Stupid cupid

by baboonfan

A flat tire causes Jerry to miss a job interview. Fortunately Eros, the love god, is hiring, as he eventually discovers when he knocks on a strange door for help.

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Part 1 A flat tire causes Jerry to miss a job interview. Fortunately Eros, the love god, is hiring, as he eventually discovers when he knocks on a strange door for help. (added: 1 Sep 2009)
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7 Lucas’s cousin Miles reluctantly agrees to come to the monster barbecue.
Part 8
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Part 1

Jerry was hopelessly lost. In the middle of nowhere. At night. In a terrible storm. With a flat tire. He was supposed to be in the city by now, at his job interview. Now he would never make it.

Jerry ran his hand over his thinning hair in frustration. He needed that job. His ex-wife took everything after the divorce. If he didn’t get some cash quick, he would end up in the poor house.

His bleak thinking was interrupted by a warm ray of light. He turned his head and saw an immense mansion with bright lights streaming out of its windows. Jerry could have sworn it wasn’t there before, but right now he didn’t care. He just wanted to get out of the rain and call a tow truck.

He walked up the cobblestone path to the giant mahogany doors. He looked for a doorbell, but there wasn’t one. Then he saw the door knocker. It was in the shape of a lion roaring. He picked it up a knocked twice.


Immediately, a large man answered the door, but the man wasn’t just huge, he was a giant! He had to be at least eight feet tall and exploding with muscles. Even though the man was wearing an obviously expensive suit and pink tie, Jerry could see every outline and detail of the man’s chest and stomach. The next thing he noticed was the hair. The man looked like an animal; he had so much hair. It covered his handsome, broad face with a immaculately trimmed black beard and moustache. Jerry could barely see his handsome thin lips through his moustache and beard. Silky raven hair cascaded over his shoulders, and even tufts of it showed over the collar of his dress shirt.

Jerry felt extremely self-conscious in front of this guy. He himself was balding, pudgy and of average height. His average looks were one of the many reasons his wife divorced him. She said she needed to find herself a real man who could satisfy her. This guy looked like he could satisfy anyone.

The giant raised a black eyebrow and asked “May I help you?” in an unbelievably deep baritone.

“Um, uh hi.” Jerry stammered. “My car got a flat. I was wondering if I could use your phone to call in a tow truck?”

The man gave Jerry a warm smile and a rumbling laugh. “Of course,” the bearish man growled. “But I’m afraid my phone has been disconnected by the storm. Even if it wasn’t, I’m afraid there is no towing company open this late in the area. Why don’t you spend the night at my home until the morning?”

“Oh, I wouldn’t want to impose,” Jerry answered quickly. He didn’t want to bother a man who could easily snap him in half.

The man replied, “I insist. It’s definitely not any night to sleep in a cold car. C’mon in! I’m Eros.” The large man wrapped a beefy arm around Jerry’s shoulders and brought him into the warmth.

“Um, I’m Jerry. Thank you.” He could feel the frigidness melting from his bones as he took in hothouse-like room.

The foyer was dazzling. All white, with tasteful marble tile work, a two-way staircase, and against the walls were antique wooden end tables holding small vases with tiny flowers in them. The guy wasn’t only enormous but filthy rich with great taste.

“You’ll want to get out of those wet clothes or you’ll get pneumonia,” the giant suggested.

“Um, do you want to me to go in a bathroom or…?” Jerry asked tentativley.

“No, no. It’s best that you take them off right now, before you catch your death. I’ll be back with a robe.” Eros stomped off to another part of the house.

Jerry was very uncomfortable. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to get out of his cold wet clothes, he just found getting naked in front of another male kind of off-putting. But as he began stripping off the soaked fabric, he could feel the heat of the house drying his skin. He stopped at his boxers and waited for Eros to return with the robe.

Eros walked into the foyer with a huge, fluffy pink robe. “Here, put this on. It’s one of my warmest ones.”

He held it out to Jerry.

Jerry was a little hesitant at first, but then he saw that Eros began looking over his body. He quickly donned the robe to avoid further scrutiny from the big bearded stud.

“Ah, wait a minute. What about those boxers?” Eros looked at Jerry expectantly. Jerry didn’t want to take them off, but didn’t want to offend Eros more. He stepped out of the boxers without removing the robe. Instantly he felt his dick be encased in the warmth of the room, and his inner thighs lost their frostiness.

“There we go. I’ll go put these in the dryer.” Bending down, Eros picked all the clothes up in his arms. “Make yourself at home, but I have but one rule.” Eros leaned down so he could look straight in Jerry’s eyes.” You must not under any circumstances open those doors.” He gestured with one big shoulder at a pair of doors to the left of the foyer. The doors were oaken and very expensive looking. On each door had a golden handle on them.

“What’s behind the door?” Jerry asked in innocently. Eros’ hairy face became very serious and stern.

“Something very private. Don’t open it.” He stomped away carrying the damp cloth.

Jerry was a little scared now. His kind host was hiding something. Something big.

A loud moan pierced the warmth of the room and made Jerry shiver. The sound had come from the other side of the forbidden doors. Someone sounded like they were getting tortured.

The sounds of human moans grew louder and louder until Jerry could stand it no more. He tiptoed to the doors, and opened them just the slightest.

Jerry could only see a broad, hairy man, on his hands and knees moaning like he was going to die. Jerry opened the door slightly more, and saw that an equally handsome man was pistoning into the other guy with great fervor. They were so wrapped up in their sexual episode that they didn’t even notice the door was ajar. Jerry was so shocked he didn’t hear the pounding of footsteps behind him.

“Like what you see?” Eros growled in his ear. Jerry spun around and saw a the hunk glaring at him with killer’s eyes. “I told you not to look.” Then he took a small bottle of something from his jacket pocket, poured it on a cloth and shoved it in Jerry’s face. Jerry tried to push it away, but Eros grabbed the back of his head and stuffed it even further up Jerry’s nose. Knowing he couldn’t break free, Jerry tried holding his breath. After a few seconds of struggle, he accidently took a big whiff, and then he saw nothing.


Part 2

Jerry sluggishly opened his eyes. He felt incredibly sore all over, and he was very cramped. His knees were in his face, and he couldn’t move his head. There was no light anywhere, only blackness. He also felt wet. He was sitting in a big puddle of something.

It was also very hot. The heat was suffocating. The goop he was sitting in was getting really hot, almost searing, like lava. He had to get out, now! He tried pushing against the walls of his prison, but he was too weak. Finally he made a crack in the wall. A pinpoint stream of light blinded him. He also got a whiff of air. Fresh, cool air. He summoned the last of his strength into his heavy arms and pushed against the crack.

His cell tipped over and broke open, spilling Jerry and the lava onto the cold floor. His eyes were bombarded by light. He shut them tight against the pain. He also could breathe again, but compared to inside of the egg, it was freezing outside, and his lungs took in deep drags of frosty air. He was too sore and weak to move, so he had to marinate in the big pool of cooling lava. This must be how newborns feel, he thought. He lay there for who knows how long until he heard a pair of big footsteps closing in.

“Whoa, look who just hatched,” a deep voice said. Hatched? What did that mean?

“Let’s get him to the shower, wash off that cum,” another voice suggested. Cum? This goop was cum? He opened his eyes a little and saw that the once searing lava was indeed now a big pool of spunk. He tried to see whom the voices belonged to, but his head was too heavy to lift. All he saw were two sets of hairy muscled feet. The two men reached down and picked up his heavy body as if he weighed nothing.

