Multicock fratbrats

by BRK

A bunch of hunky multicocked frat boys decide to advance beyond jerking off separately and engage in a competition to see whose oversized cocks are the biggest.

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This story is a revision of a story I always got off on, The Fratbrats Whip Out a Ruler by Handjob. I got it into my head to modify it so that the hot, horny guys in the story each have more than one cock. The results, for some people, might be even hotter, and much is still left to the imagination… If an “alternate” version of this classic story gives offense, I apologize…


It was a hot, early September night, soon after the semester had begun. Blake tossed the bottle of shampoo onto the sink with all the others and checked his face in the mirror. Too much, man. He was looking better than ever. His dark brown hair, wet and tangled, hung down a little over his deep green eyes, and he broke into a sexy smile as he looked himself over fully. Of the four Delta Iota Kappa brothers who lived in his room, he liked being the biggest and oldest. It made him feel important. Even if he was probably the dumbest among them, his hot body was the best. His tight 20-year-old jockcolt muscles were awesome, he thought to himself. All the benchpresses, rowing and curls through high school had paid off. Not only did it give him the strength to make it onto the football team here at State, but every chick on campus was after his chiseled chest, ripped abs and tight ass. He felt even more studly from the sparse coating of dark hairs that spread thinly across his pecs. The fucker looked so cool. After takin' a quick whiz, Blake tossed his towel over his head and dried his hair as he banged open the bathroom door and strode buttnaked back into the large bedroom, his big thick studcocks proudly hanging half-hard over his heavy sportboy nuts.

The other three DIK's were up too. It may have been late, but who gave a fuck? All the boys were restless and not about to hit the sack. Billy was laying on his bed leafing through one of Blake's weightlifting magazines and was now glancing up and comparing the big naked jockboy in front of him with the pictures in the spread. Blake wasn't near as big as they were, he thought, but he sure was better looking. Billy felt his dicks plump a little inside his briefs. Looking at his hot looking studly roommates always put him on the bone. He would never say so, of course. He was a smaller boy, a gymnast, and his 18- year-old muscles were no match for them if the dudes figured him for a fag and decided to pound him into the ground. But fuck, look at those big pony cocks on Blake. They must be fifteen inches or more. Billy wished he could feel another boy's dicks, thick and throbbing, in his fist. His own cocks began to thicken more, so the young black-haired, blue-eyed boy forced his mind away from Blake's slabs of meat to get himself under control. He switched to a copy of Sports Illustrated and tried to pretend to himself that he didn't like guys. A layout of young high school and college baseball players wasn't helping much though. He tried not to think of how cute and studly the boys were and what they might look like stripped right down to just their cups and jocks. His dicks chubbed a little more.

No one noticed though. The other two boys, Ryan and Sean, both 19-year-olds stripped to just their briefs, were busy panting their way through a tough arm-wrestling match at the table. Ryan was a little smaller than Blake but was just as tight and defined, and he nearly always won these matches. Sean was a slimmer boy, but surfing his way through high school had given him a defined swimmer's build, and he beat Ryan sometimes as well.

Blake was now shaking out his still-wet hair as he threw his towel onto a pile of dirty clothes at the corner of his bed. “Fuck, Blake, quit splattering that water on me,” huffed Ryan under his breath as he finally pressed Sean's wrist to the table top.

“Fuck off, asswipe,” Blake boomed back playfully. Ryan, a dark blond boy with bright blue eyes, jumped up from his seat and tackled Blake, the two boys falling hard onto Blake's bed and wrestling happily. Ryan was a good-looking, popular boy on the baseball team and built pretty well himself, but even so he was soon writhing under Blake, locked in his tight arms, a steel-hard bicep crushed into his neck. He felt Blake's big cocks against him too, sorta wedged between his smooth young thighs just above his knees, stiffer than before.

Ryan's own dicks were pronging out a little in his briefs now too, pressed high into Blake's hard stomach. Tightening his grip, the older boy jabbed his boners between his buddy's legs a little deeper, stiffening all the way up, and Ryan's own athlete rods throbbed harder as they jammed into Blake's navel. The feel of the pricks stickin' it to him like that broke Blake's concentration for just a second, just long enough for Ryan to slip loose from the other's grip. Neither boy really thought about the boners all that much though. Both guys always seemed to spring woodys when they were wrestling and shit, tight young teenboy bodies rubbing around together. Fuck, they were just kids, raging with hormones. Any kinda rubbing against hot sweaty skin was gonna make em pop boners. No big fucking deal. Dudes just throw rods off this, that's all.

