Still bros, right?

by Cockatrice

Andy’s roommate wakes up to quite a surprise when he finds himself changed one day. Andy meanwhile wastes no time trying out his dick’s new best friend.

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I wake up to the sound of a flushing toilet followed by a running faucet. My good-for-nothing roommate has probably left my bedroom door open again. Typical. Well, at least he has the decency to wash his hands. Can’t say that about all of my past roommates.

But before I can call out to him about closing the door in the future, I notice that I’m not in bed. The surface below me feels hard and as my vision clears I see that I’m… lying on the table in the living room? My vision is at an angle and although it’s not uncomfortable, I want to get my head into a proper position before I get up.

Thing is just, I can’t move. What the hell? Suddenly I’m wide awake. I try moving my arms and legs but nothing happens. In fact, I can’t even feel my limbs, or much of my body.

As my mind is racing with possibilities I hear my roommate leave the bathroom. My head is facing the couch and the wall behind it, so I can’t see him and I wait for him to comment on my position on the table. After he says nothing for several seconds, I decide to get his attention.

“Uh, Andy?”

“Yeah?” comes his reply.

“Uh, I can’t move.”


I’m not sure how to reply to that. “…What do you mean ‘yeah’?”

“Yeah, you can’t move.”

Now I get angry. Did he spike my drink or something? Then again, what drink? I don’t remember anything from before I woke up, just that I went to bed the night before. “Why the fuck can’t I move, Andy?”

I hear him approaching me, entering my field of vision at the side, looking down on me with the most matter of fact look on his face. “I turned you into a fleshlight.”

Immediately my mind goes blank. I expected a lot of answers, some grisly, others outlandish, but this. I take some seconds to process his answer and fail anyway. “What.”

“Here, look,” he says and reaches towards me. I feel his hand grab my body and… lift me up. He holds me in such a way that I see him walk to the mirror in our hall. When his mirror image appears in front of me, I see a little fleshlight in his hand, with a mouth on the front end.

“See,” he says. “A fleshlight.”

“What the—” I begin to speak but stop when I see those fleshlight lips in the mirror moving. “What the fuck?! Dude, why the fuck did you change me into a fucking fleshlight?!”

“Tsk tsk,” Andy mocks. “Do you kiss your mommy with that mouth?” He taps my lips with his index finger. A strange feeling flushes through my body as I see the actions in the mirror line up with my sensations. The thought of being nothing but a fleshlight, it seems so absurd, but also so very, very real.

“Why. Did you change me. Into a fleshlight!” I repeat.

Andy just shrugs his shoulders, jerking my vision a little. “I got tired of always having to clean my fleshlights,” he explains. “So I figured it’d be better to have a living fleshlight, you know. To absorb all the spunk.”

“Okay, ‘haha’, this is very funny,” I say in a tone that makes it abundantly clear that it isn’t funny at all. “Now change me back.”

“Nah.” He starts walking back to the couch.

“What the hell, why not?”

“I haven’t even used you yet.”

“I don’t want to be used!”

“Aw come on, you haven’t even tried it.”

I’m at a loss.

“Okay, I’ll tell you what,” he continues as he settles on the couch. “We go for a test run and if we don’t like it, I’ll turn you back.”

“If I don’t like it,” I correct him.

“Yeah, whatever. If you don’t like it, I’ll look up how to reverse this. Deal?”

“Wait, you don’t even know how to turn me back?”

“I mean, I’m sure there’s a way to do it,” he admits. “I just looked up the transformation spell itself, not the reversal.”

Holy crap. Knowing my lazy ass roommate, he will procrastinate on researching the reversal spell for weeks, if not months, if he does it at all.

My thoughts are interrupted when he puts me down next to him on the couch, facing away into the room.

Feeling helpless, I become more desperate. “Just look it up and change me back okay?” There is no reaction from him. “Andy?” I feel him moving as the cushions below me wobble. “Andy, what are you doing?”

Just then the movement stops and I feel him picking me up.

“Man, just chill.” As he turns me around, I see him sitting on the couch with his penis sticking out of the zipper of his jeans, his other hand quickly working to turn his semi into a full hard-on. “Those lips of yours are just made for sucking dick.”

I consider letting out some profanities, but the growing boner in front of me stops me in my tracks. The whole situation is so mesmerizing. Is this really happening or am I just dreaming all this? Is my asshole roommate really going to-

Before I can finish my thought, he pushes me towards his dick, his glans entering my mouth. My first instinct is to grit my teeth to prevent him from going further, but I suddenly realize that my teeth have been replaced with a ridge of gum. Squeezing through the narrow opening elicits a moan from my roommate, clearly enjoying himself.

With little thinking I try to pucker my lips, a little bit too late I realize, somehow hoping that’d prevent him from pushing deeper, but obviously that does not work, especially that I now find my mouth flooding with spit, acting as a lubricant.

Helplessly I feel him pushing deeper and deeper, filling my mouth with the salty taste of cock and precum as he enters my throat. Or at least what feels like my throat. I’m not sure how much of my internal anatomy still follows that of a human.

My mind grinds to a halt, due to not only the thought of not being human anymore, but also the sensation of Andy’s cock filling out the entirety of my being with both its girth and length. His tip reaches the end of my body just as my lips connect to the base of his member, touching denim. An increasingly distant rational part of my brain notices how perfectly I fit on Andy’s cock, possibly due to the magic involved and for a short moment I feel something I hesitate to call bliss.

Just then, Andy pushes me back again, leaving a trail of saliva on his shaft as my lips are dragged upwards. Part of me is relieved, but another part mildly upset that I cannot feel his dick massaging the end of my throat anymore. Could it be that the end of my body has turned into a prostate?

The thought has no chance to linger as Andy pushes me down again and although I still try to make it hard for him to enter, I must admit that my efforts are less than before.

Again Andy’s cock fills out my entire inside and again he pulls out, causing me to have mixed feelings about it.

And again, and again.

The rhythm is soothing and I find myself relaxing a little. I’m still convinced that I will tear my good-for-nothing roommate a new one once I turn back, but with every thrust I find that can wait a little.

Over time Andy’s cock becomes warmer and his breath deeper. Then the thrusts quicken ever so slightly, informing me that we’re reaching the end.

Andy lets out a groan and holds me in position, my lips all the way to the base. I feel his tube of meat pulsing inside of me with the characteristic throbbing motions of shooting a load. Only split seconds later I feel the hot seed like a mouthful of warm milk with honey running down my throat.

Andy, clearly spent, pulls me off his dick and places me on the table, letting me stare at the ceiling.

I hear my roommate panting next to me, while I am trying to process the recent events. Absentmindedly my tongue flicks to the corner of my mouth to collect a stray drop of cum.

After some seconds, I hear Andy stand up and see him facing me from above.

“Hey man,” he begins between breaths. “We’re still… We’re still bros right? No hard feelings?”

I’m still in no position to have a rational argument. In a far corner of my brain I notice he does not even ask me if I liked it as per our previous agreement, but my mind is currently too occupied to produce anything of substance.

“Yeah,” I reply.

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