Boytaur magazine

by James Fourlegs

Where do they get those models?

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I couldn't believe the mess my roommate Josh was making of our place. “Josh, would you pick up these magazines? They're all over the place!”

“What, I thought you liked them,” he said. “I leave them around for you.” He had me there. I did like them. I don't know where he got them, but they were really hot. Josh had a thing for the long, handsome legs of beautiful young guys, and the magazines were all about them, excellent male legs. Extra pairs of legs.

The biggest one was Four Legged Man magazine. It was definitely among the classiest of the boytaur magazines, and the chief competitor to American Boytaur, but with a more international flair. I picked up a copy of it, already feeling aroused and amazed by the photos. For some reason, four legged guys were wildly attracted to each other's four legs and their four handsome feet, and some of them were wristfooted as well (you know, big handsome feet hanging at the end of their arms, from their wrists). The magazine didn't explain it, but it sure showed it.

Wow. These guys were beautiful. They would have been beautiful as regular guys, but with four arms and a second or third pair of legs they were incredible. The editors chose as models beautiful four legged guys from all around the world, preferring young, innocent looking types that were tall, muscular and, of course, incredibly leggy. I liked the magazine's style because unlike some of the other boytaur magazines, the guys were in natural looking boytaur poses, instead of spidery positions.

This month's cover girl was a sweet four-legged blonde guy relaxing naked, his four wonderful long legs lazily resting against each other. He had wonderful eyes and a boy-next-door type of smile. The photo story inside showed his muscular four-legged body sitting on an antique stairway bannister, his four glorious long-muscled legs arrayed elegantly, his four awesomely beautiful feet finding snuggle spots among the wooden railings. The photographer managed to catch him looking so sweet and boyish, almost as if the handsome blonde boytaur was unaware of his beautifully lanky, long-muscled four-legged body, with just a touch to make the picture more erotic. For example, while the four legged guy appeared innocently unaware of his four long legs on the bannister or his four big,beautifully masculine feet snuggled in the railings, one of his large, smooth hands was massaging the aroused head of one awakening member of his heavily languid pairs of male sexual organs.

There were smaller pictures of his achingly beautiful four-legged naked male body playfully tossed in among the larger works of art, one showing him sliding boyishly down the long curved bannister, laughing, blonde hair blown slightly, his four awesome legs working to keep his handsome body balanced as his smooth, muscular hindquarters slipped along the bannister. Another showed him on one of those little silver scooters, two long-muscled legs with their big handsome feet on it and the other two of them pushing along the floor to keep him moving, his wonderful giant pairs of beautiful genitalia bobbing and swinging heavily as he laughed.

There were lots of other four legged young guys doing all kinds of theme photo stories. One was of an extremely cute young boytaur body builder dressed in tight, elastic-waisted white shorts as part of a milkman's white uniform, four huge, gorgeous penises exposed as they sprouted powerfully out of the white shorts, the boytaur delivering milk bottles to another amorous young boytaur. The bodybuilder boytaur-milkman was standing at the front door, one of his hugely-muscled back legs doing a little kick, his expressive, handsome face giving the camera a “whatever” look as his boytaur customer refused to accept the milk bottles, preferring instead to suckle hungrily at the four-legged milkman's frontal foursome of huge, spurting penises. You could see that both of them had swelling nests of penises starting to break out from around their hind legs as well!

There was one great photo series of a couple hugely muscled barefoot, barechested young college-kid boytaurs trying to use the hotel elevator during a spring-break beer party; the one boytaur whose four gracefully long-muscled legs would no longer hold him riding his only slightly more sober boytaur partner, whose four beautiful but clumsy legs just barely carried him and his gorgeous boytaur partner. They were both wristfooted, and as they tried to remember which floor they wanted, the handsome big toes of their huge, beautiful wristfeet stabbed randomly at the elevator buttons while they laughed and kissed each other, their enormous aroused penises bumping and pressing among their awesome foursomes of legs and the walls of the elevator.

The next sequence of shots showed them with both their beautiful foursomes of legs collapsed, laughing on the floor of the elevator, kissing and licking the soles of each others' huge, beautiful wristfeet, and trying to use their clumsy wristfeet to reach and corral to each others' giant clusters of enormous, come-spurting hardons

And there was another photo essay with a mythological fantasia-type theme, right down to the little columned temples in the misty distance, showing several really hot tallm muscular, tanned young boytaurs in centaur costumes, engaged in winemaking for a boytaur wedding, their large, handsome foursomes of feet purple from stomping grapes. Their centaur costumes were very cleverly done, with handsome fur costumes over their four human legs and hindquarters, ending right where their clusters of penises started, highlighting them along with their magnificent broad-shouldered boytaur torsos. Towards the end of the photo sequence the barechested, four-legged young boytaurs were obviously a little tipsy on their four feet from sampling their wine, one of them licking his lips while comparing the taste of the wine with the taste of the hot spurting come from the four huge, pulsing penises of his giggling, four-legged, barefooted drunken boytaur partner.

And the happy ending photo showed the handsome wedded boytaur couple toasting each other with the sweet wine, graceful on in their four-legged beauty as both of their handsome barechested torsos relaxed against each other, their full lips meeting in a passionate, rejoicing kiss. In the final sequence, the one was sweeping his handsome groom's four long-muscled legs up onto his back to ride side saddle on him, the first one's four strong legs striding gracefully barefoot down the aisle as all the other laughing, barechested boytaurs cheered and threw flowers, becoming aroused with each other and mounting each other, sucking each other down and making wild boytaur love amid volleys of hot gobs of come flying thought the air along with the flowers.

“I want their jobs,” Josh laughed, pointing at the four -legged grooms and the handsome naked ocean of orgy-spasmed boytaurs ravishing each other in the photo.

“You startled me, Josh!” I said. “I didn't see you there behind me all this time.”

“You get as wrapped up in this stuff as I do,” he laughed.

“I'd like to be wrapped up in those, for sure,” I admitted, really aroused by all the beautiful foursomes of legs, not to mention the handsome boytaurs'

enormous plethora of genitals.

“Well, don't be shy then,” Josh said. “I'll call the magazine and get you introduced to some of the models; I've been dying to do it myself. I don't even care if we have to grow four legs.”

“I grew four legs just reading this,” I laughed. And sure enough, I had—Josh too!

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