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Transform: Bully boy

by Also Known As

Sometimes a homophobic bully picks on the wrong guy.

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“Suck my dick.”

Carl groaned inwardly and rolled his eyes. He wondered how long it would take them, and who the biggest jerk would be. It didn’t take them half as long as he had imagined, but he had certainly guessed the biggest jerk correctly. “Excuse me?”

“Suck my dick, faggot,” the voice repeated. “You’re a fag, aren’t you? That’s what fags do.”

Carl set his book down on the library table but did not turn around. “I suppose it’s hard to argue with logic like that,” he said. “You sure you want to do this?” Carl pulled his deep voice into its lowest register, hoping to impart a tone of menace, though there was a smile on his lips and inwardly he was struggling not to laugh out loud.

“Yeah, faggot,” the voice answered. “Whatsamatter, you chicken shit?”

Well, fuck. Carl shook his head slowly and turned around. He had to hand it to the guy. Even in his shrunken form, Carl was an imposing figure. His wide back bulged with fat cables of brawn. The width of his lat spread, even relaxed, gave him a top-heavy wedge of muscular thickness leading to a powerful neck, wide shoulders and arms overwhelmed with firm, massive muscles. Shirts still fit tightly on his reduced frame, providing more than adequate proof that the man inside was not a man to be fucked with—at least, not if he wasn’t the one doing the fucking. “Really?” he asked.

The teenaged bully standing behind him was almost comically stereotypical of the breed. Carl recognized him immediately. His open-mouthed face and gap-toothed menace, the shock of intensely red hair, the freckles and tiny eyes. Calvin Bates. Fear was pouring off him in waves, but he had somehow managed to muster up the courage to come up behind Carl’s incredibly muscle bulk and issued his challenge anyway. “C’mon, faggot,” he answered, his voice not wavering a bit. He gestured toward his crotch with a quick slashing motion and said, “Suck my dick.”

Carl’s eyebrow rose slightly and he allowed his gaze to drift slowly south, down the lean body toward the object of his challenge. Then both eyebrows rose and he tilted his head slight. “Don’t you think I should be able to view the merchandise before purchase?”


“The cock in question? Let’s see it.”


Carl looked up and enunciated every word with delicate clarity. “Pull. Out. Your. Cock.”

“I ain’t gonna pull out my cock, faggot.”

“Well then, it’s going to be pretty fucking hard for me to suck it, isn’t it? Or hadn’t you thought this out that far?” He turned in his seat, the round fullness of his pectoral shelf coming into view, shoving forward from his body by several inches. “What was your plan, Calvin? Was I supposed to start crying or something, and that would be that? Or maybe I’d get all scared and gather up my books and run from the library in some sort of prancing gait. Was that it?”

“What gate?”

“Uh huh,” Carl nodded. “So, how do you propose to resolve your dilemma, Calvin? Your friends are all over there snickering and wondering what the fuck it is we’re talking about. Maybe we’re working out the deets, right? Like, the whens and wheres. As if you didn’t actually think I’d suck your dick. They probably believe you’re making me feel very embarrassed and uncomfortable about the fact that I enjoy pulling a hard prick between my lips and sucking on it until it pops, filling my mouth with hot spunk. And I’m not sure that ‘enjoyment’ even fully illustrates my feelings about sucking cock, Calvin. Not to mention the fact—and it is a fact, Calvin'that I am very, very good at it.”

Calvin’s eyes were popping out of his head and a sheen of sweat was forming on his brow.

“So you hadn’t thought this out at all? Got all wound up for a fight and here I am, not fighting. In fact, Calvin, I would love to suck your dick. You know how I’d start? I’d start by rubbing it inside your jeans. I wouldn’t take it out just yet, because I like the anticipation. I like the feeling of it getting harder, and the realization that I’m the one doing that, just by touching you. I’d move my hand up and down your shaft, up and down, feeling you start to plump and firm up.”

“Shut up.”

“I’d feel your head swell and then your cock would start shoving against your jeans as you started to get longer and harder. You know that feeling? When you become intently aware of your hard-on because it’s taking up too much room? And someone is rubbing it like a genie in a bottle, and you’re getting harder and harder. And then your balls start to tingle. Your balls are tingling because they know what’s coming—or at least they hope for what’s coming. Right Calvin?”

“Shut the fuck up.”

Carl looked down. “Oh, I see it now. There’s your cock, Calvin. Jesus, looks like a good one, too.” He licked his lips as he considered the rather impressive bulge swelling behind Calvin’s zipper. “Ever get a blowjob from someone who really knows how? Or have you been satisfied with amateurs who don’t really enjoy their job? Ever feel a mouth worshiping every fucking inch of your fat dick? Ever had someone slurping at it, kissing it, sucking it, making it so fucking hard that you think you’re gonna blow your load, then they back off, suck your balls, lick your taint, rim your hole, driving you so batshit you think you went to heaven and then they come back to the job at hand—and it feels even better?”

“Shut the fuck up.”

“No, I guess you haven’t.” Carl smiled. “Tell you what, Calvin. I’ll make you a bet. It’s a simple bet. Really easy to win. I’ll let you calm down first, because I don’t want to cheat, and you’re already at half-mast and I’ll I’ve been doing is talking.”

Which was true. Carl wasn’t tugging on Calvin at all, though he could easily make the bully start creaming his jeans with only a thought in that direction. Carl was only talking in his deep, calm voice, looking up from his chair at Calvin’s face, telling him exactly how good a blowjob can get.

“Calm down, Calvin. This isn’t going to hurt at all. I’m not going to even embarrass you in front of your pals over there and make you run away with a raging hard-on in your jeans.”

“Fuck you.”

“Here’s the bet, Calvin. And if you win the bet, I’ll suck your dick. And when I suck your dick, believe me when I tell you that you will never want anyone else to get their mouth near your monster after me. Because I am not shitting you, Calvin, I am very, very good at it. But if I win, Calvin—”


“If I win, you have to suck mine.”

“Fuck, no!”

“Fuck, yes, Calvin. You want to hear the bet?”

“I ain’t gonna suck no one’s dick,” he said quietly.

Carl began to stand up. His chair screamed against the floor tiles and he rose higher and higher. At his shrunken size, Carl was a mere six feet tall, and he stood eye to eye with Calvin. But he outweighed him by hundreds of pounds, though his compressed muscular bulk only looked like he had a hundred or so pounds of rock-hard brawn over his opponent. The bodybuilding teenaged god versus the tall, lean bully in the school library. Nose to nose, chest to chest, crotch to crotch.

“What were you planning on doing, Calvin. Look at me.” Calvin kept his eyes locked on Carl’s. “Calvin. Look at me.” Carl allowed his muscles to swell slightly everywhere, so that his huge muscular form was pressing even more intently against his clothing. His shoulders rose higher, his chest pushed outward, his arms inflated and his legs grew so large that the seams on his jeans began to protest. “What were you planning on doing to me, Calvin? To this body? Did you think you could threaten me? Did you think I’d be embarrassed by anything at all you would say to me? Did you think I would be ashamed of who I am? Because that’s not going to happen, Calvin. Ever.”

