The pump

by UberPump

 A young man and his wife find themselves at the mercy of a cock pump.  He's already quite big at 9 inches long, but how much bigger can he go and will they find a limit to his size?

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“Isn’t it fantastic! Our very first house together!” she says with glee.

“I know. It’s great, but anyplace is great with you by my side.” I grab onto her thin waist and pull her close to my body. I can feel the heat radiating from her voluptuous bosom. My loins stir in anticipation of consecrating our new home.

“Mm… Someone is getting worked up.” She reaches down to my bulging crotch. My jeans press further and further away from my body as my thick cock fills the space. My nuts boil as they swell with arousal.

“Shall we take this to the bedroom…?” I breath heavily in her ear, stroking back her long red hair from her eyes.

“Let’s… nnnn.mmm… do it on the couch…” She bites her lips, her legs squirming. Her right hand reaches toward her pants, fingering her crotch.

Eeeck!” she squeals as I scoop her up in my powerful arms, my chest pressing into her hips as my biceps overflow my shirt sleeves. My arms swell with power as I propel her and myself onto the couch. She’s on the bottom as I straddle her waist from above.

We begin undressing. As I’m kissing her neck we both deftly remove our pants with my briefs springing out and full of meat like a can of biscuits, my balls filling the gap between my thighs and the fabric. My nutsack is spilling out of the opening. Her panties soak with her juices as we kiss and fondle each other. I quickly remove her shirt as her boobs come bouncing free. They swell out into the open as they flop and bounce; her nipples pointed towards her target.

“Mmmmm… Braless. Did you plan this?” I wink at her… peeling my sweat and musky soaked shirt from my chiseled torso. My pecs protrude proudly on display as big, square, and full mounds of flesh. My abs and obliques are a specimen of fine art. Every crevasse in between the blocks of muscle glistens in tight, sweat-soaked skin…

“Maybe… But what I want for you to do for me now… is to try this…” She grabs a large blue box.

“Really? Now…?” I question her motives. Lust fills her eyes. She’s begged me ever since I drunkenly bought the pump after a few glasses of bourbon to try it out. The logo is emblazened on the side of the box: ‘The UberPump: Your Sexual Fantasies Come to Life!’

“I know you’re pretty hung already…” she says, slipping my briefs down as my cock springs forward. Lurching and pulsing wildly in the air like a fleshy, vein covered pole. My 9” cock swells out bulbously from the shaft near the head and tapers down to my base. My eggplant shaped cock throbs incessantly as I nervously open the box for the first time. Having stored it away out of sight, she found it as we packed up the apartment, and apparently never forgot.

“Don’t you think I’m big enough? I mean, look at this sausage!” I grab at it hard. As I am squeezing my cock, the purple head swells as pre-cum drips down onto her legs.

“It’s a fucking hog… so much meat…” She puts it in her mouth as I lean back into the couch. I don’t see her opening the box as my mind fills with ecstasy.

“Jesus!” she says…

“What?” I look at the contents of the box as she begins man handling the cock pump out of the box. A massive tube emerges.

“Holy fuck! This has got to be a gag gift! No one can actually fit that thing!?” I say, my jaw dropping. My cock bucking hard at the expectation of filling that tube.

“There’s two of them in here…” She hauls the second one out. A large tear drop shaped tube comes into view.

“The thing is massive!” I gasp. “What the hell was I thinking?”

“Dayum…” she says… “This must be for your balls… it’s got a hinge on it so at least you won’t get stuck… tee hee…” She snickers.

“There’s no way I’ll ever get that large and get stuck just to have to open that thing up! It’s gotta be at least the size of a beachball!” I’m staring at this thing. Excitement filling my chest as my breathing becomes heavy. My cock is aching for release. She picks of the hand pump. It resembles a brake bleeder pump but modified with a gauge all the way up to 35”hg; long blue tubing with a connector on the end.

*SNAP* I hear the connector make contact and click into place, the tubing attached to the cock pump.

“Wh.. what are you doing?” I ask, nervously excited. My cock rock hard and primed for whatever is about to happen.

“You bought this thing… now…” She grabs the large cylindrical tube. It’s comically massive as she places its extra wide opening around my groin. It swallows my rock hard cock. This thing is 2 feet long and about around as a 2 liter bottle of soda…

“And I wanna see how big my play thing can grow…” She smirks with a devilish grin.


