The pinball machine

by Thorn

Tyler works at an arcade with a secret pinball machine that unveils itself for customers when it wants to be played with.

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Part 1 Tyler works at an arcade with a secret pinball machine that unveils itself for customers when it wants to be played with. (added: 30 Jan 2021)
Part 2 Peter, the handyman Tyler’s had a crush on for ages, gets a shot at the pinball machine. Turns out he’s really good at it. (added: 13 Feb 2021)
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Part 1

Tyler worked at an old retro arcade downtown that still looked like it was from 80s from when it was built. Neon lights hung inside with different colored walls and patterned carpet. Even the games that took up space out on the open floor ranged from old favorites: Pacman, Donkey Kong, Frogger, Space Invaders, Lunar Lander, and other countless hits from the past. Each of the machines had flashy lights on their screen tempting those who entered the building.

Surprisingly enough, the outside of the building looked pretty normal as it was nestled into a jungle of other concrete buildings. Only those who had heard about the niche place came often to take photos for their Instagrams, which made it quite good for business.

Tyler, only twenty-six, had been working here for two years when he needed a job to keep paying his rent. He’d pretty much gotten the hang of running the establishment since not many people would show up at a time. Clientele was pretty sporadic anyways. From running the cashier to handling the ticket booth to even giving out prizes, Tyler handled just about everything but broken games. Fortunately, any time a machine broke down Tyler could just dial the handyman, Peter, who’d come around with his usual utility belt and fix the machines up in a jiffy.

There was one thing that was a little off about this arcade, as Tyler had come to realize the first year he started. The Pinball Machine.

The Pinball Machine had started appearing the first year Tyler had begun working at the arcade. Having managed the store mostly by himself, he was very familiar with all the machines except for this one weird one that would just randomly show up on occasion. It looked a little older than the other machines, but that was the least of its issues. Unlike the nostalgic games that were spread out throughout the floor, this pinball machine was inappropriate to say the least. It was called Cock Rocket, with a penis shaped rocket blasting off into space surrounded by old-looking yellow stars and different colored planets. The truly odd thing about this machine, though, was that no one seemed to notice when it appeared. When he’d reported it to his boss, the boss didn’t bat an eye and later acted as if the conversation had never happened. Tyler found it odd but didn’t complain though.

Some unusual clientele would sometimes come in, ranging from jocks, twinks, and twunks to bears and daddies, and all sorts of men. They’d walk in through the door, look around at the machines and leave. Sometimes, though, these men would spot the machine, wander over, and play the game. Tyler started to think that the game had some effects that—oh wait, a customer.

The bell jingled as the front door of the small establishment was pushed open. Tyler recognized the face of the guy that had walked across from the gym Tyler often frequented and sometimes cruised in. It was Porter, a brunette stud who’d played hockey in high school and in college. How did Tyler know that? The guy wouldn’t shut up about it, that’s how.

Although hunky, he wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. He always wore a goofy smile with a drawled voice, always lax. He was wearing a muscle tee that exposed the biceps he worked so hard for at the gym, along with some nice tight square pecs. Through the shirt you could see the outline of a six pack. His gym shorts covered some nice quads and a shelf-like bubble butt from the hockey training he had done.

Porter looked around the room as Tyler flipped through a magazine at the counter, trying to steal some glances before putting the magazine aside to give him a good welcome.

Porter smiled. “Thanks bro! I haven’t been in an arcade in so long. I wonder what I should play.”

“Well, we have a large assortment of nostalgic games. You can have a look around and see what piques your interest. If you find a game you like, let me know so I can exchange some of your change for tokens.” Tyler gave him a retail smile before going back to his copy of Men Monthly.

Porter walked around, attracted by the cacophony of pings and bleeps ringing across the room and the bright lights drawing him in like a moth to a flame. He sat in front of one game, then another, moving onto another each time like he was Goldilocks seeing which game was just right.

Then he stopped at The Pinball Machine. Examining it, Porter laughed at the design of the penis shape rocket looking at the design. Clearly he knew he had to try this. He headed back to the front counter.

“Dude, can I exchange some coins for that pinball machine back there? It’s mad funny bro. Who knew those things existed!” He was stifling a laugh while digging around his wallet for some loose change.

“Which pinball machine?” now Tyler was really interested.

“That penis one, bro! Man, how do you guys even manage to keep that in here?” he placed the change onto the counter.

“Oh, that one.” Tyler was thrilled and ready for what was about to come next. “That one is a little finicky. Each player can only try it once, so you get only one token to spend it on.”

“That sucks, dude. Oh well, guess I have to make the best out of this token huh?” Porter stuffed his extra change back into his wallet and into his pocket. Tyler escorted him to the pinball machine. Porter stood in front of the machine, hands on both sides of the machine, ready to push against the button to activate the lever.

Tyler looked at the machine and back at Porter, grinning, “Remember, you only get one shot at this so make it count alright? Don’t get distracted either.”

“I got it, I got it. How do I score points on here again?” Porter asked.

“You have to get the ball to go through the side rails and into the cockpit to get your rocket to blast off into space. The more often you get the ball into the cockpit, the more points you’ll get and the images on the playing field will light up. But if you drop the ball then it’s game over. I’ll watch in case you need help,” Tyler added, making eye contact with Porter.

“Sounds good, dude! I’ve played hockey for years so I should be good at this!” Porter cracked his neck before sliding the token into the coin slot. Then he clicked start.

The old machine seemed to brighten with new life, looking to be almost brand new again as if it had never been played. The playing field’s colors brightened to look like space with a black background lit up by nebulas, stars, planets, and galaxies. The left side railing led into the cockpit of the rocket while the right side when hit gave bonus points to mysterious unlit moons. Five images remained in the dark at the center of the field, but could easily be seen as a trail to getting higher into space.

The pinball immediately shot out the cockpit and banged against the walls of the playing field. Porter’s eyes were watching the ball as it bounced back and forth hitting different objects. As it hit different colored stars ranging from white, yellow, orange, red, and blue the score continued to rise. Having hit all the starts the galaxy image began to spin, creating sparkles.

“I’m killing this game, dude!” Porter was grinning. He leaned in closer to the machine keeping his hands firmly put onto the buttons ready for when the pinball hit one of the levers. Soon enough, the pinball had ricocheted off the wall and hit the right lever. With fast reflexes Porter hit the button causing the lever to flip, shooting the metallic ball up the left side railing and into the cockpit. The machine made a blast off sound as the cockpit lit up.