“WOOF! He turned out nicely!” the voice to his right said. What? Was he being sarcastic? Jerry knew he wasn’t a prize with his sagging, middle-aged body, but there was no need to make fun of him. He opened his eyes and looked to his right.

The guy was a stud! The guy was a beautifully tanned Latino. He looked like a professional bodybuilder. His pecs looks like watermelons, his arms and legs were as thick Jerry’s torso, and his abs looked like they were carved out of stone. He had shoulder-length dark, slightly curly hair, and it was matching the hair covering his whole body. When Jerry looked below the guy’s waist he gasped. This guy was HUNG! His huge package was stuffed into a tiny, pink string bikini that looked like it would burst any minute. He had a sexy goatee and moustache combo with a wicked smile.

“Hehehe, looks like he likes what he sees,” the guy on the left chuckled.

“No!” Jerry responded quickly, his voice sounded hoarse, “I’m not gay!” Then he turned his head to the right.

The guy on the left was just as jaw-droppingly good looking as the goatee guy. He looked like a cornfed country boy with a bodybuilder physique and square jaw. He had a thick blond beard and ‘stache, and his pecs were a little more pronounced, with thick blond hair covering his frame. He also was packing a giant dick in a bikini identical to the other guy’s.

Blondie chuckled. “Sure you aint.” They stood him up in front a big shower nozzle. Blondie held him up and Goatee turned on the water. The warm water cascaded on Jerry’s body, and he could feel his soreness just melting away. He opened his eyes and came face to face with a full length mirror in front of him. The whole shower wall was a big mirror, probably so people could wash themselves better. What he saw confused him.

In the mirror, he saw the two hunks, but standing between them was probably the king of all hunks. His body was more impressive than the both of theirs. He was about six foot ten, with the body to match. Massive tree trunk legs, and arms that could probably rip a tree out by the roots. His torso was comprised of two pumpkin-sized pecs and an embossed six pack. He had a big square jaw with a dimple in the middle, which was highlighted by the most perfect beard and ‘stache combo. His facial hair was complemented by the rolling waves of pitch black hair on his head, and his thick man fur swirled in a sexy pattern all over his body. The only thing disproportionate to his perfect body was below the guy’s waist. He had a monster cock!

“Is that.. me?” Jerry asked in his new rumbling voice. He twitched his pecs experimentally.

“Damn straight stud.” Goatee grinned. Jerry was starting to get turned on by his own body. The warm water and the body heat of the other guys were too much for him. His super meat was starting to stiffen.

“Shit, his meat’s getting even bigger!” Blondie said.

“You sure you’re not gay?” Goatee grinned at Jerry. Jerry wanted to deny it, but the pleasure coming from his dick was too much. His cock became like steel and slapped him between his mountainous pecs. The python dick was oozing pre like a faucet, and the smell made him voraciously hungry for sex. He needed to fuck someone, anyone. NOW!

“He’s ready to party Vigo.” Blondie said to his Hispanic partner.

“Hell yeah! Let’s get him to a bed and give that monster cock a test drive!”

Vigo turned off the faucet, and motioned for the other two to follow. Jerry followed him, but he felt as if his dick was leading the way, controlling his actions. Through the haze of his lust Jerry looked at Vigo’s back. It was as impressive as the rest of him, with a juicy bubble butt, but something else caught his eye. A tiny pair of wings.



Part 3

Jerry stood stupidly in the shower and glared at Vigo’s little wings through the fog of his lust. They were little dove wings, ridiculously tiny compared to the guy’s body, but they were adorable!

Vigo noticed his staring and grinned. He flexed a muscle in his back, and the wings started flapping.

“Like ‘em, Jer?” Vigo asked. Jerry just kept on glaring as Vigo lifted himself a few feet in the air. Jerry’s cock was already hard as a rock, but now it was becoming more like steel. His giant dick gave a little SPLUT of precum. The pre landed in a big blob on his chin. Blondie noticed this and slurped it off Jerry’s face with one big lick. Jerry loved the feeling of the guy’s tongue on his whiskers.

“How does he taste, Max?” Vigo asked, floating back down.

“Mmm. Like meat. A juicy, well done steak.” Blondie said, savoring it in his mouth.

“Let me have a taste.” Vigo grabbed Jerry’s monster dick by the head and sucked up some pre. Jerry tried to hump Vigo’s hand, but Vigo quickly let go.

“Yeah, this guy tastes great! Wish we could keep him to ourselves, but the boss would kill us.” Vigo sighed.

“Let’s take him to Eros now. He’s been asking about him,” Max said.

Before Jerry could react, Max grabbed his wrists and forced them behind his back. Vigo got some rope and securely tied them Jerry’s hands. Jerry strained against the ropes, but even with his new strength, he couldn’t make them budge.

“Don’t bother trying to escape,” Vigo said to him calmly. “That rope has been specially treated to hold you.”

Jerry growled with anger and struggled some more, his muscles bulging and sweating with effort. Max gave him a hard slap on the ass.

“Stop that,” Max said sternly. “If you don’t behave, then Master Eros will punish you, and we won’t be able to play with you.” Max took one big hand and cupped Jerry’s massive sack, the melon-sized balls overflowing his palm.

Jerry growled again and gave a savage thrust into the air. His mind was becoming more animalistic, and his need to fuck was clouding whatever sense he had left. Vigo took another length of rope and tied it around the base of Jer’s nuts. “C’mon big guy, time to meet the boss.” He led Jerry down an immaculate white hall by the leash.

The tugging at his balls just fueled Jerry’s desire to screw. Not once during the walk did Jerry’s gaze divert from Vigo’s manly butt. The muscles clenched and relaxed as he walked. Jerry snarled and could feel his drool falling onto his pecs.

They led him to the forbidden doors and opened them wide. The room behind the doors had to be twice the size of Jerry’s old apartment. It had marble Corinthian columns but no furniture except for a giant transparent pink marble in the middle of the room and an enormous throne at the end of it.

Sitting in the throne had to be, in Jerry’s opinion, the God of all men. It was Eros, just as intimidating and impressive as before, but even more so now because he had stripped down to the same pink g-string that Max and Vigo wore.

Eros was had more muscle on him than Vigo and Max put together. This chiseled Adonis put all three of the men to shame. His arms and legs were thick as telephone poles and beautifully defined, without the disgusting veiny-ness that pro bodybuilders have. His stomach rippled into an embossed eight pack, and his upper body was graced with two concrete slabs for pecs, each topped with a silver dollar-sized, silky pink nipple. His hands were thick pizza paddles, and his feet were probably a size 20, perfectly proportioned to his limbs. Every inch of Eros’ massive frame was covered in a luxuriously thick coat of midnight black manfur. His face was still breathtaking with his mane of wild hair and meticulously trimmed facial hair. A tiny pair of wings was just visible over his ox like shoulders. The most intimidating thing of all had to be his crotch. Jerry knew that the other two guys were hung like moose, but Eros must have had a whale dick. The g-string wasn’t even making a half-hearted attempt to cover the obscene bulge; to even try was laughable.

Eros saw the direction of Jer’s gaze through his golden eyes, and gave that big rumbling laugh of his. “Welcome Jerry. Welcome to your new life.”

Jerry could feel Eros’ voice rumble within his own chest, and he felt an overwhelming sense of calm come over him. He felt his stomach clench painfully at the rich scent coming from Eros’ groin.

Eros just smiled. “Hungry? Let’s see if we can help you out. Vigo, Max, you know the drill.” The three hunks grinned and pulled at the knot holding their g-strings together. The fabric fluttered to the floor, and the men’s bull dicks slapped them in the chest. Eros’ cock actually came close to his face, right in front of his mouth. The men began stroking their penises with both hands.

