Magic ass

by BRK

 Shy Dave has an ass that isn’t just amazing—it’s magical, and Joey is determined to make sure he knows it.

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“You don't realize what a great ass you have,” Joey said.

“C'mon,” said Dave, grinning shyly to reveal dimples.

They had just met at a birthday party for Dave's downstairs neighbor Steve, who was also Joey's coworker. It was still fairly early, but the party was small and most everyone was in the living room. Joey and David were alone in the kitchen, getting acquainted over the two-liter soda bottles and melting ice.

Dave had self-deprecatingly mentioned that he hadn't had much luck finding the right guy since he moved to New York after graduating from Texas A&M. Joey was not the kind of guy to mince words.

“For real,” Joey insisted. “You may think you got nothing going for you, but the fact is you're cute as hell, and you got an ass to die for.”

Dave looked up at Joey (he was a big guy, six-four), his blue eyes glinting, shifting color with his mood. Joey stared into them, fascinated. Dave glanced quickly down Joey's bod, taking in the carefully selected snug- fitting gray tee shirt and not-so-new jeans, which showed off Joey's lanky but well-muscled torso and long well-built legs, then looked away.

“Thanks, but—” Dave muttered, abashed.

Joey moved closer to Dave, very close, so that his crotch brushed Dave's left hand. “For real,” Joey said again. “Feel what your ass is doing to me. Feel it.”

Dave, mortified yet unable to do anything but comply, moved his hand just enough so that the back of his hand was pressed lightly against the fly of Joey's worn 501s. Through the thin fabric he felt a thick hard cock. Dave's mouth opened in amazement—it felt big, very big. As he did, Joey moved his hand behind Dave, firmly cupping Dave's round, hard left butt-cheek. As he did so Joey's big hard on throbbed against the back of Dave's hand.

“I gotta have it,” Joey breathed suddenly.

Dave gulped, not daring to look at Joey. “I live upstairs,” he whispered.

“Let's go.” Within seconds they'd slipped out and were heading up to Dave's apartment, Joey's eyes riveted on Dave's ass as they went upstairs, his mouth watering and his dick pumping in his jeans.

They stood beside Dave's futon, the air charged with excitement. Seemingly without an effort, without Dave's even realizing it, Joey was naked. Dave breathed in sharply. He was well tanned, smooth but with a light coating of dark hair. Tall, very tall, Joey looked even lankier naked: his legs were long and muscular, the hair a touch heavier; his long torso narrowing rapidly from broad shoulders and stiff, proud, naturally large pecs into long abs and a narrow waist, the dark pleasure trail obscured by a wrist-thick, rock-hard boner pointing almost straight up and curving very slightly in. Dave felt a sudden wave of anxiety. He'd never been fucked before, much less by anything that big. He clenched his glutes self-consciously.

Joey closed the distance between him, nimbly unbuttoning Dave's shirt even as their lips met and they seemed to melt into one another. Dave's anxiety melted away, forgotten. Before he knew it his jeans were on the floor about his feet and he was naked too, his own long straight cock titanium hard and listing to the left, the way it always did. Joey enveloped him with his big heavy arms and broad torso, his club humping Dave's firm abs, their mouths locked together in a deep sweet mouth-fuck.

Gently Joey maneuvered Dave onto his back across the bedspread, the old double bed creaking very slightly, still kissing each other hard and deep. Then the broke the kiss and Joey loomed over him, radiating desire and lust. Dave moved his legs up over Joey's shoulders. They looked pale next to Joey's deep tan, but the feel of Joey's thick muscles and light body hair against his legs made him draw another deep breath. He felt Joey's hard, heavy cock pressing ponderously, impatiently, against his virgin hole.

Dave steeled himself. “Go ahead,” he whispered, looking deep into Joey's eyes. But those eyes glinted back at him as Joey smiled down at him. “Not yet,” he said.

Quick as a flash Joey ducked between Dave's legs. At first he thought Joey was going to suck him—that, at least, he'd experienced—but he was unprepared for the onslaught of pleasure that rocked him because of what Joey really did, which was to start caressing Dave's clean tight hole with his tongue, ministering to Dave's wonderful ass. Dave was overcome with pleasure as Joey's talented tongue and full lips massaged his most sensitive tissues—first around the hole and then into the hole itself, yielding a spasm of pleasure.

