand slowly sliding onto his crotch, but he decided to ignore it for now. Alex then pressed slightly, feeling Jason’s big cock through his pants. Jason continued to watch the movie, pretending to ignore what Alex was doing. Alex then said, “Shouldn’t our pants be off while watching a movie like this?”

“Usually this is the kind of movie that someone watches alone…” Jason answered.

Alex then pulled off his shorts and laid back down, wearing only his briefs. Jason decided to do the same, taking off his shorts, but leaving his briefs on. Looking and comparing their crotches, Jason was both turned on and felt guilty, since he was showing a huge bulge in his briefs, while Alex hardly had any bulge at all in his. Alex then scooted closer in the bed, snuggling up closer to his brother and he again went back to rubbing Jason’s bulge through his briefs.

Alex then boldly slid his hand inside of Jason’s briefs, gently grabbing Jason’s huge cock and rubbed it. Finally dropping his little charade of pretending to ignore what was going on, Jason said, “What are you doing?”

Alex gave Jason’s cock a gentle squeeze. “Don’t you like this?” he said. “Feels like you do..”

Jason could feel his cock getting hard as Alex was rubbing it, and soon his shaft was pressing firm on the basket of the briefs, which was uncomfortable. “You should take these off,” Alex said. “Your cock needs room to stand up…”

Jason grabbed the band of his briefs and pulled it down, sliding it over his hard cock. Once released, Jason’s cock stood straight up in full, huge magnificent glory. Alex used both hands to grab Jason’s cock and slowly stroke it a few times. Jason was kind of weirded out by what was going on, but it felt good so he continued to let it happen. Alex gave a few more slow, long strokes on Jason’s hard dick.

In the movie, one of the guys started to give the other guy a blowjob. Alex then crawled forward onto Jason’s lap and bent forward to start sucking on Jason’s dick. Just before Alex’s lips were about to reach the head of Jason’s cock, Jason gently pushed him backwards and said, “That’s okay, you don’t have to do that.”

Alex crawled forward again and said, “I don’t mind,” and then he went to suck on the dick again. For a second time, Jason pushed Alex back. “Just stroke it for me,” he said. “that feels nice.”

Alex was determined, and he went back for a third try to suck Jason’s dick. Jason grabbed the end of his cock and pulled it closer, blocking Alex’s mouth. “Dude, really, you don’t have to do that!”

Alex tried to pull Jason’s cock out of his hands and towards his mouth. “I want to, though,” he said. “Let me suck it.”

Jason then forcefully pushed Alex completely out of his lap. “Bro, what’s gotten in to you? Cut it out, this is already weird enough.”

Alex was losing his cool. “Will you just let me suck your fucking cock?”

Jason got out of the bed, his hard dick waving through the air as he was getting up. “No, you’re not sucking my dick,” he told him. “Now quit trying!”

“What do you want?” Alex tried to bargain. “Name it and I’ll do it if you let me suck it.”

“I said no!” Jason told him, and then Jason stopped to think for a moment, and after putting the pieces together he yelled, “Oh you little shit! “You were eavesdropping on my phone call! This whole thing was because you want to drink my cum! I should have fucking known. Get out of my room!”

“Come on, let me have just a little!” Alex pleaded with him.

“I don’t know how many different ways I can say this,” Jason told him, “but my cock is not going into your mouth, so stop asking.”

Alex reached out and made a grab for Jason’s big cock that was waving around, but Jason caught his arm and twisted, spinning Alex around and pulling him to the ground. While Alex was face-down on the floor, Jason knelt down and pinned him down with his knee, then he leaned in and said to his brother, “Did you really think that was going to work?” Then Jason grabbed hold of his still hard cock and pushed it down, guiding it forward and then Jason rubbed the head of his dick against Alex’s cheek and ear. “Hope you like this,” he growled, “because this is as close as my cock’s going to get to your mouth.”

Alex squirmed, but he was firmly pinned down by Jason on his back. Jason then rubbed the shaft of his cock against the back of Alex’s neck, teasing him. Alex struggled some more and yelled, “Get off of me!” Jason rubbed his hard cock against the back of Alex’s shoulders a few more times, then he got off of Alex and stood up. Alex quickly got back to his feet. “You can be a real selfish prick!” he said, and with that, he stormed out of Jason’s room.

Now alone, Jason looked down at his still throbbing boner. Sitting back on his bed, Jason started to stroke his cock, jerking himself off. Jason then also bent forward and started to suck himself since he really was craving a blowjob, no matter what he had told Alex. Jason continued to stroke himself while sucking his own dick for a while and soon he felt himself start to orgasm. His first blast of cum hit him hard in the back of his throat, which he swallowed, but then he realized what he was doing and quickly pulled his dick out of his mouth, instead covering the end of his cock with a shirt as he kept cumming.

Jason let himself finish orgasming onto the shirt, then when his dick stopped shooting, he got up and went into the bathroom and tried to spit out the cum from his mouth. Too late though, the cum he had swallowed was already gone. Jason then looked down at his now limp cock hanging there and wondered what would happen now that he swallowed some of his own cum.


Part 39

Jason stood in his bathroom holding his breath as he stared down at his crotch. Soon, he was forced to take a breath, but he continued to stare at himself. Moments later, he felt a tingling in his balls, then he saw them very slowly pulse lightly, and he watched as his balls filled out his sack just a little bit more. Only seconds later, the tingling stopped, and his balls were still. Jason kept staring, not moving or touching himself and held that position for almost five minutes. Finally, he was satisfied there would be no further growth, so he reached down and checked himself out.

Jason felt his cock and determined that it either hadn’t changed size at all, or if so, it wasn’t enough to notice. His balls felt fuller and heavier, but it was only a slight amount, maybe five percent increase in size, if that. Relieved, Jason was glad he caught himself before he swallowed more than a single spurt of cum. Going back into his room, Jason put back on his briefs, adjusting his large bulge as best he could for comfort. Then, feeling bad about what happened with his brother, he walked down the hall to Alex’s room and knocked on the door.

After there was no answer, Jason knocked a few more times, then just walked in. Looking around, he saw that Alex wasn’t in there, so instead Jason went downstairs and looked around for his brother. Going into the kitchen, he saw his mother, so he said, “Hey mom where’s Alex?”

“He left a few minutes ago,” his mother said, “but didn’t say where he was going.” His mother then turned around and saw Jason and exclaimed, “Jason! You can’t walk around like that with your condition!” Jason looked down and realized he was standing in front of his mother dressed in nothing but some tight fitting briefs, showcasing an outlandishly large bulge.

“Oh… yeah, sorry,” Jason said. “I’ll go put something on…” Jason then went back upstairs and was about to put on some pants, but then instead decided to just lay in bed and watch TV again. Resting in bed, Jason was barely even watching the TV, and instead he was slowly feeling his package, thinking to himself. Now that he didn’t feel like he needed to keep his growth a secret, Jason was considering different ways he could have some fun. Thinking one more time about Alex, wondering where he went, Jason decided he would apologize to him later, so he curled up under the covers and went to sleep.

Next morning, Jason did his usual of getting ready for school then driving over, arriving just in time like standard. Going into the gym locker room, Jason saw Thomas so he walked over and said, “Hey Thomas, did everything go ok with you yesterday?”

“Not really,” Thomas said quietly. “My dad think’s I’ve been stealing money to buy penis enhancer pills on the internet. I told him he’s wrong, but he doesn’t believe me. Then he ripped up my new speedo and made me go with him to buy this shitty thing.” Thomas took out another speedo, but this one was black and the material didn’t look very flexible.

Thomas took off his pants and put on the speedo, and when he pulled it up, Jason could see that it seemed too small, and even though Thomas’s package was forced into the suit, the black color and hard material didn’t really show much more than a nondescript slight bulge up front. “See what I mean,” Thomas said. “It’s tight and not comfortable, I hate it!”

“Uh, yeah, I see what you mean,” Jason said. “Maybe we can get you another one later…” Jason then took out his own white speedo with the big pouch up front and put it on, feeling kind of bad that he still had his.

Jason looked around the locker room and saw Brandon getting dressed a few lockers down, but he didn’t see Nathan. Jason walked over and said, “Brandon, you heard from Nathan?”

Brandon shook his head.”Not since he left yesterday, and he didn’t show up for school today either. Hey, do you think later we could maybe… you know?” Brandon reached out and put a hand on Jason’s package, but Jason pushed it away.

“Don’t start that again,” Jason growled, then he walked out to the pool for roll call.

Coach was back today, and as he went down the line taking attendance, he stopped and stared at Jason’s package for a moment, but didn’t say anything. After roll call, the boys all jumped into the pool. Jason swam over to Brandon. “Hey Brandon,” he said, “Thomas could use another of those speedos made, think you could help?”

“Sure, I still have his measurements at the store,” Brandon told him. “I’ll have them make one soon.”

“Thanks,” Jason said.

“Hey, I’m going to go by Nathan’s house after school to check on him, you want to come?”

Jason hesitated, then decided he was genuinely curious about what was up with Nathan. “Uh, yeah. I’ll go.”

Brandon smiled and said, “Great, it’s a date!”

“Hold on, don’t get any ideas,” Jason told him. “We’re just checking on Nathan, right?”

“Yeah, yeah, of course,” Brandon said. “You want to be my relay partner for today?”

“I usually do the relay with Thomas,” Jason answered. “I’ll meet up with you after school.” Jason then swam over to Thomas, getting into position to start swimming laps.

Once swim class was coming to an end, the team went into the showers. Thomas happily yanked off his tight, ill-fitting speedo and walked into the showers, letting his cock hang free. Jason took his suit off also and followed him in. In the shower room, one of the boys called out, “Hey Jason, what was up with Nathan yesterday? His balls looked even bigger than yours!”

Jason shrugged and said, “You’ll have to ask him.”

“Yo, Brandon!” another of the boys called out. “Who’s bigger, you or Thomas?”

Hearing that, Thomas immediately yelled out, “I am!” Thomas then walked over to Brandon and then he shoved his crotch into Brandon’s, pushing both of their large dicks together.

The guys saw that Thomas’s dick did hang down about an inch further than Brandon’s, but Brandon said, “Yeah, but I bet I’m bigger hard!”

“Let’s see!” someone yelled.

