Josh and Yacob

by Joshua

A young man falls in love with a jinn.

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Josh was bored, grumpy, tired and a little cold. It had been a strange day. He had been grumpy since the morning, which began with his mother’s geriatric pet bird complaining as usual. He had endured an argument at the hardware store about some defective shelving. And his small wooden chess set had been delivered to the wrong address—despite having an unobstructed mailbox with a clearly visible number six.

Dinner was on, fortunately. Reheated beef bolognese and freshly cooked pasta—nice and easy.

Wandering back into his bedroom after dinner, Josh threw himself upon his bed and lay staring up upon the ceiling. Briefly he mulled his overly cool feet, which despite socks had not enjoyed the recent lack of heating and the onset of a cold winter. It had been an infuriating day. Oh, for some genuinely unique and relaxing entertainment!

A brilliant flash of bright white light startled Josh from his reverie. Before him, at the foot of his bed, stood an imposing and marvellous figure of the masculine form. Were it not for his beautiful muscular physique, dark skin, sparkling light-blue-grey eyes and wide grin, Josh may have had significantly more difficulty in avoiding a shriek at the sudden appearance of this male masterpiece. Instead, he found himself momentarily gawking, then his eyes began to traverse the length of this stranger, taking in his swollen biceps and pectoral shelf, eight-pack abdominals and scant attire.

Actually, it was the attire of this mysterious stranger which held Josh’s gaze the longest. He appeared to be wearing only a shiny gold, spandex-nylon brief, which left pleasingly little to the imagination and seemed almost as if printed upon the somewhat above average package up front.

“Hello,” smiled Josh at the pleasant intrusion, after a few moments of hesitation. What else was he to do? He had been wanting a relaxing distraction. It appeared someone or something had been listening to his pleading mind.

“Good evening friend,” began the stranger, “I am a jinn. You may call me Ya-cooob.” He rolled the ‘o’ sound with his deep resonant voice like he was making love to the words with his tongue. Yacob the jinn smiled again.

Josh paused a few moments as his mind reeled through a variety of possible responses before settling quietly and observing his actual response. “Welcome to my humble abode, Yacob,” he began, making a gesture with his arms at the tiny room which was almost full with only his double-bed, a small desk and a book case, and left less than a shoulder’s width at the foot of his bed in which his guest could stand. Josh chuckled at the absurdity of the situation and continued, “If you are, as you say, a jinn, and being as you have appeared to me, here, now, in this place, at this moment whilst my mind has been somewhat preoccupied as it were,” Josh gazed once more at the jinn’s bulging golden package. “If you are a jinn, then you can begin by telling me why it is you’re here, a little about your stunning self, and before all of that, you can make yourself useful…” Josh levered himself upright in bed. “My day has been farcical. My shoulders are tight.” Josh pointed with his right finger in the direction of his neck. He figured, if this was going to happen, he might as well see how far he could work it in his favor. Certainly, he was too tired and resigned to his fatigue to really care what happened next, be it good or bad.

Without a word, the jinn seemed to float effortlessly up to stand tall upon the softness of the foot of Josh’s bed. The two locked eyes. The jinn strode in two steps to the side of his young host, turned upon his heel, and legs collapsed gracefully to sit cross-legged beside Josh. Josh turned his head forward as his neck and shoulder muscles met the sturdy but loving caress of the jinn’s fingers.

“I am here to please you, friend,” began Yacob in response.

Josh turned his head to meet the jinn’s gaze, and then looked down shamelessly upon the bulge which was only centimeters from his own trousers and hands. He had always admired a good spandex bulge and matching body. Something about the combination was most pleasing to the senses.

Noticing Josh’s downward glance, Yacob cooed, “Please friend, do as you will, I am yours on this fine evening.” He covered Josh’s right hand and placed it around his own amazing gold-spandex-enshrouded jinn bulge. With that, the jinn continued as Josh’s shoulders relaxed, his eyes glazed and lids drooped and his fingers wandered somewhat idly around the contours of the golden package.

