The duplex

by TheCandymanCan13

Peter and his hot wife, Eleanor, are looking for a little excitement. They decide to try sharing sex with another couple, but don’t have much luck until a chance encounter introduces them to Henry and Rose, both of whom know exactly how to please a man and woman.

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My wife, Eleanor, and I had been married for four years when the events I am about to describe to you took place. We were 25 years old and still madly in love, but we had started talking about expanding our sexual lifestyle outside of our own bedroom. I am of largely European descent, brown hair, 6’2 (1.89 meters) and 190 pounds (90kg), reasonably fit with a 7” (18cm) long cock that is around 5” (5cm) thick in circumference. My wife is also of European descent, blonde hair, around 5’10, 130 pounds with a bust of 32H. Many of you might think “32H? That’s way too big, this guy is clearly a liar,” but honestly, amongst European women this is not an uncommon breast size. Hell, internet’s favorite woman, Kate Upton shares almost all of her measurements with my wife.

Anyways, on to the important part of this story, not that our measurements aren’t important, simply tertiary to the main content of the plot. My wife and I had been thinking about swinging. Well, not swinging per se, as there are numerous issues with the lifestyle that we found out about while doing some research, but more along the lines of sharing ourselves with someone else of similar mind. We perused a great deal of the dating sites without giving anything away (like our names or any pictures) and found them lacking. So we delved into Craigslist. It seemed better at first but we found that the majority of the posts were actually hidden ads or ways to get at our information. So we moved on again. You see, we weren’t so much looking for a quick fuck with new people, but more a pair of friends that we could also have sex with.

For a few weeks we gave up, dejected. One Friday evening we went to one of our favorite restaurants, a reasonably new gastropub in the area with absolutely amazing food and a very casual atmosphere. We hadn’t made a reservation, so we ended up sitting at one of the big picnic-style tables where numerous different people could sit. We sat on the end, beside a group of four that were finishing up their meal and ordered some drinks. We perused the menu and ordered some appys and waited for them, chatting about our respective jobs. The group of four got up and someone came to clear and wipe the table while we continued talking, largely oblivious.

When the seats next to us got filled I was facing away from the first person to sit so I really only noticed my wife’s reaction. I could see a mixture of surprise and shock on her face that only a husband could notice it was so subtle. I wouldn’t have cared too much if her gaze hadn’t lingered so long, but it did. I started to turn my head but I was caught by a vision of loveliness I had dreamed of all of my life. A woman with dark hair, small breasts and long legs wearing a beautiful red dress sat down next to my wife and took a glance at me with a smirk on her face. While her body was the model’s ideal, her face was even better. She had green eyes with tight, bushy eyebrows and light blue eyeshadow that highlighted what must have been her perfect feature. Her lips were full on the bottom and tight on top with red lipstick that matched the crimson of her dress. Her hair was long and pulled up so that only about a foot of it dangled down onto the front of her dress, further framing her immaculate face.

I realized that I had been staring for a while so I looked back at my wife to realize that she too had been staring, not at the vision beside her, but the one beside me. I looked to my left and once again was awestruck. I had never considered men particularly attractive and had never done anything sexual with one before, so seeing this man was a shock to me on many levels. He was larger than me in height, probably around 6’5 or 6’6” but also in weight, probably like 240 pounds. He was wearing a grey suit that looked tailored and very expensive. As I looked up I noticed a face as dark in features as the woman sitting across from him, with a slight tan, black hair that was neither long nor short and a glimpse of eyes the same intensity and beauty as his date.

I stopped staring once again, started to come back to reality and quickly spoke to my wife to attempt to break her reverie as well. She snapped out of it luckily and we started eating the appetizers that had been delivered while we were staring. Each of us was blushing and kept sneaking peeks at the couple beside us. We eventually got over it full and finished our apps and then ordered our meals. It was when the couple’s appetizers arrived that one of us had built up enough courage to speak to them.

“Oh, you ordered the Ebi Mayo? We tried that last time, it was fantastic,” my wife commented.

The woman responded, “Yes, it’s my favorite, Henry always orders it for me.” Her voice was the perfect blend of sultry and sweet.

“Anything Rose wants I get for her.” He looked at me, “wouldn’t you?”

“Yes sir, absolutely,” I responded. My wife looked at me with a raised eyebrow, her “oh really?” look.

“Yup, we’ve been coming here every week since this place opened. I’m a terrible cook and Rose doesn’t have the patience for it so we eat out a lot.”

“It’s true,” Rose said. “I can’t wait for anything, let alone food. But that goes for other things too.” She then raised her eyebrows as she looked at me and I felt a tingle in my groin. I looked down and noticed that Rose’s stockinged foot was massaging Henry’s inner thigh where a not insignificant tube of flesh was appearing. I tried to hide any indication that I had noticed and returned to the conversation. Rose and Eleanor had started up a conversation about the food and were gabbing like a pair of old friends. This made me happy as any possibility that I might see more of this vision of loveliness was something I could look forward to. As they began speaking, Henry introduced himself to me, and I did the same.

