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It was late night when a car arrived in front of the William family house. Joe William and his wife Sarah were having a son. Their son, Jake, was a football player. He was that kind of man who loves to party so he was always late at home. This time he was late again. He was 26 years old. He didn’t have a home by his own but he was trying hard to save some money for a house. He loves football. His dream was of course like any other football player to be the most famous player in the world. He was good indeed. In the school he was the best player and right after he finished the college he was taken in a junior team. Jake was also very cautious with his diet and he was always exaggerating with his muscle exercises. He was 6.1 feet tall. His muscles were well shaped for someone who was’t going to gym. He was doing his exercise at home, in the garage.

When Jake entered the house he noticed it was very quiet so he believe his parents were already asleep. First he went in the bathroom to take a cold shower and then in the kitchen to make a sandwich before going to bed. He was very tired. Even after the cold shower his eyes were becoming increasingly difficult to keep open.

When Jake was finally laying on his bed he closed his eyes for a moment. He felt asleep and his first dream was starting. He was in the same position as he felt asleep. He stood up and remembered about a special juice he bought. He found a juice with a lot of vitamins and proteins. He found it pretty perfect for his diet in fact it was offered for free by an old man who was standing at a weird apparently new promotional stand. Actually at that stand was nobody but Jake who was very happy to take the juice. The old man told him that the juice will give him POWER. That word remained stuck in his mind until then.

He was having the bottle with juice standing on his table near his bed. He took it reading again the word POWER on the label. It was a 1L bottle. In that moment he thought at how much he wanted to become more muscular than he was. He removed the bottle plug and he started to drink from it furiously. After drinking 0.25L he suddenly stopped. He was having a very strange feeling like he was going to throw up. Suddenly most of his muscles contracted at the same time. He was having his eyes wide open because of that strange feeling and he didn’t know what was going to happen. After a few seconds he started to feel pain in all his body. He knelt down and brought his head on the floor with his hands on his ears. He then noticed the pain disappeared. He felt relieved. He didn’t get to stand back up because another strange feeling started to embrace his body. He didn’t feel pain this time, in fact it was like it was the opposite. He was feeling good, like he was going to cum but the feeling wasn’t only in his dick and testicles, it was in all of his body. He lifted his arms and he looked at his biceps. It was like he was feeling a strange power. Suddenly his t-shirt, his pants and then his underwear just torn apart in 2 seconds. He was growing so big that he didn’t fit in the room anymore. Suddenly he woke up with an amazed expression on his face which slowly turned into a wide smile.

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