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Super serum

by Jack is Jacked

Jack’s dad develops a way to grow muscles and decides his son should try it out.

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Hi, my name is Jack and this is my story. I am an 18-year-old high school student and my life is about to change forever.

It all starts with my father, a scientist, who has an obsession with bodybuilding. He always wanted to be more muscular, but he had a mediocre physique. However, it couldn’t have been as bad as me. I unfortunately inherited his physique, but in an even worse version. I was 5 feet tall and weighed 110 pounds. On top of that, I had a small 4 inch penis. Everything to make people laugh at me. However, my father was able to create a serum that made me a much more virile man.

“Jack, I finally finished my serum,” he told me one day. “It’s finally ready.”

“So nice!” I said, happy for him. “Can’t wait to see you become the real man you always dreamed of being.”

He shook his head. “But son, you are the one who will test it. Tomorrow at school, no one will be able to pick on you.”

I eyed him, concerned. “Are you sure, dad? I mean I want to be muscular, but you don’t want to test it first.?”

“No worries, son. I want to see my little guy become a man.”

I shrugged. “All right, then, we should proceed.”

I got into the machine. I was naked and standing strapped in with belts around my feet, waist, chest and then my wrists. I had plenty of sensors attached to my body, chest, abs, back, shoulders, legs and even one on my penis. I was ready to become a man.

I see on a screen a chart showing the percentage of the experiment that was performed. I could also see all the measurements of my body.

At the first 10%, nothing impressive. I was even disappointed. I had gained barely 2 inches and 10 pounds. My penis was still small. My father asked me if he could move on to the second phase. I told him he had no choice, because I didn’t feel anything that different.

During this phase I finally started to gain mass. I could feel my body growing and getting bigger. Inside of me I had a sensation that made me burn from the inside. I would start screaming and then suddenly I didn’t feel that sensation anymore. I saw then that the experience is stopped.

I checked the board for my new statistics. I was now 5’10” tall, I weighed 180 pounds. My arms were 17 inches in circumference, my chest was 42 inches around, my legs were 24 inches around. I looked at my chest and saw that I now had a little hair covering it. I was now detached from the machine and removed the sensors from my body. I then got out of the machine, and touched my face. I finally had a beard.

However, I could see that only 50% of the experiment was done. I was angry, so angry. I went to my father and ask him why we stopped the experiment. He answered that he was afraid for my life when he heard me screaming and that the experiment was done today. I was so frustrated. I grabbed him by the neck and reminded him who the true man was now. At the same time I saw that this was not the only dose, but that there were two others as well. I told him that he would have no choice but to give them to me. During all this time, what I didn’t see was that I was having a rocking erection in front of my father. It must have been about 7 inches tall by now. The sensation was much better than before.

I then went back into the machine naked and reattached myself. I was finally ready to be more this time. I told my father that if he ever stopped the experiment, that there would be serious consequences. I could see in his eyes that he was afraid of me.

So I began to feel the same sensation again, but this time it was ten times worse. I was screaming so loud, and I could hear my voice getting lower and lower.

Suddenly, I began to feel myself being squeezed into the machine. I could hear the belts ripping under the pressure of my massive muscles. No belt was holding me in place anymore. And then, I started to be even too huge for the machine. I could see in my father’s eyes that he wanted to stop the experiment, but I yelled at him not to stop.

Then, I broke the machine. My shoulders were too wide to be contained in there. I still had the sensors and I continued to grow.

Suddenly, the sensations stopped. My transformation was finally over. I looked at my stats on the board and I was stunned. I was now 6 feet 8 inches tall and weighed 400 pounds of pure muscle. My arms were now 29 inches long. My chest was now 95 inches around and my thighs were 42 inches. I was so large. I was feeling my body and I had a 10 pack instead of a 6 pack for abs. And I was so hairy. My chest was so beautiful with this hair on it.

But the last thing I see is the monster between my legs. It’s no longer just a simple dick, but a true monster. It was 10 inches when flaccid, but 16 inches when fully erect. It was a piece of art.

I was standing in front of my father and I was starting to flex my new muscles, my new power. The whole time I was naked in front of him. I could see that he was excited about his son. However, his boner was nothing to compare with what I was rocking in front of him.

The rest of the day I spent testing my new skills in a gym we had at home. All day long I was naked. And every time I walked past a mirror, I would get hard by the piece of man I saw in the mirror that I was.

My meals were made so huge. My dad had to make the meal like we were a family of 6, when there were just two of us.

I would then go to bed and get ready for my day at school the next day.

The next morning, at least, my dad had planned ahead, and I had clothes that matched my new muscle. I had a tight polo shirt on despite that also allowed me to show off my chest hair and steel arms.

The first class of the day was swim class. It wasn’t the best way to show off my new body to my classmates, but there was nothing I could do.

In the changing room, all the students were jealous of my new body I had gotten naked in order to put on my Speedo and suddenly, almost all my friends started to worship me. They even started touching my penis and it made me hard. I felt a little weird because I am straight and I was still enjoying it. So I ordered someone to get a tape measure to show them my stats. Every time they saw the numbers they were shocked. So I finally got my Speedo on, but through it we see that my penis was huge and not holding much.

Once at the pool, I see Brittany. She was the most popular girl in high school because she’s the smartest, but also the prettiest, and she was the one with the biggest breasts of the school and the fattest ass. And there were a lot of rumors that she loved to fuck big dick. The problem was that my libido was at another level. She smiled at me and looked directly into my eyes and I saw that they were quietly going down to admire my body. Finally she stopped at my penis and I could see in her eyes that she wanted it. In turn, it didn’t take long for my eyes to get caught in the look of her breasts.

My penis started to grow and my Speedo was no longer able to contain it and it tore. I ran to Brittany and during this time she took off her bikini top. She too was horny. And as for me, I was the horniest I ever been.

I couldn’t care less about the fact that we were fucking in front of everyone. It was the first time I could try my new dick. She loved seeing my penis being so long, so big, so hard. I was cumming like a volcano on her tits. I then tried to put my monster into her. I was scared that it won’t fit into her, but she told me to go hard to get all my 16 inches into her. She was screaming so hard the windows all around the pool cracked.

Then I felt like my dick was growing in her. The feeling was intense. I got my hands on her tits and it made my dick so much harder. Then, I put my hand on my super hairy chest, and I felt like I was still growing in muscle, too.

The whole class was there watching and getting hard thanks to the two most beautiful human beings ever.

1,649 words Added Mar 2023 11k views 2.9 stars (7 votes)

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