Stretching their legs

by James Fourlegs

Stretching their legs. Literally.

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“I feel so cool.” Jon smiled, naked and handsome among his multilegged nude friends. “Like dancing. It's so fun standing on such long legs!”

Jon looked great on them, too. He was enjoying the feeling of leg on leg, his left legs snuggling each other's long smooth muscles, his right legs enjoying each other in the same way. He looked good with four long legs, four beautiful shapely male feet.

Brad felt the same way; he was seated on a pile of beautiful folded legs, all of them his; they sprawled and relaxed, his lovely pairs of big handsome feet playing hide and seek among all the miles of smooth leg muscle.

Tom watched them, smiling and aroused, enjoying his own multileggedness. He was seated on the large window sill nearby, his shapely pairs of male legs comfortably splayed along the sill and spilling a few provocatively beautiful bare male feet on the floor.

“Bet you liked adding length to your legs,” Tom said, admiring Jon's four well-muscled, beautifully long legs, Tom's own gorgeous foursomes of legs smoothing themselves with envy as he contemplated Jon's four beautiful extra-long legs, and Jon's four beautiful, smooth, strong male feet.

“It was to die for.” Jon smiled, walking his four long legs over to Tom, and letting those four long-muscled beauties gently fold beneath him, close enough to Tom's extravagant bouquet of legs to touch them, to feel their alive beauty and warmth beneath their smooth muscled forms.

Tom's multiple legs gently spread themselves over Jon's, finding plenty of room to caress the extra length of Jon's extended thighs and calves, some of Tom's beautiful feet finding friends in Jon's own four handsome giant feet.

“I can lengthen them further if you like,” Tom offered. “It's such a turn-on to see you endowed with four enormous and perfect legs.”

“Like mine,” Chad chimed in unexpectedly, causing all eyes to turn his way. His tall, beautiful muscular body was shapely and also naked, but now with four greatly lengthened, amazingly beautiful legs. Their size and graceful muscularity gave them that amazing slow-motion effect as Chad walked the four of them, the four huge, sexy male feet languidly finding their way to the floor as they moved among each other in a lazy foursome of relaxed, padding barefoot steps.

Far from ungainly or stiltlike, Chad's four extremely long male legs radiated beauty from their smoothly huge leg muscles, their length and grace compounded by their gentle foursomeness.

All the multiple long-muscled male legs in the room smoothed themselves unconsciously among each other as the eyes of the handsome multilegged boys widened at the four incredibly beautiful long legs upon which Chad came gracefully riding into their presence, gently borne along on them and cushioned by the sweet planting of his four huge male feet, one by one, as the four of them carried him and his four towering legs towards the multilegged boys.

“You did it by sex and dreams?” Jon asked Chad.

“Sex and dreams,” Chad answered. “Now I have legs for days; I only want to share them and grow them.”

Tom and Jon shared a look, almost simultaneously looking then to each other's legs, from Tom's array of flawless multiple guys to Jon's long, long-muscled beauties, still leg-nuzzling Tom's many wonderful legs.

“I want to share your legs and grow them, Chad,” Brad said, his own collection of beautiful male legs growing restless beneath him as they instinctively stirred themselves, his smooth-muscled foursomes of handsome bare feet arranging to gain purchase on the floor as Brad raised his handsome body up on those beautifully extravegant pairs of legs. “I want to grow your four beautiful legs even more.”

“Mmmmmmm,” Chad said, almost catching himself in a swoon, swaying atop his immensely graceful, towering quadruple legs. Brad smoothly commanded his excellent squadron of male legs into a lovely, immediate symphony of movement and, quickly arising to Chad, ran to Chad's four incredibly tall legs, so tall that even Brad's tall stature only brought his face to thigh-level of Chad's four towering legs. Brad reached his arms around Chad's four beautiful thighs and kissed and embraced them, gathering the four huge sweet male thighs in his arms and pressing his handsome face and beautiful lips to them, kissing them over and over, loving their warmth and hugeness as Chad towered, aroused and swaying on his four massively beautiful legs, far above him.

And so they grew their legs, loving their beauty and multiplying their length and their number; Tom sharing Jon's four huge, tall legs and Brad sharing Chad's. When they rested between hours of sex and dreams, it was peaceful rest of beauty and love, with long-muscled, beautiful foursomes of male legs beautifully elongated, heavily tangled and hopelessly lost among each other.

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