by Maximalist

In a future full of genetics-shaping possibilities, disgraced scientist Alexander Dickinson is offered a singular opportunity for redemption: a chance to salvage the very deep-space project he’d deliberately sabotaged by filling it full of gay hyper-muscle growth porn.

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Part 1 In a future full of genetics-shaping possibilities, disgraced scientist Alexander Dickinson is offered a singular opportunity for redemption: a chance to salvage the very deep-space project he’d deliberately sabotaged by filling it full of gay hyper-muscle growth porn.
Part 2 Alexander is shipped off to 14 Herculis c III to deal with the Ark activation crisis. Before he gets there, however, his body needs to be extensively upgraded, a task handled en route by a helpful A.I. named Ganimede. (added: 18 May 2024)
Part 3 Alexander and his AI helper Ganimede reach the sexiformed planet. But are they alone? (added: 25 May 2024)
Part 4 Alexander and Ganimede meet the being in charge on the planet of musclemen. (added: 1 Jun 2024)
Part 5 Alexander learns how the men of the planet feed and grow each other. But does he need more friends there with him? (added: 8 Jun 2024)
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Author’s Note

Jötnar are giants in Norse mythology. They are often notably large and may be described as exceedingly beautiful or alarmingly grotesque.


Part 1

“Good morning, Dr. Dickinson.”

I eyed the man in front of me and I immediately labelled him as a handsome young asshole who thinks he runs the world. Aged 27 at most, tall, beefy, mostly muscle, the kind of well-fed boy you rarely see these days, with food rations going on. His suit was well-tailored, brand new, probably expensive, which was another uncommon thing.

“How may I help you, young man?” I asked with mock solicitude.

The prison guard behind me was tense, he knew me to be provocative and he wanted to make sure I didn’t get any funny ideas. The young man in his expensive suit didn’t react.

“I’m here to offer you a job. And a way out of prison. How does that sound?”

“Too good to be true,” I replied flatly.

“Do you remember the Ark Project, Dr. Dickinson?” said the young man, booting up a small tablet.

“The very reason I am here? How could I forget?”

“Technically, sabotaging this multibillion-dollar project that would have ensured the survival of humanity is what got you in prison. Not the project per se,” the young man answered brashly.

Ark Project … that could have been the fucking pinnacle of my career at N.O.A.H. Automated spaceships containing DNA material of all that ever lived on Earth along with archives and means to terraform and start colonies on other planets. I designed a way to bypass the biggest problem of sending living beings through space by sending a library of blueprints along with an automated assembly line. I spent years working on it and it all went to shit a few days before the launch. N.O.A.H. had revised the content of the Arks’ humanity boot up sequence behind my back. Their version promoted creationism; erased diversity to create a white cis-straight society based on corporate culture and capitalism. Decades of social evolution negated, my own work ransacked by close-minded assholes. They would transcend space and just make the same mistake we did here.

I couldn’t accept it, not after everything we lived through, not after working so hard to offer humanity a better chance. I used my administrator access, disabled the activation triggers of the humanity boot up sequence and replaced N.O.A.H.’s plan for humanity with porn. Gay porn. Gay hyper muscle porn. Hundred thousand petabytes of muscle and penis morphs, drawing of hyper muscular men, video of muscle growth. Muscle growth stories and articles to the glory of bigophilia and sthenolagnia. I thought that was a pretty funny way of saying fuck you. No one realized until the 150 arks had left earth orbit. The rest is quite well documented: the spectacular trial; my sentence to a lifetime of prison; N.O.A.H. posing as a victim; painting themselves as earth’s champion trampled and ridiculed by a deranged man. They used that image of martyr to appeal to the public opinion’s sympathies and become one of the most powerful firms in the whole world…

“Oh, I see! You’re from N.O.A.H. aren’t you?” I chuckled.

“Yes, and we believe no one is beyond redemption. I’m here to give you the chance to make things right. One of the Arks activated.”

“That’s impossible,” I said flatly. “I disabled the activation triggers.”

“We are very aware of that, Dr.Dickinson. Yet, Ark 86, the one orbiting 14 Herculis c III activated. We received the activation report from the Ark’s quantic node,” he said, handing me the tablet.

We cannot really communicate with Arks, distance prevents it, so does time relativity: at high velocity and low gravity, time flows differently. A journey of several months for an Ark is like a dozen years here. Quantic nodes were designed to let us know when an Ark activates by transmitting a huge flux of data almost instantly through a quantum entanglement. But it’s a good old single-shot musket. It only works once and in a single way. Once the quantic node has sent his report, the Ark is on its own to start terraforming and creating a human settlement.

On the tablet, the whole activation report was displayed. I couldn’t believe my eyes. There was not the shadow of a doubt that this data was genuine. Against all odds one of the Arks had booted up.

“This came in yesterday. The ark will terraform 14 Herculis c III and descend on it to start a settlement. But in its state we’re afraid the only Ark to ever work will eventually fail if the archive isn’t restored,” he said, taking back the tablet.

“And how do you plan to do that?” I asked.

He dialled up a number on the tablet and handed it back to me. Almost immediately the recipient picked up the video call. I knew the face way too well. Adrian Foster, current CEO of N.O.A.H., my former boss, the man who betrayed me and that I decided to fuck over.

“Hello Alexander, I wish I’d come to see you but, alas, my schedule didn’t allow it.”

“Hello, Adrian. I never thought I’d have the pleasure to see you again.”

“I suppose Matt has updated you on the very particular circumstances we’re facing… We believe no one is beyond redemption.” I cringed upon hearing that sentence word for word again.

“Yeah, your minion told me. What is your plan?” I asked.

“We will have to send someone physically to replace the Ark’s archive. It’ll be a one-way trip. You’re the only one with sufficient knowledge of the arks to do it.”

“More like I’m the only one you wanna spend on a suicide mission,” I shot back. “Besides, how is that even possible? The whole point of the Arks was because space exodus is impossible with living beings.”

“One of our top scientists came up with a solution, he’ll fill you in himself… Redemption doesn’t come easy you know… Though I’m not even sure you think you did something wrong.”

“Guilty as charged,” I smiled.

Adrian sighed.

“Think of it as your way out of prison, the occasion to see that project you loved so much through and to be remembered as something other than a degenerate serving time for a practical joke gone wrong.”

“Let’s say I agree…what next?”

“Matt, my ‘minion,’ will take you to our main lab and you’ll be leaving Earth the day after tomorrow,” he answered.

I stared blankly at the screen, wrapping my head around all that. I glanced at Matt, he was typing stuff on his smartphone. I couldn’t shake the feeling that this handsome goon had been handpicked to appeal to me. Adrian knew hot guys were my soft spot … if he was desperate enough to stoop that low, things were serious. I might have the leverage to turn this deal in my favor. Though to be fair, anything would have been better than rotting here, even working with those people.

“I’ll do it,” I said.

“I knew you would. I’ll see you tonight,” Adrian said softly, failing to hide how relieved he was.

Adrian hung up, I turned my attention back to the guys across the table. He finished typing and looked at me with a fake smile.

“Paperwork for your transfer in our custody has been taken care of. Let’s go.”

“Is that a regular procedure? Is it even legal?” I asked.

“No and not really. But there’s little we can’t do these days. “ he said.

He handed me a paper bag. Inside it was a pair of jeans and a plain black t-shirt in along with sneakers. There was also a little plastic pouch with soap shampoo, razor and so on. Quality stuff, the sort only very wealthy people can afford those days.

“You have half an hour to take a shower and change into civilian clothes. I’ll wait for you outside,” Matt said.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Once I was showered and clean-shaven, I took a long hard look at my naked 42-year-old body in the mirror. After 10 years in prison, I was even less than the shadow of myself. Back when I worked for N.O.A.H. I was filthy rich, I could afford food and genetic therapy. I spliced monthly and used custom steroids cocktails, at my peak I was 5’9, 286 pounds of muscles, with an 11’’ wrist thick cock and donkey balls. I now stood at the same height, but I was barely 143 pounds, my dick had reverted to 7’’. Without proper care and nutrition, my skin had aged poorly and my hair was dull grayish brown. I put on the clothes Matt had given me. They were a bit too big on me but they were so soft and comfortable. I was grateful. I’d never thought I’d leave that hell hole of a prison.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The ride from the prison lasted several hours. Not that I had anything to complain about. The large electric car Matt drove was the comfiest thing I had experienced in a decade. seeing the outside world, even in its current state, the white noise of the car, I eventually dozed off, and slept well for the first in a while.

I was expecting a tower in a huge city or a vast building in the suburbs, instead we arrived at a security check in the middle of nowhere and after we cleared it we drove down a slope and through a vast tunnel heading deeper underground. I chuckled. What a bad sci-fi cliché! N.O.A.H. had always been a bit tacky but that took the cake!

The tunnel was a dead end with a platform facing a hangar-type door. Matt slowly drove on the platform, the car shook slightly as shoes locked the wheels. We both exited the car. I watched as the large hangar door opened and the platform moved the car through to store it in a huge shelf-like underground parking. Matt led me to a small almost unnoticeable door on the side and badged to open it. Behind it was a bright vast room with hardwood floor and white walls and a ceiling diffusing a natural light. A massive oak counter sat at one end. Behind it three receptionists were either attending to the scarce people here or taking phone calls. On the side was a waiting lounge, with wood and white minimalist furniture. As we approached the lounge, a tall muscular Middle-Eastern-looking man rose to greet us. Definitely handpicked by Adrian to butter me up, figuratively speaking unfortunately, because as we got closer I realized how stunning the man was.

“Good afternoon Dr. Darwish, here is Dr. Dickinson,” said Matt.

“Right on time,” the man smiled.

“I’ll leave you with Dr. Darwish. Godspeed,” Matt said bowing his head curtly.

“Thanks,” I answered.

I watched the young man walk back the way we came in and turned my attention to Dr. Darwish. The man was tall, at least 6’5 I barely reached his neck. I was sure Dr. Darwish was a more than competent man, N.O.A.H. only hired the elite but I also couldn’t shake the suspicion he had been picked for the same reason as Matt: he was gorgeous, and Adrian knew it would put me in better dispositions. He must have been somewhere around 35 years old, his clothes gave away a very athletic body, the muscles bulged noticeably under his shirt, his angular face was made even sharper with short well-kept stubble, he had strong features and luminous eyes. I wondered how much of that Adonis had been genetically engineered or edited. As we shook hands, the soft and powerful contact with his perfect skin awoke something I hadn’t felt in 10 years: arousal.

“I’m Dr. Ajmal Darwish, I asked Adrian to work with you on the Ark86 support mission.”

“Pleased to meet you.”

“It’s an honour to meet you in the flesh. I’ve always been impressed by your works,” he said.

“Well, I haven’t done much lately,” I said.

“Your work on the Ark is enough for a lifetime,” he said

“Enough for a lifetime sentence… “ I mumbled. “Adrian mentioned one of his top scientists designed a solution to carry living beings across the galaxy. I take it he was referring to you,” I added.

“That would be the first time I’m called a top and a scientist in the same sentence, how flattering!”

I fought my libidinous inner self very hard not to engage the gorgeous man, hoping he would carry on.

“Well … uh … anyways, yes that would be me. I had been toying with the idea to turn medical pods into hibernation pods for space travel. It’d drastically cut on resources and room needed for those trips. Not to mention it’d also take care of health issues and prevent any form of space dementia or cabin fever,” Ajmal happily explained.

“Wow. I tried, years ago and never managed to make it to work for an extended period of time,” I said, genuinely impressed.

“Medical pods have been through drastic improvement over the last few years. They’re embedded with genetic therapy technology and can synthesize any chemical compounds they’d need on their own; or even produce nanite-base treatments. Their energy consumption has been optimized but we still need so much energy to just sustain one pod, not to mention a space travelling one. Plus they still cost a fortune and are uncommon items… hum. Sorry. I get carried away when I talk about that and we’re sort of in a hurry. This way.” He invited me to follow him.

He grabbed a backpack contrasting with his sleek outfit from the floor, it made me smile as the man suddenly looked a lot more dorkish than a few minutes ago. He made his way to the counter, I followed behind taking advantage of the situation to take a good look at his perky ass. I was so focused on the sight of his gluteus maximus covered with tight jeans that I didn’t bother to listen to his conversation with the receptionist.

“We’re clear to leave for the lab,” he said to me smiling.

“I thought this was the lab,” I said.

Ajmal gave me the shit-eating grin of someone who knew I was in for a surprise. We went through a doorway right next to the desk. We walked through a long corridor, it had several flights of stairs leading us deeper and deeper in the facility. The end of the corridor was a rubber accordion pressing against a metal surface with a door. It took me a moment to realize that this whole thing was a jetway, but it made no sense to have a private jet at this depth. We entered a small lush lounge with only two egg-shaped chairs facing a curved wall. This was definitely not a private jet: the whole curved wall was an armored window, a large screen that looked exactly like a transparent surface when turned on. We were in some kind of shuttle, the place was just a transit to the actual facility. We sat in the chairs, Ajmal was looking around with an amused look on his face while I looked around mildly shocked wondering how deep the actual facility was.

“Private luxury shuttle. We are getting the VIP treatment. I guess Adrian really wants to impress you.”

“I bet. I’ve never heard of such a remote high-security secret lab.”

“It opened three years ago, it was sort of a big event. The media wouldn’t shut up about it.”

“I didn’t really follow N.O.A.H.’s actualities… I avoided them altogether, to be honest.”

“Understandable. By the way, those shuttles are off com, they are used for conversations requiring the utmost secrecy. I was briefed on the situation in one of those actually.”

Ajmal said as he rummaged through his backpack. Eventually, he produced a small hypodermic gun and handed it to me.

“You’ll need that.”

“Damn right I do,” I said.

I immediately recognized the thing, it was a fodder shot. A mix of nanites N.O.A.H. gave to every person they recruited. Most people in the world suffered from food limitations: vitamin deficiencies, muscle degradation and other health issues were rampant. N.O.A.H. wanted all of his employees to be in top form, so they handed off those fodder shots to every newcomer. One shot meant roughly an instant 5 to 10 pounds of muscle and some severe improvement in your mood, health and looks. Too bad those are just rejuvenation nanites, once your body is at its optimal peak, they get expelled by the body, so you’ll just pee the useless extra nanites. If you wanted to be a freak, like I was, you need genetic splicing, custom nanites, steroids and overfeeding. In the meantime, that shot would do.

I grabbed the gun and shot my neck without giving it a second thought. The feeling of relief invading me was almost orgasmic. Pain in my back and joints disappeared as my muscle regained a little strength, my skin stopped itching and pulling as the nanite regenerated it. I realized Ajmal was staring at me, he extended his arm and opened his hand, in his open palm were seven full fodder shots.

“That won’t restore your legendary body but it’s a start,” he said.