“Oooh…that feels good.”


I feel my cock tighten as more blood is forced to fill the void. It lengthens… the markings on the side of the tube in inches shows my progress. My cock creeps up, getting bigger and fatter as it balloons in size.

“I’m already at 9.25 inches babe… keep going… feels sooooooo good.” I grip the tube and begin humping into it, my pelvis kegeling more size into my cock.

She does two more back to back pumps…


As my cock engorges, it grows tortuously as it nears its limit. I can feel it stretching the tunica beneath the skin. The fibers straining and fraying as the cavernosa overfill my cocks’ ability to maintain a normal shape.

“Oh god. that… that’s enough… I’m—full nugh…” I moan… my cock angrily approaching 10”. It’s girth swelling fatter as it lengthens… Another *PUMP* as it bloats up past 10 into double digits.

“Uh… come on… this isn’t funny. Hehe—nnnughg…” She squeezes the lever down a full blast, sucking more air out of the tube.

“AAAughhh… stop!” My cock swells rapidly. I can feel the meat creak against the skin as blood gushes into my overinflated cock. The pressure of my skin streeeeetching against the ballooning meat like a water balloon filled to burst.

“Oh… sorry… wow…” she says, drooling at her handy work.

“This is not a toy…Nor is my cock a balloon you can just inflate… aaahhh…” I moan. Moving around causes my cock to jiggle in the tube sending waves of electricity down my spine.

“Whoa…” I look at it. It’s purple and filled to the brim. I can feel each pulse of my heartbeat stretch and relax against the overburdened skin.

“It looks so—big.” She caresses the tube.

“It’s so fucking tight. I feel like I could pop. What did you pump me to already?” She hands me the pump. “Seriously! That’s only 8hg. Fuck! I felt like my cock was gonna explode from the pressure!” I moan, setting the pump down beside me. My cock twitches in the tube as it swells once again. *PUMP* *PUMP* PUMP*

“AAAggggghuh… nnnnphgh…” I see it struggle to grow past 11”. It feels like an air hose has been hooked up to my crotch with someone pumping me as full as I can go. My cock is stretching and burning with more size, its burgeoning girth expanding faster than the length as it nears its stretching limit.

“Sooooo—big…” I hear her say. Snapping out of my daze from this most recent growth, I snag the pump away from her as my cock inches to 12”. It’s so fat and hard, the cavernosum chambers of my cock are widening out of the side of my cock. The striations of cock meat are pressing into skin as it turns a deep crimson color, the dorsal vein along the top swollen and tight… pulsing rapidly as it feeds my cock more blood…. The exaggerated oval shaped cock is fatter than anything I’ve seen.

“What are you trying to do, make my dick explode!?” I scream at her. Out of desperation, I release the pressure from the tube. I feel the clamp…

Ahhh… What the hell!” I scream, a feeling of pressure centers around the base of my dick. I didn’t notice before, but the tube had a metal band around its base.

“Oh fuck! It hurts. It’s so tight! So full…” I groan as I slowly pull the tube off.. Throwing it into the box with the other massive tube, I grab onto my cock. Every vein is hard and filled to the brim. The surface of my cock hot to the touch as I run my hands down its surface. Every ridge, every vein a hard feature along the way as my hands gently rub my burning dick. My cock is pressurized and forced to keep its newly inflated size as the ring constricts the blood flow. Tighter and tighter my cock becomes as my body responds to the growth.

“Get the instructions! I wanna know how to get this thing off me before I … mmph … explode…” I groan, gripping into the tube of flesh. My cock is swollen, as wide as a wine bottle. A very fat and massive cock…

“It’s beautiful…” My wife drools as her delicate hands caress the turgid surface. My cock is burning as its blimp-like mass convulses at her touch…

“God, it’s so sensitive…” I shudder.

“Split me in half!” She grabs onto it.

Easy! Nngugh…” The tightness my cock, swollen in all its new mass, bucks hard in her hands as precum begins pouring from my swollen cockhead. She pulls me forward by my shoulders.

“You’re not planning on—” I ask her, sweating in excitement.

“Oh yes. Plow me big boy. Or should I say Big Man…” She spreads her legs wide as she leans back on the couch. Propping both feet up on my shoulders, I look at her.

“Mm…” She’s moaning and writhing in anticipation.

“I… I dunno about this. I was big before and we barely managed that… you sure about this?”