Both of the boys, determined to win this contest reached down and started to rub their dicks. Guys in the room were whistling as they watched both of them getting hard, and once both had a boner, they walked forward and compared dicks again. While hard, Thomas’s cock still beat Brandon’s by over an inch. “See, I’m bigger, told you guys!” Thomas yelled happily.

Brandon frowned. “How about you compare to Jason?” someone else said.

Jason waved his hands and said, “No thanks,” but the guys started cheering, prompting him to do it.

Jason kept ignoring them, but when someone said, “Is your dick too big to get hard?”

Jason felt like he had to quash that rumor before anyone started to believe it. “Of course it still gets hard,” Jason said. “Watch!” Jason rubbed his own cock, letting it start to get erect.

Once his cock was all the way boned, Jason waved it around some. “See, told you,” he said.

The guys were impressed and said things like, “Fucking huge, he’s enormous!”

Thomas then walked over and put his hard cock up against Jason’s. “I’m almost as big!” he said, but everyone could clearly see that Jason had over five inches of length on Thomas’s cock.

Jason was really getting turned on from both the attention, and Thomas handling his dick in front of the crowd, and he could feel his balls tightening up like he was about to shoot. Trying to prevent orgasmsing in front of everyone, Jason pulled his dick away. “Okay, you guys saw, show’s over,” he said, and then he went into a shower stall and switched it to very cold, which didn’t take long to get rid of his boner. Jason could feel that his balls were very full and wanting release, but he ignored the feeling and went to get dressed after his shower, then went to his next class.


Part 40

In his next class, Jason greeted Kevin, then took his seat. “Any news about your drug test results?” Jason asked him.

“I should hear something this afternoon,” Kevin said. “But I’m not worried. I’ve never taken a steroid in my entire life.”

Jason nodded, then they both had to get quiet as class was starting. Once class finished, Kevin said, “I’ll come find you during lunch,” and then took off towards his next class. Jason did the same, daydreaming through most of the lesson as the teacher lectured. Hearing the lunch bell ring, Jason got up and went to the yard to find Kevin.

After meeting up with Kevin, the boys went and got some pizza and ate it. “Hey, come with me,” Kevin said, so Jason followed Kevin. They went through one of the halls and then Jason followed Kevin into an empty classroom and saw Kevin lock the classroom door. Once they were in, Kevin walked over to Jason and gave him a long kiss, sliding his hand down Jason’s abs and into his pants. Kevin put his large hand over Jason’s balls and said, “I’ve missed you.”

Jason hugged Kevin, but said, “Dude, not here!”

Kevin kissed Jason again, cutting off his protests. Kevin was stroking Jason’s cock inside of his pants, getting him hard. Jason was still kind of horny from the showers that morning, so he stopped trying to stop Kevin and he let himself continue getting hard. Jason could feel a few drops of precum leaking into his underwear as Kevin kept kissing him and stroking his hard dick, which was currently being forced down a leg of his pants. Jason was getting so turned on, he was worried he might blow a load right there in his pants, but then they heard a bell ring. “Oh shit!” Jason said. “Someone’s going to be here soon, we have to go!”

Jason yanked Kevin’s hand out of his pants, then tucking his shirt back in Jason awkwardly rushed out of the room to his next class, his huge boner making it hard to walk with it pointed down his pants leg, not to mention the obvious outline of the cock in his pants. Jason did his best to cover it with his schoolbag as he rushed down the hall. Getting to his next class, Jason quickly got into his desk and put his bag on his lap, covering himself, thankful that his boner was starting to go away. Jason rubbed himself under his bag, feeling his balls making a mighty bulge in his pants. His nuts clearly didn’t like being brought to the edge of orgasm and then forced to hold it in multiple times.

Jason sat through the class doing his best to think of mundane things. The time passed ever so slowly, but eventually the bell sounded and Jason rushed over to his final class of the day. Tapping his foot, Jason patiently waited until the last bell sounded, and once it did, he rushed out of class and went into the bathroom, entering a stall and closing the door. Jason reached into his pants and grabbed his dick, roughly jerking it trying to get a quick orgasm. It didn’t take much before his dick was hard again, and he felt his full balls ready to release the load he’s been building up all day.

Before he brought himself to climax, Jason heard some people come into the bathroom. Then someone banged on the stall and yelled, “Hey, hurry up in there!”

“Just a minute!” Jason yelled back.

They banged again. “Hurry, I gotta go!”

“Mother fucker!” Jason yelled out loud, and then forced his dick back into his pants, not able to climax with someone beating on the stall door. Jason slammed open the door and walked out, but the other guy rushed in instantly and closed the stall behind them.

Jason walked out of the bathroom, then heard his name being called. Brandon was waving and running down the hall. “There you are! I usually take the bus, so you think you can give me a ride with you to Nathan’s?”

Jason rubbed his full, swollen balls through his pants, but he knew Brandon would never let him get away to handle himself, so he gruffly said, “Yeah, whatever, hurry up, let’s go,” and the boys headed to Jason’s car.


Part 41

While driving to Nathan’s, Jason asked Brandon, “So you and Nathan, you’ve been friends a long time huh?”

“Yeah, since elementary school,” Brandon told him.

“You two… you fool around much?”

Brandon smiled and said, “Nah. It’s not that I don’t want to, but he’s not into that. He has a girlfriend and all.”

“Ahh, I see… does he know about you?” Jason said.

“What, you mean does he know I like guys?” Brandon answered. “Yeah, he’s cool with it. He’s even tried to set me up with a few guys before, but he doesn’t get it’s not so easy like that, hah.”

Brandon then asked, “So what about you? I’ve seen how Kevin acts around you!”

“Yeah,” Jason said, “we’re together.”

Brandon nodded. “Figured as much, but what about Thomas?”

Jason blushed. “Yeah, we’ve fooled around with Thomas as well.”

Brandon chuckled and said, “Ahh, an open relationship, the best kind!”

“Not exactly,” Jason said. “It’s complicated.”

“Here, this is our turn,” Brandon cut in. “Nathan’s house is second on the right.”

Jason parked and they got out of the car, with Jason adjusting his package as he stood, moving his aching balls into a better position. Brandon went up to the front door and knocked, but got no answer. “That’s Nathan’s truck over there,” he said, “so he’s probably home.” Brandon then knocked again and waited. After a moment, he said, “Whatever, I know he’s in there. Hold on, I have my own key.” Brandon pulled out a keyring, then found the proper one and opened the door.

Jason followed Brandon inside then down the hall. Brandon went up to a door and banged on it. Jason heard Nathan inside say, “Go away.”

Brandon opened the door. “You know I’m not going to do that,” he said, and went in, followed by Jason. Nathan was sitting in a chair wearing large sweat pants, with a clear bulge at the crotch. “Where have you been dude?” Brandon asked him. “What happened after you left yesterday?”

“My mom freaked out and brought me to the hospital emergency room,” Nathan said. “I spent almost 10 hours in that stupid place with doctor after doctor coming in to check on my nuts. Even after that entire ordeal, know what their final answer was? They have no fucking clue, so they sent me home.”

“Uh, Jason, you have any ideas?” Brandon then said.

Jason sighed, then said, “Yeah, I have an idea. I saw a doctor too, and he ran some tests and said I have some stuff in my semen that can cause growth. But you guys already knew that anyway.”

“Yeah, well, I didn’t say anything about that part of it…” Nathan said.

“It can help if you cum,” Jason said. “You know, empty out your balls some.”

“I’ve cum probably fifteen times since yesterday,” Nathan said glumly. “Sure, it helped some the first time or two, but not since.”

“Really?” Jason said to him. “Can you show me?”

Nathan nodded and stood up, then pulled down his sweats, exposing himself. “Oh dude, come on,” Brandon said, “I thought you were going to have two watermelons or something in your pants. That’s not bad at all!”

Nathan put a hand under his hanging sack and said, “What are you talking about? These are fucking massive!” Jason checked out Nathan’s balls and estimated they were around coconut sized. He had to admit, he kind of expected they were going to be way bigger the way he was carrying on.

“My balls are outrageous!” Nathan said. “Girls are going to see these and run away screaming!”

Brandon reached out to touch them and said, “I don’t know about all that, but I think they’re really hot. I think you’re damn lucky!”

Nathan knocked away Brandon’s hand. “Dude, don’t touch,” he said.

Brandon turned to Jason and said, “What about you, Jason? Think his balls are too big or do you like them?”

“Uh…” Jason hedged.

“You know, Jason has some big ones too,” Brandon went on, “and he seems happy enough. Why don’t you show him, Jason?”

Jason just said “Uhh…” again, but Brandon walked over and started to reach out and take hold of the waistband of Jason’s pants.

Brandon then said, “Come on, help a friend out, make him feel better, okay?” Brandon waited a moment, and when Jason didn’t say no, he pulled and lowered Jason’s pants and briefs, exposing his package. “See, Jason’s about the same size as you, and he’s doing just fine with it!”

Jason looked down at himself and was surprised to see that his aching balls really had filled up and swollen to close to Nathan’s current size. Jason reached down and felt himself, feeling the weight of the cum buildup in his balls.

“Just because someone else is also too big doesn’t make me feel any better,” Nathan said.

Brandon reached out and put a hand on Jason’s overfilled nuts and said, “Too big? Come on bro, no one says that about this kind of stuff. Guys are going to see you and get jealous, girls are going to see you and look forward to the fuck of their life.”

Nathan gave a snort and sat back down, while Brandon continued to handle Jason’s swollen balls. Jason continued to stand there, unable to decide if he should put a stop to this or let it happen, but either way his dick was starting to get hard.

Nathan glanced at Jason’s dick and said, “I was supposed to get a trouser snake like that… not these big nuts.”

“He does have a really amazing cock, doesn’t he?” Brandon said. “You’ve heard how the other guys talk about Jason’s dick, and you know every one of them is jealous, whether they admit it or not. When you hear the guys talking about him, don’t you wish it was you they were talking about you as well?”

Jason’s dick had reached full bone as he continued to listen to the two boys talk about his package. Brandon was very lightly stroking his dick, and then he gently pushed Jason backwards onto Nathan’s bed. Jason laid back, letting his dick stand straight up, hard enough to crush rocks. He could feel the tip of his dick leaking precum, his balls using an chance they could get to release some of the cum filling them beyond capacity.

