Sean’s wristfeet

by Bud Boytaurbody

Sean finds himself aroused as well by all the beautiful feet he grew for his lover.

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“It's a nice problem to have,” I told Sean, who was seated across the table from me.

He smiled, agreeing, putting two of his huge, beautiful wristfeet together, sole to sole, touching the handsome big toes to his lips thoughtfully. It would have been an almost prayerful pose, but Sean's wristfeet were so outsized and provocatively handsome that the sight only made me more aroused.

Less imaginatively posed were Sean's other two huge wristfeet, which sat heavily on the table in front of him, naked and beautiful, and like the two big guys he was holding sole-to-sole in front of his lips, very sexy. He sighed with pleasure as I massaged his fifth and sixth wristfeet, giant and heavy in my delighted hands. I realized I was intermittantly lifting the heavy, beautiful guys to my lips and savoring their beauty. He was dealing with having so many huge, beautiful wristfeet, loving them and turned on that I wanted him with them.

In his relaxation Sean tipped over one of the big wristfeet that was sitting on the table, exposing its beautiful elongated smooth sole, its gorgeous male foot shape.

“I'm all feet,” he laughed gently, aroused. The two huge wristfeet I was kissing gently surrounded my hands, pressing them together; I changed my grip on them, loving their warmth and form, and pulling them again to my lips, rubbing my cheeks and face on them.

Sean laughed again, and I felt his wristfeet and their brothers below on the floor—Sean was six-legged—gather themselves together, touching me with their beautiful, giant soles, so sweet and handsome.

We were in such excellent shape from making love, and, as usual, I was guiding Sean by a couple of his huge wristfeet away from the table, as his six large brother feet below coordinated their handsome steps to follow along, his six long-muscled legs beautiful in their graceful movement. We happily rolled and kissed on the large high bed, sharing Sean's incredibly beautiful wristfeet, so gigantic and sleek and smooth, so gentle and so many all around me, so wonderful to touch.

Sean loved them as much as I; we alternated between arousing Sean's penises to ejaculation and relaxing among his six wristfeet, worshipping their long, heavy, shapely male beauty. Two of Sean's huge wristfeet comfortably weighed upon my chest, with two more on my shoulders as I held and kissed the last two. I could feel Sean's six legs tumbled comfortably around mine.

“Thanks for wanting me like this,” Sean said breathlessly, kissing me as he started to come again. I kissed him lovingly and held his beautiful giant wristfeet close against me.

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