“So, Peter, what do you two do?” he asked me.

“I’m actually in investment banking and my wife, Eleanor, is a secretary at a law firm. How about you?”

“Well, my job is as a contractor,” Peter said, “but it’s not really me. My more interesting pursuits lie elsewhere.”

“Oh, really? Like what? You seem to be doing pretty well for yourself as a contractor.” It wasn’t just that he was dressed well—something about him said “comfortable.”

“Yeah, I am. I haven’t had to go out on-site for a few years and mostly the place runs itself. So most of the time I spend with Rose here, fucking her brains out.”

I was taken aback with his cheeky brazenness and looked over to Rose and Eleanor to see if they had heard and clearly they had. Rose was smiling, and Eleanor was blushing. “Oh, don’t mind him, he just likes to brag about his big dick and big muscles,” Rose said. “Men are so simplistic in thinking that is all a woman wants. I can get by just fine with fingers or a tongue or a normal-sized dick any day. One just has to be persistent.” I noticed something pass between Rose and my wife and then Rose winked at me surreptitiously and went back to conversing with Eleanor.

Our entrees arrived. Eleanor offered to share with the couple and they accepted the offer. Soon we were eating with very little conversation other than compliments on the food. Their entrees came before long, and they shared them with us as well. They had ordered a lot more than I had, and I soon realized why. As the meal passed Henry must have eaten more food than the four of us combined. He didn’t do it in a disgusting manner, just one bite at a time, and he never stopped until it was all gone. I was totally full by the end of the meal but Henry had never slowed down. I imagined he could keep going if he wanted to.

As we were enjoying another round of drinks, Rose and Henry got up to go to the bathroom and Eleanor finally had a moment to talk.

“Well, they are a really nice couple,” I said.

Ellie’s eyes were a little wide. “They are so goddamn sexy, honey.”

“Wow, okay. I was getting there, but yes, they are both great looking.”

She leaned toward me. “So, what do you think?” she whispered to me.

“What do I think about what?”

“How about them for a couple? You know, for sex?”

“Jesus, honey. We just met them, you think they would be up for that?”

“I don’t know, but what do we have to lose? Don’t you want to fuck Rose? I know I do!”

Another shock of the evening. I knew my wife was bisexual, she had proposed us just fucking women for months but I had poo-pooed the idea… mainly because I wanted to watch her get fucked by a man as well. “Of course I want to fuck Rose, she is gorgeous. And she was massaging Henry’s cock under the table with her foot.”

“Jesus, that is hot. I bet they are fucking in the bathroom right now. I couldn’t keep my hands off that man if I was her.”

I told Eleanor to keep it cool when they got back and I would try and convince them to come back to our place. She agreed but I knew if I didn’t say anything she definitely would. A few minutes later they came back and damn if my wife wasn’t right. Rose’s hair seemed slightly disheveled and they both were flushed like they had just had an intimate moment in the bathroom. They rejoined us at the table and we struck up conversation again as we finished our drinks and got our bills.

“Well, guys, this has been a great dinner,” Henry began with a smile on his face. “We haven’t had a conversation with a couple like this in a while, so I tell you what. We’ll buy dinner if you guys come back to our place for a nightcap. We can do whatever you want there, we’ve got dancing, karaoke, video games and many other activities.” Now it was Henry’s turn to wink at us. I was shocked that they had beaten us to the punch but even more shocked at the hidden meanings and the sexual tensions building. If they had just fucked each other’s brains out in the bathroom and were still eager for more, I was eager to see them in action.

My wife was first to respond. “That sounds like a fair deal to me. Peter?”

“I’m down for sure, I love karaoke.” I said the last bit with a big smirk on my face.

“Great, do you guys have your car here, or would you like to ride with us?” Henry asked.

“We have a car parked around the corner.”

“Us too. How about the guys ride together and the ladies ride together? I’ll take Peter in our car and Rose can direct Eleanor in yours.”

“Sounds good to me,” I said, feeling an odd heat in my groin at the thought. “Eleanor?”

“You’ll hear no complaints from me, honey.”

We all got up and headed out the door. Each of us kissed our respective spouses and headed to the two cars. I followed Henry and Rose followed my wife. They went around a different corner from us so I didn’t get to see them get in but I was soon distracted by Henry’s car. It was clearly some European sports car but I had never seen its like before. It had some sort of a shield emblem on its front and it was beautiful.

“Come on Peter, get in, it won’t bite,” Henry called to snap me out of my reverie.

“What is it?” I asked as I got in the passenger seat.

“It’s a Koenigsegg CC. Got a pretty good deal on it, thanks to Rose. She can make men wither when she wants to and the dealer would have given me any deal I wanted with what she was offering.” He started up the car and it purred like no car I had ever heard before. He moved out of the parking spot and started driving.