Too soon it was over, and Joey was looming over him again, grinning, a light sheen of sweat on his brow and across his shoulders. Joey spotted, embarrassingly close at hand on the night table, a tube of lube, and he grabbed it, spread some on the fingers of his right hand, and began massaging Dave's ass with his hand. “Man, you have the best ass,” he murmured, slowly pressing his index finger into the supertight hole. “I wish you knew how awesome this feels, just doing this,” he said.

As Joey's finger felt nothing short of incredible in his ass, Dave could only reply, “It feels awesome for me too, dude.” He leaned up for Joey to kiss him and he obliged, still fucking him with his big index finger, as Dave caressed his broad back. Then, abruptly, the finger was gone; Joey shifted but kept his lips locked on Dave's, their tongues dancing with each other, as he moved his lubed cock against Dave's primed hole and slowly, relentlessly, started to push it in.

Dave thought he'd been close to ecstasy before, but now the sensation of this sexual dream man pushing his thick clublike cock irresistibly into his supertight ass, even as his startlingly long tongue caressed Dave's hot mouth, put him over the edge. His body flooded with pleasure, suffusing every nerve, cell, and muscle—and every new inch of that cock inside his furnace- hot ass, fighting the muscular walls of his virgin rectum, kicked him deeper into raw sexual nirvana.

And it didn't stop. Inch after inch of hot bonehard cock pushed deeper and deeper into him, electrifying him, submerging him deeper and deeper into an ocean of pleasure, and they kissed wildly, four hands caressing two hot bodies, and Dave's only coherent thought was: Too soon to cum—too soon to cum… He could feel a massive quantity of glede-hot cum welling up in his balls, but it was too soon—Joey was still, impossibly, pushing more and more cock into his hungry, still-tight ass. Without breaking his kiss Dave looked down to see the last two inches shoved into him, finally bringing Joey's downy pubes against Dave's.

Joey now started to fuck, slowly at first and progressively faster, but even though he'd shoved it all in it felt to Dave like each thrust pushed that monster cock deeper and deeper inside him, increasing his pleasure exponentially. Dave started to fuck him hard, and they kissed wildly, rocketing toward climax. Joey grabbed Dave's long cock with his lubed hand and gave him just a few short strokes before he came hard, shooting cum onto their chins as they kissed and past their heads onto the bedspread and pillows. Joey's muscular body quivered and he started to pull out—and out—and out—his eyes wide, his body aflame, until finally his cock was all the way out and with a wrenching shudder he came, and again, and again, and again, spraying cum all over Dave and his bed as if from a firehose, until he collapsed heavily on top of Dave, lying there barely conscious for a long time.

Finally they both started to wake up. Dave rolled over onto his back. “That was, by far, the best fuck I've ever head. You have a magic ass.”

Dave was staring at Joey's cock. “You may not be kidding,” he whispered, awed. Joey looked down and gasped. His cock, still more than half-hard after their intense fuck, was easily almost twice the size it had been before, lying thick and obscene across Joey's elongated abs. “Fucking A!” he said, sitting up and watching the monstrous cock flop onto his thigh. He lifted it up in amazement, then gasped again as he started at his hands—the index finger of his right hand was longer that it had been: now it was a touch longer than his middle finger.

They both stared, then their eyes met. Without speaking Dave glanced down at Joey's mouth. Slowly, Joey extended his tongue out of his mouth, first a little, then a little more, then a little more. Grinning suddenly Dave leaned over and took the tongue into his mouth for a hot, sloppy kiss. Then they both leaned back, Joey still absently stroking his oversized cock. “I guess I wasn't kidding,” he breathed.

Dave couldn't say anything—he was overwhelmed. This was beyond fantasy.

Finally he said, “How does it feel?”

“Fucking hot,” Joey said, half in a daze of pleasure. “This cock feels better just lying around half-hard than the old one did in full orgasm!”

“Fuck,” Dave said. He eyes the monster pensively. “I wonder if it'll return to normal,” he said.

Joey turned his head sharply to look up at him with a grin. “In that case,” he said, a wicked light in his eyes, “I'll have to come back for another dose!”

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