The night he came

by Charles Westfall

 Thomas encounters alien visitors with equipment even bigger than his.

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Not so far into the endless reaches of space, the dark side of Luna (a.k.a the Moon) a rip in the space-time continuum opens. From this tear in reality emerged a vessel from another world. What was their purpose, why were they here, what do they want. A few seconds after the ship emerges, the almost the size of a Concorde, and similar in shape to the supersonic jetliner, only more streamlined and seamless. It shimmers and disappears, invisible to the naked eye. Under the cover of a cloaking device the ship advances towards the great glowing blue and green world of Earth. As the ship approaches, it is struck by an asteroid of solid black ice, itself nearly invisible to the naked eye. As the ship is struck, it fades back into visibility. The ship's engines flare, and burn out several times. It makes a hard angled decent down to the planet.

Thomas Ranocek laid on his bed, his body hot and sweaty, and his enormous cock, a staggering fifteen inches long, a thick 9 inches around, raging hard and pissing precum all over his chest and face. His roommate dropped out after only a couple months into the semester, so he had his dorm room all to himself, though that might change next semester, for now during winter break the dorm was his, there were only a few people left on campus right now. He gazed at the television screen his hands moving all over his, toned, muscular body. It was a game he played often, how much porn could he watch without beating off, he was about half way through now. He always found the Bel Ami films to be a real challenge, all those slender young guys were a real turn on for him.

Suddenly there was a splash, it sounded like it came from the small lake a quarter mile from the main campus area. Thomas jumped out of his bed, and looked out the window as a vast wave of hot steam rushed against the window. The cold winter air forced the steam to condense and freeze quickly, and it faded in a few minutes.

Thomas turned off the video, and quickly got dressed, curiosity overwhelming his sense of caution. He trecked quickly through the snow to the nearby lake, theories, and guesses as to what had happened, only one thing was for certain, something had crashed into the lake. “Holy shit was it a plane crash?” he said to himself as he stared in astonishment at the craft that had broken the icy surface of the lake. The craft was steaming hot, areas of it were almost glowing with heat. A crashed plane would not be hot like this, especially one not on fire. “Only thing that could make the surface this hot would be if it made atmospheric entry in not the most ideal way” he said to himself as he stared at the craft.

“Hmm, weird markings on the tail and wings, not one of ours, definitely not Russian” he noted to himself as he stepped a little closer. Suddenly a door opened along side the Fuselage, and a ramp unfurled, it looked like it was made of liquid metal. A form stepped out, a large form. Thomas stood still, fear had frozen him. As the figure came into the light that fear was augmented by awe.

Thomas was in such a state of overwhelming shock that he soon fainted. When he woke up, he was in his bed and naked, 'Was it all a dream' he thought to himself. The tape was still in the VCR. He hopped out of bed and almost screamed but fear closed his throat. Even sitting the man was at eye level with Thomas. He had full, back length bright blonde hair, shaved on the sides, he was wearing some sort of small harness hooked to the back of his skull on one side, and a flip over lense on the other. The hook up was most likely a 'head jack' of some kind, (thank you William Gibson). He looked no older then eighteen, such a beautiful face with piercing green eyes, and such full sensual lips. The man stood, and Thomas all but fell over staring up at a man who had to be close to eight feet tall, his head was almost grazing the ceiling. Thomas saw that he was also massively built, broad powerful shoulders, huge slab-like pecs, a hard chiseled eight pack, his bisepts flexed must have been massive, still relaxed, they were flaring with throbbing networks of vein, much like his chest. His legs were long and powerfully muscled, all this was apparent with his dark olive toned, vacuum tight skin, every massive muscle was clearly delineated.

Thomas was no pushover, being called queer and sissy, as well as the tauntings and beatings for being a science whiz enough times in junior high and high school had him working-out through out high school. Though tall himself at 6’4, he managed to develop a very powerful build, broad shouldered and quite muscular, many thought he was a wrestler or football player. Combine his alluring hazel eyes, narrow, refined face and mid back length black hair with his impressive body and huge cock made him, still in his freshman year, one of the most attractive male students on campus. This giant naked man made Thomas feel small, weak, and ineffective. Especially when Thomas saw that massive cock, that huge, beautiful, cut slab of meat in between the giant's legs, completely free of any hair. Still completely limp it was almost two feet long, and twelve inches around, and very round. The giant's balls were as large as Thomas's head.

Suddenly Thomas felt a strange ringing in his head, a series of strange visions flashed in front of his eyes, a world of mighty cities and mighty inhabitants, all men much like the giant, as well as a star system with a bright burning white star. Soon a strange series of symbols appeared in flashes, it looked kind of like writing but Thomas couldn't make heads or tails of it. 'He must be trying to communicate to me telepathically.' Thomas thought.