“See how much Jason likes this?” Brandon told Nathan. “It’s because of his big balls he can get so turned on. I bet your own big balls let you feel this good too, huh?”

Nathan rubbed his crotch and said, “That’s probably the only good part about these things, the orgasms have been mind blowing…”

Brandon continued to very slowly rub on Jason’s dick, smearing the precum up and down the shaft. Jason was moaning, needing release badly. Brandon looked at Nathan and said, “I think you really do like your huge balls, don’t you Nathan? You know what would go great with those big, manly balls? A nice, long, thick cock, like this one over here…” and Brandon waved Jason’s dick around in the air as he spoke.

Nathan was staring at Jason’s cock as Brandon was rubbing it. “My package would look better if I had a bigger cock,” he mumbled.

“Well come on over,” Brandon said softly. “You know what to do…”

Nathan got up from his chair, quickly walked over and without a second thought he grabbed Jason’s dick and started to suck on the head.

“There you go, that’s right,” Brandon said. Jason was so close to the edge, the feeling of someone’s mouth on his cock was all it took and he immediately began to blow his load.

Nathan swallowed mouthfulls of cum one after another, and after about twenty seconds, Brandon grabbed his shoulder and said, “Okay, that’s enough for now!”—but Nathan was really into it so he held on, drinking more.

Brandon was ready for his own turn, though, and he roughly pulled Nathan aside. “Not this time, I want some too,” he said, and once Brandon got Nathan off of Jason’s dick, Brandon went to sucking as hard as he could. Jason’s orgasms continued, and this time Brandon was drinking down every drop of cum that came out of Jason’s cock.

Nathan was leaning back against his chair, sitting on the floor, watching. Jason’s heavy balls were so full that the pressure of each cum blast in Brandon’s mouth was just as strong as the first, and Brandon guzzled every drop. Jason’s orgasms continued for well past four minutes, and Brandon felt like he couldn’t swallow any more and started to pull the huge cock out of his mouth. Jason though was in a sexual frenzy, having been on the edge of orgasm all day long, he wasn’t going to let it stop until he was completely empty. Jason reached out and grabbed onto Brandon’s head, forcing him back down to his cock.

Brandon tried to pull away, but Jason, lost in his lust, held on to the source of his blowjob with all of his might as he kept shooting. Brandon had no choice but to continue swallowing more of the cum to prevent himself from choking. The capacity of Jason’s swollen balls seemed never-ending, and it wasn’t until his orgasms had passed the seven minute mark that the flow of cum started to slow down. Another thirty seconds or so and Jason’s orgasm finally came to an end, so he let go of Brandon and collapsed backwards onto the bed.

Brandon pulled off of Jason’s dick and backed away, gasping for air. His normally flat as a board stomach showed a small bulge from the intense amount of cum he had swallowed. Brandon then laid down on the floor, still trying to catch his breath and holding his stomach at the same time.


Part 42

Jason sat up from the bed, still dizzy from enduring such a long orgasm. He looked over and saw Nathan sitting on the floor, and Brandon laying down on his back. Realizing what just happened, Jason said, “We shouldn’t have done that.” Jason stood up, his empty balls drooping loosely in his sack, and after finding his clothes, he pulled on his briefs and pants.

Brandon made a low moan from the floor, and Nathan said, “You ok bro?”

Brandon moved his hands from his stomach to his crotch. “I don’t know,” he said.

Nathan then said, “Look, my dick!” Jason watched as Nathan’s seven incher slowly plumped up, getting thicker and longer. Jason then saw Nathan’s balls also begin to fill out, getting slightly rounder and heavier. “Woah, woah, I don’t want my nuts getting any bigger!” Nathan said.

Jason shrugged. “It’s unpredictable,” he said. “That’s why I didn’t want you guys to do this in the first place.” Jason watched as Nathan’s package slowly increased in size. His growth stopped a few minutes later, so Nathan stood to check himself out. Jason estimated that Nathan’s cock looked around maybe eight or eight and a half inches long, and his balls had grown some, but they weren’t much bigger than before.

“Hmm, I guess it was worth it for a cock like this,” Nathan said. “My balls won’t be so big after I cum, right?”

Jason shrugged again. “Uh, probably, I don’t know.”

Nathan looked down at Brandon and said, “You just going to lay there all day?” Brandon was holding his stomach again and only groaned in response. Nathan gently kicked Brandon’s leg and said, “Come on dude, get up off the floor. Let’s see which of us got bigger.”

Brandon sat up, then stood and pulled off his pants and underwear, letting his cock and balls flop out. Jason and Nathan checked him out and saw that he looked to have the same eight and a half-ish dick and egg sized balls. “Hmm, I think our cocks look to be about the same,” Nathan said, “but your nuts are the perfect size.” Nathan then turned to Jason and said, “So why did my balls get so big like this? He definitely drank more of your cum than me, right?”

Brandon moaned again and went back to holding his stomach. “Ugh, quit talking about it, my stomach already feels like it’s going to explode it’s so full... I’m just going to lie down for a while...” and he went and plopped down onto Nathan’s bed. Focusing back on himself, Nathan bent forward and checked out his package, feeling his large dick and big, low hanging balls.

Nathan stood up straight, letting go of his package and started to walk out of the room. “Uh where are you going?” Jason called to him.

“I’m going to the shower,” Nathan answered. “Hopefully cumming will empty my balls, make them less swollen, you know?”

“You walk around your house naked?” Jason said.

“Oh, my mom works the night shift, she won’t be home until early morning,” Nathan told him.

Jason nodded. “Ahh”

Before leaving Nathan glanced at Brandon on his bed and said, “Oh, look!”

Jason looked over at Brandon and saw that he had drifted off to sleep. That wasn’t what had caught Nathan’s attention though, as Jason also right away noticed that Brandon’s limp cock was looking bigger now, not to mention thicker. Propping up his cock were his balls, and they had pumped up to almost the same size as Nathan’s.

Nathan walked over near to the bed for a better look. “I guess he got bigger after all... check out his nuts, they’re big like mine,” he said. “Now maybe he’ll know what I mean about this being way bigger than any balls should be.” Nathan bent over and slapped Brandon’s arm “Yo, get up!” he yelled.

Brandon blinked his eyes open and said, “What was that for?!” Brandon closed his legs, about to get up from the bed, but that movement ended up squishing his balls between his thighs, causing him to lean forward and yell, “Ahh... what?”

Brandon reached down to rub his sore balls, and when he saw himself, he sat up in bed and cied out, “Oh, check this out!” Brandon then carefully got up from the bed, standing and bending to see his package as it hung between his legs. Feeling his bigger nutsack and longer cock, Brandon said, “Oh man, oh man, look at us Nathan, it worked, I told you it would! Now we both have a great set of balls and we’re hung!”

“Yeah, we’re hung now,” Nathan argued, “but nuts this big aren’t cool bro, it’s freaky.”

Brandon reached down and put one hand under each of his nuts to lift and hold his sack. “Are you kidding? Don’t yours feel this good too? So heavy, so full, I can’t wait to get off, it’s going to be incredible!”

Nathan was eyeballing Brandon’s dick. “Yeah well, looks like your cock got bigger,” he said, “but your balls are still going, look!”

Brandon felt his balls. “Oh wow, yeah, they’re definitely still getting bigger, look at this huge sack.”

“Yeah, but come on bro, that’s just getting ridiculous now,” Nathan said.

Brandon let go of his balls, since they were now getting too big to be held in his hands. Brandon’s growing sack slowly hung further and further down his thighs as it also continued to get rounder and fuller.

“When’s it going to stop?!” Nathan asked him.

Brandon looked to Jason. “Uh, Jason?”

But Jason shrugged his shoulders. “Why are you asking me? How should I know?”

Brandon’s nuts had now grown to be as large as a pillow, with his sack hanging just past his knees. Brandon took a few steps over to the bed to sit down since his balls were getting really heavy. Nathan walked closer and looked, then said, “I think... it looks like they stopped getting bigger, maybe?”

Brandon reached down and could almost feel the gallons of cum begging to be released from his pumped up balls which threatened to roll off the bed at any moment. Looking up at Nathan, Brandon said, “Well... yeah, I take it back, maybe this is too big...”


Part 43

Nathan was still staring at the sight of his friend sitting on his bed with the biggest pair of balls he had ever seen, and while staring he absently reached down and felt his own enlarged cock and balls, though his nuts weren’t anywhere near the size of Brandon’s. Brandon then started to laugh, which wasn’t something Jason would have expected.

Nathan took a step closer to Brandon. “What’s so funny?”

Brandon laughed again but didn’t answer, then he started to scoot forward on the bed. Once Brandon reached the edge of the bed, he carefully slid his sack over the side and stood up.

Brandon laughed again, then reached down and tugged a few times on his large cock, which was starting to get hard. “What are you laughing about, this isn’t funny!” Nathan said.

Brandon took a wide stance and bent his knees slightly, then bucked his hips forward and back, which caused his gigantic, full and swollen balls to swing heavily between his legs, then laughed. “Nathan, look, check this out!” Brandon kept swinging his oversized nutsack between his legs, but then his balls swung too quickly and the momentum of his huge sack pulled him forward, causing him to stumble and almost fall if not for Nathan catching him by reflex. In the process of catching him, Nathan and Brandon both tumbled backwards, with Nathan falling on his back and Brandon landing on top of him. Brandon was laughing the whole time.

“Why’d you do that?” Nathan yelled at him. “Come on, get up.”

Brandon laughed again and said, “You have no idea how this feels, having balls so big! I should have let you drink more of Jason’s cum, yours are big, but they could have been bigger.”

Jason saw that Brandon had reached down and was rubbing Nathan’s coconut sized nuts. “Hey, stop that!” Nathan told him and he tried to push Brandon off, but one of Nathan’s legs was underneath Brandon’s huge nutsack, and he couldn’t do much from his position on the ground with Brandon on top of him.

Brandon stopped rubbing Nathan’s balls and he then roughly grabbed Nathan’s big eight inch cock. “You like this?” he said. “I’ll suck it if you want...”

Nathan tried again to push Brandon off, without any luck, then he yelled at Jason, “Jason, do something, help me up!”

