The biggest so far

by Alakazam1988

 I’ve always been fascinated by big penises, ever since I can remember. And so it happened that after finding my first legendary dick, the titanic cocks just kept coming. It almost felt like I was destined to find and pleasure them. My luck is limitless. And so, apparently, are some guys’ dicks. Here are some stories of guys I’ve been with.

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I’ve always been fascinated by big penises, ever since I can remember. There wasn’t any cataclysmic event or anything like that that made me suddenly interested in them. The desire was just always there beneath the surface, pulling my attention like a vortex.

It has something to do with the power that big cocks radiate—not just their weight, thickness, and length, although that too. It has to do with the attention they compel, the force and dominance they imply, and the mesmerizing way they grow.

I was blessed with a nice 7-incher myself and had gotten plenty of compliments on it over the years, but honestly, it wasn’t my own cock that I cared about. I was most attracted to guys that were bigger than me—especially guys who could make me look small. And often, I found they were drawn to me as well.

And so it happened that after finding my first legendary dick, the titanic cocks just kept coming. It almost felt like I was destined to find and pleasure them. My luck is limitless. And so, apparently, are some guys’ dicks.

So here are some stories of guys I’ve been with.

Enzo was the one who got me started on my journey—I guess you could say he was the first domino to fall. I met him in my last year of college, after I joined the school swim team.

He was an exchange student from Italy, and I knew all about him long before we met. He had only been on campus for three weeks, but word travelled fast. They said that he was insatiable, hungry for men and women alike, that he knew what he was doing in bed, and that he was hung like an Italian stallion.

My curiosity was piqued. I had gotten to the point where I’d had enough of jacking off to two-dimensional pictures online—I was ready for the real deal. If there was any truth to the rumors at all, I had to find out for myself.

Did I join the swimming team only to get a better look at him? I guess some of my friends may have been a little taken aback by my sudden passion for water sports. But I knew I was in the right place the second that I laid eyes on Enzo in the locker room.

I was running a little late that first day of practice, so I first ran into him as I was leaving the locker room in my swimsuit. Like a true European, he was wearing a low-cut Speedo that left nothing at all to the imagination. Not that any swimsuit had any hope of concealing what he was packing.

That suit was stuffed Full with a capital F, so overloaded that the top edge of it was actually pulling away from his body, peeled away by his big long cock. He was already impressively sized despite being totally soft, with a nice wide set of balls clearly visible.

I had never seen a more enticing package. Holy shit. I could feel my brain short-circuiting. I felt like that bulge was making a promise to me that I needed to fulfill.

I found it hard to keep my gaze on his eyes as we introduced ourselves before practice. He was cute: dark brown hair falling over his ears, hazel-colored eyes, a slightly crooked nose, a little beard framing a winning smile. He stood at the edge of the pool with his arms crossed, the better to thrust his bulge proudly forward.

As we dove in and started our laps, I couldn’t shake the feeling that he was flirting with me. Every time he passed, he would smile at me, his gaze lingering. Whenever I paused, he would swim over to me to chat. Each time, he came in just a little closer.

Was he really hitting on me? Holy fuck, maybe scoring that dick was going to be even easier than I’d thought.

Because I was new, I had to take a swimming test after practice to get my average lap time. I finished with a decent time, and Enzo was there to congratulate me as soon as I left the pool. I was still dripping, but that didn’t stop him going in for the hug, and I was immediately hyper-conscious of our bulges rubbing against each other.

Fuck. I was about to get hard in front of everyone.

Back in the locker room, it took ages for the rest of the team to leave, and I sensed that Enzo was waiting for them to be gone. Good, because so was I. He edged closer to me as the room emptied, and my heart rate rose.

By the time we were alone, he was right behind me. I could feel his Speedo softly bump up against my ass. I shivered as he whispered to me, congratulating me on my lap time. When I didn’t resist, he suddenly pressed his bulge harder into my back. I could feel the thick meat of his package against my ass. Fuck, he felt even bigger than he looked.

“I saw you staring at my cock,” he said, pitching his lightly Italian-accented voice so low I could barely hear it. I wasn’t conscious of anything except his breath, and his body pressing into mine.

“Maybe you want to find out if the rumors are true?” he asked me, flashing that casual smile.