“It’s really beautiful. I would buy one but I am too stingy on gas. I’d probably never drive it for what it would do for my bank account.”

“Yeah, this isn’t as bad as the Escalade I used to own, that thing was horrible on gas. Hated it, but the company paid for the lease so I went with it. Never again will I own an SUV, Peter. I can go 4x4ing with a nice Subaru better than any SUV and I can carry more people in a van or carry more stuff in a truck. Nobody I have ever met has used their SUV to full effect. So, now it’s sports cars and electrics for me. I’m currently waiting on my Tesla S to be delivered to me. Should be coming in a couple months.”

“I totally agree with the SUV thing,” I said. “They seem unnecessary to me, as well. I always wanted a Tesla S. As soon as they came out, I said, ‘once I have a place to charge one of those, I will buy one for sure’. We live in an apartment downtown so there isn’t an outlet in the parking garage. Right now all we have is our Civic. It’s a couple of years old but it’s reliable and decent on gas so I don’t mind it.”

We headed out onto the main drag and Henry picked up the pace. Soon we were barreling down the road, zipping between cars at a very high speed. I stopped talking as I was concentrating on keeping myself in my seat as best I could. Since it was my first time meeting Henry I didn’t really want to offend him by asking him to slow down but I admit I was scared. Soon that wore off, though, and I became excited at the game Henry seemed to be playing with the other cars. It was like he could read their movements before they made them and acted perfectly every time. We finally turned off the main drag into a suburb and made a few final turns into a quiet cul de sac. He pulled into a driveway and pushed a button on his keys that raised the garage on what looked like a nice duplex house with a two door-garage underneath. There was a sign out front that said for sale and had a sold sign over top of it.

“Nice place, is it new?” I stepped out of the car into the garage. It was well organized with an ample work shelf and what I guessed was a big tool box in one corner. There was easily room for another car in the garage as well.

“Yeah, Rose and I bought it a month ago. We’ve just finished moving in and I keep forgetting to take that damn sign off the lawn. Other things keep distracting me. Come on, I’ll show you the place while we wait for the ladies.”

We took a tour of the place after taking off our shoes but only got to see one side of the duplex. Henry said they owned the other side, too, but they were probably going to make it into a suite for someone else to rent so it was empty right now. “Why’d you buy a duplex then, if you weren’t sure of what to do with it?” I asked.

“We like being close to people. We are kind of voyeurs if you will, we enjoy watching others from afar and not having them notice. Not sexually necessarily, just as a point of interest. So we bought a place where we were certain to get that.”

“Yeah, I get that. I’m sure the suburbs must get kind of lonely. Although I don’t know any of my neighbors in my apartment building either, so what does that say?” We laughed at the irony of it.

We heard some noises downstairs and so we headed down to check it out. Rose and Eleanor had arrived through the front entrance and were giggling and talking under their breath as we walked down the stairs to meet them.

“Hi honey.” My wife came up and kissed me on my cheek and whispered in my ear, “They are totally game.” I stepped back and smiled at her and saw that Rose was kissing Henry passionately and grabbing at the sizeable bulge in his pants. She stepped away and walked over to me and did the same while I reacted with shock. While kissing Rose I noticed Eleanor walk over to Henry and say hello to him and do the same thing Rose was doing to me. The only difference was that Eleanor stopped kissing and stared at her hands as she massaged what must have been a fully stuffed pair of pants.

“Now that the real introductions are over, let’s retire to the bedroom,” Rose said as she grabbed me by my belt and started pulling me towards that stairs.

“No complaints here,” I heard Eleanor say as she did the same thing to Henry.

We entered the bedroom and both Henry and I were made to sit on the edge of the bed side-by-side. Rose started undoing my pants at the same time as Eleanor undid Henry’s. Rose removed my pants and boxers at the same time, releasing my cock from its confines to spring full mast into Rose’s face. While I have never been called huge, I have had issues in the past fucking some of my previous partners due to my girth. But Rose did not seem dissuaded. She smiled at me and quickly engulfed all seven inches of my shaft, something Eleanor had never been able to do. I groaned as I heard a gasp to my left. I looked over to see that Eleanor was slowly unveiling her prize and she was already shocked as was I. She had lowered Henry’s pants halfway to his knees and the head of his cock still hadn’t sprung free. A second or so later it was finally revealed in all of its glory. It must have been eleven inches long and seven inches thick. It was massive.

“Holy shit, this thing will kill me. I’ve never seen a cock this big. I don’t think I’ll be fucking you tonight… Sorry, Henry,” Eleanor managed to say.

“It might make you pass out from the orgasms, sweetie,” the man said, “but trust me, you’ll get every inch inside of you and you will love it.” I looked him in the eyes and my lust took over. I knew what he was saying was true and I didn’t care. I would do anything these two wanted and I was certain I would like all of it. Eleanor stared in shock at this man who stated things so blatantly and instead of saying anything began her worship of his magnificent member. I watched as she tried to fit that thing in her mouth and saw her struggling. Instead of watching any longer I decided to focus on the magnificent blowjob that Rose was giving me.