“Kneel,” Max ordered, and Jerry fell to his muscular knees, his wrists behind him still held captive by the ropes. By now the men’s efforts had been rewarded with thick streams of pre falling to the floor like faucets. Jerry’s stomach made a loud noise, hungry for the thick liquid. Max bent his knees and aimed his cock at Jer’s mouth. Wasting no time, Jerry latched onto the dick and began sucking the hot, thick cream out of the cock. Upon first tasting it, Jerry was surprised that the pre tasted like hardy cornbread and beefy chili. He could actually taste the spices on his tongue. Jerry could feel his stomach being filled, and his hunger was abating. After a few minutes of sucking, Max withdrew his cock. Jerry tried to follow his meal, with streams of precum still leaking from his mouth. He felt like crying, until he saw the hot Italian’s dick.

Like before, Jerry glomped onto the dick and suckled like a baby sucks a teat. Vigo’s cum tasted like pasta, with a big spicy Italian sausage. While the scorching liquid was running down his throat, Jerry looked up at Vigo. Vigo smiled warmly back at him and stroked his head. Jerry increased his sucking to a faster pace. But, once again, his dinner was cut short when Vigo pulled back.

Jerry was becoming desperate. He needed to end the gnawing in his belly, but they wouldn’t let him feed! Jerry broke out of his melancholy when he felt Eros’ shadow upon him. He looked longingly at the monstrous pulsing man meat. Jerry tried to shove his mouth over the head, but Eros wasn’t going to make things easy for him.

“You want this?” he teased. Jerry nodded emphatically. Eros grabbed his pre-hose and waved it under Jerry’s nose. Jerry shuddered with pleasure as he smelled the tang of citrus. “But I thought you weren’t gay?” Eros teased. Jerry was going mad with need, his desire for cum was approaching unbearable.

“Gay, straight, bi, I don’t care! All I know is that I need your cum! Give it to me you sexy bastard!” Jerry screamed.

Eros’ eyes darkened with lust at the admission and drove the head of his prick deep into Jerry’s throat. Jerry closed his eyes in bliss. This was heaven! All he was aware of was the taste of cream cheese and fruit, filling the emptiness inside him. In the background, Max and Vigo were engaged in a fierce 69, both studs trying to shove the entirety of the other’s cock down their esophagus.

Once he had relaxed his throat enough, Jerry preformed the miracle of sucking down almost all of Eros’ meat. His chin rested on the bowling ball-sized testicles, as they churned to make his meal. Suddenly, the balls lurched upward, as Eros was brought to orgasm.

Eros gave a final thrust of his cock, and he let out an ear-shattering roar of satisfaction. His dick had become a fire hose, spraying gallons a second into Jerry’s gullet. Seeing that their master had achieved climax, Vigo and Max let loose their own creamy reward into each other’s bodies. Jerry just kneeled on the floor while frantically trying to keep up with the torrent of cum. His hunger had long since disappeared, but he didn’t want to miss a single nanosecond of this euphoria. The heavy stream of ejaculation became a spout, then trickle, until nothing was left but a few strands of cum between the dick and Jerry’s face. Jerry strained against his bonds as he lapped up the last few drops on the floor like a dog.

He felt sooo full. The warm circulated around his whole body until he couldn’t move a single muscle. The cum feast had left Jerry satisfied and sleepy. Eros stroked Jerry’s beard and said, “Yes my pet. Rest. You have a big day tomorrow.”

Jerry surrendered himself to the warm darkness of sleep. Jerry was so out of it that he didn’t even notice when Eros traced a finger over his left nipple. The outline of a heart appeared became a permanent mark on Jerry’s chest.


Part 4

Jerry awoke to the feeling of a big strong tongue on his body. Jerry opened his eyes with an aroused moan. Eros was holding him in his arms and sucking the last of the cum off of Jerry’s toes. Jerry gave a big masculine purr as Eros looked into his eyes gave one last lick to the Jer’s big toe.

“Now that you’ve had breakfast, it’s time to go to work.” Eros growled. He gently set Jerry on his feet.

“First things first, your uniform.” Eros snapped his big fingers and two new hunks poofed before him in two pink puffs of smoke. One was black and the other was Japanese, but both of them were just as hunky and hairy as everyone else Jerry had met. They sported identical thick mustaches, and they looked adoringly at Eros.

“Men, help your new brother get ready for work,” Eros ordered. “Nate, tie his tie. Toby, help him with the strings.” The bearish black man held a pink tie in his hand, and looped it around Jerry’s thick neck. Then he gave Jerry a deep sexy kiss, their facial hair rasping. The Asian man came from behind them and looped a pink string bikini around Jerry’s waist. He reached between Jerry’s legs and pulled the last string to the other two just above the crack of Jer’s muscle ass. With surprisingly nimble fingers for a man his size, the man tied the stings into a loose knot.

“Now now boys,” Eros chuckled. “Work before pleasure.” The two hunks stepped away from Jerry and walked out of through the doors, fondling each other. Jerry gazed longingly at their retreating bubble butts.

“Don’t worry Jerry. As soon as you do your job, you get to have fun to,” Eros reassured him.

“What is my job?” Jerry inquired in his new growling voice.

“Glad you asked.” Eros snapped his fingers again. This time the enormous ball in the middle of the room glowed with a beautiful light and it seemed to explode. The shards of the crystals floated in the air, and projected inside of each crystal was an image. Images of lots of men, but not just regular men. There were aliens and monsters and animal-like things.

“What is this?” Jerry asked in wonder as a shard floated past his face. Inside this shard was the image of two robots yelling at each other.

“Those are shards of love. They project the destinies of love for all male couples in all universes. They help us see which couples need help in making their love blossom,” Eros explained

“Our job is.. love?” Jerry asked, watching another shard pass by, this time with the image of two turtles swimming together in graceful arcs under water.

“More like, we help Homosexual male love along. My brother, Cupid, does heterosexual love.”

“I thought you were Cupid?” Jerry inquired, confused.

“Being cupid is just a job, like being a doctor, or a teacher. I don’t know what my mom was thinking when she named us.” Eros shook his hairy head.

“Your mom?” Jerry asked, becoming lightheaded.

“Aphrodite, the goddess of love. She coordinates all lesbian love.”

“But I thought Aphrodite only had one son?” Jerry asked, remembering the myth from high school.

“Naw, most people got it wrong, thinking the Romans and the Greeks just changed the names in the stories, but actually, every Greek god or goddess has a Roman twin. Hades has Pluto, I have Cupid. The Romans didn’t have a love god, so they borrowed Cupid.”

Jerry’s head was swimming from all the new knowledge. Gods? Goddesses? Cupids? Turtles? When does it end? Noticing Jerry’s confusion, Eros changed the subject.

“Anyway, if you want to earn your wings, you have to complete a few missions first. Help some couples realize their love, and make the world a better place, etc.”

Jerry suddenly became indignant. All his life he was taught that homosexuality was a sin, and despite his recent suckfest with Vigo and Max, some of the old teachings clung to him weakly.

“What if I don’t want to?” Jerry asked, raising his chin defiantly. Eros lost the look of kindness in his eyes, and his warm smile turned into a snarl. Then he glared at Jerry and snapped his fingers.

Instantly, Jerry felt explosive pain in his chest. It felt like someone was ripping open his pec. Jerry doubled over in pain and roared in anguish. He looked down at his nipple to see that the little outline of a heart was glowing an angry orange and red. It felt like it was one fire.