I nodded.

A second later, Enzo had me on my knees, and I was eye to eye with his bulge, his hand in my hair. I caressed the soft package, marveling at its immense bulk, the way it twitched in response to my touch.

God, he was so huge. I was starting to drool.

I pulled his waistband back and revealed a thick bush of perfectly black hair, and with another tug, his massive sausage began to unroll.

“22 centimeters of meat—or, what would you say?”

“8 and a half inches,” I mumbled, taking up his length in both my hands.

I had no idea a cock could be so heavy, and it grew even longer and heavier as it hardened. In the end, Enzo’s cock was 9 inches long, bigger than any I’d seen in real life. The head alone was a wonder of the world, almost the size of a peach.

I went to work, and within three minutes he had covered my whole face in sweet white cum.

“Damn, you’re good. We should do this again,” he said with a grin.

Spoiler: we did. Many times.

I had thought that Enzo had the biggest dick I’d ever be lucky enough to see. I was very wrong. It was only a few years after that that I met Paul.

At first, I couldn’t believe I had found someone even bigger than Enzo. But my disbelief expanded into lust pretty quickly.

We went to the same gym, and I saw him naked many times in the shower there. You couldn’t take your eyes off his junk—it was just beautiful. At its softest (I only ever saw him take cold showers) it was almost 8 and a half inches long, dangling heavily, decadent with foreskin. There was nothing I wouldn’t have given to touch that piece, to finally see it fully hard…

He caught me staring a few times and always “ignored” it, turning away from me and smirking. But even though I knew he was straight, from time to time I had the feeling that he was putting on a show for me.

At first I thought it was a coincidence, but the little performances kept happening. He would choose whatever machine was closest to me in the gym. He would pause in front of me and lift his hoodie for no reason except to show off his protruding bulge, inches from my face. He would jerk his cock through his training shorts every time he noticed I was looking…the list kept getting longer. He was playing me like a violin, and I was living for it.

Finally, one not-so-busy night at the gym, we finally went farther. I was enjoying some post-workout time in the sauna, late enough in the day that I could usually count on having it to myself for a solid 20 minutes. But I had barely settled in when Paul entered. He was only wearing nothing but his tight boxer briefs and a towel slung over his shoulder. There were goosebumps on his arms and legs. He had just taken another one of his cold showers.

Of course, he took a seat right next to me, even though he had all the room in the world.

“How was your workout?” he asked me in his raspy voice.

He spread his toned legs until they were brushing against mine. His bulge was actually spilling over the edge of the wooden bench we were sitting on. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from it.

It looked so heavy and wide. What had they been feeding this guy when he went through puberty? Damn!

The depth of his voice surprised me when he spoke up again. “So…you like this big cock of mine, huh?”


Looking me right in the eye, he grabbed his bulge and bit his lip. I swallowed hard.

“You can blow me if you want to. Just don’t tell anyone.”

“Why would I t—”

“Don’t play dumb. I’ve got a huge cock. People talk about it all the time.”

“So let me see it,” I challenged him.

He pulled his hand away, and indeed his cock had already grown quite a lot, significantly bigger than I had ever seen it. I could see he still had a ways to go, though. I watched as it distorted his boxer briefs more and more, the black fabric slowly becoming sheer.

“That is a big cock,” I whispered.

“Don’t get excited yet,” he told me. It’s still not hard. Wait for it.”

He took the back of my head in his hand and pushed my face right into his swelling package. Instantly I was in heaven. I could actually feel the veins of his cock against my lips, the fresh, powdery scent of his soap filling my nostrils. I took in the scent of his balls, huge and heavy, every bit a match for his cock.

And he was still growing! How can a cock like that even exist? I thought. And then, the logical follow-up: Is there any way I could get that thing inside me?

His underwear. parting now at the seams, had just about had enough, Finally, he unwrapped and freed his raging 11-incher for me. I had never felt such an intense stab of lust. Eagerly, I stuffed the thick prick down my throat, and Paul actually moaned, louder than he’d probably meant to. I guess my skill had taken him by surprise. A minute later he started flooding my mouth with his hot cum, and it felt like I was suspended there for a good minute waiting for the geyser to stop. By the time he was done, my whole mouth was full, my cheeks bloated, as I tried to swallow fast enough to keep up with him.

