Two of everything

by Big S

Having two cocks already makes Danny feel different, but the fact that they keep getting bigger makes for a few awkward moments. Fortunately, his buddy Kevin is pretty into it.

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By the time I was getting ready to begin my freshman year in high school I had the beginnings of a pretty good beard and I had to shave every other day. I’d also developed hair in my armpits and in my crotch. My dicks were a little bigger—maybe an inch thick and about four inches long. And when I walked along, I could feel my dicks and my balls swinging back and forth and slapping against each other and my legs inside my loose boxer shorts. I was also jerking off pretty regularly now—usually in the shower in the morning, and then again at night before I went to bed. I found that I could make the process last longer and feel much better if I only jerked off one of my dicks at a time. I’d usually start with my top one and after that one had ejaculated, I’d rest for a minute and then reach down and jerk off my bottom dick. By doing it this way, the whole session lasted twice as long and felt a LOT better!

Oh, and my voice had changed—at least most of the time. It had gotten lower but every so often while I was talking it would jump up an octave or two and get squeaky like a little kid and that was pretty embarrassing. But it’s doing that less and less often these days.

I was a little nervous about beginning my Freshman year because I had moved up from the middle school to the high school, and instead of just some simple games during gym class in the middle school, I’d heard that in the high school things were more competitive and the athletics more strenuous, and after gym class you had to TAKE A SHOWER! I was really worried about how I’d be able to hide my extra set of genitals in the showers and in the locker room. After all, it was one thing to hide something that was about as big as my little finger and which hung down between my legs, but it was something else to hide an extra four inch dick and a second set of balls. But I guess I lucked out. The school board had tried to float an increase in the school taxes that past spring and the voters had soundly rejected it. That meant that the school district had to go on an austerity budget and cut out many non essential activities—art, music, and FRESHMAN GYM! Yes! I was safe for another year.

Oh, one other thing that was also different my freshman year—I had to be more careful when I went to the bathroom. Like, when I was a little kid, I could just sit down on the toilet and relax, and the pee would begin to flow out of my dicks. I could still do that, but since my “equipment” was now larger and hung down lower in the toilet bowl, I had to be careful not to sit too low on the toilet or I’d have the unpleasant situation of feeling one or both of my dicks dangling down in the liquid in the bowl. So I found that I had to hold myself up off the toilet seat a little now. And, well, this is kind of embarrassing, but, uh, when I had a bowel movement, I had to be careful not to get it on my bottom dick. Since my bottom dick now hung back beneath my buttocks when I sat on the toilet, it was kind of right in the path of my bowel movement and there were a couple of embarrassing times when I’d crapped all over it. So if I need to have a bowel movement these days, I’ll reach down and grab my bottom dick with my hands and hold it up and out of the way.

Well, other than that embarrassing stuff I just told you about, there was one more thing that was different my freshman year—I had a boyfriend! I’d known Kevin since we were in the third or fourth grade and we had always been just friends. But by our freshman year, we were more than just friends and were hanging out together more during the school day and after school, and would go to an occasional movie together. Other than holding hands and kissing a little, we weren’t doing anything really serious, but when I jerk off now, I’ll daydream about Kevin and his hot bod and what it would feel like to be holding his big thick pecs in my hands.

I guess my voice has finished changing. I haven’t had any of those squeaky episodes for several months now, and my voice has settled in to be a really low bass, sort of “gravelly” even. I guess the first time folks hear me talk they are surprised by the way I sound as when they hear me talking, they’ll often look around to see whether there is someone else talking.

