The extreme muscle growth fraternity

by Bruce

 Budding bodybuilder Adam finds a muscle home when he joins a certain campus fraternity.

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“Yes?” said the voice on the other end of the intercom.

I replied, “Hi, my name is Adam. I was told to show up at this address for orientation for MAS?”

After a moments pause the voice replied, “Go into the meeting room immediately on your right as you enter the house. Take the stairs down into the gym and await further instructions.”

A buzzer sounded and I stepped through the front door.

My first impression was how enormous the house was. The second thing I noticed was the deep musky smell that was unmistakably the smell of an all-male home. It was the combination of testosterone, sweat and locker room odors all rolled into one.

I entered into the meeting room as per the instructions I was given. I was all alone, the house eerily silent. The meeting room was large, and the walls covered with fraternity classes going back many years.

On the center of the main wall was a charter for MAS, signed by the founding members of the brotherhood. Written on the charter was the fraternity’s motto: “Muscle upon Muscle upon Muscle….”.

I turned back to the group photos to look more closely at the past and present members of the brotherhood. This definitely was a muscle fraternity! Every class consisted of mass monsters—muscle freaks whom regular people would be terrified and repulsed to meet if they saw them on the street. But not me!

Being surrounded by all these pictures of huge muscle brought me back to the where I’d started as a teenager. From the time I read my first bodybuilding magazine I was hooked. My obsession with muscle began and I never looked back. I papered my bedroom with pictures and posters of the biggest and freakiest bodybuilders there were. I could not get enough of their muscle—the power, the beauty, the strength.

I began training in the gym, looking up diets, going to the supplement store. The more I put on size and grew, the more I wanted. I would come home from the gym, strip naked, and lay on my bed jerking off to the mass monsters. Sometimes I thought about being one of them, sometimes I thought about being with them.

As my training continued I began meeting other people, learning new techniques. I began going to bodybuilding shows. I met a top coach who helped me get started on gear. Soon I was competing myself. By the time I was 19 I was 260 pounds at 5’5. But I still wasn’t big enough, despite everyone in my life telling me I was “too big” already. The just didn’t get it.

The only other people who understood my obsession were on the other end of a muscle growth internet forum. I read stories about a fraternity for bodybuilders that had the secrets to extreme muscle growth. I was determined to find out more but there was so little information. Quite frankly, I’d doubted the fraternity even existed. It was probably too good to be true.

Then after my last competition I was approached by what was possibly the biggest bodybuilder I had ever seen in my life. And I had seen many massive freaks! At 6’5, looking to be 400 pounds he walked over to me, he outclassed everyone I’d ever met. He didn’t say anything, just handed me an envelope and walked away. After my momentary shock wore off I opened the envelope. Inside was an invitation from MAS with the address and the time to show up.

Suddenly a loud banging noise brought me back into the present. It was coming from below the floor. I noticed a stairway in the corner of the room heading downstairs. I figured it must lead to the gym where I had been instructed to go.

I picked up my bags and headed down the stairs where there was wooden door at the bottom. Opening the door I walked into a basement gym—a very hardcore old school space, like in Dorian’s “Blood and Guts” videos. I noticed the weights were loaded extremely heavy—single plates were hundreds of pounds.

All of a sudden I heard the loud banging noise again and then a deep voice saying, “Hey Adam!” I turned around and my heart almost completely stopped in shock. In that moment I understood that this was exactly where I needed to be.

“Hey, Adam.”

I looked up and could not believe my eyes. Jeff Diesel was standing right in front of me.

I was hit with so many emotions at once. One of them was a kind of surprise that Jeff even knew who I was. We had been on the same wrestling team when we were in high school. Jeff had always been a star athlete, even winning state championships. He was also painfully handsome and very popular with classic good looks and blonde hair. While were still wrestling he also got into bodybuilding and blew up pretty quickly, gaining a tremendous amount of muscle. I was always curious how he was able to get so big so fast but I could never be able to get a conversation with him. I always felt fairly confidant but there was something about Jeff that made me awkward. His personal life was a mystery as well although I had heard him mention an older brother.

The closest I ever got to him was one day during practice. We were doing submission holds. Despite all my training, Jeff was impossible to hold down. He had almost inhuman strength combined with the slippery sweat on his massive physique made it impossible for me to get him down. He also had a musky odor that made my dick so hard. I’m not proud to admit this but when he was in the shower I stole his used jock from his gym bag. As soon as I got home I stripped naked and jerked off smelling it. I had never cum so hard or so often in my entire life.