I collapsed on the bench next to him, the remains of his load dripping down my stomach.

“We should do this again.”

“Yeah, sure,” I gasped, barely able to breathe. “Definitely.”

For weeks after my encounter with Paul, visions of him and his magnificent piece would appear in my head every time I jacked off. Still, I had a crazy fantasy of meeting someone even bigger. I was so sure it wouldn’t happen that I actually stopped looking. Dicks in the wild just have a natural maximum size, don’t they? But then, less than two years later, it happened again. And this time, he found me.

I was at the gay club. The music was loud and the bass was loud enough to feel in my bones, even back in the men’s room where I was. I was sitting on the toilet checking Grindr when someone knocked on the side of my cubicle.

“Someone there?”

The voice was thunderous, booming through the thin wall, deep enough to compete with the bass in the other room. I saw a big hand appear over the top of the stall, waving at me.

“Ye…yeah?” I answered, not sure what was going on. Then I noticed the hand was pointing at a plug in the wall between our stalls—it looked like I could detach it to create a glory hole.

I was judging from the voice and the size of the hand alone, but I had a strong intuition that this guy was big—my kind of big. I followed my intuition and decided to try my luck with him. Not gonna lie, not knowing what he looked like actually made it more exciting.

“Can you…?” the deep voice suggested. I could see him pushing against the cap blocking the hole. “I need it…”

I got on my knees and removed the plug. I couldn’t see much through the little porthole, but I caught a glimpse of the stranger’s shoes, and they were, if anything, even more impressive than his hands. Heavy, sand-colored boots, at least a size 15! I had no idea they even manufactured boots that big.

“Now, don’t be scared,” the voice on the other side rumbled. “You don’t have to get it all the way in. No one ever has.”

Hearing the unmistakable sound of a fly unzipping, I leaned down to peer through the hole.

At first, I saw only a wide forest of pubic hair. And then, suddenly, his meat had entered the chat.

The head was massive. Was it possible it was even bigger than Paul’s?

For a second, I wondered why he wasn’t pushing the rest of it through. Then I realized: he hadn’t even gotten the head all the way through the hole and it had gotten stuck. I could only see a tiny fraction of what had to be the most impressive piece I had ever seen.

Fuck. My mouth began to water. The cockhead lodged in the hole before me was as big as an apple, and as I watched it seemed to be angrily swelling even bigger.

“Fuck, yeah,” I whispered. “Get bigger for me!”

The man on the other side was swearing. “This hole is tinier than I remember it, fuck. Have I grown again?”

God damn. I was ready to cum already.

He started pushing and panting, seemingly determined to get through even though the hole was way too small for him. The flimsy wall between us started to creak, I saw little cracks appear in the laminate around the hole. His meaty hands gripped the top and bottom of the wall, and I realized that this man was going to get his enormous cock through that tiny hole, no matter what he destroyed in the process.

“There. We. Go!”

With a crash, the plastic around the opening shattered and the glory hole doubled in size. At last, a dick that looked like it belonged to an ogre squeezed through.

He was still only half-hard. The stranger squeezed more and more of his half-hard appendage through the newly-enlarged opening with a loud moan until 13 whopping inches of uncut, dripping monster meat dangled in front of me.

I felt like my soul was ascending. I had done it—I’d found an even bigger one!

As the giant dick pulsed and began to get hard, my eager lips at last made contact with the monster. The groan from the other side shook the room even more than the music outside.

“Fuck, you’re good!”

“I haven’t even started,” I whispered.

“Be gentle, little guy, yeah? It’s been a while.”

Oh, boy. I was going to need a third and a fourth hand for this motherfucker. More flesh was pouring through the hole as his monster grew still bigger and harder, until he was 14 and a half inches long and as hard as a steel beam. He was almost big enough to nail me against the opposite wall. I would have loved to see the balls that went with the bat, but they were out of reach, the hole not yet big enough to fit them.

After just a few good rubs, his cock had become too big and thick to withdraw back through the wall. The only way he was getting out of here was to blow a load. And when that happened was under my control. I felt him shiver.

With my tongue and both hands, I ministered to the monster in front of me until it was completely slick. I tried to get it down my throat, but it was too big for that. The sheer weight of it in my hands had me ready to faint and cum at the same time.

