Underwear does change the body

by Bufferboy

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It started about three years ago when I was 13 and beginning to notice changes in my body. Like any adolescent, I was growing up.

I noticed more hair on my body, my cock starting to hang lower. Mind you, before all this it already hung down 4 inches soft. When at school, I saw all the guys I hung around with start to bring girls in their lives. That wasn't me. I was not interested in girls at all. In fact I was more interested in guys. I would notice myself staring at them in the shower after gym class.

Then it started, I would dream constantly about being with a guy. I wanted every hot guy I have ever seen. I found that I could now cum when I Jacked off, making my life more pleasurable thinking about these guys. I thought about Brian and Nick from the Backstreet Boys, Austin, Eric, and Lucas from Days of our Lives, to the guys on the basketball team, hoping to catch a glimpse of their manhood when they sat down.

I never actually came out of the closet or admitted to being gay when asked. I was not the most discrete when I was caught staring at guys. I loved to look and to jack off thinking about their hot bodies and mine.

Now came the difficult part. How could I get them to want me. I was a 5’6” 120 scrawny guy with pale skin. The only down fall is that my belly was not as small as I. Yeah I was getting a guy and then with the hair starting to grow on my chest I didn't look at all appealing to the guys I really wanted.

All this time growing up my family went camping a lot. We lived in the middle of Minnesota so we hit a lot of the national parks. I was at the age where this really didn't matter much to me at all. I just wanted to get away from my parents. Well finally when I was, Oh I guess it would have to be, 15. I was out for a late night walk and I strayed from the paths pre-cut for hikers. the sun was pretty much gone now and I came across a boulder large enough to sit on. So I took a load off just blowing the time of day off. That is when it happened.

I looked down to one side of the boulder and noticed a box sitting in the dirt.

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The box had to have been sitting there for years. There was dirt everywhere and it looked like it was falling apart. Even the lock had partially broken off. Boy did that get me thinking of what could be inside. So I took a rock, hard to find in the middle of the night, and broke open the rest of the lock making the box accessible. I couldn't see real well, so I took the box back to the path and started back to camp.

Finally I couldn't stand it anymore once closer to the camp sights I could see better from the street lights that lined the road back to town. I stopped by a tree and opened the box and ran my hand inside to find what…..A pair of reddish bikini underwear, and a note.

The note dated back to the 60's when the box was buried there. The note was from a guy who said that so many wanted this pair of underwear that it had to be buried. I thought how weird, maybe it is how it felt on. I didn't know it at the time but the underwear was the key to life itself for a gay guy.

I don't know what made me want to try it on. Maybe the thought of putting my dick in the same spot where another guy's dick had been turned me on. So far enough away from Camp so that no one could see me, but I had the light of the street lamp, I striped off my shorts and briefs and put on the underwear.

I noticed at first that they were somewhat really big even with my dick tenting out of them. I thought how erotic so I put on my shorts and stuffed my underwear into my pocket and headed back. Later that night I went to bed in my own tent with them on.

The next morning is when I noticed it to happen. I got up as usual and ate breakfast and headed down to the little outlet for swimming. There I saw him, a hunk of meat to prime to look at. Sinfully beautiful!! is all I could think.

I wanted him so bad. Then I thought why would someone like that want someone like me. Then I thought of how if I looked like a hunk myself he might take some interest. then it happened I noticed that my shirt became tighter and tighter. My chest, legs, and arms began to itch. Then my feet started to hurt, like my shoes were too tight. I had to stop and sit down and take them off. A minute later my socks began to tear my feet were growing larger and larger I couldn't believe my eyes and then my shirt began to tear. My shorts felt like a parade going on.

When my shirt had torn off, I noticed the hair. Everywhere hair growing like I was a forest. My pants grew and my legs grew stronger and stronger and my chest started heaping out. My stomach started tightening up. My arms grew larger and larger. I couldn't believe it, I felt like I was growing over 6' tall.