Jason then walked over and gently pulled on Brandon’s shoulder. “Okay, Brandon, that’s enough,” he said. “Let him up.” Brandon ignored Jason as he continued to stroke Nathan’s dick while laying on top of him. Jason then bent forward and grabbed Brandon around the chest and pulled him back, and with Nathan pushing also, the two of them pulled Brandon back enough for Nathan to slide his leg out from under Brandon’s nutsack, then he quickly crawled away then got to his feet.

Once he was standing again, Nathan glowered at him. “The hell has gotten into you?!” he yelled. “You know I’m not into that kind of stuff!”

Now that Jason had let him go, Brandon was sitting on the floor with his enormous nutsack spread out between his legs, and he had his own hard nine incher in his hands slowly stroking it. “I won’t tell anyone, “ he said. “So if you won’t let me suck it, how about a hand job?”

Nathan had a look of shock on his face as he asked Jason, “Why’s he acting like this?”

“You see how swollen his balls are don’t you?” Jason told him. “He’s horny out of his mind right now and doesn’t realize what he’s doing. The best thing is for him to orgasm, which should tone down his libido, not to mention he needs to empty his balls, I mean look, you can see how much they’re stretching his sack.” Nathan and Jason looked over at Brandon, who was getting to his feet, and the boys could see the skin on Brandon’s sack was stretched paper thin, barely able to contain the full orbs inside.

“Well, you’re into dicks,” Nathan told Jason. “Why don’t you go do something with him?”

Jason quietly reached down and put a hand against the bulge in his shorts, feeling that his own balls were still completely empty from earlier. “I’m not in the mood,” he said. “Besides, your balls look like they could use some release. You do it.”

Nathan cupped his coconut sized nutsack. “I know I need to get off, but I can’t do it with another guy!”

Brandon was slowly walking over, his giant balls bouncing against his thighs with each step. Nathan took a step back. “Hey, stop right there, hold on now!”

Brandon stopped, and then tugged his hard cock a few more times while looking at Nathan. “Nathan, you have the big cock like you’ve always wanted, we both do! We used to jerk off together, remember? Just think of it like old times!”

Jason saw Nathan’s cock twitch slightly, then it slowly started to get hard. “Think of it like this, we both need to get off, yeah?” Brandon said. “Our balls are both so full, let’s help each other, like good friends!”

Nathan’s cock was completely boned and standing straight out by now, and he reached down and rubbed his large nuts. “I really do need to get off, to see if my balls go back down, they’re so big right now...”

Brandon walked a few steps closer, then gently reached out and tentatively took hold of Nathan’s hard cock. Nathan didn’t resist this time, so Brandon said, “Here, just relax, let me help with that...”

Nathan sat down and leaned back against the wall, and Brandon also carefully sat on the floor leaning against the wall next to Nathan, arranging his heavy balls between his legs. Jason saw Brandon gently begin stroking Nathan’s hard cock, and with his other hand, he took hold of Nathan’s hand and gently guided it down to his own cock. When Nathan’s hand got to Brandon’s dick, he yanked it back, but Brandon said, “Come on, I need some help too...”

Nathan then very slowly moved his hand back to Brandon’s big cock, then barely grabbed it. “I’m only doing this because you really need it, just don’t get any crazy ideas...” and Nathan slowly stroked Brandon’s long dick while his own was being stroked.

Jason smiled, happy to see them helping each other. He then quietly slipped out of the room and started towards his car, preferring to not be around when they finished. He knew after they finished their orgasms, Nathan would be big, but nothing too extreme. Brandon on the other hand... Jason knew that Brandon’s nuts were going to still be huge, even after he orgasmed himself dry. He had his own problems without trying to solve everyone else’s, like this situation with his cum causing others to grow.


Part 44

While driving home, Jason felt his cellphone vibrating in his pocket, so he pulled into a gas station and checked his phone. Seeing that it was Nathan on the caller ID, Jason decided to ignore the call since he had a pretty good idea what he was calling about. Jason then noticed he had two more missed calls, so he dialed his voicemail. The first voicemail was from Kevin, and Jason let out a sigh and hoped Kevin wasn’t going to get the idea that he was avoiding him. Next voicemail was from Meyers office, letting him know they had a possible solution for his latest “problem”. Jason immediately called Meyers’s office.

The person Jason spoke with told him that he could come right over, so Jason turned his car around and drove there. Going into the office, Jason was waved back by the receptionist, so he went in and followed the receptionist to one of the large exam rooms similar to the one Jason had been in previously. Taking a seat, Jason didn’t have to wait long before Meyers came in followed by a guy close to his own age. “Hello Jason, this is Daniel,” Meyers said. “He plans to pursue a career in the field of research, and volunteers at our labs after school, do you mind if he’s part of this checkup?”

Jason looked at Daniel and said, “Uh, have we met? You look familiar.”

Daniel smiled. “We go to the same school, but don’t have any classes together.”

Jason blushed and said, “Oh... sorry.”

“No worries, it’s a big school.”

Jason then turned to Meyers and said, “Yeah, it’s fine. So, your nurse said you figured out what to do about...” and Jason looked at Daniel, then blushed and said, “You know... my... well, you know!”

Jason blushed again when Meyers bluntly said, “The condition of your semen containing trace amounts of P7240 and T3600, yes we think we’ve determined how to prevent your body from producing those particular enzymes. Before we begin, we would like to run a few tests, for documentation and further study.”

Jason saw Daniel smile slightly upon hearing that. “Um, if you want,” Jason said. “What kind of test?”

Meyers fished out a syringe from a cabinet. “First, a small injection,” he said, and then Meyers walked over and gave Jason a quick shot in the arm.

“Here at Geneticore, we have a strong belief that direct observation is always the best kind of research,” Meyers then said, “so rather than theorize and run hypothetical scenarios, we prefer to perform our studies directly.” Meyers then nodded to Daniel, and Jason was surprised to see Daniel start to unbutton his shirt and take it off. Daniel then unbuttoned the jeans he was wearing a slid them off, and finally Daniel took off the white briefs he had on, then stood there next to Meyers completely naked. Jason tossed a quick glance and saw that Daniel seemed to be hung fairly average, with his soft cock maybe five inches, if that. Jason was a little surprised to see that Daniel’s crotch was completely shaved, with no hair at all near his cock or balls.

“Err, what’s he doing?” Jason said.

“Before we give the treatment to stabilize your semen production, we would like to see the current effects first hand,” Meyers said. “Daniel will need to ingest some of your semen so that we can get an accurate documentation.”

“What? This isn’t what I agreed to,” Jason said. “I thought you meant test like draw some blood or whatever!” Jason felt a stirring in his crotch, and could tell that his dick was getting hard whether he wanted it to or not.

“Jason, I’d like to remind you that we aren’t charging for any of these visits, nor do we charge for medications,” Meyers said. “All that we ask in return is that you cooperate.”

Jason was feeling more and more horny as the seconds passed, and his cock was starting to run out of room in his pants as it continued to get harder. Jason looked at Meyers again, then at Daniel, who was still patiently standing there waiting, and then decided if nothing else, he had to let his cock out of his pants before it caused them to rip. Pulling down his pants, Jason let his huge dick spring up from his crotch, pointing straight up into the air. Jason gave himself a few quick strokes, noticing that his balls seemed to be full again even though he just had the biggest orgasm ever barely an hour ago.

Jason’s hard cock was pulsing, and after another quick glance at Daniel, Jason said, “Yeah, okay, I’ll go along, come on!” Daniel smiled and walked over, gently taking hold of Jason’s dick and beginning to suck on the head. Jason saw Meyers walk over to a panel on the wall and push some buttons, and the mirrors along the wall seemed to change their tint slightly. Jason was sure there were more people watching on the other side of the mirror, but now that Daniel was sucking on his dick, he didn’t really care. Meyers walked back over and was almost hovering as he watched Jason receive a blowjob, which normally Jason would have objected to, but currently the only thoughts in his mind was on the bobbing of Daniel’s head on his cock.

Soon, Jason could feel his balls pull up slightly, and then he shot a few loads into Daniel’s mouth. Daniel swallowed the first few blasts of cum, then Meyers said, “Okay, that’s enough Daniel.” Daniel obediently pulled back, and before the next shot of cum, Meyers slipped a cylinder over the end of Jason’s dick, collecting the rest of his semen. Once Jason stopped orgasming, Meyers took the container off of Jason’s cock, then sealed it with a lid and placed it into a fridge along the wall.

Jason sat up and looked over at Daniel, who was wiping a droplet of cum off his cheek. Meyers walked back over. “Now what?” Jason said.

“We’re not done quite yet,” Meyers told him. “Daniel, if you would stand here, with your legs... yes, like that.” Jason saw Meyers directing Daniel, who walked under a light and stood with his legs slightly apart, letting his cock hang down between them. Jason quietly waited along with the others, but nothing much was happening.

After a few minutes, Daniel said, “Doctor?” but Meyers only said, “Patience.”

Another few minutes went by, then Daniel said, “Oh... I feel something.” Jason watched as Daniel’s cock started to throb, and then it started to extend slightly with each beat of his heart, getting thicker at the same time. Jason could see that Daniel’s balls were also dropping lower in their sack, while at the same time getting fatter and rounder. It was fascinating to see it happen since the pose Daniel was standing in gave a full view of the phenomenon in total detail.

Eventually, the growth stopped, and Jason estimated that Daniel had gotten an extra two or three inches of cock, while his balls had gone from marble sized to the size of large apples. Meyers then told Daniel to remain standing there, and Jason watched Meyers feel and examine Daniel’s package, as well as measuring him from every angle. Daniel had the biggest smile on his face through the whole process, and once Meyers finished his examination, he said, “Excellent, excellent. Now, we must test the effects during other forms of intercourse.”

“Huh?” Jason said.

Daniel walked over and said, “He means next he wants you to have sex with me.”

“We just did that!” Jason said.

Daniel shook his head. “No, he means... you know, anal sex.”

“Oh... uh,” Jason said and looked down at Daniel’s package. “Aren’t you worried about what might happen?”

Daniel smiled. “Not at all,” he said. “Geneticore is the premiere research organization in the country, it’s an amazing opportunity to be chosen to assist in one of their projects! I’ll be able to get into any college I want with this on my work history!”

Meyers approached and said, “Jason, Daniel, if you would begin...?”

Daniel turned around and bent forward slightly, pushing his ass into the air, but Jason said, “Uh, I just came... maybe later?”

