Twin studs

by Anonymous

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Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
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This was submitted as a revised version of an original story by Peterbilt, which can be found here.


Part 1

My divorce was final. My ex had moved to the East Coast with her new lover and somehow had managed to take our teenage son with her. I was still dazed and confused how the court had made that happen. He was at the age, I thought, where he needed a father more than a mother. The house was being sold and I was moving into a two-story place on Elm Street. It was too big for one but I was reasonably sure, and hopeful, that Travis would be moving back with me late in the summer to go to school for his senior year and if he did I needed a place for us besides the little cramped apartment that I’d moved into when my wife and I split up.

Elm Street is where I made the acquaintance of the Hart twins, Darin and David. I met them the day I moved in. They made themselves known to me. The two boys I watched coming across the street were not the same boys when they got up close. They were wearing ragged cut-off jeans and T-shirts that were cut off about up to their pecs, revealing 12-pack abs that looked like stacks of bricks, and sleeveless to accommodate four thick arms each. They had thighs that could move a tank, their muscular, close to 7-foot-tall bodies belying their youthful, innocent looks that I saw when they were up close.

“Need some help?” one of them asked.

“Well, I wouldn’t turn down help on a hot day like this,” I said. I was surprised to hear the deep, mature voice come out of the beautiful boy’s mouth.

“I’m Darin Hart. This is my brother, David. We live next door.”

I glanced across the street where they had come from.

“Oh, we were across the street shooting hoops with the neighbor kid,” David explained.

“Dell Brady,” I said, putting my hand out. Their muscles danced and bulged when we shook hands and I wondered how they chose which hand to shake with … and old they were. It was hard to tell; their eyes and their voices and their muscular bodies didn’t match up.

“Where do you want us, Mr. Brady?” Darin asked.

If I told them where I wanted them they might have run home in fright.

Instead I told them what they could do to help and they set right to unloading the van. I was impressed. They worked like two men, each of them lifting stuff out of the truck by himself carefully using all four of his strong arms—stuff that I thought should have taken both of them to pick up.

Their shirts were soon soaked with sweat and clinging to their muscles, especially their oversized pecs.

Watching them, my curiosity got the best of me.

“I’m guessing you guys are pretty much the same age, but how old are you?”

They had separated several times and now I didn’t know which was which. One of them laughed and said, “Actually, I’m older than Darin by two minutes. And we just turned sixteen.”

I blinked, taken aback and visibly surprised. “Whew! That means you were built like that when you were even younger. I’ve never seen sixteen-year-olds that look like you do,” I said, though in their faces they didn’t look much older than 16.

“Thanks. We hear that quite a bit. We both lift weights,” David said.

“Obviously, from the looks of you, and by the way you handle the stuff of the truck,” I said.

“It’s nothing, really,” David said.

“It’s a lot to me. I appreciate the help.”

“Is your family joining you?” Darin asked.

“Actually, I’m moving in alone,” I said. “My son is living with his mother. He’ll be moving here late in the summer to go to school.”

“What grade?” Darin asked.

“How old is he?” asked David.

“He’ll be a senior. He’ll turn 18 right after he starts his senior year.”

“We’ll be anxious to meet him.”

“Yeah, if he’ll have anything to do with sixteen-year-old sophomores,” Darin said.

“Don’t tell him you’re sixteen. He’ll never know by looking at you,” I said.

“He’ll find out when we go to school,” David said.

“We’re in about the opposite situation than you and your son,” Darin said. “Our dad works overseas; we only see him a few times a year.”

“That must be tough on all of you,” I said.

“We have a great time when he’s home,” said David.

“Do you guys want something cold to drink?” I asked.

“Sure, thanks.”

I led them inside the back porch where I had a cooler with beer and water and pop iced down till the refrigerator was carried in and cooled down. Once inside, it struck me that I shouldn’t be inviting them inside, but it was too late; I couldn’t tell them to go wait outside. Besides, it was just the porch.

I got myself a beer and told them to help themselves. I wasn’t paying any attention, assuming they would get a can of pop, but as I unfolded the lawn chairs I saw that they had gotten themselves a beer instead. They were quick on the trigger, too, had the tabs pulled off and were guzzling the stuff before I could say anything.

“Whoa, guys. You’re not supposed to be drinking that,” I said.

“Why not, we did a man’s work, didn’t we?” David said with a sweet grin.

He had me there. “I can’t deny that, but…”

“Its not like we’re going to be driving,” Darin said. “We live right next door. We don’t even have our licenses yet.”

My only argument was the law and the fact that I was a new guy in the neighborhood who had a couple of underage studs guzzling beer on my back porch, but I didn’t voice the argument.

“What’s your mother going to say, you guys over here drinking beer with a stranger?” I said. “Remind me to give you some mints before you go home. I don’t want her to smell beer on your breath.”

“Our mother died when we were ten,” David said, matter-of-factly. “Our aunt lives here with us. And our uncle is who-knows-where. We’re pretty much all she’s got so she lets us pretty much do what we please.”

As I said, I didn’t have any argument except the law and somehow it didn’t matter in the face of their logic, and their mere physical presence made it matter even less. I let them finish their beer then we got back to work.

“The worst is yet to come,” I said. “The appliances are up in the nose of the truck; washer and dryer, stove and refrigerator.”

“No sweat,” Darin said as he jumped in the truck. He pulled his brother up after him. They maneuvered the washer and dryer and stove to the tailgate without my help and Darin jumped down for him and I to lift them down onto the driveway. Then he climbed back up in the truck to get the refrigerator. When they had it at the tailgate Darin jumped down from the truck and skinned off his T-shirt. I tried not to do a double-take when I saw his bare, muscular upper body; his broad, thick oversized pecs and his deeply-cut hairless 12-pack sloping sexily down into his cutoffs. I stepped up to help them bring the refrigerator down out of the truck just as Darin turned his back to the tail gate.

“Bring it down nice and easy,” he told his brother.

“What? You can’t carry a refrigerator on your back,” I blurted.

“Watch me,” he said smartly.

“He can do it,” David said. “Either one of us can do it. It’s all in the balance.”

I was still hesitant and dubious. I could just see the boy’s long, thick legs buckling under the weight and the damn thing crushing him. I wondered how much of his confidence had come from the beer he drank.

“We’ve done this before,” David assured me. “The fridge will stick to his bare skin and he can walk right in with it while we balance it.”

His brother was already easing the refrigerator off the tailgate and I helped bring it to rest and balance it on Darin’s broad back. I held my breath as the boy straightened under the tremendous weight. His thighs bulged mightily under the strain but he didn’t falter. I shouldn’t have worried about his legs buckling but I held my breath more as he we made our way down the drive and into the back porch. There were two steps up into the kitchen.

Darin maneuvered the steps like it was level ground, his ham-strings bulging.

Inside the kitchen, we eased the refrigerator off the boy’s back and set it upright.

“Are you okay?” I asked him as I helped him straighten up. “Is your back okay?”

“Stop making a fuss,” he said, laughing. “My legs did all the work, and I’ve got powerful legs.”

“Yes, I can see that,” I said. “I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t seen it; a sixteen-year-old carrying a refrigerator on his back.” But as I said, he had thighs that could move a tank and he left me awed by his sheer strength. I glanced at my watch. I had to get the truck back to the rental place.

“We’ll try to get some more done while you’re gone,” the boys said.

I was reluctant to leave them alone in the house but I couldn’t say anything and kick them out without conveying that I didn’t trust them. Besides, everything was stacked in the back porch and outside on the drive and I wouldn’t mind having them help getting some of it inside.

As is usually the case, there was a hassle turning the truck in and it took me longer than I expected to get back. More than an hour, including the time waiting on a cab. I had visions of my stereo and TV and stuff gone and already circulating through the black-market. I was wrong and very much ashamed for the thoughts. Not only was it all still there, it was placed in the living room and hooked up! The boys had even carried in most of the furniture and placed it.

“You’ll probably want to change things around but we at least got it inside and hooked up,” Darin said. “David hooked everything up. He’s the electronics genius.”

They took me upstairs where they had set my bed up in the small room overlooking the driveway that separated my house from theirs, along with the rest of the bedroom furniture. David had also hooked up the smaller TV in my bedroom.

“I didn’t know if you wanted a TV in your bedroom but maybe you like to lie in bed and watch X-rated movies,” David said.

I laughed but didn’t confirm or deny.

“Is this okay?” Darin asked with a wave around the room.

I had intended to use the bigger bedroom for my own but I told them it was fine.

“We carried your workout bench and weights to the bigger room,” David said. “We figured you needed more room to work out than to sleep…depending, of course, on how many people you might have sleeping in here.”

“As it is, you’re right across the driveway from our bedroom,” Darin pointed out, laughing. “We can wave goodnight to each other.”

Yes, the smaller bedroom would work out fine, I thought. From the little innuendos I was hearing, I was afraid, and hopeful, that other things were going to work out, maybe too fine. I wondered where I would put Travis when he came home to live but it wasn’t something that had to be decided right then. I still pondered the odd, almost suggestive, things that the boys were saying.

“There are still some boxes and lamps and stuff that need to be carried inside; do you want us to come over after supper and help you unpack?” David asked.

“Naw, I can handle that. You boys have done enough,” I said.

“It’s no bother. We can come over and help keep the trash gathered up and cut down boxes,” Darin said eagerly.

He said it like they were coming whether or no and it dawned on me that the boys were virtually fatherless and perhaps needed a man in their lives and that really did want to come over and help.

“Okay guys, I could use you for that,’ I said.

“You can use us for anything you need, Mr. Brady. Just ask,” Darin said.

With a chill down my spine, I mentally added that to the other strange things the boys had said. Downstairs, they went to the cooler.

“Hey, guys, coke this time,” I said sternly. “You work like men but that doesn’t change the law.”

“Coke it is,” one of them said.

As much as I appreciated the boys’ help I was glad when it came time for them to go home, at least till after supper. I needed a little time alone to get my bearings…and the things they said still laid heavy on my mind. My alone time was short-lived. The two boys were back promptly after supper. I didn’t really mind. I welcomed the help and they were nice to have around and easy on the eyes. I was wondering, though, how I was going to manage living next door to the two handsome, lanky teenage hunks, especially with them being so forward.

Needless to say, that wasn’t the end of the Hart twins. I fell asleep in front of the TV. I woke up and went upstairs. I pulled the blinds in my bedroom and undressed and crawled into bed to get ready for the first day of my new life. I realized then that I had pulled the blinds earlier when we were working in the room, but they were open again. The boys must have opened them. I remembered their remark about waving goodnight.

I didn’t have to go to work the next day and I was looking forward to making good use of the time, unpacking and arranging things. I was fixing breakfast when there was a knock at the back door. It was the twins and their aunt. I was taken by what the boys were wearing; workout shorts with fat round bulges, white T-shirts again, cut off just below their soccer-ball pecs and the sleeves cut off. Except for their youthful, innocent looks, they could’ve almost been deemed indecent. We exchanged greetings while the aunt scrutinized me. I knew she had come over, or perhaps the boys brought her, to see if I was some dirty old man or a pervert. I didn’t blame her. If I had nephews who looked like they did, I would have been just as protective. After a few minutes of nice conversation, during which I managed to keep my eyes off of her boys, she seemed to be satisfied that I was okay and left. The boys stayed.

“Got anything you want us to do, Mr. Brady?” Darin asked.

I had the feeling that they could turn into pests, but still, I enjoyed their company. We unpacked the rest of the boxes and they cut them down and hauled the trash out to the dumpster in the alley.

“Have you got a lawn mower, Mr. Brady?” David asked. “Your grass needs mowing.”

“No, I didn’t need one where I lived before,” I said. “I guess I need to get one.”

“You don’t need to be in a hurry to get one, we’ll use ours.”

“Maybe I could hire you boys to take care of the yard till I get a mower,” I said.

“You can’t hire us, but we’ll do it.” David said.

They didn’t need me in the yard so I straightened things up inside and moved things around and made a feeble attempt to make the place look like home. It definitely lacked my wife’s touch. I missed my son. I ached, I missed him so much. In a way I missed his mother, too, but I didn’t let myself dwell on that.

I took cold drinks out to the boys. They had taken off their shirts and their smooth, tanned muscles glistened with sweat in the warm sun.

“What, no beer?” Darin joked, taking a glass with both of his front hands.

“Not till I have a talk with your aunt to see if it’s okay,” I said.

“She’ll probably say it is. We drink beer with our dad,” David said.

“I’m … not your dad,” I pointed out.

We stood in the shade of the tree for them to cool down and give me a chance to check them out in their bare flesh.

“Are you sure there’s not some mistake on our birth certificates? Are you sure you’re only sixteen?” I asked, letting my eyes rake boldly over their bare muscles.

“It’s a fact,” Darin said.

“You guys are going to have a real serious problem with the girls when you get your license; if you don’t already,” I said.

“The only problem we’ve got is us,” Dave said. “OOOwwhwhh!” he yelped when his brother punched him in the side. They wrestled around and the remark was quickly dropped, leaving me to wonder, what didn’t Darin want his brother to say?

“Actually, our dad has already had that talk with us, about girls,” Darin said.

By the time they were finished with the grass the boys’ workout shorts were dark and damp with sweat around the waist and down the crack of their hard round muscle butts. I offered them ten bucks each but they refused it.

“We’re just being neighborly, like our dad taught us,” Darin said.

“I don’t feel right, having you do it for nothing,” I said.

“Don’t worry, we’ll collect one way or another,” David said with a wide grin.

“Yeah, just give us time to think of something,” Darin added.

I didn’t pursue that remark, but added it to the list.

That night I decided to leave the blinds up in my bedroom. The boys’ aunt was a real babe. I didn’t now where her bedroom was but if it was across the drive from me, I didn’t mind if she had a good view. I undressed down to my shorts, not right in front of the window but I made no attempt to hide from view.

I was about to turn out the light when a light came on across the drive in a second-story window. I paused to see if it was her bedroom, or the boys’ room. Just then one of the boys came into the room. I started to duck back but he looked over and saw me and waved. Since he had already seen me I waved back. He waved his brother over to the window and we waved to each other. I was feeling a little foolish playing games with a couple of teenaged boys but I let go of the light switch and didn’t turn it off. If there was anything to that remark…waving good-night to each other…I wanted to find out. Besides, it was harmless, watching and waving across the driveway.

The boys started undressing and playing grab-ass. When they were down to their shorts and T-shirts, they moved squarely in front of the window, one then the other, and peeled off their shirts and tossed them aside. Then David, who was standing behind Darin, suddenly jerked Darin’s shorts down. It was obvious that they were putting on a show for me. Darin tore into him and they wrestled around like boys will till Darin had literally torn David’s shorts off of him. He waved the ragged garment around victoriously. I didn’t know what motivated me…maybe it was their bold, boyish playfulness drawing me in, along with the feeling of safety…but I stood in front of my window and peeled my shorts off and stepped out of them, casual as hell; casual as if I were stripping down in the locker room.

The boys laughed and applauded and gave me a thumbs up. I quickly turned off the light and got in bed, bewildered more my behavior than theirs. It wasn’t something I should have done, even with the safety of the driveway between us What if their aunt had seen me? She could change her mind pretty quick about me being a pervert.

I was a little embarrassed the next day when the boys came over.

“Listen, about last night…the little show we put on for each other…I got to thinking later…I hope to hell your aunt’s bedroom doesn’t face my house.”

“No, her bedroom is on the other side of the house, on the first floor,” David said.

I wasn’t exactly disappointed but I feigned disappointment in front of the boys. “Well, damn, I guess there’s no sense of me stripping down in front of my window, then,” I said.

“Sure, you can do it for us,” David said.

Add another remark to the list. They noticed my funny look.

“Hey, we did it for you,” Darin said. “Didn’t you like it?”

“Okay. Yeah…Thanks.” It was dumb, what came out of my mouth, but I didn’t know what else to say.

They insisted on helping me again and I didn’t turn them away. I liked them, and I began to wonder if their friendliness and all those off-hand remarks might add up to something. I would have to be careful. And sure.

They made the decision that we should straighten up and arrange the workout room. I didn’t argue with them. I wasn’t ready to tackle the dozens of boxes stacked in the other tiny room.

“Hey, where is your son going to sleep when he comes to live with you?” David asked.

“I haven’t decided yet,” I said. “Maybe I’ll take the smaller room and let him have my bedroom,” I said.

“I’ll tell you where I would sleep if I were him,” Darin said. “Right here, in the weight room.”

“Yeah, me too. If we had a weight room like this, we would both be sleeping in it.”

“I’m not sure he would go for that,” I said.

“I’ll bet he would, especially if he’s a jock.”

“He is, actually. He loves working out.”

“Well, jocks like to be around weights and workout stuff,” Darin said.

“And there’s plenty of room in here,” David put in. “It’d be handy, too. Pump out a few bench presses before he goes to bed, or if he can’t sleep, get up and work out.”

“This is a great setup. He’s lucky to have a weight room like this,” the other boy said. “Is he a bodybuilder, or does he just keep in shape for sports?”

“He started out getting in shape for sports but as he began putting on muscle, he started wanting to get bigger. Let’s just say he’s an extremely well-built athlete. Sort of like you guys. Do you boys belong to a gym?”

“No, we weren’t able to join till we were sixteen. We’re hoping our dad will take us down to when he comes home. We work out up at the school when we can. The place isn’t open all the time and the equipment is shit, but it’s better than nothing.”

I didn’t know whether they were hinting around and I knew it wasn’t a good idea, but I decided to offer to let them use my weights.

“Listen, you guys could work out here if you want to, at least till Travis comes home,” I said.

They broke out in big smiles, then laughed, they were so excited.

“You’d let us do that?”

“That’d be great!”

“We promise we won’t get in your way; when you want to use your weights, we’re out of here.”

“You guys could work out during the day when I’m at work,” I said.

“You mean, come in your house when you’re not here?” Darin asked, surprised.

“Were you planning to clean me out?” I asked.

“No, but…”

“I left you guys alone when I took the rental truck back and you didn’t run off with anything,” I said.

“Oh, we wouldn’t do anything like that.”

“I’ll show you where I leave the key,” I said. “I would like for you guys to know about the key anyway, so if there’s an emergency when I’m not here, you could let somebody in.”

That night I left the blind up but turned my light off so I could watch the boys in dark privacy. They both undressed in front of the window with the light on, but more casually this time. Not showing off; they just undressed. I couldn’t figure them out. These boys were certainly sending out vibes but I wasn’t sure I was interpreting right. I would have to take it slow.

I surprised myself when I realized that I had made up my mind; that I’d made the decision to make a play for the big, playful teenagers. It scared me a little. I wasn’t all that experienced about making a direct play. My experience with other guys was pretty much in the realm of the adult video store in the next town, and you didn’t really have to make a play there.

My job as a construction foreman gave me an early day. I went to work about six and got off around three. It would work out well with the boys when school started. I would get home right after they did and hopefully would find the working out in my weight room. But if course, when school started, Travis would be there, which would curtail my activities. But for the remaining few weeks of summer, I hoped to build up a rapport with the boys. I just hoped the boys weren’t shy about going into the house.

I shouldn’t have worried; not with those two. I came home from work that first afternoon to find them working out, wearing only their socks and tight, brief workout shorts. They way they bulged in front, and in back, belied their age as much as the rest of the bodies. I’d never seen more perfect specimens in a gym. I tried not to look but it was impossible to keep my eyes off their magnificent bodies.

“You said we could work out, so here we are,” Darin said cheerfully as he tipped a bottle of water up for a long drink. David was finishing up a set of bench presses, alternating sets of arms with each rep.

“We’ll be out of your way in a minute, by the time you change into your workout clothes,” David said.

“Oh, I’m not working out, you guys go ahead and take your time,” I said. Truth was, I didn’t trust myself yet to work out with the boys. I didn’t trust myself to be in such close proximity with their near-naked bodies, especially if I was near-naked, too. But I did stay and watch them finish their workout. They worked up quite a sweat and David picked up his T-shirt to wipe off his chest.

“I’ll get you a towel,” I said.

“Naw, that’s okay.”

“Listen, you guys can shower here, too,” I said quickly. “Bring over a change of clothes.” I shuddered inside at what I’d said, thinking…hoping…where it might lead.

“We don’t want to be that much bother, using your towels and your hot water,” Darin said.

“Don’t worry about it. It’s no bother,” I assured them. God, if I could just get them in the shower, naked, I could see what those big bulges were all about. And I was dying to see their tight, bare butts.

The next afternoon the boys were there again. And the next. It looked like they were going to become permanent fixtures. But they weren’t intrusive about it. They were always polite and considerate and quick to back out of the way when I came home.

I came home one day to find that they had taken the bed out of the “storage room” and set it up along one wall in the weight room. They’d also carried Travis’s dresser and nightstand in.

“I hope you don’t mind, we set up your son’s bed for him, and brought his dresser in,” David said. “If he doesn’t like it, or if you don’t like it, we can take it back out.”

“No, there is plenty of room,” I said. “I think Travis will like it.”

“For the time being, we brought over some extra clothes, like you said,” Darin said as he opened a dresser drawer. “When Travis comes home, we’ll take our stuff home and get out of your lives.”

“Well, there’s no need to do that; get out of our lives, I mean. Travis will want to meet you, and he would probably like to have you guys to work out with.”

“I doubt if he’s a senior. Seniors don’t usually like to have much to do with lowly sophomores.”

I left my bedroom light on so I could watch the boys. I think they knew I was still watching them, from the way they acted. Like one night when they were undressing for bed, one of them came up behind the other and grabbed him around his chest and started humping his butt. They wrestled around, laughing, like the boys they were, and then moved out of sight. Coupled with their remarks, I got the feeling they were showing off for me…teasing me.

As the summer plodded along, I began to feel like I was in a squeeze. I hadn’t worked up the nerve to try anything and time was getting shorter and the two boys were getting sexier and more risqué in their talk and actions. I needed to make my move before Travis arrived.

Toward the latter part of summer the boys started drivers ed. They didn’t get in the same class, though. Darin had it in the morning and Dave in the afternoon. Up till then, their workouts had been always together, and timed for when I would be home or coming home from work. So far, I had refrained from working out with them, fearing the temptation would be too great. I told them they could come over to work out when I wasn’t there but their aunt said they didn’t need to be running in and out of the house at all hours of the day. I did come home one day to find Darin working by himself. I did a double-take when I saw him; all he had on was his jockstrap.