“AAAAHHH!” Jerry screamed. “MAKE IT STOP! PLEASE! OH GOD! I’LL DO WHATEVER YOU WANT! AAARHG! MAKE IT STOP!” Eros clicked his fingers again and the pain ended. Jerry collapsed in a big sweaty pile of muscle, relief from the pain spreading throughout his body.

Eros kneeled and grabbed Jerry by his thick black hair. He raised him to eye- level and glared into his eyes.

“I am your master. You WILL obey every order I give you, or you will suffer ten times what you just felt. Your old life is gone forever, so you better learn to love your new one. Pick yourself up, we have work to do.” Eros released his head, and it thudded to the floor.

Jerry quickly rose to his feet, scared to anger the hirsute hottie again. He had never felt such intense pain before and didn’t want to experience it ever again. Jerry snapped to attention, ready to follow his next orders, not caring what they could be. Only one thought raced through his mind over and over again.

He’s really sexy when he’s pissed.


Part 5

Eros snapped his fingers again and the crystals stopped moving. The one in front of Jerry began glowing like the sun.

“This is your first mission. Your job is to see these two get together. If you succeed, you’re a step closer to getting your wings. If not, you know what will happen.” Eros said in his deep growling voice. Jerry shivered, remembering the intense pain from only moments ago. He stared questioningly into the golden crystal.

“What do I do?” Jerry asked.

“To use magic, just think of what you want to happen, and then snap your fingers.” Eros explained.

Jerry did as he was told, and just as he heard the snap, he felt a tremendous pulling sensation, sucking him into the crystal.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

“Ugh.. what hit me?” Grant Mason groaned. He didn’t remember a lot. What he did remember was that last night, he and his buds, Hal and George, got drunk at a bar after work. As usual they made asses out of themselves, seeing who could chug the most, who could belch the loudest, along with a variety of pointless contests. Eventually the stakes got as high as the point of being illegal. Taking down stop signs, drag racing, graffiti. Finally they came to an all American past time, cow-tipping. This presented one problem though, there wasn’t a farm around the city where they lived. Fortunately, Grant had heard of a tiny farm a few miles away. They decided to take a little drunken road trip there.

Still smashed, they drove out to the farm. It was the only building for miles around. Apparently, the owner of the farm had bought several acres of the surrounding land. The quietly parked near the pasture, and carefully walked through the field. They sized up their prey, a dozing bovine, whose milky white hide glowed with moonlight in contrast with her ebony spot. Hal, the shortest of the three, put his shoulder to the cow’s side, ready to push. Although he was short, Hal was actually considered the strongest because of his stocky muscular frame. He has boxed in highschool and still liked to stay fit. The one thing that prevented him from being quite handsome was his perpetual scowl, earned from a lifetime of short jokes. George, the tall one, leaned next to Hal. George had a bit of a gut, but it was balanced nicely by his big arms and height. His brown goatee and easy grin made him a big hit with the ladies. Grant was the middle one. He was of middle height. Also of middle build; not too bulky, not too thin. Grant was regarded as the smartest of the three because he had landed himself a scholarship into a big university in their college days. He had lost it however from partying too much with his bros instead of studying. Now he earned the same wage as his idiot friends, just enough to get himself hammered every weekend.

The guys were just about to give the cow the old heave ho when they heard someone cock a gun behind them. “Ah wouldn’t do that if I were yew.” A deep southern voice growled. Then Grant heard a little whistling noise. George slumped to the ground. Grant whirled around to see an old man, in his fifties, with a full beard full of thick grey hair. All he was wearing was a pair of boots and some faded overalls with only one shoulder buttoned. Grant could tell he was strong from the thick cords of muscles on his arms, and the overalls were clinging to his body, obviously built from years of hard work and not a gym. Grant quickly glanced at his friend. George had a large dart sticking out of his back. He wasn’t moving, but he was still breathing.

The wind picked up and it outlined the moonlighted silhouettes of the men. The breeze hit them and it made pleasant swirling patterns in the thick grey chest hair of the farmer. They stood staring at each other, sizing each other up. Hal tried to pull a fast one. He rushed the farmer, but the old man quickly cocked his gun and shot a sleeping dart into Hal’s chest. Hal dropped to the ground. And then there was one. The old farmer growled deep in his throat as he cocked his gun one last time. He aimed it at the shaking Grant, and fired.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Grant was still struggling into consciousness. His mind was still murky after the tranquilizer, and he had a whopping headache. He waited for his bleary eyes to adjust as he took in his surroundings. “Okay, lessee.” Grant slurred. “ Four white walls, two windows with sunlight streaming, a big basket.” Ugh. Thinking was hard. And did the sun have to be so damned bright? He looked down and saw that he was laying on a big blanket. Underneath it was lots of fresh straw, and it felt very comfy to his bare skin. Bare skin? He looked down at himself and saw that he was stark naked, laying on his stomach! Unlike the night before, he now had a large potbelly. He wildly looked around and saw his bros laying next to his on the large blanket, still zonked. They had massive guts now too!

He crawled over to them and shook them. “Hal, George, wake up!”

“Huh? Wassat?” Hal asked groggily. “We gotta get out of here!” Grant said. George pushed him away, still half asleep. “ ‘S’not nine o’clock yet.” He pulled his end of the big plaid blanket over himself and snuggled into the hay mattress. Grant was just about to shake him again when the door swung open. An imposing giant of a man blocked the sunlight from streaming in. He shut the door behind him and said, “Mornin’ gals.” in a sexy southern drawl.

With the door closed the guys could see him in detail. He was a wall of muscle, covered in thick red hair. His shoulders were as broad as a barn, he had slab like pecs, abs seemed to be carved out of rock, which tapered down into a trim waist. Under his waistline lay a truly beastly cock. It was uncut, but even placid it had to be eight inches long and thick as Hal’s wrist. It lay upon two lemon sized testicles covered in a coat of red hair. After the boys pulled their gazes away from the impressive crotch, they saw that the man was evenly proportioned all over. He had massive quads and heavily muscled thighs that poured into his huge calves and his big shapely feet.

George had snapped out of his stupor and was drooling with Grant and Hal. Each of them felt deep rumblings in their stomachs at the sight of this guy, but they quickly dismissed this as hunger for food. They felt their dicks harden instantly at the sexy earthy smell wafting off of him.

“Who are you?” Grant breathed. “Ma name’s Beau, perdy lady. I’m the rooster here.” Beau lifted Grant’s hand in his massive one and gave it a hot whiskery kiss. Grant instantly swooned in pleasure. He layed in a heap on the blanket, very confused. He had never thought of a guy sexually before, but this guy was the ultimate. And loud gurgling noise emanated from his gut. Beau chuckled and said,” Guess it’s time to get to work.”

“Work?” Hal asked, puzzled.

Beau’s only reply was to slowly run a hand down his furry treasure trail to his big cock. “Bu-bock!” Hal screeched, his hands clutching his stomach. “Hal! What’s wrong?!” George asked worriedly. “I, I, oh shit! I think I have diarrhea!” he shouted. He clutched his massive gut and pulled his legs to his head, exposing his puckered hole. Hal let out a massive gasp and felt something come out. To the guys’ amazement, instead of a lump of crap stood a large pearly white egg.

“What the fuck!?” Grant shouted. “You just shat out an egg!” Beau let out a rumbling chuckle. “‘Course she did, bebe. What else are hens supposed to do?”

“Hens!?” the three guys shouted as one. “We ain’t hens! Hens are girl chickens!” George said. “You are now. Farmer Brown ain’t just a farmer. He’s a brilliant genetic physicist. He injected you with a special serum to make you like an animal. Now you have the ability to lay eggs. Plus your body hair is real light and soft, like feathers.” Beau explained, and rain a finger down Hals leg, teasing the downy hair.

