New model

by BRK

New roommates Jacob and Barry reveal their secret desires to each other—which, thanks to a certain suggestion ability, creates a few wild changes.

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Jacob sat down on the edge of his bed and faced his new roommate. They looked at each other a bit awkwardly. It was the evening of their first day together, and they were having reactions to each other neither one was expecting.

“So, what kind of porn are you into?” Jacob asked blandly, as if he were asking the young redhead opposite him about his home town or his favorite sports team. He was a little surprised he’d mentioned it—he knew things might get totally out of hand if he didn’t rigidly school himself, keep himself to himself. But Barry rattled him somehow, just sitting there. He tugged at Jacob, and he was realizing his usual self-discipline was weak.

Barry glanced up, startled, and laughed nervously. “What? Dude, I’m not telling you that.” He ran his hands through his longish russet hair. Blood colored his pale cheeks a little.

Jacob just smiled at him for a moment, allowing himself to drink in Barry’s innocent beauty. The boy was a couple inches shorter than Jacob, who’d played a little basketball in high school, though he was strong and broad-shouldered from years of helping his folks out on the farm. But the true source of his potent, natural attraction seemed to radiate from within, from under his smooth skin, even through his thin, ordinary clothes (snug henley, worn jeans). Even his well-worth boots were sexy, as if over the years the size and strength of his feet had become imbued in the leather. “C’mon, Barry,” Jacob said softly, ignoring for the moment his own thickening cock in his jeans. “We’re gonna be roommates. It’ll be good to tell me stuff.” He watched Barry’s face, knowing that as he said it, Barry would know it to be true. “I won’t judge you,” he added.

Barry smiled broadly, and Jacob felt his heart thump, and his cock, in one flex, was suddenly all the way hard. He leaned forward toward Barry, his elbows on his knees and hands folded in front of him, hoping Barry wouldn’t notice the movement in his crotch.

“Well, I, um, I like big cocks,” Barry confessed. His lips twitched in surprise and he breathed out a rush of air, as if he hadn’t been sure it would feel good to tell Jacob his secrets.

“Who doesn’t?” Jacob said with a laugh, and Barry laughed with him.

“What I mean is,” his roommate went on, blushing a little now, “I like really big cocks. I mean really really big.”

Jacob nodded. “I understand,” he said, and Barry grinned, a little relieved. “So if I had a cock the size of—” he allowed himself to trail off.

“A leg,” Barry jumped in, exited now to be able to talk about his secret turn-ons. The boy’s eyes drifted to Jacob’s legs, as if a shift of his gaze might allow him to see Jacob with a cock that big.

Jacob kept his eyes on Barry’s gorgeous face. “Wow, that’s—that’s hot,” he stammered. It actually was, when Barry said it—Jacob was starting to think that anything sexual the shy, gorgeous redhead might say would be kinda hot to him. He’d never imagined a dick that big, but suddenly he wanted to see one… to feel one in his hands.

Barry’s eyes jumped back up to meet his, surprised and gratified. They were brown, not the blue eyes that Jacob had always been such a sucker for, but somehow they were the most mesmerizing eyes he’d every looked into.

“So, does that mean that you’d like having a dick that big?” Jacob said, a little saucily. He realized he was really hard himself. He resisted the urge to adjust himself and kept his focus on Barry. He wondered what kinds of things he could say to make his pale-skinned roommate blush.

But this time he didn’t blush. He seemed to consider, though without breaking their gaze. “I dunno,” he said slowly. “I’m kinda big already.”

Jacob blinked. That was his line. But he recovered quickly. “I can see that,” he said, glancing down at Barry’s crotch. Unlike Jacob, Barry was sitting back in his wooden dorm room desk chair, hands draped across his strong thighs, legs a little spread. His crotch was right there, out in the open, and actually didn’t look like an abnormal mound of meat was packed into those jeans. Maybe he was a grower. “Having a foot-long, wrist-thick boner like that,” Jacob said seriously, staring straight into Barry’s glinting eyes, “must have made you curious about what an even bigger one would be like.”

Jacob restrained himself from looking down at Barry’s crotch. If the boy hadn’t been uberhung before, he was now, but he kept his eyes on Barry’s. Barry just nodded sagely. “Maybe,” he said evenly. His eyes stared straight into Jacob’s, suddenly seeming so intense that Jacob couldn’t look away.

Jacob swallowed. He needed to stop now. He was at the edge of the cliff, poised on the edge of an insane action he’d regret. If he opened his mouth to speak he knew he’d be giving his intensely sexy new roommate that leg-sized cock without a second thought. He wanted to do it. He clamped his jaw shut.

“But,” Barry went on quietly, his eyes still drilling deep into Jacob’s, “it’d be even sexier if you were the one that were that big.”

Jacob’s heart pounded. There was only one thing to say. He paused only to lick his dry lips. “You’re in luck,” he breathed. Jacob’s heart was galloping in his chest now. Fuck! Why did he say that? Another word and he’d have this huge, unmanageable…

The beautiful redhead with the sexy boots was raising an eyebrow. He glanced down at Barry’s crotch and then back up. “Could have fooled me,” he said wryly.

Jacob felt himself rush to explain and wondered at himself as he did so. “My navel,” he blurted, gesturing without looking in the direction his narrow waist and tight abs. “It actually opens up to someplace else—someplace cool and dry where there’s no people or animals or insects or anything.” He listened to himself babble and felt a weird, wild tug at his belly button and knew he’d actually managed to suggest himself—something that was normally impossible unless there was someone else there to believe him. He’d only done it once before. He’d been scared then, and then he’d felt a lot more in control.