“I hope you don’t mind. I was here myself, and I always wanted to do this. Dave’s got his drivers ed class,” he said.

“No, I don’t mind, but I wouldn’t recommend doing it at school,” I said, jokingly.

“You wanta work out with me? I could use a spotter on bench press.”

Yeah, I wanted to in the worse way, but I didn’t trust myself. I didn’t want to trust myself, and this time seemed different. I think it was because he was by himself. I didn’t know whether I felt safer or more confident with him alone but seeing the way he filled out his jockstrap sent tremors through me and the desire became almost unbearable. The bulge was huge…like he had something besides his manhood stuffed in there.

“Yeah, I will work out with you,” I told him. I went into my bedroom across the hall to change out of my work clothes. Down to my shorts I walked back across the hall to get my workout clothes.

“Hey, why don’t you work out in your jockstrap, too?” Darin said.

“Naw, that’s okay.” It sounded like an invitation but I was till gun-shy. I went back to my bedroom to change. Just seeing the kid in his jockstrap was going to be about all I could handle, let alone stripping down to my own.

He eyed me when I walked into the room. “You’ve got a great build,” he said casually.

“So do you.”

“You’re built like my dad. As far as I can see, anyway,” he added. He grinned at my curious scowl. “My dad is built all over, if you get my meaning.”

“I get your meaning,” I said, without emotion. That was about the last straw on the long list of curious and titillating things the boys had been coming up with since I moved in.

“From what I can tell, you’ve got your dad’s genes,” I said, glancing at his jock. How easy the words came out!

“Yeah, I guess I did,” he said, feigning embarrassment. “Dave and I both did.”

“As a point of curiosity, does being a twin apply everywhere?” I asked.

“Fuck yeah,” he said. He chuckled. “But I know what you mean. Yeah, we’re the same size, even pretty much the same shape. If you were looking at us standing side by side, you couldn’t tell us apart.”

“I can’t tell you apart now,” I said.

“There’re a couple of ways to tell us apart, for somebody who hasn’t been around us all our lives. Three, actually.”

“What are they?”

“David’s got a little birthmark right here, close to his ear lobe. You’d have to be really looking for it to notice. I’ve got a birthmark right back here, at the top of my right butt cheek,” he said, pulling the waist band of his jockstrap down to show me. As if I needed a closer look at that cute, tight butt!

“What’s the other?” I asked.

“David’s … junk has a slight upward curve to it when he’s hard, where mine goes straighter, and stands up close to my belly when I’m hard, and I’ve got a slightly bigger head on mine.”

“Well, thanks for all that information,” I joked. “I guess most people have to go to the ear lobe to tell you apart, then, I don’t guess that many people get a chance to notice the other differences,” I said.

“They do every chance we get,” he assured me. His was a rather nervous laugh and I managed a nervous smile for a moment of nervous pause. Then I stuck my neck out so far I could almost feel the executioner’s blade.

“Well, you’ve showed me your birthmark….” I said. I let my voice trail off, finishing my question. Our eyes leveled with each other for the couple of seconds it took him to decide for sure that the feigned protocol between us had been breached.

“Sure,” he said, squeezing his pouch. “Give me a minute to get ’em hard.”

Then he stuck HIS neck out and I could feel the noose tightening around my own neck. “You wanta do it for me?…….get ’em hard?” he asked with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes.

Another barrier down. I was hesitant to a fault. I mean, it was almost a balk. And why was he making it sound like there was more than one?

“I think it’s been leading up to this, hasn’t it?” he said.

“I was hoping so,” I said as I stepped over and began groping the pouch of his jockstrap. It was full of soft, rubbery meat and a couple of big potatoes.

It was a good sign that he must be pretty good size; especially being a teenager. He would have been hard if it’d been his own hand but he was still working it up, and I wondered how big he would get.

“Dave and I have been hoping this might happen.” he said as he reached down for the front of my shorts.

“I wondered, from some things you said, and the little shows you put on in front of your window,” I said.

“So you did notice,” he grinned.

“Yes, but I wasn’t sure, and I was afraid to take the chance. You’re just barely sixteen, for chrissakes.”

“Do we look sixteen? Does that feel like sixteen?” he asked, pressing the bulge of his jockstrap into my hand.

“Inches, maybe,” I said.

“You’re off by about three inches.”

“Only three? That makes you—thirteen inches, or…Geezusss, don’t tell me you’ve got thirteen inches?!”

“You’re gonna find out in about a minute.”

His junk was indeed growing and getting hard. He shoved his hand down inside my shorts and took hold of my cock. “Fuck,” he gasped. His head and long torso blocked my view of what I was groping.

“I’m not as thick as you. Fuck. I can’t even get my hand around it!”

“Just wait…you’re only sixteen. Still growing.” Fuck, he felt huge, and what I was feeling was not making sense…

He hooked his thumbs in my shorts and pulled them down. My cock swung free, nearly hard.

“Wow!” He bent down to take my shorts all the way off and help me step out of them. Then he went down on his haunches. “Damn, this thing is beautiful! Wait till Dave sees it.” He looked up at me with those sexy eyes and said, “I wanta suck it,” and before I could say anything he had my cock in his mouth.

“OOohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” I moaned.

He smiled around my cock. I groaned again as he began lashing around the head with his tongue. I was in a daze, standing there with the sixteen-year-old hunk sucking my cock. Geezuss, what was I doing! But it wasn’t his first time to have a cock in his mouth. Nobody sucks cock that good his first time.

He had sure surprised me. I thought I was going to suck him and I was about to till he went down on his knees in front of me. He worked my cock like it was a challenge, sucking with exuberance, trying to force it in his throat.

“I want to take it all the way,” he said, wiping his hand with the back of his mouth, “but you’re too wide. I bet Dave can take it, though. He’ll be able to take it down to the hairs.”

I wished David was there.

As the teen was sucking me I had visions of both of the young studs stretched out on the floor or across Travis’s bed and me servicing both of their big cocks. He kept trying to take more of my cock.

“You don’t have to swallow it, you’re doing fine,” I told him.

“I want to learn to do it so bad, but I choke and gag every time I try it with Dave.”

“Well, keep working, you’ll do it, but don’t be in a hurry to take mine. Take your time. I had a hell of a time learning to handle oversized cocks.”

“You suck?” he asked, sounding surprised.

“I was about to till you went down on me first,” I said.

“Oh, man, wait till I tell Dave this. We were hoping like hell but we didn’t think you would,” he said. He thrust his hips forward, showing his hardon. His … hardons.

“Do you think you could take all of this?” Two more-than-footlong fat cocks stood straight and hard against his extra-long abs, just like he’d said.

“Yes.” I gulped. “If it’s one at a time.”

“No shit!” He stood up, his cocks banging against mine. “Show me. Show me how you do it.”

I sat on the end of the bench and wrapped my hand around his thick left cock. “I’m barely able to get my hand around just one of yours,” I said.

“Still think you can swallow it?”

I nodded and wet my lips. I opened my mouth and his cock found it. He shoved half of it in my mouth before I was ready, and he choked me. His other cock shoved against my cheek and drooled precum on my neck.

“Sorry,” he said, having sensed himself choking me.

“I wasn’t ready, that’s all. Let me take it at my own pace first then you can fuck my mouth.”


I sucked his cock, going father down on the shaft as together we gradually forced the head through my throat. Back and forth through the tight opening till my throat muscles began to relax and stretch. His spare boner thrusting against the side of my face made me wish I had another mouth. His enormous cock felt amazing inside me this way.

“Aww, fuck, I see how you’re doing it.”

I pulled him forward by his hips, forcing his cock all the way in my throat and clasped my hands around his hard butt and held him in tight. His hot cock throbbed in my throat till I eased back off of it, his other one ribbing my traps. Only then did he gasp.

“Oohhh. Geezuss, Dave never took it that easy. He has to really work on it to get all the way down on it.”

“I can show you an easier way,” I said, standing up.

“Show me.”

I lay on the bench with my head hanging over the end. “This opens your throat up and it’s the perfect angle for most cocks, especially one with a slight curve upward.” I motioned for him to step up and give me his cock, till the left one I’d been sucking. He pushed it down in my mouth and bent his knees and sank all the way in to his balls.

“Awwhhhh…Awww, I see what you mean!” he moaned. He fucked my open throat for awhile then raised up. “I wanta try it now, on you.”

I got up and Darin lay down with his head hanging over the end of the bench.

He opened his mouth and swallowed and worked his throat muscles for a minute.

“You ready?” I asked, stroking my cock.

“Yes, let’s do it,” he said, his eyes glued to my throbbing cock. “I don’t know if I can handle that big, thick fucker, but I’m gonna try.”

I straddled his head and aimed my cock down into his mouth. I worked it in and out a few times to give him a chance to relax then I bore down against the spongy barrier of his throat. At the same time I bent over him. The position perfected the angle of my cock and scooped his cock up in my mouth. It was also the perfect angle to swallow him all the way. He groaned around my cock and lifted his head to force it into his throat. I bore down at the same time and impaled him on it. He uttered a choking groan and wrapped his four arms around my butt. I let him hold it in his throat for a moment then gently fucked a couple of inches back and forth through his gullet. He took it okay and I used more of my cock to fuck his throat. Finally, I was using my entire cock, popping the head back and forth in and out of his throat till he turned his head away for a moment.

“Man, I did it!” he exclaimed proudly, wiping the slobber off the corner of his mouth.

“You sure did.”

“Thanks for showing me, man. Fuck, just wait till I show Dave I can take his cocks all the way to his balls.”

“When will your brother be home?” I asked.

“Not soon enough,” he said. “But I want to suck your cock till I come. And make you come too. That really sets me off like nothing else. It’s like a big load of hot cum shooting in my mouth automatically clicks my trigger. Do you come a lot?”

“I never had any complaints from anybody that had a taste for it,” I said.

“I come a lot. Dave and I both do. Way a lot. We figure our dad must shoot a lot, and maybe that’s how he made twins, and that there’s—so much of us. Can I have a load? I’ve got a taste for the stuff. Dave is the only one I’ve ever tasted, though. I’d like to see if it tastes different with different guys.”

“It does,” I said. “Have you and your brother ever done anything with anyone besides each other?”

“No. Just him and me…me and him. This may sound terrible, but we would really like to make it with…well, our dad.”

“Geez, watch what you say, Darin.”

“That’s the reason we put out so many feelers with you, hoping you would take the bait. If we can’t have our dad, we wanted you. Dave is going to be so excited and happy.”

“I’m curious about something,” I said.

“Okay, but can it wait till later? I’ve really got something better to do with my mouth and I’m really anxious to get your load and see what your come tastes like,” he said.

We went over to the bed.

“Let’s do a sixty-nine,” he said. Yeah, he knew what that was too.

“Dave and I do it sixty-nine fashion almost every night. It makes us sleep better,” he said.

“You’ve got a lock on your door, I presume.”

“Yeah, dad put it on the last time he was home….said we should have our privacy, and not take a chance on embarrassing Aunt Missy. We didn’t figure out till later that he was probably trying to tell us something…that he knew.”

“He was a teenager once.”

“Yeah, he told us that,” Darin said, laughing.

“Sounds like your dad is pretty cool.”

“Hot is more like it.”

We lay side by side for awhile then turned over so I was astraddle him on top. We found the right stance for me to fuck his mouth and his four strong hands were free to roam over my body. He seemed to especially like my butt. After awhile we rolled over again with him on top. He pushed his right cock at me this time and gave my throat a good workout as he took my cock deep-throat. He learned fast, now that he had discovered how to do it. He was on top of me, pumping his cock in and out of my throat when he suddenly dropped his load. It was with little warning. His pace got faster and more irregular and I knew he was losing control. I loosened the reins too and let my climax start to build.

He buried his cock in my throat, smashing my face and nose with his hard abs, his other massive cock feeling like warm velvet iron against my cheek. His cocks swelled and quivered then I felt the heat of his come spurting deep in my throat. I managed to push up on his hips so his cock was in my mouth.

I wanted to feel his come shooting in my mouth and taste it. He gave me more than a taste. He filled my mouth with just four spurts and he was still coming. My neck and shoulders were doused with scads of hot jizz at the same time. I shot off and he squealed around my cock and in his excitement he rammed his cock down my throat again. He impaled me as I had done to him. With my mouth full of come and his cock, my cheeks ballooned under the sudden pressure flattening my face. He showed me no mercy as he pumped his hot boy-cum in my throat, so deep I thought he might be shooting it directly into my stomach. Only problem, was, I couldn’t taste it. At the same time he was gobbling my cock hungrily, gulping down my spewing come, sucking for more. We finished draining our balls at about the same time. When he rose up and pulled his cock out of my throat it caused a little whirlpool and his load swirled into my gaping throat. He gave me a moment to gulp it down then I sucked the last of it out of his cock before he raised up, disentangling us.

“Damn, that tasted good,” he exclaimed as he lay on his side, his head resting on my thigh.

“You sure know how to take it.” I said. “Most guys choke on it when I try to come in their mouth.”

“I take Dave’s load all the time and he shoots like a horse. Man, your come tasted good.” He let out a big sigh and turned around to lie beside me. “I can hardly wait to tell Dave. Wait! I won’t tell him. We’ll show him,” he said gleefully. “We’ll come over to work out and you join us and you and I can start feeling each other up right in front of him. It’ll blow his mind!”

“He’s going to know something is different if you’re suddenly able to take his cock all the way next time you guys are messing around,” I said.

“I won’t take it all the way. I’ll suck him like I always do and pretend to choke and gag, till we have a chance to come over here.”

Our tryst was interrupted by the unexpected return of their father. I was so thankful that there wasn’t anything suspicious going on when he came home. I would not have wanted to face the man’s wrath. He arrived sometime during the night. I woke up the next morning and went out on my porch to see this muscular guy, about my age, walking around in his back yard in his jeans, barefoot, and no shirt. He was drinking a cup of coffee. He seemed to be just enjoying the early morning under the trees. He was about six-ten, taller than me, muscles layered over muscle, with a deep tan that only accented his muscles. I saw him from the back where his torso seemed to explode out of the waist of his jeans, spreading up from his waist in a wide V then straight out to the broad, muscle-heaped shoulders. He had the neck of a football player with short cropped hair neatly trimmed on the back of his neck.

His thighs looked thick even in his jeans, and his butt filled them out like a teenage bodybuilder. I let out a little gasp when he turned around. Talk about perfection! There were those wide shoulders again and his narrow waist that didn’t even touch the waist of his jeans, and in between was the frontal perfection. A broad chest, thick with muscle, pecs so big I didn’t think my hands would reach across them. The twin slabs of muscle looked like they were carved out of stone and smoothed off around the edges. Slightly down from center of each pec was a big turgid nipple. Except that his abnormally large pecs were flat and solid, they could have been tits. A lot of girls would have been jealous of his chest development. Below the shelf of his unreal pecs was more perfection, ridged and evenly placed clumps of ab muscles that looked like two stacks of bricks, not four, but five high. The guy didn’t mess with a six pack. Like his sons, he had the whole damned case. They were framed by slabs of tenderloin sloping from under his four arms down each side and curving gracefully into his jeans. He sported a neat spattering of hair across his chest and down his stomach, not gorilla-like, but a nice, growth that looked like he kept it trimmed which only enhanced his exuding manliness.

His thighs bulged even thicker from the front and at their apex was a balled up protrusion where his jeans fit the tightest. His muscles rippled at the slightest movement, his thick arms curled into huge biceps when he brought the coffee cup up to his mouth. Even though I’d never seen him before, this had to be the twins’ dad. I could see where the boys got it. I stepped out from my porch to make myself known before he went back in the house.

“Good morning.”

“Hey, there,” he said with a friendly look, not quite a smile.

I walked across my yard and through the gate that separated my yard from his.

“I’m Dell Brady. I just moved in next door.”

He put out his front right hand and I was treated to the incredibly big arms again as we shook hands.

“Good, I’m glad to see somebody in the house. I hated it seeing empty. Invites nothing but trouble. I’m Adam Hart, by the way. You’ve probably met my twin sons and my sister-in-law.”

“Yes, the boys came right over the day I moved in and helped me unload and carry everything inside. And they take care of the yard.”

“I hope they haven’t made a pest of themselves.”

“Not at all. They work like men,” I said.

“Yes, they do, but then they’re pretty much built like men,” he said.

“Yes, I didn’t believe they were only sixteen. Darin said they got your genes. I can see that.” It was an opportunity to look him over without feeling uncomfortable about it. He seemed embarrassed by the compliment. “Darin actually carried my refrigerator in on his back, by himself,” I added.

Adam laughed. “Yeah, I taught him how to do that. It’s all in the balance and the legs.”

“Well, he certainly has the legs. The boys said you work in the oil field.”

“Actually, I work off-shore drilling…on a spar, out in the ocean,” he said.

“That has to be exciting, and a little scary.”

“Not any more. I gets pretty exciting when a storm comes up but mostly it’s a pretty boring routine. And a little lonely out there cooped up with a bunch of other guys.”

Be still my heart! Where do I apply! Suddenly the back door burst open and David and Darin came running out of the house in their jeans, also shirtless and barefoot.

“Dad! Dad! We didn’t know you were here!”

“Why didn’t you wake us up?”

The two boys threw their many thick arms around their dad and hugged him like a big teddy bear. He wrapped a powerful arm around each one of them, lifting their considerable weight up off the ground and I took his coffee cup so he could hug them. It was heart warming to see such affection between boys that age and their dad, not to mention sexy. I missed Travis and when he used to hug me like that. I wanted to tell Adam how lucky he was and I wondered what a short time it would be before the boys would think it too boyish to hug their dad. It was sexy and erotic, too, their muscles smashed and writhing together and I thought about what Darin had said about the boys secretly wanting to have sex with this big muscular man who was their father.

“Aunt Missy has breakfast ready. Do you want to eat breakfast with us?”

David asked.

“No, thanks. You guys go ahead.” I handed Adam his cup.

“You’re welcome to eat with us,” Adam said.

“No, I think you need this time with your sons,” I said.

My heart flip-flopped as I walked back to my yard and watched the three sexy hunks walk into the house.

I half expected it and sure enough the boys brought their dad over to see Travis’ room; which was their workout room for the time being. They came in their workout clothes, I think to show off for him. I invited him to work out with them but he declined. They rushed through a workout, mostly to show off, then David had to take Darin to take his drivers test.

“Do you want to come with us, dad?” Darin asked.

“No, it might make you nervous, me being there,” he said.

When the boys had rushed off I invited Adam for a beer. He accepted. We sat out on the deck and drank beer and talked, about his job when I could get him to answer questions, but mostly about the boys.

“Listen, you’re welcome to come over and work out with the boys while you’re home,” I said.

“Thanks, I go down to the gym to work out. I’ll probably take them with me now.”

“They would like that.”

“I hope it’s all right for the boys to sort of hang out over here,” he said.

“Well, their aunt seems to think so.”

“Yeah, she said she checked you out,” he said, laughing.

“Yes, she did.”

“Actually, I appreciate it,” he said.

“You should. She keeps a close eye on them.”

“No, I meant you taking them under your wing the way you obviously have,” he said.

I laughed. “Well, it’s hard not to, they have a way of ingratiating themselves.”

“If that’s a polite way of saying they make pests of themselves…”

“No, I didn’t mean that at all. They certainly don’t. It’s the way they exude friendliness. The way they came right over to help me move in, and cut my grass. Most boys that age would be too shy but your sons wouldn’t take no for an answer.”

“Well, they were never accused of being shy,” he said, laughing. “They need a male influence in their lives, and I’m not here.”

“You influence them more than you know. They talk about you all the time.”

He smiled. “Yeah, I talk about them a lot, too.”

There was a pause and he gazed off for a moment, then finished his beer.

“Want another beer?” I asked.

“No. Thanks. I’ll take a rain check.”

“You got it,” I said.

Obviously, with their dad home I didn’t do anything with the boys, not even when they tried to goad me into it.

“Look, guys, your workouts and any other contact we have is going to be celibate as long as your dad is home,” I told them firmly. “I do not want to tangle with the man.”

“We would like for him to find out,” Darin said.

“Not from me.”

“If only there was a way. He is so hot!” said David.

“Well, take cold showers, and do each other,” I said.

Adam went off from time to time to visit with friends and take care of personal business matters and later he took the boys to the gym to work out with him. They came over one evening when he was off by himself.

“He’s got a date,” Darin said, laughing.

“If you want to call it that,” David scoffed.

“What else world you call it?” Darin asked.

“I call it getting laid.”

“Your dad is allowed to have a private life,” I said.

“Just so he doesn’t bring her home as our step mother,” Darin said.

“You don’t want your dad to ever marry again?” I asked.

“I don’t care if he gets married, we just don’t need a step-mom.”

“Yeah, we’ve got all the mom we need in Aunt Missy. So I hope he just settles for sex,” Darin said.

“Can you imagine that poor woman when he gets done with her? He’ll fuck her crazy,” Davis said, laughing.

“Is that any way to talk about your dad?” I admonished them.

“He’s a stud. Come on, you think he’s a stud, too,” said Darin.

“Yes, he is. But he’s not my dad. Just let him alone, guys, don’t hassle him about his love life.”

“I just want him to have a sex life, leave the love out of it.” David said.

“He’s probably doesn’t have much of a love life, cooped up with a bunch of other guys for weeks, even months, out there in the middle of the ocean,” I said.

“On the other hand…maybe he does,” Darin said with a mischievous grin.

“I just wish we knew,” said Davie.

“Don’t go there, guys, “I warned. “He’s your dad. Lust after him when he leaves but keep up a straight front.”

I wasn’t envious of their relationship. Travis and I had a very close relationship, but it invariably waned when we were apart for so long. I was anticipating having him back under my roof.

I don’t think the boys missed our sexcapades all that much with their dad home. They were having too good a time with him, and dreading when he would leave again.

Adam took his rain check for another beer and when the boys came over he told them to get lost. It was good-natured but he knew they had something going with one of their friends and he wanted them to feel free to go.

“They think they have to spend every moment with me when I’m home.”

“They worship you, you know,” I said.