Meyers went to a cabinet and got another syringe, then walked over and said, “This will help,” and without even waiting for permission he stuck Jason’s arm and gave him the injection.

“Ow! What is that stuff?” Jason said.

“Just something to help you perform,” Meyers answered.

Jason could both see and feel his balls churning and was surprised to feel his nuts getting heavier right before his eyes. It wasn’t even two minutes before he felt like his nuts were full of cum again and ready to go, and his cock started to get hard all on it’s own for a second time. Jason gripped his hard cock, spit a few times on the head, then got up and grabbed Daniel’s hips and pushed his huge dick into Daniel’s ass. Daniel moaned loudly, and Jason couldn’t tell if he was moaning in pain or not, but once again Jason was too horny to care, and he started to thrust his long cock in and out of Daniel.

Jason grabbed Daniel’s back and spun him around, pushing him forward over the exam table and he kept slamming his cock into Daniel, who was giving a constant stream of moans and grunts. Jason heard Meyers from behind. “Careful, Jason,” he said, “most people aren’t used to someone of your large size.” It took all of Jason’s willpower to ease up on his fucking of Daniel, since it felt so good with his huge cock up Daniel’s tight ass. Jason looked forward and saw that Daniel was gritting his teeth as he was being fucked, and Jason realized it probably was painful having a fourteen inch, very thick cock fucking him with as much force as Jason was using.

Jason slowed down even more. “You okay?” he asked.

“Mmm hmm,” Daniel mumbled. “I’m... I can take it...” Jason kept up his slow thrusting, and while fucking Daniel, he reached forward and grabbed Daniel’s cock and started to stroke it while he was fucking him. Daniel moaned again, and this time it was obvious he liked what was happening, so Jason kept stroking Daniel’s cock with one hand while he used his other to steady himself as he continued forcing his way deep into Daniel’s ass.

Jason could feel himself getting close, so he said, “I’m... about to cum...”

Jason started to pull out of Daniel, but he then felt Meyers put a hand against his lower back and push him forward. “No, keep going!”

“But... I’m gonna cum!!” Jason said again.

“You need... inside of me... for..” Daniel gasped between thrusts.

Jason could no longer hold back, and he felt himself shooting a load of cum inside of Daniel. Through his entire orgasm, he felt Meyers keep his hand on his lower back, making sure he didn’t pull out. Eventually, when Jason had nothing left, Meyers finally backed away, letting Jason pull out and collapse into a nearby chair.

Daniel was still slumped over the exam table, but then he crawled up onto the table and laid down on his back, resting. Jason got up and walked over. “You alright? Did I hurt you?”

Daniel weakly smiled and answered, “I’ve never experienced anything like that before, but it was great.”

Jason reached over and took hold of Daniel’s still hard cock and started to stroke it again, wanting to help Daniel get off. Meyers walked up and put his hand on Jason’s arm. “Jason, please stop,” he said. “We don’t want to interfere with the test.”

Jason let go of Daniel’s cock, which Daniel obviously didn’t want, but he didn’t argue. “Daniel, if you would, please come stand over here,” Meyers then said. Daniel got up from the exam table and walked over under that bright light, then once again took up a pose with his legs slightly spread and his hips pushed forward, giving a full view of his crotch. Jason walked over for a better look, but Meyers said, “Jason, don’t block the view, please have a seat.” Jason looked around and didn’t see who’s view he could have been blocking, but he did as he was told and sat down in a chair to watch.

A few minutes later, Jason could see the usual twitch of Daniel’s cock as it started to extend like before. Daniel’s nuts were also starting to swell up and get bigger and rounder, causing his sack to hang lower and expand. Meyers seemed overjoyed. “Incredible,” he said. “The body absorbs and reacts no matter the source!”

Jason watched as Daniel’s package continued to get bigger. Soon, Daniel’s dick and balls started to get really big. “Doctor, I need to sit down,” Daniel said.

Meyers shook his head. “Not yet, hold that position!” Jason saw that Daniel’s dick looked to be around eleven inches long by now, at least, but it was surprisingly thick, definitely thicker than Jason’s own. Daniel’s balls continued to fill out, approaching melon size. Daniel tried to hold his position, but the weight of his package started to make standing that way awkward, so he had no choice but to stand up straight.

Meyers frowned. “Daniel, it’s important we document the entire process!”

“Sorry Doctor, it’s just getting so heavy...” Daniel apologized.

Meyers waved his hand in the air, and moments later two men came into the room. “Take him to observation room four for further testing,” Meyers told them. The men came over and took Daniel by the arm, then they brought him out of the room.

“What’s going to happen with him?” Jason asked Meyers.

“He’ll be taken care of,” Meyers deflected. “Now we need to focus on you.”


Part 45

Meyers motioned for Jason to have a seat on the exam table, so Jason walked over and did so. “Thank you for your assistance,” Meyers told him. “But now we need to prevent your body from producing the growth factor, because without careful regulation, things could get out of hand very quickly.”

“Yeah, well I just want to be able to have sex without worrying about what it’s going to do to someone,” Jason told him.

Meyers nodded. “Of course. Now, I need to administer the drug. Just a simple injection and we’re finished.”

Meyers took a large syringe out of his coat pocket, then gave Jason the shot near his hip. “That’s all done,” he said. “It should have full effect in just a few minutes. Your semen should no longer cause unexpected growth in your sexual partners. Before you leave, there’s one more treatment I’d like to give you.”

“What for?” Jason asked.

“It’s a follow-up on the previous medication you’ve been given,” Meyers said. “Here, drink this and take these two capsules, and that’s it.”

Jason took the glass of liquid from Meyers and the two pills, popping them both into his mouth and washing them down with the liquid. “So, all done then?” Jason said.

Meyers nodded. “Please contact my office with any questions of concerns, and I would like to see you again soon.”

Jason hopped up from the table and got dressed. “Yeah, sure, I’m out of here,” he said, and then he went to his car to drive home.

On the ride home, Jason rubbed the large bulge at his crotch a few times, thinking that it felt more sensitive than usual. Once Jason got to his house, he got out of the car and while standing he slipped his hand inside of his shorts and gave his package a gentle squeeze. Jason could feel that his big cock felt plumped up, like he had a semi-hardon, but it wasn’t really hard, just... heavy. His nuts definitely felt full again, and Jason decided he could use a good jackoff session once he got to his room.

Going into the house, Jason saw Alex in the kitchen as he was walking past. Jason walked over and said, “Hey where have you been?”

Alex didn’t bother to stop what he was doing and answered, “What do you care?”

“I don’t know,” Jason told him. “Look man, I wanted to apologize for the other day...”

Alex turned to look at Jason and said, “Yeah? Well, that wasn’t cool, trying to show off that you have the bigger cock!”

Jason nodded. “I know, I’m sorry...” and then Jason walked off, heading to his room upstairs.

Once in his room, Jason tossed his stuff into a corner, then kicked off his shorts and shirt. Sitting on the bed, Jason rubbed the bulge in his briefs, admiring his size. Jason could feel that his cock was still in that partially plumped up semi-hardon state, which was making the bulge in his underwear even bigger than usual. It really felt good as he was rubbing his nuts through the underwear, and just as he was about to pull out his cock and get started, the door to his room opened and Alex walked in.

Jason grabbed a shoe from the ground next to him and threw it hard at Alex as he walk inside. “How many times have I said to knock first!” he yelled.

“Ow!” Alex said. “After all we’ve been through, what do you care, it’s not like I haven’t seen it all before.”

“That’s not the point!” Jason said. “What do you want?”

Alex paused a moment, then said, “Okay, look, last time I know I was wrong, trying to trick you and all, so let me just be direct. Let me drink just a little bit of your cum! You saw how small my dick got, you can’t leave me like this, come on!”

Jason thought a moment. “Did you forget the way you acted when you had the biggest cock? You practically rubbed our noses in it. Why would I want to help you after all that?”

“I... it was just in fun,” Alex said. “Give me a break, I didn’t mean it, you know that!”

Jason shook his head. “It doesn’t matter, you can’t get bigger from my cum anyway, it won’t work.”

“You don’t know that!” Alex said. “What’s the harm in trying?!” Alex was almost begging at this point.

Jason sighed, but then decided to have a little fun, especially since he was really horny and needed to get off soon. Jason asked Alex, “If I give you what you want, what are you going to do for me?”

Alex perked up and said, “Anything! What do you want?”

Jason thought about it, then told his brother, “Ok, take off your clothes.”

Alex did as he was told, taking off his shirt, then his pants and stood there in his underwear. Jason nodded. “Well? I didn’t say to stop.”

Alex blushed. “This is enough, what else do you want?”

Jason waved his hand. “If you aren’t going to listen, then the deal’s off.”

Alex sighed, then pulled off his underwear, standing there in front of Jason fully naked. Alex’s soft cock looked to barely hang down three inches over his grape sized balls. Jason felt a twinge of guilt for making his brother so small, but after all Alex had done, Jason thought he deserved to be taken down a notch, so Jason then said, “Okay, now dance for me.” Alex looked at him with a confused expression, but Jason just nodded and said, “Well?”

Alex started to wave his hips around, giving the most awkward dance Jason had ever seen. “Okay, you obviously can’t dance, stop that!” Jason then said. “Play with yourself instead.”

Alex stopped attempting to dance, then he reached down and started to tug at his little cock with a few fingers. Before long, Alex’s cock started to get hard, which extended his dick to maybe four inches. “Okay, enough of that,” Jason told him, “now come over here and play with mine.”

Jason spread his legs while sitting on the edge of the bed, and Alex walked over and knelt down between them. Reaching up, Alex pulled down Jason’s briefs, letting his huge cock and heavy balls flop out. “Massage my balls,” Jason told him, so Alex used both hands to hold Jason’s large orange sized balls in his hands, then gently rubbed his fingers around, massaging Jason’s balls. “Do you like them?” Jason asked.

“Yeah, whatever,” Alex grunted.

“That’s not very enthusiastic,” Jason said. “Tell me how much you like my balls.”

Alex flashed a look of disbelief, but then he said, “I really like your balls, they’re big and heavy. I can feel how full they are, just waiting to release that big load.”

Jason nodded. “Okay, that’s better. Now, what about my cock?”