“I was created many eons before your time. I will live many eons into what you perceive as your future. I am a creature of magick. I have been watching you for some time. You are a beautiful creature, Josh.”

Josh smiled, “A beautiful creature eh? What’s this about watching me? I cannot imagine I would be that interesting in all your countless eons. Why me?”

“You know why,” the jinn replied simply and did not bother to follow up.

“I have a gift for you, friend Joshua,” the jinn said. Yacob used Josh’s full name, and Josh found it somehow arousing as it rolled off the resonant tongue of his otherworldly masseuse.

Josh was too tired and now relaxed to respond.

“Please, make yourself more comfortable. Wear something you would like to wear in my presence,” Yacob said and motioned to the drawers at the foot of the bed. Josh knew to what the jinn was referring—his spandex—and he immediately had in mind a particular black garment which was especially thin, being not made from the usual weight of material, but from the type of material ordinarily reserved for lingerie. It always hugged his package in a particularly revealing, comfortable and erotic way. The thought made his already semi-hard erection twitch. Not only was Josh relaxed, but the massage being received from such an omnipotent stud was quite arousing.

Reluctantly, Josh clambered up from his guest’s hands, and took mere moments to slip into the desired attire. The room was still far too cool. He shivered a moment, and clambered back to seat himself beside the jinn.

The jinn produced a jar of white ointment. “Massage this into the garment, friend,” spoke Yacob. “May I?” he offered.

“Sure,” said Josh, whose cock was now pumping up in knowing and quite eager anticipation.

Yacob’s strong magick fingers began to gently caress Josh’s bulging slinky black brief. Expertly and yet seemingly with the purest of functional intent, the jinn traced the round hardness and smooth stretchy finery with slow rhythmic dedication. He worked the strange white ointment into every crevice, gently stretching the fabric which played around the sensitive skin of Josh’s now stiff and tingling cock. As the gel-like ointment settled upon the surface it became translucent and seemed to melt into the fabric, leaving the already shiny briefs looking decidedly ‘wet’, yet not at all soggy in the usual sense. And as the gel melted into the brief, a spreading warmth began to move outward from Josh’s genitals, first to his anus, and then upwards through his torso and down through his legs. The spreading heat was intense. The gentle caress across every vein and every square centimeter of hardened flesh was sensuous and increasingly Josh found his cock twitching, throbbing and the tingling in his urethra becoming more and more urgent. His balls felt full and taught. Somewhere deep inside, he felt a peculiar constriction beginning to grow. A deep bass thrum in his genitals. The confusing, tactile disorientation and intoxicating pleasure of an unstoppable primal reflex was upon him.

Josh barely noticed as he was turned on his side for the jinn to continue massaging the gel into his spandex-clad arse. But the beautiful well-endowed and heavily muscled stranger returned Josh to lay upon his back for the conclusion.

Lifting his head and gazing down upon his bulging package, Josh noticed the briefs were apparently much tighter than usual, though not in a constrictive way. It did not feel tight at all. If anything, it hardly felt as though he were wearing anything. The gel must have done something to his brief. Bizarrely, the briefs now looked as though it were painted on. As he looked, he witnessed fabric somehow move to completely encircle the head of his member and pull downwards beneath his cock, cleanly separating his member from his equally spandex-encapsulated balls, and allowing his member to stand bolt upright. It was as if he were wearing a black condom, and some kind of anatomically correct black ball sheath.

Even Josh’s arse was encased in the brief fabric, which had moved up tight against his hole and entered his anus without his even knowing it—so distracting was his enjoyment of the towering show in front.