It would have been harder for Sean to explain himself though, just sitting there. As he watched his two brothers sliding around on the bed again, wrestling tightly, his surferboy beachdicks began to thump up too. He could feel it, even though he was afraid to look down. He could see Blake's boners sticking out rigid and red as the boys maneuvered around, each looking for the best hold, and Ryan now looked about as stiff as baseball bats in his briefs too. Sean brushed his blond hair back from his deep brown eyes and looked around for something to distract himself. On the night stand next to Billy there was a current Penthouse—the perfect cover. The wrestling boys were too caught up in their game to notice Sean's half-rods as he went over to grab the magazine and dropped onto the bed beside Billy. Billy seemed to be concentrating hard on the copy of Sports Illustrated as Sean spread out next to him, but it looked like Billy's dicks weren't totally down either. Sean wondered if maybe Billy had gotten some stiffies seeing the other boys pitchin' it too. Nah, he seemed all wrapped up in the magazine. Probably just hangin' long from the heat. Sean dropped the thought and flipped through the pictures of pussies. He could let his boners boing all the way up now without anyone thinking twice about it, but he glanced over at his wrestling frat brothers from time to time just the same. He didn't know why seeing another boy's hard cocks made him get a little horny once in a while, but it did. Luckily, the Penthouse gave his rods an excuse, just like the pussies in porn videos did when they rented them. All the boys would be thwacking up hardons in their underwear as they watched the fucking and sucking on screen, but for Sean at least, it was sometimes the porn guy's bonehardon that he was really watching and spikin' it to. And sometimes Blake's, poking up stiff as boards in front of his buds. Man, Sean really wished he could get his hands on that kid's big football player rods.

Ryan and Blake were really breathing hard now, laughing through their short breaths as they ground into each other, each boy trying to pin the other. Ryan had total hardons going, and they skidded stiffly through his briefs across Blake's thigh. As the boys twisted and turned, a streak of Blake's precum had trailed across Ryan's stiff nipple and dark tanned pecs, and Blake's throbbing boners were now threading another thin clear string down Ryan's forearm as he clutched Blake's thigh. Knowing there was no other way out, Ryan soon reached between Blake's big legs and grabbed the kid's huge bullnuts tightly.

“Okay, okay,” chuckled Blake, releasing the other boy. He felt Ryan give his nuts a quick squeeze before letting go. The boys sat back on their heels on the bed, facing each other as they caught their breaths. He saw Ryan staring down at the throbbers between his frat brother's legs. Blake looked down at his hardons too, then over at Ryan's hard woodies, the white, sweat drenched cotton clinging around his flared cockheads.

“Fuuuuck, we're fuckin' boned buddy,” Blake whispered huskily. He reached up and wiped a string of precum from Ryan's hairless chest, smearing it off his finger onto his damp towel. “Sorry about the mess, man.”

Ryan grabbed the towel and mopped up the tracks down his arms, stomach and legs. “No problem, dude.”

“You missed a little,” said Blake quietly as he rubbed his fingertip across Ryan's popped out tit, glistening with a glob of precum, and swiped it away. He reached down and curled his fingers around his own rigid shafts. “Man, I really throw wet ones, huh dude?”

“Yeah, long drippin' boners,” Ryan whispered back, his own hand dropping to play casually over the front of his underwear. “How fuckin' long are those things anyway, Blake?”

“Don't really know, fucker.” Blake looked up at Ryan. He grinned. “Wanna find out? Wanna measure them?”

“Fuck yeah,” Ryan whispered, feeling increasingly horny as he whipped a fingertip around his bulging ridges. So Blake slid forward and threw his big thighs over Ryan's. Their sweaty nuts mashed together through Ryan's briefs as Blake pressed his dicks up against Ryan's young throbbers. Blake's looked a good inch or so longer. Ryan tried to press upward more, causing his hardons to ram harder against Blake's. “Here lemme just … .” He unhitched his briefs from his up-pointing stalks and hooked them under his beefy balls. His fratboy cocks thwacked up against his stomach stiffly, then rested outward at a high angle. He wrapped his fingers around the rods and held them together again, but Blake's dickheads still stood above the others, his precum slowly leaking down in a fine drizzle over the shafts and Ryan's gripped fist. The boys got even stiffer feeling each other's hardons throbbing hotly against his own. “Hey, this isn't fair,” Ryan finally said. “You're sitting up higher. We gotta do this right and really measure em.”

Blake smirked confidently, faintly humping his swelling bones up through Ryan's hand against the other kid's rigid cocks. “Sure, if you want, but I'll still have you beat by a whole dickhead. But go ahead and get the ruler then.” Suddenly, they remembered their other two frat brothers in the room. Both boys looked up at Sean and Billy laying on Billy's bed. They were both staring right back, wide-eyed, both going stiff in their briefs. Ryan smiled nastily at their hardons.

“Go ahead and get the ruler, bud,” Blake said to Ryan. “Look, nobody says nothing about this or I'll fuckin' kick the shit out of you, got it?” he warned the other two.

Ryan burst into laughter as he got up and went to the desk, his cocks still spiking up out of the top of his underwear. He fished around in the drawer. “Who the fuck would say anything about it, you dipshit? You think any of us wants anybody else knowing we're all throwing rods? About to whip em out and measure our sticks? They'd call us all queers or some shit.”

“Hey wait, I'm no fuckin' queer,” boasted Blake, suddenly worried that his innocent suggestion to compare boners might mean something else.

“Whaddaya mean, 'our sticks,' Ryan,” said Sean warily, as Billy squirmed beside him nervously, adding, “Yeah, how did we get into this?”

“C'mon, dudes, it'll be fun,” said Ryan waving the ruler. “We're not queer, just … curious boys, that's all, ya know? And yeah, yer gonna do it too, Sean. You too, Billy. We all show what we got. That way nobody's gonna talk.”

Blake sighed deeply, once again convinced he was straight and nobody would say anything about this.