Alex gently let Jason’s balls rest on the bed as he moved to Jason’s semi-hard dick, using both hands to stroke it. “Your cock is huge,” Alex said. “Look how long it is and it’s not even all the way hard yet. You can put every porn star to shame with this python.”

Jason’s dick was getting fully hard from hearing Alex’s praise. Alex leaned forward, about to start sucking the cock, but Jason pushed him back. “Not yet,” he said. “Tell me more about how much you like my dick.”

Alex went back to stroking it. “It’s.... I don’t know man, fuck, it’s really damned big, what more do you want from me?”

Jason smiled and said, “Okay, that’s good enough, you can suck it.”

Finally getting what he wanted, Alex shoved as much of Jason’s cock down his throat as he could manage, sucking hard. Jason leaned back on the bed, glad that he was finally going to get some release after being so horny for the past hour, even if it was from Alex.

Jason tried to hold back for as long as possible, to really make Alex work for it, but soon he couldn’t resist anymore and he started to orgasm. Alex made himself drink all the cum as Jason continued to shoot. When Jason’s orgasm stopped, Alex pulled Jason’s cock out of his mouth, then he backed off and sat down on a chair.

Alex reached down and tugged at his little cock a few times. “So how long does it take to work?”

Jason stood up and put back on his briefs, tucking his large package into the front. “I told you already, nothing’s going to happen. I went to see the doctor today, my cum doesn’t cause growth anymore.”

Alex stood up and yelled, “What?!? Why didn’t you say something?!”

Jason shrugged. “I told you from the start it won’t work.”

Alex was fuming. “You mean... I did all that... for nothing?! I can’t believe this!” and then Alex stormed out of the room, loudly slamming the door behind him.

Jason shrugged to himself, then reached down and rubbed the bulge in his briefs. Even though he had just gotten off, his cock still felt like it was semi-hard, and his nuts didn’t feel very empty.


Part 46

Jason decided he had enough excitement for the day, so he walked over to his bed and put his cellphone on his nightstand. Noticing he had more missed calls, Jason checked and saw that all six of the missed calls were from Nathan, but Jason just shook his head and deleted the voicemails without listening. Climbing under the covers, Jason went to sleep.

The next morning, Jason’s alarm woke him up, so he rolled out of bed, pulling the covers off with him. Untangling himself from the covers, Jason saw that he had a raging boner, and sometime during the night his cock had ripped through his briefs, leaving them hanging loosely from his hips. “Damnit, I liked those,” Jason said, and then he put a hand on his huge boner, knowing he had to deal with it before anything else. Jason considered trying to get Alex to help with his boner, but figured Alex was still mad at him, so he walked towards the bathroom to handle it himself.

Jason got into the shower, then while under the stream of water he both stroked his cock and bent forward and sucked on the head himself, making himself orgasm before too long. Jason watched as the ropes of cum shot onto the shower walls, and he just smiled, proud of himself that he could cum so much. After his shower was finished, Jason went over and got dressed, still noticing that his dick wasn’t going full flacid even after his orgasm, and his nuts were still heavy like they were loaded down with cum. His plumped up package made his usual bulge in his shorts bigger than usual, but Jason shook his head and went downstairs and drove to school.

At school, Jason parked his car, then he reached down and started to rub his bulge through his shorts. His package felt so sensitive, and Jason considered whipping out his cock and jerking off right there in his car, but then he was startled as a group of students walked right past his window, though thankfully they didn’t notice Jason with his hand down his pants. Jason got out of the car, arranged his package slightly, then went towards the locker room for swim class.

In the locker room, Jason noticed he was the first one to arrive, so he quickly undressed and changed into his custom speedo, which only enhanced his package as the material clung and showed off his cock and balls. Jason noticed his cock still seemed to be slightly pumped up from usual, making his bulge even more obvious. Jason then saw Thomas walking over, and he seemed to have yet another new speedo, and this one was more revealing of his nine incher than the one Brandon had made.

“Hey Jason, how’s it been?” Thomas said cheerily.

Jason waved and said, “Been well, and yourself?”

Thomas smiled. “Same, do you think I could come by your house to hang out after school?”

Jason nodded. “Yeah, sounds like fun.” Jason had to stop staring at Thomas’s revealing package before he ended up getting another hardon.

Jason then saw Nathan walking up, and before he could greet him Nathan said, “Jason! I’ve been calling you nonstop, is your phone broken or something?”

Jason avoided the question and said, “Uh, what’s up?”

Jason glanced down and saw that Nathan hadn’t changed into a speedo yet and was wearing loose shorts that didn’t do much to hide the size of his package. Jason looked back up when he heard Nathan telling him, “Come here, hurry up!”

“What do you want?” Jason asked.

Nathan motioned for him to follow, so Jason walked with Nathan to the next row of lockers. While they were walking, Nathan said, “You need to try talking to Brandon, he won’t listen to me. He think’s it’s a big joke.”

Jason said, “Huh?” and then as they walked around the corner to the next row, Jason saw Brandon at his locker just finishing changing into a pair of stretchy spandex shorts. The basket of Brandon’s spandex was being stretched out and pulled down low from what could only be a pair of balls bigger than melons, with the outline of his large cock fully visible. A few of the other swim team members were standing around Brandon watching him as he fiddled with his huge bulge, trying to adjust the way it hung down.

“See what I mean?” Nathan said to Jason.

Jason only nodded quietly, then said, “Uh, so I guess he was still that big after cumming yesterday?”

“Yeah, and that’s after he ruined my carpet with buckets of cum,” Nathan answered.

Brandon had noticed the boys watching, so he walked over with his package shifting around each time his thighs bumped it. Brandon waved and said, “Hey Jason, how’s it going!”

Jason kept staring at the obscene bulge Brandon was sporting and said, “Uh, hey.”

Brandon walked right up close to Jason, then he reached down and gave a squeeze to Jason’s fourteen incher through his speedo and whispered, “I was thinking about your giant cock all night... yours is still much bigger than mine or Nathan’s.”

“Your balls, they’re...” Jason stammered.

Brandon smiled and then thrust his hips forward, pressing his bulge into Jason’s crotch. “They’re huge? I know, and it’s all thanks to you! What do you think?”

Jason looked around and saw that the other team members were still staring at what was going on, most of them snickering and whispering to each other. Jason pushed Brandon back a few steps and said, “Hey, they’re watching us!”

Brandon took a step forward again and reached out to grab Jason’s dick through his speedo for a second time, then said, “Of course they’re watching us. Why don’t you show them the kind of cock they could only dream about?”

Jason blushed, but his dick was getting hard anyway. From his left, Jason heard Thomas say, “Hey Brandon, you got bigger!”

Brandon smiled and said, “Hey little man, I sure did, you like it?”

Thomas took a step back and grabbed himself through his own speedo. “Hey, I’m not little!”

Brandon smiled and ran a hand along the outline of his cock through his spandex. “I think I have you beat now.”

One of the guys watching yelled out “Prove it!” and then more of the team members started to chant, “Prove it! Prove it!”

Thomas, always ready to show off, reached down and yanked his speedo, causing his nine inches to flop out. Some of the boys cheered, then all eyes turned to Brandon. Still smiling, Brandon put a hand under his bulge, then lifted and released, letting the whole package bounce in the spandex. Next, Brandon slowly slid a thumb under the waistband of the shorts and carefully pulled them down inch by inch. The boys watching could see the base of Brandon’s cock, then as the shorts were pulled lower more of the shaft continued to be revealed. As the shorts kept getting pulled down, Brandon’s enormous balls were uncovered, and once the waistband was pulled underneath Brandon’s nuts, his whole package flopped out and hung there for all to see.

“Holy fuck look at those nuts!” someone said.

“Just how big are those things?” someone else asked.

Brandon smiled at Thomas and said, “Looks like there’s no contest about who has the bigger balls, wouldn’t you agree?”

Thomas walked near and used both hands to feel one of Brandon’s giant balls, and even with both of his hands he couldn’t fully hold one of Brandon’s big nuts. While Thomas was eye level with his crotch feeling his balls, Brandon took hold of his ten inch dick and slapped it against Thomas’s cheek. “Even my cock’s bigger than yours, right?” he said.

Thomas didn’t bother answering, instead he grabbed hold of Brandon’s dick and started to feel it. Nathan walked forward and yanked Thomas backwards. “Dude, everyone’s watching you!” he said.

Some of the other boys called out, “Leave them alone, Nathan!” Thomas tried to go towards Brandon again, but Nathan ignored the other teammates and held Thomas in place. Brandon wasn’t really paying attention to Thomas though, and instead Brandon was looking at Jason, who had a full boner by now which was stretching his special speedo nearly to a breaking point, with part of Jason’s shaft visible due to the suit being pushed far out from his waist.

Jason was still trying to wrap his head around the fact that Brandon’s package had gotten so big, and yet Brandon didn’t seem bothered by his size at all, since he was walking around with it exposed even with everyone watching. Jason then nearly jumped out of his skin when he heard a gruff voice from behind them say, “What’s going on here?” Everyone turned and saw their swim coach towering over them, staring down at the situation, with Brandon’s spandex shorts pulled down and his big cock and giant balls swinging in the open, and Jason with his enormous boner tenting his speedo almost fifteen inches from his crotch.

Thomas was lucky that Nathan was blocking him from the coaches view, so Thomas quickly pulled up his speedo, stuffing his cock into the pouch. Then both Thomas and Nathan scooted away before the coach focused on them. Currently though, coach was focused entirely on Brandon and Jason, and after neither of the boys answered the coach, he said, “Both of you, get in my office.” Brandon reached down and pulled up his spandex shorts, then awkwardly but quickly pushed his huge balls into the shorts, only barely getting his package covered before following the coach out of the lockerroom. Jason pushed down on his rock hard boner, but his dick was like a steel rod and the only choice he had was to walk down the hall with his hard cock sticking out in front of him like a pole in his thong styled speedo.

In the coaches office, the coach slammed the door shut and then he paced back and forth in front of the boys a few times. “I was in a meeting with the principal recently... apparently he spoke with a doctor... a Meyers? Anyway, the staff has been informed that some of our students have been dealing with... unusual changes with their bodies recently. We’ve been instructed to give these students special considerations as needed.” Coach paced a few more times back and forth, glaring at the two boys. He then stopped at Brandon and said, “What is that you’re wearing?”

Brandon looked down at his bulging spandex shorts and said, “Uh... shorts?”