Yacob continued his gentle but firm massage, making sure every last drop of the gel ointment was dissolved into the black bulging briefs and Josh’s tightly encased and enraptured genitals. The fabric was thin, revealing almost every vein and ridge. The tumescent cock was bigger than any cock could reasonably become under ordinarily under similar circumstances—trapped within such an alluring sheath. The tactile sensations were becoming overwhelming. The tingling at the tip of Josh’s urethra began to engulf the full length of his cock. Sweat beaded upon his chest and twitching thighs. The stranger was slow and deliberate and though it felt and looked like a harmless massage, both man and jinn understood this perfectly. The elaborate subterfuge and deliberately slow movements only heightened the sensual tension.

The jinn gave a final smooth and drawn out caress of the underside of Josh’s taught towering spandex-clad cock with his fingers, and one final tender caress of the spandex-encased ball sack which seemed almost confused and paralyzed with the moment. He rested his hand upon the inside of Josh’s thigh and just watched. Josh’s cock became as steel and for a moment, time stopped.

Then, Josh came in the brief.

The orgasm Josh experienced was better than selling his soul to the devil, and so intense that were it not for the peculiar effects of the strange ointment upon his briefs and genitals, he might have actually gone unconscious.

The cum percolated through the black fabric emerging upon the surface like creamy white bubbly jelly, and along the underside of his still tightly clad bulging shaft. More peculiarly, almost as quickly, the man juice was somehow absorbed back into the brief, leaving no visible trace—not even damp.

As Josh’s cock slowly deflated, the fabric which had encircled his cock, condom-like, shifted and adjusted by itself, pulling his still partially tumescent member comfortably back against his balls to make a neat softball-sized package at his hips. Though the fabric retained the look as though it were almost plastered upon his package, following quite closely his now somewhat weighty masculine contours. It was an alluring sight.

Josh opened his eyes and surveyed his body as a new sensation seized him. It felt like expansion—like he was getting hard—but everywhere. He was becoming acutely aware that his entire musculature felt like it was inflating. He raised his head instinctively to look and sure enough there it was. He was growing! Right before his eyes, his legs, arms, chest and even bum were heaping out. Having previously been of a very slender wiry build, this was yet another pleasant surprise. As his muscles grew he felt a peculiar but not unpleasant tingling in his crotch. His muscles slowed and eventually stopped their impressive growth only at the point of being a near identical match to the body of the jinn. Even his package had apparently gained a few inches, just short of becoming overly ridiculous in his tight brief.

“Is this permanent?” he heard himself ask the jinn.

“No,” the jinn began, choosing his words carefully and talking unhurriedly. Josh sensed welling disappointment, but then Yacob continued, “But, any underwear which is coated in this ointment will bring on the effects.” Yacob placed the small glass jar of ointment upon the bedside table.

“That was fun!” giggled Josh.

“What else would you like to do, friend?” inquired the jinn—somewhat affectionately, Josh thought.

Josh’s mind wandered and wheeled freely for a few minutes letting Yacob’s question hang in the air. Neither man nor jinn was going to be hurried tonight. After a while, Josh replied, “I think I would like to… have you… to… take you, all of you, everything.” He continued, “I mean…” but was interrupted by Yacob.

Yacob could read the look in Josh’s eyes and perhaps he could read his mind as well. He knew what Josh wanted. Moreover, he was ready to give himself up completely, forever. Somehow, he had begun to fall in love with this man, this mortal. He knew then, that Josh was not simply using a euphemism for sex—Josh wanted Yacob to be his, and under his rule—at least, some of the time. Why not? He would outlive Josh and it could be most enjoyable for both. For whatever the reason he had seen fit to appear before Josh with the gift of his own sacred seed this fine winter evening, he might also see fit to accede to Josh’s request.

“As you wish, friend,” replied Yacob. He grazed the now significantly inflated chest musculature of his young human companion with the back of his fingers.

Josh righted himself and straddled Yacob, who knowing his place, now lay himself beneath the nearly naked young man. Josh’s briefs were bulging almost obscenely again, anticipating something impossibly even more amazing than the epic climax which had happened only minutes earlier. Yacob’s own briefs molded around his rapidly engorging member, itself like a snug gold condom, revealing every vein and dimple in that equally thick throbbing hot tool. Josh sat himself upon Yacob, and let his spandex-clad arse take every inch. The spandex briefs sucked Yacob’s golden dick inside.