“C'mon, get over here boys,” Ryan ordered as he got back on the bed in front of Blake. The other two fratkids looked at each other, waiting to see which would move first. Finally, Sean looked down at Billy's boners, then down at his own. He looked up with a little embarrassed smile like “what's there to hide after this?” and slowly got up. Billy hesitated a moment but soon followed, and the two boys sat on the bed with Ryan and Blake: four hot horny fratboys, spiked up stiff in a circle.

“Welcome to the contest, bro's,” Blake whispered hornily.

Ryan began dreaming up rules to go by. “Okay, first, nobody measures himself, so you can't cheat. I'll do Blake first.” He reached out and curled his fingers around the boy's burning, throbbing shafts, curved slightly upward. “And we measure em all exactly the same way. Bend them down long and straight as they'll get, ruler along the top, jammed into the dude's pubes as far as you can go.” Billy and Sean were now slightly groping their crotches some as they watched Ryan push Blake's thick hardons down so they stuck straight out, the skin tight, his wet dickheads leaking all over Ryan's hand. He was breathing real hard and shakily now as his buddy fingered his boners while he slid the ruler down tight into his dark curls and held it firmly to the shafts. “And then you measure them holding the whole rods pressed right into the ruler so the curve doesn't make them measure shorter. Then ya read it at the furthest point they make it to right at the tip.” The boys leaned in slightly, expectantly, as Ryan looked carefully at the wet piss-slit of one of Blake's hardons pressed to the ruler. “And … of course … since it's a contest, like Blake said … there's a prize.” He looked up grinning into Blake's fiery eyes: “biggest gets beat off by anybody he wants, right?” Blake grinned back lustily at h im.


“ Fifteen and two tenths, Blake. Big dicks, bro.”

Blake smiled broadly and looked around at his frat brothers while Ryan felt his shafts up and down once more before letting go. “So which one of you's gonna gimme the handjob, huh? Lessee… .” He grinned at Ryan again with a dirty, knowing look.

Ryan just smiled and held out the ruler. “Somebody do me now. Here, Billy, you do it. If you just go for it you'll loosen up, man. C'mon, this is cool. It doesn't make you a fag or anything, man. It's just for fun. Just this once.” He poked Billy in the chest with the ruler, and the younger boy slowly took it from his grasp, feeling awkward: “I dunno … I—”

“—and smallest has to jerk off everybody else,” Ryan interrupted, enjoying himself as he kept creating his game.

“Have you done this before or something?” asked Sean. “And what's all this shit about jerking each other off anyway?” he added defensively while trying not to think about why he was getting so fucking stiff.

“It's no contest if there's no risk, right?” Ryan slapped Sean on the shoulder. “Don't be a wuss, dude. Besides, with woodys like that, it don't look like it's bothering you all that much anyway, bud.” He reached over and squeezed Sean's stiffies through his briefs. “C'mon, bro, it'll be cool. Just this once. Besides, we all get off smackin' the dongs in bed every night anyway, listenin' to each other sloshin' around in the handlotion. It's not like there's that much to hide.”

It was true. Not long after they had moved into this room in the house, all four boys had caught each other jerking off in the bathroom or even right there on a bed when another came home unexpectedly. And they always seemed to be springing hardons. They had finally just started to joke about how they all needed a good whackoff ever day, and eventually they had taken up a nightly ritual of tossing around a bottle of handlotion from bed to bed in the dark, each boy masturbating in his own bed, but listening to the others as their wet fingers slipped up and down their burning rods. Still, it had never gone anywhere near this far before.

But Ryan was insistent about it happening this time. “Listen, Sean, we'd be buffin' our bats ourselves in a little while anyway, and a different hand'll feel cool just for a change. It's only this once. Why, you chicken? Think yer gonna lose?”

Sean felt Ryan rub his cocks a little more before he let go. He finally laughed softly, feeling safe so long as he'd had to be talked into it. “What the fuck. Okay.”

Ryan turned back to Billy, looking deep in the other's eyes. “C'mon, kid, quit worrying about it all and just measure me, fucker.” Billy's face was reddening badly as Ryan whipped off his underwear, his long, straight, slender cocks sticking up at a 45 degree angle toward Billy's face. Billy just sat there a moment looking at the throbbing boners in front of him. Slowly his hand began to reach out hesitantly. He too was still scared of the other boys finding out how much he really wanted to do this, how much he really liked dicks.

Suddenly Sean chimed in, sounding hornier, “Yeah, go ahead and grab 'em, man.” Ryan and Blake both looked at Sean's lust-filled eyes as he looked intently at Ryan's big jockdicks. He wished he had dicks like Ryan's, almost as much as Blake's. Fuck, he was starting to feel like he wanted to grab the fucking things himself, play with them, make them squirt. His own young surferboy rods were really poking his briefs out all the way now. Seeing his buddy's beautiful total boners right up close like that had made all his secret dirty feelings about other boys come welling up to the surface.

Finally Billy reached out and carefully put fingertips on the heads of Ryan's cocks and slowly bent the high-pointing dicks downward until they poked straight out. “Yeah, do it, buddy,” Ryan breathed, hot and horny at getting his dicks felt. The boy's fingers fiddled with the big narrow dickheads as he tried to hold them in place from bobbing around so much while laying the ruler on top of the shafts. “Dude, you gotta make 'em hold more still, Ryan, so I can get it right,” he managed to say in a near whisper.