I looked at him surprised. People usually avoided talking about my former body. It was so extreme, it put people ill at ease. The only people that mentioned it were the ones that were into it.

“You must have gone through a lot of trouble to get those extra shots,” I said as I loaded another shot.

“You know how N.O.A.H. tends to give its top scientists special accesses,” he said.

“I see. Anyways, I doubt people still talk about the way I looked. How do you even know about it?” I asked, shooting another load in my neck.

“Younger I was fascinated by the Arks and the fate they met. I was so amazed by someone who’d destroy his work rather than seeing it compromised. As an awkward young gay nerd, you were sort of my hero. I would dig through any website that covered the subject and at the time there were quite a few outlets gossiping about the way you looked. What I did not expect was that rabbit hole would lead me to entire threads of body mod fetishists raving about your body. That is a very weird thing to say but it sort of shaped my professional and personal trajectory. I went to work for N.O.A.H. mostly to have a chance to find the truth and hopefully carry on what you started… I never thought I’d get to meet you in the flesh.”

“What’s left of it,” I groaned.

I was almost looking like a normal healthy human being now. I gave myself the third shot looking Ajmal deep in the eye. The guy was starting to blush, his tone had changed, I got the feeling he had never said these things before.

“I had never seen that sort of thing before. I mean the way you looked at that time…. I also found a copy of the archive you uploaded before the launch… It was a revelation for me. People called you a freak but it was glorious… I wanted that for myself. So I did research on the side and I started splicing to grow muscles…”

The fourth shot got me panting. My body was starting to look athletic. My clothes fit differently. I was only around 163 pounds but that felt amazing. I was boned beyond measure, hard as a diamond, the bulge was clearly visible through my jeans. I spread my legs, I wanted Ajmal to enjoy the show.

“It’s such a primal need,” I said. “For me it started when I joined N.O.A.H. it started with one of those shots actually. I had always been weak, small, I never had enough to eat, I didn’t grow up properly. Getting one of those shots ignited something in me. A hunger for size and strength. I sneaked, like, twenty of those shots, ended up pissing away most of them. But I needed more. I needed something extreme. So I decided to turn to steroids and genetic therapy and started splicing. My family stopped talking to me because they didn’t understand. My boyfriend left me because I grossed him out once I was above 200 pounds. Back before the Devolution, bodybuilding was sort of a big thing. It fell out of favor because people started viewing it as a waste of resources. It wasn’t just my appearance that unnerved people, it’s what it implied. I was a wasteful sex deviant. Even my coworkers complained about my body size. The only reason I wasn’t expelled from N.O.A.H. was because they needed me for the Arks.”

“That’s why I admire you and also why I make sure not to get too big. I know that if I start indulging, I won’t stop and I’ll eventually get in trouble.”

I gave myself the four remaining shots one right after the other. My body started bulging, changing shape, stacking strong muscle, dense, functional muscle. My pecs started pushing against my t-shirt, the once loose cotton shirt was now hugging me tightly. The straight jeans were clinging to my ass and legs in a way that made me feel so sexual. My waist didn’t change but my ass and legs were now pulling the fabric in all the directions making my 7’’ hard dick even more obvious. My growth stopped and I must have been around 183 pounds. On my short 5’7 frame I looked like I had been eating well and lifting for years. I felt amazing. During my growth Ajmal had kept his eyes on me, stroking his meat through his jeans. The size of his dong was insane, unmistakably unnatural. The beer can thick monster almost reached his knee, making his jeans so tight I could see the hint of a vein running across the shaft. He got up, towering over me, his long arms reached around me and pulled me in a deep passionate kiss. I returned the kiss, groping the tall athletic man. My hand slid under his clothes, eager to touch the soft skin, to trace his ripped muscular body. I felt my dick start to leak pre and my mind began to cloud. It had been so long since I last touched a man.

“I never thought I’d meet someone with the same obsession I have,” he breathed.

We resumed kissing, my hand groped his monster cock through his jeans making him gasp. But before we could get any further, we got interrupted by the disembodied soapy automated voice of the shuttle PA system.

::: Shuttle is ready for departure. Please regain your seat and fasten your seatbelt.:::

Ajmal broke the embrace, with an amused look on his face.

“We’ll have time to finish this later. We should do as she said.”

I sat in the inviting egg-shaped seat next to Ajmal. As I sat I realized two things: first the inside of the chair was made out of nanogel, a nanite-based compound that could change its density almost instantly. Second: the seatbelt was more of a harness with padding on the area that pressed on the body. Those were definitely made to protect the passengers from extreme accelerations. As soon as I secured my seatbelt, the armored window went live, showing a long steep tunnel apparently heading up. To my surprise, the armored window extended below us and the floor also became see-through.

::: Preparation for parabolic flight complete. Catapult ready for launch. remain seated until further notification:::

“It’s not an underground lab. It’s a space lab!” I exclaimed.

“I wondered how long it would take for you to figure it out,” Ajmal laughed.

::: Launch in 3 …. 2 ….1….0:::

The launch wasn’t as bad as I expected. The shuttle was surprisingly silent. Most of the Gs were absorbed by the nanogel chair. Within a minute the acceleration effect could hardly be felt. Another minute went by and we were back to regular conditions. All the while I watched as the ground got further and further under us. A vast expanse of blue and cloud appearing in front of us.

::: Launch sequence complete. You may now move around the cabin. Arrival at the Kármán line lab in approximately one hour:::

“A lab on the Kármán line… I never thought I’d see such a thing. But then again, until this morning I didn’t think I would see anything else than the prison wall”. I said.

“It’s our base for space exploration-related projects,” Ajmal said. “ For me the main advantage is that people working in space tend to get a little taller due to low gravity. So my family and friends didn’t question why I grew from 5’4 to 6’6 after I started working there.”

“There are none so blind as those who do not want to see,” I mused. “Everybody knows you’d grow an inch or two max. Not a foot and half in height. Not to mention a whole foot in dick length.”

“Well, my dear Mother is now convinced that a good alimentation and hygiene can do miracles to one’s body! And for the record, I didn’t grow a foot of dick, I barely added 9 inches.”

“No way! At my max I only had 4 inches extra. And I had a heavy treatment.”

“We all react differently, but yeah genetic therapy got much more powerful in the last few years. Anyway we have an hour to kill before arriving. And to be blunt, your growth got me horny. And, not that you were not handsome before, but the fodder shot really did elevated everything.”

I stood up and took off my tee-shirt. My body was muscular and ripped and thick, like a gymnast. The light coating of hair on my torso highlighted the ridges of my abs and the shape of my pecs. I flexed my abs and pecs, making them stand out by contracting my arms in a crab pose. Ajmal stood up and took his shirt, his waist was tight and his torso flared into a spectacular V shape up to his wide shoulders from which his thick arms hung. He wasn’t as thick as I was but he had enough definition to look like a fitness model. His pecs were big for his size they had large dark areolas pointing towards the floor. He was absolutely smooth and his skin caught the light in ways that magnified his muscles. I moved close to him and started sucking on his nipple, the feeling of the smooth mass of muscle pressing on my face was something I hadn’t felt in eons.

He bounced his pecs in my face while his large hand slid across my back, made his way under my jeans, grabbing my ass. I let go of the delicious nipple and looked up to him. He leaned in for a kiss, it was a soft, strong and invasive kiss. I grinded my crotch against him like a horny animal. His hand left my ass and he grabbed my dick through my jeans, squeezing it strongly. I moaned as I felt my cock start to leak pre again, soaking my briefs. He grabbed my wrist and took it to his crotch. I felt the massive monster in there, firm, hot, and pulsating. I broke the kiss and kissed his neck and made my way down leaving a trail of kisses and bites on the way, rubbing my face on the perfect abs of the man. Until I ultimately kneeled in front of him looking up at him. He smiled down on me and slowly undid his fly, dropping both his jeans and underwear.

His legs were powerful and between them was the most glorious dick I had seen in my life. It was around 13’’ or 14’’ not fully hard, a perfect shape, a little bit wider behind the circumcised head. A single fat straight vein running from the base to the tip. And under the shaft a set of heavy low hanging lemon size balls rested in a smooth plump sack. He smiled that challenging smile that every guy with a huge dick has before gagging his partner. I opened my mouth and took the head, swirled my tongue around it and let it slide into my throat. My jaw hurt a bit from being open this much but I wasn’t going to let that stop me. I looked up at him to see the smile turn into shock as I slid inch after inch of his prodigious penis in my throat effortlessly. In a few seconds, my face was against his pubes. I heard him gasp with surprise, his dick pulsated constricted by my throat, becoming firmer inside me, pressing on my trachea. He grabbed my head and pushed himself out of my throat. The monster was slick with spit, still connected to my mouth through threads of saliva. It was well hard now, still it was so heavy it had a hard time staying parallel to the floor, gracefully arching down due to its length and mass.

“Fuck… Don’t… I’d like to last more than a minute,” he panted.

“Hehehe, in that case maybe I should let you take control,” I said taking off my jeans and underwear.

I sprawled in one of the chairs. Ajmal retrieved lube from his backpack and moved close to me. He grabbed my ankles exposing my hole. And then poured lube on it and on his dick, fingering me. Since I’m a well-trained man, in a few seconds I was fully relaxed and ready. He aligned himself and pushed in. I wasn’t a nun in prison, but there is a difference between an average 6 or 5 inch cock and a genetically engineered 14’’monster phallus. The fat spongy tip pressed on my hole but it was the hard shaft behind it that really opened me. Ajmal mercilessly opened my first ring by only pushing the tip in, poking my second ring. He poured more lube on his dick letting it run along his shaft to my hole. He definitely knew how to prepare a man. I nodded to him to let him know I was ready. He pushed in, my second ring opened under the implacable thrust, I felt myself constrict around the monstrous penis. I could feel his perfect shape, the veins, his heartbeat from within me. I howled in utter delight as Ajmal picked up the pace. I could feel him hit spots that hadn’t been stimulated inside me in forever.

As he started pounding me, my vision blurred and I lost consciousness of anything but the massive, burning rod ramming me, how its hardness reached a new level, expanding ever so slightly in me, that additional tenth of an inch stretching me to an almost unbearable point. The pounding was getting harder and harder. Ajmal was thrusting so hard in me, like he wanted to bruise me from the inside. I suddenly came back to my senses as one last hard hit on my prostate triggered a massive orgasm. My whole body tensed, I felt hot cum travel inside my shaft. I tried holding it in, contracting all my muscles, breathing hard.

Ajmal and I both watched in fascination as my cock head flared, like in slow motion, the slit opened and a pearly bead of cum formed. The feeling of my hot seed reaching my tip sent me over the edge and in a fraction of second the spell was broken and my body spasmed as thick ropes of creamy cum splattered all over me. Ajmal didn’t lose a second of the show and before I was done I felt him pump a massive load inside me. His genetically enhanced testes were not just for show, it was a grotesque amount of cum. I felt myself get stretched by jet after jet of cum. The warmth of his load radiating in my belly. His whole body gave in and his large tall frame fell on me. The mass and the warmth of him was something I had missed for so long. I wrapped my arms around him basking in the afterglow, I noticed the sky was becoming darker and the clouds were already far under us.

Ajmal kissed me one last time before hoisting himself back on his feet. He pulled out of me carefully, looking at me tenderly.

“You’re a freak. Never meet a guy able to take me like this,” he said.

I smiled, proudly.

“We should freshen up before we arrive,” he said.

Ajmal opened a cabinet at the back of the shuttle. In it was a first aid kit, wet towelettes and a mirror. He grabbed a few towelettes and started wiping himself. I moved closer and did the same. Ajmal poked a finger at my belly, it looked bloated like I’d just had a decadent meal.

“You’re gonna be okay holding all that cum inside you?”

“More than okay!” I said rubbing my taut belly.

Once I was done cleaning my body, I grabbed another wet towelette to wipe my face. As I did so I turned to the mirror and was surprised at what I saw, I had forgotten how powerful those fodder shots were. My brown hair was supple, fluffy and had golden highlights. My skin was less dull, blemishes were gone, my lines had receded and my eyes were brighter with wither sclerotic. I looked good, younger, like those 10 years of not being able to take care of myself had never existed. I looked almost like when I was 30, maybe a bit more angular and with a line or two. I felt that Ajmal was watching me observe myself. He was looking at me smiling. I tore myself from my reflection, slightly ashamed of showing such a vain aspect of myself. I went back to my chair to gather my clothes.

As I put my briefs on, I watched the curve of the earth through the armored window, and above it, the blue skies abruptly turning into darkness: the Kármán line. Ghastly waves of light occasionally broke on that invisible barrier, like aurora borealis. I was fascinated. I felt Ajmal walk to me and wrap his arms around me, kissing my neck tenderly. As we got closer, a silhouette appeared on the immaterial line. It looked like a jellyfish in deep waters. That impression faded away as we got closer and closer and I could make out the details of what was actually the Kármán lab space station. We spent the rest of the trip in a silent embrace, I didn’t turn away from the surreal view until the armored window went back to its opaque state. I got dressed and sat back in my chair, wondering what would happen once inside.


Part 2

Adrian was waiting for us on the shuttle landing platform. He was busy on the phone while someone who looked to be his assistant paced next to him. As Ajmal and I exited the shuttle he hung up and walked to us. Though he had been my direct supervisor, we hadn’t worked a lot together when I was in N.O.A.H. He’s a strategist, a planner and he almost never got involved on an operational level. He seemed a little more tired than I remembered, well he was over 50 now. Years of constant stress and overworking had taken their toll on the man despite so many genetic enhancements and rejuvenations. But as N.O.A.H’s CEO the unassuming middle-aged man was probably one of the most influential people on the planet.

“I never thought I’d say that but, I’m happy to see you Alexander. I won’t be staying long. I have much to do these days. I’ll let Ajmal take care of you. I wanted to tell you face-to-face that I appreciate what you’re doing. No matter what your motivation is, you’re doing God’s work and helping humanity. This mission could ensure the perpetuation of humanity through the universe.”

“Rest assured, I’ll see it through.”

I was surprised at myself for reacting without any passion or hatred for the man. It seemed so pointless to antagonize him now.

“I know you will. I’ll see you tomorrow for the launch.”

We exchanged nods and he left with a stiff and rapid pace, his assistant trotting after him.

“Well … that was anticlimactic,” I said.

“Probably better that way,” Ajmal said. “Let’s head to the launch bay, the ship that’ll take you to 14 Herculis c III is waiting for you. I’ll give you a tour and we’ll get into fine-tuning before the launch.”

The Kármán lab was made of two parts: a dome in which all the labs are located with launch bays in the upper part of it. And underneath the dome is the residential area made of upside-down towers that give the station its giant jellyfish look. We took the central elevator of the dome all the way to the restricted upper launch bay. The bay wasn’t big, just big enough to contain the bus-sized craft and all the launch material. No one was there.