Now he was standing in front of me in the basement gym of the frat house. The same odor, I will never forget how distinct it was. Jeff was also bigger than ever, the same height as me but pushing 290 pounds. His quads were so massive they could double for Hassan Moutapha’s. His biceps looked liked they were pushing twenty two inches and his back was so wide I wasn’t sure if he could walk through a door like a regular person.

“Pretty cool we are going to be in the same pledge class together, bro,” Jeff said. “This experience is going to change our lives.”

“What do you know?” I asked.

“A little more than I should. But don’t worry man, you will find out. Come on, lets lift.”

We started training chest in an intensive session. This weight room was impressive and could rival the most hardcore of any bodybuilding gym. I was amazed a Jeff’s strength the way he could throw weight around. He started at a 385 bench press, for just a warm up, as if it were light as a feather and we began working our way up. It was so surreal to be training. Although focused on training I could not get over how fucking beautiful he was. Spotting him as he benched, the sheer power of the intensity of his lifting, the sweat covering his massive body, the massive pump of his chest and even the grunts that he made while lifting. It was mind numbing to just keep my hands off of him.

From behind us was the clanging of the dropping of some weights. two young, massive bodybuilders approached us. I instantly recognized them, Devan Oak and Blaze Warner. Both of them were well known bodybuilders starting off as teenage prodigies and working their way into super-heavyweight status.

“Hey, guys, nice to meet you. it looks like the pledge class will be the four of us,” said Devan. We were just given instructions to shower up and meet the pledge master outside.

We four went to the showers in the back of the gym and stripped naked. Devan stood at around 6’0 tall, olive skin and short black hair. Standing at around 305 pounds, I remember his background as a football star who turned down scholarships to pursue his career in bodybuilding. Blaze stood about an inch taller than Devan but was equally as massive. With curly hair and classic looks he not only appeared on the covers of bodybuilding magazines but also had a career in the WWE as a professional wrestler. Devan stood under the shower letting the water run over his naked, massive body. Blaze took a bottle of liquid and started soaping Devan.

“Mmmm, thanks babe that feels amazing,” said Devan and proceeded to grab Blaze and give him a passionate kiss.

“We just got engaged,” Blaze said to us.

“Oh fuck man, that’s awesome!!” said Jeff.

“Yeah, congratulations, guys!” I said. It did’nt seem like Devan or Blaze heard, though as they were too preoccupied with each other. Jeff and I looked at each other and laughed and proceeded to strip naked. The warm water felt so good after that work out. All of a sudden I felt Jeffs strong hands on me, soaping up my body. When he was done I took the bottle and started soaping him up. Fuck, his body felt so good. His muscle was so hard, like granite. i could just feel the power coming from them as I lathered every inch of that massive body.

“At least I don’t have to worry about my gym bag this time,” Jeff laughed. I looked at him, confused. He leaned in. “I know you stole my shorts that time.” Instantly I felt a sense of embarrassment, but before I could say anything Jeff leaned in and kissed me.

“Come on, guys,” he said. “Let’s go meet our pledge master.”

The four of us came up the stairs from the basement of the fraternity to the outside backyard of the fraternity house. Down the lawn of the sprawling estate was an enormous Olympic sized swimming pool. I had to say, the four of walking down looked pretty damn good, with the sun glistening off our big shirtless muscle bodies.

When we got down to the pool a voice called out “there are my boys!" Rising out of the pool was Tom King himself, one of the biggest and also one of my favorite all time bodybuilders. Reaching an off-season max of 5’8 and 320 pounds, he was one of the freakiest bodybuilders that was around when I was growing up. He had been one of my first bodybuilder crushes and now here he was, standing before me as huge and as handsome as ever.

“Well, boys, congratulations. It’s been a long journey and now here you are. I’m Tom, as you all know, and I’ll be your pledge master.” Tom proceeded to strip off his posing trunks and stood bare naked in front of us. I could not believe the masterpiece he was standing in front of us. Everything singe inch of his massive freaky body was pure perfection.

“Bruce and Jeff, come over here and oil me up. You other two, oil each other up. But first I need all of you to strip naked.”

Within seconds we were all out of our shorts and standing on the pool deck. Just five naked muscle dudes completely comfortable with each other. It just felt so natural and right. This pledging process was off to a great start.

Jeff and I proceeded to starting oiling up Tom. Fuck, his body was incredible. I had never come close to a bodybuilder this massive, let alone touch him. Being able to actually feel his muscle was a thousand times better and more exciting than I had ever dreamed.