“Can't help ya, bud. The fuckers always bounce like that when I'm on the bone this hard, man.” Billy curled his fingers around the undersides of the long thin shafts, gripping all the way around them to the ruler, pulling the stick down harder against the top of the pulsing boners. “At least it doesn't curve at all so we can get the measurement real good,” Ryan said as he watched carefully. With his other hand, Billy cupped the boy's low-hanging baseball nuts while using the fingertips to hold the end of the ruler tight into Ryan's thin, dark-blond pubes. “Okay, guess we're ready,” said Ryan. “So how long is it, man?”

Billy leaned down close and looked carefully at one of the gaping red tips as he whiffed in the sweaty jockboy smell of Ryan's crotch. “Fifteen and … four tenths. Fuck! You're bigger than Blake is, Ryan!” The bronzed baseballboy chuckled and looked up at Blake who was staring open-mouthed: “so who's gonna give me the handjob, huh?” Ryan laughed again as Billy and Sean joined in.

“No … fucking … way,” protested Blake. “Gimme that fuckin' thing,” he exclaimed as he grabbed the ruler away from Billy. He gripped Ryan's hardons in his big fist and handled them roughly, bending and pressing them against the ruler and checking for himself. “Fuck, dude. You are bigger than me.” He dropped the ruler and felt along the long dicks for a minute, up and down all over them, as the other boys watched him admiring Ryan's cocks.

Ryan leaned into Blake's ear and whispered, “Yours are still thicker, bro,” and the other boy smiled proudly.

“Come on, let's get on with it,” Sean cut in.

“Okay, little fuck. Let's see what you got, studboy,” laughed Blake as he grabbed Sean by the legs and pulled him toward his lap. Sean fell onto his back giggling as Blake threw the boy's legs up in the air and pulled his underwear off, letting Sean's thighs fall over his own around his waist, the kid's butt in his lap, his balls pressed into Blake's stomach. “Okay, fucker, let's play doctor, buddy.” Blake was breathing hard, obviously enjoying the feels he was getting of his brothers' fratbrat fucksticks. His own pricks were pressed wetly into Sean's back now as the boy lay in his lap staring up at him and looking hornier by the second. “Aw, they're cute little things,” Blake joked as he fingered Sean's smaller stiffies, then gripped his hand around the shafts. “Good solid bones though,” he told everyone. “But it ain't gonna win.”

Ryan had begun to openly masturbate now as he watched the show he had started really take off. His fingers were sliding lazily up and down the whole length of his cocks, the fist stopping for a hard squeeze on one of the shafts once in a while. Even Billy seemed to be letting his horniness take over now and looked more relaxed as he played with the front of his briefs. “Blake's just kidding you, Sean. I like your dicks, dude,” said Billy as he looked at the boy's stiff, veiny woodys waving in the air while Blake's fingers moved all over and around them gently, checkin' them out but good.

“Yeah, they look real cool, Sean,” Ryan added, although it was obvious to everyone it was no match for the ones that had been measured already.

“Don't feel cool,” said Blake. “Fuckers feel hot as hell. Hey look at that. They're gettin' little drips on the top. Betcha this feels bitchin', don't it, dude?” he said nastily as he let his thumb graze the tips and spread the precum down just under the heads. “So you throw wet boners too, huh?”

“Sometimes,” Sean whispered. He could hardly breathe, let alone talk. The boy he was hottest for was fuckin' around like crazy with his surfer boards. If Blake didn't quit feeling him up so much like this he felt like he was gonna cream pretty soon. Even though it was obvious that all the boys were really getting off on this now, he still didn't want to blast his load all over Blake. At least not this fast. “C'mon, man, measure 'em, will ya?”

Sean had dicks that stuck straight out, so as Blake pulled them toward him they would have bent downward over his nuts if the other boy's stomach hadn't been in the way. Blake held the length of the rods against himself, pressed into the fine trail of dark brown hair that ran down the center of his stomach below his navel. He felt them throbbing hard against him as he shoved the ruler between the dicks and his stomach into Sean's blond bush. All the boys looked closely where one of the tips rested against the ruler. Blake bent forward, his face close to the sweaty hardons as he strained to read the ruler. “Looks like, um … about nine and a half, buddyboy.”

“Nine and seven tenths,” Sean corrected him, his deep brown eyes searching around for approval.

“So you've measured 'em before, huh fucker?” Blake laughed softly and stroked the stiff boners from top to bottom against the ruler.

Ryan looked closely and nodded. “Yep, he's right: nine point seven. That's cool, bud. They're bigger'n most dicks.”

“How the fuck would you know?” laughed Blake as he continued fondling Sean's increasingly wet throbbers in his lap. He tossed the ruler onto Sean's stomach but kept holding the boy's sticks against his gut, faintly rubbing them across his stomach from side to side.

“I've just heard, that's all. They're usually about nine I heard.” Ryan's slow pumping stopped a moment as he pressed his boners down and let them snap up and spring in the air, repeating the horny dickplay several times before he started in again jacking off. He was watching Blake's hand carefully, the other boy not realizing fully how much his big fingers were stroking Sean's shafts, tracing the thin veins, fingering the ridges, palming the head, groping down into his bush and messing with his beachboy balls. As another small drop of precum seeped out, Blake absently smoothed it around the tips.

