To a tee

by Cris Kane

Teddy is amazed to see how much his older brother has grown since going away to college.

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Teddy and his older brother Tommy seemed to have been born with “Kick Me” signs on their backs.

Short, anemic kids focused on science, literature, and chess instead of sports, girls, and getting high, Tommy and Teddy’s very existence seemed to offend the popular jocks. Neither of the brothers could ever understand what these muscleheads thought they were proving by delivering bruising punches to the brothers’ arms when they passed in the hallway or administering frequent swirlies in the boys’ rest room. The jock’s physical superiority was obvious to anyone with eyes, yet they still resented the brothers’ intelligence so much that Teddy and Tommy were subjected to constant abuse.

But since Tommy had headed off to college, he had undergone an amazing transformation. When he returned home for Thanksgiving that first semester, he had sprouted five whole inches and put on thirty pounds of muscle. His face had lost its remaining baby fat, from which a sharply masculine bone structure had emerged. He radiated thoughtful maturity and requested that everyone in the family start calling him Tom.

From the moment Tommy – Tom – stepped in the door, Teddy pestered him about the changes, but Tom insisted it was all due to better eating habits and the availability of a weight room in his dorm. Teddy was skeptical, but had never known his brother to lie to him.

The boys had always shared a bedroom and, as they were getting ready for bed the night before Thanksgiving, Teddy watched in astonishment as Tom stripped down, revealing just how big of a big brother he had become. Tom stepped out of his chinos, displaying perfectly carved calves and bulging quads which led upward to a tight, firm butt wrapped in red bikini briefs. Teddy tried not to gawk when he noticed the size of the bulge in Tom’s undershorts. Somehow in three months, Tom had acquired a bratwurst where Teddy still had little more than a cocktail frank.

“What’re you staring at, you little perv?”, Tom said in the deep voice that he now possessed, its rich tones bouncing off the walls of the small room.

Teddy turned away, embarrassed, but Tom just chuckled. The two of them had shared many secrets in this room over the years, none bigger than when 15-year-old Tommy had told his brother that he was gay. Or the same revelation which Teddy had made to Tommy a year later. Tom didn’t mind if his little bro checked him out. Tom would have been thrilled if a half-naked stud had undressed in his room like this back in high school, and he had certainly done his share of admiring his new bod in the mirror over the past couple of months. It had also brought him plenty of attention in his tentative first steps exploring the gay scene at college.

“Hey, squirt, take a look at this,” Tom whispered, walking toward Teddy’s bed. Tom slowly unbuttoned the plaid flannel shirt he had been wearing all day with its sleeves rolled up to display his impressive forearms. Tom exposed more of his physique with each undone button, finally revealing a tribal tattoo spreading across his pumped pecs, its tendrils circling his nipples and extending toward his shoulders.

“Holy shit!”, Teddy shouted.

Tom shushed him and looked with concern toward the door. “Chill, Teddy. Mom and Dad are already weirded out about how different I look. If they knew I had a tattoo on top of it all, they’d probably totally freak.”

“But when did you get that?”, Teddy asked, pointing to the massive spreading tat.

“I kinda got everything at once,” Tom replied enigmatically. He grabbed a black t-shirt and pulled it down over his toned torso, effectively concealing the ink in case their folks walked in. Tom slid into bed, his legs now so long that they stretched past the end of the mattress, his bare size-14 feet hanging in mid-air. He switched off the light and was soon snoring.

Teddy felt too excited to sleep. If he was lucky, maybe he’d have a growth spurt like Tom’s someday too, although he sure hoped he wouldn’t have to wait all the way until college for it to arrive.

Tom’s new size was all anyone could talk about during Thanksgiving dinner. He still wasn’t used to people focusing so much on his appearance, but that didn’t stop him from showing off his guns to the aunts and uncles at every opportunity, or repeatedly volunteering to retrieve items from the highest shelves in the kitchen. Teddy watched with envy as Tom hogged the attention. Tom was even invited to sit with the grown-ups, while Teddy remained stuck at the kiddie table, barely taller than some of the kids who were three or four years younger than him. Tom kept trying to swing the conversation Teddy’s direction so he wouldn’t be left out of the family chatter, but Teddy still felt like the pathetic “before” picture to Tom’s strapping “after”.

After supper, Tom suggested to Teddy that they go to a movie, just the two of them, just like old times. Teddy liked that idea, but when they got to the multiplex, he saw his fiercest tormentors from school loitering in the lobby in their letter jackets and itching to punch somebody. Tom saw the hesitation in Teddy’s face. “Don’t be worried about those jerks. I’ll protect you.” That actually made it worse for Teddy, that he needed his brother to fight his battles for him. At least when they were both little wimps, they could share in the humiliation of being picked on together. But now that Tom could easily kick the bullies’ asses, Teddy felt even more useless and alone.

“Let’s just go back home,” Teddy insisted, figuring he still might be his brother’s equal at chess or something else non-physical.

Teddy was mopey all weekend, no matter how much Tom tried to encourage him to do something fun. When it finally came time for Tom to head back to college, he found Teddy in his darkened bedroom, lying on his bed atop the bedspread. Tom sat down on his bed across the room, the frame groaning beneath him. “Teddy, you gotta cheer up. Trust me, things are gonna get better.”