Finally a really strange image appeared in Thomas's mind, a vision of him sucking on the giant's cock till orgasm, “Now hold on there big fella, that big thing is not going to fit!” Thomas shouted, he then conveyed that as well as he could in simple images.

The giant seemed to reply with another series of images, which had Thomas drinking the giant's cum from a glass or some other container. The giant then grabbed a pitcher that was used for drink mixes, poured out its contents. He then sat on the floor and went down on himself. That huge cock responded very quickly. The giant's cock rose to full, throbbing erection in less then two minutes.

He watched, his jaw agape when the giant reached orgasm, he aimed that huge mammoth cock into the pitcher. Thick, rich, creamy cum flowed out of that monster till it was overfilling, and even then the giant came for another minute after, leaving a big puddle of spew on the floor. The giant then grabbed the pitcher with one hand, and Thomas by the other, and all but forced a quarter of the cum down Thomas's throat. Thomas coughed and gagged, he had swallowed a lot and his esophagus had been forced open by the thick cum. After he finished coughing, Thomas wanted more, and took the pitcher from the giant, who looked quite surprised. In his mind Thomas could here that time honored college chant, “Chug, chug, chug, chug…” as he swallowed more and more of the pitcher's contents.

The cum had a strange, intoxicating effect on him, his head soon felt like it was filled with cement, he found it hard to stand. He felt really dizzy, then blackness again.

“Are you alright?” came a soft voice.

Thomas awoke once again in bed, the sun was shining through the ice covered windows. Thomas was sprawled all over the bed, the box spring was on the floor, the posts broken. Thomas stirred to consciousness, morning amnesia made him question his surroundings then himself. As it came back to him, he remembered the giant and guzzling all that cum. He was startled again as he saw the giant. “Don't be afraid, I won't harm you. Sorry about making you drink my seed, I was getting frustrated. My name is Gevaellen.” Thomas heard all of this in his head.

He was shocked, he understood every word of it, but it wasn't in English, his mind took it in like a second language, one he had to concentrate on a little more to understand. The language was called Elnhaethic in its own phrasing, but how did he know that.

Taking a while to think, Thomas replied, “What happened to me?” he thought.

“I am sorry, but this was the fastest way for me to communicate with you. When you drank my seed you absorbed my people's collective memory, including our language.” Gevaellen replied.

The realization hit Thomas with a overwhelming blow, as he thought about it, he knew all about Gevaellen's people, the Herthallens. He could see images of a world devastated by a cataclysmic war, the only survivors were genetically engineered 'workers' who worked in mines and factories, and thus could survive in the vast radioactive wastes. They were all male, their only means of reproduction were the 'steel wombs', which the few 'workers' who were familiar with their operation modified them to conceive a new 'worker' when the seed of two were combined. Needing little food, the only real conflicts came with wars over 'steel wombs' and caches of other tech, images of giant 'workers' using all sorts of projectile and energy weapons in brutal tribal warfare immediately followed. After three hundred years the tribe, later nation and empire of Herthalla conquered and rebuilt the planet, having re-mastered terraforming technologies left by their creators. Along the path to conquest the basic genetic template was gradually improved upon, the creation of a racial memory that could be transmitted through the seed, as well as another means of reproduction.

After consolidating their home world, the Herthallens noted other worlds in their home star system were not only habitable, but were inhabited by other 'workers'. The Herthallens merely conquered them by having them drink their 'seed' and thus granting them full knowledge of the Herthallen empire, and also brought them up to the equivalent of the basic Herthallen genetic template. Part of these improved bodies also included advanced nanites that helped not only to heal the body but sustain it indefinitely, including regeneration of limbs and neural tissue. Then as he was pondering the network of nanites, he also saw advanced ones, these were added only a hundred and fifty years ago to the template, they used concepts based on dimensional theory to change the relationship between space and distance. The immediate image that brought to mind was a giant cock going into an asshole, the asshole warping and expanding to allow the brute to go in. “My cock possesses such nanites and would have caused your mouth to expand and your throat to lengthen fourth dimensionally so you could take in my cock.” Gevaellen then added.

Thomas was taken out of this train of thought with Gevaellen's comment. Suddenly Thomas stood up, “Doh” he flinched as his head cracked the ceiling. “What the hell!” Thomas shouted, he had to crouch to look into the mirror. He almost fell over, shocked at what he saw. His face could only be compared with one concept, an eighteen year old 'Conan the Barbarian' based on the current styles of the book covers. His skin had darkened to a shade similar to Gevaellen's, which only added to the 'Conan' look. He was shocked, his build was actually larger then Gevaellen's and his cock was larger as well. “You are surprised, more so then I am, it seems your species has a compatible genetic template with our own, and thus you were able to know the full benefits of drinking my seed, and then some. I actually am very large by my people's standards so you are 'very' impressive. Combined with my curiosity and intelligence, it was decided to train me an 'Explorer', strangely enough you have similar qualities.” Gethaennen said trying to explain Thomas's transformation.