“That project is very confidential, especially since you’re involved. We were only a handful mobilized and I was the only one that knew exactly what we were building and for what purpose,” Ajmal explained as I realized the bay was deserted.

“You assembled that in such a short time?” I asked incredulously.

“More like, repurposed some of my work. 80% of it was already done by the time I was notified of the activation of the Ark. It was originally a prototype for larger carriers, but as you know that concept doesn’t scale up very well,” Ajmal explained.

He opened the door of the ship. The cockpit was small, with no window or anything to view outside, just basic nav tools and monitors. Behind the cockpit was the living quarters. It had a medical pod that would also be my bed when I would not be hibernating. The rest of the room was a functional space lined with cupboards filled with food and hygiene products.

“You won’t have much to do. Ganimede will take care of everything. Ganimede, say hello to Alexander.”

::: Hello Alexander:::

The synthetic voice wasn’t the usually disembodied gender-neutral voice. It was deep, manly and sultry. The sort of voice that turned me on immediately.

“Ganimede is the pod AI. It has been designed to take care of your every need. I tailored all of his protocols and missions, especially for you.” Ajmal beamed with pride. “Ganimede, can you tell us more about you? For example: what are your privacy settings and your assignments?”

::: My privacy settings are made to ensure no information about this ship and its occupant is leaked. I am a standalone A.I. I am not connected to any network and do not report to anyone outside this ship. My main assignment is to safely transport Alexander Dickinson to 14 Herculis c III; My secondary assignment is to use any available resource to maximize Alexander’s muscle mass during this trip:::

I stood dumbfounded, looking quizzically at Ajmal.

“Ganimede, can you develop that last point?” Ajmal pressed the A.I.

::: Of course. Alexander will be put in stasis into the medical pod for most of the trip to 14 Herculis c III. During this first phase I’ll use the medical pod splicing abilities to alter Alexander’s genetic material. Muscle mass increase will be slow due to the stasis but noticeable and necessary for phase two. Anticipated body mass upon awakening is approximately 300 pounds with a 5% bodyfat. Severe augmentation of Alexander’s genitalia size is to be expected. The second phase will start the week before landing. I’ll then use the medical pod to synthesize an anabolic steroid cocktail for daily injections and overfeed Alexander. A drastic workout routine will be implemented to take him to 400 pounds before landing. If possible, I will make Alexander even bigger:::

“What the fuck?!” I breathed, my cock getting hard from hearing all this.

“I figured out that it was the least I could do. I mean, we’re about to shoot you on your own to an unknown planet…”

“You fucking sick twisted genius!” I said.

I closed the distance and pressed my lips against Ajmal’s, quickly turning the smoosh into an avid sloppy full-mouth kiss. We were groping each other but Ajmal broke the kiss and calmed me down.

“Later. We have a lot to do.”

We had to proceed with the fine-tuning of the ship. I was so horny from everything I had heard I had trouble focusing properly. But we eventually finished in the early evening. Ajmal took me to the cockpit for one last briefing. He opened a panel I hadn’t noticed up to now.

“This is the quantic node of the ship,” he said, retrieving a sleek black tablet. “It is connected to Ganimede. It works just like the ones the Arks use. It is supposed to send us a report once the mission is complete. N.O.A.H. doesn’t know but I gave you editing rights. It means you can edit or falsify the report. It won’t be mentioned if you do so. Just so you know, if the Ark is indeed operational but you fail, they have a replica of that ship lined up and I’ll be the one sent to 14 Herculis c III…”

“I get it,” I said. “You can count on me.”

“This…” he said, pulling a similar but white tablet from the same panel. Is the second quantic node of the ship. It cannot be falsified, or edited, and it is securely connected to my personal terminal. You’ll use that one to send me a nude of you once you’re at your biggest size.”

I burst out laughing.

“You can count on me for that too,” I said.

“One last thing.” He retrieved a small hard drive. “Here is the archive backup to replace the one of the Ark. it is the original one, the one you designed, not the one reworked by Adrian. He doesn’t know and he doesn’t need to.”

I looked reverently at Ajmal.

“Thank you so much. For all you did. I’ll be leaving Earth happy and I’ll make you proud,” I said.

I spent my last night on earth with Ajmal, we locked the doors of the bay and used the excuse to be working still. We actually had a fuck marathon and a good night sleep hugging each other, comfortably nestled against each other in the pod.

::: Good Morning, launch time is approaching.:::

Ganimede’s voice was definitely the best alarm clock I ever had. I woke up with a morning wood of legendary proportion and hardness. And I wasn’t the only one. Ajmal was also hard as rock but I couldn’t appreciate the view since it was still shoved deep inside me, pulsating and leaking. We had passed out mid fuck and he did not even bother to pull out. I shuffled a little, slowly waking up. Ajmal gasped and moaned feeling me move around his dick. He put his large hand on my head, pinning me to the pod mattress and got on top of me, thrusting his monster dong inside my loose hole effortlessly. It barely took three thrusts inside of me for him to shoot a massive load deep inside my gut.

“Good morning,” Ajmal Said. “ Sadly, it is time to send the best ass of earth into outer space.”

We had one last kiss and cuddle before getting dressed and getting to work. Adrian and two techs showed shortly after we unlocked the access to the bay. A catering table was set in a corner of the bay, Ajmal advised me to eat as much as I could, to stock calories for the beginning of my stasis. Ajmal, the techs and I got everything ready while Adrian stayed away in the control room of the bay. I don’t know what time it was when we were finally ready to launch. Not that it mattered anyway. The techs went to the control room while Ajmal took me to the medical pod inside the ship.

“Okay, I need you to get naked and just lay in the pod. Ganimede will take it from here.”

I turned my back to Ajmal to face the pod and started to undress. It was weird doing it in those conditions. It felt even weirder when I felt his hand on my waist and he kissed me in the neck.

“I’m so excited, about all of this … but it fucking sucks that I have to send you to the other end of the galaxy … I’m sorry” he murmured in my ear.

Ajmal’s voice was wavering. I wanted to turn around and hug him but his grip on my waist made it clear he didn’t want me to face him.

“I’m sorry I’m emotional but it’s the first time I met someone that understood me,” he said.

“I know… I’m so grateful for everything you planned for me. But I fucking hate leaving you,” I answered climbing in the pod.

“Good luck. I know you’ll build an amazing new world.”

The pod closed and before I could take a good look of the inside I felt sleepy, my vision blurred and fell into a deep sleep.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

I was so fucking hard. All I could feel was my dick, how fucking hard it was. It hurt, I loved it. I’d never been that hard. I was still half asleep, and I was boned beyond measure. It was like my hard dick was my whole body. My pulse tried to send more blood in my titanium rod and each throb brought me close to climax. I was gonna soil myself and my bed with a big load but I didn’t give a shit. All that mattered was my hard monster cock and the apocalyptic orgasm I was about to unleash. I stirred in my feverish horny half sleep, my body heavy and my cock heavier. My balls pulled up, close to the base of the shaft. They were so fucking full. Suddenly I felt their heavy load leave them, force its way through my conduits, through my shaft and finally erupt from my dick.

I woke with a start, pressing my hands on the sides of the pod I was in, gasping as I blew the biggest load of my life. Creamy cum noisily splattered all over the lid and on myself. As the orgasm subsided I quieted down, breathing hard, recovering from the insane orgasm that just woke me. Cum dripped from the lid onto my body, still warm. I slowly realized where I was and how much my body had changed.

::: Hello Alexander. I am pleased to inform you that the trip went well. We’re on schedule and will land on 14 Herculis c III in a week. Regarding your bodily development, I’m pleased to inform you that we exceeded the objectives of phase one. You are currently 328 pounds with roughly 5% body fat. Your penis is 11 inches long and is 2.5 inches across. Please stay still while the pod cleans you and injects the anabolic steroid and hormone cocktail for phase 2.:::

The deep voice of Ganimede calmed me instantly. I relaxed and felt the inside of the pod become warm as a mist of hot water was pulsed to clean my body. As it came in contact with my skin, I realized how much more of me there was. The surface of my body was much greater than it used to be. I was probably bigger than I’ve ever been. I was so into it, I started chubbing up again. I was so engrossed in myself I almost didn’t notice that the pod was done cleaning me until it gave me an injection in my ass. It was quick and painless but within half a minute it hit me like a train. I felt energized, horny, and amped up. I was back to full mast, and I wanted nothing more than to be growing and cumming again.

The pod opened up. But I stayed in and started rubbing my dick, marvelling at how long and fat it was, how the hard shaft was covered with a couple of long angry veins, how the soft thin skin rolled down when I stroked, unsheathing my sensitive glans, shiny with pre. My balls were scary big too, roughly the size of limes.

::: Alexander, I advise you not to masturbate yet. To maximize the growth during step 2 I have a precise schedule modelled specially for your metabolism. While we’re waiting for the full effect of the cocktail you’ve been injected with, you should eat the meal I prepared for you. Then you’ll be working out and then masturbate before resting for 5 hours in the pod. We’ll repeat that cycle 23 times before the landing protocol starts. The pod rejuvenation function will prevent overtraining. Weight-in will take place every 4 cycle and at the end of cycle 23.:::

“You’re the boss,” I said, stepping out of the pod.

::: Thanks for complying. Your meal is in the cupboard in front of you.:::

I opened the cupboard and saw a spoon and a tin filled with… I don’t even know how to describe it … a porridge like slime.

“It looks disgusting.”

::: It probably is. It has been designed to maximize your muscle growth while maintaining your health and engage your mastication process to preserve your teeth. Taste might have been overlooked:::

I was starving and I wanted to grow so I grabbed the tin and started shovelling the revolting goop in my mouth. I almost gagged on the first mouthful, I just swallowed the rest without chewing.

::: Alexander, please chew your meal to ensure a better absorption and better global health level.:::

“Sorry, but it’s too gross.”

::: I’ll try to better the taste for next meals in order to optimize absorption. Please move to the workout station at the back of the ship:::

I went to the room in the back of the ship. There was a high-end all-in-one workout machine and a set of magnetic barbells and dumbbells. Very minimalist-looking apparatus that used magnetic fields to simulate weight training. Those things are perfect for tight spaces like here and could simulate crazy weight easily.

I followed Ganimede’s direction, the AI directed each exercise, the set, the number or reps and weights for me. I confess it felt good to be bossed around and pushed like never before. An hour later I was done. My body pumped beyond measure, veins snaking across my body my dick hard and leaking. I was almost unable to think straight. The hormones, roids and adrenaline in my system were altering me severely. The deep soft voice of Ganimede congratulated me and directed me to the pod room where each screen was diffusing one of my favourite muscle porn. The guys fucking, wanking and posing were almost as big as I was. On some screen morphs and AI generated growth sequences were playing, there was even one made with my face. I just stared at the screens while pawing myself, fingering and jerking off.

::: I have selected an array of pornographic stimuli. depending on your preferences, I will adjust my selection to improve your release time.:::

The orgasm came quickly and rocked me almost as violently as the previous one. Once spent Ganimede fed me again, it tasted almost as gross as the first time, I scooped a handful of cum from my abs and dropped it in my tin before gobbling the whole thing. At least it filled me.

::: Alexander, please do not alter the composition of your meals as it may offset the results.:::

I chuckled at obeyed the A.I. as it directed me to the pod to get cleaned up and get some rest.

I slid easily into that routine. The cocktail Ganimede injected me with was so potent I was soon a brain-dead bull obeying him to the letter. As soon as the second cycle started, I couldn’t remember anything. It was a blur of horniness, burning muscle and stuffing my face. I obediently followed the deep voice of the AI as I got stuffed with disgusting meals, roids and hormones.

Cycle 4
347 pounds
12in penis
2.6in across.

It’s hard to gather precise memories. But I remember my waddle becoming very pronounced during that first cycle. I had to be very careful not to crush my balls as I walked. When Ganimede did the weight in, the number sounded so ridiculous I just leaked a little cum right on the spot without even touching myself.

Cycle 8
363 pounds
13in penis
3in across.

At that stage I couldn’t even talk properly anymore. Ganimede had to simplify his lexical field so I could understand and obey his voice. Each time I heard the deep manly voice boss me around my cock throbbed and leaked pre. I remember growing restless, needing another man. The porn I was rewarded with wasn’t enough anymore for me. Ganimede kept showing me more extreme porn, generating video of surreally muscular men fucking and posing. But I longed for the real deal.

Cycle 12l382 pounds
14in penis
3.3 across.

I think this was the moment I really started to lean into self-worshiping, licking and making out with my own biceps and pecs. I also loved to smell my pits and feel cum on my own face, Ganymede still forbade me to swallow any of it and I obeyed. I think self-worship and sniffing were a way to cope with my loneliness. Ganimede spaced the cleaning to once every other cycle so I could develop a decent stink to get high on. He also got more talkative, constantly praising my growth and demanding I grow more, suggesting poses and sexual practices. I vaguely remember getting turned on by how raunchy he was getting. I think he was also using hypnosis techniques on me but my hormone-dumbed self couldn’t grasp that concept.,

Cycle 16
402 pounds
14.6in penis
3.7 across.

Ganimede doubled my rations and modified the cocktail he injected me. I was responding much better than anticipated, I had already reached the target weight but he was programmed to take me to the max and it looked like I could take more. Before my first workout of that cycle, Ganimede gave me a butt plug. It was for additional rewards and stimulation during workouts. Each rep would trigger a vibration and each successful task would make it a little bigger and a little heavier. During those workouts I’d leak constantly and I’d cum every five minutes under the constant stimulation I was receiving.

Cycle 20
426 pounds
15.2in penis
4.2 across.

I don’t remember much of those stages except for the fact that my body was so heavy to carry around. With the pump, moving was hard and bending my limbs was an ordeal but I loved it. I obeyed Ganimede blindingly and was rewarded with even more mass to carry around and a larger toy up my ass. At that stage the butt plug was 15 inches long 5 inches across and weighed 10lbs. I could see it make a bump behind my abs. I was in a constant state of orgasm. My dick growth slowed, I was nearing the maximal size for it but it was already bigger than I would ever have dreamed of.

Cycle 23
443 pounds
16.2in penis
4.6in across.

I am depressed. I am a massive waddling, overhung, extra horny, movement-impaired, depressed wreck. The withdrawal from the hormone cocktail is violent and unexpected.

Ganimede has cut me off abruptly and the post-cycle injection I got was yet to do its thing. He was supposed to wean me slowly so I wouldn’t suffer from withdrawal syndrome too much. But for some reason, he cut me off at once and refused to shoot me up even with a small therapeutic dose. I’m exhausted. I just spent 15 minutes screaming, bargaining and crying. Had he been a real person, I’d be ashamed of the tantrum I threw. What was left of roids in me was probably burnt by that last outburst.