Calvin’s adams’ apple bobbed as he swallowed into a suddenly dry throat. Carl was massive, everywhere, and Calvin had no way of knowing that Carl couldn’t harm a flea. Carl’s new body was accompanied by a new brain that rerouted aggressive behavior into sexuality. If anything, Carl was more turned on by Calvin’s attempt to intimidate him than anything else he could have done.

Carl crossed his meaty arms over his bulging pecs and said, “Here’s the bet. I bet if I kiss you, you’re gonna get rock hard.”

“Fuck, no!”

Carl smiled. “Oh, yes, my man. If I kiss you, your little prick is gonna inflate to full glory inside your pant, shoving so hard against your fly that your fucking zipper will tear itself open just to allow your rock hard cock room to grow. I’m gonna kiss you, Calvin, and that’s all I’m gonna do—because that’s all it’s gonna take.

“It’s that simple, Calvin. If you’re so sure you’ll win—and I promise you, it will be worth it—then this should be an easy wager. One kiss, my lips to yours, and if you don’t spring a stiffy, I’ll suck your cock for as long as you want me too, or at least until your cum fills my mouth and your balls empty and your prick hurts. If I win, and Mr. Happy makes an appearance, all you have to do is kiss the tip, and I’ll call that a blow job. That’s all, just hold my prick in your hands and pull the head to your mouth and kiss the tip.”

Calvin swallowed hard. “No way.”

“In fact, I can make it even easier than that, Calvin, because my fucking cock is so fucking huge, you can be three fucking feet away from me and you’ll still kiss the tip.”

“No fucking way.”

Carl shrugged his massive shoulders. “Okay by me. But what are you gonna tell your posse over there? Things are looking pretty sad for you, Calvin. Doesn’t look like I’m gonna break down and cry or anything. How’s that gonna look, when a faggot sends you packing?”

“Is there a problem gentlemen?”

Carl and Calvin both looked over—and down—at little Mr. Simmons, the school librarian. “No, sir,” Carl answered. “We were just discussing a point about Roman statues.”

“Why don’t you do so while sitting, please?”

“Yes, sir,” Carl answered, pulling a chair out for Calvin before sitting his bulk back in his own straining seat.

“I ain’t gonna fucking kiss no guy,” Calvin said quietly.

Carl smiled again. The bait was taken! “Technically,” he answered, “I’ll be kissing you. You don’t have to kiss back.”

“And you’ll suck my dick if I stay limp.”

“I will fucking suck your dick like no one had ever sucked your dick. I will make you feel so good your toes will curl and your eyes will roll up in their sockets and you’ll cum so hard you’ll feel it in your fingernails. I’m a fucking faggot, Calvin. Think about it. Who else knows more about a cock than someone who owns one? You think some girl will do a better job on your joint?”

“Not here.”


“You ain’t gonna kiss me here. No way. Not in front of my boys.”

“Of course not. You know where my house is?”

“Yeah. Over on Campton, near the 7-11.”

“Exactly the place. Meet me there after school. Four o’clock. We’ll be all alone, no one will see anything. My mom won’t be home ‘til around 5:30 or six.”

“Will that be enough time?”

Jesus, how much cocksucking did he think he could take. “That’s plenty of time, Calvin. Particularly if you don’t plan on losing.”

“What the fuck does that mean?”

“I don’t mean anything, Calvin.” He lowered his head conspiratorially. “Now, what’s the best way for us to end this little confrontation so you don’t look bad for your boys?”

“Oh. Fuck.”

“Um, probably not the best solution, but I like the way you think.”

“No, I mean—”

“Yeah, I know what you mean. Okay, I’m gonna make a little scene, get all pissed off, march out of here indignant and offended, then you and I have a date tonight and—”

“Don’t fucking call it that!”


“It’s not a fucking date!”

This time Carl did laugh. “Yeah, sorry, you’re right. Not a date. Let’s call it a tryst then.”

“What the fuck is a tryst?”

Carl sighed. There were definite advantages to being in a relationship with a teacher. “It’s like a date except with more cocksucking, okay?”

“Okay, dude.”

“Okay.” Then he suddenly stood up and shoved the chair away, pushing his book across the table and yelled, “Fuck you! You can go fuck yourself, motherfucker!” Then with a surreptitious wink and a slight smile, Carl escaped the scene with a tingle of anticipation for the evening’s wager.

Carl did not honestly expect that Calvin would show up. He’d accomplished what he set out to do already, which was to show off for his friends and attempt to embarrass Carl, so why would he come over to Carl’s house for some stupid bet that even Carl had no intention of honoring.

On the other hand, Calvin would be fun to kiss. Calvin would be even more fun to suck. He wondered what Calvin looked like naked, and what he felt like, and if he’d get rough, the way Carl sometimes liked it, and dirty, the way Carl always liked it. It was one of the reasons Billy turned him on so much. In school, or when he was ‘maintaining’ as he put it, the guy was sweet, gentle, kind, understanding, patient and soft-hearted. But get his motors revving and Billy Titus suddenly became some sexed up animal on speed who would throw Carl down and attack him with feral, unadulterated hunger. He went from zero to sixty in one second flat, and suddenly that beautiful mouth that usually used the most intricate phrases and carefully chosen words was spewing out filth usually reserved for gutters and porn sets.

Even thinking about it now had Carl’s cocks plumping and his mind traveling south.

Then Carl wondered, idly, if it would be fair to the bully to unleash himself on Calvin. After all, he was practically sex on two legs. He was built from sex. Sex oozed from his pores and he sweated sex. All he had to do was think about Calvin and he could make Calvin cum. He could get hard in a second and stay hard for hours. He could cum buckets of hot, salty cream and take a break and make more. He was sex incarnate, and Calvin was just a stupid bully who wanted to show off for his friends and make fun of the fag.

Carl laughed again. That word. Fag. Faggot. It used to mean so much, and have such weight behind it, like a fist. Now he embraced it and took its power away. He was a fag, and he fucking loved being a fag. His friends were all fags. His boyfriend and teacher was a faggot. A big, muscular, handsome, loving, smart, amazing, sexy faggot.

Billy taught him that words had power—but only as much power as you give to them. Words, sometimes more than actions, had enough power to move populations to insane acts or to acts of incredible beauty and inspiration. Words could inspire fear more powerfully than guns or fists. So Billy taught Carl to be careful with his words, and to choose them wisely and not to give words more power than they deserved.

As he unlocked the front door and glanced at the clock on the living room wall—3:45—Calvin was still in his head. But for the moment, all he wanted to do was get stripped out of his clothes and get gloriously and completely naked. Carl headed upstairs to his bedroom, taking them two at a time, stripping off his T-shirt as he went when he heard a knock at the door. He called out, “Just a sec!” and tossed the shirt on his bed, checking himself in the bathroom mirror on his way back downstairs.

He stopped after a double-take. Even after so many days and weeks inhabiting this body, he could still be surprised by his own reflection.