He was giving me copious amounts of pre, literally dripping, which I used to lubricate him still further. It was a delicious mess.

Determined to satisfy him, I took as much in my mouth as I could, until he was dislocating my jaw with just his cockhead.

I could feel the wall between us starting to shake as his orgasm approached.

“So good!” he groaned loudly. “You’re a genius, fuck!”

His cock began to squirt in great, soaking gobs. I was soaked in seconds. Not just my face, but my shirt, my pants, my hair—everything was covered in spunk by the time he was finally empty.

It took me a while to come back to my senses after that. Through the wall, I could hear him cleaning himself off, and then the door slamming as he departed for the dance floor. It took me close to an hour to wash and dry myself enough to go back out to the club. And when I was back on the dance floor, I was distracted by my friends, but I could still make out a huge silhouette dancing in the distance. I kept wondering if it was him.

By now I was realizing that if the pattern held I was going to find someone even bigger than Noah—I just needed to look out and be patient. My brain told me that it was impossible. But hadn’t Noah’s dick already been too big to believe? Maybe it was something to do with me. Maybe I was just a magnet for the most massive men in the world, destined to find bigger and bigger schlongs to please?

I seemed to find them all when they were in states of near-desperation. And no wonder: most people probably kept their distance from the freakish cocks I was starting to see now. Not me. I was there to praise them.

So I kept waiting. And life gave me the gift of another encounter just a few months later.

I was shopping for a new swimsuit. I had a few options under my arm and it had taken me a while to find the changing rooms. I fought my way through the crowds and made it to a hallway leading to 6 little curtained stalls. I was passing the second one on the right when I heard it: the unmistakable sound of a piece of fabric tearing violently.

“Fuck, no. Not again,” a deep voice moaned.

I immediately knew that the big day had arrived.

“Everything all right in there?” My heart was racing, but I tried to sound reassuring.

“What? Oh…um. Yeah. Everything’s fine. Just having some trouble…fitting.”

“Could you use some help?”

No! I’m fine, thanks! Really!”

“You sure? Trust me, man, I’ve seen it all.”

“Hahaha, no, man. Rest assured, you haven’t.”

Bingo. I was ready to lay my cards on the table.

“Listen. I’ve gotten to know some really massive guys, and they all have trouble finding stuff to wear. It happens. I’m sure we can find something, even for you. So…just how big are we talking?”

He was quiet for a few seconds.

“Come in.”

I pulled open the curtain, and that was how I met Max. He was 6’6”, a tall, toned giant with striking Dutch features. He was almost naked except for the jockstrap he had just attempted to try on. The waistband was on, but his gargantuan dick had shredded the fabric of the pouch almost in half.

I fought to maintain my composure, even though I was about to explode with excitement. “What a very impressive cock you have!”

“I’m a fucking freak. I can’t even shop for underwear anymore.”

“No. It’s beautiful!”

“You’re out of your mind.”

“No! Look at the proportions! The veins! The sheer weight and thickness of that prick! You have the most beautiful 14-incher I’ve ever seen.”

He sighed. “It’s actually 15 inches…soft. And thanks…I guess? Usually, people run away screaming when they see it.”

“Fuck no, not me. I’m a connoisseur.”

He didn’t know what I meant by that. So instead I said, “Can I touch it?”

“You don’t work here, do you?”

I shook my head. He exhaled slowly and uncrossed his arms. Then he reached out a hand and put it on my shoulder.

I was back on my knees once again. The cock in front of me this time was going to need all my skill. My fingers were too too small to do the job. I would need to use my whole palm—my whole arm, even.

“My cock is so big and useless,” he mumbled. “It’s way too big. Everyone is scared I’m going to try to, like, force myself on them. It’s just too massive.”

He shivered a little when I grabbed his shaft in the middle.

“There’s no such thing as too big.”

“There is, though. You’ll see in a second.”

He clenched his teeth and stopped fighting the arousal in his loins. His body began to pump blood by the pint into his schlong. Within a few seconds the head had dropped a full inch lower

“Fuck. See that? It’s getting even bigger and more ridiculous.”

“I love it!”


“It’s the most beautiful cock I’ve ever seen!”

So far, I added mentally.