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I ran to the closest bathroom to see what was going on. I got in and looked in the mirror and noticed the blonde hair. The silky straight blonde hair. I grew hard just looking at me. Then I saw it. After everything started slowing down I was left only in the red pair of underwear that I had found the previous night.

They were no longer too big. If anything they should have been too small but they seemed to grow with me. I pulled it away to see a 12” thick member. I wanted to just scream at what I saw. I was the object of my dreams.

How had this happened I thought to myself. Then it came to me, the box, the letter, the UNDERWEAR. That is what it must have meant. By wearing them gave you the gift to change into what you wanted to look like. Too erotic!! I was too hard to slide the underwear past my growing dick. I had to take them off and jerk off. It didn't take me long then I came. Buckets and buckets I couldn't stop. It felt like the orgasm took minutes. I had to sit and recover. about 15 minutes after taking off the underwear I felt myself starting to shrink back to my old self.

I couldn't believe what had happened. I quickly put on the underwear and thought about myself again and took off growing. This time bigger than ever I reached up over 7' strong and hairy. The underwear stretched out to my size. I was out far enough not to be noticed by anyone so I took a stroll. It felt kind of weird at first. I didn't usually take my shirt off, and now I was walking around in my underwear. But then again I was not the same guy I was an hour before. I took a stroll up the same path as I did the previous night.

Now a lot easier with my huge feet. Then I saw him. The guy I was drooling about before my change. He was just standing there looking into the woods. I walked up behind him and out of nowhere I said hi. Something I usually wouldn't just go up to people starting conversations. He turned in a jump. I apologized as he looked over my body I loved to feel his eyes on my hairy skin. Then his glaze reached my package. His only comment. “I didn't know that such things grew in the wild.” I was getting horny.

I could see that he was starting to tent up, and trying to hide it, but I could tell. I told him that there is a better spot to see such wild life. “Just up the path” I said. Planning to take him up to the clearing and the boulder where I had found the underwear. We walked up the path and across to the clearing. I told him he could get a better feel of such nature here. He turned and looked straight into my eyes and kissed me. I started groping him with my huge hands. I opened my mouth to him and let his tongue in. He felt so small to me now, but still so hot!

I peeled his shirt off to reveal a chiseled, smooth chest. While I did this he played in my chest hair, with his fingers and his tongue. I started groping harder and finally just picked him up and kissed him even harder. Just then I noticed I started to feel myself growing again. I grew taller and taller holding him.

My tongue grew longer as my mouth grew larger. That's when he noticed he was not just a couple of inches away from the ground but almost a two feet away. He began to panic. Lost and confused I reassured him. I let him down and his head was just above my stomach. He went right for my tool. Massaging it my meat through my hot erotic underwear.

I let him take my 18” elephant member out of hiding. He stroked only my hard head of my cock. He started to suck my head. He then moved his finger around to my hole.

I have never been a man before and thought I had a tight hole his finger just slid right in followed by a few others then his whole hand. He just kept on sucking as I almost fell backwards in pure ecstasy. Then he let his tongue through my pre-cum soaked piss slit and let his tongue go further. It was all I could handle.

With my underwear now sliding down to my feet. Out of ecstasy I just kicked them off not thinking of what will happen in a matter of minutes. Then It happened. I could feel his hand against my prostate. I couldn't handle it. My ass tightened up. I could feel the shutter up my dick. finally I reached orgasm.

I screamed, I couldn't stand it. I started to pump cum. He almost choked on what I spread out on my first pump. I was still in orgasm he had to pull away as I shot all over his head. He was getting a shower in my cum, trying to take up everything I was spreading across his body. I couldn't handle it, I fell over stroking my dick getting myself as covered with cum as he was.

Just after my orgasm, I picked him up sliding his wet cum soaked body up mine. Until our lips met then I went on to his dick. It just took a couple of sweeps with my tongue, and he came. He told me that this is the best cum he has ever had.

Shortly afterwards, while relaxing holding him in my arms. I realized that my underwear was still off. I then began to feel myself begin to change.

What happened next…….that's a different story.

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