Trying to keep himself from sperming, Sean grabbed the ruler off his stomach and reached over to tug at Billy's briefs. “Okay, Billyboy, lemme see those little wieners, kid.” Billy straightened his legs as Sean pulled down his underwear for him. The elastic band caught on the dickheads as Sean was stripping the kid, and everyone watched the fairly thick, sharply curving shafts come into view from the black pubes. At last, good sized mushroom caps thwacked up, smacking loudly against Billy's tight stomach as the briefs cleared them. Billy's boners stayed like that too, curving straight up, pressed into his stomach. Sean tried to bend them but could only get them a little more than an inch down, so he leaned in and with both hands worked the ruler in between the dicks and stomach and pushed down enough to know he'd hit bottom into Billy's jet-black curls.

Sean strained his neck to double-check before he finally announced it. “Twelve inches—exactly. Fuck! I fuckin' lost. Thought I'd at least beat you, ya li'l fucker.”

“You are gonna beat him, dude,” Blake laughed as Ryan suddenly jumped up from the bed and went to his nightstand. “Yer gonna beat ol' Billyboy's boners right here, right now, man. Then ya gotta do me too, buddy. That's the deal.” Blake squeezed Sean's hardons playfully, the boy's legs still around his hips.

Ryan hopped back on the bed and tossed the bottle of handlotion in front of Sean. “Go for it, man. Pull him off, Sean. Let's see ya make 'em squirt, dude.” Ryan began tugging his rods again as they all watched Sean snap open the lotion and pour a good sized glob into his palm. Sean looked around at all the nasty eyes and gave a dirty look back. There were no secrets now, no more guards up: every one of the boys was now obviously hot for dicks and openly anxious to make 'em spray, see their hot looking fratbrat buddies spurt their wads. Sean reached over to Billy and smoothed the stuff along the undersides of the kid's raging hardons, coated the bobbing heads, then firmly grasped the pulsing shafts. He could feel Blake's fingers getting even busier on his own dicks as he told Billy to get closer, pulling him by the boners right up beside him, just below his head, the boy up on his knees over him. Billy's cocks were now right above his neck and chest, aimed straight up at the ceiling as Sean began to rhythmically pump them up and down, the lotion giving off a crackly smacking sound.

“Yeah, fucker, jerk those fratboy dicks,” Blake breathed, his total horniness over this show blazing in his lusty gaze. “Beat those kid-dicks off, buddy.” Blake's fingers were stroking over Sean's cocks almost as much as Sean's own hand was working Billy's dicks now. Billy began to moan and squirm as his hardons reddened under the sturdy, lotioned strokeoff his frat brother was giving him.

“Mmmm, you do that good, man,” he breathed.

“I've had enough practice,” snickered Sean as he stroked Billy's boners with as much care as he gave his own every night, his arm sliding steadily, his dark bronzed bicep flexing with each full ride up and down from tip to pubes. His slippery fist was loudly smacking with all the handlotion, his other hand pouring on a little more every minute or so as it slowly absorbed into Billy's cocks. The sound they heard every night from each other's bed was now turning all the boys on more than ever as they got to see the throbbing woodies and nasty dickplay that went with it. Sean kept masturbating Billy with long, firm strokes to the tip, then back down deep into his black hair, making the kid's spikes stand tall, red and rigid. Sean let his head fall back to the mattress now as he watched the jerkoff he was giving Billy. Soon he squirted some of the lotion onto his other hand to fuck around with the young gymnast's tight, boyish nuts too. He pulled and worked them down until the kid's nads were hangin' as he palmed them.

Blake fished between his own thighs with his free hand and began messing around with Sean's beachballs down there too as his other hand now began to fully masturbate the boy in his lap. His own hardons ached as they jutted and throbbed down there against Sean's back, turning both guys on even more at their angry wet pounding against the surfer kid. “Yeah, beat little Billyboy off, fuckstud.”

No one was even sure if Blake realized altogether how much he had been playing with Sean's boners all this time, maybe not even Blake himself, who had been watching all the action on the other cocks the whole time he held them and fondled them. But he hadn't let go of Sean's sticks once since he had measured them several minutes ago. Finally Ryan looked over from Billy's rubjob as he continued to beat his own stiff meat and spoke up. “You better watch out there, Blake, or Sean's gonna give ya a faceful any second, man. Yer about to make the kid cream.”

With that Blake finally looked down and gasped at how swollen and beet-red the boy's boners were, suddenly realizing just how much he had been messin' on the things. “Fuck, bud, looks like I've been givin' you some serious rubbin' there too, huh man? What the fuck, kid. Do it. Go ahead and blow yer chunks, man. Sperm it up in my hand.” Ryan grabbed the lotion bottle and spilled some of it down the length of Sean's rods as Blake began beating him off steadily now. “Feel good, fucker?” asked Blake. “You gettin' off on me jerkin' you like this, little boy? Yeah, I'm really spankin' those puppies for ya. Gonna make ya spew the sperm, fuckboy.” The lotion slid down through the pubes over Sean's nutsack as Blake's other hand continued to fondle the kid's firm young teenboy balls.