Kevin and I continued to date occasional during the summer between our freshman and sophomore years. One time at the beginning of the summer was pretty embarrassing. We’d gone to the mall for a movie and then stopped in the food court for pizza. I think I mentioned that Kevin has pretty nice pecs, didn’t I? Well if I hadn’t told you before, I’m telling you now. From looking at some photos in a men’s magazine, I’d guess that he’s bigger than most guys who work out. So anyway, we’re sitting there and eating pizza and I’m staring at his chest because he had worn this really tight tee shirt. And as he was chewing the pizza and moving around in his chair a little I could see the tight flesh of his pecs shift a little and strain at the tight fabric of his shirt. Oh man, was I getting turned on. And the problem was that my top dick was getting hard and sticking up under my belt while my bottom dick was getting hard and pointing down my left pants leg. Between the two of them they had me pretty well immobilized. So anyway, we’d finished the pizza and were getting up to leave the food court, AND I COULDN’T STAND UP! Well, I could get out of my chair but I was all bent over. I guess my face was really flushed as I felt pretty hot as I sat back down and asked Kevin if we could just sit there a little while and “relax.” He got a puzzled look on his face and then looked down at the bulge in my crotch and began to laugh. So we’re sitting at the table and I’m blushing like a fool, and Kevin’s laughing his head off, and all the other folks nearby are staring as us and I just wanted to become the invisible man (or boy). Finally, after about fifteen minutes or so, I got things under control a little and my dicks softened up enough that I could get up and walk out of the mall—a bit gingerly.

Toward the end of the summer, I realized that my dicks had continued to increase in size. They were both about six inches long and about an inch and a half in thickness. Plus my balls were a little larger too. The added size made my jeans really tight in the crotch and I had to switch to jeans that were cut much looser in the waist and seat to hide my increasing size.

Just before Labor Day, Kevin and I went to a movie—I don’t really remember much about it because I was concentrating more on his. Shortly after the movie started I put my hand around his shoulder, and when he didn’t brush it off as he had done in the past, I let it slip down a little till it was resting gently against his chest. “Wow”, I thought, “I’m making some real progress tonight.” What I didn’t realize was that Kevin had some plans of his own. About five minutes later, when I was trying to figure out whether my next move should be to slip my hand up under his shirt, or whether I should rub his pecs through the fabric of his top, I felt something down in my crotch. I looked down and there’s Kevin’s left hand, gently stroking the inside of my right thigh. And then, while I was still thinking: “Hold Shit! What’s going on here?”, his hand moved up and unsnapped my belt buckle, and then slowly reached down into my jeans and began to stroke my top dick. I mean, I was so hard at this point that he must have thought he was rubbing a telephone pole. But after a minute or so he stopped stroking me and then looked over and down at my crotch. OH MY GOD! My bottom dick was hard as well and it clearly showed through the fabric of my jeans as it stuck down my right pants leg. Kevin just looked at the shape showing through my jeans for a moment and then removed his hand from my top dick and slid his hand down into my right pants leg and felt my bottom dick. He felt it for a minute or so, not really realizing what it was, and then gasped and pulled his hand out of my pants.

At that point I figured that I was in real trouble, like he was going to scream or run out of the theatre, or something. And I was trying to think up some really intelligent saying that would calm his down. Maybe something along the lines of: “Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun”—no, that sounded like a chewing gum commercial. Anyway, Kevin slowly slid his hand back down into my jeans and over the next fifteen minutes or so thoroughly explored my double anatomy—tracing out the outlines of both my dicks, and my two sets of balls. It even seemed like he was getting turned on because he had snuggled up really close against me and was breathing faster. Then he whispered in my ear: “Play with my nips. Please?” Man, I didn’t need any encouragement so I slipped my right hand up the back of his tee shirt and then wiggled around so I could cup one pec in each hand and began stroking and rubbing them. At the same time Kevin had his left hand down in my jeans and was playing with and stroking my dicks, first one and then the other. Finally I couldn’t hold it back any more and ejaculated from my bottom dick, and then a few minutes after that from my top dick. Kevin just said: “You boys are so messy” as he wiped his hand off on the outside of my jeans. We watched the rest of the movie with me playing with his pecs and his stroking my dicks through my jeans. So you can understand why I don’t remember too much about the movie.