“Yes! Did you see that bro?” Porter gleamed in excitement. In the center of the playing field the first of the five dark emblems had flickered to life. It was a small emblem with a penis design with bold navy blue font next to it titled “Porn Star”. Porter didn’t seem to notice, but Tyler did. The front of those gray gym shorts were getting a little distended in the crotch area. A quick swell pushed the fabric out further than it used to be. The expansion lasted for a couple seconds then stopped. Tyler looked back at the score board. The overall score Porter was getting was in the ten thousands as of now, but on the side were other numbers that sat on a spectrum that had gradually increased. Originally the left side of the fuel meter was at a 4 and the right was at a 6, but now the low side was at a 5.5 and the high was at an 8. Porter didn’t pay any attention to the spectrum—he was too involved in the game.

Maneuvering the ball, Porter kept hitting against a purple swirling galaxy until it eventually began to sparkle as well with words lighting up saying “Horny”. While the ball went up and slowly descended down since it hit some asteroids Porter grabbed at his bulge and rubbed it. Seeing that the ball was close to falling down the center Porter quickly returned his hand back to the right button to control the right lever, just in time from having it fall down and potentially ending the game early. Luckily, that hit not only saved the ball but made another clear shot into the cockpit. It lit up once again and the pinball machine made a louder blast off sound compared to before.

“I got it there twice! Look at me go! I knew I’d be great at this dude!” Porter looked over to at Tyler and put his fist out for a quick fist bump before the ball got shot back out. Tyler obliged. Down in the playing field another light flickered, this time above the previous one. A larger penis lit up with red text next to it in the same font as the navy blue one. This time the text read “Fuckstick”. Looking down at the penis, Porter snickered at the word it displayed. Tyler moved his eyes back down to the bulge in Porter’s shorts. It grew gradually bigger and continued swelling a couple seconds longer this time until it was very noticeable. Anyone looking at Porter could easily see he was packing down there. Ignoring the bright scoreboard, Tyler looked over to the fuel meter. The new low was at 6.5 and the high was at 10. Judging from the bulge pushing away from his crotch, Tyler guessed that seemed about right. He had only come across big dicks when working at this arcade. As to why? It was pretty obvious, although it did not happen as much as Tyler would have liked.

Surprisingly enough, this pinball machine was quite easy to master and allowed customers to play for quite some time. Now reaching the twenty-thousand-point mark a shooting star appeared past the asteroids with pink letters saying “Hit Me”. Porter took that has a challenge as he continued to hit the asteroids in order to make his way up to the top of the playing field. The lights from the field flashed through the glass each time he missed and hit an asteroid. After a couple minutes he finally managed to get the ball through the asteroids enough to hit the star. The machine let out a twinkling sound effect as the star lit up bright yellow with a white trail followed behind it. In fiery letters underneath the star the phrase “Big Boy” was illuminated. Tyler grinned. Not many could hit that goal but Porter did say he was an expert. Porter began to wince and stifled a groan. The gray fabric grew taut around the bulge. It didn’t push out in front, but began to swell out to the sides. A big boy indeed. The amount of girth he must have just packed onto his penis must have been a lot. At this point the drawstrings on his gym shorts loosened become untied and the shorts were beginning to be weighted down a little bit due to the increased weight of his junk. Porter took a moment to look down and his eyes widened before making a goofy smile.

He turned to Tyler. “Whoops. Guess this game is making me excited in more ways than one. Man, I feel heavy.”

Tyler chuckled, “No worries, it happens.”

Porter did his best to aim at the left railing again to land into the cock pit but was having some difficulties. For a while he continued pouncing the little ball back and forth between both levers like he was trying to angle it right. Taking his time he decided to go for it and hit the right button really hard, causing the machine to shake. The ball shot up and to the left, shooting right into the cockpit once again.

“Three times! Can you fucking believe this dude? I am killing this!” Porter let out a loud whoop which was covered by the sound of another blast off by the rocket. Following suit was the illumination of the third emblem. Porter’s eyes darted to the third image which was a larger penis than the second. In cosmic purple text it was titled “Donkey Dick”. If Porter wasn’t in discomfort before, he definitely was now. Sweat began to form on his forehead as he tried to keep his focus on the game while the gym shorts were being pulled down by his growing bulge. The boxer briefs that he was wearing had won the battle and managed to get his gym shorts to slip off, leaving the gym shorts around his ankles. Porter was now just wearing his red boxer briefs which now looked to be in danger. A fat monster was residing inside of the article of clothing and seemed to finish swelling. When Porter had a moment to look away from the game he’d look down at his monstrous bulge and throbbing cock which was pointing down toward his left thigh.

“Sorry dude guess I need a bigger pair. I swear I’ll get my shorts back on as soon as I finish this!” Porter looked a bit panic.

“No worries my guy, it’s all cool. I’ll cover for you in case someone comes in. I know how it feels to be real into a game,” Tyler assured him as he surveyed the damage. Those briefs wouldn’t hold for long, either. Looking back at the fuel meter, the numbers had also grown bigger like Porter’s member. Now the low side was at 8 and the high was at a solid 12. Sitting in his briefs was a fat soft monster just waiting to push against the seams, which it was already doing. Just as the gym shorts had grown tight against the bulge now his boxer briefs were growing tight against his fat member.

Arriving at the thirty thousand mark the moons began to shimmer and come to life. Now more visible, letters could be viewed underneath the phases. Starting at the top and moving down, Porter started to knock out the phases one by one. He hit the first four pretty easy which spelled out L E T S. As for the remaining four, the gap between the last four phases and the first four was quite big, making it quite tricky for Porter to aim at. He had to try some trick shots which he eventually got the hang of. Eventually the last four letters lit up into L E A K. Moonlight spilled out from each of the phases like trickling water. The big cock head pushing against the boxer briefs was getting darker. Pre-cum began to spill out the tip, creating a wet spot. It didn’t take long before the stain grew, surrounding a bit more than just the slit of his cock head as it trailed closer to his thigh. Two large balls filled the briefs pushing his cock harder into the fabric as they swelled with cum.

Tyler didn’t think Porter seemed to care about his growing cock but sometimes guys didn’t notice. On a few occasions, some did, but in Porter’s case, not so much. He really was a competitive jock focused on whatever he put his mind to. Sweat began to drip down his brow now while Porter began to stick out his tongue in concentration. The entire playing field seemed to be thriving and filled with life, except not all the images were lit yet.

“Almost there!”, Porter groaned as the ball kept going past the railing and hitting a bit too far, landing right back at the two levers. Getting frustrated he continued to spam-click the buttons until finally the ball shot back into the cockpit. “That’s how you do it bro!” he cheered.

