by Cockatrice

Justin’s roommate Marcus has got himself in a situation again. Knowing a little magic, Justin is talked into helping Marcus out, except things don’t go quite as planned.

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Justin allowed himself a sigh as he closed the door behind him. It was late, but worth it. He managed to find a new tome on the bottom shelves of the library and would have fun studying the texts over the weekend.

As Justin walked to his room, he passed the kitchen where he saw his beefy roommate sitting at the table with a scarf tightly coiled around his neck, one hand seemingly clutching the fabric. But something about it seemed off. Marcus never wore scarves and he looked almost… nervous.

Justin first passed by, before his mind processed the weird sight, after which he took a step back to peek behind the door frame. As Justin dropped his bag by the wall, Marcus looked away.

“Uh… Everything alright?” Justin asked.

“Yes,” came Marcus’s uncharacteristically short answer.

Justin narrowed his eyes. “Why are you wearing a scarf?”

“I’m cold, okay?”

“Dude… You’re sitting there in shorts and a tank top. You’re not cold.”

“I’m only cold around the neck,” Marcus retorted.

Justin now saw that Marcus wasn’t nervous. He was embarrassed.

Relishing the thought of teasing Marcus, a wide grin appeared on Justin’s face as he entered the kitchen. “What, are you hiding something?”

Marcus assumed a defensive position, as if he knew what Justin was planning to do. “Dude, it’s none of your business.”

“So that’s a yes?”

Despite the difference in muscle between the two roommates, Marcus got up from his chair and backed against the counter. “Don’t you even dare.”

“C’mon, show me those love bites,” Justin teased. “Was it that cute Latino you showed me yesterday? Or the hunk who promised to meet you again at the bar?”

Before Marcus could reply, Justin got close enough to get a hold of one of the scarf and yank it over his roommate’s head to pull it off, giving off the sound of unfastening a Velcro strip.

Before the scarf fully fell to the ground, Justin froze in confusion.

“Argh, dude!” Marcus grimaced and moved a hand to the back of his neck. “Shit.”

Justin wasn’t sure what he was seeing. Marcus had… put tape on his neck?

As if to answer his question, Marcus head suddenly tilted forward and hit his chest between his two firm pecs where it dangled with Marcus’s face to the side on a single strip of tape holding onto his neck. Where Marcus’s head should be attached to his neck, there was simply a perfectly even area, as if cut with a knife or sword, except covered in skin. The same was true for the underside of his head.

“Fuck!” Marcus brought his hands to his head to prevent it from falling.

Justin took a moment to parse what he saw. “Dude… Did you—” He shook off his bafflement. “Did you piss off that warlock again?”

“I did not. Piss off. That warlock,.” Marcus intoned, rotating his upper body so he could properly glare at Justin.

“Really?” Justin came closer and put his hands on Marcus’s head. “That looks like warlock handiwork.” He pulled on the head, peeling off the tape in the process.

“Ow!” Marcus complained. “That hurts.”

Justin turned Marcus’s head around so he could look him in the face. “You really oughta stop messing with warlocks.”

“It wasn’t my fault this time.” Justin saw Marcus’s body gesticulating with his head’s words. “He overreacted, okay?”

“Uh huh. Overreacted to your really subtle and totally measured advances, am I right?”

“Hey, what can I do? He had the most perfect butt. And I am but a man.”

“Of course he has a nice fucking body,” Justin retorted. “He’s a warlock. That’s kinda their thing.”

“Then how am I supposed to just ignore that?”

“… The same way everyone else does it? If I didn’t know better, I’d assume you actually like having these things happen to you.”

There was no reply from Marcus.

“Wow. You…” Justin raised an eyebrow. “You actually are into that, aren’t you?”

“No!” Marcus shouted.

“Hey, I’m not kinksham—”

“Look,” Marcus cut him off. “Can you fix me or not?”

“Dude, do you have an idea how many favours I had to call in to have my warlock acquaintance return your butthole to where it used to be?” Justin held Marcus’s head back to his body. “Especially since I already had used up my favour when I asked him to reverse the cock arm curse from a couple weeks before that?”

Marcus took his head back into his hands. “Just ask him again, alright? He’s your friend.”

“You don’t get it.” Justin turned to the door. “Warlocks generally try not to mess with each other’s spells. It’s like their codex.”

“Man, fuck the codex.”

Justin whirled around. “You don’t get to decide that. What my ‘friend’ did was an exception. Twice! I will not ask him again to solve the mess you keep getting yourself into. Otherwise, he might turn me into a dick.”