I wasn’t sure what to say as we rode home on the bus—so the smart thing seemed not to say anything—so I didn’t. But as Kevin was getting off the bus at his stop, he leaned over and whispered in my ear: “If a boy’s got two hands, why shouldn’t he have two cocks? Call me soon.” Man, I got another set of erections.

Well, after that date, to say that Kevin and I were dating is an understatement. Whenever we could, we spent time together—in private if possible. And while we never actually had intercourse during the next several months, we came pretty darn close.

Okay, repeat of freshman year—getting nervous about the other guys seeing me naked. But again fate stepped in. The school district had managed to get its budget passed this past spring, but now it had money in it for renovations, and guess what one of the areas being renovated was—the athletic facilities! So we had gym class my sophomore year—bit it was kind of a watered down gym class. We went bowling several times, and we want to watch a couple of ball games, and stuff like that. The few times when I would have been “at risk”, as when the class went to the city swimming pool, I managed to find an excuse to skip class that day. So I managed to keep my secret from the other kids from my sophomore year in high school—well, except from Kevin, of course.

Oh man, over Thanksgiving I tried something that was way too weird. Kevin was out of town vacationing with his folks, and I was kind of horny. Just jerking myself off was getting to be a little boring and I wanted to try something different. When I had gotten dressed yesterday, instead of letting my bottom dick hang down my right pants leg as I usually did, I pulled it back between my legs and shoved it up between my buttocks. I don’t really know why I did that, it was just something on the spur of the moment. So anyway, walking around that day with my bottom dick up between my buttocks felt really strange. And then when I sat down, the pressure on my bottom dick made it feel even stranger. But after awhile, I kind of began to like the feeling, and actually got kind of turned on by the way it felt. That night when I was getting ready for bed I started thinking about how it had felt kind of neat to have my dick up between my buttocks and then I started thinking that it might feel even better if my dick were up my “.. wait, that’s not normal “.. no, that would be too weird “.. but then I thought: “What the fuck, why not try it.”

So I went into the bathroom and got a jar of Vaseline and smeared some on my bottom dick, and then I got a big gob of Vaseline on a couple of my fingers and smeared it around my asshole, and then I stuck my fingers up into my asshole and smeared the Vaseline on the inside. Then I bent over and grabbed my bottom dick and pushed its head up against my asshole. That didn’t feel too bad, so I pushed a little harder, and then a little harder. All of a sudden about four inches of my bottom dick slipped up into my asshole. At first it was, like: “Oh crap, what did I just do?” But then it began to feel pretty good. So I’m walking around my bedroom naked ,and my bottom dick is bent back between my legs with about four inches or so of it up my ass. And the longer I walked around, and then bent over and rocked back and forth, and then sat down on my bed, the better it began to feel. Pretty soon I got another gob of Vaseline on my right hand and grabbed my top dick and began to stroke it. Oh Man! Between having one dick up my ass and jerking off with my other dick it felt so really great and I was gasping and panting with pleasure and pretty soon I ejaculated—both dicks at the same time. Now, that wasn’t your normal teenage boy kind of sexual play and I didn’t want to get too strange, but every so often after that when Kevin’s not around and I want to try something different, I’ll smear Vaseline on my bottom dick, shove it up my ass, and just walk around for awhile enjoying the feeling. Once, I even did it before I went to school and ejaculated up my ass during my History class! Hey, ass, class, that rhymes—I’m a budding poet, NOT.

Well, I guess the guys had to find out sooner or later. It was the second week of my Junior year and I was just coming out of the gym showers and heading for the locker room when I heard one of the guys behind me say: “Man, what’s that thing between your legs?” I was, like, really embarrassed and tensed to make a dash for the locker room and throw on some clothes. But I figured that I’m going to be with these guys for two more school years and they’re going to see it sooner or later. So I just acted like there was nothing unusual about having two dicks and just said: “Oh, that’s a side effect of Diphallus”, and continued on into the locker room. The guys weren’t sure what to do, and I heard one of them whisper: “What the fuck is a Diphallus, or whatever he said?” I ignored them and toweled off and got dressed, not rushing or anything, and I could see a couple of the guys sneaking looks at my duplicate sets of “equipment” but they didn’t say anything. Over the next couple of weeks the guys continued to check me out, and I kept acting like there was nothing unusual. But in the showers a little later, one of the guys came up to me and asked: “Uh, Danny, like, is that really a second cock?”