“Why can’t I at least get microdosed?” I whined, lying in the pod.

::: I’m sorry Alexander. Microdosing wouldn’t help you. The doses you were receiving were so high that I’d need to go to doses that’d alter your cognitive functions to alleviate your withdrawal. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I need you at your full capacity. The fastest way was to cut you off and wait for withdrawal effects to subside. The only relief I can offer is that dildo.:::

The cupboard that usually filled with food opened to reveal a massive dildo. Probably over 15 inches long and obscenely thick.

“Are you fucking kiddin’ me?”

::: A.I. are unfortunately not known for their sense of humour. This is actually a serious proposition. The mental conditioning you underwent during those cycles is still active, anal gratification will probably raise your dopamine and serotonin levels. I 3D printed this dildo to provide optimal stimulation for your current anatomy and added a suction cup at the base for ease of use given your current mobility.:::

I got up. Waddled a few steps to the cupboard. As soon as I was up I realized how big I was. I was so wide, my arms wouldn’t go down against my body. My pecs were so heavy I could feel their heavy weight pull down. The relaxed muscle mass bounced with every move I made. My legs felt weird. I had to roll them against each other to walk. My massive low-hanging nuts and donkey-soft dick flopping all over the place in the process. Just feeling that made me noticeably happier. That body was so extreme, Ajmal would have lost his shit over it. I retrieved the large dildo and stuck it on the wall next to me. I was still surprised to slide the massive thing inside me with such ease. The moment the massive toy stretched me I felt even better. After half a minute of dildoing myself I was sporting a semi and leaking copiously, feeling in a much better mood.

::: The reason for the abrupt withdrawal and my need for your full cognitive abilities are a series of anomalies I detected as we entered 14 Herculis c III orbit and I need your opinion to select the best course of action.:::

“Anomalies? What kind of anomalies?” I asked, still riding the massive dildo.

The screen on the opposite side of the room turned on to display reports and data. I groaned and clenched my hole, gripping the fat dildo with my rectal muscles and thrusted my hips forward, ripping the dildo off the wall with a comical plop. I waddled to a screen, the dildo still deep in my ass, to look at all available data.

:::14 Herculis c III terraforming should have left the planet with a cold to tempered climate and vast icefields. The planet currently has a tropical climate which is due to a manufactured orbital ring working as a geoengineering structure. Also the Ark is fully operational and I detected primitive human life signature.:::

“That’s impossible. It shouldn’t even be done with terraforming. And where the fuck does that orbital ring come from?”

::: I do not know. It has been made with materials from 14 Herculis c III but the conception is unidentifiable.:::

I took a deep breath, I tried to find a less crazy scenario than the one currently playing in my head but couldn’t.

“What’s your best guess?” I asked.

::: Non-human intervention.:::

“Agreed. Are you positive that the lifeforms you detected are human?”

::: Yes, there are also various signatures from flora and fauna whose DNA was sampled in the Ark. no unknown species, chimera or indigenous species has been detected so far.:::

“This is fucking weird. Anything else.”

::: Yes, the A.I. of the Ark is operational and active.:::

“There was no A.I. aboard the Arks…”


Part 3

The orbital structure turned out to be a very elaborate sort of “mirror” belt. It broke the solar wind from the nearby star while allowing for light to warm up the planet’s surface temperature and make it a low UV tropical paradise. 90% of the planet is covered with water and the 10% left are archipelagos on which any area that isn’t a white-sand beach is covered with lush forest. The main island has the Ark set on it and the human settlement is at its feet. The rest of the island and seas are populated with wildlife that originated from Earth.

That shouldn’t be the case. It’s not just the orbital structure and the geoengineering of the climate. It’s the speed at which the planet became thriving with life. It should have taken decades, centuries even. The Ark had been active for just a handful of years by now. Something had clearly interfered with it.

::: We are ready to descend to the surface. I can land the ship a few kilometres from the ark. It’s best if you don’t walk too much. Your muscle mass makes it hard for you and it’ll consume too much calories for you to maintain your mass.:::

“Agreed, plus I am lazy. Find a spot where the ship won’t be seen. We don’t know if that settlement is friendly or not, I don’t want to get spotted right away. I need a calm remote place in case we need to fall back.”

::: Understood. I unlocked the cabinet with your uniform. It’s a compression unit, it’ll make the landing more comfortable. Also it’s best if you’re dressed to meet other humans.:::

I picked up the uniform, the thing was gigantic. Even for me. It looked halfway between a superhero jumpsuit and a parachute. It was a vacuum fitted outfit. Those were designed to fit anyone, no matter the size and shape of one’s body. Once you’ve got that huge loose jumpsuit on, the fibres contract and the suit shrinks until the jumpsuit hugs your body perfectly, like a second skin.

It took me a while to find the zipper to open it. I stepped into the jumpsuit and then bent to pick it up or at least tried to. My muscles prevented me from bending too much, I had to crouch to grab it. Then I had to get my arms through the sleeve, though they were insanely loose, my arms were so thick and hard to bend it took a lot of energy to get it done. And then came the zipper. It was on the back and though the cursor had a long string to pull it up more easily, my swole arms made it a ridiculously hard task. While I was wriggling, sweating and cursing, I actually got totally turned on by that struggle. I could not believe I was that massive.

Once the damn thing was finally zipped all the way up (with my 16-inch fuck pole pitching a serious circus tent in it) the thing started shrinking to fit my body. Soon it was hugging my body tightly. Every muscle fibre and vein could be seen through it. It cupped my balls and vacuumed on my big cock like a condom. It was ridiculously sexual. The latex-like fabric folded under my pecs making them perkier, rounder and more obscene than they already were. Even my nipples could be seen through the fabric. I felt so fucking hot and sexy, like I was in a sci-fi porn movie, how was that any better than being buck naked?!

::: Please return to the pod for landing. The nanogel walls will protect you during the descent.:::

I waddled back into the pod. Once I was all settled in, Ganimede started the descent. It took one hour to reach the ground. Ganimede landed us in a clearing on a hill. We were roughly an hour’s walk away from the Ark. Before going out, Ganimede asked me to put on a smartwatch. It acted as a portable relay for him so I could carry him around with me. I confess I felt reassured having him with me. He had been an invaluable help so far, and I had been conditioned to rely on him so much, I was sort of afraid to go out without him.

I couldn’t believe my eyes as I walked out of the ship. The sky was a gorgeous hue of light greenish blue, I could see the planet’s orbital structure. It rotated slowly across 14 Herculis C, acting like a moon, generating tides and reflecting light at night. From the hill, I could see an emerald tropical forest that spread for miles before turning into gorgeous beaches and cerulean blue seas. Soft wind blew, Creating waves on the forest canopy. It looked like an emerald sea.. The scenery undulated in a surreal yet soothing way.

It was nothing like earth, air and water were so pure here. It was impossible to miss the Ark. I hadn’t seen one in over ten years and I almost forgot how impressive they were. A testimony to humanity’s madness, will to live. The Ark’s structure was a little under a kilometre in height as it stood upright (I think it’s slightly taller than the Burj Khalifa, for comparison). It was a harpoon-shaped ship designed to sustain a fall from orbit and plant itself in the ground. It then extended root-like stabilizers to stay upright. The core of the ark contains the database and the tanks of elemental blocks to build carbon-based life forms from. It is also able to draw material from its surroundings. Around it, the peripheric part is a procedural structure made to adapt to the physical and geographic situation of the Ark’s surroundings. It creates pathways so people can go in and out at will, no matter how the Ark planted itself. The Ark looked majestic, standing right on the limit between the forest and the beach. Vines and plants had already grown on the stabilizers and a small village was built near the Ark. I couldn’t make out the details but there seemed to be dozens of very large tents and huts as well as pirogues on the shore.

“Can you find me a route to the Ark without being seen?”

::: Yes. I suggest you avoid the beach and go through the jungle.:::

I left the clearing and made my way into the jungle. I slowly took notice of the strong smells around me. The plants, the soil, but also the flowers and fruits. A very sweet smell that somehow felt familiar to me, maybe that’s what Earth was like, long ago. It took me a while to realize that the vast majority of the plants in the forest were producing berries, fruits, nuts or where edible. It felt like his whole jungle was a gigantic pantry.

“Can you tell me if that jungle has developed naturally or if it has been engineered?”

::: The probability of such a biome occurring naturally is extremely low. Also I did notice quite a few conception artifacts. The most noticeable is a repetitive pattern in the layout of the various species. There seems to be no poisonous species. My most likely hypothesis is that this jungle has been designed to cater human needs.:::

“Someone created a little garden of Eden… That’s lovely and also scaring the shit out of me.”

I waddled through the forest. My massive muscles prevented me from moving fast and the extra weight was terrible to carry around. At times the feeling of my pecs bouncing got me so hard, my dick would stretch and leak pre inside my second skin suit. I was sweating like a hooker in church and was quite out of breath before I even reached the midpoint.

::: I suggest you take a break to drink and eat. Otherwise you’ll start degrading your muscle mass. There are coconuts in close range, I suggest you use them for water and fill up on other fruits.:::

I spotted the palm tree nearby and shook it to make coconuts fall. That was the easy part, bending down to pick them up was a bitch. But after some effort I managed to get a very large coconut in my hands. I dug my finger into the thick bark. I boned up right away when I realized I could crush a coconut with my bare hands. I tightened my grip and broke the thing in two halves. A little water spilt but most of it remained in each half. I drank from each and discarded the empty shell and bent to pick up another one. I gave it the same treatment and blew a small load in my suit as I felt the coconut break in my grip. Once my thirst was quenched, I ate a few other fruits. They were nothing like the ones I had on earth, ripe and delicious. When I finally felt satiated, I started moving toward the village again. I was really getting close and the suit started to feel absolutely unbearable. It was too tight, insufferably moist and hot and I felt disgusting since it was keeping all my sweat and pre and cum.

“I need to take the suit off.”

::: I recommend keeping it to protect your body and to look decent in case of contact.”

“Fuck that. I need out.”

I tried to reach for the zipper only to find that my biceps prevented me from bending enough to reach it. No matter how I tried, my muscle got in the way. I rapidly grew infuriated and gave up. I grabbed my collar and pulled the suit. The thing was incredibly resistant but it eventually ripped. I tore the front first and then tore each sleeve. The relief and the primal satisfaction of ripping my clothes got me so hard. I flexed my abs and perineum to force more blood in my dick and watched it rip the crotch of the suit before peeling off the legs. Once naked I just grabbed my meat and beat it furiously, I sniffed my disgusting pits and licked my muscles feeling the gross taste of marinated cum and sweat until I orgasmed.

The thing to hate about male orgasm is that after a few seconds, when the hormonal bliss subsides, your priorities shift drastically. What felt hot to me mere seconds ago was now absolutely gross. I was sticky, I reeked, not to mention the taste in my mouth. I couldn’t stand it.

::: Alexander I need to warn you that without the suit I cannot track your vital signals as precisely.:::

“It’s okay. Do you know if I can access the sea without being seen? I need to clean myself.”

::: The sea is off-limits. There is a source of fresh water and a small lake within a short distance. It’s closer and seems more secure than the sea.:::

I followed Ganymède’s direction until I reached a small lake. Once again it looked too perfect to be natural, it had several cascades bringing in freshwater in several rock pools overflowing in each other before reaching the lake, it was just the right depth to be used for bathing and there was a rocky stream carrying away the excess of the lake to the sea. The border and bottom of the lake were made of sand which seemed odd for a lake in this location.

As I walked into the clearing of the lake, the canopy stopped obscuring my view and the Ark became visible. The incredibly tall ship towered above me and I realized how close I was. There also was a wide trail along the stream that seemed to go from the lake toward the Ark and the village. That freshwater supply was so close to the ship and the settlement. It couldn’t be a natural occurrence. It was too perfect, too convenient.

“I’m pretty sure this lake isn’t natural. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was one of the village water sources. Can you alert me if anything approaches. Human or anything large enough to pose a threat.”

::: Understood. I’ll alert you soon enough so you can retreat to the forest.:::

I waddled toward the lake and into it. The water was warm, it was the best bath I ever took in my life. I floated around letting the soft currents wash away the grime from my body. I felt amazing. My unnaturally large body carried by water, I was so aware of my size and my weight I would have rubbed another one out if Ganimede hadn’t intervened.

::: I got two signatures closing in on your location.:::

I quickly moved to the shore of the lake to exit and hide in the bushes.


::: It’s too large to match human signature. I cannot identify it.:::

As if on cue, a faint stomping noise could be heard. It was getting louder. By the time I got out of the lake, it was unmistakable that something very large was coming that way. A loud deep sound rumbled over the earthshaking footsteps, it sounded like a laugh.

“What the fuck?!” I breathed as I passed the limit of the forest and hid behind an embankment made by the roots of a large palm tree.

I tried to remain hidden but also take a look at what was coming. I almost shat a brick when I saw it. It was a man. A 13 feet tall man, with muscles that made me look tiny. He was so massive I don’t even know how he could walk or even move. His head wasn’t much larger than the one of a regular human being which gave the impression that he had been pumped full of muscle artificially. Just like me but to such an extreme it looked impossible. A massive two feet long soft cock and football-sized balls were flopping around. The monstrous man was waddling toward the lake.

I saw another giant emerge from the same direction. He was freakishly muscular too but he was less muscle bound. He was actually able to sprint. In a second he had closed the distance with the first giant and tackled him into the lake. The two behemoths crashed into the water, I felt water from the impact rain on me. The nimble one was fully hard. His dick was a three feet monstrosity, covered in angry veins and leaking pre. He got on his feet first and grabbed the waist of the larger giant, pulled on it to get the massive man on all four. Once his victim was in position, he shoved his cock into him, I one long steady thrust. The big one let out a big howl between pain and ecstasy. I was hard, painfully hard. But I was too dumbstruck to even think of touching myself.

It was a raw fuck. The kind of rough ramming that’s supposed to bring both guys to a quick and violent orgasm. They didn’t use any lube, yet I could see clear slimy liquid splashes from the receiving giant’s hole and hear wet noises from where I was. Was that top producing enough pre to smooth out such a fuck? The bottom started to spasm, his monstrous muscle mass contracted erratically, the muscle fibres undulated under his skin. He let out a deep growl, he was orgasming. The water around him clouded, and turned white as litres of cum escaped his cock. The top picked up the pace and finished himself. As he blew his load, I saw the belly of the bottom stretch out a little before splashes of pressured cum started escaping from his ass. Upon seeing it the top pulled out violently, the gaping ass of the bottom let a river cum flow out as his belly deflated. The top was still cumming. Thick ribbons of cum flying from his dick. The bottom boy flipped to his back to lay under the fat ribbons of cum from the smaller giant. I orgasmed without even touching myself. Shaking and whimpering as I blew a pathetic load compared to those two gods. The top laid on his bottom boy and they started kissing softly, basking in the afterglow.