“Sometimes that scares me.”


“Sometimes I wonder if I can live up to their expectations…their image of me.”

“Oh, I think you do,” I assured him. “Any teenage boy would be proud to have you as a father.”

He seemed very relaxed and readily accepted another beer when I offered it.

“Sometimes I’m ready to scrap the job and the money so I can be home with them, but its good money and I’m trying to get enough put away for their college,” he said. “I see so many changes in them when I come home. They put on twenty pounds since the last time I was home. I saw them in the shower and in their room and it hit me right between the eyes, what men they’re turning into, already, at sixteen.”

“Yeah, I didn’t believe they were only sixteen. They said they got your genes.”

“The way they’re going,” he said, laughing, “I may want some of those genes back.”

“You should be very proud of them.”

“I am. So proud it hurts. So proud it scares me, hoping I raised them right.” He sounded far off, immersed in his own thoughts for a moment. He downed his beer and didn’t object when I went to get him yet another one. I had the odd feeling that maybe he had a lot to get off his chest and nobody to say it to.

Maybe the connection we both had with his sons was enough to bond us and he would feel at ease talking to me. I hoped so. I liked the guy. Actually, I more than liked him.

“I know the feeling,” I said. “But you raised two exceptional boys.”

“Yeah, I suppose I have. With such hypocrisy, though,” he said.

“How’s that?”

“I raised them to be men….”

“They couldn’t be anything else with you as a role model. They’re going to turn into real men’s men in a few short years,” I said.

He snorted with laughter, a scoffing laugh, and glanced at me with a level gaze as his laughter turned to a thin, almost knowing smile. He took another sip of his beer and kept looking at me over the top of his beer can.

“I get the feeling there’s something else you want to say.”

“Living out there on a spar…with a bunch of guys…” He let his voice trail off.

“Yeah, it must get pretty lonely for a woman,” I finished for him.

He chortled and took another sip of beer.

“The boys were laughing about you having a date,” I went on.

“Well, it wasn’t exactly a date,” he said.

“They figured as much.”


“They said you were probably fucking the poor woman’s eyeballs out.”

“They said that?!!”

“Yeah, I told them that was no way to be talking about their father. But don’t you get off the rig now and then?”

“Not often enough.”

“You’re still wrestling with hypocrisy,” I said boldly.

“Well, let’s just say over time, the conditions of the job have compromised me as a role model, I’m afraid.”

“How so?” I had a feeling where he was going and I wanted to lead him on.

“First and foremost, even in this day of equality, there are no women on the spar,” he said. “Not one.”

“Then it’s understandable,” I said, trying to let him know that I understood what he wasn’t saying.

He gave me a funny look, as if he realized that I more than understood what he wasn’t saying. “Is it? Would it be understandable with them?”

“Yes, I think it would.”

He took another long sip of beer. When I started to get up to get another one he stopped me.

“I’m okay…for now,” he said. He finished his beer and set the bottle down. “You know this is the beer talking,” he said, almost as a warning.

“Sometimes beer has something to say,” I said.

“Well put. But it’s also me talking, I can’t deny that.” He paused for a brief moment then went on. “There’s this guy…a kid, actually…just turned nineteen when he came onboard. Geezuss, he couldn’t have had any idea what he was letting himself in for when they brought him out to the spar. He started out as a cook’s helper but he caught on to other jobs and he’s a fast learner.”

“Sounds like he’s got a future in oil, then.”

“I don’t know…he caught on to jobs he didn’t intend to. Like I said, he’ s only nineteen, so fuckin’ cute…for nineteen he’s too cute to be handsome. Lifted weights in high school so he’s built like a young god.” He looked at me, as if to see if I was listening, or understanding. “He’s our pussy,” he said.

I understood beyond any doubt and tried not to look shocked.

“You see what I’m saying, about hypocrisy, and being scared that I can’t live up to the boys’ image of a role model? What the hell would Darin and Dave think if they knew I was fucking a nineteen-year-old guy in the ass three times a week, and getting head from him. From a couple of other guys, in fact.”

“They wouldn’t think any less of you. You’re their dad,” I said. “They understand life. Being horny teenagers, they certainly understand a man’s needs and desires.”

“Misdirected as they might be,” he drawled. “The scary part is, the kid has accepted his fate; he doesn’t seem to mind being passed around…making the rounds, he calls it, going from one bunk to another where there are three or four guys waiting to fuck him. Night after night, day after day, both shifts. I’m surprised he’s got an asshole left.”

“Well, it’s not rape, then. And he’s of legal age.”

“Yeah, I thought about that, too. I’ve thought, three years and it could be my kids being passed around like that. Shit, it’s like I’m fucking my own boys. Do you really think they would understand how their old man satisfies his needs?”

“Didn’t you ever tell your boys that they could come to you with anything, talk about anything…that you loved them unconditionally?”

“Of course. Any man who doesn’t tell his kid that isn’t a father…or a man.”

“And you don’t think they would extend that same privilege to you, their dad? That they don’t love you unconditionally? Trust me, they do. They worship the ground you walk on.”

“And that’s what scares me,” he said again.

Without asking I got up and go him another beer and he didn’t stop me.

“I wanta ask you something,” I said when I came back and handed him the beer. “Maybe I’m out of line; if I am, just say so.

“You’ve listened to every perverted thing I had to say, I can listen to you.”

“If one of your sons, or both of them, came to you and poured his guts out, told you he’d had sex with another boy…or with each other…what would you do? What would you say? I can’t believe you would beat the shit out of them, to teach them a lesson, or that you would disown them.”

He laughed softly. “Hell, I fully expect they are messing around with each other. Maybe other boys, too. That’s no big deal, they’re just experimenting around, exploring their sexuality, like most teenage boys do. I would tell them that.”

“And what if they told you they liked it?”

“Hell, I would hope so.,” he said, laughing. “It’s supposed to feel good. Hell, man, I don’t care if they come and tell me they’re a couple of fags. I’ll still love them. Is that unconditional enough?”

“Then why is it so hard for you to believe they would be just as understanding with you?”

“Maybe you made your point. I’ll have to think about it.”

Like the boys, I wanted desperately to get something going with Adam before he left. I knew his circumstances. I knew his story. He was fucking an older teenager and getting head from other guys, so he had no aversion to having sex with guys. But I couldn’t reveal my secret desires to Adam with him knowing what a close relationship I had with his sons. Despite what he said about loving them even if they were fags, I didn’t want risk his rage if he found out I was having sex with them.

The boys resigned themselves to letting their dad go without trying anything or letting him know their secret. I wasn’t. I was still hopeful, at least for myself. There was one little window of opportunity just before he left; a brief moment when we were saying good-by to each other.

“Hey, all that shit I told you…don’t ever mention that to anybody,” he said in a quiet tone.

“No, I won’t,” I assured him, and let the window close, the moment pass.

Darin was anxious to take up where we left off after their dad left; anxious to let David in on our little secret, which we hadn’t had a chance to do before their dad came home. The two boys came over to work out and when Darin stripped down to his jockstrap, Dave followed suit. They goaded me into doing the same.

“You’re built a lot like our dad,” Dave said, his eyes raking boldly over my body.

“Not hardly,” I scoffed.

“Well, he might out-weigh you by a few pounds.”

“Out-muscles me is more like it.”

“But not many guys your age are in any shape at all,” Darin said.

They did only a couple of sets before Darin made his move. He asked me to spot him on bench presses. I took the position at the head of the bench. He pushed the bar up and let it down to his chest, then again, pumping out a dozen reps. Dave slapped some more weights on the bar and he did it again.

He pumped out eight and began to falter.

“Come on, pussy, I know you can handle more than that,” Dave goaded him.

“Stop…calling…me a…pussy,” Darin said as he struggled with the bar.

I thought he was faking it but I couldn’t be sure. It didn’t matter. When I saw he couldn’t, or wasn’t going to push the bar back up from his chest, I gave him a little help. At the same time I purposely squatted down more than I had to, in an exaggerated stance, and my jock brushed against his face. He racked the bar but I kept my jock-pouch smashed over his face.

“You’re going to smother him,” Dave laughed. Then his laughter faded to a smile and his smile to a look of shock when he saw his brother mouthing my jock.

“Fuck…w-what…w-what’re you doing, Bro?” he stammered.

Darin reached up with all of his hands around my butt and pulled me down so the pouch of my jockstrap spread heavy across his face.

“Damn, when did this start?” David asked as he brushed his hand down over the front of his own jock.

Darin pulled the front of my jockstrap down and my cock swung out over his face, my balls lying on his forehead. He pulled my rubbery cock down into his waiting mouth and began sucking it.

“Fuck!” Dave exclaimed.

The workout suddenly ended and lust took over. Dave, not to be outdone, shed his jockstrap then peeled Darin’s jockstrap off, then straddled the bench and went for my cock. “Aunt Missy taught you to share,” he said as the two boys mouthed my cock together.

I knew Darin was anxious to show Dave what he could do. He scooted up on the bench so his head was hanging over the end, his mouth gaping open.

I took my cue and squatted down, shoving my now-hard cock all the way in his throat.

“Shit, man, you never took me like that,” Dave said as I fucked his throat with a few inches of cock. “You always choke on my cock.”

I raised up and stepped aside. “Yeah, well, try him now,” I said.

Dave took my place and guided his huge, thirteen-inch left cock into his brother’s mouth. He took it to the hairs.

“Awwwhhhhhh,” Dave moaned. “Fuck, I don’t know when you learned to do this, but I’m glad you did.” He leaned in under the bar to take one of Darin’ s cocks and the boys were in the sexiest sixty-nine I’d ever seen.

The horse was out of the barn, the cat was out of the cage. We shared the same secret, aside from the secret of their father, and I felt like I wanted to go wild with these two boys. I wanted to devour them both. Dave’s butt was so inviting; drawing me like a magnet. I knelt down behind him and buried my face between his young, firm buns.

“AAwwwhhhhh!” he cried out. “Ohhh, fuck, what’re you doing!”

I lapped the crack of his ass and pulled his butt apart so his hole stretched open. I flicked his hole with the tip of my tongue till it was clenching like it wanted something more and when it relaxed between clenches, I drove my tongue in. He yelped again. I tongued and ate his ass till his legs were trembling.

“Do that to Darin,” he gasped.

I stood up and walked around to the other end of the bench. Dave had pulled Darin’s legs up and hooked his feet under the bar so he was bent in half, his butt spread wide. I sat down on the end of the bench and bent over to tongue his ass.

He groaned around his brother’s cock and hunkered his butt up for more of my tongue. He went wild. I tried a finger. He loved it. I gave him a second finger and he squealed around Dave’s cock.

“Do that to me, use your fingers on me,” Dave said.

“Okay, in a minute,” I said. I had another opportunity in front of me at the moment. It was a long shot; a real long shot, but I had to try it.

I spat in his crack and worked it into his asshole. I used spit to jack myself off. Dave caught on.

“Fuck him,” he said hoarsely.

Darin squealed, a muffled, fearful squeal but Dave took hold of his ankles to keep him in place, bent in two with his butt sticking up and unable to get away.

“Do you think I should?” I asked.

“Yeah, fuck him. Fuck, look at him squirming around on your fingers. He wants more. He wants your cock. I know I would.”

“Are you going to let me fuck you?” I asked.

“Hell, yeah, if it feels as good as he’s acting,” he said.

That seemed to calm Darin down a little. He lay still, as if he were waiting for his fate.

“Have you guys ever been fucked?” I asked as I stood up, my cock sticking out long and hard through my fist.

“No, we…we never did anything with our asses, except to play with each other’s butts,” he said. “We’ve talked about it…wondered what it’ d be like… but I think we were too scared to ever try it.”

Shit, two hunky teenage virgins! If fate never shined on me again, I could die happy.

“It’s going to hurt at first,” I warned as I rubbed my cock back and forth across Darin’s asshole.

“He can take it,” Dave said.

“You talk brave, not being the one getting fucked,” I joked. “And he can’t protest with his mouth full of your cock.”

“You wanta fuck me first? Come on, you can fuck me.”

Darin moaned and humped his butt up against my cock. He wanted it.

He wanted to be fucked, and he wanted it first. I loved their competitiveness. I raised up on my toes and aimed my cock down into the spongy pit. His asshole was nice and stretched, but not relaxed. I had to force my way through it, hard and determined. I heard him scream but it was muffled by his brother’s cock in his mouth.

“He can take it,” Dave said again, his voice raspy with lust. “Go ahead and give it to him…shove it in him.”

I wondered if Dave might not be a little sadistic, except that he was ready to take the same punishment. I eased more and more of my cock through the virgin hole. I loved the way it stretched so tight around the girth of my cock. I knew I must be killing the poor kid; his muscles were so tight. I had to find his prostate and get him past the pain.

“Raise up, let him breath and talk,” I told Dave.

He raised up, drawing his cock out of Darin’s mouth.

“Ohhh, Geezussss! It hurts!!” he gasped when he was finally able to speak.

“Not for long,” I said as I probed with my cock. I felt it before he did.

“Aahhhhh!” he cried out in surprise.

“That didn’t hurt,” I said.

“No,” he said, shaking his head wildly. “No…fuck no…OOhhhhhh …

Ohhhh, Goddd…”

“Does it feel good?” Dave asked him.

“Oh, it feels…incredible!”

“I can make you come,” I said.

“I feel like I’m going to,” he said. “OHhhh…OHhhh, what is that in there that you’re touching?”

“That’s your prostate,” I said.

“Yeah, I’ve heard of that,” Dave said.

“It’s what gives you that feeling that you wanta come,” I said.

“Mann, I’ve sure got it,” Darin gasped. “Ohh, Godd…fuck me…FUCK me…dam, if I’d known it feels this good, I would’ve been letting you fuck me all this time, Dave.”

“I’ll fuck you,” Dave told him. “I’ll fuck you every night from now on.”

I was working the boy’s love nut, sliding my cock back and forth across the tender sponge, grating the rim of my cockhead over it.

“Geez, look at all the ball juice,” Dave said with glee.

Pre-come was boiling out of Darin’s cocks. The kid must be full of come. I wanted to find out. I worked his prostate harder, poking at it like beating a drum.

He choked on his cries and his knuckles turned white around the steel bar.

“I’m gonna make you come,” I told him, fucking him hard.

He gasped and groaned and nodded and snorted on his cries of lust.

I fucked him. It was a long climb up the steep slope to his climax. His face was a grimace, but not from pain. He was suffering from the pre-come build-up, wanting it, trying to work it up, but all he could do was wait till I took him there. I could have been cruel and stopped, let him fall from his cloud of ecstasy and start all over again, but I was anxious for him to experience it; I wanted to see him come.

Suddenly his eyes popped open wide and his mouth went slack as he gasped in short breaths of air. I had him on the way. He couldn’t hold back if he wanted to. He was going to explode.

“Hold on to the top of your heads,” I told him. “You’re going to shoot like you’ve never shot off before.”

His cocks bolted suddenly, quivered violently, then shot out a pair of thick, long ropes of come that splattered against his chin so hard we could hear it hit. The next ones slathered across his face, another hit Dave’s 12-pack. As he began to writhe under me and twist his hips around, his cock swayed back and forth and shot come in every direction. I wish I’d counted. I must have hit the mother lode.

“Holy shit, Darin, where’s it all coming from?” Dave asked.

He pretty much had himself and his brother and everything close around us splattered with come before he eased off and it just boiled out the end of his cock. He made a huge pool that overflowed his long 12-pack abs and his navel and ran down his side.

“Fuck, I never seen you come like that before,” Dave said.

“I…never…shot off…like that…before,” Darin said, out of breath. “It was…something he was doing in there.”

“Man, I want you to hit that same spot in me,” Dave said. “Can you fuck me, too, now? You didn’t come, did you?”

“No, he didn’t come, I can still feel his cock throbbing hard inside me.”

“Will you fuck me, then?”

“Yeah,” I managed. My legs were shaky but my cock was still hard as I carefully pulled it out of Darin’s ass.

I thought Dave might come around and lie on the bench, but he simply bent over the barbell and set his feet apart. I fucked him while Darin sucked his cock. The double treatment brought him off in only a few minutes.

Darin got off his cocks at the last minute and he sprayed Darin and everything around us, then collapsed across the bar.

“Fuck, what a mess,” one of them said.

“Yeah, we better get it cleaned up,” Darin said.

There was come everywhere. I told the boys to go shower while I cleaned up and put the weight room back in order. When they were gone down the hall, I began lapping up their fresh, thick come. Godd, it tasted wonderful!

The horse that we had let out of the barn was never coming back. The two boys were insatiable, as teenagers are. There was seldom a day when we didn’t have sex together. They loved doing everything together. They would kneel on the edge of the Travis’s bed with their butts sticking up for me to tongue their cute, smooth asses. Sometimes one mounted the other so I had them stacked for my pleasure. Almost always, I ended up fucking them after I ate their asses and got them ready. They liked to fuck each other while I tongued the fucker’s ass. They would lie on the bed or the workout bench, balls to balls so I could suck a cock from each of them at the same time. It was only a matter of time before they came up with the ultimate venture into male sexuality.

It was the day after they performed for me from their bedroom.

They had moved their bed over against the window so I could see everything. It was so agonizingly wonderful, watching the boys sixty nine or fuck each other from across the drive way.

“I love the way you guys like to do everything together,” I told them.

“There’s one thing we haven’t done together,” Dave said.

“What’s that?”

“We haven’t fucked you together,” Darin said.

“Do you ever get fucked?” Dave asked.

“Yes. I was waiting for you guys to mention it,” I said. “As long as you didn’t say anything, I didn’t know if you wanted to.”

“Well we’ve mentioned it.”

“Are you talking about both of you fucking me at the same time?” I asked.

“Yeah. You ever take four cocks at the same time?”


“But you’re going to try it. Right?”

“Yeah, I guess I am,” I agreed. I was weak in the knees just thinking about getting fucked by one of the big studs; two of them would probably leave me senseless. It dam near did.

They wanted to do it on the workout bench. They had it all figured out how they were going to do it. Darin lay down on the bench, his head under the bar.

“Okay, step over him and sit on his cock,” Dave told me.

I straddled Darin and worked my way down on his cocks till I was sitting on his thighs. Godd, it felt wonderful! I tossed my head back as I rode up and down a few inches, twisting my butt around. I felt incredible and I had the feeling I was going to fuck myself silly that way, but mostly I was trying to stretch and get my ass ready for the second pair of cocks. They gave me barely a moment. Dave stepped astraddle the bench behind me and put his hand on my back to urge me to bend over. I lay across Darin. Dave aimed his cocks at the hole that his brother already occupied. He probed and struggled to get his cocks in the hole along with Darin’s cocks and I was beginning to think he wouldn’ t be able to do it. In desperation, he shoved his thumbs in my ass along the underside of Darin’s cocks and pulled my asshole apart.

“Awwh,” I groaned.

“That’s it…relax it for me…give me room,” he said. He pulled my ass open. “Yeah, there’s plenty of room inside there, all we gotta do is get my cocks past this rubber band you call an asshole.”

It felt like he had room to crawl inside me, he was stretching me so wide open with his thumbs. Still holding my ass open he set his cocks on target again and shoved it in me. Darin and I both groaned at the same time.

Dave really went in. Deep. Then they started fucking me. Alternating at first, like pistons working inside an engine, one in, one out, then reverse.

Then they began fucking me both at the same time. I was getting fucked by four thick, fourteen-inch cocks pistoning into me at the same time and it felt like they were tearing me apart but my asshole stayed squeezed right around their twin sets of dual cocks. I thought they would get so excited and hot over the new, first-time experience that they would drop their loads pretty quick. I was wrong. They fucked my eyeballs out. Even when I shot off a load, they didn’t stop.

One of them shot off deep in my ass but he didn’t loose his hardons and he kept right on fucking me. They fucked my brains out. I shot off another load.

They kept fucking me. They fucked me a new, super-sized asshole. My asshole was feeling numb, yet there was good feeling there. I felt hot come spurting in my ass again; I didn’t know which one of them shot it.

They fucked my asshole to mush. It was so stretched and relaxed that they could have done somersaults in there. They could have pulled out and drove a Mack truck up my asshole. I wondered if it would close up; how long it would take. They weren’t brutal; they were just lusty teenagers. Before long I lost awareness of everything around me. My whole being was in my ass and the two big, young cocks pounding it. I closed my eyes and floated off and let them use me. It was a wonderful form of slavery.

I was still off somewhere in lust-la-la land when they were finally finished.

“Hey, Dell,” I heard someone say.

Slowly, I came back to reality. I felt my asshole clenching at the air. None of the circle of my sphincter seemed to touch.

“Hey, Dell, you okay?” one of them asked.

I shook my head and raised up.

“Geezuss, you should see his asshole,” Dave said.

“Goddam, we fucked him a new one.”

“I hope it closes up.” Then he poked at my gaping ass with his fingers. Three at first, then he worked all five inside me. “Shit, I think I could put my whole hand in there.” Having voiced it, had to find out. He twisted and worked his hand through my sphincter. I gasped and tossed my head back.

“That went in pretty easy,” he said.

Slowly, he shoved his fist up inside my ass. I tossed my head back in pure ecstasy and groaned as his fingers found my prostate. I thought it would have been numb by now.

“Is that the spot you were talking about?” he asked as he dug his fingers around in the sponge of my prostate.

“Ohh, Godddd!!!!” I choked on my outcry and clenched my teeth against the terrible pleasure that was searing my body. He kept doing it and I thought I was going to die from the pleasure. Suddenly my cock bolted and spewed out yet another load of thick, hot come.

“Geezusss, you made him come again!” Darin said. “He’s shooting all over me again. What’re you doing to him?”

“Nothing. Just got my fist in his ass,” Dave said. “I found his prostate.”

“You found the goddam mother lode is what you did,” Darin said.

“I wonder how much he can take?” Dave muttered. And he went on to find out. As I was coming again for the Nth time, Dave shoved his hand deeper into my guts. I’d never done this before, and my mind was amuck with lust and fear, but I let him do it. I couldn’t have stopped him if I wanted to. Not as long as he was making me feel like this. I felt his fist go deeper, his thick forearm stretching my sphincter now, propelling his fist even deeper. My climax began to subside and with it the desire to be so wonderfully brutalized. I reached back to stop him. I was astounded to feel his elbow! He had his entire forearm in my ass!