Justin left the kitchen. As he picked up his bag, Marcus appeared in the door frame, his head still in front of his chest.

“Don’t you have those books?” Marcus asked. “Can’t you, like, use a spell to reverse this?”

“Man, I’m not a warlock,” Justin said. “I’m studying magic because I find it interesting, not because I actually want to cast my own spells.” He supposed it was a bit of a lie, but he didn’t want to make Marcus’s condition worse by slipping up on an incantation.

But Marcus continued. “Please man, can you at least have a look?”

“Mmh.” Justin mumbled to himself, his brow furrowed.

Originally, Justin discarded the idea of using his tomes to fix Marcus, but he got curious and started flipping through the pages anyway. Eventually he found a spell with an illustration that seemed to display exactly what they needed: A stylized person with a head separated from the body and the neck apparently reconnecting. It also helped that the book was about transformation, so it was unlikely that the illustration was metaphorical.

“This might actually work.” Justin mused as he skimmed over the text. Part of him was still against doing this, but how often does one have the opportunity to actually try out real magic? And it was for a good cause too. Justin wouldn’t do this for himself, he reasoned, he’d do it for his friend.

Lifting the heavy tome, Justin left his room and shouted across the hall. “I got it!”

After a couple steps he entered Marcus’s room. “I think I got it.” He repeated and put the tome down on Marcus’s desk. “Hopefully.”

His roommate meanwhile looked as if he had just been interrupted, lying on his bed with his head resting on his abs in a position that indicated it had just been put there.

“By the way, how was it?” Justin asked without taking his eyes away from the pages.

“Was what?” Marcus wanted to know.

“Sucking yourself off.”

“What?! I didn’t—”

“Dude,” Justin cut Marcus off. “I would’ve done it too.”

“Look, can we just get this along?”

Justin hesitated for a moment. “Do you really want to do it?”

“Yeah, everything’s better than this,” Marcus replied.

“Don’t say that too loud, man. I’ve never cast a single spell in my life.”

“Whatever.” Marcus shrugged. “What’s the worst that could happen?”

“I mean…” Justin began.

“Shit.” Marcus eyes opened wide. “Could I die?”

Justin shook his head. “No. This is transformation magic. It’s always backed up by a failsafe that allows the target to live no matter the effect. Otherwise the bulk of all transformations would be lethal.” Justin paused for a moment. “But like, it could get worse. Your head could disappear completely.”

Justin could have sworn he saw something twitch in Marcus’s shorts when he said the last sentence.

“How can you even cast spells if you’re not a warlock?” Marcus sat up, placing his head on his lap, hiding his crotch as a result.

“Everyone can do that.” Justin began explaining. “A spell is more like, uh, a computer program. Everyone can run it, but only a warlock can create one. What separates warlocks from normal humans is that warlocks can weave new spells. This also allows them to perform magic without the use of objects. Unlike that warlock you pissed off today—”


“—I couldn’t put a curse on you, even if I had memorized the spell. I’d still need a tome to do it, just like you’d need a computer to run a program. So, in the end normal humans are like the user of a program and warlocks are the programmer.”

“But a programmer needs a computer to write code, too,” Marcus pointed out.

“Yeah, I mean, I guess,” Justin conceded. “No metaphor is perfect.”

“So… How sure are you this does what we want it to do?”

“Well, I’m fairly sure this has something to do with head reattachment.” Justin tilted the book to let Marcus see the illustration. “And if I’m right about the cypher…”


“Yeah, it’s like an encryption thing?” Justin elaborated. “Each syllable of an incantation can have different meanings and thus pronunciations, based on the context. The same spell can have vastly different effects whether I use the cypher ‘flower’ or ‘tree’ for example. It is mainly done to prevent normal people from casting spells. Imagine everyone could do magic, it’d be chaos. But true masters of the art of weaving use this to conceal powerful spells by using an obscure cypher and masking them as more mundane spells with a more common one.”

Justin looked up and cleared his throat. “At any rate, I’m fairly sure the cypher for this is ‘reconnect’. It’s a little too straight forward for my taste and I can’t make out the purpose of some of the syllables, but it’s the only cypher that seems to make sense.”

“You seem very confident,” Marcus remarked and shucked his tank top. “Let’s do this.”

“Um, why are you removing your shirt?”

Marcus shrugged his shoulders. “Just in case something goes wrong.”

Justin thought about commenting on Marcus’s willingness to risk further transformations but then decided against it. “Just, lie down and align your head with your neck.”

As Marcus did as told, Justin couldn’t help but notice a subtle tent in his roommate’s shorts.