Suddenly Thomas's new huge, ponderous cock rose to half mast, and was pissing precum like a faucet. “Gevaellen, do you suppose the racial memory thing works the other way around?” Thomas transmitted as he got on his knees and crawled over to Gevaellen. He then stood on his knees and waved his huge cock at Gevaellen. “Well let's find out for the sake of the advancement of science and interplanetary relations.” Gevaellen replied, then smiled wickedly. Gevaellen took in Thomas's huge cock, and sucked on it with the skill of an artist. Thomas arose to full erection in a less then a minute. “Fuck, this is the best head in the whole fucking world!” Thomas shouted as he slammed his awesome meat down Gevaellen's throat. Thomas erupted a few minutes later, he never felt an orgasm like it, it was a non-stop eruption of cum, and Gevaellen was swallowing it all. After what seemed an eternity, Thomas finally finished, shocked at Gevaellen's stamina and stomach capacity.

Thomas eased his cock out, it was still hard, and he was still horny, it struck his stomach with a smack. Gethaellen sat there in a trance-like state. Thomas watched for a couple minutes, then for the hell of it grabbed a tape measurer. Curiosity about the size of his new cock was overwhelming. First the length, a whopping three feet long, then the circumference, a thick, round 18 inches around. He had a larger, and thicker cock then any horse, and he had the balls to back it up. He then noticed Gevaellen was still in a trance, but still quite erect. He measured him, the giant didn't even flinch once. Thomas was larger then Gevaellen, but not by much. Gevaellen was a huge 32 inches long, and a mammoth 16 inches around. At that scale it was just barely noticeable on the two giant studs. “Fuck, what a rush!” Gevaellen said as he shook his head, what shocked Thomas was the fact he spoke with his mouth.

“Wow you can talk, and you're English sounds great.” Thomas said as he looked at the alien.

“Well it isn't exactly true English, you Americans really did a job on creating your own dialects of it.” Gevaellen replied, Thomas smiled as Gevaellen's accent almost sounded southern Californian, but he came off as sounding very articulate.

“Well so much for mathematics being the universal language, all our people have to do to communicate is swallow each other's loads.” Thomas said with a laugh. “Too bad so many of you're cultures are against sexual partnerships between those of the same gender, but then your people have a purely biological means of reproduction, such as the ancients who engineered my people. There is little documentation from that period that survived, but they must have been genetically identical to your species, or very close.” Gevaellen said contemplating the possibilities.

“Yeah, lucky we ran into each other.” Thomas then transmitted telepathically.

“So you don't mind this medium of communication.” Gevaellen then transmitted.

“Communicating vocally is more reflexive for me, but I would like to make this method just as natural.” Thomas replied. “Yes, aspects of your cultures have had this method as a possibility for some time, you are of course very intrigued with it.” Gevaellen replied and smiled.

“Actually Gevaellen, there is something else that intrigues me more right now.” Thomas transmitted as he kissed Gevaellen with wild passion, their tongues wrestling in each other's mouths.

Gevaellen then broke from the kiss, and began licking along Thomas's gigantic chest. Thomas pulled Gevaellen over to the collapsed bed, and they engaged in a sixty-nine. Both of the giant muscle studs licked and caressed each other's huge cocks and balls before taking them into their mouths. Magnificent, sweaty, muscular bodies writhed in ecstasy. After several minutes both giant studs erupted, barely seconds apart, each drinking the other's huge orgasm with a ravenous hunger, sucking each other's giant cock's dry.

Suddenly Gevaellen gets up slides further down, an image is transmitted to Thomas as to what Gevaellen has in mind. Thomas is shocked, but then he thinks, why didn't he ever think of it. Gevaellen aimed his cock at Thomas's ass and Thomas rolled onto his side an aimed his cock at Gevaellen's ass. Actually as he thought of it, it would be tough for a guy to do this with a full erection, and he would have to be pretty big to do it at all, but for these bodies it was perfect. However, Thomas noted, though he was fully erect, he had surprising flexibility with his cock, as he was ready to ease it into Gevaellen's ass. Both giants eased their cocks into each other's asses. Thomas was surprised at how easily each brute was able to ease in. Thomas loved it, Gevaellen had a beautifully trained ass, and was massaging his cock in ways he couldn't fathom. Thomas on the other hand was generally a 'top', though he did not have a cherry ass, it saw little action. It was a strange and erotic experience, their cocks thrusting in tandem, their huge balls rubbing against each other. Thomas wound up cumming twice in the space he could bring Gevaellen to orgasm, “Sorry I don't usually receive.” Thomas transmitted as he disengaged, the bed was a slippery mess of cum and vast puddles had formed on the floor.