“Damn,” he said to the mirror, “looking good, bro.” He smiled his dazzling smile and scrubbed his palm over the stubble of gold on his smooth head. He noticed the swell of his bicep as he did it, and the soft, wet curls of underarm hair deep in the pit where all the thick muscle of his upper torso folded into thick wedges. He started to perform an impossibly amazing double-bicep that would’ve driven any Mr. Universe audience batshit, sending the muscle soaring and swelling, growing it because he wanted to, then adjusting the rest of his impressive musculature to inhuman proportions when the doorbell rang and he said to the mirror, “Well, somebody’s impatient.” He checked himself to make sure every inch was in perfect proportion, sending a little more growth here, balancing out his arms to his chest, making his abdominal wall pop with extra depth and swelling his leg muscles outward against his jeans before turning and heading back downstairs, looking better than ever.

It was Calvin, of course. “Hi,” Carl said, somewhat surprised. “You’re here.”

Calvin’s eyes were bulging and he just stood on the threshold for a heartbeat before he practically stumbled forward. Encountering Carl shirtless wasn’t what he had expected, and being confronted with all that perfectly formed and immensely developed brawn was a little shocking. Carl was massively muscled, now, well beyond the usual bodybuilder’s physique and approaching comic book superhero proportions. “You okay, dude?”

“Fuck yeah,” Calvin said, attempted to regain a semblance of swagger, then he brushed past Carl and came inside his lair. “Your mom’s not home, is she?”

“Like I told you,” Carl said, closing the door, “there’s no one here but me… and you.” From behind, Calvin had a righteous ass. Small, tight, and lickable. “I honestly didn’t expect you to show up, Calvin,” he added. “I was just fucking with you, you know that, right?”

He nodded. “Nice house,” Calvin said. It surprised Carl a bit, thinking that Calvin would have nothing complimentary to say at all.

“Thanks. We only moved in a year ago. So it still doesn’t feel like home.”

“You moved in last year?”

Carl nodded. “Yeah, it was kind of rough at the beginning, but… things improved.” He smiled as he thought about Muscle Club, and his transformation, and his lover. Life was pretty good.

The bully turned around and stood there in his living room, keeping his eyes on Carl’s shirtless form. “You work out a lot?” he asked.

It was a stupid thing to say when confronted with the overwhelming muscular perfection before him, but what else could he say? Carl just shook his head, the smile still on his lips, and tilted his closely-cropped head slightly wondering where this was going, but suspecting he knew. He folded his arms across his chest to gather his most impressive array of muscle all in one place. “Nope.”

“How much can you lift?”

Carl shrugged his massive shoulders. “Don’t know,” he answered truthfully.


“It’s just how it works,” Carl explained, dropping his arms and hooking his thumbs into the loose waistband of his jeans. The action shoved them down a bit until they hung very low on his slim hips. This allowed a golden tuft of pubes to peek over the edge, joining the long, thin treasure trail that erupted from Carl’s bellybutton. “You get bigger. And you keep getting bigger. And you keep getting bigger everywhere.” He smiled as he watched Calvin’s eyes flicker towards his own crotch before rising again very quickly. “Yeah,” he verified, “those are bigger, too.”

“Those? Your balls?”

Carl didn’t answer directly, only wiggling his eyebrows and smirking lasciviously. “What are you doing here, Calvin?”

“You were gonna suck my dick.”

Carl laughed slightly, then he realized that Calvin was being completely truthful. “Or you were going to suck mine. As I recall, we had a wager.”


“It means—”

“I know what it means,” he said darkly.

“I didn’t mean to insult you. It’s just… you use words rather cavalierly. It’s surprising to hear that you take them so seriously.” Calvin didn’t answer. “Like the word ‘faggot.’ You use that without much regard to its consequences.” Again, Calvin simply stood there, and then Carl realized that Calvin’s gaze had drifted, and that the other young man was carefully and rather intently examining his naked torso. “Calvin?” The other boy’s small eyes were traveling across his chest, zeroing in on his nipples, then moving down the 8-pack abs, examining his tight, winking navel, the way the obliques wrapped around the sides like giant hands, the sudden swelling V of the Apollo’s Belt, all pointing unerringly toward the thickly prominent basket at his loins. “Calvin?”

“What does it feel like?”

A blowjob? It feels pretty great, Carl thought. Instead, he asked, “What does what feel like?”

“Being so huge.”

“Oh.” He shrugged, making his entire collection of overwhelming brawn shift and flex and bulge. “Good, I guess. I’m still getting used to it. Sometimes I wake up and I forget that I’m… big.” He started to walk into the living room, and Calvin followed behind. “Then I look down and remember I’m not big. I’m huge. And then I get dressed and go to school.” He sat slowly down into a chair, knowing his weight could easily break it of he weren’t careful.

“And the gay part?” Calvin sat on the couch, somewhat distant and separated by a large coffee table. His body language remained cautious and even a bit fearful.

Carl wrinkled his brow. He was completely relaxed, sitting forward and looking into Calvin’s eyes as he spoke. “I guess I don’t think much about that, either. I was always kind of gay, only I wasn’t quite so forthright about it. And now I hang out with a bunch of dudes and we all fuck each other and suck each other and hang out naked and it’s just… how it is.” He paused, then added, “And I like it that way.”

“Weird,” Calvin replied.

The response surprised Carl. He was ready to defend himself or explain things to another ignorant dude. But Calvin’s reply seemed genuine and oddly appropriate. It was weird, after all. But he just said, “I guess so,” and left it at that.

“How does it happen?” Calvin’s gaze was again exploring Carl’s impressive physical assets, again.

Carl smiled. “Very quickly.”

“And everyone gets as big as you?”

Carl answered, “Yes. Everyone gets big. It never fails. And everything else, too.”

Calvin’s eyes finally found there way back to meet Carl’s. “Everything else?”

“Fringe benefits. Little things.”

“Like what?”

“I can make you cum.”

“Yeah,” he said, doubtfully, “right.”

“I can get bigger.”

“That much I know.”

“How do you know?”

As he spoke, his face became more animated and his demeanor relaxed. “Doesn’t take a genius, does it? One day you’re all hitting your heads on door frames and having trouble fitting into regular clothes. The next day you’re all back walking around the same height as me wearing jeans and shirts and acting like nothing’s different. I’m not blind.”

Carl sat back into the chair’s cushions and pushed his legs out. It made the bulge between his thighs rise up like a mountain. “Obviously.”

Calvin’s gaze, which had drifted down Carl’s amazing body again and rested on that bulging basket, snapped back upwards. “And the other part? Is that true, too?”

“Which other part?”

His eyes flicked downward, at the prominent bulge. “Two dicks?”

Carl nodded. “All true. Growing and shrinking. Two dicks. Making you cum. It’s all true.”

“Weird,” he said again, summing up the impossible with a single syllable. “Can I….” He let the sentence drop off, seeming to have second thoughts.

Carl just said, “Yes,” unsure of what Calvin wanted, but having no fear of his intentions.

The other young man stood up and stepped toward Carl. The teenaged god followed suit, regaining his feet and facing the much smaller young man, wondering what was going to happen next. And then he found himself the object of Calvin’s exploring hands, starting with his pecs.