“Oh, Geezusss!” I gasped.

“Yeah, I’ve got my whole fucking arm in your ass,” he said.

I urged him to take it out. I kept hold of his arm to make him do it slowly.

Thankfully, he had his arm and his fist removed before my lust died down completely. I think he purposely clenched his hand into a fist to pull it back through my sphincter. It felt like he was going to pull my ass inside out.

“Goddam, Dell, your ass is really wide open now!” he exclaimed. “I could shove a baseball bat in there.”

“Not this time,” I said quickly when I saw him looking around the room. I glanced at my watch. They had fucked me for nearly two hours!

With that experience, the boys had a certain control over me. I relinquished my adult power over them and they used it on me. They made their desires and demands known and I succumbed like a helpless slave. I let them do anything they wanted to do. Except the baseball bat. I did notice, though, that they had brought one over and left it standing in the corner. But I let them fist me when they wanted to. It wasn’t all one sided. They still liked to get fucked and liked for me to suck them off and eat their asses, which I did with a voracious appetite. Sex with the boys was almost seven days a week, and I was getting concerned about my own son, Travis, arriving to live with me. It would all have to come to an abrupt halt. The boys worried about it, too.

“What’re we going to do when you son comes?” Dave asked one time when we were all lying on his bed after a wild fuck session.

“Nothing,” I replied. “Absolutely nothing. This all stops and he can never know.”

“What if he sees us across the driveway?” Darin asked. “You said you might change rooms with him, put him in your room.”

“No, he stays right here. And I’ll keep my blinds pulled down. It would be good if you guys moved your bed away from the window, too.”

“Actually, we were thinking we would like for him to see us, like you did.”

“No, don’t do that.”

“Did you ever think about doing it with him?” Darin asked.

“Absolutely not,” I lied.

“Well, I don’t know what it would hurt if the two of us got something going with him, if he was so inclined. He still wouldn’t have to know about you.”

“I don’t think he is so inclined, and I don’t want you boys trying to find out,” I said firmly. “Look, maybe we can still find some time together, when Travis is off doing something, but it can’t be like it has been.”

“I can’t wait to meet him,” Darin said.

“Is that m-e-e-t him, or m-e-a-t him?” Dave asked jokingly.

I set about preparing for Travis’ arrival in six days. I cleaned his room good so it wouldn’t smell like sweat and come. I bought some new workout clothes for him and laid them on the bench. He’d said he wanted to try to put on some more weight so I stocked the pantry with bodybuilding supplements. Dave and Darin bought some posters and pictures of bodybuilders to hang on his wall.

I had to get rid of my gay books and magazines and videos. I was going to throw them out but the boys came over when I was going through them and they begged me for them.

“You can’t take this stuff into the house. What if your aunt finds it?”

“There’s an opening to the attic in our room, and she won’t fit through the hole,” Darin said.

“What about your dad?”

“His shoulders won’t fit through the opening,” Dave said.

“Okay, but you don’t take them till your aunt is out of the house,” I said. “And if anybody discovers them, you didn’t get them from me.”

The last thing was to stock the refrigerator and pantry with Travis’ favorite foods. I gave the house one last good cleaning and I was ready for him.

I wondered what he looked like now. The last picture he sent was early in the summer, wearing a pair of athletic shorts and sneakers and a baseball cap. He was all sweaty; the picture was taken right after he and some boys had were done playing basketball. He was already up to one-eighty-five and built like a young god at the time the picture was taken. What must he look like now? How was I going to cope with having the young stud under my roof?

Dave and Darin knew the day he was coming and they were as anxious as I was. Too anxious. I was worried what they might do or say; the way they dropped little hints. They hounded me for one last round of hot sex in the weight room, before Travis arrived to take it over. It was the first time they brought poppers. I was surprised. They said they had just discovered the stuff from some guys in the locker room at school and wanted me to try it with them. I’d used poppers on a few occasions and I loved the effect but not the aftereffects. I didn’t seem to be able to measure the dosage correctly and I always took too much and got a terrific headache afterwards. But I used it with the boys. This would be our last time for a long time and I wanted it to be a ball-buster.

We started out with the usual routine. I sucked their cocks and ate their tight little asses. I would fuck them then they would return the favors. They finished each round by double-fucking my ass. I was lying on the floor on a mat with my legs cocked up and my asshole gaping wide open from being double-fucked by the two young studs, catching my breath. I half expected….half wanted…to be fist-fucked but I wouldn’t ask for it. Then I saw Dave standing over me with Travis’s baseball bat in his hand. I had made them take their bat home and bought a new one for Travis. He hefted the weight of the bat and ran his hand up and down the smooth shaft a couple of times. I cocked my head with a wary frown as he smiled down at me.

“Wanta try this?” he asked.

“I don’t think so,” I replied I said warily.

“Last time you said ‘not yet’ so when?” Darin reminded me.

“Yeah, if not now, when? Your son is coming home,” Darin put in.

Dave wasn’t paying any attention to me anyway. He had wiped off the bat with his jockstrap and now he was squeezing oil on it. As he worked the oil up and down the bat his brother squirted oil up inside my ass.

“You might need some more lube for this,” he said.

Nothing I could’ve said would have made any difference, not to me and not to them. I’d already said I wasn’t going to do it, but I was, and they knew it. They well knew that I was little more than a slave to their lustful young bodies. I sort of gasped in a quick breath of air as Dave came over and knelt down on the mat.

“Turn over,” he said.

I scrambled over onto my hands and knees like a puppy trying to please its master. Darin handed me the opened bottle of poppers.

“You might need this,” he said.

I sucked in several hits of the stuff and sailed off into a madness that I hoped I would be able to return from.

“Do it before the poppers wear off,” Darin told his brother.

“This ain’t gonna be any trouble at all,” Dave said as he plugged the opening of my ass with the end of the bat. The big end.

I hung my head and braced myself. My asshole began to stretch around the blunt end of the bat. I hurt a little but the bat wasn’t so much bigger than both of the teenagers’ cocks. Suddenly it was in me and my asshole was locking around it.

“Take it…slow,” I whined.

He took it slow and easy, working it in and out, going in a little more each time.

“Ohh, Ohh, Geezusss!” I whined as he began twisting it around in circles.

“You like that?”

“No. No, but it…Godd, it feels good!”

He shoved the bat deeper. It hit something and I winced. Dave gently probed and worked the bat past the object and shoved it even deeper. I finally had the good sense to reach around and see how much of the baseball bat was inside me; no way could I take it all the way.

“Oh, Godd!” I whimpered as I groped my hand up and down the bat that was sticking out of my ass. At the same time, Dave was shoving it in deeper and I could feel my asshole closing around the smaller circumference. I reached back to find the end of the bat…and found it.

“Oh, Geezuss, that’s enough!” If I was able to reach the end of the bat, that meant there was at least more than half of it up inside me.

“Fuck, you already took more than I thought you could,” Dave said.

Very slowly, he began to pull the bat back out of my ass. I wanted him to take it all the way out but he shoved it back in and began fucking me with it. I was scared of what it might be doing to my insides but it was feeling so damned good I didn’t much give a dam at the moment. Then he started twirling it around causing a wonderful irritation of my sphincter muscle.

“OHHH…Ohhh, Godddddd…Ohhhh, My Godd, that feels so good!!!”

He combined the twirling with gentle deep thrusts, followed by lobbing the dam thing around like a club in the wind and still twirling it around at the same time. I was afraid I wasn’t going to remain sane. David gave me the poppers, which I sucked in with great satisfaction. After awhile my ass began to get sore and I made him stop.

“That was fuckin’ awesome,” Darin said as he pulled the cock out of my ass.

“Yeah, I’m gonna try it on you sometime,” I growled weakly. It felt like my asshole was turned inside out and I reached back to check. It felt fine. Wide open and loose, but okay. My cock was throbbing so hard it ached as I felt of my asshole. I shoved several fingers inside me.

“Want us to double-fuck you again?” Darin asked, and before I could answer, the boys were dragging me into position to fuck me again, both of them at the same time.

“Shit, there’s room for the whole damned team,” David said.

There was indeed plenty of room and their throbbing cocks weren’t as rough as the baseball bat but I was sore. I made them stop even though I wanted them to go on; I was still hot as a firecracker; my cock was hard as a brick. I got up from the mat and grabbed Darin by the arm and guided him to the workout bench. I sat astraddle the bench with his legs over my shoulders and scooted forward to shove my cock in his ass. Dave was there with the poppers and I was sailing and Darin was begging for my cock. Suddenly his facial expression went sort of blank, then a scowl or surprise. I thought I was hitting some new spot inside him.


I took me a second for Darin’s voice to register in my fogged-up brain. I looked over my shoulder in the direction he was looking and my blood froze in my veins. There was my son, standing just in the doorway, looking as if he’d seen a ghost. His mouth was slack as if he might say something, but he suddenly turned and ran from the room. His footsteps skipped every other step going down the stairs.

He was a runner and I knew that by the time I got some clothes on I couldn’t catch him on foot. I threw something on and ran out to my pickup.

Instinctively, I headed for the ball park. It’s where he’d played little league, then pony league and where he used to hang out with his friends, and something told me that’s where he would go. There were several ball fields along with tennis courts along the side of the park. Past the ball diamonds was a wooded park with picnic tables, and beyond that was the woods used mostly by teenagers to park and make out. I drove between two of the ball fields and parked at the picnic area. I got out and headed for the woods. Well into the woods I saw him sitting on the trunk of a big fallen tree, his hands clasped and his head down.

Damn, he was so big! His shoulders were so broad.


He looked up but he didn’t look at me. I walked closer.

“I knew I would find you here,” I said.

“Yeah, welcome home, Travis,” he said sarcastically.

“To say I can explain sounds trite, but…we have to talk.”

“Talk away,” he said. “Explain how a guy is supposed to feel when he comes home and finds his dad fucking some kid in the ass.”

“I can’t. I wish there was something I could say.”

“You’re the one who said we had to talk. I sure as hell don’t have that much to say,” he said.

“You must be thinking something, as my son.”

“It’s not about being your son; it’s about you being my dad!” he barked. “Why’d you have to do it with him? Why’re you fucking a stranger? You’re as bad as…!”

“As bad as who?” I asked, and my blood froze again but I didn’t know why.

He turned away from me with a pained look on his face. I thought he might cry. I wished he would, at least he might let me console him. Here he was, home, and I hadn’t even hugged him yet.

“Travis, what? What’s happened?” I asked.


“That’s too easy. It’s not nothing. Tell me what’s happened out there. If anyone hurt you…”

He gave me angry scowl.

“I know, I’ve hurt you. If there was any way I could undo it, I would. But please, tell me…I’ve always told you could come to me any time and talk to me about anything. This is needs to be one of those times.”

“Well…after what I just saw, I guess it won’t shock you all that much,” he said dryly. “Hell, it may even turn you on.”

“Tell me.”

He was still quiet and I could tell it was taking everything he had to work up the courage.

“It’s okay, son, you can tell me,” I said quietly as I stepped closer to him. I didn’t touch him, though. I suddenly felt I didn’t have the right to touch him yet.

“Well, let’s just say that mom’s boyfriend was more interested in me than he was my mom.”

“Travis!….what did he do? Tell me.”

“I’ll tell you the whole sordid story,” he said with contempt. “It started out about a month after we got out there. Mom works night shift a lot and one night when she was working, he came into my room. I woke up with him on top of me; I sleep naked, and he was naked too, and he had a hardon, rubbing it against my butt. He told me he was going to fuck me, or I could go down on him, either way; it was my choice, but I was going to do one or the other.

Despite the way I’m built…I’m pretty damned strong…but I was scared. He out-weighs me by about eighty pounds. So I opted for the latter; I told him I would give him head. He turned me over and straddled my chest and made me suck his cock. He was easy-going that first time. He didn’t make me take his load or anything, but he shot it all over my face. But after awhile he started getting brutal. He would force his cock all the way down my throat and choked me and then he would his load right in my mouth. He laughed when I got up and ran to the bathroom and got sick the first time he did it. He acted like he was pissed that I got sick and wasted his load. Next time, he said he would fix that and he made me swallow it. He wouldn’t let me go till I did. I still got sick, but I waited till he went back downstairs before I went in and puked up my socks.”

“The son-of-a-….”

Travis put up his hand to quiet me.

“I’m not done. Let me finish,” he said. “Pretty soon, he got bored with the same old thing and he said he was going to fuck me. I was scared but he was on top of me that time and poking his fingers in my ass with lube and then all of a sudden I felt his cock going in me. He shoved his cock in me.” He paused, as if he had to take time to find some more courage. “I never had anything hurt so bad in my life,” he went on. “He used a condom that first time, but he said he hated condoms so after that he showed me how to clean myself out so he wouldn’t have to use one. He liked shooting his load inside me.”

“Can I speak now?” I asked.

“Yeah, I guess I’ve pretty much covered it,” he said.

“How often did this happen?” I asked, barely about to find my own voice.

“Almost every night my mom worked nights. One week straight out of every month plus other nights when she would fill in for other people…eight, nine, maybe a dozen times a month.”

“Geezuss. Why didn’t you call me? I would have been out there, or sent you a ticket home.”

“He told me if I left before it was time for me to come back here, or if I told anybody, he would really hurt me. He also said he would tell mom, and you, and my friends what we were doing. So I didn’t say anything. I just waited till I could come here.” He snorted and laughed. “And the first thing I see is my dad fucking some kid in the ass.”

I hung my head, able to offer no defense.

“Well, it’s a sick twist of fate, but I guess you wouldn’t have ever known anything about me if I hadn’t walked in on you. The subject would’ve never come up. I was thinking all the way home how great it was going to be; you and me together again, I could get away from that bastard… how I would come in and we would hug….but instead, I find you hugging some little stud with your cock up his ass.”

“I wasn’t expecting you till tomorrow,” I offered. It was lame.

“Obviously,” he said.

“I want to make it up to you, son, if you’ll let me. Come home with me, Travis. Let’s try to make a new start. I think we both need that; a new start together. No matter what you think of me, now, you need a place to live, and I want you home. You can’t go back out there.”

“No, I’ll never go back there, not even to visit. If mom wants to see me, she’ll have to meet me someplace in the middle of the country, without him. I don’t ever want to see him again.”

“And you shouldn’t have to. So, let’s go home.”

He didn’t move.

“Regardless of what you think of me, Travis, you need and you have a place to live. You can put me out of your life if you want. I’ll stay out of your way as much as I possibly can with both of us under the same roof. Hate me if you will; I’ll try not to exist.” It was the most heart-breaking words I’d ever spoken or heard.

Finally, he stood up from the log. We walked back to the truck together.

“I don’t hate you, dad,” he said quietly as I was driving out of the park. “I’ve been looking forward to getting here for so long.”

“I’m sorry I disappointed you.”

“I didn’t say you disappointed me,” he said. “You surprised me.”

“I’m going to make it up to you, somehow, in my own way, whether you let me or not,” I said.

We were at least on civil speaking terms when we got back to the house. I took him through the place, and showed him all I’d done to get ready for him. I showed him all the bodybuilding supplements and the refrigerator full of food. I took him upstairs to show him his room again.

“I was going to put you in the room across the hall and take this room for myself, but while I was taking the rental truck back the day I moved, the boys carried the weights in and set your bed up in here.”

“The boys…the two guys that were here?”

“Yes,” I said meekly. “They said you would probably like it, being a jock, having your weights right in your room.”

“Yeah, I do,” he said, looking around.

“They brought over the pictures and posters, too. If you don’t like it, or you don’t like sleeping with a bunch of weights, we can trade rooms.”

“No, it’s neat, like sleeping in the gym. I want to leave everything like it is.”

“Look, Travis…these two boys have been so anxious to meet you…but I understand if you don’t want to….”

“No, I would like to meet them. I just need some time to adjust to…well, to everything. How old are they, by the way?”


“Wow! They don’t look it.”

“They’re sophomores. They said you probably wouldn’t want to be caught talking to lowly sophs.”

“I was a soph once,” he said.

“It’s going to be strange, having you around the house,” I said.

“Yeah. But I’m looking forward to it, despite…despite everything.”

“Good. That’s all I can ask. I want you to make this your home, with or without me in your life.”

I didn’t invite the twins over right away. Travis and I went out to eat. He wanted to go to a hamburger place where he used to hang out but I told him it wasn’t there anymore. We went to a place called Ryan’s where he could eat anything and all he wanted. He got my money’s worth. It was the first I had a chance to really look at him, when he went back several times to refill a clean plate. His hips looked so lean and narrow compared to the breadth of his back and shoulders. His butt looked tight and hard, packed inside his nicely-worn jeans. His thighs strained against the legs of his jeans, as did his biceps against the sleeves of his Hollister T-shirt. His chest was broad, his huge pecs high on his rib cage and the shirt hung loose down from his pecs, over his long eight-pack, obviously no excess weight around his middle. I wondered how I was going to survive having him around, especially knowing what we knew about each other. I longed to see him naked, and I knew I would, but I also knew it could lead to nothing; that I would have to be very careful even over such a minor thing as seeing him in the bathroom, in order not to make him uncomfortable. He had been through so much with Jim; I wanted desperately for him to be able to bring himself back to normalcy.

At home, he wanted to shower and go to bed. He was tired from the flight and the jet lag. I didn’t even go upstairs. I thought I should leave him to himself, so I stayed downstairs and looked at the TV. I didn’t watch it, I just sat there looking at the damned thing. I was surprised when he appeared in the arched doorway, stark naked.

“Just wanted to say good-night,” he said.

I couldn’t help looking at him but I tried not to gape.

“Good-night, son.”

“I hope its okay if I sleep like this? I got into the habit.”

“Certainly. I sleep the same way,” I told him.

“Yeah, I remember. That’s where I got it,” he said.

“It’s good to have you home.”

“Thanks. It’s good to be home.”

“Are you sure?” I asked, for I was still upset and worried about what he’d walked into.

“Yes. Like I said, I just need some time to adjust my mind, that’s all.”

“You’ve got all the time in the world.”

He turned and walked toward the stairs. My eyes were glued to his beautiful tight, naked butt and those long, muscular thighs. I looked back at the TV, not seeing anything except Travis’s incredibly beautiful body. He looked like a god. And his cock! God, he had grown! It looked like it hung more than half way to his knees. I gulped down the spit that had built up in my mouth.

When I went up to bed, the twins were at their window. They waved when they saw me. I waved back and pulled my blind down. I hated to appear rude but I was worried that I’d left it up for Travis to possibly to see what went on over there. I slept a fitful sleep. All I could see when I closed my eyes, or opened them, was my beautiful, muscle-stud son.

Next morning Travis came out of his room naked, his cock swinging like a huge sausage. How big was he, I wondered. I’d never seen such a big cock. I waited till he was finished before I went to the bathroom, “I hope it’s okay if I run around naked here, too,” he said. “I couldn’t do that out there, for obvious reasons.”

“This is your home, you make yourself as comfortable as you want,” I said. We got Travis ready for going back to school. That mostly meant new clothes.

We went to the mall and I headed straight to Hollisters. It was fun watching the female clerks eye-balling him when he walked in. One of the guys was giving him the eye, too. But one of the girls beat him to the punch.

“Anything I can help you with?” she asked in a friendly and her best come-on smile.

He was going to get good service.

“I’m just laying out some stuff I want to try on,” he said.

“Five items at a time,” she said. “Getting ready for school?” Her name tag read Lindy.

“Yeah, isn’t everybody?” he said.

“What year?” Lindy asked.

“Senior,” he said. “In high school.”

“Oh. I thought you were in college.”

“Not yet,” he said.

It was hard to tell if she was disappointed or more impressed that she’d found such a young stud. I noticed the way she lingered about a half-step behind Travis so she walked him back to the dressing rooms so she could eye his butt.

The male clerk…his name tag said Cody… was taking notice, too. We chatted small talk while we waited for Travis to come out. Cody came back to join us, I suspected so he could get a close-up view. Travis came out wearing the faded, worn-look jeans and a T-shirt he’d taken in. I thought the jeans looked a little too worn and faded, but I didn’t say anything.

“Is that a good fit, or do you need a different size?” Lindy asked as she stepped up and shoved four fingers down inside the waist of his jeans.

“I always have plenty of room around my waist,” Travis said. “But if I get a smaller waist size, they don’t fit in the thighs and the butt.”

Lindy punched her fingers against his stomach and said, “Nice eight-pack,” then peered around at his backside and gave an approving smile. “I see what you mean back there.”

“What do you think, dad?”

“Whatever fits,” I said with a shrug.

It was a good day together.

David and Darin waited as long as they could before they finally made themselves known. They came around to the deck one day when Travis and I were having a beer.

“We thought we should wait till you got settled in, which you must be by now,” David said as he stepped up on the deck. “I’m David. This is my brother, Darin,” he said, and both boys put out their hands.

“Yes, we’ve, uh…sort of met,” Travis said.

“Yeah, I guess we did already, but…” He shrugged and laughed, rather nervously. “We wanted to make it official.”

The two boys seemed to hold back and keep a respectable distance, as if they were afraid of Travis, and I didn’t invite them to stay. I wasn’t sure Travis would be comfortable with that. But it was Travis who put them at ease.

“I like what you did to my room,” he said.

They broke out in smiles.

“We knew you would, being a jock and all,” David beamed.

“You guys want something to drink?” Travis asked.


“Not beer,” I said.

“You don’t have to get up, we can get it,” Dave told Travis.

It was a surprisingly comfortable conversation, considering how we got off on the wrong foot. The boys talked about school and the twins told Travis about certain kids they knew. The twins were almost obvious with their adoration of Travis. I was pleased that Travis was being so cordial and down-right nice to them; to two boys who had more or less invaded and taken over his space when he wasn’t there. Then it suddenly dawned on me that the reason he was being so nice just might be because he wanted them! Here were two hunky younger teenagers who idolized him, they were handy, right across the drive and he knew they were available. He wanted to fuck them! My heart pounded at the thought. I decided I would not try to intervene.

His mother and Jim got married. She called to ask Travis to come to the wedding but he wouldn’t even talk to her.

“What have you done to him?” she demanded of me in an angry tone. “What have you been saying to poison him against me in such a short time?”