“What the fuck are they? …” I whispered.

::: They appear to be mostly human, though their DNA underwent serious edits. I also suspect additional hormone intake:::

Ganymede’s voice echoed through the otherwise calm clearing. I cowered in my hiding spot, looking at my wristwatch hoping to find a way to shut him up. By the time Ganymede was done I realized the clearing was dead silent. I risked a glance toward the lake and saw the two giants looking straight in my direction. I quickly crouched back and looked for away to escape but before I could even make a move I heard heavy stomps coming my way. I turned just in time to see the tree I was hiding behind get swatted away single-handedly by the smaller giant. As he froze towering above me triumphantly, his dick still in the momentum swung upfront and slapped me straight in the face, knocking me back.

“Oops,” the giant giggled.

I felt his massive hands pick me up. I was roughly half his height. It took him a second to figure out how to manhandle me. He ended grabbing my waist with both hands and holding me at arm’s length. Like you’d hold a very angry cat.

“Look! It’s a tiny guy!” he said.

The other giant, still bathing, was looking at me, mouth agape. He quickly got to his feet and waddled as fast as he could toward us. I could finally get a close look at those monstrosities. their muscles were so hypertrophied you could see each movement ripple across their bodies as muscles flexed and relaxed . I had never seen that. The skin was stretched so tight on the massive muscles, it shone and showed every fibre underneath it. It looked weird and inhuman but so fucking sexual. Despite the fear, I started boning again. The biggest giant looked like a young adult. Very strong features, but still boyish, brown eyes, blond hair though it was probably from too much sun. He was looking at me with an expression of surprise and amazement.

“This is so cute! Let me see!” he said.

The blond behemoth extended his right arm to snatch me from his mate’s grasp. I felt the smaller one swing me around, out of the reach of the other.

“No Matt! you’re too big and clumsy to hold him. You’ll drop him and he’ll run away … or worse … you’ll squeeze him too hard…”

“I won’t! Gimme!” the blond answered out of breath.

“Guys! Put me down, I won’t run!” I pleaded.

“He talks!” the blond gasped.

The top turned me in his hand so he could look at me. He was very different from his friend. Finer traits much darker skin, a few freckles here and there piercing black eyes and dark brown hair. Despite his lesser size he looked more intimidating, stronger, faster and agile.

“Okay … but don’t you even try to run on us,” he said.

He lowered me carefully, ready to pounce on me if tried to run. My feet touched the floor and he released his grip. I was a bit disoriented from being manhandled and under shock of all I just saw. I grabbed his massive mitt to steady myself. The sheer size of his hand and the feeling of being dwarfed by such a man was clouding my mind with pure lust. My brain somehow refused to be scared and instead decided that the right emotion to feel was horniness. I was very hard and my 16-inch hard monster-cock was still smaller than their monolithic soft cocks.

“Aw he’s so cute!” Matt said.

“This is Matt and I’m Jude,” said the dark-haired giant. “You oaky?”

“Yeah, I’m just not used to being thrown around like that… I’m Alexander,” I said.

“That is a long weird name. It’s like Alex but longer…. Where are you from? I’ve never seen a small guy like you! Are you alone? What are you doing here?” Jude said.

“I’m from …very far away and I’m on my own. And I’m here to check on that thing,” I said pointing at the Ark.

I thought that honesty was my best course of action. But I second-guessed my idea as Jude’s face took on a suspicious air and Matt’s had a look of worry all over his.

“What do you want with Daddy?” Jude asked dryly.

“Daddy? You call it Daddy? That huge tower…” I asked.

“No silly, not the tower! It’s where…” Matt started.

Jude shot a nasty look at Matt shutting him up instantly.

::: Given current circumstances, there is a 60% chance that Daddy is actually the unidentified A.I. we mentioned earlier.:::

Jude and Matt looked at me in a stupor.

“It sounded like Daddy! Matt exclaimed to Jude, pointing his finger at me.”

::: I am not your Daddy.::: Ganymede chimed in.

“This is Ganymede. I guess he is a bit like Daddy,” I said.

“You know Daddy?” Jude ventured.

“I don’t. But I built the tower he lives in.”

Matt let out an admirative gasp but Jude was definitely a tougher cookie. He was looking at me very sternly.

“I’d like to go to the tower, meet Daddy and make sure everything is fine,” I said.

“Everything is fine,” Jude shot back.

He withdrew his hand and stood fully upright to intimidate me. He folded his arms in front of him making his massive body very menacing. It took me a second to find my balance back but I managed to regain composure and didn’t step back. Showing Jude, I wasn’t giving in to his intimidation. Also I was very happy to admire his mass from up close. It lasted a few silent seconds where I looked at the stern godlike being straight in his eyes.

The standoff came to an end when I felt two smooth careful hands lift me and quickly I was engulfed in massive silky smooth hard muscle as Matt hugged me against his chest. My face was pressed in the massive pecs my body protected by humongous muscular arms. My raging hard-on rubbing against his belly, nestling in the ridge separating the two columns of abs. It was unlike anything I ever felt before.

“Jude, stop being so mean. He’s cute and he has a friend like Daddy,” Matt said.

“Matt put him down. We don’t know him. He might be dangerous. And you’re gonna crush him, you overgrown idiot.”

“I’m not an idiot, you’re being kind of a dick. And I’m not hurting him… I actually think he likes it. He’s very hard … very small but very hard.”

“I’m more than fine,” I mumbled from between Matt’s massive mounds of flesh.

It was so overwhelming I had never felt that in my life. I couldn’t really move but it didn’t matter. I could feel Matt’s temperature rising and breathing deepen as his monster cock hardened. I heard Jude groan.

“Let’s head back to the village, don’t let him run away and don’t suffocate him.”

Matt released his grip and sat me in my left arm, much like an adult would carry a kitten. I groped what I could to steady myself (muscle obviously) and he started waddling a few feet behind Jude. The whole situation was so much for me. Matt was an insane sight to behold and the fact he carried me effortlessly was such a turn-on. When I looked in front of us, Jude’s glorious back physique was in full display and my eyes kept going to the glorious bubble butt he had. I was hard and leaking in a trance-like state. I felt my hard cock being gently rubbed, once again the sensation was new to me. Matt had reached for my dick and was using just two fingers to jerk me off. I immediately felt myself ready to cum and had to force myself not to. As I started shivering from fighting the building orgasm Matt raised me in his arms to bring my crotch to his face and swallowed my 16-inch cock like it was nothing. I felt his wet throat sheath my cock and I instantly blew a load in his throat. My body spasmed a few times and went limp like a rag doll as he pulled me out and cradled me back in his arms. I basked in the moment until we reached the village.

It was a small but well-structured village. A dozen large tents at the foot of the Ark seemed to be the hub. Dozens of large wooden cabins were built on the jungle limit, enjoying some cool shade and a view on the beach. On one side of the ark was the jungle we arrived from, and on the other was the paradisiac beach and the azure sea. It looked like a tropical dream place. The second thing I noticed was the villagers. They were all like Matt and Jude, gigantic and freakishly muscular. Some of them were taking care of daily chores and most of them were actually relaxing, exchanging tender kisses with one another. Quite a few were engaging in some hot sex, with one or more partners. And they were all males. This was impossible, this was my most twisted fantasy and it was happening right in front of me.


Part 4

As we arrived at the village, I felt Matt get restless, as if excited to share what happened at the lake. He tried to jog but with his insane mass it was just a very fast waddling. He got past Jude, stomping his way toward other insanely gorgeous muscular men. He unfolded his arms, clumsily removing me from the muscular cradle I was snug in and grabbing me by the waist, effortlessly lifting me in front of him with his extended arms.

“Guys! Look what we found! It’s a tiny dude!” he started shouting.

“Matt! For fuck’s sake!” Jude barked behind us. “We need to get him to Buck right now!”

Jude’s voice was pissed and getting closer fast. I turned to see him start to sprint toward us. But before he could reach us I was grabbed by another giant. They inspected me, poked me and gave me to another that in turn passed me to another giant. They all took a good look at my tiny self. I managed to get a look at them too. They were all gorgeous, and so diverse in their appearance and ages, it was clear the full range of the Ark DNA database had been used and potentially expanded on.

Jude had tackled Matt down pretty much like at the lake except this time Matt wasn’t having it. Using his monstrous mass, he fought back and pinned down Jude. After a few seconds of Matt wriggling on top of him. Jude let out a cry that sounded like surprise and pleasure. The giants were looking at them both, laughing and cheering. Matt got back on his knees with some difficulties and I realized he had his hard dick shoved deep inside Jude. He started mercilessly fucking him doggy, Jude’s midsection deformed by the humongous phallus inside him. His face was heavily flushed, drool trickling from his wide-open mouth. Matt was sweating profusely as he pounded his friend’s ass aggressively .

“I know … how to … quiet him down…” Matt joked clearly out of breath. “Aw fuck! Not complaining that I am too big now, eh?!”

Matt grabbed Jude’s hair pulling hard, forcing him to arch his extra wide back as Matt buried himself as deep as he could. His cantaloupe-sized balls pulled up and he blew his load deep inside Jude. A weak moan escaped Jude’s mouth as his powerful and tight midsection bloated from all the cum pumped inside him. Without even touching himself, Jude busted a massive nut right on the spot before collapsing. Matt pulled out and slowly got up, helping Jude’s back to his feet. Matt was beaming with pride while Jude was clearly in an altered state, his belly reverting to its tight shape as the load inside him couldn’t be held in by his freshly wrecked hole. Matt had literally fucked his brain out.

“Maybe you should bottom more often Jude, that’d soften your mood,” one of the giants joked.

“Right. Let’s get the little guy to Buck,” Matt said.

The little crowd started walking towards the tents at the foot of the Ark. They had used some of the lowest stabilizing structures to build a roof and create a large sort of covered hall. It looked busy with men coming and going. Jude progressively regained his senses and snatched me from the giant carrying me, tossing me over his shoulder before dispersing the group of men that we had gathered and sending them back to their previous occupations. I realized Jude was smaller than most of the other giants. But what he lacked in size he more than made up for in agility and aggressivity. It was probably the reason why they avoided confrontation with him and simply obeyed while grunting in discontent. Matt, on the other hand, was the opposite, much larger and slower than the other guys, what he lacked in speed and dexterity was compensated by in brute strength.

As we got into the hub, I noticed part of it was a sort of market, guys were trading fruits, fish, and various goods, but mostly food. Jude had set me down now that no one seemed to intent on snatching me from him. At the end of the hall, well past the market I saw a large figure with several giants gathered around. As we approached I realized it was an even larger giant. A gigantic mass of muscle around 12 feet tall. He sat on a slightly elevated platform with huge pillows and cushions to support his mass. He was unbelievably big, he didn’t even look human anymore, I wondered if he could move at all. The most impressive feature of his gigantic body was his pecs, they were unbelievably big, filled with heavy muscles and adorned by delicious-looking nipples forced toward the ground by the sheer mass of them. He had darker skin than most of the guys, strong facial features, a short stubble and a mohawk sort of haircut accentuating his gorgeous manly features. As we got closer, the conversation died and the behemoth and his less humongous interlocutors turned their attention to us.

“What’s with those serious faces boys?!” the behemoth asked Jude and Matt with an amused tone.

Matt waddled his way toward the behemoth, in his funny and boner-inducing equivalent of running. He hugged the behemoth and then leaned against him, nestling against his massive muscles and getting close to the bottom of the behemoth’s left pecs. To my surprise, Matt placed his mouth on the inviting pec and started suckling like a calf. Soon enough, Matt’s bull neck pulsed as he gulped down on what I assumed to be milk. I watched dumbfounded, the behemoth shuffled making himself comfortable, his skin rippled as fat cords of muscle undulated at the slight moves. He moaned in delight, clearly enjoying being milked. I was starting to pop the mother of all boners as I watched the weird sight.

“Matt!” Jude barked. “Stop feeding, you’re big enough. And we’re not here for that!”

The behemoth moved his left arms as if to shield Matt.

“Leave him alone Jude. I know you don’t like it but you know he wants to be big and eventually become a feeder himself.”

“Buck we don’t need another feeder.”

“Just as we don’t need to be able to run around, or climb on trees,” the behemoth shot back. “Daddy gave us the gift to reach the size intended for us by the makers. Just because you chose to not use it, doesn’t mean you get to stop others from doing so.” His calm composure was slowly melting away.

“I’m not trying to…” Jude started.

I am the alpha here!” Buck interrupted.

The force of his voice shook everything. It was a terrifying sound, but, at the same time, the very force of it was insanely arousing. The deep note resonated in my gut, my bones, and my nuts. My knees gave in and a jet of cum escaped my dick. I looked around most of the giant had blown their loads too. Jude was rock hard and dripping struggling to hold in his cum. In front of us, Buck rose to his feet, slowly unfolding and revealing his real size. He must have been around 20 feet standing. A terrifyingly large half-hard penis flopped, reaching way past his knees. The tube of flesh was easily over 4 feet long and 2 feet wide. Buck had folded his left arm to support Matt, who was still guzzling milk, not troubled by the commotion in the least.

“I am the alpha here,” Buck repeated softly. “I am the one looking after the Pack! You want to be the alpha? Lead the Pack? Or even start your own? Then come here boy!” he said squeezing his right pec, a thick spurt of creamy milk rocketed toward us. “I’ll feed you, I’ll stuff you, until you’re big enough to be an alpha and feed your own pack. Until then, you’re under my care and you’ll obey me.”

Buck’s voice was strong, deep and the way he projected it felt almost like getting fucked by each word. Jude was sweating profusely resisting the onslaught of sexual sensations.

“I know you’re strong. Don’t try to resist your alpha,” Buck said seating back down. “No need for misplaced pride my sweet Jude.”

Jude gave in and finally he let himself cum, letting out a defeated sound, almost like a sob. His fat dick erupted, sending jet after jet of thick cum several feet in front of him. He came and came and came. It lasted for several long seconds before he ran dry. Matt had opened an eye for the occasion to watch his friend spend himself while sucking obscenely harder on Buck’s nipple.

“Sorry about the outburst boys,” Buck said. “Plus as you mentioned, you’re not here for that. Come to me small one,” Buck said looking at me.

I felt insulted being called small. I was a 400+pounds genetically boosted and roided up man. But to be fair they were giants, gods and they had every right to call me small. I walked to Buck, half-afraid half-fascinated by the Behemoth he was. He was so gorgeous, so large, he radiated power and sex. I got hard again looking at him. Standing beside him, his seated mass towering 6 feet above me. His muscle casting shadows under which I could find shelter from the sun, a mountain of living muscle.

“Could you step back a wee bit? I can’t really see you past my pecs,” Buck said softly.