A larger penis, even bigger than the third, began to light up slowly as the rocket blast filled the room once again. Next to it in yellow text read “Monster Cock”. Monster cock indeed! The soft, leaking, swelling beast in Porter’s boxer briefs continued to lengthen until the head peeked put the thigh line of his boxer briefs. The head now exposed to the cold arcade air. The head must have been sensitive since Porter bit his lip and let out a moan. The pre-cum continued to leak out the slit and onto the carpet. Tyler sighed knowing he’d have to clean up after Porter left. As his penis continued to climb down his leg, the numbers on the spectrum continued to climb as well. Now at the low end, the number increased to a solid 10. As for the high end… it had reached 14.5. Now Porter felt the increased size. He looked at the exposed cock head and tried to tuck it back under the thigh line, but it just didn’t fit. It kept pushing itself out as if it was struggling for air in such a previously cramped state. Only one more image was left to be lit up. Tyler had never seen what was past this stage since now the playing field had darkened. Loud trumpets boomed from the machine as a large UFO covered the screen. On the UFO were red spots, exposed and blinking.

“You have to hit all the red spots to make the UFO explode. Come on, Porter, I know you can do it!” Tyler was cheering him on now. This beautiful man was developing into one of Tyler’s fantasies. He didn’t want to see him get defeated now.

“Imma try bro!” Porter responded enthusiastically. As Porter tried to hit the eight blinking lights the UFO would summon asteroids to pop up which would block the ball, causing it to bounce back down. Porter was having a lot of close calls. Even with all of his practice and competitiveness, it wasn’t enough for him to win this alone. Trying his best, Porter managed to hit three of the lights but each time a light was taken out more obstacles appeared. Deciding to risk it, Porter aimed from the side to see if the ball could ricochet up in a diagonal pattern by bouncing off the asteroids as he had done to hit the shooting star, but unfortunately, it failed. The ball fell straight down the middle.

No!” Porter yelled as he gave the two buttons a final slam, causing the levers to jerk but they couldn’t reach the ball. His final score flashed on the screen at forty thousand before the numbers turned into text saying “BLAST OFF!”. Porter released his hands from the buttons and quickly moved them to his crotch. It began to swell with blood, growing fatter and longer, gradually moving into its erect state. Not only was the cock head out of the briefs but so were a couple more inches. Seams began to rip and holes formed at the swelling beast until the briefs finally lost the fight they struggled so long to keep up with. Bursting free was Porter’s swollen 14.5 inch cock and large softball sized balls. His cock had a slight curve to it but it bobbed out in front of him, aiming at the coin slot machine.

“Oops!” Porter blushed.

Tyler chuckled and patted his shoulder, “I can help you get cleaned up in the staff bathroom if you want.”

Porter nodded his head. Tyler led Porter to the bathroom, giving Porter a test run with his new and improved cock for about forty-five minutes. Eventually Porter had to meet up with a client at the gym he was currently in charge of. With his briefs now ruined, he had to free ball. Having a 10 inch soft cock dangling from his groin was no joke. Even with some repositioning, his cock was extremely noticeable. Its head even poked out the bottom of his shorts! Having given up, Porter just shrugged and hoped no one would look closely. Porter made sure to give Tyler his business card, making plans to meet up with Tyler in the gym sauna sometime soon. As Porter left and the bell on the jingled one more time, Tyler grabbed some cleaning supplies and headed toward The Pinball Machine. An empty spot of carpet remained. The machine had vanished once again. Tyler sighed and began to clean up the mess that Porter’s leaky cock had created.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Tyler and Porter had kept their promise of meeting up. After Tyler had finished his shift he met up with Porter at his favorite gym, mainly because it was the only gym in town where all the gay guys had frequented. It was later at night so it was rather empty besides the cute twink that was manning the desk in the front, who was usually too tired to care when a person entered the building.

Tyler walked on by and headed to the locker room to find Porter but he was nowhere to be found. Moving out to the gym floor he found who he was looking for finishing up with his last client of the day, a pretty toned guy with red hair. Porter was currently spotting the ginger, positioned behind him as the man lifted. Tyler sat back, watching the hunky men. As Porter helped his client finish up his last couple of reps he could see the ginger moaning in the mirror as Porter rubbed his crotch against his ass. Placing the large weight back, the ginger smiled and shook Porter’s hand. When Porter turned around the long tube of flesh was visibly running down his leg, with pre-cum oozing out the bottom of his shorts and onto the floor. Tyler gave a wave to Porter and Porter returned the favor.

Making their way into the locker room, Tyler and Porter quickly became inseparable. Porter having a slight height advantage pushed Tyler against a wall of lockers, assaulting his mouth with his tongue. The dark spot at the bottom of his shorts was growing darker by the minute, with his exposed head now pushing itself out. Tyler quickly undressed as did Porter as the two sauntered into a vacant sauna room. With nothing but two towels, the two of them continued their little make out session in the steam. As the steam enveloped the two of them Tyler continued to play with Porter’s oozing dick. In response to the heat, it began to grow plumper and filled with blood. It continued to rise and point straight out as it did when at the pinball machine when he had lost. Porter has already received one blow job from Tyler at the arcade and three more blow jobs from his clients today, but nothing was satisfying his monster cock. It continued to ooze pre-cum and created little puddles on the floor. Porter couldn’t resist grinding his hips against his clients meaty butts. Once while picking up a weight, the bar had smashed into his bulge, not wanting to rise above it. Growing to its newly full size at 14.5 inches, Tyler began to scoop up some of the continuous pre, rubbing it in between his two cheeks to prepare his hole for entry of the mighty cock. Porter on the other hand had become a slave to lust. He’d been a bit notorious for cruising the gym and had had many guys take him up on his offer for sex in the showers before, but now he was totally and officially given over to his desires.

Sitting on one of the sauna benches, Porter just stared in awe at his jumbo-sized cock. He didn’t seem fazed by its size whatsoever. To him, it felt good when he played with it or when he felt it rub against his clothes or even his clients. He disliked cramping his monster cock into clothes and preferred having it out as much as he could, or whatever he could get away with in public places. He was no longer thinking with his head on top of his shoulders, but instead listened to the head of his giant cock.

Growing impatient, Porter grabbed Tyler by the waist and sat him on his lap. His monster cock slid between the two cheeks trying to press at his hole. Tyler couldn’t help but laugh at how desperate Porter was to plunge his monster cock into his tight hole. He knew he needed an ass to fuck and Tyler was willing to give Porter a try. With Porter’s frustrated whimpers, Tyler grabbed at the top of the meaty shaft and positioned the large head at his hole. It took a few attempts but finally Tyler adjusted to the heads size. Whenever Porter tried to ram more of his cock in, Tyler would rub his hand through Porter’s hair and just say, “Let me do the work.”