“Yeah, sure”, I responded, and pulled my top dick to one side and held my bottom dick up with my other hand so they could see it better, “and I have two sets of balls, also”, I continued. After that they surrounded me and bombarded me with questions till the Coach got pissed and came into the showers and chased us out. I knew the word had spread all of the school for the kids in the hallway kept sneaking looks at me, and a couple of the boys giggled, but it wasn’t too bad. And then, by the end of October, it was like nothing had happened and everyone just started treating me like one of the guys again. I guess I didn’t need to be so worried after all.

Well, Kevin and I finally went “all the way” at New Year’s. My folks had gone out to a party and we had just decided to stay home and watch the ball drop on the TV. We’d made some popcorn and around ten o’clock or so when I was rummaging around in the refrigerator, I found a bottle of wine that my folks had left there so I brought it into the family room and Kevin and I had some in a paper cup, and then some more. Now, we’d been making out before the wine, but after the wine we started to get really serious and pretty soon our clothes were lying on the floor and we were all snuggled up together on the couch with all out arms and legs intertwined and making out like mad. And I had these two huge erections and then Kevin whispered in my ear: “Now, let’s do it now. I want to feel you inside me.” Man, I didn’t need any encouragement so I spread his legs and positioned myself between them and took my top dick and held it up against his and, when I didn’t meet any resistance, slowly slid it inside him. He was thrusting his hips up against me as I thrust into his, and moaning and gasping in pleasure. Finally I came and shot my semen into him and then we just kind of collapsed into each other’s arms. After a minute or so he whispered: “Now I want the other one.” So I moved back into position and entered him with my bottom dick and repeated the whole process. Oh wow, what a New Year’s to remember.

After that, Kevin and I had sex whenever we could get off by ourselves. Some of my friends had been bragging about a thirty-second “quickie” in the back seat of a van, but Kevin and I liked to take our time and experiment with different positions. Usually about once a week we’d be able to be alone at my folk’s house or at his parent’s house and then it was like: “Man, here we go!” One way that worked pretty well for me was when I entered his with my top dick and slipped my lubricated bottom dick between the cheeks of his ass and thrust at his with both of my dicks at the same time. But Kevin’s favorite was when we rubbed Vaseline on my top dick and I entered him with my bottom dick and I fucked his pecs with my top dick. He’d press his pecs together with his hands to provide even more friction and when I came with my top dick and we both shot semen all over his pecs and onto his face he’d lick it off. Man, we found positions that I didn’t even think the human body could get into. This was great.

By the time my Senior year rolled around, I guess it didn’t make much difference whether the guys had seen me naked in gym class in my Junior year—even wearing clothes I couldn’t hide what was going on with my body these days. My dicks were now about eight inches long and about two inches across. I’d given up even trying to contain them in my underwear so when I got dressed after my morning shower I skipped the underwear and just let one dick hang down each pants leg. Even wearing the fullest cut jeans that I could buy, you could see the outlines of my dicks through the fabric, and they were even more noticeable as they swung back and forth a little as I walked through the hallways. And my balls! Well, each of my four balls was about as big as a tennis ball and the sacks of skin that enclosed them hung down a good six inches or so and produced a large bulge in the crotch of my jeans.

My added size didn’t bother Kevin, but I noticed one other thing, when I ejaculated now I was producing a lot more liquid. Like, several years ago I would get a couple of small squirts of this whitish thick liquid, now I was getting almost a half cup from each of my dicks in six or seven squirts that shot out over a foot from my dicks. One time while we were in the showers, one of the guys bet me that I was too chicken to jerk off in front of them. Well, the word “chicken” isn’t in my vocabulary so I masturbated both of my dicks and then ejaculated, producing two large pools of semen on the floor a couple of feet in front of me. The guys were like, well, they just stared in awe. “That’ll show you what my equipment can do”, I thought.