Instantly, Hal let out a moan and let out another egg. “But we ain’t chicks!” Screamed Grant, “We got dicks!”

“Course ya do bebe. Farmer Brown would never do anything mean like remove yer junk. He just added something extra to ya.” Beau reached around gave Grant a friendly squeeze on the ass. Like Hal, George clutched at his stomach and plopped down on the hay. However, when he grunted and squeezed his insides, not one egg came out, but a dozen smaller ones!

“Shiiit.” George moaned. “That felt good. Grant, you gotta try this.” Then he let out another dozen eggs as Hal moaned next to him, doing the same.

“That’s some damn fine laying gals.” Beau said in a husky voice. Grant could see his monster stirring between his legs. Beau saw him looking and said, “Yeah, fertility does it for me, in a big way.” He drawled, adding a slow hip thrust. Grant drooled in lust, and then he felt the deep lurch in his gut. He slowly sat down and spread his legs. He looked to his left and saw his best buds moaning in lust as Beau did his erotic dance. He slowly ran a hand threw his red chest hair, while flexing his other arm, causing it to bulge like an inflating balloon, but hard as rock.

Grant whimpered in distress. He was so horny! He could feel the egg at his sphincter, like a huge lump of shit. But no matter how hard he pushed, he couldn’t get it out. He looked at Hal and George enviously, jealous at the near orgasmic pleasure they received with each new egg. Beau, being a true stud, could see his distress. He raised a hand to his face and, never taking his eyes off Grant, spit a huge wad of spit into his hand. Then he gently started to pump his giant cock.

Grant started crying. He had never felt so turned on, but there was nothing he could do. He desperately wanted to touch his dick, but if he removed his hands from his legs, the eggs wouldn’t come out, and his ass would explode from the pressure! His bros were surrounded in a fog of lust, oblivious to the world. The pile of eggs at their rears was enough to feed an army. Grant’s sweating body was aching for release, from his balls and his ass. He looked at Beau through his tear filled eyes.

“Please Beau, help me. Help me, or kill me.” Grant pleaded. Beau sped up his masturbation pace, brutally fucking his hand, pretending it was a hot hen hole.

“Ah bebe, don’t look at me like that, if you look at me like that, I. won’t. be. able. to. hold. it!” Then he reached his peak. “BUK-BUK-BUKAWK!” Beau aimed his meat at Grant and let loose. A blast of cum hit Grant with the force of a fire hose, and he felt his anal muscles loosen. Grant reached his own peak as soon as he felt the hot spunk splash on his big belly. He felt something that felt like a soccer ball easily slip out of his ass, teasing his sphincter muscles on the way out. With each egg brought a new wave of orgasm. After the sixth shot he collapsed, exhausted and spent.

George and Hal had finished after Beau’s sexy display and were panting heavily, resting. “DAMN THAT FELT GOOD!” George shouted. “Holy shit bro! Look at Grant’s eggs! They’re fuckin’ huge!” Grant glanced over his gut to look at his pile of eggs. They were the size of watermelons and practically glowing in the morning light. Beau gave Grant a proud grin. “Good job, bebe.” And he slid a hand over Grant’s belly.

“That’s not fair!” Hal whined. “George has got tons of little ones, and Grant has big ones, but I got normal ones.” His eyes misted over, clearly worried Beau would overlook him now. Beau just smiled. “Don’t think so bebe.” He picked up one of Hal’s eggs. He gently shook it near his ear. “This one’s a double yoke.” He tested another. “This one’s triple.” He gently grabbed Hal’s chin and stroked it with his thumb. “But don’t ever think that I’ll love any of you any less because of the type of eggs you lay. Your mah hens, and I’m your rooster. That means it’s mah job to care for you.” Hal’s eyes grew even wetter and a tear of happiness rolled down his cheek. “I love you Beau.” He whispered, a feeling all three hens felt, but were too choked up to say.

“Ah love yew too. And yew. And yew.” Punctuating each “yew” with a whiskery kiss on the belly. This of course sent them all into egg laying mode, and, ever the competetive ones, tried to out do each other and get Beau hard and hot.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Back at the farm house, farmer Brown awoke to the sound of Beau’s crowing. He smiled knowingly to himself. His new chickens were gonna fit in just fine. He jumped out of bed, naked as a jay bird, enjoying the feeling of the morning sunlight on his lean, gray furred body. He picked up his phone off the bedside and pressed redial. After only two rings someone picked up.


“Hey young feller. Just wanted to thank yew again for warning me about those cattle rustlers in the area.”

“No prob, did they give you any trouble?” Jerry asked. “Nah. Ah put a plastic cow out in the field and caught ’em red handed.”

“Oh good. Guess they won’t cause you any trouble anymore huh?” The old man chuckled. “Nah son, quite the opposite in fact. Goodbye.” He turned off the phone, still chuckling at his little joke. But no time for dawdling. There’s always work to be done on the farm.


Part 6

Jerry poofed himself back to Eros’ throne room. Eros looked sinfully sexy sitting on the throne, his hairy bulk overwhelming the chair. His golden eyes filled with lust and mirth.

“You did a good job my pet.” Eros rumbled sexily. “Come forward for your reward.”

Jerry felt his cock grow hard in an instant. He felt a reawakening hunger grow in his belly as he walked to Eros. He stood before the sex god, quaking with lust and craving his delicious seed. Eros stroked Jerry’s stubbled chin with a knuckle.

“Kneel, my pet.” He commanded. Jerry slumped to the ground, drinking in the masculine smell of his boss. He reeked of tantalizing spices, and warmth, and testosterone. He was the very essence of manliness. Jerry could practically taste the musk rolling of his body, and beneath the tiny pink uniform held the most powerful of the scent.

Eros tugged gently at the string holding his skimpy g-string together. Immediately his mammoth dick thwacked him in the chest. The god’s cock gave of much more powerful musk. The bowling ball nuts churning with his next piping hot meal. It drove Jerry insane with hunger and he felt his stomach cramp. He looked into Eros’ eyes, pleading for permission to worship his god.

Eros smiled. “Yes, Jerry, feast. You have earned it.” Jerry stroked the whale dick with his thick sausage finger. The monster lurched. Jerry wrapped his big hands around the cock. He couldn’t even get his hands around the thing! The he gave the mighty head a big lick. A thick spurt of pre rocketed out of the tip into Jerry’s face. Not wanting to waste anymore of the precious fluid, Jerry shoved the enormous head into his mouth. Eros looked on with amusement. This often happened with his employees. They get one taste of his cum and they are hooked for life. He loved Jerry’s determination to get every last drop, even if the poor guy could never fit his whole penis in his mouth. When Jerry slid another inch into his throat he moaned in delight. He could get used to this.

Eros felt his orgasm approaching. Suddenly, a cruel idea entered his head. He pressed down on the back of Jerry’s head. Jerry moaned in distress around the obscene babymaker as several more inches slid down his throat. Before he had a chance to dislodge himself, Eros reached his peak. He stood up from his chair, placed his hands on his hips, gave a mighty final pelvic charge, and roared like a lion.

The firehouse of cum shooting into his gullet was far too much for Jerry. He could feel the searing hot liquid gush through the cock, down his throat and into his hungry gullet. He couldn’t help picturing the taste of deviantly delicious desserts dancing down his tonsils. After only a few seconds Jerr’s hunger abated, but still the jizz came. A raging river of semen flooded every inch of his digestive tract, choking poor Jerry. Eros watched on with a leer on his handsome hairy face.