Calvin set his warm palms against Carl’s massive chest, running his hands over the two thickly muscled plates. Carl closed his eyes and mustered control of his libido. Anyone touching his skin felt intensely pleasurable, and Calvin’s tentative, curious touch was sending shivers of sexual bliss across Carl’s highly sensitized body. Calvin’s hands moved outward, fanning across the globes of his chest, then circled under and started to approach his nipples. “Careful,” Carl said softly.


“Those are… really sensitive.”

“These?” Carl rubbed the pads of his thumbs across the plump nubs.

Carl nodded, biting his lower lip. He was restraining his cocks—keeping the one at bay and keeping the other one hidden, but sweet, constant tingles of pleasure were erupting along the shaft and encircling his cock head. He swallowed and pulled in a calming breath before Calvin’s fingers found each fat nub and squeezed them gently. Carl moaned, “Oh, fuck,” and curled his toes.

“Damn,” Calvin said. Then he moved his hands off Carl’s chest and down his body, drawing small circles with his fingers on Carl’s abdominal wall and the eight fat muscles bulging against the skin. “Fucking amazing six pack, bro,” he said with genuine admiration.

“Eight pack,” Carl corrected, proudly, and just to show off his allowed each ab muscle to swell slightly and make each one more distinct and obvious.

“Holy fuck!” Calvin said, pulling his hands away. “You’re fucking growing!”

Carl smiled and opened his eyes. “I told you. Growing and shrinking. All part of the package.”

Calvin looked up into Carl’s eyes and said, “Do it again.”

So he did. His abs developed deeper valleys. His chest started to rise and swell. His arms bulged with fresh power as the biceps and triceps increased in size and proportion. Then his whole body was slowly rising higher as he allowed himself to grow taller, making room for the new muscle. He watched Calvin’s amazed expression and it sent chills of sexual bliss through his body. “I should stop,” he said.

“No,” Calvin pleaded, “keep going.”

“I should stop,” Carl repeated, and he did then. Now he was a full head taller than Calvin, having gained eight inches in height and looking several dozen pounds heavier with muscle. His arms had to be big enough to break the tape at 24 inches. His chest was huge, and the seams of his pants were splitting open.

“That is fucking awesome, dude,” Calvin admitted.

“It has its drawbacks,” he said, indicating yet another pair of pants he would need to either mend, cutoff or throw away. “This tends to happen quite a lot, which is another reason we’re usually… naked.”

“Yeah, I can see where that might get annoying.” He was looking at the thick wedges of brawn poking through the rips along each thigh. “Fuck,” he said softly.

When he started to place his hands on Carl’s body again, Carl reached forward to stop him, taking his wrists in his hands and explaining, “You need to be very careful where you touch me, Calvin.”


“Certain places make it harder to… restrain myself.”

“From what?”

“Having a fucking huge orgasm.”

“Just by me touching you?”

Carl nodded. “It’s just how this works. I can’t explain it. But everything—and I mean everything feels good. Amazing. Fucking incredible. My body reacts very… intensely to being touched, particular in the way you’re doing it.”

“I’m not doing anything.”

“Believe me, you are. Your hands on my body feel really, really nice, particularly the intent focus you seem to want to deliver and the way you caress my skin. Plus, the nipple thing was….” He shook his head. “You just need to be careful.”

“Just touching you can make you cum?” Carl nodded. “Like this?” Calvin reached forward and tweaked Carl’s nipple. A sudden intense shock of sexual bliss rocketed through Carl’s body straight to his groin and sent a signal to grow to his prick. It inflated by inches, shoving forward against its denim confines and plumping with mass and heat.

“Oh, fuck,” Carl moaned, reaching down to adjust himself. “Jesus,” he said, straightening and pulling away, “your a little prick teaser, aren’t you?”

“I just wanted to see if you were fucking with me again.”

“If you’re not careful,” he advised, “we’ll really be fucking with each other before too long.” Carl’s cock was feeling uncomfortably constricted in his jeans, which were shredded anyway along each thigh from his recent growth. “I’m going to go change and relieve myself of some of the pressure, if you know what I mean.”

“You’re gonna go jerk off.”

“Pretty much,” he admitted.

“Can I watch?”


“I want to watch. I’ve never seen anyone with two pricks jerk off before. I’m curious.”

“That may not be a good idea,” Carl said.

“Why? You embarrassed?”

“Do I look embarrassed?” To prove his point, Carl began to strip himself out of his skin-tight jeans. “No, it’s just that… it’s just that if something happens and you get some on you….”

“Some what?” Calvin was watching Carl stripping with keen interest.

“Some of my cum.” Carl pulled the jeans off his hips and pushed his hand into the crotch to extract his dick.

Calvin backed off and looked offended. “Fuck, dude, I don’t want you cumming on me!”

“Well, that’s sort of my point. When I go off, I go off kind of strong.” He pushed the jeans down his legs and stepped out of them, now fully exposed before the small bully. He scratched an itch at his crotch and, as if the action had started some magically transformation, his secondary prick manifested and quickly grew, swelling alongside its brother to its full magnitude—or as large as Carl was willing to allow it to go. Then he hefted one of his cocks in each hand and said, “These things pack a wallop, and if I accidentally get any on you, you’ll start to change.”

Calvin was mesmerized by what he had just seen. The muscular teen before him had just grown a secondary cock, and it was every bit as huge and impressive as the first one. If anything, the second one made him look somehow complete, as if owning only one made him the odd one. “Just with your cum?” he asked.

Carl nodded. “That’s all it takes. That’s how it works.” He let his cocks flop against his muscular thighs. His balls were visibly churning and pulsing, as if they were plumply ripe and pumping cream—which they were.

“Some dude came on you and you got bigger?” he asked incredulously. He was still staring at Carl’s equipment, evidently mesmerized.

“Pretty much,” Carl admitted, “though I think my reaction to the idea was quite a bit different from yours.” He smiled, remembering his transformation.

“Couldn’t you… like… do it in the shower? So, like, I could watch and wouldn’t be… like… in danger?”

“In danger?”

Calvin blushed. “You know what I mean.”

“Calvin, dude, if you want to watch, you’re going to have to take your chances. As for me, if I don’t relieve some of this pressure soon, I just may explode.” He kicked his jeans aside and started to walk to the kitchen, intending to head out to his backyard where there was more than enough room to let fly with what was feeling like a huge load in his aching ballsack.

Calvin considered his options and then tagged along, watching Carl’s ass shift, bounce and bulge as he walked.

Carl was already at half-mast by the time he exited the house and strode confidently out into his backyard, his two foot-long dicks wagging in front of him like dowsing rods. It was a sunny afternoon, and hot for spring. The sun felt awesome on his naked skin and he sucked in clean breaths of fresh air and allowed his body to grow yet again, swelling up and out with stature and muscle in equal proportion.

Calvin stayed close to the door in to the house, worried about what might happen but excited about the prospect of watching this huge dude shoot. Calvin did not consider himself gay at all, but he had a definite interest and fascination with muscle and cock. He couldn’t imagine ever putting one in his mouth, for sure, but he loved his own prick with an intensity bordering on obsession, and seeing Carl’s two massive shanks of uncut glory as they swelled and arched upward in his hands was making his heart beat fast.

