The hydrean dagger

by Dakon

 Jake finds a special knife that triples what it cuts off, and his boyfriend Todd becomes excited by the possibilities.

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Knives. Knives. Where are all the knives?

Jake was frantically searching his normally tidy kitchen for a single knife.

I bet Todd hid them, he thought to himself. Todd was always doing little things like this to get on his nerves. But today was special, and Todd's practical joke could cost them their dinner. It was Todd who had planned a romantic night together: dinner, dessert, and a little fooling around before bed. However, it was also Todd who had left all the work for Jake and if he could see how Jake was currently squirming under the pressure, he'd be laughing hysterically now. Jake didn't know why he put up with Todd's foolishness, yet just the thought of Todd's laugh filled him with warmth and he let out a passionate sigh. He would just have to make dinner without a normal knife.

Suddenly Jake was strike with a brilliant idea. He entered the living room and walked to the mantle. There, underneath a glass case laid an ornamental dagger, slightly larger than that of a normal knife. Jake and Todd had sat wrapped in each other before a roaring fireplace admiring the collector's item many nights before and Jake thought dinner would be that much more special if he prepared it with his lover's favorite artifact.

Jake carefully removed the antique, getting a feel for its use. He felt the point and withdrew his hand in alarm. It was unusually sharp. The dagger had been passed down from generation to generation in his family. Legend said that it once belonged to Hercules, the great Greek hero and was used in attempt to kill the dreaded Hydra. At least, that's what his grandfather had told him.

Jake had no plans on killing any ferocious beasts, but still he walked backed to the kitchen and grabbed some fresh vegetables to chop up into a nice salad. He pulled out some carrots from the fridge and began dicing them nicely with his large, powerful hands. Cutting vegetables came easy for Jake, and soon his mind began to drift and his hands automatically prepared the salad. Thoughts of what the night might entail filled his mind and a pleasant smile spread across his face. As numerous romantic encounters roamed through his mind, his flaccid penis began to stir, inspired by the possible acts of his mysterious lover.

Suddenly there was a loud series of knocks on the door. Jake was thrown out of his fantasies into reality and forgetting what he was doing placed his right hand on top of his left, still holding the dagger completely cutting off one of his fingers!

“Shit!” Jake screamed as he instinctively reached for a dishrag and wrapped it around the injured finger. He was about to turn and get some ice, when he realized something extremely odd. There was no blood anywhere, yet there sat his severed finger on the countertop. Slowly Jake removed the protective covering and gasped in amazement at what he saw.

Where Jake had cut his finger off, there was a flesh colored layer of skin that seemed to be moving! Jake held his arm out in front of his staring at his four-fingered hand when unexpectedly three identical fingers burst from the layer of skin. Each finger was as long as the one next to it and evenly spaced. Jake moved his hand back in awe and moved each of these fingers effectively. They were indeed fully functionally.

Another series of knocks pounded at the door.

Crap, Jake thought to himself. That must be Todd. Thoughts of how Todd would react to this freakish event raced through his mind. Yet, he knew the worst thing to do would be to leave him out of the apartment, so he rushed to the entrance and slowly opened the door with his normal hand while hiding the disfigured one behind his back.

“Hey,” Jake said nervously while flashing a coy smile. Todd looked slightly annoyed, but he couldn't stay mad at the sight of Jake's cute smile.

“What kept you?” Todd asked as he walked into the living room.

“You're early,” Jake said as they proceeded into the kitchen.

Todd laughed. “I couldn't sit at home why you were panicking without any of these.” He emptied his pockets and a large amount of knives poured out onto the table. “I'm sorry, but you're so adorable when you get riled up.” He went to give Jake a hug, but he backed up. Todd frowned. “What's wrong?”

“I had a little accident—” Jake explained as they walked together into the kitchen.

Todd glanced at the hidden hand behind Jake's back. Todd grabbed his arm and brought it forth. Todd gasped at what he saw, and Jake smiled nervously as he waved with his seven fingers.

