The extreme muscle growth fraternity

by Bruce

 Budding bodybuilder Adam finds a muscle home when he joins a certain campus fraternity.

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“Yes?” said the voice on the other end of the intercom.

I replied, “Hi, my name is Adam. I was told to show up at this address for orientation for MAS?”

After a moments pause the voice replied, “Go into the meeting room immediately on your right as you enter the house. Take the stairs down into the gym and await further instructions.”

A buzzer sounded and I stepped through the front door.

My first impression was how enormous the house was. The second thing I noticed was the deep musky smell that was unmistakably the smell of an all-male home. It was the combination of testosterone, sweat and locker room odors all rolled into one.

I entered into the meeting room as per the instructions I was given. I was all alone, the house eerily silent. The meeting room was large, and the walls covered with fraternity classes going back many years.

On the center of the main wall was a charter for MAS, signed by the founding members of the brotherhood. Written on the charter was the fraternity’s motto: “Muscle upon Muscle upon Muscle….”.

I turned back to the group photos to look more closely at the past and present members of the brotherhood. This definitely was a muscle fraternity! Every class consisted of mass monsters—muscle freaks whom regular people would be terrified and repulsed to meet if they saw them on the street. But not me!

Being surrounded by all these pictures of huge muscle brought me back to the where I’d started as a teenager. From the time I read my first bodybuilding magazine I was hooked. My obsession with muscle began and I never looked back. I papered my bedroom with pictures and posters of the biggest and freakiest bodybuilders there were. I could not get enough of their muscle—the power, the beauty, the strength.

I began training in the gym, looking up diets, going to the supplement store. The more I put on size and grew, the more I wanted. I would come home from the gym, strip naked, and lay on my bed jerking off to the mass monsters. Sometimes I thought about being one of them, sometimes I thought about being with them.

As my training continued I began meeting other people, learning new techniques. I began going to bodybuilding shows. I met a top coach who helped me get started on gear. Soon I was competing myself. By the time I was 19 I was 260 pounds at 5’5. But I still wasn’t big enough, despite everyone in my life telling me I was “too big” already. The just didn’t get it.

The only other people who understood my obsession were on the other end of a muscle growth internet forum. I read stories about a fraternity for bodybuilders that had the secrets to extreme muscle growth. I was determined to find out more but there was so little information. Quite frankly, I’d doubted the fraternity even existed. It was probably too good to be true.

Then after my last competition I was approached by what was possibly the biggest bodybuilder I had ever seen in my life. And I had seen many massive freaks! At 6’5, looking to be 400 pounds he walked over to me, he outclassed everyone I’d ever met. He didn’t say anything, just handed me an envelope and walked away. After my momentary shock wore off I opened the envelope. Inside was an invitation from MAS with the address and the time to show up.

Suddenly a loud banging noise brought me back into the present. It was coming from below the floor. I noticed a stairway in the corner of the room heading downstairs. I figured it must lead to the gym where I had been instructed to go.

I picked up my bags and headed down the stairs where there was wooden door at the bottom. Opening the door I walked into a basement gym—a very hardcore old school space, like in Dorian’s “Blood and Guts” videos. I noticed the weights were loaded extremely heavy—single plates were hundreds of pounds.

All of a sudden I heard the loud banging noise again and then a deep voice saying, “Hey Adam!” I turned around and my heart almost completely stopped in shock. In that moment I understood that this was exactly where I needed to be.

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