Carl began to moan and swoon as he sank into the depths of sexual bliss that his new body delivered. This was its ultimate purpose and goal, to create deep wells of powerful transforming cream and then push it out as hard as it could, delivering thick streams of hot, creamy cum that shot up each cock with a hydrant’s power. He was already overdue for a delivery and could feel the swollen majesty of his orgasmic blast as it built in his balls for explosion. This would be a big one, he was sure of it, so he prepared himself for the pleasure and perfection of its onslaught.

He did not stroke himself. He did not caress his own masses of muscle or dig a finger into his asshole or tweak a nipple. He did not need pictures other naked men to turn him on or the attentions of someone to make his libido start to roar. He simply stood out on the lawn of his yard, hands at his side, eyes closed, and allowed his brain and his body and his cocks to do what they were now designed to do so effortlessly and perfectly and completely.

His cocks swelled and rose to majestic heights. Their shafts glistened as the skin tightened and the whole of each massive shank of sex flesh grew red, then redder still, and finally purple. They throbbed and pulsed and rose higher and higher.

“Fuck,” he moaned softly. “Oh, fuck yeah. Gonna fucking cum—” He bit his bottom lip and the muscles of his huge body tensed and swelled and grew deeply carved as he prepared to cum hard and full. The head of each cock bloomed. The eyes opened and the foreskins stripped back.

Calvin watched it all with fascination and a bit of lust. To have that body. To feel that intensity. To own two pricks and feel like that, be naked and unashamed and so fucking powerful. It was awesome.

“Gonna cum, dude,” Carl announced. “Gonna be a fucking huge one!”

Calvin watched in mute awe as Carl’s twins suddenly fountained two thick streams of bright white cream. He could hear them cumming as the thick, hot honey arced high and splattered onto the grass, the fence, the trees and bushed. Carl wasn’t joking in the least when he had announced that a huge one was on its way, because he sprayed fat, full squirts all over the place, sighing and groaning in evident bliss as his balls pushed the wealth of his cream up both fat barrels and he coated the yard in strings and puddles of his cum.

Carl moved his hands into the streams of cum and gathered up great heaping handfuls and gulped down the hot, salty honey. It dripped onto his massive chest and coated his chin and neck. It drained off his balls around his feet. He came and he came, over and over, shooting thick streams again and again and swallowing as much as he wanted.

After what seemed like five minutes—though it was really only about one—Carl pulled in a heavy breath and straightened, wiping his brown with a cum-glazed hand before pulling the cream-coated fingers between his lips and greedily sucking his own cum from his digits. His cocks were quickly growing limp between his legs, deflating and hanging lush and thick over his low-hanging balls. Then he turned and looked at Calvin and asked, jokingly, “Get any on ya?”

Calvin was in something like shock. He never dreamed it would be like that. It was magnificent and awesome and incredible. So much cum! What must that feel like! “No,” he answered softly. “I’m all right.”

Carl laughed slightly as he turned and approached the house again. “Glad to hear it,” he said. His body was enormous, but it was shutting up like a telescope as he approached, judging the size of his body to the size of the doorway through which he’d have to manage to pass. “Enjoy the show?”

“Fuck, dude,” Calvin said, “that was intense.”

“You have no idea, dude,” Carl reported. “You have no fucking clue.”

“How many times do you—?”

“That was my third time today,” he reported, “which is probably why there was so much of it.” He paused and stood next to Calvin. Both cocks were still in view, now hanging fat and luscious with plump helmets drooling the last remnants of his load. “Normally I have my bros to help out so I don’t get all backed up.”

“So, like….”

“Twelve times a day, easy. Sometimes more. All depends on my mood—oh, and their moods.” He lifted the two cocks and rubbed the tips with his thumbs, wiping the hanging droplets of cream off and licking them into his mouth. Then he reached around the smaller teen and opened the door, stepping back into his house and holding the door open for Calvin, who stumbled a bit and looked as if he was going to faint. Carl just smiled as he closed the door behind them and glanced at the clock. “So,” he said, “about that bet.”

“What… oh. Oh, yeah.”

“I believe you own me a kiss.”

“I thought you said—”

“You want to back out?”

“I… I’m… not sure.”

“It’s just a kiss, Calvin. You don’t think you can survive a simple kiss?” Carl smelled rank and stank of sex. His body was wet with sweat and cum.

“It’s not that. It’s… It’s just—”

“Kissing another guy.” He licked his lips, and tasted his own salty seed.


Carl nodded. “I understand. It’s weird to you, because you’ve never done it.”


He leaned his arm against the doorway and towered over the smaller young man. His armpit was furry and drenched with sweat. His stink was palpable and erotic. “You scared?”

“I’m not scared.” He paused. “But, could you—”


“Could you at least put some clothes on, so it doesn’t seem so….”

“Gay?” Calvin nodded a bit sheepishly. Carl had to laugh, a rich, deep sound. “Okay, Calvin. If that’ll help, I’m happy to oblige. Just pants okay, or you need everything covered up?”

“Just pants, I guess,” he said, glancing at Carl’s two fat pricks.

“No problem, my man. Just let me head upstairs. I think I kind of ruined that other pair.” He touched Calvin lightly on the shoulder and said, “Be right back,” and then he left the other boy alone in the kitchen with his thoughts.

Calvin looked outside and remembered what he had just seen. The sight of Carl holding his two huge erections and bending back and pushing those heavy streams of cum from each one! There were still strands and strings of white cream everywhere outside. He considered what would happen if he went out there and touched some of it. Would it still change him, like Carl had said? Or did it have to come straight out of his pricks, still warm and sticky? What would that feel like? What would having two cocks feel like? And being that huge? That strong? That….

“Okay, dude,” Carl called, as he came back down the stairs. “Ready when you are!” He looked magnificent. His body was enlarged with even more brawn. He had evidently taken the time not only to slip a new pair of pants over his lower body, but also to pump up his already massive collection of muscle into overdrive.

“What… what did you do?”

Carl grinned as he came off the stairway. “Just freshened up, Calvin. I didn’t think you’d even notice. But I’m kind of glad that you did.” He pulled up his right arm and tensed the bicep into power. The muscle practically jumped up, swelling into a fat, tight ball with clearly evident fibers of power shoving for space under his skin. Two fat veins surmounted the muscle, and as it peaked the muscle head split in two and bulged outward. “Like that?”

Calvin swallowed hard. “It’s ok.”

“Yeah,” Carl agreed. “It’s pretty fucking okay.” Then he lowered his arm and clapped his hands together, making the separation between the heavy hemispheres of his pecs deepen by the inch, and he said, “You ready?”

“I guess so.”

“You remember the rules?”

“You kiss me, and if I don’t get hard, you suck my dick.”

“Exactly right.” He glanced down. “So?”

“So… what?”

“Let’s see the goods!”


“Your cock, Calvin. How am I supposed to know if you’re hard or not if you keep it cooped up inside your pants?”