Now, my dick has never been called small by any girl I have been with, so most have had a hard time getting it down their throat. Rose, on the other hand, had no problem swallowing every inch of my cock in her beautiful mouth. She had such great control that she had me close to the edge pretty quickly. “Oh God, Rose, you are going to make me come too quickly.”

“Oh no you don’t,” she replied, “I need to feel this thing inside of me first.” With that, Rose stood up and pushed her dress off of her shoulders and let it drop to the floor. I was once again stunned. Rose wasn’t wearing a bra or panties. Her breasts were perfection personified, a beautiful, full D-cup with very little droop. The rest of her body was just as magnificent, curvy with the perfect amount of fat and yet the clear indication of muscle underneath. She stepped over to me, pushed me back onto the bed, placed her knees on either side of me and slipped my cock inside of her. How she managed to keep her pussy as tight as she did with that monster her husband had was totally beyond me, but she must have done a lot of kegels in her spare time.

It took a few minutes for her to fully bury my cock inside of her but she had lubed me up pretty well with her saliva. Once she had filled herself, she leaned over and started kissing me again. We started rocking against each other and getting up a pretty good rhythm. Her pussy was fantastic, and her body had me so excited. I grabbed her tits and started licking her nipples as she spoke to me. “Oh, Peter, that is a nice cock you have deep inside me. I haven’t had a perfect cock like this in a while. Henry’s cock can be too big sometimes, but yours is just …ugh… perfect. Come on, Peter, cum inside of me. I want to feel you grow and burst in me. Fill me with your seed”

I groaned in appreciation of her hot words as I kept sucking on her nipples. I started pummeling her pussy, using the floor as leverage and hammering home into her.

“Oh yes, Peter, make me cum. Cum with me.”

I released her tits from my mouth. “I’m cumming, Rose.”

“Uhhhhhh, me too Peter. Ahhhhh”

I felt her pussy spasm on my dick as it twitched and started spurting inside of her. I felt like I came torrents of sperm as my orgasm took several seconds to subside and when I came out of it, Rose was kissing my neck. I turned her face and kissed her on the mouth again and then laughed and smiled at her. She smiled back and then said “now we can watch the big event. Henry is just about to fuck your wife for the first time.” Even though I had just come, everything in that sentence was so hot, I felt my dick start to come back to life. “Fuck your wife”—who wouldn’t get hard at that prospect. Cuckoldry had always been a bit of a turn on for me. “For the first time” meant there would be more times than once and the simple arrogance of it was very exciting.

Rose leaned back and got off of me and I looked over to see that my wife was now naked beside me on her back, with Henry standing in front of her, poised to enter her pussy. She looked over to me and smiled and said, “Want to watch me get fucked, honey?”

I nodded in return and sat up so I could view the event from a higher vantage point. “Peter, come stand beside me,” Henry said to me. I got up and stood beside his now fully nude Adonis-like body. “Take my dick in your hand and place it at your wife’s entrance. I will do the rest.” I looked at my wife and she nodded at me, then I looked at Henry and he grabbed my face and kissed me on the mouth! I was a little shocked but also turned on. I had never been kissed by a man before and while I didn’t know if Henry was an exception he certainly didn’t kiss like a woman. He was forceful, dominant and in control. I was putty in his hands as he grabbed the back of my head and forced his tongue into my mouth, licking my tongue and massaging it with his. He pulled away and then gestured to his dick. I nodded and grabbed hold of it, marveling at its thickness and length. I aimed it at my wife’s pussy, which was clearly oozing her cream.

Henry moved forward and began pushing the head of his member into my wife’s canal. Her eyes rolled back as she started basking in the pleasure of the expansion. My wife has always been a vaginal pleasure girl. She can come from clit stimulation just as easily, but she gets off on knowing she is full of a solid cock and getting pounded by one. This was no different as she must have come three times before Henry managed to bottom out inside of her. I watched, amazed, as he slid every inch of his length out of her pussy until just the head was in her and then pushed it back in again slowly. From my wife came the moans of pure ecstasy as she experienced the first new cock in a long while. I sat back on the bed and massaged her tits as she closed her eyes and adjusted to the new size inside of her.

“Fuuuuuuuuuuck. Sooooo biiiiig.” Her moans were long and luxurious. I grabbed one of her legs and could feel it trembling in post orgasmic bliss. I got up on all fours and started kissing her mouth as she struggled to take all of Henry’s cock inside of her. I hadn’t seen Rose for a while and so I was surprised when I felt a mouth engulf my cock from below. She got my cock nice and wet and then started jacking it as she licked my balls.

