All your feet on the table

by James Fourlegs

 The whole thing with wristfeet is really quite involved.

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It was one of the beautiful, helplessly erotic traditions of the boytaurs in our neighborhood, and it was all about honesty. It was called “putting all your feet on the table.”

Naturally, you couldn't put your four legs up to get your four feet on the table; it was strictly about wristfeet. The feet on the floor would naturally find and comfort each other as each boy's four legs and feet unconsciously enterwined and caressed the other's. But for those boytaurs whose love and attraction made them wristfooted for each other, it was as genuine and heartfelt a gesture of love as the ritual clasping and kissing of wristfeet when they greeted one another.

You'd see it happen a lot, especially when boytaurs were so in love with each other that their bodies fed each other, nourished each other, grew each other. It evolved spontaneously as a gesture of honesty and generosity, and it occured naturally among boytaurs who needed to talk deeply to one another about their love.

It was such a beautiful tradition that the local restaurants would remove table settings temporarily when two boytaurs in love put all their feet on the table; as you can imagine, boytaur wristfeet, while very handsome and beautiful to look at, are huge and take up an inordinate amount of table space when they are planted on the table between two impassioned, enamored boytaurs.

The feet didn't have to stay planted on the table, and could go naturally where they could help express the feelings each boytaur was trying to communicate to the other. Often the beautiful boytaur wristfeet would rest their handsome weight comfortably on the massive beauty of the other's wristfeet, sometimes smoothing a wrist or a muscular forearm. As boytaurs spoke to one another about the wild love deep in their hearts and boytaur bodies, the wristfeet would serve to conduct the high voltage of their wild boytaur love to each other. As their eyes grew blind to all but the beauty of each other, the huge wristfeet would gently convey that electrifying erotic closeness that warmed their huge muscular four-legged, wristfooted bodies and added to their height and strength. The huge, gentle wristfoot soles of one boytaur would rest warmly on the handsome toes of his partner's wristfeet, warmly moving up until the entire wristfoot was comfortably enshrouded in the heaviness of its mate's counterpart. The huge wristfeet would do a slow dance of their own as the two boytaurs became lost in their closeness; one boytaur would rest the heel of his wristfoot on the table, letting the beautiful foot tower with toes heavenward; his partner would be helpless to do anything but respond with the gentle press of his own upraised wristfoot, sole to sole, the giant wristfeet gently swaying back and forth or to and fro together, or sliding silkenly against each other as they kissed in slow opposite counterpoint, to be locked at whim by intervening toes.

One boytaur would offer an unconscious but affirming gesture of support to his lover, upending the soles of his own massive, beautiful wristfeet to accept the sweet soles of his lover's, each boytaur's beautiful wristfoot toes gently resting on the smooth rounding of the other's heels in a comfortable and reassuring wristfoot “69” position. As the wristfeet touched in this way, they would often slide along the length of each other's soles, toes gently combing the length of the other's heel, arch, and front pad until both sets of toes finally met, kissing each other, then sliding silkenly forward again along until toes met heels once again.

When love-flushed faces found comfort and support in each other's huge, gentle wristfeet, kisses along the giant length and breadth of the beautiful wristfeet would provide meaningful pauses in the conversation of love between the two boytaurs.

Among those boytaurs whose love and erotic attraction was higher voltage than could be communicated by two huge wristfeet, these couples would spontaneously generate four, with the orgasmic pleasure afforded by the sensuous sex organ which is the male wristfoot. Such beautiful lovers would come away from this bliss six-legged as well, their boytaur bodies unable to be insulated from the blissful torment of their love. And for these boytaurs, each having four wristfeet on the table, the world stood still.


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