After what seemed like an hour, Eros dick stopped shooting cum into Jerry. Eros pulled his dick from his employee’s mouth like a mother taking away a nipple from an infant. “How was it my pet?” he asked huskily. Jerry just looked up at him with adoring eyes, and let out an enormous belch. Eros let out a big booming laugh. If wasn’t a cruel laugh at all, it was warm and friendly. “Glad you enjoyed it. And apparently, so did your body.”

Jerry gazed down at himself. He saw his already huge muscles stretching and growing to even more immense proportions. His once defined stomach was distended and round. As he moved Jerry could hear the sloshing of Eros’ heavy cream inside. The itty bitty pink bottom he was wearing threatened to tear with the slightest breath. He felt his cock thicken with blood, and grow to all new lengths. He could feel his bubble butt balloon outwards, becoming rounder, juicier, testing the limits of the fragile fabric.

Perhaps strangest of all was his body hair. He already had a thick pelt of it all over, but now it seemed more like a fur coat. He ran his fingers through his new pelt and growled with pleasure as his hands ran through the silky fur, grazing his big pink nipples hidden beneath the hair. His stubble had grown to an incredible beard and stache, thicker and longer than all the members of ZZ Top combined.

Eros picked at a strand of Jerry’s facial hair. “Hmm, we’ll have to do something about this, won’t we pet?” Jerry just stared back at him with puppy love reflecting in his eyes. Eros weaved the long beard/mustache into a thick, rope like braid. Eros smiled in satisfaction at his handy work, and gave an experimental tug. Jerry’s face immediately followed. “A dog on a leash”, Eros thought.

“Come, my pet. Let us see your next assignment.” He gently tugged on the hair leash and Jerry followed like a dutiful dog, his big rump swishing beneath the skimpy g-string, and the beginnings of a tiny pair of wings fluttering on his back.


Part 7

On the subject of the supernatural, Hollywood has always been off the mark. The monsters you see on the silver screen are just terrible stereotypes that have been around for centuries. Anne Rice? Complete baloney. The Blob? Hogwash. Don’t get me started on Underworld. Monsters are people too, just with fangs or claws or slime. If you got to know some, maybe you would see them in a different light…

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Lucas Erickson smiled down at his cousin. “You enjoying the barbecue?” he asked jovially, taking a swig from a bottle. It wasn’t beer, but BITE. BITE was bottled blood, made especially for vampires, like himself. It came in several flavors, orange, grape, cherry, vanilla, and of course, O positive.

Miles Erickson shifted his feet from side to side and said, “Um, yeah. Sure.” He was lying. Miles didn’t enjoy social gatherings. He was a quiet, reserved person, which was not unusual for vampires. But since he knew his cousin worried about him being antisocial, he reluctantly came. It was the annual monster barbecue. It was always held on the last weekend of July, and all the monsters in the neighborhood were there. The zombies were break-dancing, (breaking apart in the process), the lizard men were talking politics near the bonfire, and the gremlins were busy lighting off leftover fireworks, giggling like crazy when these exploded in a shower of sparks. Nearly every monster you could imagine was in attendance.

Lucas patted his shorter cousin on the back. “C’mon! Have some fun. Have a nacho, ask someone to dance. There are plenty of guys here.” He pointed towards a young cyclops guy with a cute haircut. Even though they were related, Miles and Lucas couldn’t be more different. Lucas was social and outgoing, Miles was loner. Miles was gay, and Lucas was straight, though supportive of his cousin’s lifestyle. Lucas had classic good looks; built body, spiky blond hair, and was six foot two. Miles had a slighter, more slender body, with thick wavy black hair, and was a less than average five foot 4 inches in height. His two redeeming features were his flawless pale skin, which comes naturally to vampires, and his clear blue eyes behind his glasses.

“I, I don’t think so. Is it time to go home yet?” Miles asked. He was becoming more and more uncomfortable by the minute with this large crowd.

“Aww c’mon. Don’t be like that. There’s someone I want to introduce you to. HEY DRAKE!” Lucas led Miles to the grill by the hand.

“Lucas! Please, no!” Miles struggled in vain to escape his bigger cousin’s grasp. Lucas only let go when they had reached the grill. Standing in front of the hot grill was a huge hunk of man. He was about six and a half feet tall, and was as wide as Miles was tall. Massive slabs of muscle filled out his frame, threatening to rip his tight clothes at a moments notice. Chestnut hair covering his arms and beefy legs, climbing over his collar, and spreading over his big hands. His skin had the tan of a man that worked long hours in the sun. He had a few days worth of stubble on his square chin, and his hair was falling on his shoulders. The only thing that marred his perfection was the ridiculous apron he was wearing. It said, “Kiss the Cook” in bright red letters, and had red lipstick kisses all over it. It was laughably small on his large torso, and had a white frill around the edges.

“Drake, I would like you to meet my cousin, Miles. Miles, this is Drake. He works at the moving company with me, he works the day shift though.” Lucas explained happily.

“H-hi.” Miles stammered, offering a hand to shake. Drake gently took Miles small pale hand in his big bronzed one. He bent down slightly and raised Miles’ hand to his mouth.

“Enchanté,” he purred. Then he placed a dry whiskery kiss on the back of Miles’ hand. His lips felt hot on Miles’ cool skin. Miles shuddered as heat spread through him.

“N-n-n-nice t-t-to meet you,” Miles stuttered. His deep blush was starkly contrasting to his pale skin. Lucas, ever the matchmaker, got a sly grin. “I’m gonna go get a new drink.” Then he quickly ran off to the other side of the yard. Drake just grinned.

“So, are you a vampire like Lucas?” Drake asked. Miles, still blushing just nodded.

“W-what kind of monster are you?” Miles asked, mustering down his shyness.

“I think I’ll let you figure it out on your own. So, what do you do for a living?” he asked, flipping a burger.

“I actually have two jobs. I work the night shift at the supermarket and during the day I’m the computer guy at the local library. It’s my job to catalog all the books and put the new ones into the system. “

“You work during the day? Isn’t that a problem for vampires?” Drake asked carefully.

“Not really. We’re not as sensitive to the sun as most people think, it just burns our skin if we stay out too long. But since I work indoors, it’s really not an issue,” Miles explained. Suddenly Drake stiffened. He started sniffing the air like crazy.

“Is something wrong?” Miles asked, concerned. Drake kept sniffing. “You smell that?” Drake asked hoarsely. Miles took a tentative sniff. “Nope. What is it?” Drake was still smelling. The great intakes of air sounded like snorts now.

“I dunno. But it’s REALLY good! Smells kinda spicy, like a cologne, but mixed with food.” sniff sniff sniff. Drake leaned forward. “It’s, sniff sniff, it’s coming from, sniff sniff, YOU!” Drake grabbed Miles by the shoulders and pulled him close. He took long dragging breaths of Mile’s neck. “Mmmmm.” He closed his eyes in pleasure. Then Drake released that this was creepy. Miles had gone still with shock. Drake took a step back.

“Uh, sorry about that.” Drake said sheepishly.

“N-No problem.” Even though it was a bit of the shock when he was grabbed, being pressed up against Drake’s big body had turned him on enormously. From the look of the big bulge, Drake wasn’t unaffected either.

“I know this is kind of sudden, but do you want to do something next weekend?”

“Like what?” Miles asked eagerly. Usually he never went on dates, but this guy was really hot, and seemed interested in him.

“Dinner and a movie?” Drake suggested

“I’d love to,” Miles replied happily.

They talked and flirted until the party ended a few hours later. They parted ways and said their goodbyes.

