Steven’s growth

by MusclePraiser1556

Juan gets a chance to adjust reality, and he decides to try it out on his crush, Steven.

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Juan had made sure all windows and doors were closed. He didn’t want to ruin the moment.

It was a Sunday evening, and a very long week was coming ahead, as exams were starting and it was going to be stressful. Luckily, Juan had something to keep him happy.

Juan’s cousin, Quev, had a boyfriend named Steven, and he was a pretty nice guy to him, but the truth was that he had fallen in love with Steven. Steven had a pretty decent body, with a dad belly and body that he couldn’t resist. He couldn’t stop thinking about him every day, and he wanted him to become his boyfriend, but he knew that couldn’t happen. But one day, he found online a strange device on sale that promised to warp reality itself for a low price. He obviously didn’t believe it at first, but seeing the reviews and considering how little he would spend on it, he decided to buy it.

Surprisingly, it didn’t take longer than three days to arrive, as it was from a very close place to where he lived. Opening the box, he saw it: A machine the size of an average phone with a tip to shoot a reality changing beam. It didn’t take him long to figure out how to use it, but then he read the label that it could only be used once, and that would be to make Steven his. Sunday evening came, and he called Steven to come to his house to play video games and watch movies, but he was going to do more than that. Only him and Steven were on the house, as everyone else had gone shopping.

With everything set, Juan sneakily shot the laser beam at him, wanting Steven to become a big man and a big daddy for him. He typed the command and shot the laser to him. Steven felt a weird itchy feeling in his back, but after a few seconds it faded. Juan noticed the laser hit him too after being reflected by a mirror, but he figured it wouldn’t do anything.

After a few moments, he called Steven to his room to watch a movie. The transformation was about to begin.

While watching the movie, Steven felt like his body was feeling weird, but the feeling was good, and relaxing. While this happened, Juan decided to test how would reality change while he transformed, so he decided to ask him a few questions.

“Hey Steven, you honestly have a great body for me. Your muscle definition is kinda nice.”

“Thanks, Juan, even though I barely workout it does look good. Oh. Sorry, I’m having a weird feeling. But now that I remember, I actually do lift quite a lot.”

Steven’s muscles were growing, and his mind was warping too. He was changing.

“You know, you actually look like you’ve entered bodybuilding competitions.”

“Oh, well, I don’t think I’m quite in the league for that yet—”

Then a spontaneous growth happened, making him actually look as big as a bodybuilder. His dick doubled in size, making a noticable bulge in his zebra shorts.

“Hold on, I’ve been in at least 10, and I’ve won 5 of them.”

But then, an even bigger growth spurt came and his dick grew to 4 times its original size. It was now a monster cock. His shorts and shirt were ripped apart, leaving the brown underwear he was wearing, being stretched by the beast cock that it was trying to contain.

“Oh, sorry, I actually entered 30, and won them all!”

Steven now looked massive, his body was 3 times bigger than what he was in the first place, still keeping that daddy belly though. Juan did a final question:

“Hey, honey, remember what we were doing? We were in the middle of a romantic session, and I was praising that huge cock of yours.”

“Oh yeah. Heh, I love you so much, babe. Come here, take all of this cock just for you.”

Juan was so happy to see how Steven had become, from his love to his life, from his friend to his daddy. Suddenly, he felt weird, like an oddly good feeling, then, he remembered when the laser beam hit him too, he was changing too.

His muscles began to expand and swell, and his belly reduced to nothing, leaving rock hard abs instead. His cock grew to an intense amount, and his clothes ripped from the big amount of muscle, only leaving him with his boxers that now fit to him like a speedo. His whole body became as big as his now daddy Steven, and Steven’s mind also changed to fit with the new reality of them being both muscle beasts.

“So, still want to continue the blowjob, babe?” said Steven.

“I sure do!”

851 words Added Mar 2024 5,437 views 2.9 stars (10 votes)

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