Josh’s own tool now stood almost upright, still somehow encased within the erotic and sensual supernatural sheath of the spandex-brief, his balls hanging now but separated within the grasp of their black wet-look membranous spandex bag. The spandex sack itself seemed alive and animated with the pattern of small flowing serpent-like veins pulsing and rippling across the precious virile contents. It appeared as a pair of testes, animal-like, at once both erotic and alluring, and yet supremely vulnerable, albeit encased in a black glossy enamel. Yet somehow, the combination, the muscles, the brief, the throbbing tool, and most particularly this membranous living sack seemed now more than ever to exude a dominance and strength which was palpable, intoxicating and perhaps even invulnerable. Given the supernatural magick at play, bullets and fire might have fled even the mere sight of this fetishists’ wet dream—now the very seat of Josh’s masculinity was something imbued by the will of the jinn with an inhuman power.

Josh’s hands caressed the nipples and contours of the jinn’s exposed torso and he lowered his lips to the jinn’s periodically so they could kiss—long and sensual, with great tenderness and sensitivity. For over an hour they danced together making passionate love.

Finally, the pressure within both man and jinn grew too much. Josh felt his will contort paradoxically to entail both the most kindly love and the most perverse, devious and devilish desire. The jinn would tonight be his—literally—and in a way no other man could conceive.

Caught in mutual lust and carnal heat, as they both came, the significance and intention leading to the epic climax did not escape Josh’s keen awareness. Josh’s jizz spurted forth once more into his hot erotic underwear, only to be rapidly absorbed by the briefs and used to make both man and briefs still stronger.

Yacob’s jizz spurted forth into his own brief, yet, both Yacob’s briefs and throbbing member were themselves prisoner to Josh’s spandex-clad sucking arsehole. Before the jinn jizz could be reabsorbed, it was instead sucked into Josh’s black brief. With every pump of the jinn’s testes and cock, more of his jizz was absorbed by the no longer entirely mortal man. As the jinn was emptied, Josh’s briefs continued to pump and suck the jinn. Though when the last drop of jizz was taken, it did not stop. Ceaselessly and remorselessly the briefs continued to pump the jinn. The suction increased and Josh grinned as he felt it. The jinn’s golden spandex-encased balls, one at a time, were sucked into Josh’s now widening hole. The jinn’s eyes rolled into his head as he enjoyed being taken so completely by the empowered human man. Josh let out a loud moan in ecstatic pleasure.

Then it happened. Over the course of a couple of minutes, the jinn’s body began to shrink. He kept his magnificent proportions, but literally became smaller and smaller—first like a child and then a baby. Still his dick was being sucked mercilessly up the spandex-clad arse of Josh. Then, almost as quickly, it was over.

The jinn had vanished completely. He had been sucked completely out of corporeal existence—body and soul drained into Josh’s now churning and significantly larger testes. Josh felt the power of the jinn deep within.

Josh could hear the jinn’s voice in his mind, “Thank you, friend, that was amazing. I trust it was as good for you as it was for me. I am yours.”

Josh’s skin was buzzing with the power of the jinn. It felt like thousands of ants were crawling all over, only, it wasn’t at all unpleasant. He just felt powerful. Pure masculinity and then something beyond any mortal man. The jinn was inside him. He would release the jinn sometimes so they might play together.

Tonight, however, he would sleep. They would sleep, soundly together. Without a further thought, exhausted, Josh passed into a deep slumber.

During the night, still heavily aroused by the events of the evening and still encased in the brief, Josh dreamed. His cock inflated once more, large and heavy and vascular. The briefs allowed his member to expand completely. Josh’s dreams were particularly erotic. He came once more. And as before, his briefs absorbed his cum and held his magnificent masculine member proudly and tantalizingly.

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