“The poisoning pretty much took place out there with you and that bastard you’re going to marry,” I said.

“How dare you! How dare he! Jim was nothing but good to that boy. He gave him everything he wanted. He was like a….”

“DON’T…say it,” I cut in. “Do not say it.”

She sighed with resignation. “I just don’t understand…Travis was perfectly fine when he left here.”

“No, he wasn’t,” I said. “Maybe he’ll talk to you about it someday. Meanwhile, have a good life. But you tell that son-of-a-bitch that if he ever comes near Travis or tries to contact him, I’ll kill him.”

Jim was killed in a car crash a few days after they got married. I was surprised Travis wanted to go but I went with him to Jim’s funeral. Not out of respect, not even for his mother. I went for him, still not understanding why he felt the need to go. I found out. We were at the casket, and his mother was wiping tears and squeezing his hand and mine.

“I’m so glad you came, Travis.”

“The only reason I came, Mom, was to make sure he’s dead. I wanted to see with my own two eyes.”

His words cut through her, causing a painful look of horror and shock and surprise.

“Maybe I’ll tell you about it sometime,” he said. He told her goodbye then and we left the wake. We didn’t stay for the funeral. We went directly to the airport to catch a flight back home. I sort of felt sorry for the woman, but I understood the boy’s anger and I respected his decision.

Travis decided that the best way to put it all behind him and get on with his life was to sever all ties with his mother, at least for awhile. I didn’t question his decision; I had no right to. I had my own private little hell to deal with. Travis and I never spoke of the situation he walked in to when he arrived. He became friends with David and Darin, I think mostly because we were neighbors and there was that lingering thought in the back of my mind that he wanted to have sex with them. Still, the boys were happy that he treated them well at school, too.

Gradually, the twins felt more comfortable about coming around to hang out and work out, with Travis’s permission, of course, since it was now his room. I found myself wondering if the boys had tried anything with him, and if he might have succumbed. I wanted to ask but I didn’t. I could only hope; and if it happened, that maybe they would invite me in on it. I was sure David and Darin would if Travis would let them.

I got my answer and my wish. Actually, it was more than I dared wish for.

I was still in awe of Travis and his muscular build and most of all his big cock. I suppose big was an understatement, although I didn’t know how big he got when he was hard. All I knew was what I saw on a regular basis in his natural state, swinging out between his legs, bigger than any man had a right to wish for. I was envious that he was bigger than me. It came up as a matter of conversation one night when I went into the bathroom to take a piss. Travis had just gotten out of the shower and was bent over with one foot cocked up on the side of the tub, drying his leg. I was still standing at the toilette and when he turned around his cock swing around and smacked against my thigh.


“You need to get that thing registered as a lethal weapon,” I said, laughing.

“Yeah, things sort of got out of hand,” he said, looking a little embarrassed as he put his towel around his waist. I gave him a confused, questioning look and he went on. “A couple of us guys saw those ads for enlargement pills and we decided to order some. A three-months supply. Then I saw an ad for the patches and I ordered those. I shouldn’t have used them at the same time. They sort of worked.”

“Geez, Travis, from what I remember of the last time I saw you, that’s the last thing you needed,” I said.

“I know. But guys always want to get bigger. Everywhere.”

“How much bigger did you get?” I asked.

He swallowed and his face flushed more, as if he were too embarrassed to answer. He sort of laughed but it faded to a smile, and that faded, too.

“Five inches,” he said. “And I got bigger around.”

“Five inches! More? You were already bigger than most grown men when I last saw you in the shower,” I said.

“That was on top of my natural growth,” he went on. “And I’m not done growing. I hate to think what I’ll be when I’m nineteen or twenty.”

“Five inches…on top of what?” I asked.

“On top of twelve,” he replied.

My mouth dropped. “Holy BeGezuss! If my math is correct…”

“Yeah,” he said. “seventeen fat inches.”

I didn’t know what to say. I couldn’t get my words untangled from the thoughts going around in my head. Godd, I wanted to see it! I wanted to feel it! I wanted it!

“Has it, uh…caused you any problems?” I asked. “Besides being heavy to carry around.”

He laughed. “No, not really.”

“Can I ask you something personal?”

“The answer is yes,” he said. “Is it okay if I talk about it with you?”


“I lost my virginity the first week I was out there. It was an older girl I met on the beach. She took me up to her beach house.”

“And she was able to handle you?”

“No. But I didn’t care. She handled enough. I learned right then and there that I’ll have to be pretty careful with girls.”

“Look, I don’t know if there’s anything that can be done about it, but if you want, I can get an appointment with a doctor. A specialist.”

“What, and have a few inches cut off? Or maybe there’s a pill that will make it shrink?”

“No, no. Just to get some advice and counseling. At your rate of growth, Travis, you could end up being 20 inches or something. It could have a great effect on your life. If you happened to meet a girl and fell in love…..what if she was so scared of you she wouldn’t marry you?”

“I’ve thought of that. So, yeah, I’ll see a doctor.”

I wanted to be his doctor. I wanted to examine his cock and see for myself what kind of giant he was. I wanted to examine every inch of his body, inside and out. But how? I made the appointment and made it sound urgent, which got us in the following week. The doctor was too young, I thought, to even have a license, but that might put Travis more at ease. When I started to go in with him, the doctor stopped me.

“I don’t usually see anyone with a patient, without his permission,” he said, looking at Travis.

“It’s okay if he comes in with me,” he said. “He knows my problem. He’s the one who made the appointment.”

We sat across a huge, cherry-wood desk and the young doctor sat in his high-back chair, his arms behind his head and his legs splayed out.

“So, what is the problem?” he asked.

Travis looked at me. I didn’t respond. “He’s talking to you,” I said.

“Well, I…I, uh…I think I’m a little over-endowed,” he said.

“Compared to what, or who?” the doctor asked. “If you’re talking about other guys in the locker room, that’s not a good basis for comparison. Boys your age can vary all over the map. They all develop at a different pace.”

“Well, that, but also, I’ve read that the average size is five or six inches,” he went on. He sounded more at ease now and relaxed with the doctor.

“That’s just what it says; an average. But all right, if you’re concerned, how do you compare with that standard?”

“Double. Almost triple,” he replied.

The doctor tried not to look surprised but he obviously was.

“That would make you well over twelve inches long,” he drawled in a tone of disbelief.

“Over seventeen inches,” Travis said.

“Whew! Well, that is big. But it doesn’t make you a freak.” He looked at me. “Are you well-endowed?” he asked.

“Yes, but not that well,” I said. “I only qualify for double the average,” I added wryly. I looked at Travis. “Maybe you need to tell him about the pills.”

He lowered his head with that same flushed look of embarrassment.

“Enlargement pills?” the doctor guessed.

He nodded. “Yes. And patches.”

“At the same time?”


“Well, I never really believed those things work. There’s no scientific studies or evidence.”

“I’m carrying around the evidence between my legs,” he said.

“His concern, doctor, is that he’s not done growing.”

“That he’s not,” the doctor agreed.

“And if I meet a girl…hell, I don’t want her to run off screaming.”

He laughed softly and put his hands on his desk. He stood up and came around the desk and parked his tight butt on the edge, squarely in front of us.

“You have a problem that millions of men would kill to have,” he said. “Have you met a girl? Of course you have. A boy with your looks and your build, not to mention your equipment, probably has to carry a club to beat them off.”

“I already am,” Travis joked.

“That’s good; don’t loose your sense of humor over it,” the doctor said. “What you perceive as a problem, or a potential problem, others may well see it as a blessing. Women and girls are different. Some are quite satisfied and happy with a man with a small or average-size cock. You don’t mind if I use the vernacular, do you? I hate penis. It’s so clinical, and I know of nobody who calls it that.”

“No, I don’t mind. I never call it that myself,” Travis said. “Dad taught me to call it my cock.”

The doctor smiled and nodded his approval. “Women have been known to divorce over a man’s cock being too small. That’s rather shallow, but it does happen. There are some women who play the field and search out a man with a cock big enough to satisfy her. That’s a bit crass. It’s like trying every stallion that comes your way till you find one that fits. But to each his own. My advice to you is, be careful and gentle and easy with a girl. If she’s a virgin, be especially considerate. After all, you don’t have to use every inch to get satisfaction. The feelings are in the head. The head that rests on your shoulders, not the one on the end of your cock,” he said. “All the rest is a power thing. And your chances are just as good that you will find a woman who will be more than delighted with your equipment and be able to handle it quite nicely, once she gets used to it.”

“What about in two or three years, when I might add another two or three inches?” Travis said.

“Well, that’s far from a hopeless situation. It sounds like you would have had more than your share of manhood without the use of enhancements, but be proud of what you’ve got. Proud and responsible.” He smiled a knowing smile as he stood up. “Well, you have my advice, but I would like to take down your history. I need to anyway, but I would like to examine you, if you don’t care. It’s nothing clinical, really. I just want to see for myself. It shouldn’t be any different from being in the locker room at school.”

“No, except I don’t run around the locker room with a hardon. And it’s seventeen inches hard.”

“Can you get it hard for me?”

“Are you kidding!”

“Do you mind?”

I laughed, trying to put him at ease. “He may have to have time to take care of it so we can walk out of here,” I joked.

“He can have all the time he wants,” the doctor said. “Do you want to step into that room and strip down for me?”

I wondered why he wanted him to strip, just to see his cock but I didn’t ask any questions. If Travis was wondering, it was up to him to ask. Travis went into the room.

“You have an exceptional son, there,” he said. “And I don’t mean just because he is so well-endowed or well built. He has the unusual maturity to handle what he perceives to be a problem, head on.”

“I’m very proud of him,” I said.

“Should I come in there?” Travis called out from the room.

“Yes, please. Do you want me to ask your father to leave first?”

“No, heck, we live in the same house together,” he said.

I don’t know if I stifled my gasp when he came through the door, naked except for his socks. One of us gasped, but I don’t know if it was me or the young doctor. I knew Travis was a thing of beauty; a living god, but I was stunned by his overall beauty as he presented it to us hard. His cock was enormous.

Easily all seventeen inches he claimed, and so big around I doubted if he, or I, could get his hand around it without squeezing awfully tight. It stood straight out from his loins, swaying like a battering ram, bucking upward when it throbbed.

“Well, you weren’t exaggerating,” the doctor said.

Travis walked rather cautiously up to the doctor. The doctor put his hand around the thick cock and moved the sheath back and forth several times.

“MMnnnnn,” Travis moaned.

“That feel good?” the doctor asked, laughing softly.


“Well, we all know that’s normal.” He pulled the sheath up to the head then stretched it back down the shaft. “Yes, circumcised, but left with a generous collar. It’s a good circumcision. You don’t have any trouble with the foreskin being too tight.”

“No, I keep it pretty much stretched, if you know what I mean,” he said.

“That’s a good idea. Do you mind if I measure it, for my records?”

“No, I don’t mind.”

“Of if you’ve measured it recently, you can just tell me.”

“I haven’t measured it for a couple of months,” he said.

The doctor pulled a tape measure out of his desk and held the end snugly into Travis’s pubes and stretched it along the side of his cock. It throbbed and quivered to his touch.

“Seventeen and…five eighths.” Then he wrapped the tape around the thick cock about midway on the shaft. “Ten and seven-eighths. That’s big for a circumference, too.” Then he measured around the head. “Twelve and a quarter. You’ll need to be careful with that,” he said. He wrote the measurements down and made some more notes in Travis’ file.

“Has your increase in size affected any other aspects of your physical sexuality?” the doctor asked.

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“I’m being too clinical. Do you notice that you come a lot more since you’ve gotten so big?”

Travis shrugged. “I don’t know if its any more. It seems more powerful….I shoot farther, I know that.”

“That’s because of the increased size of the barrel,” the doctor said. “Would you, uh…mind showing me?” he asked as he stepped and motioned toward the door of the little room Travis looked at me. I laughed and shrugged and nodded.

“You can’t get it stuffed back in your jeans like that,” I said.

“There’s no need to be embarrassed,” the doctor said. “It’s no different than if we were doing a sperm analysis, if you were a sperm donor.”

Travis walked toward the room, and I saw the doctor noticing his tight, round butt. “Do you want to call me when you’re ready?”

“To go off, you mean?” Travis asked.


“I don’t know if I’ll know enough in advance,” he said. “You’re a doctor, you can watch if you want to.”

They went into the room. They didn’t close the door but I couldn’t see in without moving my chair and being obvious.

“I’ll need a towel or something,” Travis said.

I couldn’t see Travis but I could see the young doctor leaning his butt against the small desk with his arms crossed, watching intently. I could tell by his face, and the soft noises, that Travis was jacking off for him.

“Sometimes it takes me a while,” Travis said.

“Maybe I can help,” the doctor said.

I was struck dumb for a second; I thought he meant he was going to jack him off but he reached up and turned on a television.

“Are you straight or gay?” he asked Travis.


“I’m going to let you watch a video that might help get you more excited faster.” The doctor leaned out of the door. “It’s not your run-of-the-mill porno video,” he told me. “But it is erotic. Do you have any objection?”

“He’s a big boy. I’m sure he’s seen worse,” I said. I was desperately hoping the doctor, or even Travis, would invite me in but he didn’t.

There was silence except for the soft sounds of Travis jacking off and his breathing. After a few minutes the doctor asked, “Are you getting close?”

“Nowhere near close,” Travis said.

“Call me when you’re close,” the doctor said, and came back into his office.

“Yes, an exceptional young man,” he said to me. “If he finds the right woman, he’s going to be phenomenal. I’m almost jealous, and I’m well-endowed myself.”

“I know the feeling,” I said. “But I didn’t know, first-hand, just how big he was, till today.”

“I’m…I think I’m getting pretty close,” Travis said.

The doctor hurried into the room. I almost jumped up and followed him but it would’ve been too perverted.

“Ohh,…Oh, yeah…I’m getting there,” he gasped.

“Let it go,” the doctor said huskily. “Let’s see it. Show me.”

“OHhhh…Ohhh, I’m coming…I’m coming, Doc.”

There was a series of gasping groans as Travis unloaded his balls. I could only imagine what it must look like. Several minutes passed before the moans died down.

I heard Travis let out a loud sigh. “That’s it, Doc. That’s all I’ve got.”

“I must say, that was very impressive,” the doctor said. “You can get dressed now.”

The doctor came back into his office. His face was a little flushed, I thought.

“That boy could populate his own country,” he said, shaking his head. “If I hadn’t been holding the towel, he would’ve hit the wall.”

I was almost squirming in my chair from excitement.

“I’ve never see any man come that much, or that hard. I wish I’d caught it and measured it.”

“He would probably come back in and let you do that,” I said.

“I may ask him.”

Travis came out looking flushed but relaxed. His jeans were bulging at the crotch but they were at least buttoned over his bulge.

“Well, I see you managed to get it all stuffed back in your jeans,” the doctor joked.

“So, what now, doc?” Travis asked, brushing a hand down over the front of his bulging jeans.

“Compared to ninety-nine percent of the male patients that I see, you don’t have a problem. You’re exceptionally large, and you are exceptionally potent and very powerful. The best advice I can give you is, be a gentleman until the woman lets you know she doesn’t want you to be,” he said as he dug around in his desk drawer. “I’m going to give you a video to watch, perhaps with your dad. There is obviously a very good relationship between the two of you so I think you can handle it together without any embarrassment.” He looked at me. “Now this is a pornographic video. It deals with both hetero and gay sex. But I want you to look beyond all of that, to my purpose in having you view it. It’s a composite of work done by an exceptionally well-endowed male porn star. I want you to observe how he copes with that, and how the women in the video handle it. You will be pleasantly surprised. You’ll notice that, unlike you, he seldom gets a full, really hard erection, which makes it easier for the women to accommodate his size, but it will demonstrate, overall, that you don’t have near the problem you think you have. Do you have any problem with it?” he asked me before giving the video to Travis.


The doctor handed the video to Travis and stood up, indicating that the appointment was over. I took out my check book but he waved it aside.

“No charge.”

“Do we keep the video?” Travis asked.

“If you want to. If your dad doesn’t care.”

“You were going to ask Travis if he would come back?” I reminded him.

“Oh, yes. Travis, I would like to add some more notes to your file.”

“What do you want to know?”

“When you shot off…well, it was phenomenal…and I wished afterwards that I had, one, measured your distance instead of stopping you with a towel. And two, I would like to measure the volume of your load. I was wondering if you would mind coming back in for repeat performances.”

“Both on the same day?”

“No. I want to give you time to recuperate so we can have you full-throttle for both times.”

He laughed. “I don’t need a full day to get back to full-throttle,” he said.

“That makes me want to do a third experiment,” he said. “Would you be willing to come in and spend some time just jacking off?”

“It’s what I do best,” Travis joked. He mimed using both hands to get himself off, and my heart jumped a little.

“As long as you want, come as many times as you can, without any recuperation time. It would help me make some judgment, perhaps, whether the enlargement aids had any effect on your prostate or your balls.”

Travis laughed. “Sure, I’ll jack off as long as you want me to. Hell, you can take pictures if you want to or invite an audience, maybe some interns, if you want to.”

The doctors eyes lit up. “Are you serious? You wouldn’t mind if I videoed the experiments or if you had an audience?”

“Naw, I don’t care. It’d be for medical science, right?”

“Yes, of course.”

We were about to leave when the doctor stopped us again.

“I’m going to say one more thing, for what its worth. You’re old enough to know about gay sex,” he said to Travis.

I glanced at Travis and he looked at me.

“If I’m out of line here, either one of you can jump in and stop me.”

Neither of us spoke.

“All right, I’m going to take that as permission to go on,” he said. “There are studies, not widely publicized, of course, that present evidence that in general, gay males are more receptive and willing and physically capable than women of accommodating exceptionally well-endowed men. To put it crudely, it’ s a bottomless pit. What I’ve told you is not ethical and I’m not advocating it. I’m just throwing the information out there for you to do with what you wish. Understand that having sex with a gay man doesn’t make you gay. Its simply an outlet.”

There was a quiet silence, Travis and I waiting to see if the doctor was finished, and I supposed the doctor was waiting to get our reaction.

“Well, thank you for everything. Travis will be contacting you,” I said.

“Yes, and thanks for your cooperation,” the doctor said.

“Well, that was interesting,” I said as we walked back to the car.

“To say the least,” Travis agreed.

“Was it helpful to you?” I asked.

“Yeah, I guess, if you figure I’m going to go out looking for some guy to fuck.” He glanced at me with a funny look. “I guess I wouldn’t have to look far; just across the driveway.”

I had to look away. There was a safe moment as we got in the car but then we were face to face again.

“Is that a viable alternative?” he asked, his voice husky.

“I wouldn’t go there,” I said. “Those boys are barely sixteen.”

“That didn’t seem to matter to you,” he said.

“I’m glad you brought it up. This is the first time we’ve spoken of it,” I said.

“Maybe we should have before.”

“I’m sure you’ve got questions,” I said.

“Only wondering if…if you’re gay,” he said hesitantly.

“Are you?” I asked.

He looked hurt and I instantly regretted I’d said it. “I’m sorry, that was out of line. I’m sorry, Son.”

“You have every right to wonder about me,” he said.

“No, I had no right to wonder, or to ask you that,” I said. “You’ve been through so much…”

“It’s okay, Dad. I’ve wondered, too.” He gave me a side glance. “I didn’t…I didn’t tell you all of it. He forced me so often and I got used to it, and there were times when he actually made it feel good. I couldn’t help it. There was something inside me…a certain spot…that sometimes drove me out of my mind. Jim picked up on that and got so he could make me come. I hated it, dad…hated that it felt good…but I couldn’t help it.”

His eyes started to tear up and I put my arm across his shoulder. “I know, it was a normal reaction to what he did to you. It doesn’t make you gay. You didn’t ask for it.”

“No, but I got so I didn’t mind it all that much; I mean, I was able to resign myself to it.”

“That’s just what it was; resigning yourself to your fate. Don’t let this eat away at you, Travis. You’ve done a remarkable job of putting it into perspective now put it behind you. And you might want to discuss your past with the doctor.”

“I thought about that, but I didn’t have the balls to bring it up.”

“He’s a doctor,” I reminded him.

He looked away for a second, as if he wanted to say something but didn’t have the courage.


“I was just thinking…about what the doctor said, and….Are the twins gay; both of them?” he asked.

I laughed softly. “Yes. As gay as they come.”

“Then what would be wrong….I mean, you know I’m sexually active, dad, and you know I won’t stop, so…what the doctor said…about sex with gay men…what would be wrong with doing that if Dave or Darin is willing.”

I laughed, a good belly laugh. “Willing? They’ve been drooling ever since you showed up.”

“Have they said anything?”

“Everything but have me tie you down so they can get at you,” I said.

“Then maybe…maybe I oughta let them.”

“I gave you my advice…don’t go there…but I can’t make your decisions for you.”

“But you influence my decisions, good or bad,” he said. “You always have. Just tell me, if…if I invited one of them to stay over, and you knew we were having sex, what would be your reaction?”

“In the first place, you wouldn’t get by with inviting just one. They’re a matched set.”

“Okay, both of them,” he said.

“My reaction? I don’t know, son. This isn’t something I’ve given any thought to.”

I knew Travis wouldn’t take my advice. My only problem was that I wanted it to be me, not the twins. It was a week later when I found the twins at my table for dinner, and learned that they would be spending the night. I was excited and disappointed. Excited that they were in my house for the night but disappointed that it wouldn’t be me sharing Travis’s bed. I wished I had the guts to suggest it, but I couldn’t be the one to suggest incest.

We went upstairs together. The twins went into Travis’s room, trying not to appear excited. It was as if no one had a thought that there would be anything going on when the lights went out, but I could see the boys’ excitement. I was surprised when Travis followed me into my room, and stunned at what he said.

“Look, dad…this may be way out of line, but…well, I’m obviously already aware of your relationship with the twins. And you know we’re not going to be lying in bed and tell ghost stories, so…well, what I’m saying is…I…I wouldn’t care if you…if you wanted to come on over to my room. There are two of them.”

I was stunned. Gratefully stunned. I felt weak from excitement, and I was struck dumb for a moment.

“Do you want to?” he asked. “You could just sort of wander in, you know, come over and check on all the noise or something, then just stay.”