“Completely understandable, it is the same for me as well, just that I had the benefit of formal training. I could teach you if you want?” Gevaellen then transmitted and kissed Thomas.

Their kiss was broken with the rhythm of several choppers flying low over the campus. Thomas looked out the window, one set had the markings of the United States Army, they were old fashioned 'Bell Hueys'. The others were sleeker, jet black in color, and noticeably quieter. Suddenly there were shouts down the hall, and the sound of pounding boots. “We have to get out of here!” Thomas transmitted to Gevaellen.

“I agree.” He replied as the two giants burst out of the window, falling two stories, both landed with cat-like reflexes, the glass and brick not even bruising their skin. They both ran like leopards toward the crash site, and noticed a trio of duo rotor heavy transport helicopters lifting the crashed ship onto a giant flatbed tractor trailer rig. The ship was lowered on its side, while giant hydraulic clasps secured the sides, then a flurry of troops were running around covering it with a tarp. “Shit, I don't like the looks of this, they'll probably take it to some sort of government facility.” Thomas transmitted.

“Yes, that seems most likely, perhaps we can sneak on board the trailer, there looks to be plenty of room.” Gevaellen transmitted as he pointed to the trailer.

Thomas blinked for a moment, suddenly his vision zoomed in, he noticed the openings in the tarp, then in glowing green, measurements of the openings that verified that there was enough room for them to sneak in. He actually was not too startled as he realized it was part of the system of nanites running through his body.

The two giants waited till the site was clear, and the truck started moving. Then with amazing speed, they both ran to the trailer and sneaked in underneath the tarp. Gevaellen's ship was surprisingly large, just as high and wide as a space shuttle, but more then two times the length. Gevaellen and Thomas crawled over to the nose area, Gevaellen then held his hand to a section of the surface, there was a flash of blue light, and from the seamless skin of the ship a door slid open. “What are you doing?” Thomas transmitted.

“Checking to see how much of the ship has repaired itself. It was struck by a black ice asteroid while the cloaking device was on, so the shields couldn't be activated, that's why I had to crash land.” Gevaellen replied.

“Oh yeah, this thing is chock full of nanites too. So no shields while cloaked huh, the Klingons and Romulans have that problem too.” Thomas transmitted with a smirk.

“It is quite a problem especially since this ship is about half the size of a 'Bird of Prey'. Hey wait a minute your people have never made official contact with other species, oh yes, 'science fiction', you have a lot of information on that don't you.” Gevaellen transmitted, then laughed. They entered the ship, Thomas was surprised with how cramped it was, “Yes, part of the blessings and the curse of our creators. When we began exploring our solar system, at two points we found giant 'Jump Gates' that created portals to a 'Hyper Space' if you will. Each gate serving as both a portal, and a beacon for their locations. We found atleast twenty such gate-beacons in 12 star systems that worked, and thirty more where they were they were damaged. On about half the worlds we found other 'worker tribes'. Eventually they too were absorbed into the empire. These gates were a blessing, but also retarded our attempts at ship mounted FTL travel for a hundred years, we didn't need it till we tried to enter systems where the gates were damaged. So about 70% of this ship's mass is a big crude FTL drive, luckily our thruster technology was advanced enough to get good speed from low weight engines.” Gevaellen transmitted as he crawled to the cockpit. Thomas noted that if the ship was turned over onto its belly he might have to crouch a bit, the real reason for crawling was the fact the ship was turned on it's side. They made their way to the cockpit. Gevaellen activated the instrument panel, “Thank 'The Makers, the ship is regenerating at a good rate. The structural damage is already repaired, now it's just regenerating the damage to the pressurization system, life support, the cloaking device, the FTL Drive and the damage to the ion turbines to the reaction mass engines.”

“So how long till this bird can fly again?” Thomas asked.

“We need another forty eight hours atleast. If they don't cut the ship up into pieces when we get to where we are going. All we have to do is sit tight and wait.” Gevaellen said as he turned off the instrument panel. “Actually what I was thinking, I'm sure we have some time. Perhaps you could let me practice some of your 'techniques'?” Thomas transmitted with a lustful smile on his lips.

“Are you serious, we are on a truck going to some military base, and you want to fuck.” Gevaellen actually voicing his reservations.