“Yes, I’m sure…” she moans, “Just take it slow, tip first.” She lunges at me.

I look down, my cock bobbing and swaying stiffly. My cock burns with its recent girth… I grab onto the base as I wince in pleasure. A searing pleasure that radiates all to the base of my tailbone and rockets its way up to my brain. I press the head against her swollen clit.

“Okay… here it goes…”

I press slowly inward. My cock-head enters the wet vagina as her insides squirm against the skin of my cock. As I reach the head in, I pause short of where the fat organ swells out on the shaft.

“You good…?”

“Yes. I can—take it!” she begs me.

“I.. d-don’t wanna hurt you.”

Lust fills her eyes as I slowly begin pushing. I feel resistance as my cock spreads her wide. The interior of her vaginal canal hugs, swallows, and gropes every bloated inch of my inflated member. I feel hard resistance once the widest part reaches her opening…

Aaaaahnnnnhguh,” she squeals…

“Am I hurting you?”

“No no… give me a minute… nnnn.mmm.” She bites her lip as she fondles her nipples, her left hand gripping the shaft of my cock as if trying to feed it inside her.

“Okay… keep pushing…”

I continue on, her internal pressure on my cock sending shivers down my groin. My cock pulsing violently inside her as the fat shaft slowly enters. The first four inches are inside and I stop again. Her walls clamping down over and over again. Sucking my cock off inside her as I feel a wave of fluid gush over my cockhead. It’s running out onto the couch…

“Damn babe! I’ve never seen you gush like that before…” Lean down and bite her neck as I continue to push… My cock is slowly forcing her wide open. Her vagina is accepting me for all its worth. At 9 inches I feel the back of her cervix.

“But… But… we still have 3 fat inches to go…” She winks at me.

“I… I can’t push any more… I’ve bottomed out honey…”

“Don’t tell me when I’m full!” She grabs my thick meaty shoulders. Throwing me off balance and to the floor. She’s on top of me.

“Now it’s my turn…”

She says as she slowly, slowly rises higher and higher… The lets her body weight then slide down the thick shaft. I can feel her pussy lips swallowing and convulsing as my cock goes wild.

“I’ve never felt like this before! Nmmmmm.” I groan, griping her thighs as she humps up and down the fat shaft. Each time slamming my cockhead into her cervix. I see her wincing each time.

“One last time… I can feel its almost there! Get inside me, you fat prick!” She screams animalistically as she slams down on my pelvis. I feel a *POP* as the rest of my cock vanishes in her tight pussy. Swallowing actions over and over again envelop every bloated inch of my massive log. Her body convulsing as a wave of orgasms wrack her body. Her eyes roll to the back of her head as she throws her head back in a lustful moan.

I pull out quickly, thinking I’ve hurt her. “I told you!” I say as I lean up from the floor, moving her from my still turgid cock.

“No… No… It was just, intense. I orgasmed! I’ve never felt so full in my life.” She leans up, her cheeks flush as sweat drips from her boobs.

“Really… you’ve never felt so full in your life? What about me…?” I grab onto my purple cock. Still filled to the brim as the cock ring forces it to stay in its bloated state.

“This cock ring is also preventing me from cumming so I’m a little backed up…” I reach down and fondly my heavy cum laden balls. Swollen in size, the rest proudly on the ground. Another bodily feature I’m proud of, my jumbo egg sized nuts.

“When’s this thing gonna go down?” She grabs a fistful of cockhead.

Sshhhht—” I wince, a sharp pain swells around my cockhead, turning into a burning pleasure.

“I don’t know but we can’t go overboard like that again… I don’t know how much more this cock can take.” I say, rubbing the side of my packed cock. It’s turgid foot long size bulging ominously as a blimp of flesh wrapped tightly in rope like veins, pulsing to grow bigger.

With a wobble side to side, I get up and lay down on the couch, grabbing her with me as we cuddle together. Our lovemaking brings us closer this time than it has in a long time.

Whipped, we fall asleep on the couch, holding each other with my fat cock sticking straight up uncomfortably.

“Good morning, sunshine!” I hear my wife say.

“Good… m… morning.” I say, rubbing the sleep from my eyes. I feel a deep feeling of relief in my groin. A hefty weight lying in my lap as I move to a sitting position. My legs spreadeagle as I look down…

“Holy shit…” I grab the meat. “Wh…Why am I so big!?” I say, admiring the massive tube of flesh.

