The beefening

by Benjamin Skipper

Spencer's roommates have been growing into huge hulking beasts, focused on working out, having sex… and now, turning Spence into one of them!

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Spencer tried to pant quietly in the closet, still dressed in his damp speedo, hoping to whatever heavenly force was out there that he wouldn’t be found. He could hear the loud thumps of heavy footsteps moving out there, dangerously close to where he was. The older swimmer had to keep hidden from his friends now. Ever since they started on their new ‘regimen’ they had changed, drastically. At first, it was a good change, the swimmer excited for his roommates’ gains, with only good things coming for the sports enthusiasts. Soon, however, his roommates were less focused on excelling in their sport, and instead focused on lifting, eating, and having sex…with each other.

It started to frighten him, his former mates and friends turning into these hulking and almost mindless freaks, and when Spencer overheard them talking about forcing him to join them, he tried to sneak away, but a step on a creaky board got their attention. It was an intense hour of hide and seek, the swimmer unable to escape. He did throw them off, throwing himself into the closet, hoping that the three hulking men would search elsewhere.

However, his hopes were soon dashed as he heard footsteps booming closer…and closer….and with a deafening crunch, the closet door was ripped off its hinges as it was thrown open. Judd, the former aspiring WWE wrestler, once just bulky and hairy, in his now far too tight singlet, straps taut across his overswollen pecs, tight around his ball gut, and torn at the crotch, his heavy hairy balls swaying, rigid thick cock drooling. “Gotcha!” he roared out, reaching out with a thick hand, quickly grabbing and lifting him up, throwing him over his sweaty hair covered shoulder. Spencer could only struggle as he was carried out as Judd’s roar brought the attention of the other two.

Kenta, the handsome up and coming baseball star, once fairly athletic body now bloated with muscle. His arms and shoulders like tree trunks, his pecs overly bloated, leading down a cut narrow torso. He was still wearing his old baseball tights, his long ‘bat’ shoved down his leg, the head at his knee.

Zeke, the best powerlifter he’d ever seen, was now a huge beast. Hulking muscle, thick musclegut, huge hands and feet. His muscle vest was clung tight onto his body, straining at his pecs, shoulders, and biceps. The white jockstrap contrasted well with his dark skin, and the pouch was torn and full of holes, exposing part of the true slab of monster cock stuffed inside.

Judd set Spencer down, keeping his hands clamped on his shoulders. Spencer’s body was athletic, but looked puny as these beasts surrounded him. No one would believe that the swimmer was already 32, while his roommates were in their mid 20s. The swimmer’s body was shaved all over, even his head, in order to travel swiftly in the water. The rest of his now massive roommates had varying amounts of body hair, Judd having the most all over his wider bulkier body.

“It was inevitable, Spencer,” Zeke’s voice boomed, a deep bass but velvety smooth. He lowered the waistband of his jock. His cock, largest of the three, drooled pre, foreskin covering most of the fat head as the monster shaft swelled to full mast.

Kenta was already tugging down Spencer’s speedos, keeping them around his thighs, giving Spencer’s decent sized dick a stroke before tugging out his balls, giving them a hearty squeeze. “You could’ve made this much easier on yourself. Now, you got us all riled up.” Kenta’s voice wasn’t as deep, but was still sultry in tone, as he pulled out his long bat of a cock. His foreskin was a bit loose, but his tip was fully exposed as the long rod curved up. “We’re all eager to have a bit of fun after we turn you into one of us.”

Spencer felt his arms being held up, pinning him to the wide Judd as the wrestler, pale skin and fiery red hair, held his wrists with ease. He felt Judd’s cock, the thickest of all three, pushing against his lower back, that massive gut and pecs against his upper back. “We even combined all our remaining serums, boilin’ out the water to make a super concentrated dose, to speed up your transformation.”

Spencer felt Kenta stroking his dick, the long cock rubbing his chiseled abs. Zeke stood to the side, his massive cock joining Kenta’s, two leaking cock coating Spencer’s abs with pre. In his hand was a large vial, filled with an extra thick syrup, tinted white. “Trust us, Spence. you’ll love becoming one of us, and we’re all sure we’ll love what you’ll become!” Without another word, Zeke pinched Spencer’s nose, cutting off his air. Spencer held on as long a she could before his mouth opened, breathing in air. Zeke took the opportunity and drained the vial onto Spencer’s tongue, quickly forcing Spencer’s mouth closed, and cutting off his airways.

Spencer cold feel his tongue tingling, a taste of intensely concentrated medicine on his tongue, bitter and foul. The syrup as pooling at the back of his throat, the swimmer determined not to let any down. However, with the large hand closing off his mouth and nose, His endurance couldn’t hold out, and he swallowed the bitter serum. His throat felt like it was burning as it traveled all the way down to his stomach, his torso now feeling like it was on fire, the intense heat spreading out like wildfire, to his extremities, to his cock and balls, everywhere.

His toned body convulsed, muscles tensing and relaxing over and over, straining against Judd, who now was finding it difficult to hold Spencer still. Spencer’s body was slowly expanding, limbs extending. His sleek body, fit for torpedoing through the water, was becoming much thicker, muscles expanding and growing, his skin looking tighter around such muscles, veins pulsing around his arms, chest, torso, and legs. His legs growing even thicker, legs spreading wide, easily starting to shred the speedo wrapped around them. His dick stretched out longer, growing thicker, Kenta’s fingers soon not able to wrap around the vein riddled shaft. Those balls became fuller, sack looser, drooping down to his knees.

Spencer panted and moaned, sweat beaded on his forehead. Zeke, confident that Spencer was enthralled. His large hand slid to Spencer’s chest, feeling how dense they had become, paired with two very large nipples, the ends stretching out longer, thicker.