“Aw, C'mon I only got you off once, we have time to kill, I think I owe it to you.” Thomas said as he began stroking Gevaellen's cock.

“Well if you insist, but only a few minutes, and we have to be alert. We can go underneath ship, where the nose meets the fuselage and wings, that should give us enough head room.” Gevaellen transmitted.

“I knew you would see it my way.” Thomas transmitted, then laughed.

They crawled out of the ship to the spot under the ship that Gevaellen had mentioned. Once there, Thomas immediately went down on Gevaellen, closing his eyes, using the nanite augmented memories, he was able to create video displays on the surface of his closed eyes that had the full listing of Herthallen sexual techniques. As Thomas worked on his sucking technique, his aping of the demonstrated techniques gradually smoothened till they were second nature to him. In that time he was able to bring Gevaellen off three times. He savored Gevaellen's thick seed, sucking him dry all three times. This was the only nourishment Thomas has had since last night. “You're a fast learner, you have already mastered some of my favorite techniques.” Gevaellen actually said, sighing.

“Thanks, but now let's see if my ass can get anywhere as good as yours.” Thomas speaking vocally and in a light bestial tone.

“You don't have to ask me twice.” Gevaellen transmitted in reply.

Thomas laid down on the floor, his legs hoisted in the air and his eyes closed, using the same combination of memory and multi-media. Gevaellen entered him slowly as Thomas accessed the files. He thought it strange that he now possessed so much control over both his glutes and even his large intestine, though partially aided with his back muscles. He was able to get the hang of these technique's just as quickly as the oral ones, he just had to accept that he did have this kind of body control, and the rest became natural. Two hours later they were both locked in their mutual fucking position, grunting and groaning away, Thomas smiling with both pleasure and pride, he was able to bring Gevaellen off just as much as Gevaellen brought him to orgasm. Finally finished cumming, “Wait, this is bad, we're still moving, we've been going at it for over two hours.” Thomas transmitted. “You're right, we should check to see where we are.” Gevaellen replied.

“Sorry, we could have had a better idea, if we weren't fucking, especially for so long.” Thomas transmitted.

“Well we are still moving so we haven't reached our destination, and besides we made it an educational experience.” Gevaellen transmitted, then laughed.

“You're right, I'll check to see where we are, is it possible for you to clean up all that cum, when they check the back of this thing we don't want to give our presence away.” Thomas transmitted, he then turned around crawled between two of the hydraulic clamps, using his nanite augmented eyes he was able to use a combination of visual filters to peer through the tarp. He noticed they were on the interstate, and that they entered New Mexico. Meanwhile Gevaellen had crawled back into the ship, and crabbed a compact hand vacuum, and cleaned up the puddles of cum.

“This is weird, we're in New Mexico, I wonder where they're heading?” Thomas transmitted over to Gevaellen. “I hope it isn't 'Roswell Air Force Base', that would be like some bad joke.” Gevaellen mused, no longer having trouble thinking and using the information he received from Thomas.

“Hey wait, we're turning off the interstate, heading towards…, an 'Air National Guard Base' what the hell! I was thinking some shadowy Air Force Base like Area 451.” Thomas said in shock.

“That does sound really strange.” Gevaellen transmitted in rely.

“Hey wait, we're moving to a hangar, a big one, black cad troops in berets, oh we're going down an elevator, what a relief, almost thought this sort of thing was being handled by the 'National Guard. Kind of relieved that this is some sort of secret base.” Thomas transmitted with a sigh.

“Well now that you're satisfied, our best bet is to hide in the ship, and hope they can't open it.” Gevaellen transmitted, his message's tone implying urgency. Doctor Emily Prudence Wellington watched with keen interest as the troops removed the tarp from the spacecraft. “Hmmm, design is similar to what was recovered in '52. Suddenly her eyes took on an eerie green glow, “Confound it, it is similar alright, all the way down to the nanite skin, and DNA printing for access. It'll take days just to analyze the DNA sequence and replicate it.

“Hello Emily, a new toy for you to play with I see.”, Emily turned around, the green glow to her eyes fading, the loss of the glow did little to diminish her natural eerieness, her beak-like nose, small cold eyes, or the lines on her face formed more from stress then her age of 47.

“Ah Doctor Berkhiem, actually managed to get yourself out of one of your so called 'nurses' to see our latest little catch.” Emily said with a cold fury.

The man who stood in front of her looked no older then eighteen, his facial features were divine to say the least, laughing blue eyes, a cute pug nose, soft sensual lips, his full blonde hair reaching half way down his back, pulled into a loose ponytail. Several strands running seductively down the side of his face. He towered over her at 6’8, despite his loose slacks and shirt, covered by his white lab smock. It was very evident he had a huge magnificently muscular body, and as was still evident in his pants, his cock ran down his right pant leg to the knee, with his testicles forming the prominent bulge in his crotch.