Coach then leaned in and yanked Brandon’s shorts to the ground, causing his big dick and jumbo melon sized nuts to flop against his leg. “Special considerations be damned, you know the rules. Everyone on this team wears a speedo, no exceptions.”

Brandon looked down at himself, then put a hand on either side of his massive balls. “Uh... my speedo wouldn’t fit...” he said.

Coach then leaned down and with his large hands he roughly picked up Brandon’s huge nutsack and pulled it forward and upwards, causing Brandon to wince in pain. Coach then held Brandon’s nuts for a moment. “I don’t give a damn how big these are, you’re going to find a speedo to stuff them in, or you won’t be participating on the team.” Coach then let go of Brandon’s balls, causing them to heavily slam against his legs, which made Brandon double over in pain. “Today, you’re on the bench,” he growled. “Tomorrow I want to a see a speedo or don’t bother coming at all. Now get out of here.”

Brandon stood up and walked out of the office, still holding his sore balls. Coach then turned his attention to Jason. “Boy, you know the rules, no lewd conduct. You better deal with that, right now.”

Jason looked down at his enormous boner, which was still rock hard, and said, “Coach, I can’t help it...”

Coach walked closer and said, “You’re not leaving this room until that erection is gone.”

Jason used one finger to push against his cock through his speedo, feeling that his dick was as hard as it’s ever been with no signs of going down anytime soon. “Coach... I can’t...” Jason said.

Coach then grabbed the waist of Jason’s speedo and yanked hard, pulling the elastic band down, forcing Jason’s hard dick to bend downwards for a moment as the speedo was pulled over his cock and down to the floor. Released from the speedo, Jason’s fifteen inch boner sprung back up pointing into the air. “You’re testing my patience... this is the last time I’m going to tell you to deal with it.” Jason looked around, unsure about his options, but then he saw the glint of irritation in coach’s eye, so he decided to deal with a boner the only way he knew how.

Jason took both hands and grabbed the huge shaft of his cock and started to stroke it. He looked up and saw that coach was staring directly at him, obviously not going to turn away. Jason was very embarrassed as he continued to stroke his dick in front of his coach, but it was better than risking his wrath. Soon, the pleasure of jerking his cock let him mostly ignore the coach and he started to get into what he was doing. Jason started to stroke himself faster, and after a minute or so he took one hand and started to fondle his apple sized balls while using his other to continue stroking himself.

Soon, Jason started to moan, completely forgetting about the coach and focusing only on pleasuring himself. Jason could feel his balls start to draw tighter and he moaned louder with an “Ahh....” as he was about to cum. Then he heard the coach say, “Boy, you better not make a mess on my office floor.” Jason opened his eyes, only seconds from blowing his load, and frantically looking around he didn’t see a single towel, shirt, or anything else. Jason could feel the first blast of cum travelling up his shaft, and with no better idea, he shoved the head of his cock into his mouth and started to swallow as he came.

Jason’s orgasm took some time to finish, and he was forced to swallow the whole load until finally his cock stopped shooting. Jason pulled his dick out of his mouth and let go, letting it flop down against his thigh as it was started to go soft. Jason looked up at the coach, then blushed deeply at what he had just done and he looked down, staring at his cock as it lightly bounced against his thighs and knee. Jason then heard the bell ring, signalling class change, so coach said, “Okay, you can go. Remember this the next time you want to parade around with an erection during my swim hour.”

Jason pulled on his speedo without looking up, then quickly rushed out of the coach’s office towards his locker to change.


Part 47

As Jason was rushing through the lockerroom towards his locker, he saw that his swim class had already left, and the next swim class was starting to come into the changing area. Jason had never been this late to change classes, so he didn’t recognize the guys walking in. Jason was almost to his own locker when he heard someone say, “Hey, check this guy out!” Jason ignored the comment and kept walking, but a boy stepped in front of him, blocking his path.

Jason tried to go around, but the boy moved to keep blocking him and said, “Woah there, what’s the big hurry?”

Someone else said, “Hey, come see this guy!”

Jason noticed that more of the boys from the next swim class were starting to surround him. The guy who had originally blocked him was looking downwards at Jason’s crotch, and so were most of the other guys gathering around. Jason glanced down at himself and saw the huge, bulging pouch of his speedo swinging around, showing off his oversized equipment.

Jason heard the next bell ring, signalling that second period class was starting, and he knew he was going to be in trouble for being late to his next class. Jason decided to push his way through the crowd, anxious to change and be on his way, but the boy in front of him pushed him back, still blocking his path. Jason was getting annoyed. “Get out of my way, I’m late!” he said.

“Look you guys, what do you think he has in his suit?” the other boy said.

Jason took another glance at his extremely bulging speedo. “Are you really going to make me call the coach over?” The guys surrounding him looked around at each other and frowned, then they took a few steps back, making a path for Jason to get through. Jason shoved his way past and went over to his locker. Glancing at the time, he knew he was already super late, so he quickly yanked down his speedo and started to change back into his school clothes.

As soon as Jason had pulled off his speedo and let his cock flop out, the other boys that were still watching him all gasped. “Check it out, he really does have a donkey dick!” one of them said. The guys kept talking among themselves while Jason put on his shirt, and as he was pulling up his briefs and shorts, he quickly turned to face the guys watching him, grabbed the base of his cock, and spun it like a helicopter, letting all fourteen inches of meaty cock swing in a propeller motion. The guys watching were stunned, with a few saying “Wow!” and other surprised remarks. Jason turned back around, quickly stuffed his package into his briefs, then put on his shorts and rushed out towards his next class.

Once Jason reached his next classroom, he slung the door open and went inside, which startled the class and interrupted the teacher’s lecture. Jason stopped and said, “Sorry I’m late!”

The class started to giggle at Jason. “Jason! Indecency like that will not be tolerated!” the teacher said. Jason was confused, then from the corner of his eye he saw Kevin in his desk nodding downward. Jason glanced down, and saw that in his haste to get dressed, he hadn’t adjusted his package at all, so his cock and balls were squeezed together in his underwear and the result was a bulge that poked out like he had rolled up a shirt and stuffed it into his shorts.

Jason blushed deeply, which made the class laugh even more. Jason stuck a hand inside of his shorts and started to try to adjust his package so it wasn’t bulging so much, but the fact that he was still standing in front of the entire class as he fiddled with his package apparently slipped his mind. “Jason, this is your last warning, stop that!” the teacher yelled.

Jason looked up and realized what he was doing, then yanked his hand out of his shorts and said, “Uh...”

The teacher then pointed at Jason’s desk. “Have a seat!”

Jason walked over to his seat with his head held down, avoiding eye contact with the other students. Once he sat in his desk, Jason put his schoolbag in his lap, trying to cover his bulge since some of the students were still staring. Kevin turned around in his seat and whispered, “You’re looking as good as ever!”

“Not now!” Jason whispered back, but what was really on Jason’s mind was that he felt like his dick was starting to bone up again for no good reason.

Jason could feel his cock slowly filling up and pushing its way further down his leg, still mostly trapped in his underwear. Kevin turned around in his desk again, looking back at Jason. Kevin glanced down and noticed the outline of Jason’s cock as it was starting to press harder against his shorts, so he smiled and reached back, giving a playful rub on Jason’s bulging crotch. Jason was surprised and jumped when Kevin did that, slamming his knee against his desk and making a loud bang. The teacher looked up and saw that Jason was the one disrupting the class again. “That’s it, Jason, go to the disciplinarian’s office!” she yelled.

Kevin frowned and quietly whispered, “Aww man, sorry!”

The teacher pointed at the door. “Go!”

Jason got up and rushed out of the room, hoping not many people noticed the outline of his cock forced down the left leg of his shorts. In the hallway, Jason glanced down and saw that by now his cock was hard enough that the head of his dick was peeking out past the bottom of his shorts, so he hurried over to the bathroom and went inside.

Jason went down to the last stall then went in and slammed the door shut. Jason pulled down his shorts, letting his rock hard fifteen inches spring loose and then he started to stroke himself. His cock felt extra sensitive for some reason and before long he blew a load all over the wall of the bathroom stall. Jason gave a sigh of relief as his cock started to soften, and once it was loosely flopped over his leg, Jason stood and tucked his package back into his shorts.

Jason took a look at the wall which was dripping with cum, then he tried to quickly wipe it off but realized he didn’t have time. Leaving the bathroom, Jason hurried to the disciplinarian’s office before he was in even more trouble.


Part 48

Jason walked into the school’s main office, then Jason approached the secretary. “I was told to come here… to see the disciplinarian…”

The secretary barely looked up from her computer. “He’s busy, go have a seat and wait.” Jason then walked to the chairs along the wall and sat down across from two other guys who were also waiting in the office. Jason leaned back in his seat, wondering if the school was going to call his mother, which was the last thing he wanted to happen.

While Jason was leaning back thinking about what he was going to say, he absently rubbed the bulge at his crotch. When he looked up, he saw that both of the guys across the room were staring at him, or at least, at his crotch. Jason slid his hand off of his crotch, trying to play it off like he hadn’t been rubbing himself, but there wasn’t anything he could do about the large mound of flesh between his legs that was impossible to hide.

Jason sat up straight in the chair, then closed his legs, but opened them again right afterwards since his package was too big to be squished between his thighs with his legs closed. Jason tried to change position in his seat to block the view of his crotch, but between the size of his package and the small chair he was sitting in, there really wasn’t much he could do, so eventually Jason gave up on the idea entirely, and didn’t even try to hide his bulge. Instead, he sat in the way that was most comfortable, which was leaning back in the chair with his legs open, his big package on full display as it rested on the chair between his legs.

The other two boys whispered for a bit, then one of them got up and walked over, stood in front of Jason. “Hey… I’m Calvin… my friend and I… well, he was wondering…” and Jason saw that Calvin was staring straight at his large bulge as he tried to say what he had on his mind, but then he heard the secretary loudly say, “Calvin, go sit down! No talking, you’re already in enough trouble!”

Calvin blushed and quickly went back to his chair and sat next to his friend. Jason gave a smile, then opened his legs wider and lazily reached down and scratched his package, starting to enjoy showing it off. Just then the door to the disciplinarian’s office opened and he walked out, turned towards the other two boys and said, “Okay, you two, let’s go.” The two boys got up and walked into the discplinarian’s office with their heads held down, followed by the man, who slammed the door shut behind him. Jason wondered what they had done to get into trouble.