“Oh, really? When? In two years, when I go to college? And until then, I’ve just gotta live with being a punching bag for idiots? It’s not fair!” He was practically crying.

“Well…maybe it’ll happen sooner than you think,” said Tom, his shining smile visible even in the darkened room. He walked over to his suitcase and returned with something soft that he stuffed into Teddy’s hands.

“What’s this?”, asked Teddy.

“I was gonna save it for your Christmas gift, but I think you could use it now. Just wear it tonight when you go to bed.” Tom patted Teddy on the shoulder and said, “I can’t wait to see you at Christmas.” Tom rummaged inside his suitcase a bit more, then left the room.

Teddy flipped on the lamp on his bedside table. Tom had given him a white t-shirt a size or two too big for him. The design across its chest was a pair of elaborate wings with an hourglass at the center. It was the sort of thing he could imagine being sold at Aeropostale and it wasn’t exactly his style. He tended toward clothes that wouldn’t get him noticed or picked on, even though that strategy hadn’t worked particularly well. Still, he appreciated Tom’s effort to help him look a little cooler. Teddy pulled off his polo shirt and pulled the tee over his head. He had to admit, it didn’t look too bad on him. He took off his pants and went to bed in his new shirt and his boxers.

In the morning, Teddy’s gloom had lifted, but he felt worn out and his body was drenched in sweat. The shirt Tom had given to him was now wet and clinging to his chest. Whatever he’d been dreaming about must have been good, since he was sporting a solid chunk of morning wood in his boxer shorts. He was definitely going to need to relieve that pressure before he could possibly get dressed. He swung his legs out of the bed, rubbed his eyes and stood up, tiptoeing across the room in hopes that could make it to the bathroom before his parents woke up.

Teddy cracked open the bedroom door and, seeing that the coast was clear, hurried into the bathroom, locking the door behind him. His hard-on grew more aroused each time it flopped against the fabric of his shorts. Teddy turned on the shower and dropped his boxers, then pulled his t-shirt over his head. He was about to get into the shower when he noticed that the shirt he held in his hand was now completely white. Baffled, he turned back to the mirror and his jaw dropped.

The wide wings from the t-shirt were now emblazoned on his chest, spreading from shoulder to shoulder and down his sternum. It was as if the art had soaked its way through the wet t-shirt and been absorbed by his skin. The massive design looked out of place transferred onto his puny body. Something like this demanded to be on someone far cooler, not to mention much larger. But he loved it anyway, even preferring its design to Tom’s tattoo.

Teddy stepped into the blasting hot water of the shower and started to scrub his chest with a washcloth, but the tattoo remained in place, no matter how hard he rubbed. Teddy soaped up and, as he began to deal with his massive erection, his body grew warmer and warmer, as if heat were radiating outward from his chest. Waves of energy flowed down his arms and legs. His head was throbbing like a migraine, yet with each pulse, he felt overwhelming pleasure rather than pain. The spray of the shower made his skin tingle all over. When he finally reached orgasm, the euphoria spread through his entire body, in a rush like nothing he had ever felt before.

Teddy felt blissfully exhausted as he slid open the shower curtain and stepped toward the sink, wiping the foggy mirror clear with a towel. Long wet strands of wavy hair were hanging down into his eyes, even though just yesterday he had a crew cut. That struck him as odd, as he’d never heard of hair having a growth spurt. He brushed his hair from his forehead and swooned when he saw the adonis gazing back at him in the mirror. It was a face that could belong to a fashion model, but it had somehow landed on him instead. He traced his slender fingers along the angles of his sharp cheekbones and his manly jawline. He smiled and was greeted by a dentist’s dream, his formerly nubby teeth now smooth, even, and white as peppermint Chiclets.

He looked down and discovered that his body had grown lean and lanky. His abs were tight, and a faint treasure trail led from his navel toward his cock, which remained long and plump even post-orgasm. His legs had stretched out and inflated with muscle, boosting his height to a solid six-foot-four. Every change that had occurred to Tom’s body now seemed to have happened to Teddy as well.

Teddy dried himself off thoroughly, then wrapped the towel around his waist and rushed back to his bedroom. Unaccustomed to his proportions, his jumbo feet clomped heavily on the floor. His bedroom felt smaller now and he wondered how he would ever fit into any of his old clothes.

Just then, he noticed a stylish blue shirt, black jeans and big sneakers laid out atop Tom’s bed with a note:

“I figure you’ll need a change of clothes. Hope they fit, big guy. Your loving bro, Tom”

Teddy grabbed his cell phone and texted Tom the simple message: “Wow!”

He waited anxiously until Tom sent back a message: “So it worked? Awesome!”

Teddy wrote back: “Yeah. But how?”

After a brief pause, Tom’s reply appeared: “Let’s just say I met some guys here at college who used to be picked on too. You won’t believe what they’re working on next!”

Teddy stared at his reflection in the full-length mirror, admiring his new self. He pulled on the pants Tom had left behind, which if anything were a bit snug on his towering swimmer’s physique.

His spirits were soaring, borne aloft by the wings across his chest.

Teddy – no, make it Ted – didn’t think he’d be having any more trouble with those little bullies at school.

Similarly Named Stories: You might be looking for: “Dude” by Josh Dugan; or “Duet” by Krisiar.


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