Despite all that size and power, Dr. Jonathan Berkheim was far less intimidating then his superior, “Emily you are the saddest person I have ever met, you definitely need to unwind or something, Christ I had to seed your stomach with titanium-protein coat just to keep your ulcers at bay.”

“Sorry Jonathan, I have my work, besides keeping this place going. If I chose to unwind, it would not involve fornicating with whoever catches my eye.” Emily said in a dull roar.

“That's another thing, you run your own department like a fascist state, scared to death to delegate authority, if this place didn't have an executive board to veto you half the time, you'd run this whole facility like that. No wonder your people have so many nervous breakdowns.” Jonathan replied with a stern voice.

“How dare you, I can't help it if my people are weak in mind and body.” Emily shouted like a fanatic, the surrounding personnel merely tried to look the other way, this was not a rare occurrence.

“Yeah, and they aren't hopped up on modified adrenaline glands, and metabolism, unlike you.” Jonathan said with a smirk.

“What am I supposed to do they refuse to have any bio-augmentation whatsoever. If your procedures didn't leave such disgusting side effects, I'd have you do it.” Emily returned to a dull roar.

“Well you insist on your people living like Monks and Nuns. Atleast my method doesn't have the patients writhing in pain to the point of near madness, and that's what turns them off to it. Well enjoy your new toy, and always a pleasure talking to you Emily.” Jonathan said as he walked off. Emily turned away, her gaze, and thin lipped grin looking able to turn someone to stone. She scanned the ship again, as she came up onto the cockpit area, she magnified several times, and went through several visual filters to peer into the canopy, “Holy Sh…Jehovah, we have two occupants, two live specimens, get that ship open as soon as possible.” Emily screeched in joy, a sound the surrounding personnel considered even more frightful then her more common rage. Inside the ship, Thomas and Gevaellen watched the strange woman screeching, and they were scared, “Did you see her eyes glow, I think she could see us.” Thomas sputtered out.

“I think you're right, she might have a similar network of nanites running through her body as we do.” Gevaellen replied, speaking, his voice also showed just as much fear.

“Do you think she can find a way to get to us, oh shit their moving us, get into the seats, looks like they're putting her on her belly.” Thomas said as the two giants scrambled to the cockpit chairs.

They were into the side by side seats just as the ship was slowly lowered from the truck onto another, wider platform. This one was mounted on a magnetic rail, which immediately activated when the ship was secure. The platform went through a pair of giant doors, and entered a vast underground hangar, “By 'The Makers, look, some of these ships are of Herthallem manufacture. That one there was the model that my ship replaced, two of them look like commercial ships, the others I don't recognize.” Gevaellen said as he saw a gallery of spacecraft, some suspended by cables, others held by cranes, many of them were gutted, some were being worked on now by technicians. Of the dozen ships in the hangar three were Herthallen, Gevaellen's ship becoming the fourth. Others were definitely not of Herthallen design, two were seamless flying wings larger then a B-2 Stealth Bomber, a few were variously shaped boxy looking smaller ships, shuttle and observation craft that had operated from larger ships.

The platform went passed all these ships to a vast clearing surrounded with all sorts of cranes, cat walks, heavy machinery, and a ring of computer workstations with all sorts of additional equipment attached.

“What do we do, they are obviously familiar with your technology, some of those Herthallen ships were the most heavily gutted?” Thomas transmitted, a look of concern etched on his face.

“I don't know, I just don't know.” Gevaellen transmitted in reply, a similar look of concern on his face as well.

“Do we go quietly, or try to fight our way out. The prospect of being vivisected doesn't appeal to me that much.” Thomas then asked.

“Well regulations state that if I make contact with civil beings, then I should make every effort to cooperate. But shadowy government agencies aren't the most direct diplomatic pipeline. If it looks bad then we escape, remember we went through a brick wall without a scratch, and I don't think bullets will stop us either.” Gevaellen replied, actually sounding more confident now.

“Sounds the most reasonable, shall we give ourselves up, might make it easier, and if it is bad, we can place them in a false sense of security.” Thomas then added.

“Alright it's settled we give our selves up, but we make a run for it if it looks bad.” Gevaellen said, and with that they both got up and opened the hatch.

“Excuse us, could we speak to whomever is in charge?” Thomas said as they both stepped out.

Immediately they were swarmed by guards in biohazard suits, while all the other personnel in the area cleared the area. The two giants leaped off the platform and were soon surrounded, “Uh, Like we come in peace, huh huh huh, come.” Thomas said.