I was nodding before I found my voice. “All right…yeah…I’ll be over.”

“Great.” He smiled and started to leave.

“Travis. Thanks for asking.”

“Sure. Thanks for accepting. Give us a little bit to break the ice,” he said.

I laughed. “By the time you get across the all, the ice will be melted.”

I was beside myself with excitement; I was practically shaking. I was going to be in the same bed, sharing sex with my son! There was a stabbing pang of guilt as I thought of Jim and all the terrible things he had done to him. How was I any better? But Travis had asked me. And I wouldn’t be having sex with him; only sharing the experience.

Travis left my door and his open. A few minutes later, as the boys were all evidently undressing I heard Dave and Darin’s surprised gasps and remarks.

“Dam! Is that thing for real?”

“Holy Shit, Travis…that belongs on a horse!”

“Do you think we can take that, Dave?”

“I’m gonna die trying,” said Dave.

I wondered if Travis had a hardon already or if their surprise was from merely seeing his cock for the first time.

“Fuck, you’re built!” one of them said. “Is it okay if we feel your muscles?”

“Sure,” Travis said.

I didn’t know how much of a ‘little bit’ Travis meant for them to break the ice, but it sounded like it was crumbling and I was dying to join them. I wanted to see the boys’ reaction to Travis’s big cock and watch them going all ga-ga over his muscles. But I waited.


Part 2

After awhile it became a challenge of sorts, to see how long I could hold out before rushing across the hall. I could hear their giggles and moans of excitement, as I’m sure Travis intended.

“Hey, you didn’t close the door,” I heard one of the boys gasped.

“It’s okay,” Travis said. “Dad probably shut his door.”

“Well, keep the noise down,” Dave said.

“You really think dad doesn’t know what’s going on in here?” Travis said.

“Did you forget how we met in the first place?”

“Ohhh, you’ve got the biggest, most beautiful cock I ever dreamed of,” Darin said.



It was Travis moaning.

“That feel good?”

“Aww, you know it. Go down on it a little more.”


“I can’t take all of it this way,” Darin said. “I wish I could.”

“I can’t either…not this way,” Dave said.

“Oh, is there another way?” Travis asked.

“You know there is,” Dave giggled. “You walked in on us and your dad.”

“Can you take it all that way?” Travis asked.

“I don’t know, but I, for one, want to try.”

“Hey, I brought some poppers,” Dave whispered. “You ever use poppers?”

“I’m not the one who’s going to need poppers,” Travis said. “Do I need to use a condom?”

“No. We got ready for this before we came over, hoping something might happen.”

“Who wants to go first?” Travis asked.

They took a moment to decide then Dave told Darin he could go first. I was ready to go in. I wanted to see the young teenager take Travis’s thirteen-inch cock in his ass. I didn’t believe he could but if he did, I wanted to witness the event. I heard somebody…Darin…taking a hit of poppers. After that I heard some grunts and groans and a couple of muffled outcries, like tiny screams in a pillow. I couldn’t wait any longer. I shoved my stiff cock down where it belonged and went across the hall. I was absolutely bowled over by what I saw.

The twins registered surprise at seeing me, but they didn’t say anything.

“Dad,” Travis said, calmly and it put the twins at ease.

I stood gaping at them. Travis was lying on his back with Darin astraddle him, nervously working his way down onto my son’s huge cock, his 13-inch boners standing straight up and leaking. He had well more than half of it inside him, which I knew would be no problem for him, because he’d taken that much of my cock. But he had to be nervous over what was left to yet to go. I sat on the edge of the bed to watch. Dave came over and got down between my legs and began sucking my cock. It was a thrill like no other time, getting my cock sucked with my son watching, and me watching him fuck another guy. Darin’s big cock stuck out between his legs over Travis’ stomach, throbbing with his excitement from impaling himself on Travis’s huge cock, and I wondered what Travis would think if I leaned over and sucked it. I didn’t do it. I didn’t think it was time for my participation yet.

From the grimaces of pain on his face, I knew Darin encountered several obstacles, but he was determined to go all the way. At one point when he stopped with a wincing pain, Travis stopped him.

“Hey, don’t kill yourself. You don’t have to go all the way down on it.”

“Oh yeah…yeah, I do,” Darin said breathlessly. “You just hit something, that’s all. You’re past it now.”

I thought about what the doctor had said about a man’s ass being a bottom-less pit. I had to ease Dave off of my cock several times to keep from going off. He was good, and on top of that, just watching Travis and Darin was making me so hot.

“Geezusss,” Dave whispered, raising up from my cock as he gaped at his brother. “It looks like he’s taking it!”

“Aw, he’s taking it all right,” Travis moaned.

“Just tell me…I’m afraid to look…how much more is there?” Darin asked.

“Two, three inches,” Travis said.

“Oh, Godd…I feel like I’m going burst apart now,” the boy said. “I don’t know if I can get all the way down on it.”

“I told you, you didn’t have,” Travis said.

“Come on, pussy-boy, you can take it,” Dave chided him.

“Pussy-boy, your ass. He’s got seventeen fuckin’ inches! It’s not like taking those little pussy cocks of yours.”

We all laughed at that. The boys didn’t have little pussy-cocks. They were a good thirteen inches themselves, but four or five inches stacked on top of over a foot was a challenge for anyone. We watched in amazement and with great excitement as Darin slowly and carefully forced himself the rest of the way down on Travis’s thick cock.

“Ohhh…Ohhh, I can feel your hairs,” Darin gasped excitedly.

“Yeah, you’re there, man, just settle down on it,” Travis said, reaching up to put his hands on Darin’s bulging shoulders, to urge him down tightly.

His young, tender ass swallowed the last of the huge cock and Darin pressed his butt down hard on Travis’s thighs.

“OOhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” he moaned. “OHhhhhhh, Godd, I took it!”

“Shit, did you ever!” Travis exclaimed. His face was a mask of unbridled lust and disbelief. “Shit! That feels so good! Incredible! This is the first time anybody ever took my cock all the way to my balls. It’s the first time I ever experienced total penetration.”

“Dammit, I wish it’d been me,” Dave swore.

“Yeah, who’s the pussy-boy now?” Darin said.

I wished I had been his first but I didn’t say it out loud.

Darin paused a moment to let his insides become accustomed to the huge intruder that had bored so deeply in his body.

“Ohh, I can feel it throbbing, way up inside me. It feels so good. How does it feel for you, stud?”

“Please…don’t ask me that…don’t even talk…I can’t begin to describe how it feels.”

“Okay, the time for talk has passed,” Darin said. “Let’s just fuck.” With that, he raised up about six inches and pushed back down. Travis moaned.

He did it again, only he went up about eight inches. Travis moaned louder.

He raised up till just the head of Travis’s cock was locked inside his ass, and paused. Travis’s eyes snapped open.

“What’re you doing? What’re you waiting for?” he asked with a sound of desperation in his voice.

“Waiting on you to beg for it,” Darin said with a mischievous grin.

“I’m begging!” Travis exclaimed, laughing.

“Begging for what?” Darin teased.

“Begging you to slide back down on it. I’m begging for your ass. Awww, please, don’t tease me like this. I’ve never had anybody who could do this, I wanta feel your hot, tight little ass sliding all the way down on my cock again. I wanta fuck you! I wanta fuck you with all seventeen inches! You gotta let me…nobody ever took me all the way like this.” Travis didn’t wait. He clasped his big hands high around Darin’s butt and pulled him down as he shoved upward at the same time and sent his cock driving up into the boy’s gaping ass.

“AAAaawwwhhhhhhh!” Darin cried out, tossing his head back.

“Yeaaahhhhhhh!” Travis moaned. “Now, fuck me…ride my big cock. If you don’t fuck my cock, I’m gonna give it to your brother.”

Darin started moving, sliding his asshole up and down the thick, tall shaft. Meanwhile, Dave and I were going crazy just watching. He was sucking my cock intermittently, one minute as if he couldn’t decide if he wanted to do it, and the next, like he couldn’t get enough of it. He was pumping his own cock with one hand and his other hand was back between his legs, fingering his ass.

“Aww, I can’t take this any more,” he gasped as he stood up. “I can’t watch my brother being fucked by that gorgeous god…I gotta have some, too.

Fuck me, Dell…Fuck me hard.” With that he bent over the workout bench, offering his tight ass to me. I stood behind him, both of us facing the bed so we could watch, and shoved my cock in him. Travis cocked his head at me with a smile of approval. He looked a little surprised but there was no disapproval now. A half hour passed, then an hour, and I wondered how the boy was managing to take my son’s monstrous cock so long. Meanwhile, I was fucking Dave till he was begging that he couldn’t take it anymore. Not my cock; he couldn’t take watching his brother.

“Come on, Darin. Get off of and let me on,” he said. “Shit, he’s bored your asshole clear through to your lungs, it’s my turn.”

Obediently, Darin lifted himself off of Travis’s cock and tumbled beside him on the bed. His legs were so shaky he couldn’t stand up. Travis’s cock fell heavily across his ten-pack, up to his chest, leaving a wet streak, then throbbed and bobbed and bucked hard.

“Geezusss!” Dave gasped when he saw the great monster-cock throbbing.

“Turning chicken?” Darin goaded him.

“Shit, it looks like it got bigger,” Dave said.

Travis lifted it up and held it straight up. It towered to its 17-inches-plus height, throbbing proudly.

“Oh, I wish you hadn’t done that. It looks even bigger still,” Dave whined.

“Hey, if you can’t handle, I can get back on it,” Darin chided him.

Dave stepped on the bed and stood astraddle Travis’s hips. He paused for a moment to gaze down at the huge cock.

“This is going to be like sitting on a fence post,” he said.

“Or a baseball bat,” I put in. The twins both looked at me and smiled.

Darin got the poppers off the night stand and handed it to his brother.

“Hey, Bro.” He wasn’t goading him with the poppers; he was simply offering, and in his tone, letting his brother know that it was okay to use the stuff, and that he was going to need it. I didn’t know for sure if Darin had used the poppers or not.

Dave took a deep breath in each nostril, then another, and another.

“Dam, you’re gong to OD,” Darin said, reaching for the bottle.

Dave shook his head and his eyes glazed over and his nostrils flared out wide, like a young stallion, or in this case, a young mare about to be mounted.. “Okay, do it, before I change my mind,” he said, his voice shaky.

Dave seemed to have more trouble than Darin, or he was more scared. He had to really work at taking the monstrous cock. A couple of times I wasn’t sure he was going to do it, but Travis didn’t tell him he could stop like he’d told Darin, and Darin kept on goading him. He had to take another hit of poppers before he could settle down on the last couple of inches.

“Oh, Geezuss!” Dave gasped.

“Big fucker, ain’t he?” Darin said, laughing.

“Ohh, Fuck…Ohh, Goddd…he’s HUGE! Ohhh, where the fuck did it all go?”

“Just wait till he starts fucking you,” Darin said.

Darin’s lust hadn’t quite waned, and when Travis began fucking his brother, he got hotter than hell.

“My ass is still aching and itching, you gotta do something about it,” he said to me. He pushed me back on the bed beside Travis and mounted me. His hole was stretched but not loose and he had no trouble sitting right down on my cock. He immediately began fucking himself with it, moaning and crying out with his head tossed back and his eyes shut or fluttering.

I was in a state of mental arrest. My pleasure had congealed into lust and I couldn’t think beyond it. It was as if my body had taken over my brain.

Part of it was simply from being there in the same bed with Travis, lying beside him with two twin hunks riding our cocks. It was the strongest experience of bonding I ever felt, and I wondered if Travis felt it too.

Dave had reached back and was squeezing my balls and pulling on them. Then he ran his fingers along the crack of my ass. He wet his fingers and probed at my hole. He brought up more spit till he had my hole lubricated and was working his fingers inside me.

“Ohhh…OHhh, Godd,” I moaned softly.

“You like that?” he asked with a grin.

“Ohh, Yesss!”

“What’s he doing to you?” Travis asked.

I could smell his sweet breath. His face was so close I had the terrible urge to lean in and kiss him. I didn’t, of course, but I languished in the sound of his deep voice and his handsome smile.

“I’m fingering his ass,” Dave said.

Travis smiled wider, again with approval.

Young Dave was driving me wild. His finger in my ass made my cock throb with greater sensitivity and I couldn’t get enough of his ass.

“Hey, Travis…why don’t you fuck your dad?” Dave said.

My eyes met Travis’s eyes and for a second I think we saw into each other’s souls. For certain, in that instant we became something more than father and son; we became soul mates. I knew he saw my desire and he apparently saw my consent in my eyes. He raised his knees up to urge Darin to climb off.

Dave raised up off of my cock and stood down off the bed and the two boys each took one of my legs and pulled them up and spread them wide so my butt was tilted high off the mattress. Admittedly, I was a little scared, but I wanted it desperately, and I really had no choice; they were preparing me for the slaughter. Travis got up and positioned himself behind me, stroking his monstrous cock. I don’t think he took his eyes off of me. I certainly couldn’t take my eyes off him. He brushed the head of his cock up and down the slick crack of my ass.

“Do you wanta do this, Dad?” he asked hoarsely.

“Yes, do it!” David exclaimed excitedly.

“Oh, yess, fuck him. It would be so hot to fuck your own dad. We want our dad so bad!”

“Do you?” Travis asked me again in a quiet tone.

I nodded, hoping I was concealing my fears. Yeah, I was more than a little scared. Even though a mere teenage boy had just got off the huge cock, I was apprehensive about taking it. I’d never been fucked by anything so big, and I didn’t know where it would go. He nudged his cock against my hole and I relaxed instantly and hunkered my butt up to him as a welcoming gesture.

He stretched the elasticity around my hole but didn’t enter me.

“I want you to say it,” he said huskily. “Tell me you want me to do it.”

“Yes, I want it,” I said. “I want you to fuck me.”

“Oh, that is so hot!!!…..a man begging his son to fuck him!!” one of the twins exclaimed.

Travis’s smile stretched across his face and he put some power behind his cock. The head slipped through my hole, stretching it unmercifully. I winced but I didn’t cry out, and he didn’t pause. He shoved steadily but gently till, I guessed, more than half of his cock was inside me. He moved slowly, carefully maneuvering his cock through my guts, past the obstacles he found in his way, going deeper and deeper, till he was soon into space that had never been visited before, not even with the ball bat that the boys had used on me. I wondered how much of his cock there was left but I didn’t ask; I didn’t want to sound like a wimp. I would take him no matter what.

I would take every inch, even if he shoved it up through my throat and into my mouth.

The twins were jacking off, each of them fisting their twin cocks with one hand each, their eyes glazed over. I knew they were imagining being in this situation with their own dad and I felt a little sorry for them. I made a mental note to try to pursue that, for them as well as myself.

I was nervous with anticipation, not knowing the route Travis’ cock would take into my virgin territory. I was a helpless, willing victim with his cock finding its own way. Suddenly he came up against something. It felt like he’d reached the bottom of my ass. But the doctor had said a man’s ass is a bottomless pit. His cockhead pressed against a barrier, like a drum-head. He probed at it and I winced but he didn’t back off or cut me any slack. He was determined and I trusted that he wouldn’t hurt me simply for his own pleasure. He knew I wanted it as bad as he did; I had made that pretty clear. He pushed and probed and it felt like the drum-head was going spongy.

“I wanta push through there,” he whispered.

Okay, I thought, if the barrier is penetrable. I just didn’t know how it was going to feel when he penetrated it. I didn’t know what pain or pleasure lay on the other side. He gave a gentle but firm shove and forced his cock through what I can best describe as a wide rubber band, or a rubber O-ring. I managed not to cry out but my eyes flew open with surprise.

“Okay?” he asked.


“He hit your spot, didn’t he?” Dave said excitedly. “Feels like he found another asshole up deep inside you.”

That’s exactly what it felt like. Like another sphincter that he opened up. The barrier gave way completely and formed a tight O-ring around Travis’s thick cock. He pushed till I felt his hairs against my butt then his warm, hard thighs as he imbedded the rest of his entire cock inside me.

All seventeen plus inches! I couldn’t believe I was impaled on such a huge cock! I was in a fit of ecstasy as both of my assholes clenched around his cock, one around the base, the other around the head. He paused for a moment to let me get used to him then he began fucking me, using the deepest inches of his cock in search of his pleasure. My outer sphincter and my guts served only as a glove for the lower part of his cock. The real pleasure for me came from the big head sliding back and forth through the new-found barrier that had been turned into an O-ring. And such intense pleasure it was!

“Oh, My Goddd!” I gasped, finally, unable to maintain my silence.

“That feeling good, Dad?”

“Awwhhhhh…Ohhh, son, if you only knew! If I could only describe it!”

“Fuck, that is so hot, hearing you guys call each other dad and son,” Darin exclaimed.

It was exciting saying it, and hearing him call me dad as he slid his cock back and forth through my ass.

“Tell me if I can make it better,” Travis said.

“I don’t know how you could,” I said. “And if you did I’m afraid I would go insane.”

But he did. He shifted positions a little which placed the shaft of his cock against my prostate while the end remained embedded on the other side of the tight O-ring. Sliding back and forth against the tender love nut sent me wild.

“OHhh…Ohhhh, Travis! Ohh, Godd…Oh, My Godd, Son!”

“Right there?” he asked as he pumped his cock back and forth over the tender spot.

“Yesss! Ohhhhhh…Awwhhhhh, it feels like I wanta come! Ohhh, Travis! Fuck me! Fuck me, son, fuck me!”

“You can come, dad, if you want to. Give me a couple of minutes, I can come too,” he said.

I nodded frantically, unable to speak. He began fucking me then, using full-cock strokes, pulling back till he was almost out then shoving back through my guts, gently but determined, till he popped through my second sphincter. He let his cock buck and throb deep inside me then eased back through my guts to do it all over again. It was a slow fuck that brought me excruciating pleasure and he seemed to be concentrating on every inch of every stroke in and out.

“I’m getting close if you are,” he said after a few minutes.

“Yess! I’m so close…I want you to come…I know I’m going to go off when I feel you shooting inside me.”

“Thanks, dad, I wanted to come in your ass.”

He fucked me for several more minutes before he shot off a split second before I did. His cock was through my O-ring and I felt the stuff spurt out into a space that seemed endless, open, like the universe, and it didn’t seem to fill me, but I could feel the heat of his come spreading all through me like tiny bolts of lightning. He pulled back a little and another powerful burst hit the inner sphincter that had begun to close back up to a drum-head. He gave me a couple more shots through the deepest hole then emptied his balls over the next minute or so in my ass where I could feel it searing my guts and filling me up. Pretty soon his come was oozing out around his cock and running down the crack of my ass. He went on forever, it seemed. He just kept coming, and I wondered where it was all coming from, if he was going to stop and when he had come last.

I didn’t know whether his balls or his body began to shut down first, but I felt his muscular weight slowly descend onto my body and I welcomed him in my arms with legs wrapped around his hips and his shoulders. I think he choked down a sob as he buried his face in the curve of my neck.

“Aww, Dad…Fuck, dad, that was so incredible!” he whispered.

“Yes, it was.”

“Can I lay here on top of you for a minute? I don’t have the strength to move.”


“If I get too heavy, just roll me off on the floor,” he said with a chuckle.

I would have held him till he crushed me. His hard, young muscles felt so wonderful pressing down on me. Never in my life had I felt such intense pleasure and happiness, and contentment and satisfaction. It flashed through my mind that if this was wrong, then the whole universe must be all fucked up.

We lay like that for a long time, till he regained enough strength to push himself up over me.

“I almost went to sleep,” he said.

“That’s okay. I like the feel of your muscles bearing down on me,” I said.

He shoved himself up in a push-up position to extract his cock from my ass.

He pulled a long way before it finally popped free.

“I hope that was okay; I hope it didn’t hurt too bad,” he said as he sat back on his haunches.

“If it did, I don’t remember,” I said.

He glanced around. “Where did Dave and Darin go?”

“I don’t know. I didn’t notice they were gone till just now,” I said.

“I guess they wanted to leave us alone,” he said.

Travis stood off the bed, his cock swinging half-way down his thighs. I gaped in awe. I couldn’t believe any man could be hung like that, much less a teenage boy.

“I’m going to go take a shower,” he said. I nodded. He was at the door when he looked over his shoulder and said, “You wanta join me, Dad?” he asked with a grin. He must have seen my answer in my eyes. He came back and pulled me up off the bed to my feet and I followed him into the bathroom. I was so happy I had to hold back from crying; so happy and relieved that Travis was okay with everything even after he’d had his lust satisfied.

When we were showered, we went into my room, to my bed. He led the way and flopped down on his back, sprawled out.

“I owe you an apology,” he said.

“For what?”

“For acting like such an ass when I walked in on you and the twins.”

“That’s nothing to apologize for,” I told him.

“I acted like a little boy. I’m sorry for storming out and getting pissed; for my holier-than-thou attitude.”

“Nobody could fault you for the way you acted, son,” I said.

“You know, it gives me chills, hearing you call me son, after what we just did.”

“It gives me chills just lying here, naked, beside you like this,” I said.

“I don’t know what to say about it all, dad, or what to think. I know what I’m supposed to be thinking but suddenly, none of it holds any meaning.”

“You don’t have to talk about it,” I said.

“Yeah, I have to say it. I have to hear it coming out of my own mouth…I just had sex with my dad and it was the greatest experience of my life!”

“Mine too, although I have to admit I was a tiny bit scared.”

“You were?”

“You’ve got the biggest cock I’ve ever seen. I didn’t know where in hell you were going to put it.”

“I found a place for it,” he said with a grin.

“Yes, you certainly did. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to describe the feeling,” I said.

“I think you did,” he said. “How you felt was streaked all over you.”

“I wish I could have seen you shoot,” I said. “It felt like somebody turned a hose on inside me.”

“I do come quite a lot,” he said. “I guess you could say my balls match my cock.”

“I’ll be anxious to see that,” I said.

“I have a feeling you’re going to have plenty of chances.”

My world had suddenly opened up. The twins had pushed the door open and Travis had knocked it off its hinges, ushering me into a fantasy world that I dared never to dream existed. Darin came over the next morning, beaming with curiosity.

“Where’s Travis?” he asked. His voice sounded a little nervous and I realized that it was excitement from simply asking about my son.