“Aw, fuuuuck, yeah, do me, fucker,” panted Sean as he sped up on Billy's slurping stiffers. His arm was glowing in a fine sweat. In fact, all the boys were getting a sheen of glistening sweat from both the nasty workout and their raging horniness. Their hair was just beginning to mat to their flushed foreheads. Their heaving young chests sparkled with the thin mist.

“Yeah, jab those fuckin' hard rods through his fist, ya li'l studpuppy,” Blake said heatedly to Billy as he beat off Sean faster. Billy looked like he was getting close and had begun humping his dicks through Sean's fist as the kid handjobbed him to the edge. Billy's nuts now pulled way back up into Sean's hand, so the boy began to palm them against the other's crotch, his fingertips sliding up a little behind them between Billy's tight, hairless legs.

“I'm gonna shoot soon,” moaned Billy. “Yeah, jerk me off, Sean. Beat off my hard boydicks.”

“Yeah, beat those cocks,” Ryan muttered nastily as his fist slipped up and down his shafts. “Jack those boners off, fucker. Make the kid cream, Sean. Smack 'em till he really makes a mess.” Ryan's face was flushed and trembling. He wanted to see these fratboys sperm it so bad, then get his own sticks whipped.

Blake stared down at the handjob he was giving Sean. “Gonna make ya spurt the sauce too, stud. Sperm it up thick and hard, you dirty fuckerboy,” he urged Sean, realizing how much he wanted to see another kid go off and to know that he was the one who was making the boy spray his sex. He grabbed the lotion, poured more over Sean's smacking dicks, then decided to drizzle some more onto Billy's stiff woodies too. The sound of the sloshing boners filled the room, the air hot and smelly with sportboy teensweat and hard wet jockdicks.

Suddenly Sean shuddered and long hard streams of jizz streaked straight up Blake's chest and hosed him loudly with long healthy splats against his chin and lips. “Yeah, jizz it, fucker,” he shouted as he breathed in the heavy odor of Sean's salty surfer sperm under his nose. A second volley erupted and spewed up even higher and splattered in the air over Blake, raining down into his dark hair and over his sweaty, nasty face. Another set of forceful blasts squirted out and splashed across Blake's chest, thick white globs clinging all across his thick pecs, hanging from his pencil-eraser nipples. “Yeah, you fucker, yer fuckin' spunkin' it, stud.” Blake was totally stoked feeling the shower of cream spraying and splattering all over him. Sean had lifted himself up to see too, but he continued to masturbate Billy steadily. He watched as his awesome hornyboy load was still pelleting in smaller jets over Blake's chest and stomach, the sound of the beatoff intensifying as his sperm gushed out into Blake's fist and got slathered up and down his rods. Maybe he wasn't the biggest, but he packed a big studly load. He was pumpin' his wads up bitchin'. It was dripping off Blake's chin, running down his neck, slowly sliding from his chest down his stomach.

Just then Billy gave a hard moan and lurched forward in Sean's hand, thick gushes of his jizz bursting up over his stomach and pouring all over Sean's fist. As it slid down and began to drip thickly from the boy's wrist, a much harder blast busted out. Sean had leaned up more to watch his own load blow and his fist had pulled Billy's dicks down some, enough that these huge shots of Billy's nutcream whapped Sean strongly in the side of his head and ran down his jaw. “Yeah … Billy,” Sean managed to moan through his own jerks and spasms as Blake kept masturbating his sperming cocks, “make a … mess all … over me, man.” And Billy did. Several more hard, horny young squirts spurted up and arced in the air, falling in strings over his own chest and stomach and across Sean's neck, shoulder and arm. “What a … dirty boy,” Sean gasped as he jerked and humped in Blake's fist. “Yeah … spray me, kid.”

Finally there was nothing left but the hard strong smell of sperm now as Billy and Sean kept getting their dicks milked until they couldn't stand it anymore. “Shit that looked so fuckin' hot,” Ryan puffed out hornily as he jacked his rods and watched tons of thick white globs of spunk sliding down the other three panting fratkids. He was still beating off dry, afraid to add lotion or he might cream off before he got his chance to get his rods whacked by another boy too.

Sean's cocks were softening a little as Blake continued to finger them, spreading the stringy sperm back over the boy's dicks. Sean gave Billy's rods a final squeeze though and let the kid's still-hard dongs snap free.

“Fuck, Billy, yer stiff as ever, dude,” Blake noticed. “You ain't shrunk at all.”

“That's 'cause he likes this shit so much,” said Ryan, giving Billy a nasty, penetrating look. “Dontcha, Billyboy?” Billy looked right back at Ryan just as dirty, knowing the score on the other boy too now after having thought about the way all this got set up. He was feeling a lot better about liking cocks now, watching other boys getting their stiffies rubbed. He and Ryan exchanged smiles and then watched as the next round began.