“Fuck, are you for real? You actually like this?”

He took his hose of a penis and smacked my face with it. Then again.

“Fuck yeah, I do. I wanna see this beautiful cock of yours hard.”

He slapped me with it again, harder. When he let go of it a moment later, the monster reached down past his knees. I started milking his god-like cock with both hands, like he was a cow, and he began to moan like one. Seconds later, his whole cock was wet and shiny with pre.

“So nice and big. Fuck, you’re still growing.”

“My dumb fucking cock is never finished growing.”

It had to stop eventually, right? Where was the blood now filling his shaft even coming from? I couldn’t even reach around his circumference with my hands anymore!

The monstrous cock in front of me didn’t stop growing until it was halfway down his shins and as wide as his calves.

“Fuck, no one’s touched me like that in a long time,” he grunted, leering down at me with his eyes half-closed. His monster was spitting precum like a broken faucet. My jeans were already soaked. “If you don’t stop rubbing, I’m going to come before…before…”

I couldn’t stop myself. I glided my tongue over his pulsating mass, and he started blasting cum right between my legs. The force of it almost knocked both of us over, and he had to grab hold of the walls on either side of him to stay upright. I think he wasn’t far from passing out.

“I’ve never come that fast! How did you do that?!”

“I told you. I’m an expert.”

While I got changed, I felt a sense of satisfaction as I watched his monster deflating and dripping. I knew I should have been in awe of it, a cock so monstrous it took up more space in the changing room than either of this giant’s legs.

But all I could think was, how big will the next guy be?!

“I’ve been looking for u.”

Noah’s DM reached me in the middle of the night. As soon as I saw the Grindr pic, I knew exactly who it was: the guy with the enormous cock from the club, from the year before. I had never stopped fantasizing about him forcing his massive horse cock through that too-small glory hole.

“Your head game was amazing. Haven’t had anything like that since.”

My heart skipped a beat. It was the first time fate had brought one of my big-dicked men back to me.

The crazy thing was, as big as Noah was, I’d seen bigger men in the meantime. Even though I was excited, I couldn’t stop myself from feeling a slight sense of disappointment. Since my journey began, this would be my first time actually going down a cock size. Did that mean my big-cock odyssey had reached the end?

“There’s just one thing I should tell you,” he wrote, as if in response to my thoughts.

I felt a prickle down my spine.

“I’ve done some growing over the last year 😉”

My hands began to shake. I had trouble typing an answer.

“Can’t wait to see that monster again.”

“Monster? Lol you don’t even know. My dick was small back then compared to now.”

“What have you been feeding that thing??” I wrote back.

“What haven’t I been doing? Lol. Injections, pumping, meds, creams, exercises…plus amazing genes. Still not happy with my size, though. Got to put some more mass on this thing.”

“Fuck. Guys must be lining up to blow you.”

“Yeah, but no one as good as you tbh. I’ve been to the club again many times. Even though the glory hole def isn’t an option for me anymore.”

“How much did you grow?”

“Can you be here in 30?” And a pin for his address.

I jumped out of bed and threw some clothes on. As I was leaving the house, I got one more message. Noah just wrote, “Waiting for u.”

Attached was a photo of him laying in bed with a blanket over his legs. I could see his beefy chest and wide arms, and the full pecs and hairy abdominal muscles I remembered. But the picture was dominated by the huge mass under the blanket.

I gulped.

He opened his door in a bathrobe. I had to look up to see his face.

I felt like a god was standing before me. He was too wide for his 3XL robe, his cannonball shoulders stretching the thin cotton fabric, the carefully trimmed pecs bulging through the opening, his bull neck taxing the collar.

“There you are,” he said. He placed one of his gigantic meaty hands along my face, framing it. I think his hand was bigger than my head. The thought alone gave me shivers.

“I’ve been waiting for you.”

“You’re so much bigger than I remember,” I whispered.

“And you haven’t seen half of me yet!”

I shut the door behind me and followed him to the bedroom. I shed most of my clothes along the way. When I got there, I got a better look at him and realized that his bathrobe wasn’t even long enough for his dick. The robe ended between his shins, but his cockhead was longer by 2 or 3 inches!

He followed my gaze and smiled.

“Looks good, doesn’t it?”

