by BRK

 If you keep generating new bodies and you love having sex with yourself, it’s best just to go with it.

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There were three other guys in my bed when I woke up this morning, and they were all me.

Each one was different in one way or another. One of them had bigger pecs, for example, which was totally hot. One had two cocks, which was amazing, they were hard and they looked like they were snuggling and kissing each other. And one had three legs, with a cock on either side.

“Awesome!” we all said at once, kissing greedily, our cocks getting super stiff and knocking into each other.

I dunno what's been happening to me lately. For the past month, ever since I fell into that volcanic hot spring on the vacation to Guam I took to celebrate college graduation, I've been getting better looking—I mean a lot better looking, like fall in love with yourself and kiss the mirror better looking. It's been mind-blowing. (Even during the plane ride back I started noticing guys looking at me and getting turned on.) And my muscles started growing by themselves—seeing how hot my new muscle-hunk bod had gotten by now on these three other mes was totally blow-your-load incredible. And they were all into me and we just went to town on each other. And shit, I didn't even mention my cock, which was big before and fucking doubled in size! I'd been wanting to do the hot bod I'd suddenly gotten, and with these extra mes I'd finally been able to!

We all stood up, our heads brushing the ceiling—oh yeah, I've been getting taller too, forgot to mention that—and we went out of the bedroom—I had my own house now, I'd found the deed to this great huge place in Santa Monica and a bank statement showing I was rich in my jeans one morning—and our huge hard cocks were bobbing merrily as we galloped down the hall to find the others. Others! Shit yeah, I'd been sprouting extra bodies all week! We peeked into the second bedroom and there were five of me—no, four, I counted the me with two heads twice—naked and going at it, kissing and caressing and fucking. The next room had just three mes, including the stretchy me and the twelve-pack me and the three-foot-erection me (stretchy me was the only one who could take him so far!), relaxing after a sex session tangled up in each other and smiling, arms and legs and semisoft cocks all intertwined, sweaty and grinning and kissing.

Well, there were two missing, so we wandered downstairs into the kitchen, where four-armed me was making pancakes while four-legged me sucked him off. This was so hot that big-pecced me pushed his huge boner right into my ass, and I could feel his warm thick pecs against my shoulder blades as he wrapped his arms around me, kissing my neck as he slowly massaged my hot, tight, auto-lubricating insides. On the edge of sensation I could just feel what he was feeling—the awesome sensation of fucking my tight ass with his huge cock while holding my hunky bod from behind. Double-dicked me was experimenting with three-legged me, who had two twitching assholes.

As we fucked I felt his pecs pressing harder and harder against me and I realized our muscles were all growing again. No, not just our muscles—my head was pressing against the ceiling now, and our cocks were growing—big pecced me was pushing his huge super-wide boner deeper and deeper inside me. Then suddenly we all replicated and I was kissing me, the original me, who was so fucking orgasmically hot to look at and to kiss, and he was being fucked by another big-pec me! Two four-armed chef mes were being sucked off by two four-legged mes.

After breakfast we got out of the crowded house and had a group grope in the pool, and the water seemed to make us extra horny, and all of us doubled the number of dicks we had, which was so amazing for me but even more amazing for the guy who'd formerly been three-dicked me. The two double-headed mes had stopped kissing each other and were having a blast giving everybody double blowjobs, and as if by common consent they replicated again so there would be more of him to go around.

Not long after the hunky pool boy came, and came again, and left with twin cocks and a twin brother.

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