Sean hoisted himself upright with his legs still wrapped around Blake's waist. He slid back slightly till Blake's precum-drenched stonehardons glided up through his buttcheeks and balls and snapped up proudly between his thighs. “Looks like you're ready to get paid back, huh fucker?” said Sean. “Wanna pop those wads, bud?” He scooped up a handful of his cream off Blake's neck and chest and smeared it all over the boy's burning woods. “Ready to blow yer cork, buddy? I'm gonna whip these puppies bitchin', bro, just like you did me, studboy. I owe you a good one too, bud. Gonna take it right in the face, man, just like you took mine, you hot fratfuck stud.” He was trembling hornily as he leaned in and really masturbated Blake's big bones with the ends aimed right into his face.

Blake just moaned as he felt his hardons getting soaked in Sean's thick, creamy sperm, the boy's fingers whacking him off with the same heavy slippery action Sean had just given Billy. “Fucker, yer givin' me the best jackoff of my life, Sean. Billy was right. You really know how to whack a dude off, studpuppy. I'm glad yer the one who lost, man.”

“I'm not so sure I'd say I lost,” panted Sean as he stared intently at Blake's long cocks in his pumping hand. “To to tell ya the truth, man,” he finally confessed, “I've wanted to feel these boners on you for a long time. And now I got it.”

“Yer gonna get more'n that, stud. I'm gonna give to ya all over yer fuckin' face real fast here, Sean. Man, I gotta blow soon. My nuts are fuckin' stuffed!”

“Yeah, fucker. Sperm me, dude. I want it. Wanna feel yer hot jizz squirt out all over me, Blake.” He scooped up more of his surfer foam and worked it into Blake's cocks.

“Yeah! Jack … me … off, man,” hissed Blake as he humped his hardons through Sean's fist. “It ain't gonna be long the way yer doin' me. Hey, looky here,” he said as he glanced down. “Horny li'l Sean's got big hard boners again. You 'n Billy just can't keep it down, huh?” He reached down with both spermy hands and fondled Sean's cocks again as the boy sped up on his sperm-slicked rods. “Feels so bitchin' hard, man. Didn't take you fuckin' long to re-load at all, huh? You weren't kiddin' about bein' turned on to my big fratboy dicks. That's so cool, man. That's so cool.” He began seriously stoking off Sean again as he squirmed in the boy's handjob on him. “Aw fuck, that's feels good. Yeah, jack me off, fucker. Aw fuck, I think I'm gonna bust a nut.” He began to work Sean's rods furiously to a second blow. “Fuck, I wanna see these puppies spit it again so bad, Sean. Cream with me, buddy.” The two boys masturbated each other wet and sloppy in Sean's hot white surferboy jizz.

“Yeah, wax that fucker's sticks, Sean,” Ryan shouted. “Jack him off dirty, Blake. You boys are gonna cream!”

“Aw, yeah, fuckin' right I'm gonna cream,” whimpered Blake as his thick bullnuts pulled up tight to the base of his rods, aching to let loose after all the dickplay he'd been doing on his cool buddy tonight. “Yer gonna get it soon, Sean,” he whispered in a nasty rasp. “I'm 'bout to fuckin' blow.”

“Fuck! Me too,” blurted Sean, surprised he was feeling his balls cut loose this fast again. “Fuck, I'm gonna jizz on you again, dude!” Blake's two hands were both stroking his stiff surfboards, one after the other, base to tip, and suddenly Sean's aching balls erupted and he squirted a huge blowing stream of beachcream that blasted straight into Blake's nuts as he dug in and really started beating the big kid off in his face, horny strings of his hot fratspunk whizzing into Blake's big balls.

As soon as Blake felt the hot spray of the boy's fratload squirting forcefully into his nuts, he just fucking unloaded. “Beat me, fuckboy! I'm gonna blast ya!” Suddenly Sean's face was coated with slime. He hadn't even seen it coming. There was just hot thick cream all over him, his face, shoulders and neck sopping in rich teensperm. It was followed immediately by four more long hard hosing squirts that splatted loudly against his forehead, cheeks and chin. The boy's face was coated thickly with Blake's huge loads of heavy sportboy spunk, and the dude kept on creamin' on him in football player jizz.

“Yeah, fuckerboy,” Sean spat through his sperm-covered lips. “Hose it out those big stiff jockcocks, you fuckin' stud!” More stringy blasts rinsed his neck, chest and stomach as he unleashed the last of his own fratkid jizz all over Blake's spurting rods and swollen balls. The two boys seemed to pump it out forever.

Finally Blake let go and leaned back on his heels to catch some air. He took a long breath as he looked at Sean whose his head fell back on the bed again as he released Blake's big bones and faded dreamily. Blake looked in near-disbelief at the kid. Sean was drenched in his load. Blake had never spermed off so much blow in all the years he'd been beatin' it. “Check that shit out, man. I hosed the dude.”

“Just one more dude's boners to go, bud,” he heard Ryan chuckle. Blake looked over at Ryan, the kid's boners sticking up and aimed at Blake's face. “Pickin' me, huh? I knew you got off on me, Ryan. Okay, c'mere, bud,” Blake said with a nasty smile. “You need to get off and my hands are wet 'n ready.”

Ryan grinned, scooted over on his knees right up to Blake, and slapped his rigid dicks into the boy's sloppy hands, slimy with two loads of thick, sticky Seansauce. “Yeah, I'm fuckin' steamin', man. I gotta get beat off now too. I know you wanna whack off my big teenboy dogrods, dontcha?” He pressed his head against Blake's spermy face a second and whispered, “I think about it bein' you when I beat off, fucker.”