A few of the guards laughed, Gevaellen gave Thomas an exasperated look, “Okay 'Be Be Beavis' and Bu Bu Buttehead' follow us.” One of the guards said, he looked like he got some dirty looks from his comrades.

“Pretty good McVicker dude.” Thomas said with a smile.

“Thanks” the guard said, one of his comrades then punched him in the arm, “Fuck, If I have to listen to that Puritanical bitch, just because you wanted to be funny…” the guard who punched his comrade said.

Thomas and Gevaellen were lead to a series of isolated corridors, clearly labeled with biohazard signs, they watched from a window as the holding area the ship was in was sprayed down with disinfectant from giant vents in the ceiling.

Thomas and Gevaellen were gestured to step into a room along the hallway. They entered and a giant pressurized door shut behind them. The room was stark white, with a thick stuffed mat covering the whole floor, and on the other end was a thick glass wall, on the other side a biology laboratory. Thomas and Gevaellen were shocked when one of the people approached the wall, it was the scientist who had what looked like a heated conversation with the woman in the hangar.

“Hello Gentleman, I am Doctor Jonathan Berkheim, I'm head of bio-medicine here. From the cute little exchange you had with the guards, atleast one of you understands English.” Jonathan asked in a calm and slightly amused tone. “We both speak English Doctor Berkheim, actually my name is Thomas Ranocek, I'm a student at the University of Boulder, I can give you my social security number if you like.” Thomas said quite rapidly, a bit of fear still in him.

“Yes we already know that Mr. Ranocek, we ran your face through the DMV and public records, it was the changes to your body that have you paired up with your friend here.” Jonathan said in a calming voice.

“Please, I ask for mercy. Don't vivisect Gevaellen.” Thomas then blurted out.

“Gevaellen, so that's your friend's name, don't worry we already have thorough records of his species biology. It's the information that Gevaellan can tell us that would be more intriguing. We took gathered samples of sperm from your dorm. It was very interesting. We already know about his people's use of nanotechnology, but it was the data imprinted protein packets in the semen and sperm we found very interesting. What we need from you two are fresh samples, the specimens we found had been exposed to the air for too long and broke down.” Jonathan said with a smirk.

“So you need sperm samples, that's it.” Gevaellen said, he looked quite puzzled.

“Well let me be honest, that's what I need from you. My colleagues may ask for far more and in a less pleasant manner, for that I am sorry.” Jonathan replied, his once bright face darkening.

“Your courtesy, and warnings are well appreciated Doctor and thank you.” Gevaellen.

“Here you can deposit your specimen's in these, we'll pick them up when you're done. I can cover the glass if you want privacy.” Jonathan said, just as a pair of mechanical arms lowered a pair of plastic containers that looked to have no less then a three gallon holding capacity. “I see you have enough information on our biology to know about our seminal discharge.” Gevaellen said with a smirk.

“You could say that we made some guesses based on your biology.” Jonathan replied with a wide grin.

“So you want us to jerk off into these things?” Thomas then asked.

“We would like the specimens to be separate for studying your genetic material separately. Your means of stimulating yourself to orgasm are left up to you, judging by what we found in your dorm room Mr. Ranocek you two seem to have been intimate with each other.” Jonathan replied with a mischievous grin. “Watch if you want Doctor, we have no problem with an audience.” Gevaellen said with sly grin, and then looked at Thomas who looked a little more nervous.

Gevaellen then kissed Thomas wickedly, and laid him down on the matted floor. They quickly went into a sixty-nine, lovingly sucking each other's mammoth cock. Jonathan watched with an awe struck face, along with many other people in the lab as they saw the two giants gently fellate each other. A few minutes later, they both reached orgasm, barely seconds apart, they both quickly got up, cum spurting out of their cocks, as they walked over to the specimen containers.

Jonathan timed the whole thing with a strange fascination, the two giants groaned and moaned the whole five minutes that they knew the throws of orgasm. In that time they managed to fill more then 3/4 th's of the specimen containers. When they were finally finished, the two mechanical arms returned vacuum sealed the containers and took them away.

Jonathan soon came out of his trance-like state, his gaze still locked on the two beautiful giants, their huge cocks still hard and throbbing, “Thank you gentlemen, you can relax now, I'll return after we're done analyzing the specimens. In the meantime, if you wish to carry on, be my guests.” Jonathan said, his tone a little softer now.

Gevaellen and Thomas looked from him to each other, shrugged and went down again.