Taking in the large head took a few minutes and then about four more inches. That Big Boy bonus granted by the pinball machine was no joke. Tyler grunted and let out some moans as he felt the thick cock push against the walls of his ass, stretching him out like never before. Tyler had never taken a cock this thick in his life but he was enjoying the challenge. Still whimpering, Porter squeezed Tyler’s ass, kneading the two cheeks. Pushing himself down further, Tyler took the next four inches, taking in about half of Porter’s cock. Looking below, he could still see 7.5 inches of man meat waiting to enter. Slowly gyrating his hips, Tyler moved himself down bit by bit until he took two more inches. Now it was Porter’s turn to moan as his cock had never felt a hole this tight in his life. This was better than all the blow jobs he had received today combined, that is for sure. Both of the men began to get rather sweaty as the warm temperatures of the sauna only seemed to make them hotter, and hornier. One more inch, and then another, Tyler by now had taken 11 of Porter’s inches. Tyler wanted to take all of Porter into him but with this being his first attempt onto this stallion, he knew he would bottom out soon. Taking in another half inch was a lot of Tyler but he continued to take deep breaths, trying to plunge himself deeper. His prostate was being smashed by Porter’s monster head. It even felt like Porter was pushing in past that. Tyler was feeling a whole new world of bliss. Pushing himself a little further, Tyler managed to take in another half inch, successfully having a full foot of Porter’s monster cock inside of him. Knowing his limits and not wanting to potentially hurt himself, Tyler began to bounce up and down Porter’s cock.

Porter began to thrash around as the large surface area of flesh he was not used to felt sensations he had never experienced before, or at least he thought he hadn’t experienced before. What he did know was that not many guys could take his size and often bottomed out at half way or a little bit after, but Tyler was the first guy to take so much. He didn’t even care two and a half more inches of flesh were not inside of Tyler. He was just glad he had tight hole to fuck and take him. Tyler began to rub his own cock furiously as he felt his hole getting abused by Porter. Porter took the hint that Tyler had managed to adjust himself to his cock so he began to thrust in and out, varying his thrusts to see how deep he could hit. Tyler felt so full with the large cock jamming into him. Looking down at his stomach he could see the thick rods outline faintly pushing against his stomach from within as Porter thrust in and out. Porter’s eyes were filled with desire. He was a mad man. No, a mad jock. A jock born for fucking and a jock born to be served. The hole he was fucking was the perfect sheath for his iron hot cock sword. Wearing his familiar goofy smile, Tyler knew he was making Porter’s day even better.

The two men continued their fuck session in the sauna. Not before long did Porter begin to pull his cock out of Tyler’s ass like a fire hose, ready to blast. Tyler pulled himself off of Porter completely, letting the monster cock bob in front of him. Leaning down one last time, he began to suck on the supple head until copious amounts of cum began to spurt out and splatter across Tyler’s face. He did his best to take as much as Porter’s man juices as he could down his throat, tasting how great jock spunk was. Porter’s large balls continued to spurt out a lot of thick cum, which eventually had difficulty going down the sauna drain. Tyler joined him by aiming his cum shots (although not as impressive as Porter’s) down the drain too. Porter having had the biggest orgasm in his life began to feel light headed. From the amount of action he had just put out along with the amount of blood it took to fill his giant rod mixed with the heat of the sauna from being in there too long, Tyler had to help Porter out. Tyler got a water bottle from the vending machine in the locker room and gave it Porter so he would feel better. It took some time, but Porter eventually began to not feel so dizzy. Tyler had to help get Porter’s clothes back on though since Porter was still trying to regain his footing. Even after blowing another load, packing the large softie in his gym shorts was to no avail. Thankfully it was night out so no one would see the long prick unless they were looking real closely. Packing up their stuff before leaving, Porter grabbed onto Tyler and gave him another sloppy kiss before giving him his phone number. Tyler was walked back to his car by Porter before saying goodnight as he had another shift at the arcade tomorrow. Porter looked like a lust sick fool waving goodbye as Tyler drove off and back home before lumbering back in to chat up the twink working the counter.


Part 2

Tyler didn’t have to open the arcade until about noon but he had to be there about four hours early to prepare it for the new day. That meant cleaning the bathrooms, unloading new prizes, making sure the cash register worked, counted the money in the vault, and made sure the arcade machines were working as intended. He had checked off his chores down on his list one at a time. Making his way around the arcade floor he found that the Frogger machine wasn’t working. Rubbing his eyes in annoyance to this being the fourth time this month this machine alone refused to cooperate. He’d have to phone the boss to let him know that this machine might need to be retired for good, or to invest in new parts. It wasn’t all bad though, at least now Tyler was able to call one of his favorite people, Peter.

Peter had been the resident handyman that repaired machines at the arcade the past two years that Tyler had been working at the establishment. When Tyler first met Peter he couldn’t believe how handsome he was. In his 40s, he was a bit on the taller side with a stockier body. He had some nice biceps and a large chest, but had a little bit of soft tummy showing off his older gentleman body. His black hair had a few gray flecks, but his stubble still remained without any grays. His work shorts hugged a nice ass, much like Porter’s, but he had some thicker thighs that pushed against the shorts. Whenever Peter came in he always greeted Tyler with a warm smile and a shake of the hand, his large hand covering Tyler’s easily. Dialing up the maintenance number, Tyler was told Peter would swing by in about thirty minutes since he was already in the area.

Time flew by pretty quickly as the bell jingled to signify the door had opened, allowing entry of a new customer. Tyler put away a broom before coming to the front desk to greet Peter who was wearing his usual brown work shirt and black belt holding up his cargo shorts. His tool belt was slung over his shoulder. Tyler swooned.

“Is it the same machine again?” Peter adjusted his belt around his shorts, causing his tummy to bounce a little bit.

“You know it. I need to phone it in for the boss if this keeps up. No one even plays this machine often anyways. It might as well be retired,” Tyler groaned.

“Hey, that’s not true, I like this game. I used to frequent arcades all the time back in my day. This was a classic. You’re just missing out. But anyways, let me give it a quick look at and see what the problem is. I’ll have it up and running in a jiffy.” Peter tipped his head and gave another smile before wandering off to the machine. Tyler watched his ass sway side to side in those tight cargo shorts. Delicious.

