Moving forward

by West

 When Brandon’s life takes an unexpected turn, his new roommate turns it around once again.

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I saw the moving truck pull up next to my building. Today marked the first day I’d have a roommate after my wife took off and left me. He seemed like the perfect match for what I was looking for, just a guy with similar interests and great housekeeping skills. As the movers started to unpack the truck I saw a luxury coupe pull into the driveway, a few moments later the man I’d be living with (that sounded weird to say) stepped out. Instead of watching from the porch like a creep I slipped my shoes on and went out the door to greet him.

“Hey! Glad you made it in one piece, now the real fun begins.” I liked to be direct and could tell George appreciated it.

“Brandon, hi, it’s so good to finally meet you in person, you look even better than I imagined!” It was weird when he said that, because I felt this sort of staticky feeling in his words. But it was true, I was gifted with godly genetics from birth and I was sort of glad George complimented me on it. Hours went by as we finished unloading his stuff and placing it where it needed to be. During it all he kept referring to me as “babe” and “stud” which if I had to admit turned me on more than it should. He slipped away to make dinner, which he insisted he do as some sort of good luck thing. It smelled amazing, he must have bought groceries on his way over because there was no way I had anything to make something that smelled as good as this.

He also insisted on making a toast, which I enthusiastically agreed to. “A toast to you and I. For guaranteed friendship and good times ahead. To our journey together without the need for women!” There was that tingle again. I shook it off and raised my glass, only just now noticing how attractive George was. Man did I score with a hot roommate. Wait what? What was I saying, I wasn’t gay, or at least didn’t think I was. The next second whatever I was thinking was gone, and I looked back at the hottie in my house.

“That was amazing George, I’m so excited to get to know you better.” Another toast before we dug into dinner. As we cleared our plates I gave my compliments to the chef; “That meal was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever eaten, you really know how to cook.”

“Well, I’m relieved you enjoyed it. But just wait until you get a taste of me for dessert.” He whipped around and embraced me, which I now openly accepted. His muscles felt strong and tight against my body, he felt good, it felt safe. Whatever he was saying really got to me in a way I’d never experienced before. George bent down to introduce his lips to mine, and shortly after stripped my clothes all the way off. I didn’t even hesitate with it, I wanted him to do it, do anything to me. He took a look at my body and said, “Damn Bran, you really are one good looking stud. I can tell you put a lot of work into your body, you must have spent at least 5 hours at the gym each day to get that level of definition and tone. I’m impressed, but you’re still no match for me!” And he flexed his entire body, shredding out of his own clothes. He was right, I was pretty big myself thanks to years of dedication but he was like 30% bigger than me. My eyes moved to the base of his dick, and yeah, he was gifted down there too. I accidentally let out, “I wish my dick was as big as yours.”

Before realizing what I said, George spoke back, “Why would you want your dick to be smaller? You’re already way bigger than me down here,” He said as he gave my 7.4 inch softy a stroke. Yeah it was true, ever since I was 16 my dick was huge and I loved it. It felt so good feeling its size in my hands as I jacked off to some hot guys. I took this time to reach my hand down to his dick, still very much bigger-than-average-by-a-lot 5.8 inches and gave it a good tug. George responded with a sexy grunt and a dick that was growing harder by the second. I continued to stroke him with increasing effort as his dick stuck straight out rock hard from his groin, about 9.1 inches long and torpedo shaped. I got on my knees and started tracing my tongue across his pronounced abs, working my way down to his dick and pulled my mouth over the whole thing.

“You really know how to get a man worked up, Bran. I just know you can take all of me.” George’s voice entered my ears as the static feeling coursed through my body. I pushed my mouth all the way down his big shaft to the base of big balls, my tongue doing wonders to pleasure every inch of him. In the meantime my hands were feeling up his muscular bubble butt; really working to move the big globes of muscle around, occasionally sticking my finger inside his warm hole. He came with an unexpected amount of force, but I was talented in sucking dick, I eagerly drank all his rod offered up and finished with a big gulp.

“I don’t know what it is about your spunk, George, but it’s refreshing.” I said after wiping my mouth clean.

“Well, it has been known to sate thirst and hunger as well as make whoever drinks it a bit more perfect.” buzz That sounded about right, my needs were filled from his homemade filling. And that last part? I wouldn’t doubt a thing George said, so I was eager to see what it would perfect about me. I already thought I was hot as fuck.

It was George’s turn to get on his knees, only he wasn’t going to suck me off. Or at least his mouth wasn’t. It was strange because I didn’t peg him to be a bottom, but I was more than happy to penetrate him. I worked my foot of meat slowly inside his ass and pushed my way balls deep. “Goddamn you feel so nice, it feels like you have two of those in me.” George sounded exhausted, and I couldn’t help but feel confused. He had to have known I was born with two dicks right? I mean he just complimented how big they were less than an hour ago. Anyway both my dicks were easily sliding in and out of his ass, all of our muscles working in unison for maximum pleasure. “I’m gonna cum!” I barely gave him enough warning as I pulled one dick out of him and simultaneously released my load both inside him and all over his wide back. And I’m pretty sure I looked a little bigger, it must have been George’s magic cum.

“Fuck Brandon, you are really skilled with that body of yours. You had me feeling things I’d never felt before. Amazing things!” I was almost blushing, how did my roommate end up being both handsome and sweet as hell? Call it luck I guess. As I started putting my clothes back on I noticed they were tighter than before, just a bit but still noticeable. And it also felt like I was taller than before, based on the fact I was now eye level with George’s warm smile. He must have been 6’3 which would put me around 6’1. My roommate’s cum grew me 3 inches taller with a single serving. That was something I could get used to.


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