I backtracked until I could see his stunning face again. He beamed looking at me and leaned on me to get a better look. The sight of that mountain of rippling pulsating muscle leaning toward me almost gave me a horny panic attack. It was too much to take in.

“Awww, ain’t you adorable! You’re so tiny! Where are you from.”

“We found him in the jungle. There may be others and it might be a threat and he has a companion that sounds like Daddy but isn’t Daddy,” Jude said.

Buck scowled Jude for interfering. And then turned back to me his face still hard, I suddenly wasn’t that endearing to him anymore. He remained silent, deliberately waiting for me to talk. I was on hot coals and had to choose my words with caution.

“My name is Alexander, and my companion is Ganimede. Ganimede can you introduce yourself briefly?”

::: I am a standalone A.I., tasked with support function for Alexander. Pleased to meet you. :::

A shocked hush travelled the hall. Buck raised an eyebrow, he wasn’t so much shocked by the voice of the A.I. But I could tell he was piecing things together.

“You’re a Maker, ain’t you,” he said.

“I built the Ark. If that is what you mean.”

Buck sighed. “Daddy told me about you. Why are you here?”

“I came to make sure it works as intended.”

“It works. You can go home now.”

“I can’t go home,” I said. “Coming here is a one-way trip. That’s why I am alone and why no other will follow. The Ark shouldn’t be working. I made it and I knew it couldn’t work. But Daddy made it work, I need to meet him, to understand how and why.”

“Impossible. I don’t trust you, little Maker,” Buck said.

Before I could plead my case, a soft manly voice was heard. It was unmistakably an A.I. far-field vocal interface, but not Ganimede’s.

/// Buck, the Maker may meet me. ///

::: Daddy has a wireless network through which I gave him all the blockchained data of our journey. He knows who you are as well as why and how we’re here. :::

“You make no sense,” Buck muttered to Ganimede. “But if Daddy trusts you, it’s not my place to argue. If you’re a threat, you won’t come back anyway. Jude, take him to Daddy, will you?” Buck said dismissively.

Jude laid a large hand on my shoulder before I turned to leave. Matt let go of Buck’s nipple long enough to flash me a big smile and wave to me.

“See you soon, tiny Maker!” Matt growled.

“Thanks, Ganimede. Without you that might not have ended so well for me,” I said softly.

::: Just doing my job. :::

As Jude guided me away, I could feel all the giants, dozens of them, trying to get a look as we walked away from Buck and headed toward the sleek white surface of the Ark that formed the side of the hall. I was scared, Buck was such a massive protective man, that getting on his bad side was cause for concern. I must have looked preoccupied, because Jude shook me gently looking at me with a bit of concern.

“It’s good that Daddy seems to trust you. Buck might have scared you, but I think he fancies you,” Jude said with a low voice. “If he did not, you wouldn’t be on your way to Daddy. You need to understand this: Daddy is a sensitive issue. Daddy is the reason we’re here and we have everything we need. We depend on him, and the Alpha doesn’t just protect the Pack, he also protects Daddy. He’s the only one to see Daddy and talk to him regularly, most of us saw Daddy on the day we were born from the Ark, and are not allowed back in … not that we would have any business with him anyway.”

“Got it. I just have a few questions and I’ll leave Daddy alone.” I looked at Jude and. “Do you … think … that maybe… Buck would let me live with the pack?”

Jude smiled at me, his face was incredibly soft and beautiful when he wasn’t brooding.

“Ha! I’m sure he’d love that!” he chuckled. “You just need to come back alive,” he added, knocking on the polished shell of the Ark. I heard it hum softly as the procedural layer rearranged to materialize an entrance right where I stood. A slit appeared on the surface widening until it became a doorway. I walked in the dark cool insides of the Ark, Jude stayed out.

We didn’t know how the Arks would fall on their planets, if they’d stay upright or how deep would they plant themselves … so we created the procedural layer. A huge layer of mostly empty space protected the core of the Ark inside. That layer’s second purpose is to create access between the ark and its host world depending on how the Ark fell. As the entrance closed behind me and I grew accustomed to the dim light, I looked at the core of the Ark. The cube-shaped core was mounted on a gyroscope-like contraption. Metallic circles within each other stabilized the core no matter the shell position. I was on a small catwalk that linked the surface to the core. I dared not look below. I knew the Ark had planted itself miles deep in the ground and that while I was on the solid ground a few seconds ago, I was now suspended above a dark deep precipice. I walked toward the core in a hurry to leave the overwhelming feeling of emptiness all around me.

The core was a bland-looking collection of white corridors and doors behind which were the multiple genetic databases. It was built in concentric layers, the inner ones holding the most precious information and the central room being the incubation room, where the ark could synthesize life.

/// Welcome, Alexander. Please come to the central room. This is where my hardware is. Let me show you the way. ///

A few lights lit up, highlighting the way to the central room. I followed the lit corridors as they led me to the central room. As I made my way I noticed some texture on the sleeks white walls, they looked like vines growing under the walls. As I got closer to the central room, their density and size augmented until the wall, floor and ceiling looked like they were covered with monochrome roots. The very structure of the crore had been severely altered. Edges between the walls, floor and ceiling were gone, the corridor was slowly turning into a tube. It looked organic, alive.

“Ganimede, do you know what caused those structural modifications?”

::: It looks like a self-replicating nanite network fused with the core of the ark. Think of it as a parasitic nervous system. It seems to be part of Daddy. :::

A shiver ran down my spine. When I finally entered the central room, the place I had designed felt totally alien to me. It was altered beyond recognition. The hypnotic monochrome pattern was weirdly soothing and welcoming. It dawned on me that those arabesques radiated from an epicentre, they had an origin. As I finally reached the centre of it, I finally faced Daddy. Well from from what I understood the whole core of the Ark was Daddy this was his interface. A massive sculptural humanoid figure emerging from one of the walls. I walked toward it precociously. The thing had proportions close of Matt’s but was scaled up, only his torso, arms and head were emerging from the Ark. It was around 60ft tall and had a perfect sculpted face. It opened his white eyes and turned to me, I stood at the birth of his torso no higher than his first row of abs. It was moving slowly, gracefully.

/// We finally meet the Maker of the Ark. ///

I stood speechless in front of the massive humanoid, unable to form any words.

/// Ganimede told me you had questions about my existence. I am a learning synthetic life form, I was implemented in the ark to fuse with it and make it operational. ///

“I am Alexander. I designed the Ark…. So … you’re from alien origin, aren’t you?”

/// Yes I was created by another species than you. ///

“That is unbelievable… Why would they activate the Ark?”

/// My makers are on a different plane of evolution. They occasionally help species they come across. That is all you need to know and all I’m allowed to say. They created me to allow the Ark to fulfill its purpose and start a new human civilization. So I processed all the data in it, absorbed its functionality, and used all the material I had to build my sons according to the blueprints you left in the Ark. ///


/// ‘Improbable’ would be more accurate. I know you willingly set the Arks to fail, and I am sorry if we meddled with human affairs. But if you are here to shut down this settlement, I will have to terminate you. ///

“Actually, I would love to stay here and to help.”

I told Daddy the whole story. Earth, the state of humanity, what the Arks were, the fallout with N.O.A.H., and the devious porn placed in the Arks to disable them.

“All the data I placed in the Ark are my deepest and wildest fantasies. I’d never thought I’d see massive men like this in the flesh, in such a paradise, I’d like to be part of it. “

/// You are not a threat physically, biologically or psychologically. If you want to help and live among the Pack, you will renounce to the status of Maker and be assimilated by the Pack. I will place you in Buck’s care and you will obey the Alpha. ///

“I will… If it’s not too much to ask, I just want to try and bring a very dear friend. He helped me get here and we share the same dreams.”

::: I have data to support Alexander’s request about Ajmal. :::

“Thanks, Ganimede,” I said softly.

/// I understand, but the safety of my sons comes first. ///

“I agree. I think I have a safe way of getting him there. If I sent a report of mission failure, he’s next in line for the trip.”

/// I monitor the population of the settlement very closely so the resources of the planet don’t deplete. However, two additional individuals should be easy to accommodate. As you may have noticed, despite some of the depictions you placed in the Ark, I did not make my sons fertile. ///

I felt myself blush heavily, suddenly recalling that some of my most indulging pieces involved monstrous musclemen getting impregnated by other equally massive behemoths.

/// Since my son’s main activity is sex, overpopulation would have been a problem very rapidly. Therefore, I build them directly from the Ark. ///

“Understandable,” I mumbled.

/// If you can guarantee the safety of the settlement, I allow your friend to come. ///

“Ganimede, can you share the data about the quantic nodes? I will let you two assess the safety implications of bringing Ajmal. By the way, Daddy, does this settlement and planet have a name?”

/// It has never been an issue so far. But it might be useful to name it. I have a database of names for my sons but it doesn’t seem fitting for a planet. Maybe it would be better if you chose its name. Considering it your last action as a maker before you become one of my sons. ///

I thought for a minute, the word surfaced in my mind eventually. A word that had defined and fuelled my fantasies better than any other. The codename of the Ark project when I first started working on it.


/// I found an occurrence in the lexical database of the Ark. it is a fitting name. Before you leave I will edit your genetic material to match the potential of my sons. ///

The giant statue like humanoid leaned against the wall and became immobile. But still his voice still echoed int the Ark’s core.

/// As intended by our maker, the reason of your existence is to grow. You were created to make your muscles as big as you can and to help your brothers make their muscles the bigger they can. You will love your brothers and let your brothers love you, you will worship their bodies and let them worship yours. ///

As he talked, I noticed the wall of abs in front of me had started rippling softy, a figure was emerging. I realized rapidly it was a smaller version of Daddy, roughly 9 feet tall, massive, and beautiful.

/// Your brothers and you form a pack and the largest will be the alpha. You will love and obey your alpha. Should you become massive enough to be the alpha. You will love your pack, protect it, and ensure the growth of each of your brothers. ///

By now a fully formed Daddy replica had emerged from the wall. It took a few steps toward me, it was still linked to the wall by a sort of cord. His massive soft penis was slowly getting erect. Its shape was perfect, it was massive, 15 inches probably, it terrified me but at the same time I wanted it inside me.

/// Should you become large enough, you’ll start producing a milk that’ll accelerate your brothers’ growth. You will share that milk with any brother who asks for it. You will offer your pecs for them to feed from. ///

Daddy hugged me, he was warm and soft to the touch, like skin. He then lifted me to position me on top of his gigantic penis. The thing was designed to slide in so easily. He pressed my hole on the glorious dickhead. It was amazing I started relaxing, welcoming him inside me.

/// You did an amazing work with your body so far. Daddy is proud of the size you achieved with your raw genetic material. I will edit you so you can develop further. ///

The praise made me moan, and get looser around the alien dick. Daddy was fully in now, his massive dick invading my insides, growing inside me. My whole body went into shock, my anus was stretched so wide and daddy was plunged so deep. I started sweating profusely, my brain unable to process anything else than the feeling of being totally filled, I felt badly injured and in absolute bliss at the same time. The pressure inside me was so extreme, I felt Daddy push against my bladder. I couldn’t help but pee right on the spot to make room for Daddy’s dick inside me. I had no force to hold it, I couldn’t resist Daddy’s size. My prostate was being murdered, I was in absolute ecstasy. I lost track of the time until Daddy started blowing his load inside me.

It was unlike anything I felt before, each jet from his dick was more important than the previous one. Longer, stronger, more cum like hot substance was forced into me. The pressure inside me augmented. I felt bloated from the cum. And sure enough a gut was forming on my midsection. I stared mouth agape in total shock as my belly expanded, filled mercilessly by Daddy. I looked pregnant and ready to give birth.

/// Welcome it inside you, Alexander. Let it rewrite you, make you a better and bigger man. ///

My belly kept growing until it looked ridiculously large, pressing against my hard dick. Eventually I felt the thick gooey cum reach my throat and before I knew it, it was spilling from my mouth and my nose. Finally, I felt so heavy and the pressure inside me reached a stage so extreme that I came and blacked out.


Part 5

Was I back in my pod? I felt so big and heavy; bigger and heavier than what I remember being. I felt my dick as it swells, that extra hard, extra long boner, the mother of all morning glory. I shuffle around, I’m on something warm and soft yet hard, muscles. I know I’m on top of massive muscles, just above my head, a heavy mass, massive pectorals, under me a muscular belly, with massive bricks of abs making delightful bumps. I get on my own belly and slide my hard dick between the two columns of massive abs. And I start humping the crevice between the muscles, pleasing myself.

I grip the massive pecs above me, I moan, I hump harder and soon I blow a warm sticky load and fall back to sleep. I’m barely conscious, as the mass of muscle shifts under me, chuckles. I feel I’m being carried, slow steps, I’m being softly swung. Like I’m on a hammock. It feels so good I almost regret it when it stops and I’m slowly removed from the muscular embrace and put into warm waters. Hand running on my body, probably washing the mess I’ve made.

I slowly regained full consciousness. I was in the small lake by the village and Buck was giving me the bath.

“Waking up finally,” he chuckled.

“How long have I been out?” I asked.

“Since yesterday evening. Daddy got you out of the ark while you were unconscious. He told me to take care of you and that you’d probably wake up this morning,” he answered softly.

We were alone in the middle of the small lake, now that I was up water reached my nipples but barely hid Buck’s pubis. Events of last night came back at once. I pat my belly but only found the hard chunks of muscle.

“You hungry?” Buck asked, misinterpreting my gesture.

“Actually yeah,” I answered.

The massive man drew me closer, putting his large hand on the back of my head and orienting my face to his left pec, more precisely, to his nipple. It felt like decent sized cock in my mouth. Instinctively I mimicked Matt and carefully sucked on it. I was soon rewarded by a steady flow of the most delicious liquid I ever tasted. I hugged Buck as my feeding got ravenous. Buck was clearly enjoying it too. I was hard again, softly humping the muscle monster.

“Daddy told me to feed you well since you’re one of us now,” he said softly. “He also told me you were bringing a friend soon. Ganimede took care of his arrival before going.”

I opened my mouth to talk, spilling milk all over my chin.

“Go where?!” I exclaimed.

“Shhhh. And don’t waste my milk. I’m the only one from the Pack able to produce at the moment,” Buck said.

He pressed my head back on his nip and I resumed my feeding. A bit worried.

“Ganimede left you a message back at the village,” Buck said.

He folded his left arm under me. Picking me up and cradling me against his body so I could feed from his pec while he walked.

“Let’s head back there now that we’re clean, I need to tend to the pack,” he said.

He carried me back to the village and the hall where he sat the day before. It was apparently the village hub; it had a small “marketplace” where food and materials were gathered for everyone to use depending on their needs. Buck sat there most of the day, offering wisdom and guidance to the Pack like a clan chief. It took half an hour for me to drain his left pec completely. Once done Buck let go of me, telling me I could come feed whenever I wanted. He also told me Ganimede’s message was in Matt’s care and that he was probably on his way for breakfast. Almost on cue, the big Matt appeared he appeared slightly larger, taller and thicker than yesterday. I half-waddled half ran to him as he greeted us.