“Peter, move up and feed your cock to your wife,” Rose ordered. I did as she said and placed my cock at my wife’s lips, forcing it inside. As I did this, I felt the weight shift behind me and Rose’s hands moved to my ass cheeks. She spread them apart and started licking my rosebud. I hadn’t done much assplay with Eleanor in the past, so this was definitely new to me. I was enjoying every second of it, it was extremely erotic. She would lick around the hole and then plunge her tongue inside of me. I was surprised that I wasn’t feeling any pain as I had always heard that this was a painful experience from the people I had spoken to about it in the past.

Henry had begun to pick up the pace to something approaching a slow rhythm, getting more and more of his cock inside of Eleanor with each thrust. As his pace picked up, she became less and less capable of sucking on my dick, to the point where I pulled it out of her mouth and started masturbating and focusing on the pleasure Rose’s tongue was giving to my ass. I watched, as Henry grabbed my wife behind her back and lifted her up to where they were standing like a Y with Eleanor’s legs against Henry’s chest and his cock connecting them in the most erotic way possible. He picked up the pace even more, slamming his cock into Eleanor. Her moans had changed pitch into something more akin to screams and while I was not worried as to her health, I was worried that her pussy would be able to fit my cock in it anymore.

Behind me, Rose pushed my back down so that my face was in the bed and she started tonguing my ass in earnest. She was getting her long tongue nice and deep inside of me to where I could feel the tip of her tongue massaging my inner ring. This went on for a while as I moaned until she removed her tongue and replaced it with a finger. And then two. And then three. She hooked her fingers to where she must have been massaging my prostate because I lost all control of my dick and started cumming very forcefully. She clearly knew this was coming as she caught all of it in her mouth. Rose ordered me to turn around and I did and she crawled up my body, licking it as she went. She got to my face and started making out with me and I noticed that there was an odd taste in her mouth. I realized that she hadn’t swallowed my cum but that she was now sharing it with me. I was shocked to realize that I wasn’t pissed, just really turned on. We shared my cumload between our tongues before each of us swallowed our half.

My cock had yet to go soft and I threw Rose on her back and positioned myself to enter her pussy again. As I was stroking my cock at the entrance to her hole, I noticed that she had something sticking out of her ass. It was a buttplug!

“Take out the plug and fuck my ass, Peter. I want to feel what you just felt.” Rose said to me.

I grinned at her and reached for the plug, easing it out of her ass gently. She clearly enjoyed ass play as this was not a small plug. I guess she needed something that big if she was ever fucked there by Henry. The final point of the plug popped out and I aimed my cock at her second entrance. I started pushing and the head popped in. The beginning of an ass-fuck was always one of my favorite things. The sphincter is so tight around your cock that it’s like having a cock ring on that moves with you. After the sphincter, the rest of the rectum is so strong in comparison to the pussy that you can really feel the ripples of the muscle. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good pussy, but I will never pass up an ass-fucking.

I left the head of my cock in her for a few moments to let her get used to my size and then I started pushing. Despite the butt plug that had just been inside of her, Rose’s asshole was still quite tight. She could clearly control her ass muscles because I felt her whole rectum tightening on my cock as I fucked her. I had just come, so I was good to go for some time before I came again, but Rose wasn’t making it easy on me. I leaned forward, placed my arms around her and kissed her on the mouth. We made out while I buried my cock in her ass and gave it short strong strokes. I moved away from her face and placed my whole body on top of hers so that my face was beside hers on the bed.

“Such a nice cock, Peter. So deep inside me. Keep fucking me, I’m going to cum.” Rose’s words were highly erotic to me as I kept up a slow and steady pace in her ass. I looked over to see that Henry had lain down on the bed beside us and Eleanor was riding his cock slowly while kissing him. It was highly erotic to watch every inch of Henry’s cock fill Eleanor’s pussy and stretch it out beside me. I could see that she had cum multiple times as his cock was covered with foamy grool that kept oozing out of Eleanor’s pussy. I continued thrusting in Rose until she announced her impending orgasm and came all over my cock. Despite my having cum recently, feeling Rose’s orgasming ass muscles massage my cock brought me to the brink of orgasm once again and I deposited my piddling load inside of her rectum. Exhausted, I rolled off of her onto my back, lying beside Henry as his cock continued its onslaught of my wife’s pussy. Rose began sucking her ass juices and my cum off of my cock and playing with my ass once again. I was enjoying the sensations while watching Henry fuck my wife. Henry grabbed Eleanor, lifting her up off of his body with his strength as he began a relentless pummeling of her pussy. His speed continued to increase and increase as he seemed to finally be reaching orgasm. I watched, rapt with anticipation with what Henry would look like as he came inside my wife. He pounded her for what seemed like minutes as I stared at the expressions on my wife’s face. She must have either cum multiple times or simply had one long continuous orgasm as Henry fucked her to his own orgasm. A low guttural moan escaped Henry’s lips as he began cumming in my wife and he slammed into her once, twice, three times, erupting into her pussy. I had begun stroking my dick as I watched the show in front of me and noticed that Rose’s fingers in my ass had gotten much larger. I ignored it for the moment as I watched Henry and Eleanor come down from their orgasm. Eleanor seemed to pass out on top of Henry as he placed her beside him on the bed and I watched as his only slightly soft cock slipped out of her pussy, leaving a trail of his cum along her thighs as he returned to his back.