“I ain’t showing you my cock?”

“It’s not a contest, Calvin.”

“It fucking is!”

“No, I meant… I mean I’m not trying to see who’s bigger here.” He couldn’t help glancing down at Calvin’s package when he said it, and he noticed that Calvin was already showing signs of anxiousness in his jeans. “Let’s face it, I have an unfair advantage in that department.” He grabbed his own basket and squeezed his copious load of meat. “But you can’t honestly expect me to just believe you when you tell me you stayed limp on me. Besides… I’ve already seen what you’re packing.”

“When the hell did you—?”

“Calvin, you have gym period right before me. You’re toweling off when I’m getting changed. And you’re not a guy who appears to be ashamed of his cock. So pull that baby out and let’s get started. Time’s a’wasting, boy.”

“You’re not gonna try anything funny, right?”

Carl shrugged. “I’m just going to kiss you. On the lips. Just one kiss.”

“And if I stay limp.”

“You win.”

He started to unbuckle his belt. “But… what’s ‘limp’?”

“Well… limp is limp.”

“So if I only get a little hard?”

“You’re scared something’s gonna happen?”


“Then what’s the difference?”

“I wanna know if ‘hard’ means full-on hard or if ‘hard’ means, like, starting to get—”

“You don’t seem very confident in your abilities to resist my charms, Calvin.”

“I just want to know what the ground rules are.”

Carl rolled his eyes. “Whatever, dude. For the sake of argument, I’ll say that hard means full-on, raging, throbbing, standing-up-straight stiffy. Does that make you feel better?”

“Yeah,” Calvin answered, with a bit of renewed hope for his chances. No way was he going to get a hard-on! There was just no way! He undid his belt and unbuttoned his 501s, revealing a pair of baby blue boxers. He reached through the fly on his underwear and extracted his meat, pulling it through the hole and letting it flop forward.

“Damn, dude,” Carl said, admiringly, “no wonder you wander around the whole fucking locker room with that thing hanging out. That’s one very impressive piece of meat you own, Calvin.”

“Yeah,” he agreed, smiling proudly.

“You ever measure it?” It was hard for Carl not to drop to his knees and immediately start to worship the beautiful piece of meat.

“Eight inches,” he reported. “Ten hard.”

“Ten fucking inches! Shit, dude, that’s a choker. I’m not sure I want to go through with this, now,” he teased. But it really was a mouthwatering cock, with a thick shaft and an uncut head. It wasn’t particularly veiny, but it was impressive in its girth.

“Where… where are we gonna—?”

“Where do you want to do it? Right here is fine, for me, but if you want a more romantic location then….”

“Fuck off, dude!”


“I… I guess so.”



“Now what?”

“No touching.”


“No touching. It’s just a kiss.”

“So, I have to keep my hands to myself?”

“Yeah. You can’t, like, grope me or whatever.”

“No groping.” Carl shook his head. “Are you really that afraid that something might happen?”

“I’m not afraid.”

“You know what, Calvin? It’s not even worth it. I don’t even want to kiss you anymore. You’ve managed to do something I didn’t think was possible anymore—you’re turned me off. Here you are in my house, big lo’ cock hanging out, watching me cum in the backyard, laying all these rules on me abut a kiss—it’s just a fucking kiss, Calvin! So, you know, fuck it. And fuck you.” He turned away. “Go ahead and put your cock away. I don’t want to kiss you anymore.”


“Jesus Christ, Calvin! What the fuck is wrong with you, anyway? You scared of a little pleasure? Scared of fun? What did you think was going to happen? You’d suddenly turn all gay because I kissed you? Are you really that scared of me? Do you really hate me that much?”

“I don’t….”

With a suddenness that caught Calvin off guard, Carl rounded on the smaller man, swept him into his muscular embrace, placed his warm, strong hand on his neck and bent his mouth to Calvin’s shocked lips, kissing him with startling and intense passion.

Carl was a very good kisser. It could be said that he was an expert, or that he could easily find a job doing it professionally. He knew that a kiss wasn’t just about the lip to lip contact, it was about putting everything into the kiss. Pouring your soul into it, and making the object of your kiss the complete and utter target of all your passion, lust and desire.

Calvin struggled, at first, both from surprise and defense. He tried to push the much larger man away, but Carl was a rock, a solid wall of steel-hard muscle and warm, silken flesh. He was a beast of sensual delight and sexual prowess. His scent rose in Calvin’s nostrils, his heat pressed through his clothing, his strength surrounded and infused his body, and his kiss… his kiss….

Calvin had never been kissed like this. He expected that kissing another man would be like kissing sandpaper, or kissing a rock. The lips would be hard, the skin would be dry and scratchy, and he’d feel like he wanted to vomit. But Carl’s lips were soft, wet, warm. He smelled… good. His skin was warm and soft, and his muscles, their strength and size and hardness, reminded Calvin of the feeling on holding his dick in his hand. Carl massaged his neck with one hand, and the other moved down his back toward his butt. He could feel its slow progress across his body, the warmth of the touch, the feeling of power and strength emanating from it, and his panic gave way to surrender.

It felt good. It felt really good. And he opened his mouth tentatively to find Carl’s tongue teasing his own in a small, playful dance. He opened his lips wider, and Carl’s tongue moved inside. Their tongues twisted around echo other, and the kiss grew stronger and deeper, and his body started to feel hot.

Carl’s hand reached his ass and moved over one fleshy mound, the fingers crawling over the hump of his buttock and cupping his cheek. Then the hand grabbed on and squeezed and suddenly Calvin’s cock was throbbing and swelling with urgent need.

Calvin pushed his tongue into the wet heat of Carl’s mouth and finally succumbed to his own needs. His arms attempted to surround the bulk of the other man’s huge body but Carl was just too big, so he worked them down in a semblance of Carl’s talented hands to find the two hard globes of his butt, and he took one rounded ball of ass flesh in each hand and began to massage and knead the muscular mounds. Carl’s kiss grew suddenly more passionate and eager. He found Carl’s tongue shoving into his own mouth and his libido climbed another notch higher and he could feel his cock rising and plumping. It felt like it weight 20 pounds, and was blazing hot as it pushed ever upwards.

Carl pressed his body against Calvin’s and the smaller man could feel every hard muscle keenly. He could feel the larger teen’s six-pack against his softer belly. He could feel the two huge plates of his tremendous chest pushing against his own. He could feel Carl’s biceps bulging as his hands kneaded his ass and caressed his neck. He was overwhelmed by the sheer size, power, hardness and strength that Carl possessed.

His cock was growing steel-hard. He knew he was going to lose this battle. He knew there was nothing he could do—or that he wanted to do to prevent it, now. He surrendered to the kiss, and its passion and intensity, and to the other man’s strength and sexuality and hunger, and his cock pulsed and throbbed and rose between them.

Now he imagined the sight of Carl in the bright, sunny yard, his arms outstretched, and both cocks hard and high as he pushed fat loads of cream from his balls with effortless ease and power. His breath came short and hard and he wanted to see those cocks again. He wanted to watch them cum, to watch them shoot, to watch the power and size of them manifest, to feel them in his own hands, and their size and heat as they grew.