“He took his Jeep to the quick-lube place,” I said.

“Speaking of which…how was your lube job? Not quick, I’ll bet.”

“You saw how it was going…it only got better after you left,” I said.

“But you guys didn’t have to leave.”

“Yes, we did. If there was ever a time when a guy and his dad needed to be alone, that was it. I wish we could have that kind of relationship with our dad.”

“It’s a risk,” I said. “I certainly wouldn’t have risked it with you boys if I’d known Travis was going to show up a day early.”

“But it worked.”

“It might not have. It could have gone the other way and our relationship would’ve been ruined forever.”

“Aren’t you glad you took the risk, though?” Darin asked with a smile.

“No. It was foolish. I’m glad it worked out the way it did but it was a very foolish thing to do. Where’s David?” I asked.

“He slept in. He’s in the shower. Do we have to wait on him?”

I gave him a quizzical look.

“Oh…I thought…I, uh…sorry…I came over to…to see if…”

“No. We don’t have to wait on David,” I said, quickly putting him at ease.

“Great! I was wondering, Dell, if…well, after we saw you getting fucked by your son…I was wondering if I could, maybe, fuck you, too I’ve been afraid to ask you, but you’ve got the hottest butt.”

“I’ve got one rule,” I said.

“What’s that?”

“You can fuck it but you’ve got to eat it first.”

He had a look of horror on his face. “Eat…use my tongue…on your ass? I d-don’t think I could do that.”

I shrugged.

“Have you ever done it?” he asked.

“Yes.” I turned and walked to the stairs, flexing my butt muscles inside my shorts as I walked. If he wanted my ass, I wanted him to have it, but on my terms. Halfway up the stairs, I felt his hand on my butt. I stopped and looked over my shoulder at him.

“I—I’ll try it,” he said meekly as he tugged on my shorts.

I let him pull them down. I stepped out of them and set my feet as wide as I could and leaned over on the stairs, offering my butt to him. He kneaded my butt muscles, pulling them apart, probing with his thumbs. Then I felt his hot breath; then his tongue, tentative at first as he lapped the inner slopes of my butt.

“I think I can do it,” he said hoarsely as he pulled my butt apart and lapped at my hole.

“Oohhh, Darin…fuck yeah, you can do it,” I groaned, pressing my ass back against his face.

Letting him know I liked it made him more eager. I reached back and pulled my butt apart so my hole was stretched open. “There, go for it,” I said.

“Awww, yeah,” he whispered as he buried his face in my butt and his tongue inside my asshole.

“AAahhhhh!” I cried, tossing my head back. “Awww, dam, Darin…yeah, tongue it…eat my ass…get your tongue in there.”

He literally attacked my asshole with his tongue. It was big and strong and friendly and passionate, like the rest of him. He couldn’t get it in deep enough, couldn’t get my butt pulled apart enough. I think he wanted to crawl right up into my ass. I pulled away from him and turned around.

“Turn around, lay back on the steps,” I told him.

He scrambled onto his back and lay his head on the step. I straddled him and sat on his face.

“OOhhhhhhmmmmhhh,” he moaned as I sat on his tongue. He could get in deeper this way, without struggling to pull my ass open. I bounced up and down and he fucked me with his tongue. He was good because he was so eager. And he had a long, powerful tongue. He could get in real deep. But not deep enough. I wanted his cock. It was all I could do to tear myself away from the exquisite pleasure of his tongue.

“Let’s go in on the bed,” I said as I stood up and pulled him to his feet.

“Are you gonna let me fuck you?” he asked eagerly, almost breathlessly.

“You’re not getting out of here till you do,” I said.

“Oh, Mann, this is gonna be great!” he exclaimed. “Aww, I can’t believe you’re gonna let me fuck that tight ass of yours.”

I led him into the bedroom. “Do you want me on my stomach or on my back, standing on my head, or what?” I asked.

“I don’t know…on your stomach, I guess. I wanta see and feel your butt muscles when I fuck ‘em.”

Darin was right, it was great. The kid was good. He knew how to move and he had the size. Not as big as Travis, but big. I didn’t think he realized just how good he was. But he didn’t last long, which didn’t surprise me, considering it was the first time he’d fucked me and he was so eager to do it. He blew his big, hot load inside me. I managed to hold off. I knew he would be hard again in a couple of minutes, if he went down at all, and I wanted him to fuck me again. I wanted him to fuck my load out of me.

I had felt the exquisite wrath of my son’s monster-sized cock and the heat of his manhood spewing deep inside me. He had indicated that we would have more times like that but he was acting as if nothing had happened. Not distant or shying away from me, simply that there was nothing different between us, and he gave no indication that he wanted it to happen again.

Seeing this, I was reluctant to approach or bring it up as much as I was dying to be with him again. I longed to suck his cocks, although I knew I couldn’t do them justice. I wanted to feel and taste his come spurting in my mouth. I wanted to see him come and see if it looked like it felt.

I came home one day to find Travis fucking both of the twins. He had them on their hands and knees across his bed and he stood on the floor, walking back and forth to fuck one then the other. He did a double-take when I appeared at the door but quickly.

“You scared me.”

“You shouldn’t leave the doors unlocked,” I said. I walked on in the room, eyeing his big cock sliding in and out of David’s ass. “There’s a more efficient way of doing that,” I said.

“How’s that? Not that I give a dam about efficiency.”

“Stack ‘em,” I said. “One lying on the top of the other. You just work up and down that way.”

The boys caught on immediately and Darin scrambled to get on top of Dave, on his stomach. Travis was all smiles.

“I was going to offer you one of them,” Travis said.

“I was going to be on their team,” I said.

“Hey, do it,” he said.

I stripped off my clothes and knelt on my hands and knees beside the boys, for Travis to impale me on his cock.


Part 3

The boys came running into the back yard where I was working, laughing and talking at the same time.

“Guess what! Dad’s flying us out to San Diego! He’s there for a few days in the states but it’s not enough time to fly home and back so he’s flying us out there.”

“That’s wonderful,” I said.

“Yeah, wouldn’t it be great if it turned out to be REALLY wonderful,” Darin said.

“Be careful, guys,” I warned.

“Oh. He wants to know if you’ll fly out with us,” Dave put in, almost as an afterthought. “He’s going to call you but he said we could mention it to you.”

“When are you going?” I asked.

“Next Wednesday. We’ll fly back home on Monday after that.”

“I’ll check my schedule at work,” I said. I was going, fuck my schedule.

I think I would’ve quit my job to be in San Diego with these two young studs with their hunky father. But I had to arrange around Travis as well. I didn’t want to just take off and leave him by himself.

“Where’s Travis?” David asked.

“He’s playing basketball with some guys,” I said.

“Dad said to bring him along, if you want to.”

“I’ll ask him. He may have other plans.”

Travis had other plans, but part of his decision not to go was, I thought, that he didn’t want to be that near his mother, or even in or near San Diego. His plans, he told me, included a girl he’d met, named Jo.

“You’re not falling for this girl already, are you?”

“No. She’s not a girl I would fall for. She’s a little older than me,” he said.

“How much older?”

“Does it matter, if I’m not falling for her?”

“How much older?” I asked again.

“She’s twenty seven.”

“That’s more than a little older,” I said.

“Again, does it matter?” he asked. “Dad, I…I need her,” he said in a husky, emotion-filled tone. “At this time in my life, I need her. For a lot of reasons, but it won’t turn into anything serious or long term.”

“Does she understand that?” I asked.

“Yes, I don’t think she’s interested in anything serious or long term either, not with a guy my age.”

“What does she want with a guy your age?” I asked. The look he gave me told me it was a dumb question.

“The simple truth?……my body. She loves a guy with muscles,” he said.

“Does she know about all of your muscles?”


“How does she know? Have you already…”

“No. We got around to it in conversation,” he said. “I want to show her.”

“If you bring her to the house, be discreet; respect the neighbors,” I said.

“I was going to ask you if that would be okay,” he said.

“And if I said no?”

“I wouldn’t bring her,” he said.

“It’s okay,” I told him. I was jealous of Jo.

I had never been to San Diego. My image of the city was of the thousands of sailors and marines stationed there, roaming the streets, so randy that the smell of testosterone permeated the air. I was as excited as the boys but it was fun to watch their excitement at the airport, on the plane, and landing, then the city itself. It didn’t quite match my image but there were hunky marines and sailors every-where you looked.

Adam met us at the airport. The boys ran to him and practically climbed his frame to hug him. He was so happy to see them. We shook hands and I nearly swooned at the sight of him, and the feel of his big hand in mine. He had rented a convertible. The boys got in the back seat and I climbed in the passenger seat. The boys leaned up over the seat to talk with their dad while I had the view. Yeah, San Diego is a beautiful city but I’m talking about the view inside the car and with the boys jabbering away, I was turned in the seat to listen and look.

Adam had on a pair of shorts that struck him a little above mid-thigh and they drew up to his crotch when he sat down so his full thighs were showing. The bulge between his legs looked enormous. His calves bulged out of the tops of his socks. His legs were nice and hairy without looking like a gorilla. His driving arm sticking out of his T-shirt flexed and rippled as he drove, and his shoulder muscles stretched the thin white material away from his thick neck. In front, I could see the bulging pecs and the slope of his armor-plate abs. I found myself thinking ahead, wondering where we would be staying and what the sleeping arrangements would be. If anything at all went right on this trip…if the cards fell right…if fate was looking down on us, this could be one incredible weekend. I hoped so, especially for the twins.

Adam had a full weekend planned and he swooped us right into it. We visited an old light house and drove out to the Coronado Bridge and saw the Dell Coronado Hotel. He took us to the old section of the city, Old San Diego, for lunch where the two boys put away taco salads as big as wash tubs.

“Are we going to any beaches?” Darin asked excitedly.

“Yeah, hey, I saw a sign that said nude beach,” David said.

“You need to not be so observant out here,” Adam said, laughing.

The rest of the day was a whirlwind. We saw so many places that every-thing was becoming a blur. We ate at an ocean-side café where the sea gulls hovered outside the windows and landed and looked at us.

“Tomorrow night we’ll go someplace real fancy,” Adam said.

“What about tonight? What’re we doing tonight, dad?” David asked.

“Well, I can show you San Diego at night; that’s about as much of the city’s night life I can show two teenage boys.”

“Did you bring your ID?” David asked his brother.

“Yeah. You?”

“Absolutely. Hey, dad, we’ve got our fake IDs, you can take us anywhere,” David said.

Adam turned almost fully and looked at them. “You guys better be kidding me,” he said sternly.

“Yeah, we are, dad. We’re just kidding,” Darin said quickly.

“Because you could easily pass for eighteen,” Adam went on. “Just don’t get any ideas.”

We were staying in a nice hotel with a view of the ocean right across the winding street. It was a big room with two huge beds, a couch, three chairs, tables and nice lamps.

“Damn, dad, this is like a house,” Darin said.

“Well, I wanted us to have plenty of room so we wouldn’t be walking all over each other. I thought about getting two rooms but they didn’t have anything adjoining and I didn’t want Dell to be cooped up in a room by himself.”

That was so thoughtful of him. I would’ve liked to think he had other reasons for putting us all together but I was sure he was just being thoughtful. I still wondered about the sleeping arrangements. There were two sons, and me and Adam. Was it going to be the boys in one bed and me and Adam in the other? Somehow, I couldn’t picture that with Adam. I knew both of the boys would both want to sleep with their dad.

“Okay, who gets the shower first,” David asked.

“You boys go ahead. You can shower together. The shower’s big enough for two,” Adam said.

“Then you and Dell are going to shower together?” Darin joked.

Adam threw his T-shirt at him. We all had a good laugh over it as the boys scurried to the bathroom.

I almost choked at the idea of sharing the shower with the big stud. He was taking off his shorts and I was trying to brace myself not to look when he stood straight. It didn’t matter what the sleeping arrangements were; I wasn’t going to be getting any sleep anyway. I failed at not looking at him. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him when he stood straight in his white briefs. His shorts looked smaller simply because of his size. A bare one-inch strip of material stretched around his hip bones then plunged downward into a stretchy pouch that fairly bulged with his manhood and shifted and bounced when he walked.

Please don’t take those off, I prayed. Please do! No, don’t! We could hear the boys laughing in the shower.

“I don’t know if those guys will ever grow up,” Adam said, shaking his head with a broad, proud smile.

“You gotta be kidding,” I said.

“I don’t mean physically. Shit, they’re men already. They really could pass for eighteen, probably get into anyplace in San Diego. That scares me. Two teenage boys who look like they do. I couldn’t turn them loose in this city, that’s for sure.”

If he only knew! The city wasn’t ready for them!

“I’m just damned glad you’re there next door to keep an eye on them,” he went on.

If he only knew!!

The boys came out of the bathroom in all their naked glory, laughing and drying off.

“Okay, you guys, it’s all yours,” Darin said.

Adam looked at me. “Go ahead.”

“You’re more undressed than I am,” I said.

“Come on, you guys aren’t going to shower together?” Dave chided him. “You made us shower together.”

“No, I said you could if you wanted to,” Adam said. He went into the bathroom and we all three watched his tight bubble but churning and flexing inside his shorts when he walked away from us.

“Dam, how are we going to get through three days of this,” Darin said quietly.

They both looked at me and I gave them a stern look. “Don’t screw things up, guys,” I admonished them.

“I don’t want to screw things up, I just want to be screwed,” Darin said.

“By him!”

I didn’t say anything else. I had cautioned them enough. There was nothing else I could or would say. They knew the risk. Adam came out of the bathroom a few minutes later with a towel around his waist.

“What the heck is that, dad?” Dave asked.


“The towel. You were never that modest. It’s four guys, and it’s not like we haven’t seen you naked.”

“Habit,” he said as he took the towel off and rubbed it in his crotch.

I prayed all three of us could keep our eyes where they wouldn’t get us in trouble. I quickly escaped to the bathroom, wondering how all three of us would get through the three days. I stayed for a long time in the safety of the shower and the four walls of the bathroom. I was nervous about going back out there. I didn’t know if the three of them would still be naked.

Not that I thought it would make any difference if I got a hardon. I tried to think of something flip or casual to say if that happened.

“Hey Dell, did you drown in there?” Adam called out.


I finished my shower and grabbed a towel. I dried off in front of the mirror, noticing that my cock was already fluffed out but maybe that was because of the warm shower. I should have turned it on cold just before I got out. I took a minute to decide whether to wear the towel out of the bathroom. I would surely hear about it from the boys if I did, but I was nervous about being naked. If they were and I went out there naked, it could blow the lid off of things, which was what I think the boys wanted. I couldn’t imagine how Adam might react if he found out his sons really were gay and hot for him and I could just picture him tossing me out the window if he found about me and his sons. I opted to go without the towel but I held it in front of me as I came out, still drying myself.

“You’re showering last from now on, Dell, otherwise the rest of us won’t have any hot water,” Dave said.

I was surprised and relieved that they all three had put shorts on. I noticed that the boys weren’t wearing their usual tight boxer briefs but shorts exactly like their dad’s.

“Hey, Dell, how do you like these?” Darin asked, modeling his shorts.

“They look nice,” I said. How the hell did you answer that!

“Dad got them for us,” Dave put in. “You would look good in them.”

“Hey, maybe he’s got an extra pair,” Darin said. “Have you got an extra pair for Dell, dad?”

Dell dug out a pair of shorts for me and I was relieved to put them on.

Not that they made that much difference, the way they fit.

“The four musketeers,” Darin said.

I thought it a bit strange, four guys modeling and talking about the shorts they were wearing but it was so casual that it was hard to read anything into it.

“Anybody for a movie?” Darin asked as he scanned the brochure of movie offerings. “Hey, they’ve got X-rated movies here,” he exclaimed.

“Forget it,” Adam growled.

“Come on, dad, what would it hurt? You said we’re mature for our age, even that we could pass for eighteen. And besides, nobody’s going to ask for our ID here in the hotel room.”

Meanwhile Dave had the set on and was going over the menu. He stopped at the Adult Content icon. He clicked on the icon and it asked for the room number.

“If you enter that number, you’re a dead man,” Adam told him.

Dave quickly moved on. I thought maybe that might tone the boys down. It might be hard to take, but they were going to have to come to grips with the fact that their dad was as straight as they come and they’d better keep their own little secret for awhile.

Dave found a movie. “Okay, who’s sleeping with who?” Darin asked. We all looked at Adam.

“I thought we could each take one of the boys, if that’s okay,” he said to me.

“Okay with me,” I said. I shivered inside at the way he said it, “take” one of the boys. If he only knew how badly his boy wanted to be taken, by him.

“Now, who gets to sleep with dad,” Darin asked. I knew that was coming.

It was obvious they both wanted to and just as obvious that Adam didn’t want to have to choose.

“Well, the beds are pretty big,” I said, trying to save the moment for the boys.

“Yeah, we could both sleep with you, Dad. There’s room for three,” Darin said excitedly.

“Heck, there’s room for four,” Dave put in. Adam and I both ignored that remark.

Dave and Darin were like two little boys happily crawling into bed with their dad. They didn’t snuggle, but they were all good-sized boys and nobody seemed to mind if they touched. Nobody jerked their leg away or made any effort to move apart. It was such a heart-warming thing to see, and I thought of all the teenage boys in the world who would give anything to be a part of this kind of love.

I was surprised that I got sleepy so quick. I turned over on my side, facing away from the TV and closed my eyes and, surprisingly, went out like a light, with the soft murmuring of the twins and their did in the background. I slept soundly, and I came awake sometime in the night feeling very rested. It took a second to adjust to the unfamiliar surroundings and for my brain to start processing the shock I was about to experience.

“What are you doing!” I heard Adam whisper.

My heart hit my breast-bone so hard it almost hurt, and thudded like the dropping of a pile driver inside my chest.

“Hey…Hey, what’re you doing…Ohhh…Dammit, stop!……Ohhhhh…Ohh, Geezusss, what are you guys doing down there!?”

I knew what they were doing and my lungs heaved for want of air. I half expected the light to come on and Adam to explode in a rage and toss his sons out of the bed. Suddenly, Adam threw the covers off and got out of bed and went into the bathroom. I pretended to be asleep. I heard the toilette flush then Adam came out and shocked the hell out of me.

“I hope you don’t mind,” he said as he crawled in beside me.

“There’s plenty of room,” I said, I said sleepily.

“The boys are all over the bed,” he said, making no mention of what had happened.

“You could’ve sent one over here,” I said.

“No, I didn’t want to wake them up,” he said. His voice had a nervous tremor.

“I gotta take a piss,” I said. I wished there was some way I could get dressed and leave the room and leave the three of them alone and give it a chance, if the boys had done what I suspected. I went back out into the room to see Darin sitting on the edge of his bed and David on the edge of my bed.

“We’re sorry, dad. We wanted to tell you, so many times,” David was saying with a tremor.

The short silence made me nervous.

“How many times have I told you boys that you can come to me with anything. Anything! That means nothing’s left out of the equation,” Adam said in a measured tone. “Don’t ever underestimate your father again,” he said sternly. I thought he was sounding mad now.

“We’re sorry, but we just didn’t know how.”

Suddenly I felt like a fifth wheel. “It sounds like maybe I should get dressed and take a walk,” I said.

“No, you…you don’t have to,” Adam said. “We, uh…we just made a little discovery in our sleep, that’s all; something you should probably know about, since you’re keeping an eye on these boys,” Adam said hoarsely. He turned back to the boys. “I thought you might be asleep, maybe dreaming, when you were…you weren’t, were you?”

They both hung their heads. Darin answered. “No. No, dad, we weren’t asleep.”

Adam swung his legs over the edge of the bed and sat with all four of his hands in his head. “I don’t know what to say. Why didn’t you just tell me?

“How do you tell your dad that you’re gay?…that you wanta have sex with him?” Dave lamented.

“You didn’t seem to have any trouble showing me,” he snapped. The boys didn’t say anything else. Adam let out a big sigh. “Well, where do we go from here?” It wasn’t a question, except to himself. “It would’ve been a lot less of a shock if you had just told me instead of trying to show me,” he said.

“We’re sorry, dad.”

“Stop saying you’re sorry,” he growled. “It doesn’t change anything. And it’s nothing that anybody has to be sorry about. It’s quite a shock, but maybe you boys will realize, now, that a father’s love is unconditional. You can talk to me about anything.”

Something made me speak. Some evil force made me open my mouth and it even formed the words that would change lives forever.

“Adam, this was my fault,” I said bravely.

“How is it your fault?” he asked.

“I should have told you. I knew…about the boys…I should’ve had the guts to tell you and ease the shock.”

“It wasn’t your responsibility to tell me my sons are gay,” Adam said.

“It wasn’t his fault, dad, Darin and I came on to…” He cut his words off but the tension slammed into the room like an avalanche. We could all feel it. I tensed, ready to get out of Adam’s way if he burst into a rage.

“You what?” he asked in a quiet, even tone.

“N-nothing…w-we were helping Dell when he m-moved in and…”

Darin jumped off the bed and climbed over his dad so the man was between the two boys. I looked at Adam. The barrier was down; we’d made eye contact and exchanged the sound of our voices, and what was out there had to be dealt with. I was panicked over what to do next…what to say…what he might do.

“No, it’s my fault,” Adam said quietly, dropping his head. “If I’d been home with you boys…been a real father…”

“Stop it,” Darin cut in. “Neither of you is to blame. Not you, dad, for us being gay. And not you, Dell, not for…anything else.”

“What else…is there?” Adam asked, giving me a suspicious look.

Still keeping a reasonably safe distance, I answered him. “At the risk of being tossed through the window, I, uh…the boys are trying to tell you…I made the discovery about them the day I moved in,” I said. I trembled inside at the thought of Adam getting really mad. If he did, the room could be a shambles in moments, along with me and the boys. Or at least me. Maybe he would spare his sons.

“Darin and I came on to him,” Dave said.

“Yeah…strong,” Darin added.

“That doesn’t change the fact that I was the adult. I should have stopped it. I should’ve walked away from it,” I said.

“It sounds like we’re well past that,” Adam said.

“I know it was terribly stupid and totally irresponsible. You or the boys could have me put away for most of my natural life.”

Adam was quiet for a moment. When he spoke it was in a nervous tone, as if he were going to break. “What’s so terrible and despicable is…I’m their dad, and I almost didn’t stop them.”