“Holy fuck. Your wife is super hot, Peter,” Henry said to me, smiling. “I love when a girl cums easy on my cock. Especially when they aren’t used to it. Sorry if I opened her up for you, man.”

“Don’t be, that was one of the hottest things I have ever seen in my life.”

“Good. I am glad you liked it. I plan on doing it a few more times before you guys leave. Hey, how about you clean me off. Your wife sure left a lot of juices on my cock and I would love to feel a hot mouth wrapped around it again.”

“Sorry, what? Me?”

“Sure, man. It’s not gay or anything. Hell, you just fucked the shit out of my wife, I noticed how good you were giving it to her. I know you aren’t gay, but wouldn’t you like to taste the juices that came from me making your wife cum so much? Doesn’t that sound hot to you?” I did sound hot to me. For some reason, the idea of sucking the man off that had just fucked the shit out of my wife sounded like one of the most erotic things that I could ever experience.

“I don’t know, man. Sounds pretty gay.”

“You didn’t say you didn’t want to. The only thing stopping you is your social phobia of being seen as gay. No one is judging you here, Peter. Everyone just wants to have fun. Come on. Have fun. Try something new.”

I leaned forward and felt a pinch in my ass. Looking down, I noticed that Rose had taken over for my hand and that both her mouth and hands were playing with my cock, which meant that the only thing that could be in my ass was the butt plug from earlier. It felt good, so I didn’t mind, but I wondered what it implicated for the future. I moved down Henry’s chest to the still hard cock sitting on his abdomen. It was coated in what must have been girl and boy cum. I wanted so badly to clean it off. I approached it with some trepidation and licked the head first. What I tasted was amazing. I always loved eating pussy and tasting pussy juice, and I had just experienced the taste of my own cum and found it interesting, but this was a whole other game. I knew what Eleanor tasted like very well and I could detect her flavor intermixed, but more potent in a sexier way. The overwhelming flavor of Henry’s cum, however, was the clincher. It was sweet and bitter, like an old fashioned mixed by the gods. After the first taste I was hooked. I began licking Henry’s cock all over, slobbering on it and licking it all off. After I had managed to clean all of the mixed juices off of his cock, I got to taste the shaft itself and while not as potent, it was just as good. I opened my mouth wide and let his cockhead enter. I had a hard time fitting it at first as I had only ever eaten large sandwiches the size of Henry’s dick, but I managed. I got off of my back and got into a doggystyle position as I began sucking Henry’s cock. I stroked his shaft as I tried to get more and more of it into my mouth. I didn’t care if this was pleasing to Henry, all I wanted was to fill my mouth with all of his cock, as if to do so would allow his essence to enter me and make me more of a man.

I noticed movement in front of me and saw that Eleanor was watching me and playing with herself. Her eyes were filled with lust as she watched her husband suck the cock that had just fucked her to orgasmic oblivion. I felt movement behind me and sensed the butt plug being moved around in my ass. My cock twitched as the plug tweaked my prostate. Eventually Rose removed the plug and my asshole felt empty. I continued sucking Henry’s cock and had managed to get almost half of his member in my mouth and into my throat.

“I think he is ready, honey,” Rose said behind me. She moved forward onto the bed and whispered in my ear. “I have prepped your ass for Henry’s cock. Let him fuck you, and you will experience pleasure restricted to those with a fully open mind.”

I popped Henry’s cock out of my mouth and sat up. “I don’t know. You have shown me so much, but that cock frightens me.”

Henry smiled at me. “It frightened your wife, too. But she learned to appreciate its charms as well. Didn’t you Eleanor?” He turned to my wife, who was vigorously playing with herself, clearly turned on by the idea. She slowed for a moment to respond.

“Uhhhh…. yes. It’s the best cock in the world…. sorry, honey. You will always be my favorite, but his cock is so good. Get fucked, honey. I want you to understand what I just felt. I want to watch him fuck you and cum inside of you.”

“Okay. But be gentle,” I said.

“Of course I will be gentle… at first,” Henry responded.

“How do we do it, then?”

“It’s best if you lie down beside me, in the spoon position. Assholes are different from pussies and it will take you a few moments to get used to my size. Once that happens the real fun can begin.”