Oh, another change—body hair! I think I mentioned a year or so ago that I had developed some body hair—like a light beard and hair in my armpits and groin area. But since then, the hair that I had developed has become thicker and I’ve developed hair on more areas of my body. I was asking the doctor about it during one of my checkups because none of the other guys at school have as much hair as I do and he said that because I’ve got two functioning sets of testicles, that the levels of male hormones in my body are much higher than usual and that is promoting the growth of some additional hair. Ha, “some additional hair” is kind of an understatement. My legs and arms are completely covered with thick black hair. My beard is so heavy that I have to shave twice a day and even then I have a constant five o’clock shadow. There’s a thick mat of hair on my back and the hair in my crotch has expanded upward and now completely covers my chest. Some of the kids at school have been kiddingly calling me “gorilla boy.” The other thing that happened to me along with all the hair is the body odor. Now I don’t mean body odor like when you don’t shower or use underarm deodorant, but I mean body odor like a kind of musky scent. Even if I shower in the morning, by noon my body will have developed a strong musky odor. It’s not really unpleasant or anything but it is noticeable. Like I’ll walk into a classroom and sit at my desk, and usually one of the kids sitting near me will raise their head and sniff a couple of times like they’ve smelled something but they can’t quite figure out what it is or where it is coming from. The funny thing about it is that Kevin likes it. After we had sex last night, we were just lying there, all snuggled up against each other, and he was running his fingers through the thick mat of hair on my chest, and putting his face down against my chest and telling me how much my musky scent turned his on. Well, when Kevin gets turned on, there’s only one solution——….

While it’s more fun to have Kevin give me a blow job (among other things), I found out that I can give myself a blow job. Now it’s not something that I’d recommend to everyone but I was sitting in the family room the other day, just watching TV and finding that even with 98 channels, there was nothing interesting on. When I’m in the house lately I’ve pretty much stopped wearing clothes so I was sitting naked on the sofa and just kind of idly playing with my cocks. Now my folks aren’t bothered by me not wearing clothes around the house but they don’t like to see me playing with myself and masturbating. Mom or Dad will say something like: “If you’re going to do that, go up to your room.” But they were both shopping so I had the house to myself.

Anyway, after I’d been playing with my top dick for fifteen minutes or so I had a pretty good sized erection and I realized that the tip of my top dick was only an inch or so below my chin. So I bent over a little and licked the tip. That didn’t feel bad so I licked it a little more and then put my lips on the tip and sucked on it a little. That felt even better and pretty soon I had several inches of my top dick up inside my mouth and I was sucking on it and moving up and down on it while my hands played with my bottom dick. Man, this was starting to feel really great when all of a sudden these jets of hot liquid shot into my mouth, nearly choking me. Gasping I spit out as much of the liquid as I could and caught my breath. Gosh, I’d just given myself a blow job. As my top dick softened I noticed that my bottom dick was still fully erect so I bent down a little farther and repeated that process with my bottom dick, swallowing the liquid this time. “Well”, I thought, “That wasn’t a bad midafternoon snack.”

Um, another change. I don’t know whether it goes along with the body hair or not, but over the past year I’ve gotten very muscular. Now some of the guys are into weightlifting and stuff like that and a couple of them are pretty well developed. But I’ve got them all beat. I have these huge muscular shoulders and massive arms. And my thighs are really thick and you can see the muscles rippling under the skin when I walk. As I was toweling off after getting out of the shower this morning, I noticed how thick my neck has become and the funny thing, is that I haven’t been doing any special exercises or anything—it just happened. Kevin’s pretty turned on by my muscles and bought me a couple of tight mesh tank tops so that I can show them off as we walk around the mall and in the hallways at school.