Later Drake met up with his best friend and occasional fuck buddy, Ralph.

“Hey Drake! What’s the matter? You seem bummed,” Ralph asked concerned. Being a mover like Drake, he had a similar sexy build, though his shoulders were less wide. He was a Mork, half ogre, half orc, with forest green skin, and a huge pair of pearly tusks at the sides of his mouth. His head was perfectly bald, but he had a bushy brown goatee on his chin.

“I just met a great guy, and were going on a date next Saturday,” Drake replied glumly.

“Yeah, that would depress the hell out of me too,” Ralph replied sarcastically.

“No you don’t understand. He smells so good.”

“I thought your species was big on smells?”

“We are, but the way we choose are mates for life is from a special smell they give off.” Just remembering Miles’ scent was arousing him. Ralph just whistled.

“So this guy’s the one huh? Well, I’m happy for you.” Ralph said amiably.

“No you don’t understand. He’s a vampire.” Drake explained.

“So, I thought your kind got along great with vampires?”

“We do. But I’ve never dated outside my species. I don’t know what to do! I need this date to go perfectly, but I’m out of my element here!” Drake whined.

“Hey, no prob! Just do all the stuff you would usually do with one of your kind. It can’t be that different.”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

One Week later

Ring-rring, ring-rring. Miles picked up the phone. It was Lucas.

“Hey! How’s my favorite cousin! Ready for your date?”

“A-actually, I’m thinking of not going,” Miles stuttered.

“What? No way! Why?!”

“Some freaky stuff has been happening lately.”

“Like what? Are you okay?” Lucas asked.

“I’m fine, but I don’t feel safe going out. Someone’s been leaving dead animals on my doorstop, and I hear howling every night. In the morning, I find my windows coated in slime!” Miles fearfully explained.

“Wow, that does sound weird. Maybe you should stay in, and call the police. This may be serious.” Lucas said, concerned. “I’m sure if you just explain what’s happening to Drake, he’ll understand.”


“That must be him now.” And he had been looking forward to this date.

“Call me if ANYTHING else happens!”

“Okay I will, bye!” Miles hung up the phone. As he walked to the door, he mentally prepared what he was going to say to let Drake down easy. Then he open the door.

Standing on his Welcome Mat, had to be the sexiest man alive. Drake could have put any GQ model to shame. He was wearing a sexy Italian suit that looked like it was painted on. Without the tie, the top of his hairy slab like pecs were exposed to perfection. He had grown out his stubble to sexy whiskers that Miles just wanted to run his fingers through, and his long hair was pulled back in a sexy ponytail. The best part was the cologne. It was spicy and musky, the scent of manliness.

“Hi,” Drake purred. “Ready to go?”

“A-Actually, I think I need to stay home,” Miles said quietly.

“W-What?! Why?” Drake asked, startled and disappointed.

“I just don’t feel safe going out. I think something’s out to get me.” Miles said


“Strange noises in the night, a weird smell all over the place, and dead animals on the porch. It’s scary.”

“Oh.” Drake said, suddenly looking sheepish. “You think that’s scary?”

“Yes! It’s like one of those mob movies where a guy finds a horse’s head in his bed!” Miles said, exasperated.

“Babe, no one is out to whack you. That was all me.” Drake said, amused at Miles’ active imagination.

“That was you?! You’re the reason I’ve been scared to go out at night? What kind of sick person leaves animal carcasses on the stoop?!” Drake stooped down so he could look in Miles’ eyes.

“A lovesick werewolf.” he said huskily.

“You’re a werewolf?” Miles asked quietly.

“Yup. ‘Fraid so. I have two personalities. One human, one wolf. My human half wants to date you, but my wolf half wants to sweep you off your feet and fuck you, NOW!”

“Why did you do that stuff?”

“Those noises you heard were my wolf half howling, serenading you. That weird smell is my piss. I was marking my territory, telling all the other animals in the area to fuck off. And the animal carcasses,” he grinned, and flexed his arm, the fabric threatening to burst into shreds, “those were just to show you I can be your macho provider.”

“And the slime on the windows?”

Drake looked kinda sheepish again. “Uh, that was my wolf half trying to get a taste of you. Your skin gives of a delicious aroma. It’s.. mouthwatering.” He leaned into the crook of Miles’ neck and took a deep whiff.

“And when is your wolf half going to stop courting me?” Miles asked.

“As soon as we have sex. Now, I’m not saying we have to. We can take things slow.. WHOAH!” Drake exclaimed as Miles grabbed him and dragged him into the house.

“Why didn’t you say so in the first place?” Miles asked happily.

Even though he was short, he still had amazing vampire strength. He pulled Drake along by the back of his shirt, down a hall and into a room. Then he picked up the studly werewolf and threw him onto his bed.

“You mean, you’re ready for this?” Drake asked excitedly.

“You kidding? I’ve been daydreaming about this all week. Now get naked!” Miles ordered, his fangs sliding out a little. Drake desperately ripped off his shirt and shucked his pants. His slowly stiffening member flopped onto his hairy thighs. It had to be thirteen inches, and it wasn’t even fully hard yet. Miles gazed at it hungrily, sensing the blood flowing into the hefty length.

When Drake reached out to him, Miles roughly grabbed Drake’s hands and pushed them to the top of the bed. Drake was hardening quickly as Miles showed this surprising new side of himself. Still holding Drake’s hands near the bed post with one hand, Miles reached under the mattress and pulled out two large pairs of silver handcuffs.

“Where did you get those?” Drake asked, his breathing becoming labored with arousal.

“My dad is a cop. He gave me a few pairs, just in case.” He gently cuffed one of Drake’s wrists, slipped the other half through the bed’s frame, then cuffed the other wrist. He then did a similar job with his ankles. Unlike many stories will tell you, silver doesn’t hurt werewolves, it only weakens them.

“That bed has been reinforced. Go ahead. Try to get free,” Miles said with a grin. Drake experimentally tugged at the cuffs, but the bed held strong.

“Sorry. You’re not going anywhere tonight. You’re my prisoner,” Miles said softly with an evil grin. Drake’s cock was now as hard as a diamond. He made little thrusts into the air, trying to get relief.

“Babe, you gotta cool it. The wolf is coming. He’s getting loose,” Drake whined. With an air of indifference, Miles tugged of his shirt, exposing the pale skin, the flat belly, and the sparse hairs on his chest.

“Let him come.” He grabbed a newspaper of his bedside table and rolled it up. “That puppy needs to be punished.” With that, the last bit of Drake’s willpower collapsed. His body lurched in his restraints, and a thick coat of fur sprouted all over his body. His face pushed out into a big muzzle full of fangs. His ears relocated to the top of his head and grew pointed and canine like. A fluffy plume of a tail grew out of the top of his ass. His dick grew even harder if possible, as it thickened and lengthened to the size of a regular man’s arm, covered in a pattern of veins, with a vicious grapefruit sized knot at the base.

The wolf let out a growl. His eyes focused intently on Miles intently, his jowls filling with drool. Miles looked on, pretending not to be impressed.

“So you’re the big bad wolf causing all the trouble,” he said condescendingly. The wolf let out a rough woof in agreement.

“That was very naughty of you, peeing all over my yard, licking at my windows.” Miles said, as he removed his pants and underwear in one motion. The wolf murred appreciatively at Miles’ nakedness, glancing longingly at his hard six inch dick.

“No!” Miles said, swatting the big furry hear with the newspaper. “Bad dogs don’t get sex! Bad dogs get the Times across the face!” He swatted again. The wolf growled at him angrily, wanting sex and not accepting no for an answer.