I lay down beside Henry with him behind me and he grabbed my legs to lift them up to my chest. Rose pulled my cock out from between them so that one leg was up in the air while the other was against my chest. She stroked me as Henry got into position. I felt his cock head at my opening and he began to push gently. It slipped a few times as it was still covered in my copious saliva, but then it struck home and he began pushing more earnestly. The butt plug must have been exactly his size as when his head popped inside, it didn’t feel much larger than the plug. I heard a low moan from somewhere and then realized that it had come from me. As Henry pushed his cock deeper inside of me, I felt the ridges of his cock rub against my prostate and my cock twitched in response. It was uncomfortable at first, but I felt my anal muscles yielding to the pressure of his hard monster.

I felt something massaging the back of my neck and I turned my head to find Henry’s face right up against mine. He moved to kiss me and I accepted, letting our lips touch for the first time. I was tentative, so all we did was touch lips at first. Then I felt Henry’s tongue touching my lips. I opened my mouth and our tongues began battling as Henry’s cock moved deeper inside me. I moaned into his mouth and felt his cockhead massage the inner parts of my bowels. Henry began kissing me more forcefully and pressing his cock deeper. We kissed. He pushed. We kissed. He pushed. And then he hit bottom. I was amazed at how little it had hurt getting him all the way inside of me. He began withdrawing, slowly at first. As his cockhead once again reached the opening to my asshole, he forced it back in again, faster this time. Henry began a slow and steady rhythm in my ass and I had to stop kissing him it was so distracting. I turned my head and basked in the pleasure of my first ass-fucking. Henry’s cock felt like it was swelling inside, stretching my rectum and pinging my prostate. I was in a constant state of pleasure, while the needle on my cum gauge creeped closer and closer to the red-line. I would have noticed Eleanor being expertly ass-fucked with a strap-on by Rose, had I not been turned the wrong way and on the brink of orgasm.

Henry changed his rhythm to one where he would slam his cock deep inside of me, draw it out slowly and then slam it in again. This change pushed me over the edge and I roared out as my cock spurted again, having not been touched the entire fucking. He continued fucking me as I came down from the orgasm, although it was slower and more sensual. Henry had his arms around my front and was massaging my chest in a spoon position. It would have been weird for me, had he not just fucked my ass to orgasm. He got up behind me, his cock reaching the point of exiting my rear. He turned me, so that I was in a missionary position, with my legs wrapped around his back and my cock pressed between us. I turned and saw that we were alone on the bed now and I couldn’t find either my wife or Rose.

“Don’t worry, they left us alone to get better acquainted. Eleanor is in good hands, trust me. On most nights, Rose likes women more than I do. Now, let’s get back to business. Now that your ass has adjusted to my cock, it’s time to really get fucked.” Henry punctuated his point with a hard thrust into my ass, eliciting a pleasurable grunt from me.

“Ugggghhhh. If that was a warm up, I can’t wait for the main event,” I responded.

Henry did not start off easy. He began fucking me hard and fast, lifting his knees off of the bed so that he was holding himself up with his feet and arms as he pounded his mammoth cock into my ass. I spread my legs as wide as I could (luckily I did yoga with Eleanor, so I was pretty flexible), letting Henry get all of his length inside of me. My cock had softened somewhat, but the pleasure from his cock massaging my ass was just as enjoyable. I reached down and squeezed my cock back to life, something that surprised me after three monumental orgasms already. Henry slowed down and returned his knees to the bed, changing rhythms once again to a slow but forceful full length fuck.

“Do you like my big cock in your ass, Peter?”

“Uh huh.”

“Have you ever had a cock in your ass before tonight, Peter?”


“Are you glad that Rose and I decided to fuck you and your wife, Peter?”

“Yes, Henry.”

“Does it turn you on to know that Rose is currently fucking your wife in another room?” My cock somehow managed to harden even more than it already was at the thought of Eleanor finally getting to be with a woman. The fact that it was happening while I was being fucked by a man in another room made it even more taboo and erotic.

“Yes, that is the sexiest thing I have ever heard.”

“Do you want to stop and go watch, or do you want me to breed this ass of yours with my cum.”


“No what, Peter?

“No, I don’t want to stop.”

“What do you want? I want to hear you say it.”

“I want you to breed my ass with your cum.”

“Say it again, louder.”

“I want you to breed my ass with your cum!”

“Say it loud enough for your wife to hear it in the other room.”

“I WANT YOU TO BREED MY ASS WITH YOUR CUM!” I screamed loud enough that I was sure the people in the next house could have heard me.

“Such a good little faggot, Peter. I’m going to give you what you want.” Henry leaned forward so that my legs wrapped around his ass and he buried his cock deep inside me. He once again began a slow but forceful fuck, massaging my insides with every inch of his cock. He kissed my neck as he fucked me, stopping every once in a while to call me his dirty little faggot and his new fuck-toy. The feeling of submission was extremely arousing and something that I had fantasized about, but never got to experience. As I lay there, Henry’s cock in my ass, his body pressed against mine, his groin grinding into my hard member, I felt like every heterosexual woman must feel and it was highly erotic. His ministrations in my anus became more forceful, his member seemed to swell inside me, massaging my prostate even better than previously, edging me ever closer to orgasm. His words changed to grunts and as he forced his member ever deeper inside of me, we came. Together, we came. His semen filled my bowels; my semen spurted onto my stomach, getting massaged into our abdomens as Henry thrust himself against me the last few times.