Tyler watched the large man get to work, opening the side panel and observing the problem. Peter got to work with his tool belt, poking and prodding whatever machinery sat inside the old games. Tyler respected the work Peter had done keeping this place alive for so long. If he hadn’t been a friend of the boss this place probably would have gone under long ago, which meant no paycheck for Tyler. Peter having grown familiar with the machine managed to fix the problem rather quickly. The two men were rewarded with the machine turning on and displaying the game’s title.

“Told ya I could get it fixed. I agree with you though, this machine needs more than just a servicing. Tell you what, since I got extra time how about I give a quick look around to see if there’s any other machines that could use a bit of sprucing up.” Peter winked this time. Tyler’s heart fluttered.

“Sounds good, man! If you got any questions I’ll be over by the prize counter restocking.” Tyler was blushing.

Tyler returned to work restocking deck of cards, some crappy cheap plastic toys, and a couple of stuffed animals before Peter sauntered back over to the prize machine, laying his arm onto the counter and flexing his bicep in the process. “All right I did a once over and everything checked out, aside from one machine I hadn’t seen before. The panel was dusty when I opened it up and I managed to fix a few wires so it should work better than before… but I got to ask, did you always have that rocket pinball machine? I could have sworn it’s new.”

Tyler was taken aback. Again? The pinball machine was back again so soon? This was a first. “The boss likes me to bring it out on occasion, but I often forget to. Usually I bring it out when I know there won’t be many little tykes running about.”

“I see. Well, I was quite the pinball champion in my day. Since I still got time to kill, do you mind if I give it a shot?” Peter raised his eyebrows at Tyler.

Tyler quickly stuffed the plush teddy bear into the prize stand hastily. “I don’t mind at all. How about I watch you, ‘pinball champion’,” Tyler teased.

“Oh ho ho, is that a challenge?” Peter was grinning now, that competitive look was in his eyes.

“You bet,” Tyler chuckled.

After exchanging Peter’s change at the counter, Tyler had given him the single token needed to activate the machine. Peter dropped the tool belt off to the side of the machine. Rubbing his hands across the machine he was taking in the artwork and the type of pinball machine it was to get a better idea at how to score more points. There was a science to it in Peter’s book.

“As I was saying,” Tyler said, “you only get one shot at this machine so don’t blow it. As you get the ball into the cockpit you’ll increase the fuel meter, causing the rocket to rise and blast off further into space. Got all that?” Peter nodded. “All right, let’s see how you do, buddy.”

“Can I make a bet with you before I begin?” Peter asked.

“Uh, sure, what’s the bet?” Tyler cocked his eyebrows.

“If I manage to win and get the highest score, I get to take you to dinner tonight.” Peter’s lips curled into a smirk.

Tyler’s soul left his body. First Porter and now Peter, whom he’d been admiring the past two years he’d been working here. This machine was a godsend. “Deal.” Tyler put out his hand as did Peter. The two shook on it. Peter moved his big hands over to the buttons and Tyler slid the token into the coin slot. Bursting to life, the machine lit up with all of its designs. Through the glass, the playing field lit up with its familiar images. The five rocket ships waited to be illuminated as did the bonus areas. However, in the gap of the moon phases Tyler noticed another spot that had appeared that he wasn’t too familiar with before. Maybe the machine was a bit rundown and Peter had fixed something he was unaware of. Nonetheless, Tyler was excited to see Peter play.

Immediately the pinball shot out and Peter expertly knew how to maneuver the machine as if he had played it before. Looks like he wasn’t lying about knowing his way around the machine. Tyler watched in amazement at how controlled Peter seemed to be able to make the pinball and how he seemed like he knew the ins and outs of the playing field. That would soon change when he started getting some higher scores though. Bouncing the ball on levers, Peter gazed around the playing field seeing where he wanted to aim the little metallic ball at.

“If you want things to open up you’ll need to get it into the cockpit first. Kind of like your starting up the rocket ship,” Tyler said.

Peter understood and with a straight shot, got it up into the railing that aimed it right into the cock pit. The machine whirred and made a blast off effect. Multi-colored stars lit up the playing field and the different galaxies appeared. Some swirled while others emitted brighter lights than others. While Peter was planning out where to score, Tyler looked over to the fueling meter. The numbers had activated unbeknown to Peter. Sitting on the low end of the spectrum was a 5 and on the high was an 8. Damn who knew Peter was carrying that tool with him. Tyler snickered at his own joke. Not before long did the first rocket ship emblem light up. In its navy blue lettering, the small penis was now visible with “Porn Star” written next to it. Much like Porter, Peter let out a chuckle.

“Porn Star? I already got that,” Peter looked over to Tyler and winked.

Soon Peter was about to get a bit bigger than the average porn star. The cargo shorts that already looked a bit tight on the big man strained in the front. A meaty bulge was coming into view as the zipper was become visible from its hidden confines behind the fabric. The big piece of man meat inside of Peter’s pants was growing heftier, much like the rest of him. Peter seemed to notice this, using one of his meaty hands to adjust himself. Even though his hand was large, the bulge came close to filling his palm. Those cargo shorts wouldn’t last too much longer Tyler thought. Not at the rate Peter started this game off at. Making a quick glance at the fuel meter, the new low number was at a solid 6.5 and the high was at a 9.5. Tyler was feeling a bit aroused now. Porter had reached around that size when he had gotten to the second goal. Peter had already reached near that and he had only made it to the first.

Peter began to aim his focus toward the multi-colored stars which he knocked out in no time. He even managed to hit three of them in one shot. His score continued to rise on the board. Two galaxies swirled with star dust coming out of them except one that was unlit.

“Should I aim for that one?” Peter asked without moving his eyes from the machine.

“Go for it,” Tyler said, now moving his hand over to Peter’s shoulders.

Peter wasted no time in activating the unlit purple galaxy which emitted its cosmic purple light. As the stardust scattered below the galaxy it spelled out the word “Horny”. As Tyler rubbed Peter’s shoulders he could tell Peter had grown a bit more sensitive to touch. Feeling up his muscles from his arms to wide back, Peter would let out a few noises of approval. The bulge in front also seemed to agree as it seemed to bounce and throb with anticipation. It still remained the same size though, but it made its presence quite clear.