His cock was rock-hard. A tingle of pre-cum sizzled up his shaft. His balls seized up and his asshole tightened. Fuck, he felt good. He felt amazing. He never wanted the kiss to end.

But then it did end. And Carl pulled away slowly, and the other teen was looking down at Calvin’s raging hard-on. He took his hand from behind Calvin’s neck and moved it down his body, placing his index finger against the glistening tip of his erection and drawing off a heavy drop of precum. Then he lifted his finger to his mouth and sucked the salty honey off.

Carl smiled and licked his lips. “I win.”

Reality struck Calvin hard when he realized what had happened. “You fucking cheated!”

“How did I cheat, Calvin?”

“I said no touching!”

“I never agreed to that,” Carl replied. “The bet was that I could kiss you and you’d stay limp.” He reached down again and grabbed onto Calvin’s hard-on, which was still rock solid, beet red and throbbing eagerly. “You lose. I win.” Calvin opened his mouth to object, but Carl interrupted him. “Dude, don’t sweat it. I’m not gonna make you kiss my dick. I was just shitting with you. You’re such an easy target, I couldn’t help myself.” He backed away, leaning against the kitchen counter. “But, damn, boy, you can fucking kiss!” He raised his hand to his mouth and wiped off a bit of spit or precum, smiling. “I think you burned my lips!”

“That wasn’t fair,” Calvin protested.

Carl grinned. “You wanna rematch? I’m game.”

“No,” he replied. “You won.”

“Calvin, I told you I was only—”

“You won,” he repeated, stepping closer. He was looking up into Carl’s face as his fingers found the button on his jeans and then Calvin was unzipping his fly and reaching into the crotch of his jeans. “I lost.” He dropped slowly to his knees, his own cock still rock hard and dripping precum, and he pulled out Carl’s magnificent length of prick.

Their eyes were locked on each other’s as Calvin lifted the fat shank of sex flesh in his hands and bent his mouth to the tip. He leaned forward and placed his warm, soft lips against the mouth of Carl’s hugeness, kissing it gently.

Then he kissed it again.

And again.

Then he opened his mouth and stuck his tongue forward and tentatively, carefully licked the head of Carl’s massive meat. Carl gasped and sighed, feeling a rush of sexual bliss at the gentle worship of his cock. Calvin’s hand was warm on his thick shaft, and he was squeezing it very gently. Then he licked the head again, pressing the wet heat of his tongue adjacent the tip, and licking the underside, and then he kissed it again, opening his lips slightly to encircle the mouth of Carl’s prick. Carl felt his tongue dart forward and push against the piss slit, and his cock responded by starting to lengthen and swell.

“Be careful,” he cautioned. Calvin lightly sucked against the helmet of his cock, and he swelled in response. “Fuck, that feels good.”

“Does it?” Calvin asked quietly.

Carl nodded and bit his lower lip. Calvin smiled and opened his mouth and surrounded Carl’s helmet with it, exhaling a warm breath that heated the head and traveled up his long, fat shank. Veins pulsed and throbbed along its length, pushing its growth ever larger, and Calvin could feel the shaft of Carl’s fat cock growing in his grip and sense the head swelling into his open mouth.

He closed his lips on the head and felt the meat push from its cowl of foreskin. He tasted the piss slit and a tang of saltiness touched his tongue, filling his mouth with the essence of Carl’s taste.

He pulled back and looked up. Carl’s eyes were closed and he was breathing slowly. He watched his tremendous chest swell and recede and the cobblestone washboard on his belly flex and bulge. Heat was coming off his huge, muscular form and a trickle of sweat escaped the valley between his pecs and wandered south, traversing the defined power on his belly as it made its way toward him. He flicked his tongue out and lashed at Carl’s tip and watched the huge man shudder with bliss and suck in a sudden breath. His mouth opened slightly and his lips trembled, and his cock swelled suddenly larger in Calvin’s grip.

He licked the end of Carl’s cock with a long, wet slurp and then pushed his entire mouth over and around the spongey helmet, sucking with sudden sharpness. Carl’s belly tightened and his hands balled into fists. He sighed softly and opened his eyes and looked down. “What are you doing?” he asked very quietly.

Calvin smiled. He pulled his mouth off of Carl’s swelling cock and said, “I’m in charge, now.” Then he squeezed Carl’s prick tightly, and watched the huge man’s reaction with interest.

Carl smiled. “Yes,” he answered, “you’re in charge.”

“And you’ll do whatever I want you to.”

Carl nodded. “I’ll do whatever you want me to.”

Calvin squeezed tighter. A heavy drop of precum swelled at the tip of Carl’s cock. Calvin leaned in and licked it off. “Show me your other cock.”

Carl allowed his secondary prick to emerge and grow. It appeared from the deep forest of his pubic bush and quickly grew, extending out from his body like a tree limb, thickening and lengthening with surprising speed. Calvin grabbed it as it grew and held on tightly, feeling the shaft swell and push against his grip. “Make it bigger,” he ordered, and it swelled suddenly and immediately. “Both of them,” he added, and Carl’s other prick was swelling in unison. They reached forward toward him, the heads blooming and bulging, the shafts growing hot and hard and thick in his hands. “Bigger,” he instructed, and they continued to grow, passing the foot-nog mark with ease and inching ever longer.

“Stop,” Calvin said. Both pricks instantly halted their amazing development. They were pushing his fingers apart, so fat now that he could no longer encompass their girth his his hands. “Good,” he said. Carl shuddered and sighed at the small verbal reward he was offered. “Now your body.”

“Yes,” Carl whispered.

“More muscle.”

“Yes,” he answered.

“Your chest. And your arms. I want them huge.”

“Yes,” he answered, and immediately the two pecs were swelling outward, increasing the depth of the cleavage between the heavy globes of muscle and pushing his expanding nipples downward. His biceps bulged outward and his triceps swelled with new definition and size. His forearms became overwhelmed with veins as new muscle grew magically along each arm, and his chest continued to swell like two balloons filled with power.

“Bigger,” Calvin said, and he squeezed each cock hard.

“Yes,” Carl obeyed, until his chest was outsized and huge, looking like two oversized globes of meat sitting below his shoulders. His arms were at least 24 inches and still growing. Calvin watched as veins appeared and were quickly consumed by the muscle and replaced with new tributaries feeding size into the teen’s huge upper body.

“Nice,” Calvin said. He leaned in and licked each cock as a reward for Carl’s obedience. “Tell me how it feels.”

“Feels… amazing—”

“Tell me what you want.”

“I want… more—”

“Grow for me,” he ordered. “Your legs. And your butt. And your abs.” he licked the right cockhead. “Get bigger.” He licked the left cockhead. “More muscle.”

“Gotta… get… taller,” Carl answered.

“No. Pack it on. Stay the same height. More muscle. Make it bulge. Make it hard and thick. But don’t grow taller.”

“Oh, fuck,” Carl answered with a smile.

“When you’re big enough… when I’m satisfied… I’ll fuck you.”


“Shut up.” Carl nodded. “And grow for me.”

