The crew

by Aftercalen

The captain of the Ikenmore University rowing club helps his teammates reach their full potential.

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Alexk heaved open the boathouse doors. To think, four years ago he couldn’t even budge the latch. Now, he threw around oars like pool noodles and carried The Intrepid all by himself. He placed the boat into slings and began to rig it. The setting sun made his arms look golden. It was ridiculous actually, the perfect circle his bicep made tugging his wrench. It devastated him no one was around to see it. But that would soon be remedied.

Once both seats of The Intrepid were fully equipped, Alexk started warming up. He’d known Jerm would be late. That lack of commitment was exactly why Jerm needed this row. Too much distance from the team and he’d forgotten how it felt to stroke. Alexk just needed to remind him there was nothing better than an afternoon on The Gooch.

Jerm eased his car down the path to see Alexk’s stretching had devolved into flexing. He was glad the boat was already rigged and even gladder Alexk had also worn his unisuit. Jerm found it hard to keep his cool around the seniors on the team, but Alexk was too headass to make him nervous. The guy’s unabashed self-obsession was oddly endearing.

Parked, Jerm pulled his uni over his shoulders and jogged to The Intrepid. He was ready to get hands on, but Alexk stopped him and made him warm up. Alexk took the opportunity to check Jerm out. He was way shorter than Alexk, only 5-foot-10 and topped off with a sprig of blonde hair made ordinary by its lack of luster. There was no doubting he had some athleticism to him though. His legs in particular had filled out over the past few months to stretch the trunks of his spandex.

“I’m glad you wore your uni,” Alexk said. “I wasn’t sure you would. I know it’s not the norm at the novice practices.”

“Of course,” Jerm said, windmilling his arms. “You told me to…”

“I know,” Alexk agreed. “You should get used to wearing it now since you’ll be rowing with varsity next semester.” Alexk ended Jerm’s stretching by scooping up The Intrepid all by himself. He directed the littler guy to get the oars.

“You keep saying that,” Jerm lagged behind Alexk as they approached the dock, “but I don’t really think that makes sense. Why should I take a spot in a varsity boat when you’re all faster than me?”

Alexk chided Jerm as he lowered the boat into the water. “They won’t be for much longer.”

Both boys got their oars in place. Jerm was rowing stern and Alexk called him to get in first. Jerm wouldn’t say he was afraid of the water, he just didn’t like to see it, or be near it, or on it. Every time he got into a boat his heart stopped in the space between standing and seated. Alexk kept the boat steady though and Jerm got in without issue. Alexk restrained himself from giving the boat a playful wiggle. He got into bow seat and Jerm felt the boat sink deeper into the water.

“Alexk, I watch my physics lectures on 2x speed,” Jerm said, “but I’m still pretty sure I’m gonna be useless here. I’ve never even rowed a pair before.”

“That’s the great thing about a pair!” Alexk enthused. “You can’t be useless. Even if we end up going in circles it’ll still be a good workout for us both.”

The Intrepid criss-crossed across the lake for an hour as the sun set. Both boys were soon slick with sweat. When Alexk eventually steered back to the dock, he did so by moonlight. Jerm was pretty sure that wasn’t how they were supposed to do that. Practice usually ended before dark. It was also pretty weird to be on the lake all alone. In fact, Jerm was sure he’d been instructed never to go on the water without a coach.

Alexk wasn’t too concerned about his point coming into the dock. He had no intention of returning Jerm to dry land. Jerm was too naive to know the awkward angle they were coming in at until Alexk dug his oar into the water as a last-minute course correction. In panic, Jerm dropped his own oar—another thing he’d been told never to do. The Intrepid rolled and the boys were discharged into The Gooch. Jerm knew how to swim, but the water he swallowed drowned his brain with fear. He forgot how to do anything but sink and slipped away from the overturned Intrepid.

It was no matter for Alexk to pull Jerm out of the water. He could practically stand at the depth The Intrepid had flipped. He left Jerm on the shore and swam out to the boat, tugging it back to the dock with the oars.

Jerm no longer feared death. A greater terror gripped him: Alexk might see his boner. He couldn’t help it, the bigger man had held him with such care. He coughed up his mouthful of water and hoped Alexk wasn’t looking.

Alexk watched Jerm and readjusted his own boner. He couldn’t help it, he was excited for the little guy. The Gooch’s water soaked Jerm’s uni and Alexk had to pretend not to notice the outline of his dick.

“Thank you,” Jerm said as he stumbled to his feet and gave Alexk a hand with the boat. “I’m sorry we flipped. That was my fault, right?” Alexk could already feel how much stronger the little guy had gotten. The Intrepid was lighter in both of their hands.