“I dunno.” She shrugs her shoulders as coffee fills my nostrils.

“Like… I’m as big now soft as I usually am hard!” I look on astonished. I grab the tape measure from the opened UberPump box. Stretching it along its fat, spongy surface, I slap my face in astonishment. Meanwhile, with a *SLURP* she watches me oogle at my newly grown dick.

“Big, isn’t it? I had to measure it twice when I woke up myself. Was finally able to wriggle the cock ring from your meat there.” She winks at me while sipping her coffee.

“Like.. this… I don’t have any underwear big enough to contain this! It’s too much… I… I…” I say, my cock responding at my astonishment, swelling up as a fat chubby proceeds to lurch its way into the open.

I was 9” long soft. My girth… nearly 8” around! That’s 2.5” wide! Fuck me!!

“It’s actually pretty hot if you think about it…” She winks at me.

“I can’t get any bigger…” I groan, my cock getting hard as it throbs into the air.

“But what does your heart say…?” she asks, sitting her coffee down.

*Clunk* Clunk* *Snap* as she reaches into the box for the tubes… both of them now connected with a dual line attached to the pump.

“I… I…” My cock is throbbing at its new 12-inch length as it goes rigid. Soreness fills the mass of my cock from its recent growth. “I haven’t fully healed yet,” I stammer.

“Only one way… to.. find…out.” She lowers the massive cylinder onto my groin with slurp, the device suctions on.

“Oh.. no.. I … I can fill that thing…” My eyes go wide. A pit forms in my chest. Is it excitement or fear?

“Let’s pump them balls up some. I want you have a bigger set of balls for what’s coming your way.” She smirks at me as the cushioned opening of the beachball sized bowl like tube pulls my balls in with a *SLURP*.

An instant wretch in my stomach forms as she reaches in the box to grab what was humming.

“This was with it. Nice that they provided an electric pump. I guess if you wanted to travel with this thing—” She rubs cylinder on my cock. “—then you could but… this would never fit in a suitcase.”

“Pl..please. Don’t do this to me…” I moan, humping the air as my cock drools in the tube. Turning purple as pressure increases I my shaft. My ballsack swelling slightly as my body convulses in orgasmic bliss.

“I’m gonna make you more of a man today.” She smiles a devilish grin, turning the valve open more as air is pulled from the tube. My cock swells as my balls bulge into the space.

Starting from 12” it stretches painfully upward, bloating past 12.5” The girth is swelling and bubbling up against the skin as my cock threatens blow apart. My mind accepts it as my body is wracked with pleasure.

“Bitch… Blow me up big.” I groan at her.

“With pleasure…” The valve opens some more and with a *CREAK* my cock swells out like a balloon ready to burst.

13” and nearing 3” wide…

“That’s it. Get bigger… swell… fill that tube!” I moan, rubbing the sides as my wife fingers herself while looking at my burgeoning cock. It’s ooking full and ready to burst.

My balls are swelling as my sack stretches against them. I can feel the cum boiling and churning away as they produce more and more semen, my balls swelling up to lemons then oranges as a sharp pain brings me down from my high. I look up to my cock as it throbs violently inside the clear cylinder.

“HOLY SHIT!” I turn to my wife as she looks at it smiling. Grabbing the valve and turning it up some more, I scream in pain as my cock burns. The flesh growing taught as a *POP* a stretch mark mars the surface. 14” and more than 3” wide!!!! *SQUUUUEAAAAAAL* a stretching sound echoes from the tube.

“Please! Turn it off! It’s too big! I was never meant to be this big! Turn it off, Rachel!” I beg her.

My cock is swelling fatter, the skin bubbling up as my cock meat tears through the tunica and expands… a log of flesh, bloated and spongy looking as it widens further. My skin is stretching wildly over my ballooning junk. My cock is a fleshy balloon as it inflates past its’ limit.

“Keep going….” I groan, confused at my words as pleasure takes over. Every cell in my body is yelling at me to stop, a feeling of pride and fear pitting in my chest as my heart beat races faster and faster. My breathing is getting heavier. I nervously look on as my cock fills more of the tube…


The flesh is swelling up, my cock near its limit as it shudders, getting tighter and tighter as it bloats. Anxiety fills my chest as the whole thing fills the tube, getting bigger.


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