Trick of memory

by James Fourlegs

Ed's forgetfulness leads to a lot of extra pleasure.

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Ed was such a gorgeous guy, but so forgetful! I had to remind him to put his clothes on sometimes. Luckily he had a body that make him more beautiful naked than some guys look in a tuxedo, so I didn't always remind him. And he liked it when I would just grab him and enjoy that body—it turned him on and made him laugh, which turned me on, too. He was such a gentle hunk—all lanky muscle, long neck, broad chest, beautiful muscled back, nice narrow waist, beautiful bubble butt and long, muscular legs. He had long, beautiful arms, and wonderful legs and feet.

Actually, the less I reminded him about stuff, the better I liked it.

For instance, he would forget where he had been. I was toweling off after showering one morning, and he snuck up to me naked and gave me a wonderful hug. I could feel his huge hardon, loving its pressure against me as we kissed. Suddenly I remembered, and said, “I thought you were doing yoga in the bedroom.”

“Oh, I forgot I was doing that,” he said, laughing. I was certain I had heard him doing the slow stretching motions and heard the arousing sound of his breathing as his body flexed and reached.

So I turned and clumsily walked from the shower into the bedroom, as he laughed and held his long, muscular arms gently around my shoulders, but I was right—he was still doing yoga on the mat, long legs stretched in front and in back of him as his torso bent forward, arms reaching for the foot in front. I loved the sound of him gently exhaling as he stretched. “Oops,” he laughed, hugging me. “Forgot where I was.” He got a huge hardon—I could feel it getting even warmer and larger against me.

I swallowed, wildly turned on by having two Eds.

“Maybe I can give myself a back massage,” he said. “That would turn me on.” And it was sexy to see Ed's hands work the huge muscles of his own back, as the yoga Ed stretched prone on the floor and the forgetful Ed comfortably knelt over him, massaging the beautiful back. I almost creamed when Ed relaxed the kneeling position a bit, allowing his beautiful butt to rest on the bubble butt of the prone Ed.

But I had been forgetting something, too! Ed's arms were still around my shoulders, his hardon magnificent and huge against me. “I like your stomach muscles,” he said, with that gentle lilt in his voice that meant he was turned on. I started, pleasantly—I love the feel of his hands and fingers on my chest and stomach. I held his hands against my stomach, and leaned my face warmly against his. I realized his arms were still around my shoulders, and I caressed them with my cheek and chin, kissing them.

The two Eds on the floor forgot they were engaged in a back rub, and rolled their magnificent enterwined male bodies on the floor together, laughing and hugging and gently tickling each other, while the back massage continued. Ed the masseur was really turned on by the massive shoulders and back muscles he was massaging, and forgot to move his arms when he started to massage a new set of muscles. The prone Ed was moaning and gently laughing, enjoying the feel of what were now six magnificent hands powerfully squeezing and caressing his muscles.

For my part, I was in heaven as Ed wrapped his legs around me. Of course, he forgot he was standing on them, but I wasn't about to remind him—he was awesome with four of them.

It was a lot to keep track of. I turned and buried my lips in Ed's, closing my eyes, and felt someone guiding Ed and I into bed, and rounding up the four other Eds and all their arms and legs. I opened one eye ever so slightly, and smiled to see that it was me who was rounding us up. There were more of me already in bed, and forgetting I was lost in Ed's embrace, I gladly wrapped my arms and legs around two of me in bed. We laughed, I laughed, and beautiful Ed laughed, although some of him and us were lost in coming, kisses and embracing.

I must have forgotten I had hardons, because I got new hardons, and so did Ed. I kind of lost track, but we all keep finding new ones and making them come! MMmmmmmm!

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