“All right.” Justin got ready. “Just hold still during the incantation.”

Performing the spell took about one and a half minute. Justin took his time to make sure each syllable was pronounced as clearly and as correctly as possible. As he progressed he saw the symbols on the page light up with a purple light indicating transformation magic. Once he finished, the tome illuminated shortly as if shining a light behind the pages before reverting to its inactive state.

“That’s it.” Justin looked up. “How d—”

Justin’s maw gaped open as he stared at Marcus.

“Did it work?” Marcus said, carefully putting his arms to the side of his body before propping it up. However, Marcus only saw his shoulders and back rising into his view and away into the distance. “Aw fuck, it didn’t.”

Justin still couldn’t bring out any words.

“Wait, my neck looks different.” Marcus remarked. He swung his legs to the side so he could sit on his bed properly before grabbing his head and bringing it up to his neck where he saw two subtle mounds with some sort of wrinkly somewhat star-shaped spot in the cleft between both mounds. Almost like… an ass with the cheeks pulled apart.

“Dude what the fuck?” Marcus turned his head around to look at Justin who was still at a loss for words, or facial expressions for that matter. As Markus lowered his head to relax his arms, he felt something attached to the underside of his head touch his thigh and laid down his head as a result to investigate. It felt like a penis. “What the fuck?!

Marcus jumped up and bolted to the bathroom to check himself in the mirror.

Justin, finally having snapped out of it, quickly followed Marcus. “Dude, I’m sorry,” he stammered.

Marcus was standing in front of the mirror, with his head positioned over his neck so that the dick on his head pointed down at his asshole on his shoulders. “What the fuck did you do?”

“I told you something like this could happen,” Justin defended himself. “It must have been the wrong cypher, I guess.”

Marcus turned his head as if to investigate his new penis from different angles. “Fuck, this is even worse.”

“I mean…” Justin began. “At least you can now put your head back on your shoulders.”


“Umm, like.” Justin alternated between pointing at Marcus’s neck and gestures indicating uncertainty. “It is a dick and a hole.”

Marcus gave Justin an incredulous look before turning his gaze back to the mirror. He brought his head down and kept it under one arm while he put his hand to his neck to test his new ass, first touching the hole with the tip of a finger before slipping half of the finger in. Marcus eyes went wide. “Fuck, it’s like a real asshole.” His eyes looked at Justin. “I got an asshole on my neck.”

“And a dick too,” Justin continued the thought.

Marcus brought his head back again and this time the dick on his neck seemed stiffer and slightly larger than it was a few moments ago.

Justin watched Marcus trying to align his dick with his asshole to insert it, but between doing this with a mirror, the dick not being fully hard and there not being any lube, it was a futile attempt. Whenever Marcus would get the tip to rest on the hole, it’d slip away whenever he pushed down.

“Shit, this isn’t working,” Marcus complained while puckering the hole on his neck in anger.

Without thinking, Justin reached forward. “Here, let me help.”

Marcus gave Justin a surprised look, but wordlessly handed him his head.

Justin took Marcus’s head and tilted it backwards so the neck-dick was pointing at him. Then he put his lips around it and started to move his tongue around the shaft, making Marcus moan.

“I… I don’t have a dick on my crotch anymore,” Marcus said between breaths, not particularly alarmed.

Justin opened his eyes and saw Marcus have one hand in his shorts, while the other was roaming his chest. He wondered if Marcus also didn’t have an asshole on his butt anymore.

As Marcus’s new and only member grew big and hot in Justin’s mouth, so did Justin’s own member in his jeans.

“Shit, I’m cumming,” Marcus said.

To his surprise, Justin pulled Marcus’s dick out of his mouth and held his roommate’s head towards his body. “Here, put it in now.”

Marcus, still clearly lost in a haze of lust, took back his head and positioned it above his neck. After two attempts, he managed to push the tip in thanks to the saliva lubricating the shaft. He slowly continued shoving his own shaft into his new hole, moaning all the way.

Once both sides of his neck touched, Justin saw a shimmer around Marcus’s neck as both sides connected. When the shimmer was gone so was the gap between both parts. The spell must have added a glamor, illusion magic to show things differently than they are. At least that wasn’t a problem anymore.

Marcus meanwhile did not seem to notice the magic and instead clutched his neck with one hand and steadied himself on the sink with the other as his knees got weak. Closing his eyes, he let out a staccato of moans.

Marcus opened his eyes again and straightened up. He looked down at his chest and ran a hand over the upper part of his sternum region.

Marcus looked up at Justin. “I think… I just came inside myself.”

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