“BAD DOG! No growling!” Another swat. The wolf whined in protest. Miles ran a small hand through the beast’s thick fur and felt the hard muscles underneath it. He fingered the hard ridges of the brick sized abdominal muscles, circled around the navel, and stopped right above the top of the wolf’s cock. Wolf/Drake gave a strangled moan, and gave a sharp upward thrust into the air, precum making the head shine in the moonlight flooding through the windows.

“Do you want to be a good dog for me?” Miles asked teasingly, still fingering the fur above the groin. The creature softly howled in distress and yanked on his cuffs, begging for some TLC for his tender parts. “Oh, you want to be a good boy?” Miles asked. Drake/Wolf yapped excitedly at the prospect of release. He yipped relentlessly until Miles shoved his hand inside the huge snout. At first his hand was scratched by a tooth, but the wolf quickly laved the slight wound with his powerful warm tongue. He sucked on Miles hand like it was candy, licking every last inch of each tasty digit.

“If you’re going to be a good boy, that means I can reward you.” Miles brushed his fingers tips over base of the pre spewing member, making the wolf shudder with pleasure. Using his free hand he grabbed the massive hunk of meat and started stroking, his hand not coming close to encompassing its huge girth. Miles stroked fast and hard, making the wolf whine and yip around his pacifier.

Suddenly, Miles yanked his handout of the wolf’s mouth, and started rubbing the monster cock at full force. The wolf was yowling in pleasure, his knot inflating, and his cock head turning purple with blood. Miles, sensing it was time, plunged his fangs into the engorged head, which triggered Drake’s orgasm. As the rich blood filled Miles’ mouth in delicious mouthfuls, the wolf shot boiling cum out of his dick like a firehouse. Jets of it were spraying everywhere, coating Miles, the bed, and matting into the wolf’s warm fur.

Finally, after the tenth or eleventh volley of cum, the wolf collapsed in a satisfied heap, the puncture marks on his dick healing instantly. The fur, tail, and snout receded, and Drake resumed his human form.

“My god,” Drake moaned blissfully. “You broke him. You broke the wolf.”

“Yup.” Miles said smugly. “And tomorrow morning, it’s your turn.” Miles snuggled into Drake’s big chest, not bothering to free him or pull up the blankets. Their body heat was enough to keep them warm.

Drake groaned in pleasure. “What have I gotten myself into?” He asked sleepily. With that, he let out a long, happy howl before falling asleep with Miles.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Rring Rring Rriing. Lucas picked up the phone.

“Did you hear that?” the deep voice asked.

“‘Course I did. I think the whole town did.” Lucas joked. “How did you know that they would hit it off so well?” He asked.

The deep voice chuckled. “Just have a sixth sense about these things. Well, it was certainly fun working with you these last couple days.”

“Sure was! Drop by again sometime. We can always use the occasional extra hand.”

“Will do! Bye.” Then there was the sound of the dial tone. “Nice guy.” Lucas said to himself. “Needs to trim that beard though; it’s like a rope hanging off his chin.


Part 8

Samson sighed deeply.

“What’s wrong?” said his partner, Goliath.

“What’s wrong is the stupid “no dating” rules here.” Samson said. By here he meant the home office of Cupid, the god of straight love and sex. They were sitting at the monitor, watching for possible love connections.

Goliath was a handsome Asian man, with a close shaved hair and cute dimples. He had a sexy goatee and flawless skin that displayed his bodybuilder physique perfectly. Like most of the love organizations, Cupid’s uniform consisted of only a tiny g-string, in a shade of blue, like the other guy’s in the straight sector.

“Yeah, the boss man has it easy. He has a hot wife to go home to. We have to go home with blue balls every day.” Said Goliath. “Those lucky bastards over at Eros’ office. They get to have sex ALL the time! And they’re always surrounded by their sexual preferences.”

“But even if Cupid hired women, we couldn’t date them. The “no inter-office fraternization” clause, remember?” Samson explained. Samson was wearing a similar g-string on his swimmer’s build. His chest was smooth and tanned as a surfer, and his hair was spiky and blond.

One of their workmates fluttered in on his pair of tiny blue wings.

“Hey guys, the boss wants you to deliver this envelope to the boss of the gay cupid sector.” He gave Goliath a manila envelope and flew away.

“Well, let’s get this over with.” Samson said.

They snapped their fingers and disappeared.


Samson and Goliath appeared in Eros’ marble hall. It was dark and silent.

“Hellooo?!” Samson called. “Is anyone there?” His voice echoed down the vast, empty hall.

They flapped their tiny blue wings and hovered down the hall.

“Looks like no one is here.” Said Goliath.

“Actually, there IS someone here.” A deep voice called from the darkness.

Thick, burly arms shot out of nowhere and covered their mouths. The men struggled against the fierce grip of the larger men. But then they smelled something suffocatingly sweet… chloroform! Then, they passed out.


Samson awoke in a tight, dark, cramped space. The walls were warm and soft though.

“Uggh.” He moaned.

“Samson?! That you?” Goliath asked, panicked.

As Goliath shifted around, Samson realized that the soft wall was in fact Goliath’s body. Samson felt a warm, sticky wetness around his ankles.

“Where are we?” Goliath asked. “And why does it feel like I’m standing on the floor of a movie theatre?”

“I don’t know.” Samson said, slight panic creeping into his voice. “We just need to stay calm and think of a way out.” As he struggled to find room in the cramped space, he realized that he was naked, as was Goliath. Unfortunately, the warmth spreading through his body from the liquid at his feet and the friction against his naked body was resulting in an erection.

Goliath noticed. “Damn, are you getting hard bro?”

Embarrassed, Samson said,” Ignore that man. Think of a way out of here!”

Now Goliath was feeling it. His soft member was starting to harden.

“What’s happening?! I’m NOT gay!” Goliath emphasized.

“I dunno, iz getting’ hard ta think…” Samson slurred. His large dick was already halfway up.

“Samson?! Snap out of it man! We gotta get out of here!” Goliath yelled.

“Uh-huh. Out.” Samson said, as if drunk. He slowly rubbed himself harder into his friend.

“WAKE UP!” Goliath shouted. He felt the hot wetness touch his waist. “Man, the goop is rising!” he tried to reason, but Samson wasn’t listening to logic anymore. Had it not been dark, Goliath would have seen Samson’s big 9 inch cock up to full mast, pre oozing out of the tip. His eyes glazed over in a fog of lust.

As Samson continued to rub himself harder into Goliath, his friend was succumbing to the same lust.

“Oooo. No, no, I.. I gotta think.” Goliath moaned as Samson gave a particularly slow thrust against him. Their stiff cocks rubbing together to create delicious friction. The liquid was up to their pecs, and still rising.

Panting, they seized each-other’s mouth in a violent, lip-mashing kiss, moaning. As the liquid finally reached the top of their heads, they blew their loads, and contentedly let themselves fade into the darkness, while locked in a final embrace.


“They can still breath in there, right Master?” Jerry asked Eros, concerned.

“Of course, pet. It’s the same method I used to change you. They can breath easily through the fluid.” Eros explained, rubbing Jerry’s head. Jerry leaned into the caress. “I’m glad my brother transferred these new recruits to me. They have the potential to be very sexy bear Jerry’s package.

“MMM. Sir, are you up to it after filling that giant egg with your cream?” Jerry asked, fingering the hose connected to the obscene dick of his master.

“That? Just a warm up, my pet.” He said arrogantly. Eros pulled the hose of his cock with s wet pop. His monster sprang to attention. “Ready for round two?” He asked huskily.

To be continued…

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