“Here, watch this.” Peter motioned for Tyler to come over to the side of the machine in which he obeyed. Peter made another clear shot into the cockpit which gave him the celebratory noise from the machine. Above the first penis emblem was a second one, this one titled “Fuckstick” this one even bigger. Peter’s face contorted, knowing something felt a bit different now. He began to shift his feet until he decided to just take a wider stance to get more comfortable. The zipper of his cargo shorts had pulled themselves down now. Pushing out of the hole was a red pouch. His cargo shorts still remained buttoned but Peter felt a bit more relief now that whatever was going on down below had a bit more room now. Peter looked down and saw how obscene his bulge was looking in his shorts. He raised his eyebrow and tried to use one hand to push the bulge back into his shorts to zip it up, but the shorts had no such luck. The bulge kept bouncing back out, wanting to eat up as much room as it could. Tyler chuckled at the sight of Peter trying to multi-task.

“I didn’t know you were so big,” Tyler remarked.

“Neither did I,” Peter responded, confused as to why his bulge was looking bigger than usual and why he was feeling heavier down in the loins. Tyler knew though. The fuel meter had changed again to match Peter’s “new score”. Now on the low was an 8.5. No wonder why the bulge was looking too constricted. Peter was smuggling a cock the size of some men who were hard, and that’s only if they were above average to begin with. Now on the high was an 11. Damn he was already near a foot long. Tyler’s own cock began to fill out his employee shorts, but not to the degree as Peter. Now the asteroids had appeared with the shooting star glimmering above them, waiting to be hit. Peter was already at the twenty-thousand point mark before Tyler knew it. Now Peter’s skills were put to the test. Hitting the shooting star wasn’t as easy as he expected it to be. He kept crashing into the asteroids so much that the pinball kept ricocheting off to the phases of the moon. From all of his failed attempts, the moons had all been hitting spelling out “L E T S L E A K”. Biting his lip, the red pouch where his penis was coiled up inside of grew into a maroon shade now. Finally, Peter managed to sneak the ball past the asteroids and hit the shooting star. “Big Boy” lit up underneath the star. Two changes real close to one another. Peter’s bulge expanded further. If Peter had hoped to get his bulge back into his shorts before, he needed to abandon that dream right now.

The zipper remained underneath the hefty bulge now getting crushed by the maroon cloth. As his penis continued to engorge and grow fatter, the buttons on his cargo shorts finally undid themselves. The front side of his shorts were being pushed down by the growing bulge but was still being held up by the belt that he wore around his waist. Tyler was treated to the lovely sight that Peter was wearing a jockstrap, as the strap could be seen a little bit on his waist. Thankfully his ass was keeping up his shorts alongside his belt as extra reinforcement. Now the changes were definitely noticeable to Peter.

“My junk has never felt so big in my life. I don’t know what’s happening to me but I don’t want it to stop!” Peter groaned as he shifted his weight, causing the bulge to bob and bounce. Each time Peter was going to try to cop of a feel of his bulge he’d have to repositioned his hand to the buttons as the pesky ball threatened to drop down the center. Tyler moved on over to get a better look at the bulge. How badly he wanted to rub his face against it and suck on the clothed penis. Feeling the warmth that it emitted. Tyler was now fully hard. Compared to Porter, Porter had just welcomed the changes as if they had always been. Peter must have been one of the couple of guys that knew something was off. To be exact, Peter was the third, The two other men who realized something was off both lost at Fuckstick. Who knew how much further Peter would get. Tyler was half paying attention when he heard the familiar blast off sound. Now the third penis emblem lit up with “Donkey Dick”.

Peter laughed. “That’s what they used to call me in college.” That delicious looking red bulge grew even bigger. Even though the bulge managed to find a way out of its original confines, Peter’s actual piece of man meat hadn’t. Growing too large for the pouch, a couple inches of the cock’s root exposed itself, coming from a trimmed forest of black hair at Peter’s Groin. The outline of his penis’ head could be seen aiming toward the floor as his penis continued to inch itself a bit larger. The fabric began to grow more maroon in color with some pre-cum managing to leak out through the cloth where the head was at. Peter widened his stance again as two big balls began to grow and fill up the pouch alongside his man meat. He looked ridiculous.

Peter growled, “I definitely felt it this time. I don’t know what this game is doing to me but I like it. I wanna get bigger,” Peter’s face was fully concentrated now. Tyler was grinning like a school girl on the inside. Just to tease Peter, Tyler rubbed his hand against the head of his cock, feeling the wetness of the pouch. Peter grunted in response. Tyler didn’t want to mess up his game so he stopped and returned to his position next to him. Looking over to the fuel meter Tyler understood how Peter felt the newest growth. The low portion of the meter was now at 9.5. Nearly a ten inch softie just like Porter. Unlike Porter however, the high end of the fuel meter reached an outstanding 13.5. Tyler’s mouth dropped.

All the areas had pretty much been hit except for that one little darkened image in between the two moon phases which now showed itself. Tyler was intrigued to see what that was. Peter saw the image blink so he shifted his focus over to it. With each hit, the image seemed to blink a bit brighter until it emerged itself as twin satellites, looking much like pecs. When the two satellites were fully lit, they made a beeping sound which illuminated the word “Hardwired” underneath. Once again Peter shifted uncomfortably, but it wasn’t because of the bulge in between his legs. No, another change began to occur in his body. It was subtle at first, but the brown work shirt he was wearing got a bit snug around his chest. Tyler watched as the man’s chest grew wider and larger, pushing up against the fabric causing his chest hairs to appear out the top of the open shirt. The top of his shirt seemed to rip a little bit as the twin peaks bulged further, rounding out a little bit. Pushing hard against the fabric were two nipples which seemed to grow a bit longer and fatter, like nubs. Peter moaned each time he had to move quickly, causing his nipples to rub against his brown shirt each time. His nipples had grown more sensitive and held up to the phrase underneath the satellites. With each passing movement that caused his nipples to rub against his shirt. Peter would moan or whimper, his cock head leaking pre-cum even more. His nipples were now hardwired to his cock.

Just for fun, Tyler reached over and squeezed one of the thick nubs. Peter opened his mouth and let out a, “UGHH”, causing his knees to buck and his head to slouch onto his shoulders. His cock throbbed and twitched in response. Peter had a pretty broad chest before, but now they looked like two large melons fighting for space in his now too small shirt, much like his cock and balls were fighting for space in his pouch. Tyler found it a bit funny but sexy each time his chest bounced and bobbed with his movements, looking more like pec tits. It took a couple more attempts this time since Peter was getting a bit overstimulated by his newly sensitive body, but he got the pinball back into the cockpit. A louder blast off effect surrounded the room. Peter sighed in relief at managing to get it into the cockpit, giving him a few moments of safety. He grabbed at his waistband of his jockstrap and pulled it up higher. He watched his newly grown cock bounce. He was loving it.