“Well now yer gonna get it for real, stud,” Blake whispered back hornily, still feeling nasty as ever even after unloading his cream. He curled his fingers around Ryan's long boners and began slicking up the winning rods.

As soon as he felt the wet fingers starting in, Ryan knew he wasn't going to last long. He threw his leg over Sean's chest and straddled him just above his stomach as Blake soaked his throbbing dicks, dangling nads and dark blond pubes. Blake, Ryan and Billy watched the dicks sticking up strong and cocked, nearly ready to burst in a minute as Blake smacked it around and fondled it some before setting in on a steady pace. “Man, yer surferwad is the best lube I ever had,” Ryan called over his shoulder to Sean. “Fuck, boy, yer hot sexjuice feels bitchin' on my bones, dude.”

But Sean was missing the show except for the sound of his wad slurping up and down Ryan's big baseball bats. He was still lost in the glow and could hardly move. He just layed there, even as Billy, whose cocks had stayed stiff as a board the whole time, now moved behind his head and clamped his thighs around it, his nuts shoving into the lazy surferboy's hair. Billy leaned forward, hooking his chin over one of Ryan's shoulders while gripping the other. His free hand pressed his upright rods down as best he could into Sean's slimy face. He rubbed his boners back and forth through Blake's jizz over Sean's cheeks, nose and lips as he watched Ryan getting jerked off by Blake. He wanted to see the boy finally blow off, and he wanted to shoot one with him. After all that had happened, he knew Ryan couldn't last long, and he felt like he wouldn't take very long to get up his own wad again either as he rubbed his cocks across Sean's face. Sean continued to just lay there and moaned softly at the feel of Billy's boners sliding hot and stiff over him. “Yeah, big Billy,” he said softly against the rigid hardons slipping across his lips. “Spurt up another on me, kid.”

“I don't know what the fuck is goin' on back there,” said Blake heartily, “but I'm about to get blasted again, fuckers. What a scene, man. We look like some fuckin' porno movie or somethin', boys.”

“Better,” panted Ryan as he shoved his hardons back and forth in Blake's fist. He, Blake and Billy looked down at the longest cocks in the room, pointed upward in their high angle, gripped tight in Blake's hand with only seconds to go before they exploded.

“Aw fuck, my nuts are killin' me,” gasped Billy as he really slapped his dicks around on Sean's face, squirming his nuts into the boy's hair. He felt like he was about to blow his load again too. “I'm gonna shoot 'em, Sean. Gonna jizz off in your face, man.” Sean moaned against the dicks, moving his head around against the kid's churning balls.

Blake quickly felt Ryan's nuts pull up in his hand too as he held them tightly and worked Ryan's cocks to the brink, the cockheads flared wide, the shafts like steel. The boy's hard baseball nuts were pressed tight to the base of his bats. “Feels like these fuckin' nads are gonna bust, kid. Gimme that chunky load, Ryan. Piss that fuckin' dickcream out on me, buddy.”

Seconds later, Ryan did. He drew a long deep breath, screwed up his awesome face, and gave out a long whine. “I'm gonna spit it up, dudes. Here … it … comes!” Blake felt the boy's nuts snap out of his slippery fingers and pop right up into the kid, and a split-second later Ryan pitched his first fastballs. Blake got smacked it in the forehead and hair with the sizzling whiz as he jacked up and down Ryan's boners with a fury, his hand filling with a fistful of Ryan's thick, pungent athlete cream. More piercing jets splattered across Blake's neck, and then several more long ropes of the baseball player's heavy sportcream splashed up his chest and studded his shoulders and arms in big white dense splotches.

“Aw fuuuck,” they heard Sean suddenly splutter through a massive pool of Billy's steaming mess as the boy cracked his nuts and humped and creamed over the kid's lips and chin. Billy lurched and bent back upright as more shots streaked up Ryan's back and splashed over his shoulders. Sean reached up weakly and grabbed Billy's spasming boners, milking out more of the boy's second load as Billy kept spraying.

Blake also continued to whack out Ryan's endless rounds of boyblow. Ryan showered him in it, hammering out wad after wad of spurting teensperm that rocketed out and cascaded down Blake's chest in strong white rivers. And Blake just kept working the horny smelling stuff out of Ryan's long slender boners, making him spasm and jerk as he spit out the last bullets of his thick, globby fratspunk.

Finally both Ryan and Billy were done getting the last blobs of teenglue kneaded from their rods. Fuck, there was sperm everywhere, mostly over all the boys. The air reeked of it. Soon Blake reached beside him and picked up his still-damp bathtowel and took up the job of mopping the sperm up off all the boys as best he could, but it was obvious everyone needed another shower tonight after getting soaked in so much boycream.

“That was the best,” Blake said as he whiffed at his towel, getting off on the rich powerful smell of a pint of fresh young teenage fratkid jizz. “Dudes, if it's okay with you, I really wanna do this again sometime.”

There was a short pause before the other three burst out laughing and dragged him into a pile. The naked kids wrestled in the rest of the sperm awhile before they all dragged each other off the bed and headed toward the shower. There'd be no more tossing the handlotion bottle from bed to bed in the dark every night. And the ruler fell to the floor.

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