Todd looked into Jake's deep blue eyes questioningly and he explained what happened, showing him the dagger and how it had happened.

“I don't believe it—” Todd trailed off, still in disbelief. “But I think I like it,” he declared with a smile. “Seven fingers can work their magic a lot quicker than five can.” He gave Jake a wink, which caused him to blush slightly. “Can I… see it again? I think you could use some symmetry.”

Jake smiled. The thought that Todd would not only accept this fate, but also enjoy it never crossed his mind, and the possibilities of a better life rapidly rushed through his mind.

“Of course. Seven fingers do feel more useful than five.” With that, Jake took that dagger and apprehensively cut off the same finger on the opposite hand. He impulsively cringed in fear, yet surprisingly none came. The couple watched anxiously as the same process occurred once again. Three fingers sprouted from the spot where the previous one had been sliced off. Todd grabbed the left over finger from the counter top and studied it, yet in mere seconds the severed finger dissolved into nothingness.

Jake and Todd looked up at each other and smiled. This dagger could be quite useful—

Todd twirled the ceremonial dagger in his hands as erotic images rushed through his head. The power that it held on his lover stimulated him in a way nothing else had before.

“Jake. Do you trust me?”

“Why?” Jake questioned.

“Just answer me. Do you trust me?”

“Of course.” Jake answered with confidence.

“Then close your eyes.”

“I don't under—”

“Please. For me.”

Jake sighed and slowly closed his eyes. “Thank you,” Todd replied smiling. He crept up behind his fourteen-fingered man and held the dagger above his head. With two swift strikes he chopped off Jake's arms and to Todd's surprise Jake didn't even flinch. Within seconds, three identical arms sprouted from the sides of Jake's body. Each arm was long and toned, lying idly at Jake's side. Amazingly, each large hand maintained the same seven fingers that the originals had.

“Wow—” Todd whispered.

“What?” Jake asked as he opened his eyes. His raised his arms and jumped back in alarm. He then waved each arm in front of him separately and the grin on his face grew with each additional joint. He then looked up at Jake and rushed toward him and picked him up with his six powerful hands and covered him in a mighty hug. Todd immediately was filled with a sensation so powerful that he sprouted an enormous hard on and was on the verge of cumming when Jake placed him back on the ground. Yet Todd wasn't the only one who was turned on by Jake's new transformation. It was clearly evident that the sense of having his muscular arms brushing against each other was a total turn on for Jake himself as he was sporting a large hard on so strong that it was visible even through the jeans he was wearing.

Todd was quick to pick up on this and he led his six-armed man to a nearby chair and placed him sitting down. He got on his knees and unzipped Jake's pants slowly with a mischievous smile on his face. Jake, getting the idea of what was happening, pulled the remains of his shirt over his head and began stroking his tight abs and pecs with his multiple arms closing his eyes passionately as the feeling of his own strokes filled him. Todd jerked Jake's pants completely off and likewise removed his tight fitting boxers as Jake started to moan in the ecstasy that he was feeling. Behind the black underwear lay a fully erect eight-inch dick pointing directly in Todd's face. Using every ounce of restraint Todd had, he resisted placing his mouth on it and completing his fantasy.

Instead, Todd reached up to the table above him and with a wicked smile grabbed the dagger and slashed Jake's cock off. Instantly three more grew in the predecessor's place, each just as long and just as hard. Without a moment's hesitation, Todd slashed each of the newly born cocks and let out a loud moan as a forest of nine cocks sprouted from Jake's groin. Todd quickly undressed himself entirely and at the touch of his hand he came longer than he had ever before. Breathless from the pleasure, Todd knelt down on all fours and wrapped his mouth around one of Jake's cocks and began caressing it with great care. Within moments, the extremely aroused Jake began rock back and forth in his chair as Todd's skilled tongue worked its magic. With a loud moan, Jake released his load into Todd's mouth, who graciously accepted it.