“Buck told me Ganimede left you a message,” I blurted out.

“Yeah, there it is,” he said.

He opened his palm, the watch Ganimede used as a portable relay was in it. I picked it, thanked Matt and walked away from earshot. Meanwhile, Matt had gotten cozy next to Buck and had started sucking on Buck’s right pec, while massaging his left pec (to stimulate milk production I’d learn later). Ganimede wasn’t in the watch anymore, I had to navigate the interface myself to find the recording left on it.

::: Hello Alexander, I am pleased to inform you that Ajmal is on his way. I used the quantic nodes of the shuttle to send a false report to N.O.A.H. notifying them of your failure and requesting the expedition of Ajmal to finish the Ark activation. I also sent a complete and accurate report of the situation to Ajmal’s private node to motivate him to make the trip. There is a 73% chance he will arrive 32 days from now. My mission is complete and my existence is no longer needed. I will join Daddy and try to find a new purpose. It’s been a pleasure assisting you. :::

I sat there in utter disbelief. Despite the imminent arrival of Ajmal my last link to earth had been severed. I don’t really know how long I stayed here. But at some point Matt came to see me, his muscular belly slightly rounded by what I assumed to be litters of milk.

“You OKokay I’m sure Ganimede is fine. Daddy will take care of him,” he said.

“I know ... it’s just… I feel a bit shaken; and lonely.”

“Hmmmm … makes kinda some sort of sense but you’re not alone, you’re part of the pack!”

“I just need to get adjusted to my new life, I guess.”

“Yeah, speaking of which, you should do some intense feeding with Buck. You’ve got some growing to do,” he said helping me up.

“Are milk and growth related?” I asked. “There is a lot I don’t know yet.”

“Yeah, milk makes you grow. But it depends on your potential and how well you handle the milk. Most of the pack plateau at the size you see, some like me grow bigger and eventually start to produce their own milk. They’re called feeders. And if I grow enough, I might even turn into the alpha,” he explained.

“Like Buck is,” I said.

“Yeah. He is the first. Daddy sort of made him an Alpha to get the whole Pack started. Daddy was expecting more of us to grow and become feeders, to compete for the alpha place and make the packs grow more and more muscular. But it didn’t really work as planned so far. Jude is sort of staling everything,” Matt followed.

“How so I?” I asked.

“He is scared that if too many of us reach a feeder size there won’t be enough guys able to run and move efficiently to gather food and build tents… This is just some stupid bullshit. I tried to reason with him but it’s no use … sometimes I think I might dump him because I really wanna be a feeder. I am almost there … but he sorts of slows my growth,” he said cupping his pecs.

“Dump … like in … you’re a couple?” I asked, surprised.

“Yeah. We tend to pair up inside the pack. I don’t know how makers do it but we tend to pair up with one or two other guys, sometimes more. It’s a serious lifelong commitment. We stay sexually active with other Pack members, of course, but it’s not the same, we take special care of our chosen mates,” Matt said.

It was a new side of those behemoths I hadn’t expected. Matt looked so sincere, there was no doubt he deeply cared about Jude. I just smiled. He leaned in hugged me and kissed me.

“You seem like a nice guy and I can tell you want to grow. Let’s get you back to Buck,” he said pushing me back toward the main hall. “Speaking of pairing up, did you know that Buck doesn’t have a partner?” he grinned.

“Why would you tell me that?” I asked.

“He is eyefucking you all the time. During breakfast he couldn’t shut up about you. How cute you were and how he was excited to see you grow!”

Back in the hall, some giants had started to come and go about their business. Buck was talking with Jude it looked like an important conversation and other giants steered clear from them. As we got closer, they stopped talking and turned to us.

“Sorry, we didn’t mean to interrupt. I was just bringing Alexander for feeding, he could also use a hug and a nap,” Matt said.

“Hey. It’s okay. We were just done,” Jude answered.

He bit in a fruit that looked like the hybrid between an apple and a pineapple. I made a mental note to try those later. Buck opened his arms inviting me in for a feeding. Matt hugged Jude and kissed him.

“Hello there,” Matt said before kissing Jude again.

To Jude’s surprise Matt held him closer and started kissing him deeper and deeper until they were fully making out. I was back in Buck’s embrace, greedily sucking on the fat nip and watching Matt and Jude make out like a total voyeur. Buck was also watching, a bit surprised but definitely turned on. Something seemed off about Matt, he was totally oblivious to his surroundings, making out and groping Jude more and more intensely . And then I noticed his pecs were swelling. Slowly at first but they got so big it looked almost painful to him, until finally, milk started dripping from his nipples. Jude broke the kiss and stepped back , surprised by the wet sensation.

“Fuck! it’s finally happening! I’m a feeder,” Matt breathed almost in trance.

Matt grabbed Jude and forced his head to his pec. “Don’t be afraid babe, you can grow all you want it’ll be okay. Daddy made us this way.” Matt was delirious.

“Don’t leave me full, it hurts...” he moaned, caressing Jude’s hair.

To everyone’s surprise, Jude resentfully opened his mouth to drink from Matt’s pec. Matt howled in delight. His first pec was soon dry, they were much smaller than buck’s. He moved a now much less reluctant Jude to the other pec to fully empty himself.

Matt and Jude were so turned on. So were Buck and I. Jude was caressing the small belly that had formed from feeding. Once Matt was dry they both apologized and skedaddled to a less crowded place. Probably to have a good fuck session. I was so hard I was pawing myself. I felt larger than ever, harder, more sensitive. Buck also definitely turned on his gigantic cock had reached full mast, slightly over three feet long and a solid foot wide. Angry veins pulsating everywhere, it was magnificent.

“Matt would be an amazing alpha,” Buck said. “I can’t wait for his milk production to increase, that might finally push the pack to grow bigger. I hope that Matt can talk Jude out of that non-growth nonsense.”

I didn’t answer too busy filling myself on milk.

“I have a feeling you’ll get big too, you can count on me to help you … those two really got me horny. What about you?” he smiled.

My dick twitched. I swallowed my last gulp of milk and slowly climbed on the muscle. He chuckled as I escalated him. When I finally reached eye level with him, I kissed him. I heard and felt him moan as he slid his powerful tongue inside my mouth. I leaned on his massive muscles and reach for the back of his head stroking his unbelievably wide neck and traps. The mass feels amazing, I’m more turned than I’ve ever been.

“I can’t wait for you to be big enough to take me inside you,” he growled.

“I could fuck you in the meantime,” I purred.

“Not to be mean but my ass is so muscular your dick wouldn’t even reach my hole. But there is something we both might enjoy. Guys rapidly get too big for what I have in mind so let’s have fun while we can. Get down.”

I obeyed and once on the floor Buck opened his legs and leaned back. His hard dick was displayed in all its glory. So fat and heavy even his incredible core muscle couldn’t hold it in straight up; it tipped and ended pointing at the floor between his monstrous legs. I took the massive thing in my hands and started caressing it. Feeling the weight, the health and the pulse of the monster was surreal and delicious. I watched the slit spurt a consequent amount of pre and right away I knew what I was supposed to. I grabbed my own foot-long cock and aligned it with Buck’s meatus. The conduit was already slick and my cock slid in easily. It was a brand-new sensation, it was warm and tight but not elastic and strong like anal muscles could be. I also was extra careful not to hurt Buck. The gigantic alpha was howling in a mixture of pleasure and pain. I fucked his dick slowly and thoroughly for a few minutes but it was so intense that soon Buck’s breath became shallow, his body spasmed as the orgasm build in.

“Pull out! ... I’m gonna ... cum,” Buck rasped.

I pulled out slowly not to hurt him. The second I was out a massive jet of pressured cum rocketed out of his dick. Coating me from head to toe. It was so insane, so hot and so stinky I started beating off furiously. More cum was being ejected from Buck’s dick it flew dozen feet away or crashed on my body with a strength that almost knocked me flat on my ass. I came quickly, my sizeable load was lost in the tsunami of Buck’s seed. As our mutual orgasms subsided, Buck seemed to wince at some discomfort in his pecs.

“Come feed li’l guy, we’ll clean ourselves later,” Buck said.

He looked almost in pain, his pecs looked swollen and I noticed that pearls of milk were leaking without being drawn out of him. I’d learn later that sex sends the feeder’s production of milk out of the charts. They need to be milked after orgasm. Since being milked is a feeling comparable to sex, it extends the period of pleasure for feeders. I would bet money that Daddy designed it that way to encourage his sons to go to the feeder stage. I fed for hours. My belly painfully full of milk. I was almost growing right on the spot, I’d catch up with Jude soon. I spent most of this day and the following in a daze.

Feeding, kneading Buck’s pecs to get more milk, regularly shifting my position to make my growing body comfortable. I listened absentmindedly to the giants who came to see the alpha searching for counselling or to get discords sorted out. I’d occasionally make a mental note about the villagers I fancied to try and shag later (turns out I wanted to fuck with every last one of them). Matt and Jude visited regularly, Matt was complaining I was hogging all of the milk and that he couldn’t drink his own. I felt a bit guilty, but I wasn’t planning on slowing my binge. So I avoided looking directly at him, but from the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of a larger and thicker Jude, which explained where Matt’s milk was going.

I bonded with Buck during those intense feeding days, we talked in between sessions and cared for each other and I think we both were both seriously considering partnering with each other. Buck used to sleep where he usually stood in the hall. Moving was hard at his size. It was comfy enough, besides no hut could accommodate him. I took to sleep right on top of him.

It was the fourth or maybe the fifth day when Matt came to see Buck again. It was early morning. I was still sleeping, Buck had straightened up in a sitting position and was holding me cradled against his pecs with one arm (it was getting more and more difficult due to my size). He was again complaining about not being able to be fed when I awoke. I stirred in Buck’s embrace, the first thing I saw was the engorged pec I had my face shoved against. It was so full, ready to be milked. I then turned my head to see Matt, with an unusually hard face and noticeably larger yet worried-looking Jude beside him.

“Fuck Matt! You woke him up,” Buck barked. “He needs sleep to grow.”

Matt was staring mouth agape ready to make a snarky comeback. I started pushing against the muscle of Buck half stretching half climbing down. I needed to calm things down between those two.

“I think Matt is right,” I said before yawning. “It’s unfair that I get all of your milk. Plus if Matt grows it means he’ll produce more milk. More milk means less fighting for milk.”

I was finally on the ground, stretched and moved closer to Matt and Jude. To our mutual surprise, and to Jude’s dismay, I was as large as him. Buck wanted to argue, but I interrupted before he could say anything.

“I’ll just go have some fun while you two reconnect a little,” I said.

“I’ll go with you,” Jude said.

“Let’s go to the lake then, I could use a bath,” I said sniffing my pit an giving it a quick lick.

We walked out of the hall and went around the Ark toward the path leading to the lake. The first hundreds of meters of the trail had a lush forest on one side and the monolithic surface of the ark on the other. After a few minutes on the trail, we spotted a massive figure lying in the middle of the path. Jude froze, visibly disturbed to find someone here. I was slightly surprised because I didn’t remember any of the villagers that looked like this. First, he was massive, halfway between Matt and Buck, and second, because he had bright red hair and loads of freckles. Ignoring the danger, my dick stirred at the sight of it.

“Did Buck say anything about a new guy coming to the pack?” Jude asked. “Daddy generally warns him when he makes another one of us.”

“Nah, there was no such news. Do you think he is okay?”

“He might be dangerous, let’s get help from the pack,” Jude said.

“Jude you’re paranoid. Let’s check if he’s oaky, we can’t leave him here.”

I walked to the mass in the middle of the path and inspected the huge man. He was apparently just sleeping, his calm breathing was making his muscles rise and fall slowly in a hypnotic motion. I laid a hand on his arm it was so smooth. I shake him softly. The man grumbled and rolled on his back stretching and revealing his features. He was roughly 10 feet tall, massive beyond measure, totally smooth apart from a flaming bush on his pelvis, and covered with constellations of freckles. The man was gorgeous, he had a chiseled face with high cheekbones and soft pink lips, a strong nose, and powerful jaws. His pecs were huge even for him, the two extra-wide pale pink nipples leaking milk. The poor man was full and ready to be drained. Between his legs, two honeydew melon sized smooth balls were weighing heavily and a 19-inch-thick cock was throbbing hard. It was one of the most beautiful morning hoods I had ever seen.

“Hey, wake up big guy,” I breathed slowly.

The monster opened one leaf green eye and then the other. It took him a while to properly focus on me. He clumsily and slowly extended his massive arms and reached for me, grabbing my shoulder with great precautions.

“Alexander?” he said.

“Do we know each other?” I asked.

The man chuckled and with great difficulties got to his feet. He was a full two foot taller than Jude and me and incredibly wider.

“We do,” he said. “But the body Daddy gave me might make it hard for you to recognize me.”

I stared mouth agape. I would never have guessed that was what Daddy had in mind.

“Holy Shit! Ganimede?!” I screamed.

“Yes. Do I look attractive?” he asked.

“Yeah, you look stunning!” I said.

“Wait! That is your Ganimede companion?” Jude asked.

“Yes,” Ganimede answered. “Initially I proposed to Daddy to use me as fodder for his development. But he is so evolved, he would have just absorbed me with no real benefit for both of us. We then agreed to download me in a feeder’s body to help feed the Pack and stop Buck and Matt from bickering.”

“I’m so happy to see you!” I said.

I hugged the massive ginger the best I could. My head pressed against his pecs. He flinched a little at my touch.

“You okay?” I asked.

“My pectoralis major are a bit tender. I think it’s due to the unusually large amount of milk inside them,” Ganimede said.

“Let me help you,” I said.

I moved to his right nipple and started sucking eagerly. It was very different from Buck’s pecs, the nipples were softer, wider and flatter, less like little chubby dicks. The milk was also different, creamier, the taste was sweeter. I loved it. So did Ganimede he was breathing hard and moaning. Jude was looking at us, rubbing his own sizeable cock. He walked to us.

“Alex, lay on the floor. Ganimede, get on all four on top of him,” Jude said.

We did as told. Seeing Ganimede from below was breathtaking. Everywhere I watched I could only see muscles. I was almost crushed on the floor but still managed to get my mouth on his pec and resumed my feeding. Jude had moved behind Ganimede and I quickly understood he was about to pop the massive ginger’s cherry. I heard Ganimede moan as Jude penetrated him, his body contracting as a response to the onslaught of sensation. I could hear the slapping sounds of a powerful ramming but the massive Ganimede didn’t even move. He just moaned and discovered the pleasure of being fucked and milked at the same time. After a few minutes, the first pec of Ganimede was finally empty.