Spencer felt another surge course throughout his body, only making him scream out louder, neck tensing as veins traveled up and around the thick chords of muscle. His smooth body, thickening with each heartbeat, now had stubble across his entire body, even his traps, shoulders, and back.

His face began to change. His jawline broadening, chin jutting out, nose widening, brow thickening. He sported a rapidly thickening beard, his eyebrows bushier, his shaved head quickly becoming a shaggy, but full head of hair.

Judd had difficulty now holding Spencer in place, the former swimmer now much taller and thicker than the wrestler. He let go of Spencer, the hulking man collapsing onto the ground on all fours. The roommates gathered all around, jerking their cocks, watching as the hulking hairy man continued to expand.

Spencer was drooling from the mouth, his lips thicker and fuller. His hands extending, thick fingers digging into the carpet, his feet scraping and tearing the carpet as he continued to swell and grow. He was grinding the carpet in compulsion, his swelling cock inching longer and thicker, balls drooping as, even though he was on all fours, the sack was nearly to the floor. His legs, grown thicker than his own torso, grew hairier, thick glutes coated with hair, from his position his hole was exposed, hair surrounding the sweaty rung.

His cut torso was dense with muscle, and grew wider to compensate for his flaring back. His gut grew, still dense with abs, growing to a massive muscled gut, trying to catch up in size with his pec shelf.

A grueling 15 minutes had passed since his transformation began, only now slowing down, just little surges making his hairy, vascular, monstrous body pump up. the beast was heaving, grunting and groaning as his hands clutched the slightly damp carpet.

The rest of the group now looked a bit worried. Spencer’s transformation was much more intense than theirs had been. They’d had over two months to grow into their new bodies, while Spencer’s took less than a few moments. Judd was the first to approach, a hand on Spencer’s shoulder, those densely hairy delts so much thicker than his own chest. “Spence…buddy?”

Spencer growled angrily, making Judd step back as the hulking beast slowly stood, taller…and taller….standing up tall and proud. He was considerably taller than the rest, 7 feet tall, a half foot taller than Judd, who used to be the tallest. Spencer stood there, chest puffed out, arms so thick and wide, unable to lay straight against his flaring lats, biceps fighting for prominence against his immense pec shelf, forearms to put a burly sailor to shame, ending in hands larger than a gorilla’s. Those pecs jutted out just a bit further than his musclegut, meaty nipples the size of doorknobs on each pec. His legs were spread wide, though his quads were still pressing against each other, so dense with muscle, leading down to diamond hard calves, and to feet bigger than any shoe could fit on.

His cock was the biggest of them all. Two feet long, thicker than a two-liter bottle, foreskin looser on the tip, drooping and pooling pre flowing from the tip, the swollen head as large as Spencer’s newly gargantuan fist. His balls were larger than any of the other mens’ heads, both swollen nuts hanging down to the hulking man’s knees.

His body hair was dense, covering nearly three quarters of his body, more densely concentrated around his chest, torso, and groin, including two thick tufts of hair under his arms, Spencer looking over, able to his densely hairy pits, inhaling his intense musk now emanating from his hairy body. His face was broad, thick jaw and chin dense with a beard, a thick mustache under his broad nose. His head of hair had grown down to his massive traps, fighting for position with his barrel of a neck.

Judd, Kenta, and Zeke looked at Spencer with awe, jerking their own cocks at the sight. Zeke stepped forward. “Spence…fuck…you look…so fucking huge…”

Spence looked to all three of them, his icy blue eyes staring them down, causing the three men to shudder and tense up. His lips parted. “On your knees,” he growled. The command was spoken with raw intensity, a deep booming voice. All three men immediately went to their knees.

Spencer walked forward, his footsteps rumbling, despite the carpet beneath his feet. His cock swayed with each step, the whole package pushed forward due to his legs being bunched up against each other. He stood in front of Judd first, the leaking tip in his face. With no hesitation, Judd leaned in, kissing and slurping at the tip, drinking up the flow of pre, moaning at the taste. Spencer gave Judd a minute before moving down to Zeke, and then Kenta, both men getting a nice long drink.

The result was all three men’s cocks pulsing and throbbing, swelling a bit bigger as the feeling of lust started to overwhelm them all. They moaned and groaned, stroking their cocks as they all started to cum, thick white ropes splattering against the carpet, themselves, and Spencer’s hairy legs.

“I like to thank you all for doing this to me.” Spencer growled, looking to his raised arm, flexing his bicep, his other hand stroking his massive rod. “It’s clear to me now that I was a fool for running.” He inhaled his own musk, growling with lust as he pumped his cock. “I’m now the biggest fuckin’ beast in the house, and I’m sure you all won’t hesitate to service me.”

All three men stood up, their cocks still shooting cum, unable to stop as they surrounded the giant of a man. Judd went behind, kneeling back down, hands on those massive quads as he leaned in, sinking his face between Spencer’s hairy ass, licking the crevice, tongue sliding down to that hot sweaty hole.

Kenta went to Spencer’s still raised arm, hand grasping onto the steel hard bicep, moaning as he sank his face into the dense armpit, inhaling and moaning into the forest of hair.

Zeke straddled Spencer’s cock, his own thick legs squeezing around the shaft, as he leaned in, hands on both pecs, rubbing his cock all along the swollen musclegut, leaning over to suck and bite onto the knob of a nipple.

Spencer chuckled, a rumbling sound now akin to thunder as the three men worshiped and rubbed his new body. “I think we’re going to have a long, hot night…but tomorrow, you boys are going to get more serum,” the hulking hairy man said gruffly, his cock pulsing between Zeke’s legs, a thick glob of pre shooting out and splattering against the carpet. “Poppa Spence wants to grow!”

2,274 words Added Feb 2018 56k views (#96) 4.5 stars (37 votes)

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