As the fourth penis emblem lit up, the larger penis appeared with the text “Monster Cock”. Giving Peter no time to react, the ball shot back down and Peter was back in the game. He however felt more tugging at his groin. Gritting his teeth Peter could feel the pressure of his jock’s waistband digging into his waist. The weight of the pouch was getting to become too much and there was no more space. The cock continued to swell until finally the strap around his waist busted, freeing the enormous meat. It rested atop two large balls to match. Now that his underwear was ruined, Peter just let his long cock hang free as it aimed toward the carpet floor. Having just been really familiar with Porter’s cock, Tyler knew Peter had grown even bigger. Peter shook his hips, feeling the large weight of his cock smack against his thighs.

Beaming with excitement, Peter let his cock thwack continuously, “Now this is what I call a monster cock! Fuck, it feels amazing being so huge. Having a monster! Come feel it,” Peter motioned for Tyler to get down on his knees and feel the fleshy leviathan. Tyler quickly obliged, running his hand across the large expanse of flesh, feeling how smooth it was yet how thick it felt. Just as he thought, it was warm to the touch. Tyler was ready to stick the swollen head into his mouth before the machine blasted out trumpet sounds. Peter was taken aback thinking he had maxed out his score at forty-thousand. His cock accidentally slapped Tyler in the face and man was it heavy. Averting his attention back to the machine while Tyler got back up to stand beside him, the playing field changed as a large UFO appeared.

“No one has ever beaten the boss level before,” Tyler gasped.

“No one? You’re going to wish you ate those words when I finish beating it,” Peter was more feral now. Desire filled his eyes like Porter. He was a man on a mission. Tyler didn’t know what actually came after the boss battle but he was really curious. Looking at the fuel meter, the low number was at 11, just a bit bigger than Porter. But now the large number was even bigger. A flashing 15.5 shone at the top. Although only an inch longer, there was a big difference visually. Peter’s cock looked so much bigger and heavier, with even larger bull balls to match. Tyler knew Peter said he was a master at pinball machines, but he knew this is where the fun ended. Peter however wasn’t ready to admit defeat. Learning from his mistakes the first time with the asteroids, he managed to manipulate them in controlling the pinballs movements. Using some diagonal hits to the ball, he managed to knock out the lights one by one. One light then a second then a third and now a fourth. Tyler’s eyes lit up. Could he actually do it?

Peter was in deep concentration now. His eyes were on the prize, sweat dripping down his brow. His mouth was dry not even wanting to gulp in case he would lose concentration and let the ball fall. Now some stars began to move horizontally trying to block the balls path from hitting the lights. Using the stars movement to his advantage, Peter managed to bounce the ball on the star as it moved on its movement path knocking down two more lights. Tyler cheered seeing that Peter only needed two more lights to go.

“I’m gonna do it! Then you better clear your schedule for later when I take you out,” Peter said fiercely.

“You got it big man,” Tyler whispered into his ear.

Peter was invigorated now. Trying a little tricky diagonal hit, he managed to get another of the blinking lights to go out. Peter let out a satisfied “Hmph” as a victory. One more to go. This one fortunately was in the middle which meant either you hit the button, or had the ball get hit straight down the center ending the game. The music of the machine grew louder into some synthwave to signify the battle was heating up. With one light to go, Peter knew he couldn’t mess it up. Smashing the buttons with his thumb he had a continuous battle with the moving star that seemed to want to block every opening and the asteroids that made it a pain to even reach the UFO in the first place. There were a couple close calls, especially one where the ball barely touched the tip of the lever but Peter used enough force to toss it back up. In that toss up though, was the winning shot, shooting straight up and hitting a couple asteroids it bounced back like a ping pong ball before landing onto the star which caused it to bounce. On its third bounce, the pinball had hit the final blinking button. The pixelated UFO began to shatter and blow up, causing the asteroids to become destroyed. Replacing the asteroids were more colorful stars. As the ball fell, Peter hit the stars to rack up even more points. With the boss defeated and a new high score of fifty-thousand points, the machine whirred and seemed to shake as a final blast off rang through Tyler and Peter’s ears. Above the four previously lit penises the fifth light was turning on. A giant penis, bigger than the other four combined, lit up with a crown around the head of the mighty cock. The gold text next to it flashed “King Cobra”.

Peter began to shake and huff, his body feeling the changes. Looking down the monster cock continued to lengthen and slide down his thigh until it eventually reached his knees before stopping. The head plumped up a bit larger turning it into a fat mushroom head. The rest of the shaft followed behind, but the head of his dick still remained slightly thicker than the rest. His two bull balls grew fatter until the size of really large softballs. Out in full display, there was no way Peter could stuff that snake back into his shorts. Tyler took a final glance at the fuel meter and gasped. The low? 13. As for the high? A jawdropping 18.5. Peter was panting now, and gripping onto the machine. In the flashy text of the score board, the pinball machine displayed “Winner! Blast Off!”. Peter’s cock began to inflate even bigger, rising to its full potential. It continued to rise up, filling with blood. 14 inches and then 15. It continued to rise higher and higher, now getting stuck under the machine. Peter had to pull himself away so his cock would get unstuck. 16 inches and now 17. The drooling cock head spitting out pre-cum continuously as it rose up and against his brown work shirt, aimed at the bottom of his pec-tits. A full 18.5 inches.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Peter decided to call out from work that day saying he wasn’t feeling well. They had another handyman on call so they told him he could go home and get some rest. Since Peter had won the bet, Tyler and him had planned to go out to dinner that night. Finding a way to get Peter’s king cobra into some clothes was a bit of a struggle. Tyler still had about two hours before needing to open up the arcade so he went out to the nearest thrift store, grabbing some baggy pants for Peter. Upon his return, Peter was using both of his meaty hands to stroke his giant monster. Even with his large hands, he couldn’t encompass the girth. Peter had grown bigger than Tyler though. For the pants, they hung to his ass tightly, but gave his cock room to point down the left leg.

“I don’t know what you did to me today, but I loved every moment of it,” Peter said before pushing his lips onto Tyler’s.

“Well, it wasn’t actually me. It was the machine,” Tyler pointed toward the machine but noticed it had vanished again. Peter looked at the machine’s direction and saw it was now gone too. Confused, Tyler decided to spill what he knew about the machine to Peter. Peter was amazed just as Tyler had been when he had first come across it, but Peter didn’t care what type of magic or cosmic force it actually had to grow his cock. He loved being the big daddy guys would seek out to meet up with and hook up with, but now, he was a true piece of prime beef with an extra bonus of monster cock slabbed meat to go along with it.