It was in March of my senior year that the video hit the Internet. I never found out who it was, but apparently someone had sneaked a cell phone into the boys locker room several times and had gotten about five minutes total of me getting undressed and dressed. The video was a little jerky, and the lighting wasn’t the best, but you could pretty well make out what was happening. There was even one close-up shot of me picking up my top dick with my left hand and moving it out of the way so that I could reach down below my bottom dick with my right hand and scratch my balls. Guess about the only good thing was that it didn’t show my face. So anyway, I only found about it when I got a panic call on my cell phone from Kevin, telling me to go to and check out the video that somebody named DannysDicks had uploaded. I did and SHIT, it was me. I watched in horror as the video continued for almost five minutes. CRAP, the way news spreads through the school, probably everyone else in the school had seen it by now, or would have by tomorrow morning. I really wasn’t looking forward to going to school the next day, expecting to be picked upon unmercifully. But the other kids were great, they were like: “Danny, that was a rotten thing to do.” And: “Hang in there Danny.” And: “If we ever find out who did it, he’ll end up with two broken arms.” And more. After that I really didn’t feel too bad, and really appreciated the other kids pulling for me.

But it was about three weeks later when it hit AOL. You know how, when you sign on to AOL it gives you that window with “interesting” pieces of news? Well, one of the “interesting” pieces of news that day was: “High School Senior with Second Penis Well-liked by His Classmates.” Oh man, at least they didn’t show the video, but they did mention YouTube which means that anyone who wanted to could find it. That really sucked!

Kevin and I were going to the mall this afternoon but my Dad had been bugging me to mow the lawn. It was pretty warm so I just pulled on a pair of gym shorts and went out into the hot sun to mow the grass. It only took me about 45 minutes but by the time I was done I was drenched in sweat and smelled really musky so I went inside and took a second shower that day and dried off and just lay down on my bed to relax and cool off. I guess I must have fallen asleep because the ringing of the doorbell woke me up about a half hour later. I looked out the window, saw that it was Kevin at the front door, and yelled down to his that I’d be down in a minute or so. I pulled on a polo shirt, a pair of old gym shorts and a pair of sandals and ran down the stairs. When I opened the door he smiled at me and then backed up a couple of feet and said: “You sure you want to go the mall dressed like that?” Well, I knew that my clothes might not be the finest but I really didn’t see what the problem was. Kevin saw the look of puzzlement on my face and glanced down at my waist and said: “You’re showing a little more than usual today.” I looked down and realized that the gym shorts that I had pulled on in haste were an old pair that were fairly, well, short. And a couple of inches of each of my dicks were hanging out of the bottom of each leg of my shorts. Jesus, what an exhibit! As I stepped back into the house I could feel them swinging back and forth a little and slapping against my legs. Kevin looked at me, standing there and blushing, and with my dicks hanging out of my shorts, and said: “Well, you are showing off what endears you to me.” Blushing, I ran up the stairs to my room and changed into a longer pair of shorts. Then we went to the mall.

Toward the end of that summer, I got a letter from some lawyer that puzzled me—it sounded like he was offering me a chance to appear on a TV show. So anyway, I called him up and it turns out that he represented one of the producers for the Discovery Channel and he told me that they have a series of shows on various medical deformities. Yeah, now I was beginning to remember. I’d watched a couple of the shows with titles like: “The 750 Pound Man”; “Born Without A Face”; “Skin Turning To Stone”; and stuff like that. So anyway, they wanted to do a show on me called: “Boy with Two Penises.” Yeah, sure, like I’m going to appear on a TV show like that? I hung up on him!