I had to stop myself from drooling.

“You really have grown!”

“Ha! Just you wait.”

He lay down on the king-size bed and opened his bathrobe, baring his enormous piece of meat for the first time. When I leaned in to put my hand on it, I couldn’t even reach halfway around it. The main vein running the length of his shaft was thicker than my index finger. I could see it pulsing as I touched it.

“I guess you can see I’ve outgrown the glory hole by quite a lot. I’ve really been working on getting bigger since last time I saw you.”

He pulled me down to the bed, grabbed his anaconda and threw it down on my chest. Buried under his cock, I could hardly breathe, and not just from the weight. His monstrous cock reached from my groin up past my mouth.

“I can pump this beast even bigger for you,” he whispered. “If you want me to.”

I started to drool.

He rose, his dick slapping against his perfect diamond calves, and came back with a glass cylinder as big as my whole body.

“I’ve had to upgrade several times over the last year. Can you believe the first one was less than a foot long? Seems like I was made to outgrow these things!”

He slowly slipped his two-foot cock into the glass tube. He was already moaning, his schlong coating the inside of it with precum. That anaconda of his seemed to have a mind of its own.

“Oh, the big boy knows what’s coming. Fuck, I fucking love pumping my fucking cock bigger! I would never stop if I could.”

I tried to help him, but the weight of the cylinder was unbelievable. Too much for my weak arms. His arms, on the other hand, were more than a match for the job. The thick muscle fibers contracted under his skin. Veins started to form. His cock wasn’t the only thing getting a nice pump today.

“Take this,” he said, handing me a pump connected to the cylinder.

It was a dream coming true: not only was I looking at the biggest fucking cock I’d ever seen, but I was the one in charge of pumping it bigger. It looked so ridiculously big already, almost the size of his entire torso. I wanted to bring him to the edge, pump it bigger than ever before. But surely he wouldn’t actually be able to fill the whole thing…

I had to use both hands to squeeze the device in my hand, giving it a good pump.

He immediately sank back into the bed, moaning. He put his hands behind his head, biceps touching his face, and nodded at me, urging me to continue.

I pumped again and again. As the air was sucked from the tube, I could see his massive penis coming to life inside the cum-streaked cylinder. After just a few pumps, the head was almost pumpkin-sized; grotesque, bigger than my own head! It was the hottest thing I’d ever seen.

“Fuck, yeah! Make me bigger!”

I climbed his massive frame and kissed him with the pump still in my hand. While my tongue was in his mouth, I let the vacuum surrounding his monstrosity of a cock coax it bigger.

Every now and then, he had to break the kiss to groan.

“Fuck, you wanna see me real big, don’t you?”

“That’s what I’m here for.”

“Slow down, or you’ll make me cum!”

I gave his cock a second to recover, but I was back with the pump in no time.

“Mhhh, fuck. I think we might actually set a new record tonight. Fuck, I’ve never been so fat and swollen.”

He grabbed my head between his gigantic hands and pushed his tongue down my throat. My cock was caught between his pecs, his big muscles jerking me off unconsciously.

Suddenly, the pump in my hand wasn’t responding anymore.

“What’s going on?”

“I guess, we ran out of room, horny,” he said with a cocky grin.

I turned around and gasped. His cock now fully filled the 6-foot-long cylinder. The skin had darkened, angry with blood and veins. It looked swollen, of course, but not as much as I would have anticipated.

He unplugged the pump and let the air flow back into the cylinder. The monster inside lost an inch or two of length, but that was it.

“I want you to bury me under that cock,” I told him

He needed both arms to remove the cylinder from his unreal appendage. The sound it made coming out was loud and wet, and when he got it free it hit the ground like dynamite.

“I hope you’re ready for this.”

A second later, his arms were overflowing with cock, wider than his torso and stretching more than a foot over the top of his own head. He stepped over me and boom! He hit me with the full force of his endowment, burying me under 6 feet of fat, pumped cock.

He started to fuck me right there and then, his cockhead banging into my head over and over. I came immediately, again and again. It was too much. It was every single dream of mine coming true at once.

“Fuck, I’m close,” he said.

I couldn’t speak. I was in heaven.

“Time to get the bigger cylinder,” he said.

I think it was then that I passed out.


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