It was then that Todd was overcame with an extremely erotic thought. He took the dagger and opened his mouth and placed it inside. Seconds later, he spat out his tongue and placed his mouth around the nearest of Jake's many cocks. Jake could not tolerate the sensation of three skilled tongues wrapping themselves around his fully aroused dick. He screamed with great passion as Todd attacked the helpless cock with pleasure from all sides. Jake propped himself with two arms and arched his back as his other four arms roamed downwards and grabbed a hold of a still hard dick. He stroked four of his enlarged penises while Todd worked his magic and soon he came simultaneously from five separate cocks and the cum shot down upon Todd's naked body, literally covering him in Jake's cum. The sight of his boyfriend covered in his load caused Jake to cum from his three remaining hard ons covering the area around the couple with a thick sticky mess.

Todd wiped the cum from his face, revealing the widest smile Jake had ever seen. He jumped up from the ground and climbed into the lap of his lover and stared into his face passionately. He wrapped his arms around Jake's extended shoulders and clasped them into a tight hug. He then lifted himself up and kissed Jake so passionately with his three tongues that it was not long at all before Todd felt some prodding from behind.

“You just can't keep them down, can you?”

“Not when my man is such an excellent kisser.”

“Well I think we'll just have to make me a better kisser.” Todd jumped of Jake's lap and grabbed the dagger. With a shaking hand he drew it up to his neck and with one quick movement cut his own head off! Jake lurched forward to stop him, but it was too late. Todd's handsome head rolled to the ground and began to quickly dissolve. However, Todd's body remained erect and to Jake's utter astonishment, Todd's head returned in triplicate. Each head was identical and they smiled as looked at each other.

“I thought that would happen,” said the head furthest to the right as the other two made out passionately with each other. Instantly Todd's single cock grew hard again. “I think I'll have to do something about that. It's not fair for you to have all the fun.” He raised the dagger and sliced his cock quickly off producing three more in it's place. Then he took the middle one and sliced it off creating a total of five full hard ons. “Much better!” all three Todds shouted in unison.

Jake was so turned on by his conjoined triplet that he rushed forward and picked Todd up and ran to the bedroom. Jake threw Todd on the bed and then pounced over him. Jake nibbled on of his ears and whispered, “Prepare to be fucked like you’ve never been fucked before.” The three-headed Todd looked eagerly at the forest of cocks that hovered over them and each head licked their lips with their three tongues.

The couple quickly maneuvered into a 69 position as intense passion exploded in the room. Jake grabbed each of Todd's cocks and one of his own and stroked them evenly with long tender movements, slightly increasing the rate of each stroke. Meanwhile, Todd was grabbing hold of two of the nine cocks that Jake had while giving the best blow up to the rest. He would caress three dicks in his mouths treating them tenderly with three tongues each until they were ready to blow and then move onto the next three. With this process, it did not take long and as the four of them screamed loudly, all fourteen cocks came at precisely the same time, drenching each other in much appreciated cum. Exhausted from the massive amount of stimulation, they wrapped themselves around each other and drifted off into a heavy, deep sleep.

It was nearly noon when Jake aroused from his slumber. He stretched out his arms and cracked his ten hands behind his back. Ten?! He sat up in bed and looked at his ten hands in bewilderment. He had gone to bed with six. Todd must have done some carving while was asleep. He turned to his side and looked at the sleeping body beside him. Todd had done some augmenting on himself as well. Below the three heads, lay an extended torso with three pecs and an adjoined three arms at each side. Jake could feel under the sheets that there were at least six legs to his right, and twelve to his left??? He lifted the sheets to his left and revealed two more Todds, nuzzled together, each of their six arms wrapped around each other. The commotion awoke the Todd to his right and three brimming smiles greeted him.

“I hope you don't mind,” said the first head.

“We did some work while you were asleep,” continued the second.

“We thought you'd like it,” finished the third.

Jake grinned broadly. “Who knew something with such a short shaft could be so much fun?” The Todds laughed and tackled him and starting a four-way make out that was by far the greatest in history.

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