Barry was nodding, fascinated, not moving his eyes. Jacob kept on. “I stuff my cock in there to keep it out of the way. It’s just the size you like it. As long as my legs and as thick as my thighs—”

“Soft,” Barry broke in urgently.

Jacob’s eyes widened. “—Soft,” he finished, and then he gasped. His cock—oh God, his cock! It was fucking enormous! He could feel its massive length and girth shoved through his tight but stretchable navel, lolling about in empty space, a cool breeze drifting over it. He gasped again and looked at Barry in amazement.

The magnetically sexy redhead leaned forward, excitement now plain on his face. “How did it get so big?” he whispered.

“Um,” Jacob said. He was going to say that it had always been that way, that when he was born the doctors thought he had three legs for real, but somehow he thought that wouldn’t be enough to push Barry to the next level. “Pushing it through the navel makes it bigger,” he said in a rush. He felt his face flush at the extremeness of it. His mouth was dry again. “It started out just long enough hard that I could just stick the head in if I bent over. But the more I, um—”

“Fucked yourself,” supplied Barry, a rapt look on his face.

Jacob nodded. “The more I did it, the more it…grew.” Jacob paused, expectantly. He hadn’t been sure if the memories of teen navel-fucking sessions and a steadily growing cock would come, but they did, though because he was the spellcaster they emerged in his mind alongside his real memories. God, he had to stop. He was totally going to fuck himself up. A leg-sized cock! And he might not be able to even undo it! He had to try. He had to stop this, reverse it. “Um—” he started to say.

Barry slipped off his chair onto his knees. He crept forward that way a few steps, until he was kneeling right in front of Jacob. They were both breathing a little harder than normal. “I have to see it,” Barry said, his eyes falling to the bulge behind Jacob’s belt, the bulge of his unnaturally wide phallus arching up out of his groin and out his amazing new interdimensional navel.

“I dunno, Barry,” Jacob said nervously. He consulted his new memories of being a huge-cocked freak and remembered his parents deciding to home school him to prevent teasing at school. “I don’t show it to a lot of people,” he said, a little abashed.

“Are you kidding?” Barry said, his pale eyes alight. “You should show it to everyone! You’re the cock king of the world!”

Jacob realized belatedly that even as he was saying these words, Barry had, unnoticed, pulled out his cell phone. Now he was looking down to text someone. “Hey!” Jacob said, alarmed. Barry had already sent his message and slipped the phone back in his pocket. “What was that?”

“Just texting a buddy,” Barry said with an innocent smile. Jacob was on the point of suggesting Barry into retracting what he felt sure was an invitation, but just then Barry reached out and gently rested his right hand against the warm, massive cockflesh under Jacob’s shirt, just above Jacob’s beltline. Jacob drew in a quick breath. Moving with unhurried contentment, Barry slid his hand up the enormous organ, to the point where it disappeared into Jacob’s navel.

“Shit,” he said, “we gotta get it out. Now. If it gets hard while it’s still in there—!”

Barry grinned broadly, his eyes dancing as he watched Jacob frantically haul off his oversized tee shirt. “Are you getting turned on?” he teased. His eyes fell back to the eight-inch-wide love muscle curving up out of Barry’s jeans. It was bucking and pulsing, wanting to grow.

“Haul it out, man,” Jacob commanded roughly. Barry quickly complied and started pulling on Jacob’s unnatural cock with both hands. He clearly was finding it a little difficult—the navel portal was constricted tight around Jacob’s leg-sized girth. Barry pulled harder, the muscles of his arms bulging a little under his thin henley, but if anything his smile broadened. As Barry managed to free a few inches Jacob grabbed some of his girth and helped haul it out.

“It’s your own fault,” Jacob panted. He was both aroused and irritated. He felt out of control of this scenario—which really was Barry’s fault.

“Yeah?” Barry said, not looking up from his work. They’d managed to get about a foot of it out now, curving around in a massive U from Jacob’s crotch.

“C’mon,” Jacob said derisively. He knew he’d have to concentrate to suggest Barry, since they weren’t staring into each other’s eyes at the moment, but he had to reassert some control. “You’re the one who gets naked every chance he gets.”

A particularly strong yank on his slowly hardening incredicock made Jacob gasp with a strange sort of pleasure just at the moment he’d hoped to watch Barry’s clothes vanish between one heartbeat and the next, but he was too overcome with the rush he was feeling and his pulse pounding in his ears. He looked down too late—Barry was naked, kneeling in front of him, his big 12-inch boner standing tall and proud.

Barry was squinting up at him, and as he caught Jacob’s eye he winked unrepentantly. “I can’t help it,” he said sweetly, pulling out more and more of Jacob’s cock with obvious difficulty. “It’s worth it if I get to see you in all your—”

Suddenly, with one massive yank, Jacob’s cock came completely free. Jacob shrieked in a flood of intense sensation that was pleasure and pain both as Barry fell to the rug on his back with the momentum, staring up at the mutant cock in awe. Almost instantly it started to completely harden, swelling in length and thickness like a life raft, kicking over the wooden chair Barry had been sitting in. It seemed to stabilize into a quivering, stone-hard boner the size of a small person, sticking straight out from Jacob’s groin, lolling easily over the length of Barry’s rangy, muscley body and past him, reach just into the closet opposite Jacob where the enormous head was blithely drooling clear precum in a steady stream into Jacob’s dirty clothes hamper.

They stared at it, both feeling a wave of irrepressible lust overlaid with a strange and unaccountable foreboding.

Similarly Named Stories: You might be looking for: “The new model” by Richard Jasper.

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