“You can't do that, he's just a kid Emily!” Jonathan shouted, 'The Executive Board of Post059' was often the scenes of shouting matches between Berkheim and Wellington. Outside of the occasional disagreement Emily Wellington has pretty much gotten most of the board members wrapped around her thumb, except for Berkheim, and some of the younger scientists who were on 'The Board.

“He is now classified as an extraterrestrial lifeform, besides even if he wasn't modified by the alien, he would wind up in a similar fate. We can analyze the information packets in their, (blech) 'discharges', they have no more use to us.” Dr. Wellington said with a grim coldness that meant only one thing.

Several hours later, Thomas and Gevaellen both locked in their mutual fucking position were interrupted just as they both finished cumming, “Good to see you two kept yourselves occupied.” Jonathan said as he stepped from the front of the glass into the room itself via a door a few feet away.

“Sorry about the isolation and bio hazard treatment, standard procedure.” Jonathan said softly. “Completely understandable Doctor.” Gevaellen said as he pried his cock out of Thomas's ass, while Thomas pried his out of Gevaellen's.

“If you two will follow me, we have other tests that need to be conducted.” Jonathan said as he lead them through the bio hazard halls. Thomas and Gevaellen looked at each other in a puzzled manner.

That puzzlement only increased, as they entered the holding bay again, “Doctor Berkheim what are you doing?” Gevaellen said in shock.

“Listen, I rerouted the priority for the nano repair system, focusing on life support, the cloaking device and the mass reaction drive, you just have to hang out in this solar system for less then a day before you can jump out. Biology is my specialty, but not my only interest.” Jonathan said with a bright smile.

“Why are you doing this?” Thomas said in shock.

“I have once again underestimated how little humanity is left in my superior, I'm just trying to live with myself.” Jonathan replied. The two giants ran for the ship, and quickly boarded it. Jonathan ran to the controls and released all the holding clamps, and opened the holding bay and hangar doors. Gevaellen and Thomas strapped themselves in, Gevaellen hooking 'jacking' into the computer. The ship lifted off the ground just a few feet, then took off at blinding speed. As soon as it cleared the underground hangar, it cloaked, and was no longer visible.

Just as the ship took off, the security alarms went off and the holding bay filled with security, along with Emily Wellington, “What in the name of Jehovah have you done Berkheim, I should shoot you on the spot.” Dr. Wellington screamed.

“They forced me Emily, they used hypnotic suggestion, I didn't know what I was doing.” Jonathan replied, making himself sound hysterical. “We'll see what the surveillance cameras have to say about that.” Dr. Wellington roared.

“We have a problem Dr. Wellington, the tapes are blank, guess when those engines fired, they let out a low level EMP pulse.” One of the security guards said as he checked the security station in the holding bay. “What, you have got to be kidding.” Emily roared.

“He's right, they're blank.” Another security guard replied.

“So help me Berkheim, if you weren't so valuable, I'd have you meet the fate that was intended for your two alien friends.” Emily said with a vicious toothy snarl.

Dr. Wellington stomped off in such a fury, one would swear the floor shook. “Thanks for covering me Karl.” Jonathan said to the guard that first reported the blank tapes.

“No problem Dr. Berkheim.” He replied in a friendly tone.

“So how are the wife and kids?” Jonathan then asked.

“Fine despite the fire, but Cassandra's great, she's pretty much back to normal, and Greg and Tammy are back in school.” Karl replied.

“That's great, glad to see the respiratory and spinal reconstruction is going that fast.” Jonathan said with a joyous smile.

“Without your help Doc, I don't know if they would still be alive. Anything I can do to help you is no problem.” Karl said with a tearful smile

Several hours later, just passed Mars orbit, “We made it, I can't believe we made it.” Thomas transmitted, then sighed with relief.

“It may be a while before we can return you know, any regrets about leaving Earth?” Gevaellen transmitted.

“Well I'll miss my friends, my family didn't take too well to me coming out, we haven't spoken to each other since the summer, but you know even if we weren't captured by government agents, I would still go with you. I think I'm in love with you Gevaellen.” Thomas transmitted, then kissed Gevaellen on the lips with a gentle passion.

“And I love you Thomas Ranocek, if you asked me to stay on Earth with you, I would.” Gevaellen transmitted in reply. “Wouldn't that have been a sight, two eight foot muscle studs in love, in college.” Thomas said with a laugh.

“Yes, that would have been quite a sight. Well, we have 12 hours before we can jump, what do you want to do?” Gevaellen transmitted with a lustful smile, he then 'un-jacked' himself, un-strapped and headed to the door of the cockpit in the back of the cockpit. Thomas eagerly followed, “Hey you want to try some of the sexual technique chapters on 'Zero-G' sex in the holding bay.” Gevaellen said with a laugh.


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