As Jeff and I were oiling him, Tom continued to explain. “Now, just to let you know you boys were chosen for a reason. The frat has been monitoring you for a while, just like it monitors all significant bodybuilders. You boys are part of a rare but important breed. Most people don’t understand bodybuilding to begin with. Then there are guys who take it up for a hobby. They do it for a while and then leave, usually to start families and have children.”

“But then there are bodybuilders where its more than a hobby, it is life itself. The moment you saw muscle at a young age you were hooked. Every road you took in life led back to muscle. It is not even about being gay, it’s an appreciation, admiration and obsession with muscle. You have dedicated your life to that muscle and your success in that journey is what let onto our radar. And that is what our frat is about. We are all bodybuilders who have dedicated out lives to muscle and so we have decided to share our lives with each other for that common goal.”

He took stock of us as we listed eagerly. “There are rules to our fraternity that the common, every day person would not understand. As pledges, you will have to undergo a series of rituals in order to earn your way into our brotherhood. Some of these rituals are sexual in nature. We strongly emphasize intimacy and bonding among all brothers. Any objections?”

The four of us shook our heads no. “Good,” said Tom. “Number two, you will be required to completely ‘drop out’ of society and give up regular lives. Once you are part of the fraternity you are a part of it for life. You will only associate with the brothers. Think about it. Would you rather hang out with regular people who don’t understand you or a group of huge bodybuilders who understand you and accept you? Any objections?”

The four of us shook our heads no a second time. “Number three. You will all need to open your minds for this one. It’s not a secret that we are all ‘enhanced’. There was a point with all four of you that you made the choice to go on gear in order for you to take bodybuilding to the next level. Well, there is a next level for that. You see, we have the secrets to take bodybuilding to a whole new level. The catch though, is that you will evolve into something greater than a human being. Even the most genetically gifted human body can not handle hundreds and hundreds of pounds of muscle. Therefore, all of us brothers have evolved. But once you take this step there is no going back. So I will ask you now, are you ready?”

I looked around. This seemed like something from a science fiction novel. Everyone else seemed confused except Jeff. He had a big smile on his face like he knew this was coming. “I’m ready,” Jeff said confidently. Tom smiled and looked at the rest of us. We all nodded yes.

“Good,” said Tom. “Now… witness the transformation.” He then proceeded to take a loaded syringe and stuck it into his glute.

Jeff, Devon, Blaze and I stood back and watched Tom shoot the syringe into his glute. Tom threw back his head and yelled, “Fuck!” and then looked at us with an almost sinister smile on his face. His massive body seemed to be trembling.

“What’s going happening to Tom? What is he turning into?” I whispered to Jeff.

“He’s becoming the real Tom,” Jeff whispered back. “That person you see before is a shell. That Tom ceased to exist a while ago. He has since evolved into something much bigger.”

I gave Jeff a confused look as if to say, “How do you know this?”

He grabbed my hand and squeezed it as if to say, “Trust me.”

Tom began walking towards us, his entire body seemed to grow and swell with each step he took. “Future brothers!” he said in a deep, inhuman voice, “Gaze upon the greatness which awaits you!”

Tom had seemed grow a foot taller and hundred pounds of extra muscle before our eyes. I need seen that much muscle on a single person before. The power, the strength, the beauty was hypnotic.

“Gather around me!” Tom commanded as he lay his massive naked body down. By now he was so huge there was more than enough room for all four of to stand around him with extra room.

Tom began to stroke his cock, hard and fast. “Fuck!!!!” he screamed as began shooting load after load of cum onto his stomach and massive pecs. “Eat it!!!” he screamed.

Devon and Blaze immediately began licking the cum off of Tom naked chest. Tom was still stroking shooting, he was on his fourth, fifth, sixth load and showed no sign of stopping. Blaze and Devon suddenly stopped eating and fell to the ground on either side of Tom.

“You, too!” Tom yelled at me and Jeff. There was no turning back now. Jeff began licking Tom’s left pec and I started on the right. The cum tasted strong and salty and was hot.

As soon as I swallowed my first load of his protein I could feel it go to every corner of my body. It felt strange but i kept lapping it up. Jeff was going to town right next to me, not missing a single drop. Tom massive muscle body felt amazing as I kept licking him clean.

“I could do this all day and could never get sick of this,” I thought. The more cum I ate, the stronger the feeling in my body got. It was almost as if I was getting stronger with each load I ate. I could feel muscles begin to swell.

I looked up and saw Jeff fall down just as Blaze and Devon had. I began to call out but I couldn’t speak. As I began to lose consciousness, the last thing I saw as I fell to the floor was Tom’s massive body stranding over me.

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