“But you did. Because you’re their dad,” I said.

“Stop talking about us like we’re not here,” Darin said. “It’s what we wanted and we went after it. It’s too bad, maybe, that you were our targets but don’t put yourselves down for something we did. You need to understand, Dad, that you’ve been our hero for all our lives. You’re everything we want to be. We practically worship you, Dad. We’re sorry if we chose the wrong way to show you that, but it’s who we are. It’ll never happen again, no matter how much we want it to.”

The teen’s voice was strong and unwavering.

“And you, Dell…you’ve been there for us when dad couldn’t be.”

“And I appreciate that, Dell,” Adam said quietly.

“You still appreciate it?” I asked warily.

“Can we just put this behind us, then and enjoy the couple of days we have left?” Dave asked.

“I think I should leave,” I said.

“No,” Darin said quickly.

“Don’t be ridiculous. It’s the middle of the night,” said Adam.

“I can walk around, find a bar. I think you guys should have this time to yourselves.”

“No, stay,” said Dave.

“The boys want you to stay,” Adam said.

“What about you? You have so little time with your sons; you should absolutely have this time with them.”

“I’ve got ’em with me,” he said, hugging them both in tight against him. “And they’ve pretty much made it clear how they feel about you.”

“Well…okay…if you’re all sure….”

“Besides, I’m not sure I can handle both of these horny, young studs by myself,” he said.

The boys were as shocked as I was. Their mouths dropped and they gaped at their dad, wide-eyed.

“D-dad, are you s-saying…”

“I’m saying that if you boys had the courage to try what you did, I have to respect that. If you feel that strongly about me…if you want it that bad…well, I have to confess, it took everything I had to stop you. And if you tried something like that again, I don’t know if I could stop you.”

“It’s okay, then?” Dave asked.

“Yeah, son, it’s okay,” Adam said. “There’s room for four if you want to climb in here with us,” he said to me.

I nodded and they moved to make room for me. I dropped my shorts and crawled in beside Darin.

“Let’s get between them,” Dave said. The two boys got up and moved between me and Adam. “One of us for each of you,” he said with a warm smile.

I heard Adam swallow, a loud gulp. “If you’re not okay with this…” he said to me, speaking across the boys.

“I am,” I said. I gulped down the frog that had suddenly formed in my throat.

Darin reached down for my cock and Dave reached for his dad’s cock and my own private heaven opened up before me. The boys had their own little heaven, too.

“Oh, Dad, I’m so glad you understand…that you’re letting us do this,” Dave said as he bent down and took his dad’s cock in his mouth.

“Ohhhhhhh!” Adam gasped loudly. “Ohhhh, David…Ohhh, Son…Ohh, Goddd, I am too…I’m glad I’m letting you do it. Awwwwhhh, Son, that feels so good!”

He opened his eyes to watch his son going down on his cock. Way down. He gaped, wide-eyed, as the boy slowly consumed his cock all the way his throat.

“Goddam! How do you do that!” he exclaimed. “Geezuss, look at that, he’s swallowing yours, too,” he said to me. “Awwhhh…Awwww, yeah, son, swallow it. son…swallow it…gulp on it…keep it down there…stay on it if you can.”

The two teenagers sucked our cocks and we were both writhing around in lust, Adam in a state of shock as much as he was lusting.

“Aww, fuck, where did you learn to do this?” he moaned.

Darin raised up off of my cock to answer him.

“We’ve been practicing on each other for over three years,” he said.

Dave raised up off of his dad’s cock. “Yeah, and wishing we could do this,” he said as he fisted the spit-slick tool.

I saw the way Darin was eyeing his dad’s big cock in his brother’s fist. I ruffled his hair.

“Go ahead, do you want to take your dad? I can wait,” I said.

Darin scrambled across his brother and buried his face in his dad’s crotch, sucking on his balls.

“Awwwhhhhh…Ohhhhhh, you guys…shit, I don’t care how you learned it, somebody taught you right.” He looked at me. “Have you been giving my boys lessons?”

“They didn’t need any lessons from me,” I said as I stroked my own cock.

Dave extracted his dad’s big cock from his throat. “Do you wanta fuck us, dad?” he asked, wiping his drool with the back of his hand.

“Fuck you?” Adam said, surprised again. “Like…in your butt?”

“Yes. We would both love to feel your big cock opening up our asses.”

“Opening up?…You’ve never done it before?”

He looked at me when he asked it and I cringed a little and shrugged. It’s hard to admit to a big muscle-stud like Adam that you’ve fucked his teenage sons, even if they are giving him head. But there was no denying the look I knew was on my face; it was no use trying to lie about it. Still, I was waiting on one of the boys to confirm or deny it.

“Let’s just say he’s given us some pointers,” Dave said.

Adam looked at my cock. He was bigger than me and I thought he was judging how tight his cock would be in his son’s asses.

“Will you, dad? Will you fuck us?” Darin asked.

“Are you sure you can take this much?” Adam asked.

“Oh, you should see Dell’s son, Travis. He’s fucked us too and he’s got seventeen inches!” Dave said excitedly.

“Seventeen…” He looked at me. “…inches?”

“I was as surprised as you are,” I said. “He doesn’t live with me and I hadn’t seen him for awhile. But I’m afraid it’s true, he does have seventeen inches. Biggest dam thing I ever seen.”

“And I’ll bet you’ve seen a lot of big cocks, huh,” Adam said.

“My share, I suppose,” I admitted.

“Do you want to fuck us, dad? Please?” Darin begged. “Oh, man, we’re both itching to feel your big hot cock sliding up inside our asses, aren’t we Dave?”

“We’ve been itching for it for a long time,” Dave said.

“You’ve fucked them?” Adam asked me. He knew I had but I think he wanted me to say it.

“Yes. And my son fucked them. They can take you,” told him.

“Travis even fucked his dad,” Darin said excitedly.

Adam gave me a surprise look.

“That was more information than I wanted you to know, but yeah, he’s fucked me,” I said.

“Did you…manage all of it?” he asked.

“Yeah, I’ve taken his seventeen inches. It’s a challenge, but he’s quite a cocksman for a boy his age.”

“How old is he?”


“Maybe we could all five get together sometime,” Adam said.

“But right now…” Darin looked at his dad with pleading eyes.

“I don’t believe I’m saying this, but…yes, if it’s what you boys want.”

“Who goes fist?” Darin asked his brother. Then he turned to his dad. “Who do you want to go first?”

“Don’t lay that on me,” Adam said. “You guys are going to have to decide.”

“Why don’t you stack up like you do with Travis,” I suggested.

“Yes. Great idea!” Darin eagerly turned around on his hands and knees with his butt facing his dad. “Okay, get on top of me, David.”

“Geezusss!” Adam whispered as he eyed the tiny holes with lust in his eyes and I wondered if he’d ever lusted after them before. I didn’t think so.

This was lust that he didn’t know he had till now. He got on his knees behind the boys, fisting his cock with spit. He reached out and touched Darin’s butt, slid his fingers into the crack to touch his hole. He rubbed his thumb over David’s hole.

“Aww, Dad, don’t tease us, give it to us,” Darin moaned, Adam leaned in and spat in David’s ass then brought up more spit for Darin’s ass. Then he hunkered behind them with his slick cock aimed at Darin’s hole. He pushed and Darin bore back against his dad’s cock till it popped through. He had a very large head on his cock and it must’ve felt like a baseball being shoved through the tight muscle. When it popped through, Darin’s head snapped back and he let out moaning gasp.

“That’s hurting,” Adam said with concern as he stared to pull back.

“No, its okay, Dad, it always hurts at first, don’t pull it out.”

Adam glanced at me with an unsure look then focused on his own cock and bore forward again. His cockhead disappeared into the tight, clenching muscle and he shoved his cock deeper.

“Ohh, dad, I’ve wanted this for so long,” Darin whispered in a trembling voice as he was slowly impaled on his dad’s cock.

The boys showed their want to their dad with unbridled lust and passion.

He fucked them both, alternately, and they alternately begged him for it. I felt like a pervert voyeur, watching them, but they didn’t seem to mind. In fact, I think they liked being watched. The ending of their first session was awesome. Both boys scrambled to their knees, one on each side of their dad, and jacked their loads all over him. He flailed his hands, trying to ward off the liquid attack, but they sprayed him with their come.

“Holy shit, guys, where does all that come from!” he exclaimed.

“Same place as yours, Dad, from the balls you gave us.”

It fast turned into a night to be remembered. The boys couldn’t get enough of their dad, in their mouths, in there asses, and their tongues in his ass.

They turned the poor man every way but loose. He was like their slave.

At their insistence, I joined in. Adam and I were fucking his sons, they were facing each other on their hands and knees, kissing passionately. Adam and I looked at each other through lust-crazed eyes and suddenly found ourselves leaning in towards one another. Our faces came closer, we could feel and smell each others’ hot breath. Then our lips were touching…we never intended it…and we were kissing, a hard, passionate kiss, full of lust, not necessarily for each other but an expression of lust of his sons.

Adam clamped his hand around the back of my head to smash our mouths tighter and his tongue lashed around my own in my mouth. I squealed and gave it up.

I couldn’t help it. I dropped a mighty load deep in his son’s body.

We were lying across both beds, recuperating, it was near midnight.

“I wish Travis was here,” David said.

“Yeah, I wish you’d brought him,” Adam said. “I wish it even more now that I know what I do.”

“I asked him, but he had other plans. Some girl he met…actually an older woman.”

“He’s straight, then,” Adam said.

“Yes. He’ll jump the fence, but he’s straight,” I said.

“If you could get him out her, maybe he would jump on this side of the fence with all of us,” Darin said.

“Do you think he would come?” Adam asked as he got up from the bed.

“No, I asked him…” But Adam was in the dressing area dialing the phone.

None of us knew who he was calling. Not Travis; he didn’t know my number.

He came back with a sly grin on his face.

“Okay, I’ve got my leave time extended, if you can get that boy on a plane and get him out here,” he said.

“I don’t know…”

“At least call him,” Adam said anxiously.

“Yes, call him, Dell!” Darin said excitedly.

“I doubt it’ll do any good, but…okay.” I went into the dressing area and dialed the number. A sleepy voice answered the phone.


“Dad…is something wrong? It’s…its midnight out there, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, it’s midnight, but nothing’s wrong. Listen…how’d your plans work out?”


“What? You bombed?”

“No, not me. My plans bombed. Her husband came home unexpectedly. Came driving his big rig right up in front of the trailer. Scared the shit out of me when she told me it was her husband and I had to get out of there.”

“I don’t think you told me she was married,” I said.

“Only because she didn’t tell me,” he said. He laughed. “Mobile homes don’t have a front door and a back door. Both doors are on the same side and I had to zip out one door precisely as he was coming in the other. It was a close call. So my grand plan has been reduced to my fist,” he said jokingly.

“How would you like to fly out here and join us?” I asked.

“Are you serious?”

“Adam said he’ll wire you a ticket if you want to come.”

“Is it, uh…maybe for the reasons I’m thinking?”

“It is,” I said. “Actually, I don’t think he believes you’re hung with over seventeen inches and he wants to see for himself.”

“What’s the situation out there? I mean, with the twins…and their dad, and you?”

“The situation is well in hand,” I said.

“You know what I mean.”

“Come out and see for yourself. I guarantee you’ll find something better than your hand,” I said.

The boys laughed with glee when I told them that Travis was coming. Adam smiled broadly as he went to arrange for his flight.

“You should see him, Dad,” Darin said.

“Yeah, he’s got the biggest cock in captivity. No kidding, Dad, it really is seventeen inches long,” said David.

“And his body—!” Darin added.

“Well, I’m not going to believe it till I see it,” Adam said.

I went with Adam to the airport to pick Travis up. Adam was impressed. I let Travis take the front seat and I sat in back; I wanted them to get to know each other. They took to each other right off. The twins were happy to see Travis, no doubt because of what they expected was going to happen.

The left little doubt since they were naked when we came in.

“Damn, didn’t you guys bring any clothes?” Travis joked as the twins came up to give him a hug. Travis hugged them back, hard.

“Didn’t you?” Darin shot back, indicating Travis’s back pack.

“All I need,” Travis said. “It’s San Diego, I figured they didn’t wear all that much out here in the land of sunshine.”

“A guy and his wife tried to pick us up down at the pool,” Darin told his dad.

“See, I told you it wasn’t safe to turn these two loose in San Diego. Hell, its not even safe to turn them go to the pool by themselves,” Adam said. “I can’t say that I blame them, but it’s good you had the sense not to go with them.”

“Do you want to go back down to the pool, all of us,” Dave asked, directing their question more to Travis than to Adam or me.

“It’s a huge pool,” Darin put in. “There’s even a life guard so you can use the diving board.”

“I’m not a great diver,” Travis said. “Do you guys want to?” he asked me and Adam.

“Sure, why not?” Adam said.

We started changing. The boys had brought their Buns bikini suits that they’d convinced me to order for them from International Male, one bright yellow, the other soft blue. The suits had a puckered seam down the back separating their tight buns. They looked as sexy in the suits as they did naked.

“You’re not wearing that down to the pool,” Adam said.

“We already did, dad. They’re still we,” David said.

“Dam, no wonder people are trying to pick you up,” he said.

Adam turned them around to look at the back. “Like you needed that seam down the back,” he scoffed. “Your butts stick out enough without any help.

Where’d you get these suits anyway?”

They looked at me. Adam looked at me.

“They saw them in a catalog I had and asked me to order them,” I said.

“Where’s your suit, dad? Let’s see what you’re wearing.”

Adam brought out a black Speedo-type suit with a bare two-inch waist band that hugged up around hips and stretched nicely around his butt. Two wide red stripes down the sides in front accented the pouch of his manhood.

“Dam, talk about us,” Darin exclaimed. “Look at the way you fill that out!”

“Well, maybe they’ll try to pick us all up,” he drawled, rather embarrassed over his sons’ reaction.

Travis was peeling his shorts down to get naked. I didn’t know what kind of swim suit he had.

“Whew!” Adam whispered when he saw Travis naked, his eyes boldly fixed on the boy’s manhood.

Travis laughed. “Yeah, get it over with, guys…the staring.”

He had a deep burgundy suit, almost eggplant purple, much like Adam’s, with narrower strips angled down the front sides, almost pointing to his manhood.

He pulled suit up and stuffed his manhood in the pouch and brushed one hand down over it as he hitched it up on his hips.

“If that man and his wife are still down there, we’re going to have to run interference,” Adam said to me.

I laughed, proudly.

I guess it could be said that we were all a hit at the pool. Five of the best built guys at the pool; the guy who the boys pointed out who tried to pick them up was the sixth. His wife wasn’t bad either. I was surprised the boys didn’t go with them. There were a dozen or so other people, and all heads turned, even those who tried not to. I could understand…it was the first time they’d ever seen so much bare, bulging, rippling muscle all at one time.

The twins jumped in feet first but Travis headed for the diving board. I saw the female lifeguard giving him the once over.

“I’ll clear the end of the pool when you’re ready to dive,” she told him as he walked past her perch.

He climbed up to the platform and walked out onto the board. The lifeguard blew her whistle and waved for everyone to clear the deep end of the pool.

When they were out of the way, Travis took his stance, bounced a couple of times then executed a beautiful dive, made more beautiful because of his perfect male form. There was applause from around the pool. He climbed out over the side, with an embarrassed smile.

“I thought you said you couldn’t dive,” I said.

“I said I wasn’t very good.” Travis looked embarrassed.

“You could’ve fooled me,” I said.

“Show us another one,” the twins yelled.

Travis did several more dives but then the lifeguard told him she needed to let others in that end of the pool. He thanked her. She ogled his butt as he walked away. Others were ogling him as he walked toward them. I saw how hard it was for some of them to keep their eyes focused up from his bulging suit. His manhood was made more prominent by its wetness. He stretched out in a lounge chair beside me and folded his arms behind his head to get some sun. The pouch of his suit protruded up something awful, like there were two fists stuffed inside. I tossed him a towel.

Travis caught it and gave me a confused scowl.

“You need to cover that up before you get arrested,” I said.

“For what? It’s not indecent exposure.”

“For carrying a concealed weapon,” I said.

The man that the twins had pointed out had tried to pick them up walked up to Adam as he was coming out of the pool. He said something and Adam was shaking his head, putting up one hand in a defensive gesture. I knew what the man was doing and I was surprised at his guts. He apparently repeated and Adam held up both front hands, still shaking his head, and walked away.

“They want to take us all on,” he said, shaking his head as he took the lounge on the other side of me.

“What’d you tell them,” Travis asked, raising up from his chair.

“I told them we’re not into orgies.”

“Hey, speak for yourself,” Travis joked.

“Yeah, I’ll bet if you polled the five of us, you would loose,” I said.

We soaked up the sun while the boys swam and frolicked in the water. Travis went back in a couple of times but came back out to lie in the sun.

“That boy of yours is a stud,” Adam told me when Travis was swimming.

“He’s quite a young man,” I agreed modestly.

“Seventeen inches?” he asked.

“You saw him.”

“I gotta SEE him, though, to believe that,” he said.

“You’ll get your chance.”

After a couple of hours we went back to the room. We stripped off our suits and dried off with the big, heavy pool towels.

“Hey, can we watch a porn flick now, dad?” Darin asked.

“No,” Adam said as he turned on the television.

I thought it strange that he wouldn’t let them watch a porn flick when he was so deeply and sexually involved with them himself.

“Let’s make our own porn,” David quipped.

The twins and me and Darin all knew where we wanted things to go; we’d been there before. We had only to encourage and lure Adam in.

“Hey, Travis, Adam wants to see your cock hard,” I said right out.

Adam whirled around with his mouth open and his eyes wide.

“I never said that!” he exclaimed.

“Sure you did, Dad,” David said, going along with me.

“Want us to work it up for you?” Darren asked.

Travis made a motion to his manhood and the twins scurried onto the bed.

Adam stood at the foot of the bed and watched his sons kiss and lick and suck my son’s cock. By they time they had him worked up, barely a minute or two later, Adam was shaking his head in disbelief.

“Geezussss Keerist!” he swore under his breath. “That thing really IS seventeen inches long! Or more.” He glanced over at me. “And you, uh…took all of that?”

“So have they,” I said, nodding to the boys. I went over and knelt down at the foot of the bed and began sucking Adam’s cock.

An hour later the three of us…me and the twins…were gathered around on our knees to watch as their dad was about to be impaled on my son’s huge cock.

“I don’t believe I’m doing this. I don’t believe I let you talk me into it, even getting fucked in the ass, let alone getting fucked with a 17-inch cock.” His voice was as bleary as his eyes, from the poppers the boys had given him.

“You’ll love it, dad,” Darin said. “We did it, you have to do it.”

“Yeah, old dad has to set an example,” he growled.

“It’ll hurt a little at first, but then it’s going to feel really good,” David added. “When he gives you those last two or three inches it’s gonna drive you out of your gourd.”

“I don’t know how I’m gong to handle the first two or three inches,” Adam said nervously.

“Maybe this’ll get our mind off of it,” David said as he buried his face in his dad’s crotch and took his cock in his mouth.

“Awwwhhhhh!” he cried out. “Awwww, fuck, Son! Where did you have that tongue educated? Ohhh! Ohhh! Ohhhhh!” he moaned louder as Darin began sucking his tits. I leaned over him and kissed him. At the same time, Travis made penetration with his cock and Adam practically screamed into my mouth. I kept my mouth locked over his, my tongue playing serious tag with his, while the boys worked on his cock and his tits, and between the three of us, he was helpless but to succumb to his fate. I was able to see, and I watched Travis’s cock slowly disappear into the man’s body. Half of it, then eight…nine…ten inches…fourteen….Adam cried out again as the last three inches sank into him, through the O-ring that he didn’t know he had. Only when he was quiet and trying to gasp for air did I move my mouth off of his.

“Ohh, My Godddd!” he gasped, his eyes wide with unspeakable pleasure. “My Goddd, kid, where’d you put it all?”

“How does it feel dad?” the boys asked eagerly.

“It feels…Ohhhhh, It feels…I never felt anything like it.”

“Do you want him to fuck you now, Dad?”

“Oh, yeah,” Adam said through his pursed lips.

Travis chuckled softly as he pulled his cock back till Adam’s sphincter gripped it madly.

“Your ass doesn’t want to let go of me,” he joked.

“Put it back in, then,” Adam said. “I wanta feel where you put it.” He uttered a gasped moan that lasted all the way down Travis’s huge cock.

“I’ve got an idea,” David said excitedly. He straddled his dad with his calves under his four thick arms and sat down on his cock.

“OOOhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Adam yelled as he was suddenly fucking his son at the same time he was being fucked himself.

“I’ve got another idea,” Darin said. He stood and stepped astraddle his dad and poked his cock at his mouth. “Come on, Dell, stand up here with me and feed your cock to David.”

I stood up but with other ideas. I straddled them, but facing Travis. My cock swung and hit him softly in the face and he turned his head. I let it rest on his shoulder, up against his neck.

“I’ll get behind you and tongue your ass if you want me to,” I said, all the time working my hand up and down the shaft of my cock. My precome oozed out onto his shoulder and I started to step away but he quickly stopped me with his hand on my hip.

“No,” he said hoarsely. “I’ll do it…d-do this.” With that, he wet his lips and opened his mouth, his eyes closed.

I hunkered forward to shove my cock into my son’s mouth. His tongue lashed around the underside of it almost instinctively and then he was sucking me.

I knew he’d learned from another man, but I put it behind me, and for that moment, his mouth was virgin to my cock. I was teetering like a tree in a windstorm; my knees were weak from the sheer pleasure of it. Travis was sucking my cock!! Then he moved back off of it.

“You can come in my mouth,” he said in a husky whisper.

I put my hand on top of his head and ruffled his hair then took his face in my hands as I leaned down and kissed him. He tilted his head to receive my kiss and even kissed me back. It wasn’t like any other time that I’d kissed a guy. It was deeper in feeling…laced with an intense love that only a father and son can feel; and it was more intense for that moment.

“When I do, don’t swallow it,” I whispered.

He gave me a quizzical look.

“I want you to give it back to me,” I said. “Kiss it back to me.”


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