Mirror, mirror on the wall

by Double-U

 That new mirror in his cocky, built roommate’s bathroom has some unexpected features.

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My fingers fumbled with the front door keys as I tried to hurry into the warmth. I was caught off guard when the door swung open, just barely missing my forehead.

He practically ran me over on the way to his car, which was parked on the side of the street. I winced as I got a big whiff of his cologne. He didn’t even bother looking back as he said, “Later, skinny—off to get laid.”

I rolled my eyes. I have to admit, I was attracted to him—and had all the traits of a jock. He was smoking hot, had powerful and compact bod, not to mention a beautiful jawline, and confidence for days… but he was also cocky—the definition of a meathead. But he had money, and that’s what truly mattered. Especially with rent so high.

Warm air was a nice change after an eight-hour shift, mostly outside. My fingers barely cooperated unzipping my heavy winter coat, which kept me warm, but almost too well. My uniform clung to my chest, covered in sweat.

The living room was quiet. You could only hear the subtle ticking of the old grandfather clock in the corner. Dim light from the street lights leaked in through the blinds. I loved having the apartment all to myself. And it was pretty likely that my roommate won’t be back until tomorrow.

I was pretty hungry, but also smelly. After a few seconds of debate, a hot shower won over a bowl of chicken soup. My bathroom was currently without water—its water pipe burst yesterday, and we are waiting on the plumber. So I guessed that meant using my roommate’s bathroom for the next while.

The hot water was a godsend, fighting off the chill that had nested in the deep corners of my body. After drying off, I stand there, looking at my reflection, through a large square mirror that hung above the sink.

I always hated seeing my reflection. I always tried to avoid looking, but especially after a shower, it was unavoidable. My sky-blue eyes were the only part of me that I truly loved. Everything else was just okay… But, with working as often as I did, it was hard to motivate myself to put in the time at the gym, or even eat healthier.

My chest was as flat as an ironing board—my pecs were non-existent. My arms were straw-like, having no definition whatsoever. And the frequent trips to fast food places didn’t help my thigh situation.

My reflection seemed to glare back at me, judgingly. I had to look away. My eyes locked on to an empty cardboard box that laid against the wall in the corner. From the looks of it, it was an empty box for new mirror. He must have put it up recently.

Upon closer examination of the mirror, there seemed to be a lot of finger prints scattered about its surface. And now that I was looking, I noticed a small, red LED light in the bottom corner.

Curious, I brought my finger to the red LED light and gave it a tap. Why else would this mirror have so many finger prints on it?

The small red light turned green, and a loading symbol popped up in the center of the mirror. My eyes grew wide, wondering how much this new shiny piece of tech cost. It was practically a huge, touch screen mirror.

A small green notification appeared on the screen:


After a few seconds, the notification slid to the top corner of the mirror where it met two other buttons: “REVERT TO BASE PERSONA” and “SAVE PERSONA AS…” And just like that, there was a pulsing START button in the center of the mirror, eagerly waiting for a tap.

I brought my hand up slow. My mind raced, thinking about what the purpose of this device was. Some kind of tv or monitor? My finger made contact with the start button, and it quickly faded away and was replaced with a short menu.

The first option in the list read: “PRESET PERSONAS.” I gave it a tap.

I was confused when the presets populated into the menu. What was this?






My cock was getting harder by the minute. I decided to just go for it. All in. I was feeling the need to blow off some stress with a little porn, pressing the PORN STAR option.

What the hell? My reflection was gone. Vanished. All I saw the wall of towels behind me.

And just like that, it reappeared a few seconds later. But it was different. Surprised, I jumped backward, my back hitting the wall behind me.

I leaned back and forth, watching my reflection follow my every move. The eyes that were staring back at me were my sky-blue eyes. I still looked like myself, but it was like a version from a different reality. And let’s be clear, I was still my same pathetic self. It was only my reflection in the mirror that changed.

My reflection was… drop dead gorgeous—and packing some serious muscle. I mean, the guy in the mirror was a full-blown porn star. His pecs ballooned out, and had the perfect valley in between. They were massive and curvy, pushing outward, and were perfectly sculpted. His torso was meaty—his back muscles going on for days. What I wouldn’t do to wrap my arms around that wide frame.

Beneath them, were eight perfectly cut abs. I inhaled and exhaled, watching his stomach expand and compact.

There was a slight pleasure trail leading down from his belly button to his gargantuan sized cock. Yupp, he was definitely porn star material.

He had a slight five-o’clock shadow, which highlighted his soft jawline. I ran my fingers over my smooth chin, but watched my reflection as his fingers made contact with the perfectly groomed stubble.