Now muscle was swelling everywhere on Carl’s 6-foot frame. It began to push against itself for room. His pecs were fat with brown. His arms were 28 inches, easy. His thighs exploded with growth as the wedges expanded and collided. And still he grew. Muscle on muscle. Inches of thick, hard, perfect brawn swelling outward under his skin.

“Bigger,” Calvin whispered. “Biggest fucking dude in the world.”

Muscle on muscle. Swollen and thick. Hard as iron. Carl let his body swell and bloom with power, building himself so huge that he began to grow musclebound, unable to move at all as the brawn swelled outward and grew harder and harder. His gut was as massive as his pecs, jutting forward and swollen with power. His glutes stuck out by the foot. His thighs were as large as his body. He moaned and grunted and sighed with the feeling of growth and power until he literally could grow no larger, and he stood before Calvin as an expression of nothing but muscle.

“Fuck me,” he pleaded.

Calvin grinned. “Bend over,” he instructed. His own cock was still rock hard. Ten inches high and throbbing fiercely. Being in control was a huge turn-on. Carl’s demeanor, even as he looked like he could demolish the whole house with one punch or drill a hole through a steel wall with his dicks was an even bigger turn-on. He wanted… no, he needed Calvin to fuck him. He needed Calvin’s hard cock in his sweet ass. He needed Calvin to tell him what to do.

Carl couldn’t bend over. There was simply too much muscle in the way. But his body obeyed his will, and inch by inch he bent at the hip and opened his massive glutes and opened himself up to Calvin’s request. The air struck his asshole like a cold kiss, and he pulled himself wider and awaited the comfort and feeling of completeness when Calvin pushed his cock inside him.

Calvin rose to his feet and slowly circled the musclebound bulk, drawing his hand across the acres of brawn and the wide, bulging back muscles. It felt like Carl was on fire. Heat, intense and palpable, was pouring off him. His scent was strong and sexy, filling Calvin’s head. He stank of sex, and the need of it. Sweat gathered among the folds of muscle, making his skin slick and shiny. Every cable, every fiber of muscle was pushing against his skin.

Calvin circled around, marveling at the sheer size of the man’s legs and the width of his back. His ass was huge and powerful-looking. And there was his tight, pink pucker, gaping open just a bit, awaiting the entry of his own hard-on.

“Bigger,” he said.

“Can’t,” Carl managed to whisper.

Calvin leaned down and put his lips next to Carl’s ear. “Get. Bigger.”

Carl closed his eyes. He concentrated. His huge body began to tremble and shake. He set his feet farther apart and grunted, then whimpered, and then more muscle began to bloom across his back. A landscape of mountain ranges bulged and rambled across his wide, powerful shoulders and ridges of brawn built along his spine and masses of new power bulged from his glutes.

Bigger and bigger. Stronger and stronger.

And as he slowly grew even larger, Calvin stepped forward and pushed the tip of his hard-on against Carl’s asshole. The heat, there, was even more intense. The hole opened for him, like a mouth, and he moved his hips forward and pushed himself inside.

It was warm and snug and wet. It felt amazing, like the tightest, most perfect pussy he ever entered. Carl’s ass welcomed him, and squeezed him, and licked him, and sucked him. It pulsated and tightened and tingled and stroked him. He almost came immediately, overcome by sensations of sexual bliss that encircled and surrounded his cock and made his balls seize up and his ass tighten and his body grow hot.

Then slowly, he started to rock his hips in and out, sliding himself deep inside and pulling the length of his hard prick back, fucking Carl’s ass in long, slow, full strokes.

Carl released a sigh and a groan and both cocks immediately blasted fresh, creamy fountains that splattered all over the kitchen floor. He was cumming because he couldn’t help himself, and did not want to. His body was a hard-packed mass of muscular power. Granite mounds of brawn bulged everywhere. His cocks were burning hot and hard as steel. Fat gouts of hot, sticky cream shot from each prick like water cannons, spraying heavy loads that splashed and splattered all over the tile and cabinets.

Calvin fucked his ass and could feel his own load ready to burst. He moved his hands across the masses of muscle bulging all over Carl’s back and said, softly, “M’gonna cum, bro. Fuck, m’gonna cum so fucking hard.”

Tingles of sexual bliss accompanied Calvin’s touch across Carl’s back, and he pumped even harder at the sensation.

Calvin closed his eyes and pulled in a slow, steadying breath, trying as hard as he could not to cum. He wanted to climb that mountain of perfect orgasmic pleasure and feel it as intensely as possible when he finally released his sticky seed inside Carl’s muscled ass. He whispered, “Aw, fuck,” and looked down to watch his red, shiny hard-on sliding in and out of the bulging backside of Carl’s huge body. The sensation of his load being pushed up the inches of his cock began to tingle and throb and he knew he couldn’t hold back another second.

He pumped a fat load and it slicked up the chute and he started fucking Carl’s ass fast and furiously, pistoning his hips and pushing out several thick, warm pumps of his cream.

Carl could feel Calvin’s load filling his ass, and something snapped inside him, something he couldn’t control and didn’t want to, and he started to release Transform from his ass into the wonderful, amazing, steel-hard prick fucking him so expertly, allowing the full impact of its masculine and muscular power to explode into Calvin’s small body and he was suddenly, and very quickly, changing.

To Calvin, it felt like he could cum and fuck forever. Transform began to alter him from the inside out, and with every shift of his hips, every deep plunge of his cock inside Carl’s butt, he was growing suddenly larger and larger.

His clothing was ripped from his body in the first second, his growth occurring so quickly and with such intensity that he was gaining dozens of pounds of pure, perfect muscle with every heartbeat.

His orgasmic releases suddenly doubled in strength, then redoubled again, and kept growing in strength with his sudden muscular development. He growled and groaned and sighed unintelligibly as the sensation of growth and bliss erupted and exploded everywhere.

His secondary prick shot forth and joined his original, pushing inside Carl’s welcoming ass and gushing its own fat fountain of cream alongside its brother. Calvin was already a foot taller and a hundred pounds heavier, and still growing. His chest bulged forward and his arms swelled like balloons and his legs developed thick wedges of brawn pressing against each other for space. His face resolved into a masculine vision of dark beauty, with a beard and mustache breaking out across his chin and upper lip, mahogany in color to match the shaggy length of tight curls growing on his head. He looked like some pirate or hirsute warrior, violently fucking a muscular slave as some miraculous magical power was causing his body to swell with power and his face to grow more handsome by the second.

He was only idly aware of what was happening to him, and in a matter of less than a minute, he had been utterly transformed and continued to fuck and cum. His brain buzzed with a deep blissful sexual power and his body was strong and energized and capable of fucking forever. His balls were filled with cream and pumping it up each fat, long prick as fast as possible.

He growled, “Aw, fuck,” again, his voice deep and powerful now that he had growth so large and strong, and his fucking thrusts were, if anything, even more intense and violent. Carl was in heaven, with the other man’s twin pricks filling him utterly and now delivering the fresh, heavy power of transform filtered and empowered by a new convert to Muscle Club.

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