It was about a week or so later that I got a registered letter in the mail from some law firm that I didn’t recognize. When I opened it up, I realized that it was from that lawyer that I had talked to on the phone and then hung up on. I was going to file the letter in the circular file when a few words in the letter jumped out at me: “….. to offer you a professional fee of $150,000 for appearing in our production.” HOLY CRAP! They’d pay me that much? Like, I had been trying to figure out how I could pay the tuition at the local community college this fall and these guys were offering me enough to pay for four years at a real school? Yeah, but they’d still be shooting a video of me, and probably without any clothes on, and that sucked. But after thinking it over for a day or so, I figured out that it wouldn’t hurt to give the lawyer a call, so I did. Over the next week or so we spent many hours on the phone, and eventually struck a deal that I would appear in their show, but they wouldn’t include shots of my face, or use my name, or include any other information that would identify me. I did ask the guy how they had located me and he said that right after the short article appeared on AOL, they’d started backtracking from the YouTube video and located the IP address that the video had been posted from, and that led them to the town where I lived, and then they started checking with kids at the high school, and eventually one of them gave him my name. I was kinda pissed at first, but then I thought of the $150K and that calmed me down.

So anyway, I agreed to go on their show and then flew me out to the studios in Los Angeles and I spent six days being interviewed and taped. I figured there’d be lots of shots of me without any clothes on but there weren’t all that many. They shot a lot of video of me just doing everyday things like eating at a Burger King and stuff like that. And they did a lot of interviews about how me “condition” had affected my life, and what the other kids thought of it, and what were my most embarrassing moments (I didn’t tell them about the time I forgot to hold my dicks out of the way when I was taking a crap and shit all over myself), and what I liked best about my “condition (I didn’t tell them about how I could give myself a blowjob). And after the six days I flew back home and that was about all to it there was.

Kevin and I broke up shortly after that. I don’t think he liked the idea of me doing the TV show. But there was more to it than that. He has been acting kind of funny at times for the last couple of months. And after I got him to drink a couple of beers one night while we were watching TV, he came out and told me that he didn’t want to have sex with me any more. He said that I was so big now that it was painful whenever we had sex, and then for a couple of days afterward he felt like he had been kicked in the ass by a horse. And the last time he gave me a blow job he had hardly been able to get my dick in the mouth and then he had choked on the amount of liquid that I had squirted down his throat. So I guess that’s it, no more boyfriend. Well, I can still jerk off.

About six months after I had flown out to LA for the taping, the program showed up on the Discovery Channel and I watched it in the family room of my parent’s house. I had gone off to college that fall but didn’t really like it and so I dropped out after six weeks and just moved back home while I figured out what I wanted to do next. So anyway, I’m watching the TV show, and they really didn’t do too bad a job. They didn’t show my face, and they changed my voice, and there really wasn’t all that much nudity. The one thing that surprised me was when I was watching one section of the program where they had taped me walking down the sidewalk. I hadn’t realized that I walked like that—kind of pigeon-toed and with my legs spread apart. Then when the program got to one of the nude shots I realized why I was walking that way. Until I saw myself in the video I hadn’t really thought about how big I had become. Each of my dicks was over three inches thick and a little more than a foot long. My top dick hung down to just above my knees and you could see my bottom dick hanging several inches below that. And my balls, well they were now as large as softballs. Wow, was I hung! But it didn’t bother me or anything, I was like: “Man, am I the greatest stud, or what?”

It was several months after that when I got a phone call from some company called “Ardmore Productions”, at least that was what showed up on the caller-id, and they were calling from an LA area code. Anyway, the lady on the phone was nice and explained that they had been very impressed by the Discovery Channel program, and they were happy that they had been able to track me down because they wanted to offer me a job working for them and making videos. And while they realized that I might not want to make a commitment, would it be OK if they sent me a first class airline ticket and $3,000 in cash and I could fly out to LA and visit their studios and discuss career possibilities? Well, I was pretty bored hanging around my folks house so it took me about a microsecond to make up my mind and agree to come and visit them.

After we hung up, I got on the internet and check on Ardmore Productions and found that they were, well, the best way I can describe it is that they make porno flicks. I downloaded a couple of their videos and they were pretty “hot.” At first I was like: “No way.” But then I started thinking that I haven’t got anything else to do right now, and if this company is actually going to pay me to get laid, why not? So tomorrow I’m flying out to LA to begin my career as a porno star. I hope.

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