It was surreal. He looked just like me—down to the softer sky-blue eyes, height, and facial structure. He even had the same birthmarks and freckles. But his muscles expanded outward, way farther out than mine ever would. Maybe if I worked out for the next five years…

I moved my hand up to my chest, watching him follow my every move. Watching his muscles shift under his skin, all working together in one motion. I practically came as his hand made contact with his massive pecs. And that was that. My hand raced to my cock, pumping it faster and faster. I watched as he did the same, which only made me hornier.

My growling stomach tore me away from my hotter twin in the mirror. I had to eat something.

After I threw on some clothes and satisfied by angry stomach, I returned to the bathroom, thirsty for more. I guess I never cleared out the mirror, because my reflection was still the porn star version. But this time, he wore an identical tee shirt and sweat pants that I had on. His tee-shirt hugged his lats and round shoulders. I moved my arms around to give myself a quick show. I even made a muscle to see his sleeves strain.

“Should I try a body builder next? That would be hot…” I thought.

I tried to go back, but a notification appeared on the mirror: “ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO CLOSE PERSONA?” and provided the following options.



Initiate persona? I tilted my head. I whispered the options to myself. I tapped “NO, INITIATE PERSONA” because why the hell not?

There was a flash of white light that blinded me for a second. I fell back, my hand trying to brace my fall. My back ran into the towel rack, saving me from hitting the marble floor. I regained my balance, my sight slowly returning.

“Oh crap, did I break it? My roommate is gonna freak,” I panicked.

But no. It’s fine. After a quick check at the mirror, it’s operating normally. My porn star reflection still stood there, mirroring my every move. That’s was enough excitement for one day. I found the green power light in the corner and turn off the mirror.

Well, it was time for my daily ritual of some mindless tv before bed. I left the bathroom, careful to leave it spotless.

My shirt felt kind of tight—funny. I didn’t remember it being …

“Holy mother fucking crap. What happened to my body? I’m… I’m… him!?! The reflection? Me as a porn star! Holy crap!” I was so excited, I pretty much screamed it.

My shirt was now snug against my two powerful pecs. It wrapped tightly around my waist, no extra room to spare. I rubbed my hands up the sides of my torso, feeling my lats—and perfect v shaped chest. And not to mention—my heavily defined arms! I made muscle after muscle with my two guns, feeling my new biceps push out.

My hands were on auto-pilot—trying to feel every muscle at once. And of course, the strange, new sensation of being padded all over was exhilarating.

I had to get these clothes off. Pronto.

And that wasn’t even the best part. Peeling off my sweat pants revealed my dick. It was huge—and it stood straight up. My mind was racing—it was flooded in endorphins and was hungry for some action. I managed to run into my bed room, feeling my new weight shake the floor.

I started with stroking my ten-inch porn star cock. Faster and faster. My hips swaying back and forth. At the peak, my mind was transported to another world—lost in euphoria. It seemed to last forever. As soon as I climaxed, I seem to begin to climax again. And again. Time even seemed to slow down, or speed up, or a combination of both. I wasn’t too sure.

When I calmed down, like ten minutes later, I looked down at my body—my porn star-like body. I seemed to always be horny, obviously because this was like my dream, only real.

I was interrupted again by my growling stomach. It must have been my new muscles demanding calories. I threw back on those cloths. The feeling of them clinging onto my powerful body.

I walked slowly to the kitchen, feeling the floor shake with each step. This was fucking awesome. After deciding on some leftover pizza, I sat down on my cushion-y ass. One hand was always on my body at all times—I seemed to default to rubbing my abs, while the other held the slice of pizza.

A quiet squeak took me out of my muscle daze. It was the front door. My roommate was never home this early!

The door swung open, my roommate entered the living room. My mind froze. Oh crap.

We locked eyes. His face stayed neutral as his eyes scanned me up and down. My heart was pounding in my chest. He took off his jacket and began walking over to his room, as if nothing was the matter.

“Dude, I…” I didn’t know what to say. I stood and began to follow him, as he vanished inside his bed room.

I rounded the corner into his bed room, and began to say, “Eric, I’m sorry man. I just…” but was interrupted by a flash of white light coming from his bathroom—the one with the mirror. I froze. This is gonna be bad. Did he want to fight me? Honestly, I had no idea how he would react.

He appeared from the bathroom—he was massive. “Hey there, sexy. Tried out the mirror, huh? Porn star preset?” He nodded. “Nice.” His muscles were three times larger than before. He ripped off his tee and raised his eye brows. A grin appeared on his face. “I prefer to customize my persona.” He instinctively flexed his pecs. He slid his hands down the front of his naked body.

He walked closer to me; my body still frozen, not expecting what might happen. He brought his warm hands up underneath my tight shirt, feeling my abs. All while focusing on my eyes. He then ripped my shift clean off.

He brought his mouth to my ear, whispering, “Let’s see what you can do with your new upgrades.”

That night was the best night of my life.


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