Jerm didn’t notice the thickening of his biceps as they placed The Intrepid back into slings, but Alexk sure did. When Jerm’s armpit hair bushed out from beneath his sleeve, Alexk couldn’t help but stroke his dick. The pressure of his hand and compression of his spandex made Alexk gasp. This Jerm noticed, though he was too shocked to say anything. He silently turned to the dock to retrieve the oars. The jiggle of his growing ass was too much for Alexk who groped himself and audibly moaned. Jerm could no longer ignore him.

“Alexk are you o—” Jerm’s spandex ripped right down the ass crack. He moved his hand to cover it and new hairs brushed his fingers. He gasped. Alexk stepped forward to help but Jerm backed away. He made it to the dock before he doubled over. His skin was ablaze. Alexks watched steam rise from his shoulders. The night was cold, but it wasn’t that cold. Jerm’s uni ripped again, exposing a loaded chest increasingly covered with golden curls. Motivated by heat and modesty, Jerm dove back into The Gooch. Alexk smiled; this would only make things better.

The cool water soothed Jerm, but he was alarmed by how easily he touched the bottom of the lake. He was at least a head taller! His uni tore up the back, leaving it just a piece of fabric swaddled around his cock. A splash to Jerm’s left alerted him to Alexk who had dived in after him. The still-taller man had none of Jerm’s modesty. He pleasured himself with no restraint as Jerm grew.

“Don’t panic buddy,” Alexk said, placing a supportive hand on Jerm’s back. The ripple of Jerm’s trap made Alexk release his cock for fear of orgasm. “This is a good thing. I told you you’d pull your weight on varsity.”

“V- varsity!?” Jerm gasped. “I’m half a foot taller and 100 pounds heavier.” Jerm marveled at the breadth of his chest. “How am I gonna explain this to my roommate? My parents?!”

Alexk calmed Jerm with a finger to his lips.

“They’ll understand, Jerm,” Alexk said. “This is the type of dedication crew requires.” Jerm had begun to drift from the dock, but Alex pulled him back. “You can’t be ashamed of this.” Alexk pulled Jerm until they were nose-to-nose.

“Is this what happened to you?” Jerm studied Alexk’s body and, without even thinking, touched his muscles. The bigger man kissed him. Immediately, Alexk held Jerm’s cock. Jerm surrendered to his touch, letting the bigger man take control of him. Always stroking Jerm with one hand, Alexk explored his growing body with the other. Jerm cried out as Alexk pinched his sensitive nipple, but Alexk quelled him with a gentle kiss.

“This will help,” Alexk said, as he flicked Jerm’s nipple with his tongue. This wracked Jerm with a wave of excitement. Alexk pleasured Jerm’s cock and his nipples at the same time, holding onto as much of him as he could. This ballooned Jerm’s chest muscles, which only excited Alexk more. He worshiped Jerm’s expanding biceps, unafraid to nibble at the rock hard muscle. Jerm watched himself get bigger and began to cum, only for Alexk to withdraw his hand and release his cock. Jerm’s hips buckled and he stumbled, but he fell back from orgasm.

“Sorry, Jerm,” Alexk said. “You’re not done.” Alexk seized control of Jerm’s nipples again. Without Alexk’s hand on Jerm’s cock, Jerm could see just how much his worship had changed it. His dick, initially an easy five inches, had packed on at least two more. The realization made Jerm throb and Alexk had to restrain him from beating off.

“I said you weren’t done,” Alexk reminded as parted the new hair around Jerm’s hole. The waters of The Gooch were sticky and sweet, the perfect consistency to aid Alexk’s finger as he penetrated Jerm’s ass. Jerm welcomed the unexpected touch. Alexk’s finger electrified him and pleasure radiated from his hole. Jerm leaned back and Alexk worshiped his stomach with his free hand. Abs solidified beneath his belly. Jerm’s dick jumped and grew at least another half inch. Even though Jerm wasn’t touching himself, he found it hard not to cum. Alexk knew he didn’t have long, so he wasted no time. His own penis was plentiful. Jerm hadn’t gotten a good look yet, but he felt it throb against his furry ass. Alexk kissed Jerm’s neck as he greeted him with the head. He slipped inside without hesitation. Alexk wanted to fuck Jerm so badly he struggled to be gentle. With a firm grip around Jerm’s body, Alexk gave him time to accept his dick. They eased it all the way to the base and all Jerm knew was pleasure. Alexk had only a brief moment of fucking Jerm before he came wildly.

Jerm arched his back and fell against Alexk, continuing to shoot cum into the water as his pleasure refused to decay. Alexk kept fucking him, savoring the last few moments of growth. Jerm’s shoulders became boulders. He stretched a few inches past Alexk’s own substantial height. His dick packed on another inch. Alexk gave it a few final tugs, making Jerm convulse. When all was said and done, Jerm’s giant body rippled with new muscle carpeted by dusty blonde hair. All he could do was float, stupefied by pleasure.

“Welcome to varsity,” Alexk said.

1,899 words Added May 2023 6,756 views 3.4 stars (7 votes)

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