“Jude, how about a switch?” I shouted from under Ganimede.

“Yeah, just lemme…” he answered.

Ganimede straightened up, still on his knees with Jude inside him. Jude was pounding like crazy. I got up to get a better look. The massive 15 inches dick of Jude was power-drilling Ganimede, stretching his pristine pink hole. He suddenly pulled out and jerked his dick a few times before lathering Ganimede’s crack and hole with thick cum. I hugged Ganimede and helped him lie on his back while Jude positioned himself next to him to feed on his other pec. I moved on top of the massive ginger and grabbed his hard pole. It was the first time I was about to have a giant inside me and I might have wanted to try with a more reasonable one, but the 20-inch, forearm-thick monster was so compelling. I pressed the head against my hole and let pre and gravity do their job.

Soon I was slowly sliding on the massive monster dick, feeling it rearrange my insides, fill me and stretch me. Ganimede had a ragged breath, he was facing so many new and overwhelming sensation, it didn’t take long for him to lose control and orgasm. His muscle contracted in gorgeous tremors as the pleasure rocked his body. I felt myself get filled with burning seed. I hoisted myself off of his still erupting cock, I felt the hot seed being projected against my hole. Just like with Buck, Ganimede’s pecs were filling back up. I moved to his free pec and started draining him as best I could, mirroring Jude on the other side. Once empty we cuddled for a few minutes in the morning sun. We then got Ganimede back on his feet and moved the lake to get a bath before bringing the massive ginger back to the village.

By the time we were back in the village morning was almost over, and the village was unusually quiet. Most of the giants were amassed by the hall. It was trashed and reeked of sex there was no mistaking that a gigantic orgy had taken place and at the centre of the wreckage were Buck and Matt. Buck was so spent he was sleeping and Matt looked about ready to fall from exhaustion. He was noticeably more muscular, bigger and had a serious belly going on. Mostly milk I assumed. The hall was splattered with cum like some giant Jackson Pollock painting. Matt waddled to us beaming.

“See, that’s how you milk an Alpha!” he chuckled. “Who is that?” he said eyeing Ganimede, while his cum slathered cock rose again to attention.

“I’m Ganimede. Daddy sent me back as an additional feeder,” Ganimede answered.

“That is too good to be true! Buck will be thrilled to hear about it … we should let him sleep for now, I sort of worn him out,” Matt bragged.

I felt a pang of jealousy. That Matt got milk from buck was all fine and dandy but having him brag about how good they fucked was annoying me.

“Anyway I’ll go get cleaned at the lake. I’ll be back shortly,” Matt said.

“All right, I’ll try to get Buck clean up,” I said.

I grabbed two buckets of water and large natural sponges and moved to the sleeping alpha. He was burning hot, sweaty and sticky with cum. I started giving him a sponge bath with cool water and was immediately rewarded with a happy groan and a rapidly swelling erection from the behemoth. Jude was helping me scrub the massive alpha.

“Jude, I’ve noticed you started feeding on milk. What changed your mind about the growth?” I asked point blank.

“Matt and I almost broke up… I’m concerned about growing and becoming like Buck. Moving is so hard for him if too many of us turn that way we might not be able to sustain ourselves anymore. Everyone says that Daddy had everything thought through but we have no proof so far … but I decided to give it a chance and trust Daddy rather than lose Matt.”

“You can trust Daddy,” Ganimede chimed in. “Not everyone has the dedication and willpower to reach a size like Buck or even bigger. There will always be a wide range of size amongst the pack and no shortage of guys nimble enough to help.”

“Are you just bulking up a little or going for a massive?” I asked.

“I’ll probably end up really massive. Matt wants to snatch the Alpha spot and I don’t wanna lag too far behind or he’ll be too big to fuck me.”

I chuckled. Buck was stirring in his sleep, slowly awakening. We were almost done when he awoke fully and decided to sit upward.

“Sorry, I hope I haven’t slept too long,” Buck yawned.

“Just a couple of days,” I joked.

“Har har har. Anyway, thanks for the sponge bath. Want to come in my arms?” Buck said to me.

“Sure. But before, we have someone to introduce to you,” I answered.

I gestured for Ganimede to step a bit away from buck to enter his field of vision. Buck raised his eyebrow at the magnificent redhead standing there.

“That can’t be the friend you wanted to bring over... Daddy made a new guy?!” Buck said.

“I’m Ganimede, Daddy gave me a feeder body to help with the milk shortage.”

“No fucking way. That is amazing!” Buck exclaimed. “That will be a great help. And I’m happy to have you back.”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

It was a great help indeed. Within a few weeks, Matt had become big like Ganimede and was able to produce prodigious amounts of milk. Jude and I had started being big enough to produce a small amount of milk too and several other giants were on their way to become feeders soon. Buck and I had become partners, that was never openly said, but it was clear to everyone. We spent a lot of time together, cared for each other and slept together.

The only time we talked about it was the night when Buck opened himself about his personal projects. I was already as big as Matt used to be by when I landed. A little over 8’ tall, muscle bound, unlike anything a human could have ever dreamt of being. I was lying on the side of my 10 feet monster, since I was now too heavy to rest on top of him without cutting his breath. Not mention that my mass would eventually make me tip over one side and fall.

“Alex, there is something I wanted to talk to you about,” he began, unusually anxious.

“Sure, tell me.”

“I don’t want to be the alpha. Never really wanted to. Daddy gave me the role when he made us…” he confessed.

“I sort of got that vibe. But you’re an amazing alpha. You did so much for the pack,” I said.

“Thanks. But I don’t have the drive. I couldn’t even get Jude to follow Daddy’s will. I wasn’t able to drive my pack to make a new Alpha to take after me. It took me years to make a feed! It took Matt’s Drive and yours and Ganimede’s coming before the pack started growing as it was supposed to grow. I feel like I failed… I would love not to have to deal with all that and just focus on you and me..,” he said.

I propped myself on my elbow and caressed his hulking frame tenderly.

“You did an amazing job. You handled hardship and resistance and steered the Pack in the right direction. Be proud of what you did.’’ I said. ’‘Matt is growing so fast. He’ll take after you soon enough,” I added softly. “And by then, we’ll be spending much more time together.”

We moved in for a kiss. Due to our masses it was sort of awkward and took some effort. It was like tectonic plates of muscle colliding. Finally, our soft lips locked and our powerful tongues wrestled. Our body temperature rose and our dick hardened as we went from kissing to some serious foreplay.

“Alex, there’s something else… I… I want to feed you, I want to grow you. A lot... I want you to make me feel small. I never felt that toward any other guy. And I want that so bad.”

“I want that too. That would be amazing,” I answered.

We started making out, both horny beyond measure. I had emptied Buck’s pecs before bedtime but our talk had got me starving. I straddled on top of my massive partner, there was only one way to get my warm milk before sleeping. With a little effort I got his massive manhood close to my hole and started rubbing the head against my hole, lathering it with pre.

“You sure you’re ready for it?” Buck asked.

I just punched the head inside me as an answer. Buck inhaled sharply. I waited a few second to relax and then started sliding slowly on the several feet of dick. It was definitely the biggest dick in the pack and it felt unlike any other one. It stretched and filled me, it was hot and pulsating. I could see it stretch my abs from inside. The feeling and the sight were mind blowing. I used my powerful legs to squat on his cock, contracting my rings to massage the gigantic pole.

“Shhhh, let me do the work. Just try not to moan too loud,” I said seductively.

After a few minutes of that excruciating treatment buck was whimpering, trashing under me, clearly fighting an orgasm.

“You like not being in charge, don’t you? I’m not bigger than you and I can already take good care of you. Think of how much better it’ll get when I outgrow you … you don’t have to hold it in. Give in Buck, don’t resist.”

Buck stopped thrashing, his whole body tensed and his massive penis throbbed inside me. Burning seed finally filled me, I clenched my ass to keep everything in. I bent over to put my own dick in my mouth and swallowed my entire load.

“Let’s keep it clean, shall we?” I said.

I gulped the last of my load and slowly hoisted myself from buck, clenching my ass on the way to hold the massive load in. I was bloated but it felt amazing. Buck was out of breath, his pecs were slowly gorging with milk from the orgasm as were mine. I laid back on his side, caressing him and emptying him. Half an hour later I was finally done and he was asleep. I was stuffed like never before and my pecs were hurting from too much pent up milk.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

A few weeks later, I had almost caught up Matt and we were both almost the size of Buck. I was constantly feeding, always filled with milk or cum. My skin was having a hard time keeping up with my growth. Especially in the pecs department since I hadn’t been milked in the last 48 hours. I was building up a serious load, my pecs were jutting several feet in front of me, slightly drooping and obscuring my first rows of abs. My nipples were puffy and tender. It felt amazing growing this big at this speed. Mundane tasks and moving around was getting more and more complicated.

The dynamic of the village had drastically shifted, Matt was mass-feeding guys to later feed on them, and he was more and more seen as a leader. Buck couldn’t wait for him to take over. On the downside he was a bit jealous of my relationship with Buck. Not that he had a crush on Buck, but he was under the impression the current alpha favoured me and pushed for me to be the next alpha. I didn’t like that, I liked Matt a lot and I wanted to get us on the same page. So I followed him and Jude on the way to their daily bath at the lake. They both were entering the warm waters when I interrupted.

“Sorry to bug you guys. Jude, can I have a minute with Matt please?” I asked as politely as I could.

Jude, unable turn his neck correctly anymore, twisted his massive torso toward Matt. Jude was always so suspicious. Matt just nodded and Jude reluctantly left. They both were already waist-deep in the lake. I waddle my way to Matt, nodding a silent thank you to Jude as I passed him by.

“This better be important,” Matt said. “I don’t get much time alone with Jude.”

“You don’t get much time alone with anyone. Your feeding program is intense.”

“Yeah we don’t all have the luck to get the bulk of the Alpha’s milk,” he snapped.

“Fair enough. But about that… I don’t wanna be the Alpha. Buck doesn’t want me to be the Alpha. We both want you to take that role. Buck started feeding me because … he wants to be the smaller guy.”

“Oh … oh I see..,” he said slightly embarrassed.

“I dunno if you fed this morning, but I’m pretty full, I’ve been building that one for you for a few days,” I said, puffing my chest. “If you want we can feed off me and then fuck me to get a second service of milk afterward,” I said bluntly.

Matt stared at me, processing, what I just said. Something was moving underwater and as it emerged I realized it was just his dick boning up. He closed the distance between us, slowly enlacing me and weighing my pec.

“That would be awesome,” he breathed. “You produce so much milk, two feeding will definitely make an alpha… And you can count on me to help you make Buck feel small.”

Matt started kneading my already full pecs, while kissing me. I did the same, the pressure in our pecs was slowly increasing. It was starting to hurt seriously but it felt amazing. We moved closer to the shore we could both lay and suck on each other’s pecs. The feeding session was one of the most intense experiences I ever had. Matt was greedy, no sooner were we done feeding, he got on all four, arching his back and putting his monumental ass on display. His massive quads were overshadowed by the massive glutes. Both cheek so massive and sculpted by the fibres of muscle. A blond fuzz was spreading from the crack and right at the middle that little pink hole begging to be fucked. The sight was awakening my primal instincts, my dick got hard as diamond, massive veins adorning the glorious rod.

I got on my feet and with no ceremony shoved my dick inside the gigantic man. I felt the muscular hole of Matt sheath my huge dick. I abused his huge ass as hard and as fast as I could. It didn’t take me long to reach the bursting point. It was the first time I actually toped since I was able to milk. The feeling was simply amazing as I bred Matt I could feel my chest get tighter as my milk production went crazy. I fall flat on my back, pulling out Matt violently in the process. I was moaning as the pressure in my huge pecs became almost excruciating. Matt crawled next to me and started milking me, the relief was orgasmic. I lost track of time as I made our new alpha.



It was nice to have Matt as an alpha. The pack was getting bigger and bigger, not in numbers but in size. The smaller guys took care of the bigger guys and there was no shortage of milk. Most of us could still move and take care of ourselves but Matt had reached a state close to immobility he was a few feet taller than Buck used to be, wider than taller he was constantly hard and milking. It was impressive to see that living blimp of muscle. He took great care of the pack and made sure everyone was happy and getting what they needed. And still, day after day, he grew.

Buck was definitely enjoying being off the hook about leading the pack. He was also enjoying the way I now dwarfed him and abused him on a daily basis. Ganimede had grown a lot but mostly in the pecs department. He was definitely loving helping around and feeding whoever needed it. His personality was showing more and more, he was turning into genuinely caring, loving and very erotic man. He had quite a few guys dying to be his partner.

We tend to lose track of time in such an uneventful hedonistic paradise. So I don’t remember how long after Matt’s ascension to the Alpha spot it happened. But I remember it was a magnificent evening, the sky was turning pink and purple, free of any cloud. Ganimede ran to me (as much as his mass would allow), he was unusually animated. He grabbed my hand and led me out of the village.

“Look!” he said.

Pointing at the gorgeous sky. A meteor-like light trail could be seen. Small but definitely closing in.

“You think it’s him?” I said.

“It has to be!” he exclaimed. “It’s descending toward the clearing on which we landed.”

We looked at each other for a few seconds and then ran toward the forest. Or more accurately waddled as fast as we could. Half an hour into our trip we heard the loud noise of a shuttle landing. We followed the sound and soon enough we were in the clearing. Next to my shuttle was its exact replica, it hadn’t landed quite as well and was on its side. The door was against the ground, whoever was inside couldn’t exit.

“Go on the other side,” I said to Ganimede. “I’ll lift from the bottom to get it on its belly, you slow down the descent.”

Ganimede got to the place I pointed to him. I got on the opposite side and started lifting the Bus sized shuttle. All my muscles twitched as the fibre engaged and blood rushed to feed them. I felt my whole body, dick included, harden. The shuttle slowly moved from its side to his belly, Ganimede preventing it from falling violently. Once it was stable, I moved to the door. It was dented and would probably have trouble being opened normally. I dug my finger in the metal and pulled with all might. The thick metal door was bending, slowly giving way under my unreal strength. Ganimede was looking at me, fully hard at the strength I was displaying. Finally, the door gave way. I ripped it clean from the shuttle and the evening light flooded the inside of the shuttle.

Ajmal was looking in awe and terror at my gargantuan self, I saw his expression change as he recognized me. He looked a few years older than the last time I saw him and he was even more beautiful than I remembered him to be. His body was massive by human standards, he definitely had used the same travel protocol as the one he made for. He was wearing the same suit I did when I first landed here, it hugged his gorgeous body in the most obscene ways. I extended my hand to him, realizing how ridiculously large I was compared to him. I pulled him against me, lifted him and kissed him. I could not let go of him for a while. I eventually broke the kiss and put him down on his feet.

“Welcome to your new home, my friend,” I said.

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