After waiting a while longer, Jason heard the bell ring, signalling that lunch was starting. The other boys still hadn’t come out of the inner office, and Jason’s stomach was rumbling since he was really hungry. Not only that, he felt like maybe his cock was slowly starting to fill up again. “Damnit, not again…” Jason groaned, and he called out to the secretary, “Uh, how much longer? I’m… hungry.”

“You’ll wait until you’re called, now sit back down!” the secretary snapped back.

Jason stood there and crossed his arms in a pointless gesture of defiance, but after a moment of being stared at by the secretary, he complied and sat down again.

Jason heard the bell sound again, signalling that lunch was over. “Hey, I didn’t get to eat, you can’t make me skip lunch!” Jason called out.

The secretary thought for a moment, then she pushed an intercom button and spoke to someone, then she said, “You’re lucky he’s still busy. Go to the cafeteria for a meal, then report to the library for study hall for the rest of the day.”

Jason got up and left, going to the cafeteria. Once there, he ate some pizza for lunch. After, Jason walked to the Library and after explaining why he was there, he was told to have a seat at one of the tables. After he sat down, Jason was surprised to see Daniel walk over greet him with “Hey Jason, what are you doing here?” Jason said “Uh, I was sent here by the disciplinarian… why are you here?” Daniel said “I have advanced college prep this hour, I’m always here after lunch.”

Jason then looked down and saw that Daniel had a very obvious bulge in the pants he was wearing. “After Meyers did his ‘test’, what happened to you?” Jason said.

“They kept me in observation for a few hours,” Daniel said, “then they got me started with a new phase of the project.”

Jason was intrigued by the bulge in Daniel’s pants. “What do you mean a new phase?”

The librarian interrupted them with a loud, “Shhh, no talking!”

“We probably shouldn’t talk during study hall.” Daniel quietly whispered.

“Why don’t you come by my place after school?” Jason whispered back.

Daniel smiled widely and said, “Oh, sure!” and once again the librarian said “Shh!!!”

Jason kept quiet the next few hours until school was out, taking any chance he could to glance over at the bulge in Daniel’s pants that he didn’t seem to even try to hide.


Part 49

Once the final bell rang and school was out, Jason and Daniel got up and left the library. “Is your house far?” Daniel said.

“Nope, it’s only a few miles away, you need a ride?” Jason said.

Daniel shook his head. “Nah, I have my own car, I’ll follow you, alright?” Jason nodded, then he went to his car and drove off, followed by Daniel.

At his house, Jason got out and went inside, with Daniel close behind. They were walking towards the stairs when Alex called from the living room, “Hey, who’s that?”

“What kind of a rude way is that to greet a guest?” Jason called back.

Alex shrugged his shoulders and said, “Well, are you going to introduce him?”

Daniel waved and said, “Hello, I’m Daniel!”

Alex walked over and glanced down at the big bulge in Daniel’s pants, then he looked back up. “How do you two know each other?”

“Daniel, this is Alex. Alex, this is Daniel, ok now you’ve been introduced. Daniel, come on,” Jason said, and Jason then walked away towards the stairs.

“It was nice to meet you,” Daniel said to Alex, and then he hurried over to follow Jason upstairs. Once they were in his room, Jason closed the door and right away he glanced at Daniel’s crotch again, still curious about the bulge Daniel was showing. “So you were saying, Meyers wanted you to help with a new phase of some project, what did you mean?” Jason said.

Daniel blushed. “Uh, well remember the issue you were having, when your semen would trigger growth in others?”

Jason nodded. “Yeah, Meyers forced you to drink some of my cum because he wanted to study it or something, but he fixed me up after that, my cum is normal now.”

Daniel shook his head and said, “First of all, Meyers didn’t force me to do anything, I volunteered for this project.”

“You mean you knew ahead of time what would happen if you drank my cum?” Jason interrupted. Daniel nodded, then Jason took yet another look at the large bulge in Daniel’s pants. With a grin, Jason took a step forward and said “So you knew what would happen, and you volunteered anyway? Guess I know why you’re showing off that bulge then.”

Daniel looked down at his crotch, then he blushed again and said, “No, it’s not what you’re thinking, it... what are you doing?”

Jason was now right in front of Daniel and he was rubbing his hand over the front of Daniel’s bulging crotch. “So just how big did you get from drinking my cum?” Jason said.

Daniel pushed Jason’s hand away and said, “I’m trying to explain, it wasn’t because... hey!!” Daniel was caught off-guard when Jason suddenly yanked down his pants and underwear in one quick motion.

With his pants around his ankles, Daniel’s package flopped out into view giving Jason a good look at the source of the bulge. Daniel’s cock was a few inches shorter than Jason’s, but it was unusually thick, like a ten inch soda can hanging from his crotch. Daniel’s balls were just as oversized, each as big and round as a melon. Jason reached out and felt Daniel’s sack, feeling how heavy and full his nuts were. “Dude, when was the last time you got off?”

Daniel pushed Jason away again. “If you would let me explain!”

Jason stood up and said, “Okay fine, go ahead.”

Daniel started to explain again. “As I was saying, the research team was impressed at the potency of the growth factor that was produced in your semen, much better than anything they’ve been able to reproduce in the lab. Meyers believes that the only way to achieve that level of potency is if the growth factor is produced naturally, and that’s what I’m helping them test.”

Jason was confused at first, then he thought about what Daniel was saying. Looking at Daniel again, Jason said, “So wait, what you’re telling me is that they intentionally are trying to copy what happened to me? You’re saying that now your cum will make people grow, and it was done on purpose?”

Daniel reached down and rubbed one of his heavy balls. “That’s one way to put it, I guess.”

Jason stared at Daniel’s big nuts which were obviously loaded down with cum. “Dude, why would you agree to something like that?”

“Working with Geneticore means I’ll qualify for their scholarship program when I’m ready for college,” Daniel said.

Jason then heard his bedroom door opening, so he spun around to see who it was. Alex walked in and closed the door behind him. “What do you want?” Jason said.

Alex looked over at Daniel, who was still standing there with his pants around his ankles and his big package exposed. “If his cum is making guys grow, let me have some.”

“What the hell, were you listening outside of my door this whole time?” Jason yelled at Alex.

“Fuck that, don’t try to change the subject!” Alex snapped back at his brother. “It’s your fault that I have this baby cock, now help me fix it!”

Jason felt a wave of guilt, since he knew it really was his fault that his brother’s cock was now so small. “All right, take it easy,” Jason said, then he looked over and said “uh, Daniel... will that work?”

Daniel looked down at his own large package, then said, “I guess it would, but my instructions are that I’m not supposed to orgasm until I go back to the lab. The growth factor in my semen is still in a raw state, it needs to be processed before it’s ready to use.”

“I don’t care about all that, I just don’t want such a small cock anymore!” Alex spoke up.

Daniel started to pull up his pants. “I really shouldn’t, Meyers will know if I orgasm.”

Jason walked closer and reached down to rub one of Daniel’s heavy balls. “Come on man, I can feel how much cum you’re holding, Meyers won’t know if just a bit is missing. If you saw how tiny my brother’s cock is, you would know why he needs this.”

“Hey screw you! It’s not that small!” Alex cut in.

Jason looked over and said, “Do you want this or not?” Alex closed his mouth and quietly nodded.

“I don’t know...” Daniel said.

Jason lightly stroked Daniel’s thick cock, which made it start to get hard. “Meyers will never know...” he said.

Daniel’s cock was rapidly getting erect, and soon it started to throb in Jason’s hand. Daniel lightly moaned, then said, “All right, but only a small amount, okay?” Jason nodded, then he waved Alex over.

Jason gently pushed Daniel onto his bed, then he stroked Daniel’s big cock a few more times, then he motioned for Alex to suck it. Alex crawled onto the bed with the boys and then he took hold of Daniel’s cock and started to suck it, barely able to get the thick rod into his mouth. Daniel leaned back onto the bed as Alex was sucking him off, and while he was leaning back Jason crawled on top of Daniel and sat on his chest. Jason then pulled out his own cock and stroked it a few times.

Jason rubbed his long semi hard cock over Daniel’s chin. “Do you want this?”

Daniel moaned and nodded, so Jason pulled his cock forward, letting Daniel suck on the head. While Jason was letting Daniel suck on his cock, Alex continued to suck hard on Daniel’s dick at the same time. Then, Daniel tried to say something, but the sound was muffled because of Jason’s big cock in his mouth. “Just relax and enjoy yourself” Jason said to him, and then he pushed his cock slightly deeper into Daniel’s mouth.

Jason saw Daniel’s eyes roll back into his head slightly, and he could feel Daniel’s back arch underneath him. Jason recognized the signs of someone having an intense orgasm. “I guess you really like that, huh?” he said. Daniel’s back arched some more, partially lifting Jason off of the bed, and Daniel grabbed hold of the sheets, squeezing them, and once again he made a muffled sound, but couldn’t speak with the cock in his mouth. Jason told him “Hey, take it easy there, relax bro!”

Daniel then turned his head and pulled Jason’s cock out of his mouth and said, “Stop, let me up!”

“Woah, alright, jeez,” Jason said and got off of Daniel’s chest.

As soon as Jason got off of him, Daniel sat up and roughly pushed Alex off of his cock. “You were only supposed to drink a little bit!” Jason looked and saw that Daniel’s thick cock was still leaking a stream of cum down the shaft, then he looked at his brother and saw another stream of cum dripping out the side of his mouth.

Daniel stood up and exclaimed, “Why didn’t you stop after I orgasmed once?! Now Meyers is going to know for sure what I did!”

Jason looked at Alex, who was wiping off his mouth, then he looked back at Daniel and said, “Uh, how much did he drink?”

Daniel was angrily walking over to get his clothes. “Too much! How will I explain this to Meyers...?”

Jason could see that Daniel’s hefty balls did looked somewhat lighter as they bounced against his thighs.

Daniel got dressed and stormed towards the door. “I shouldn’t have let you talk me into this!” and then he walked out.

Jason was still surprised at the whole turn of events, then he looked over at his brother and said, “Why did you do that?” Alex stood up and shrugged his shoulders, smiling but not responding.

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