Tyler and Peter met up again later in the evening. They had texted throughout Tyler’s shift that day. Peter would continuously send texts to Tyler about what he was up to with his new monster cock and even sent photos of him in the dressing room at some stores he was visiting for his new wardrobe he was in dire need of. Each photo looked as ridiculous as the last. No matter how many times he saw the bulge in Peter’s pants in whatever he tried on, it was like seeing it for the first time to Tyler. He awaited every little ding from his phone just to check out what Peter was up to. Time seemed to move slowly until he was finally off the clock. Peter showed up at closing time wearing a nice suit and some new slacks, a bouquet of flowers in hand. The slacks were black which helped hide the monstrous bulge lurking inside. As for his shirt, it was looking a bit too small. Peter’s chest still bulged out dangerously against the suit. Looking closely, Tyler could see the twin nubs for nipples pushing against the fabric still. They had to make themselves known.

Dinner was great! Tyler and Peter decided to eat at a steak restaurant that had received good reviews. The two talked about their interests and stuff. Peter got Tyler to laugh a couple times. Some of the other customers and even the waiter was checking out the beefy handsome daddy in front of Tyler. Tyler was all giddy knowing that Peter was all his for the taking. On the car ride home Tyler couldn’t resist stroking Peter’s groin in the car. Peter’s leg seemed to grow fatter until Tyler just realized that was the pant leg that Peter was sticking his cock into and that it was now getting aroused. The two could barely keep their hands off of each other once inside of Peter’s apartment. Tyler was thrown onto the couch as Peter began to undo his tie. He needed a bit of help getting the shirt off of his large shoulders and now larger chest. Tyler enjoyed the view of the furry muscled man with the large chest. A hair trail went up over his soft tummy and to his chest. Both large nipple nubs standing out proudly. Tyler shucked off his own shirt to reveal his own toned build.

Making out in front of the television, Tyler groped Peter’s slacks and felt the large snake threatening to burst a seam. Peter quickly stood up and had Tyler help pull the slacks off. He had gone commando since no underwear was able to fit him. He had to make a special order at the place for custom underwear that would fit his size. Tyler laughed at that prospect when Peter told him over dinner, but he wasn’t surprised in the slightest. With Peter on top of Tyler he began to rub his monster across Tyler’s stomach. Peter planted kisses across his stomach trailing him up to his lips. With his large hand, Peter pulled off Tyler’s pants, exposing his six inch dick. Peter pressed his large monster against Tyler’s cock. The two laughed in disbelief at how comical it looked. Tyler on the cusp of human average and Peter on the cusp of being like a god. Peter’s cock head was still pretty leaky, as different little trails were found on the couch. Using some lube that Peter had, Tyler began to lube up his hole, using Peter’s pre-cum too as extra. Peter’s cock head was much larger than Porter’s but Tyler felt like he could take it. Positioning the cock head at Tyler’s hole Tyler could feel the heat of the head as it was twice as large as his hole. Peter with a slow push made his way inside of Tyler. Tyler gripped at the couch, clawing it much like a cat throwing his head back and moaning, unable to get a word out as the head nestled itself inside of him. This was going to be harder than Porter.

Luckily, Peter was very patient even if his cock wasn’t. He would gauge Tyler’s reactions to see when too much was too much and when to let Tyler adjust. It was a slow process but neither of the two mined it. Gradually over the next thirty minutes, Tyler got about eight of Peter’s inches inside of him. He felt the large head pushing and grinding against his prostate. Having had the time to adjust to the girth of the monster, Tyler turned around and began to ride Peter. Tyler had never felt so great in his life. This was truly the best fuck he’d ever had. Mixing Peter’s experience and monstrously big dick, it was heaven. Tyler tugged at the inviting nipples that seemed to piston forward. He felt the cock inside of him twitch and impale itself deeper while Peter threw his head back. As Tyler continued to play with his nipples which were hardwired with Peter’s dick, his hole managed to suck in about a foot of cock. Six and a half more inches still waited for entry. Tyler couldn’t imagine how much pleasure it felt to have such a monster dong. Peter was hung bigger than two porn stars combined! Pushing himself past his limits he managed to take in about two more inches. Fifteen inches of man cock rested inside him. This was as far as Tyler could go and Peter knew it.

Developing a synchronized rhythm, the two of them had sex for what felt like hours. Peter hadn’t blown his load at all today, not even after he had won the pinball machine. It was near two in the morning when Tyler felt Peter’s balls rise and swell larger. Peter quickened his paste. Tyler who had already came about three times already was ready to unleash another load. Together, the two of them yelled as they came. Peter pulled Tyler in close, giving Tyler a face full of pec tits. Tyler bit down on one of the nipples feeling the cock inside him twitch and spasm more as spunk began to shoot and leak out of his ass. The force of Peter coming was so strong it couldn’t stay all up inside of Tyler. Finally pulling out, Tyler remained in Peter’s embrace as the little spoon, with Peter’s cock nestled between in his cheeks.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Tyler and Peter had become quite the lovers which Tyler had to thank the pinball machine for. Without it, who knew what might have happened between both him and Peter. Or if anything would have happened at all. Whatever the case, Tyler was happy with his new daddy boyfriend. As for Porter, Tyler had run into him a couple times at the gym. He was easily seduced by all sorts of twinks, bears, twunks, muscle bulls, and whatever other type of man could get their ass on top of his legendary pole. There was always a line out in front of the sauna. Whenever Porter would run into Tyler they’d greet each other and Porter would give him a hello kiss. Remember that twink from earlier that worked at the gym’s front desk? He and Porter were an item now! But they have an open relationship due to Porter needing his balls drained constantly.

That wasn’t the only time Tyler had run into Porter though. Porter had brought some gym jocks over to the arcade. Each just like him had goofy smiles and would try to show off to one another while playing the games. Porter had asked if that pinball machine was still working and surprisingly enough, it was. His gym buddies each had a go with the machine. Like Porter, they seemed to be unaware of the changes but didn’t mind. Porter’s friend George, a twunky white guy ended up with a 9 inch dick and a leaky bonus. He didn’t do too good. Ken, a Korean muscle bear did better and ended up with a girthy 12 incher and the hardwired bonus. His pec tits sat lusciously above his ball gut. Lastly, Marco the tall beefy Latino ended up with the highest score amongst the three, landing him with a 15 inch club and big balls to assist his horny bonus. The four of them ruled the gym and threw many locker-room parties.

Still, no one ever beat the boss besides Peter, who had the highest score above all, and of course, the biggest king cobra of all.

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