We lay like that for minutes. My hands and legs around his back, my cock softening between us, his load seeping out of my hole, him breathing heavily against me, face buried in my neck. Eventually, he broke from my embrace, falling to the side, his member popping out of my anus with nary a sound, leaving my insides feeling empty, yet full. Henry lay on his back, and I turned to him, reaching one hand behind me to feel my stretched hole, while my other hand caressed his chest. My hole was open, gaping. It oozed Henry’s juices and I couldn’t help but collect some and bring it to my face to examine it. While the smell was funky, it did not smell like excrement, merely that ass smell that can never be washed away. That smell, mixed with Henry’s semen, was enticing to me, so I tasted it and once again I was amazed and how pleasant his cum tasted, even coming from my ass. I looked at Henry’s cock and realized that it was the best place to get more, so I moved down and began to clean it off.

“Insatiable little cock slut, aren’t you?” Henry said, smiling at me. With a mouth full of cock, I attempted to return the smile but was largely unsuccessful. Instead, I simply murmured assent. “Good. I think you and I are going to have a lot of fun, even without the wives around.” I continued sucking and licking his fantastic member, every now and then reaching behind me and scooping some more of our combined juices from my ass and adding them to the milieu on Henry’s cock. His cock had once again become turgid, giving me a lot of surface area to work with. I was amazed that a man with a cock of this size could keep his cock going for this long, but I suppose I had cum three times as well and I was beginning to realize who the better man was in this situation. After several minutes, I was pretty sure I had gotten all of the cum out of my ass, and despite my recent orgasm, I was still keen to have Henry inside of me. This time, however, I would be in control.

I moved up his body, straddling him. I reached back, grasped his member and guided it back to my hole. I stared deep into his eyes, as I probed my sphincter with his cock. Then, I felt it pop in, and I sank down, engulfing every inch of him, returning to that magnificent full feeling I had had before. I leaned forward and began kissing Henry, trying to show that I could be in control of the situation as well. He allowed this, massaging my chest, pinching my nipples, and eventually grabbing hold of my soft cock. He stroked my member, and I began lifting myself off of him, slowly at first, once again feeling every inch inside of me. I picked up the pace; increased the tempo, bouncing my ass on his thighs. I placed my hands on Henry’s chest for leverage, as I did not use the same muscles fucking a woman. I tired after a few minutes and had to slow down again. Henry smiled at me and lifted his knees. I knew what he was about to do, and though I didn’t want the loss of control, I was too tired to maintain it myself. He placed his hands on my hips and lifted my body off of him, so I was sitting on his thighs, lifted off of the bed, and began fucking me in earnest.

With Henry in control, I leaned into the fucking, feeling his cock massage my prostate thanks to the angle. My cock twitched and bounced in front of us, and I lifted one of my hands off of Henry’s chest to stroke it as I was being fucked. Henry fucked and I stroked for several minutes. It was pleasurable, but I didn’t feel the build that I had experienced before in the other positions. Henry reached up and grabbed my face, pulling me down to kiss him once again, all while fucking me feverishly. This change in position and the dominance of his tongue increased my pleasure. I leaned farther forward so that my head was on the bed and I was kissing his neck. Henry once again began calling me his dirty little faggot and his sweet fucktoy. I approached orgasm.

“What’s my name, faggot?”

“Henry,” I exclaimed breathlessly.

“I fucking own your ass, don’t I, fucktoy?”


“Then call me boss, bitch.”

“Yes, boss.”

“You like how your boss fucks you, sissy?”

“Yes, boss.”

“You want your boss to breed you again, cum dumpster?”

“Yes, boss.”

“Say it then, cock-slut.”

“Breed me, boss. Fucking breed me with your big, fat cock, boss. Cum inside me, boss. Make me your fucking bitch, boss.” Henry picked up the pace and pummeled my rectum. I groaned into Henry’s neck as I came, feeling his cock expand inside of me and begin spurting his own load. I arched my back as I came, inadvertently aiming my cock higher up Henry’s chest, leading to my sperm hitting his upper chest and neck. I felt Henry’s load filling my ass as he groaned in pleasure and we came together. We came down from our high together and I slumped onto Henry’s chest, licking up my cum absentmindedly as I tried to relax.

Eventually, I rolled off of Henry and lay beside him, one leg draped over his thighs and one arm across his chest. Cum was leaking from my ass again, but I was too exhausted to feed it to myself. I hadn’t come so many times in one evening from sex in my entire life. Masturbation, sure. But not sex. I was in a state of total relaxation as I drifted off to sleep, my arm in a puddle of my own cum across the chest of a man that had just filled my ass with his own juices. What an evening.

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